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  • Colbert Bump:
    • Has given one to Cute Fuzzy Weasel during his Admirable Animations video on "Trolls".
    • If the YouTube comments are anything to go by, he gave God, the Devil and Bob one as well.
    • His Admirable Animation is often meant to be this. And in his Web Animation sub-series, this is the entire purpose.
    • His presence on the site Zippcast prompted many people to become aware of the site's existence, and when his "Herpe, The Love Sore" review was posted, the barrage of traffic that the review brought convinced the site's administrators to upgrade their servers.
  • Cowboy BeBop at His Computer: He points out a lot of these in his "Top 11 Screw-Ups video".
    • For an In-Universe example, one of the many things he criticized about the 1001 Games You Must Play Before You Die book was Garry's Mod being labelled a Role-Playing Game.
    • In his Bubsy review, he called it a ripoff of Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, which did not air until the following year.
    • In his Q&A video, he used Planes as an example of Pixar Jumping the Shark, even though Planes (while Pixar creator John Lasseter's idea) was actually made by Disneytoon Studios, not Pixar.
    • He mistakenly complains in his "One Coarse Meal" review that whales don't eat plankton and that the only thing they eat is krill. Some whales, in fact do eat plankton (not ALL whales, of course, but krill is not the only thing that all whales ever eatnote ). He actually does bring up this point in his "Top 11 Worst Episodes Reviewed" video, admitting he did some research and yes, some whales do eat plankton. Then he points out that some whales also eat crabs, fish, and squid.
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    • Also in his review of "One Coarse Meal", he claims that [SpongeBob] ruined Squidward's TV show in the episode "Tentacle-Vision". In the latter episode, [SpongeBob] actually wasn't at fault for Squidward's TV show being ruined: he was perfectly happy just being Squidward's soundman and didn't cause the other characters (Mr. Krabs, Sandy, Pearl, Plankton, and eventually everyone else in Bikini Bottom) to barge in and take it over.
    • In his review of The Hunchback of Notre Dame II, he mentions that Disney released over 30 Direct-to-Video sequels in the 2000s; while they were definitely being churned out in that time period, the number's not quite there.
    • In his Admirable Animations review of "A Kind Mamodo, Kolulu" he mentioned it takes place before Sherry and Brago appear. In actuality, the episode is three or four episodes after their debut appearance.
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    • In his Cars 2 review, he questions why the oil rigs in the beginning of have gas flares and thinks they're not supposed to have them. In reality, the rigs are supposed to have the flares to burn off natural gas - although they're not supposed to be sticking up in the air.
      • He referenced in the "Twilight's Kingdom" review that he realized that he shouldn't be ranting about errors when he made one himself, playing a clip of the film's beginning.
    • In his "Top 11 Worst Episodes Reviewed" video, he mentions that Mr. Krabs has fired Squidward and SpongeBob before in "Can You Spare a Dime" and "Welcome to the Chum Bucket," respectively. However, neither scenario happened: Squidward quit after being accused of stealing by Krabs (though Krabs probably would've fired him anyway), and SpongeBob was forced to work at the Chum Bucket after Krabs bet SB's contract and lost it to Plankton.
    • In his "Fart Baby" review, he constantly mixes up the titular duo's names throughout the review. This didn't go without lampshading in later videos.
    • In his "Ren Seeks Help" review, he is dumbfounded when Ren's father is shown to be a Christian priest, claiming that priests (Catholic ones, at least) can't marry. While both the Roman Catholic and Orthodox Churches do forbid their priests to marry, they do occasionally allow already married priests from other Catholic ritesnote  or other sects of Christianity to be ordained, so it's entirely possible for Ren's father to have converted after marrying Ren's mother. Also, clerical garb is also worn by Lutherans, Episcopalians, Anglicans, Presbyterians, and other denominations with explicit priesthoods, and nothing in the scene specifically identifies him as Catholic.
