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Manga / My Cheat Skill Resurrection Revived Me

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No one bothered to check and see if he truly died. Humanity didn't know that it is at this moment that their biggest mistake ever has been made.
Full Title: My Cheat Skill [Resurrection] revived me, And I ended up resurrecting The ancient demon lord’s army. ~The Strongest Healer that won’t let anyone die~

Alternate title: I Accidentally Resurrected the Demon King's Ancient Army When I Learned the "Resurrection" Op Skill ~The Strongest Healer Who Won't Let Anyone Die~,

Cheat skill "shisha sosei" ga kakusei shite inishieno maougun wo fukkatsu sasete shimaimashita ~dare mo shinasenai saikyou hiiro



S-ranked adventurer Licht served the kingdom of Resaga faithfully as an adventurer, taking on many dangerous missions with his supposed team-mates, Allen, José, and Shizuku, until one day, they decided they didn't need him any more. Rather than giving him a hearty send-off and a decent severance package, they led him into an ambush disguised as a ruins investigation, and sell him to the kingdom's executioners, who present an execution order from the king because someone outed his skill [Resurrection], thus triggering the king's paranoia and resulting in Licht's unjust execution.

Sadistic and lazy, the executioner makes a sick little game out of the execution itself, demanding gratitude that Licht wasn't given an excruciating and long ordeal, but rather a quick and "painless" death. Licht is summarily stabbed in the chest and thrown off a cliff, but the executioner never bothered to make sure Licht actually died. Surprise! Licht's skill triggered automatically, reviving him back to perfect health.

Desperate and vengeful, Licht flees to a rumored dormant dungeon, finds it, and uses his skill to revive the occupants to find himself face to face with the demon lord Aria and her most trusted generals. Now with a righteous grudge, they join hands, resurrect and recruit the necromancer Dorothy who has a similar backstory, and make true the king's greatest fears.

My Cheat Resurrection Tropes:

  • Grey-and-Gray Morality: Neither the humans nor the demons are spotlessly virtuous or completely villainous. The denizens of the Dungeon "Dystopia" just want to live in peace and are the victims or repeated armed aggression, but the way they defend themselves can sometimes come across as vicious and cruel. The human kingdom, where most of the invaders come from, are on the losing end of a war with "demons" that outnumber them 7 to 3, and are trying to defend their citizens, but the king is a paranoid tyrant who gives out execution orders against people with "dangerous" skills, like the protagonist Licht with his [Resurrection], and it's an open secret that his death squads kill people unjustly, Licht's former party luring him into an ambush for cash, and even taunting him with the fate of a presumed former victim. "Who knows. Maybe you'll be lucky and they'll bury you in the hero's cemetery, like that necromancer! HAHAHAHA!"
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  • Long Title: The full English title, at its smallest, is 24 words long.
  • Melting-Pot Nomenclature: The landmass where the story takes place is small enough that a healthy adult can walk from the center to edge in a few days, and the character's names are a real mash-up of real-world cultures: Licht-German, Allen-Anglo Saxon, José-Hispanic, Shizuku-Japanese, Aria-Mayan, Farris-Italian, the elf sisters Tisse and Iris - Slavic and Greek respectively, Rosé-French, and Dorothy- North American Midwest, most popularly Kansas.
  • Mistreatment-Induced Betrayal: Licht and Dorothy both served the kingdom faithfully, and were executed unjustly because of their "dangerous" skills, that they had no choice in owning. This prompts them to join hands with the kingdom's greatest enemy, the demon lord Aria, boss of the dungeon "Dystopia" at the first opportunity.
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  • Self-Fulfilling Prophecy: It's the king's own paranoia, unjustly executing his faithful subjects, that brings his worst fears to pass.
  • Strange Minds Think Alike: The human king of Resaga and the Demon Lord Licht resurrected in the dungeon "Dystopia" both independently and simultaneously decide they need allies from other races the moment Licht's former party members go silent. The human king fears that the adventurers may have stirred up something too strong for humanity to deal with, and the demon lord seeks alliances to improve the variety of the dungeon recipients' diets!
  • Unwanted Harem: Licht didn't know who he was going to resurrect when he went into the empty and dormant dungeon where he was taking shelter from the unjust execution orders of the Resaga kingdom. So he suddenly finds himself The One Guy in Demon Lord Aria's service. He later goes and resurrects the female necromancer Dorothy for tactical and pragmatic reasons, not romantic ones, but he's still the lone male among the dungeon residents...

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