    • In his "Arnold Betrays Iggy" review, he states that the city the show takes place in is Aron City and that it's based on New York City. In actuality, the city Hey Arnold! takes place in is named Hillwood and is a mix of many different cities in the Pacific Northwest, such as Seattle and Portland.
    • In his "Top 25 Most Disturbing Episodes" list the captions referred to "Life with Feathers" as a Silly Symphony, it's actually from Looney Tunes, something Mr. Enter correctly refers to it as.
    • In his "Pixel Pinkie" review, he criticizes the show for using a fake color, aubergine. It turns out that aubergine is a real color and it's a British term for eggplant. This is something that he later address in an update video.
      • Some people believe that this may been the result of mondegreen as he may have actually said "vague" instead of "fake".
    • At the end of his "Top 10 Worst Cartoons of the 2000's" list, the transition song is falsely credited to They Might Be Giants, when it was actually written by Stuart Hill and performed by Garrett Freireich. Somewhat justified as the song is often falsely credited to They Might Be Giants.
      • Also, the transition song is synced to a music video of the rock band The Hives.
    • In his "Staring at the Future" review he finds the whole thing of Future Robin in a relationship with Batgirl to just be a stupid joke. It's actually a reference to the fact that Dick Grayson (the Robin featured in the show) and Barbara Gordon (the current Batgirl) have had relationships in the comics.
    • In his review of the My Life Me episode "The Pom Pom Girl", he claims that when people get angry in anime, the Cross-Popping Veins go on the side of the head, never the fist. It's actually very common in anime to have the veins on the fist. It represents someone having the urge to punch something or just plain getting angry.
    • In "Top 20 Worst Cartoon Theme Songs", he claims that dubbed OP of Rurouni Kenshin is unfitting for an action series. The song is actually almost the same in Japanese and, while there is a great deal of action, much of the series is about Kenshin trying to make a life for himself, which the song is supposed to be about. It doesn't help that Mr Enter admits that he knows nearly nothing about the series and judges the song anyway. That being said, this doesn't make his criticisms about the music not in any way matching the actual visuals in the opening or the singer's voice less legitimate.
    • In his "Grounded" review, he says that the Chief is voiced by the same guy who voices Cotton Hill. In actuality, they're voiced by two completely different actors (the former is voiced by Brian Doyle-Murray and the latter is voiced by Toby Huss).
    • At the end of his review of "The Big Switch-A-Roo", he refers to the Donkey Kong Country cartoon as Donkey Kong Country: Legend of the Crystal Coconut. This was actually the name of one episode, and later the name of a Direct-to-Video "movie" that was just a collection of random episodes ("Legend of the Crystal Coconut" being the first one).
    • He thinks that The Amazing World of Gumball episode "The Choices" was from the sixth season. It was actually the fifth, and season six hadn't aired at that time.
    • In the first half of his "Top 11 Worst Animation Cliches" list, he lists Back to the Future among films Steven Spielberg has directed. Simple research on the film clearly shows it was Robert Zemeckis who directed the film, with Spielberg just being the executive producer.
      • Additionally, Clayton from Tarzan and Smiler from The Emoji Movie are not examples of twist villains and are pretty clearly presented as the villain early on in the film. It's not just about a hidden agenda, whether there is a twist depends on how the movie presents the villain to the audience. He also erroneously referred to Long John Silver from Treasure Planet in the same section as "Jack Silver", even though he is one of the most well known fictional pirates of all time.
    • In his review of The Emoji Movie, he calls Just Dance a "DDR Clone", despite the fact that, outside of them both being dancing games, they're nothing alike.
    • In his review of Re-Animated, he mentions that Tom and Jerry are a Disney creation. They were actually created by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera and are currently owned by Warner Bros.
    • In his review of Robotboy, he attributes the show's animation software to Adobe Flash. The show was actually animated in ToonBoom.
    • In his reviews of The Fairly OddParents! episodes "Fairly Odd Pet" and "Certifiable Super Sitter", he says that Foop (or Anti-Poof) was introduced in season 8, despite the fact that Foop first appeared in season 7. In the former, he also claimed that Poof was introduced in season 7, despite being introduced in season 6 when the show was revived.
    • In his review of Cans Without Labels, he complains about the fact that one of George Liquor's lines is clearly spliced together from two different takes, arguing that given how long the cartoon took to produce, they should have had plenty of time to do another take of the line. Enter was apparently unaware that George Liquor's voice actor, Michael Pataki, died during production.
  • Creator Breakdown:
    • This video in a nutshell.
    • "We need to talk" is a more depressing case, as Mr. Enter discusses what he was feeling in September of 2017.
    • This video discusses problems he had in late 2017 and early 2018.
  • Creator's Favorite Episode: He considers his "Top 20 Worst Theme Songs" list as his best review.
  • Defictionalization: "The Nutshack theme but every nutshack is replaced by Mr. Enter's review of The Nutshack", a joke from his review of "Duck Karma", has actually been made by someone.
  • Development Hell: Several planned "Animated Atrocity"/"Admirable Animation" reviews got put on hold for various reasons, but most eventually do come to be.
    • His "Seahorse Seashell Party" review was originally going to be his fourth Animated Atrocity review, but it was replaced with "Johnny's Royal Flush" and pushed back to the fifth review only to be replaced by "Everyone Knows It's Bendy". "Seahorse Seashell Party" finally did get released as the 14th animated atrocity.
    • He was teasing "Top Ten Worst Squidward Torture Porns" at least a month before he finally finished and released the video.
    • The SpongeBob episode "Little Yellow Book" was supposed to be Animated Atrocity #41 in order to follow-up his "Top 10 Worst Squidward Torture Porns" video. But instead it was replaced at the last minute by "Pet Sitter Pat" as shown above. It was further delayed by "Princess Promenade", Nickelodeon month, and Cars 2. It was finally released three months later as episode 49.
    • Similarly, "the Tale of X9" was initially going to be Admirable Animation #21, but was replaced by "A Kind Momodo, Kolulu" and delayed. So far, it's unknown when it will be released
      • He was teasing another Admirable Animation: "The Land Before Swine" for about two months before he finished and uploaded it.
    • He had originally planned to do Meet the Robinsons as Admirable Animation #24, but put it on hold because he didn't feel up to doing such a heavy project at the time, instead focusing on various short animations from around the internet. Meet the Robinsons would finally be reviewed over a year and a half later as Admirable #45.
    • He teased "Are You Happy Now?" in his atrocity review of "One Coarse Meal", his 13th atrocity. Roughly over 1 year later it became Atrocity #68. This mainly had to do with him not wanting to review the episode due to considering it suffering from the House Fancy Effect, a term he coined to refer to an otherwise decent work which is ruined by one bad or infamous momentnote . In the case of "Are You Happy Now?", he believes the premise is actually solid, but there are a couple of suicide jokes which make the entire thing uncomfortable to watch.
    • In his "The Pom-Pom Girl" review, he stated that he was going to review an episode of The Day My Butt Went Psycho! next, but he went to review "The Return of Slade" due to that episode being a ratings trap, and later he reviewed an episode of "Rocket Monkeys". He later scrapped it, saying that he wasn't able to find anything he hadn't already said before.
    • His planned re-reviews of some of his older targets got put on hold by several mouths due to him waiting for his issues with Viacom to blow over.
  • Fan Community Nicknames: Detractors often call his fans "enterbots".
  • He Also Did: In addition to his videos, Mr. Enter has tried his hand at several ideas, including Epic! The Humorous RPG, a silly Webcomic, a Fighting Game roster, a Trading Card Game, an online novel called Little Cassie, a Friendship is Magic fan episode, a couple of cartoon series called Growing Around and Alone Together that he someday hopes to make as actual shows, an Action Parody screenplay, a Fantasy World Building project, just to name a few. As he elaborates on in a Journal entry and a Vlog, one aspect of his Asperger's Syndrome is struggles with Fleeting Passionate Hobbies; one moment he is incredibly driven towards a certain subject, and then later his drive completely peters out, the thing he was so passionate about becomes tedious and boring, and these projects go unfinished. In his own words, he feels like Professor Calamitous. So far, the only projects he's managing to follow through with are his videos (due to the potential overlap with wherever his interests lie) and Growing Around, the latter he's actually registered a copyright for.
  • In Memoriam: The Animation "Genre" begins with a tribute to Stephen Hillenburg.
  • Magnum Opus Dissonance: Enter initially felt Troll was the best video he's released. Many fans of his disagree, with a handful outright disliking it, largely due to Enter's controversial opinion that trolls and cyberbullies are one and the same, and arguing that they're not is part of the problem.
  • Missing Episode: His review of "A Dog and Pony Show" was taken down by Shout! Factory and to this day, it has yet to be re-reviewed.
    • His reviews of various episodes of The Simpsons, King of the Hill and Family Guy have been taken down as well. Unlike the above example however, Mr. Enter has confirmed that he has the reviews saved on his computer.
    • His "Top 11 Worst Episodes" video was only available on Vimeo since it contained footage from Fox shows until Fox nuked that account, making the video unavailable as of now.
  • Official Fan-Submitted Content: When he was making his "Top 10 Worst Patrick's a Prick Episodes" list, he asked for viewers to vote for the transition song. The options were "Particle-Man", "Where is the Fun?", "You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch", "Worthless", and "The Plagues". The winner was "You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch".
    • He also asked for help with his Top 20 Animated Theme Songs list, causing it to end with the top 4 being shows he hasn't even seen.
  • Old Shame:
    • His Top 11 Screw-Ups list is full of these.
      • He is dissatisfied with many of his older MLP reviews, most notably "Bridle Gossip", because he felt like he didn't take the time to properly elaborate what he was trying to say.
      • His old feud with Byter over the status of MLP's quality.
      • He has expressed regret for attacking Charlotte Fullerton and Merriweather Williams in his "Putting Your Hoof Down" review, as he learned after making the video that Fullerton was forced to stop working on the script and hand it off to Williams after the death of her husband. He doesn't like the episode any more than he did, but felt that he went too far in personally calling out the writers, especially given the circumstances.
    • Mr. Enter tends to be disappointed by reviews that clock in less than five minutes. His least favorite Animated Atrocity review is "It's A Wishful Life" because he was rushing to get something out and should have torn into the episode more. His least favorite Admirable Animation is the "Helga on the Couch" review for similar reasons.
    • As stated in several modern post-rebrand reviews, such as "Fame and Misfortune," he openly regrets his former over-the-top tone and most of his controversial decisions, such as his 12 Oz Mouse review. Some of his older, infamously angrier reviews were redone even before his rebrand because of his shame, such as "Pet Sitter Pat" where he attacked the writers and inadvertently brought harassment unto their Twitter pages.
    • In his review of "Going Bananas", he expresses his shame at his previous Rocket Monkeys review, noting that it was more of a rant against people who request him to review certain works than a true review, and that the episode came during a stretch of reviews that he now hates due to him feeling burnt out at the time of making them.
  • Schedule Slip: Despite shifting his schedule to one video a week and removing MLP episodes from rotation, his work in 2015 was full of issues that caused this, including YouTube deleting his account, sickness, an air force practicing over his house and a long saga with his computer slowly falling apart before he could finally get a new one.
  • Screwed by the Lawyers: He has had several fights with big name companies over copyright infringement. Most notably, Viacom, FOX, Hasbro, and Shout! Factory.
    • The infamous copyright claim fiasco of December 2013 (when YouTube made some changes to their content ID system that caused many videos across all of YouTube to be hit with claims, including videos that follow Fair Use). Luckily Mr. E managed to successfully counterclaim since his videos are made for the purpose of review/critique, and thus fall under Fair Use.
    • As of August 21st 2014, his Vimeo account has been terminated for copyright infringement, taking all of his FOX reviews and everything else along with it.
      • Mr. E was so annoyed by this that he plastered three of the banned Fox reviews on YouTube just to piss them off. Fox of course blocked the videos and slapped him with two copyright strikes about 48 hours later (one more and his channel would have been nuked). At that point, Mr. E filed an official DMCA counterclaim, essentially daring Fox to sue him.note  About a week later, Fox backed down and restored his videos.
    • In April of 2019, in his "Very important conversation" livestream, he revealed that his whole channel was demonetized by YouTube.
  • Throw It In!: Mr. Enter has a tendency to leave in alternate takes of himself saying some lines, resulting in a few unintentional Department of Redundancy Department moments.
  • Too Soon: He yells about Hairy Scary's voice in his Casper and the Angels review, not knowing his voice actor, John Stephanson, had died less than a month before the review went up. Mr. Enter expressed a lot of guilt over his anger in retrospect, especially since Hairy Scary is a ghost, and it upset him enough to qualify the episode as "bad" in his head. (#24 on the list)
  • Troubled Production: Cars 2 was far and away the most difficult video for him to produce due to numerous technical problems that plagued the DVD ripping, editing, and processing of the video.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • He was originally going to do his "Twilight's Kingdom" review partially or completely as a response/rant video towards members of the MLP Analysis Community who have developed a reputation for Accentuate the Negative.
    • In his "1 Night In Gottlieb" review, it was stated that the next Animated Atrocity would be a double feature of "Television Dominance" and "Avoiding Work". He decided instead to just do "Trilogy".
    • In late-2013 he was originally planning on doing a top 10 list of the "Worst Cartoon Episodes of 2005", but the video never materialized due to Mr. Enter admitting it was too large of a stretch and instead decided to do the 1 year anniversary lists.
    • In his "Top Ten Best MLP Episodes", he stated that he would do a "Top Ten Favorite MLP Songs" video after season four was over. Since season four has been over for several months, it's likely the video was canned.
    • In his "Top 25 Post-Movie SpongeBob Episodes" Admirable Animation, he mentioned that he'd be doing a reverse of what he did in 2013, doing various Halloween Atrocities for October, and a bunch of Christmas Admirable Animations in December. Fast-forward to Halloween and he hadn't reviewed a single Halloween related Atrocity, instead opting to do "The Top 25 Most Disturbing Episodes" list (although one of the episodes he did initially just for that video was reviewed as a whole later on). As for the Christmas Admirable Animations, he chose only to review It's A SpongeBob Christmas.
    • In one of his DeviantArt Journals, he apparently tried to make a video titled "How To Do YouTube", before realizing how depressing it sounded, as well as making him look like, in his words, a "bitter conspiracy nut".
    • This often happens when reviewing duds or example episodes of a cartoon series for Animated Atrocities:
      • On the dud side, for Ed, Edd n Eddy he was originally going to review "If It Smells Like An Ed", but found "Sorry, Wrong Ed" to be worse.
      • On the "example" side, for Breadwinners, he was originally going to review "Stank Breath", but found "Love Loaf" to be worse.
    • He planned on reviewing The Day My Butt Went Psycho!, but he found that aside from its Audience-Alienating Premise, there was nothing really bad or good to critique.
    • Every single series or movie in "Top 11 Reviews I'll Never Do" counts as this.
    • Planned to look at Sausage Party, until learning of the many allegations about the film's Troubled Production. Thus, he's refused to give the film any publicity, good or bad. He's refused to see the film at all. Though the fact that he brings the movie up in a positive light in his review of The Emoji Movie means that he's seen it and is either invoking Death of the Author to enjoy the film or is simply pulling an Enemy Mine with the film.
    • He admits that at one point, he tried to apply to join Channel Awesome. Considering the controversy of the channel, he pretty much called it a good thing.
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