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My theory as to why Mr. Enter was suspended.
Mr. Enter used to have a very bad habit of attacking the writers making the episodes he reviews in Animated Atrocities. "Pet Sitter Pat" is most likely the most infamous case of this, where he reveals Casey Alexander's Twitter feed, leading to a lot of people harassing and threatening him on Twitter. Eventually came his temporary suspension (NOT termination). According to his update video regarding the matter, he said that Viacom issued DMCA's on some of his SpongeBob-related videos. You think at first it's just YouTube's broken copyright system taking its toll, but let's be completely honest here: attacking writers is not acceptable by any means, even if the episodes they write are very poor. Since Casey Alexander and some of the other writers Enter's bashed technically work for Viacom, it's possible that Viacom using YouTube's broken copyright system to take down Enter's channel was, in a way, the perfect punishment for his wrongdoings, and attacking the videos they removed "at almost a random point" might've been the perfect attempt to lead him into a false sense of security, punishing him further. He might have expressed regret for it sometime before this suspension, but since he does this in a lot of his older videos (some of these videos were almost a year old), you can't deny that someone is bound to stumble across them, and just groan at his writer-attacking (For example, in his "Top 25 Post-Movie Spongebob Episodes", one of the videos taken down, he portrays Zeus Cervas as an evil cloaked figure, just like in his Tentacolino review). During this suspension, he remade his Pet Sitter Pat review on Dailymotion to be nicer and rational, after which, his account was reinstated. One can assume that Viacom and/or YouTube saw this nicer video and decided to give him a second chance, but still...

Mr Enter is a Time Lord with a messed up Tardis
He really does do some research in his reviews, it's just that his Tardis only goes to different dimensional versions of events that occurred in this universe.

The upcoming review of The Drawn Together Movie will....
  • (Jossed) Turn out be a surprise collab with another reviewer, such as Pie Guy Rulz or maybe even Pan Pizza.
  • Require a Youtube account log-in to identify your age for the risky content of the movie itself.
    • He actually said he'd censor parts of the movie for the content. I'm not sure a login will be required, so it's Jossed.
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  • (Jossed) Start with an extended version of the old intro, if not a new one.
  • (Confirmed) Drive Mr. Enter to take a long, long hiatus from Atrocities for a while and if he does do a review it will either be for an episode of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic or Admirable Animations.
    • Well partially confirmed. He does take a hiatus, but chooses to do silly, goofy animated atrocities.
  • (Jossed) Be yet another episode featuring the Crazy Old Guy.

Mr Enter has traumatic flashbacks when seeing what he considers abuse
I mean Patrick trying to clean Gary with a flamethrower could remind him of a bully using a lighter to try and burn him.

Future Reviews
  • The My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic movie in 2017. He is a fan of the series, and this is its first movie/maybe probably Grand Finale.
  • Mortal Kombat: Defenders of the Realm, as an example of something that was obviously made for an adult audience, but got a kid friendly spin off, as cash grab.
  • An episode of Adventure Time. Simply because, it's a good series, that he only briefly touched on in the "What Could Have Been" Admirable Animation. note 
    • Confirmed for an eventual Admirable Animation.
  • A list of of MLP episodes, he would have picked for Admirable Animations, if not for the fact that he reviews those as a separate series. note 
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  • A count down of the most awesome moments in Admirable Animations. Because, why not?
  • An Animated Atrocity of Pacific Heat.
  • One of the later episodes of Steven Universe, because it's great show that has been going strong for four seasons, but the only episode he has looked at was during the first half of season one, arguably before the show even really started to grow its beard.
  • An Animated Atrocity of "No Such Luck" of The Loud House. He has mentioned he wants to do an Admirable Animation of an episode of the show (no word on what episode yet) but is waiting to be able to purchase the footage in question. This pairing of Admirable/Atrocity would probably be reminiscent of the contrast between his Admirable of "April 9th" of Arthur and his Atrocities of the same show.
    • He mentioned that he didn't mind the episode much.
  • An Animated Atrocity of Ned's Newt, given what he said about Teletoon in his "Revisited" reviews of Wayside and Rocket Monkeys.
  • An Admirable Animation of One Piece to celebrate its 20th anniversary. Or perhaps even an Animated Atrocity on the 4kids dub.
  • An Animated Atrocity of Van-Pires, which could have gone on his "Worst Cartoons of the 90s" list had he been aware of it.
  • An Animated Atrocity of The Emoji Movie, no one likes it and the film itself has a bad reputation and reception.
    • Confirmed.
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  • Any episode of Mickey Mouse (2013), probably an Animated Atrocity since some episodes make heavy use of his Pet Peeve Tropes.
  • An Admirable Animation of UNICEF's 1998 PSA's. Especially since he appreciates it when cartoons are eager to show heavier subject matter note .

Mr. Enter will do a live show
It won't go over well!

Mr. Enter is a fan of Melanie Martinez
In his review of Shark Tale, he describes it as "One of these I-wanna-be-famous pity parties."

Mr Enter's final Animated Atrocities will be the Cartoon Community itself.
After all one person can only take so much before they grow sick of the toxicity of the community.

Mr. Enter will turn into an enter keyboard button.
It makes more sense than the previous redesigns.
  • Alternatively, that design will be used for a parody in Enemil.

The 6th season will be his last
Since he will be 29 and will have children, he'll have to end this series.
  • Yeah, because having children clearly means the end of one's career. It's also takes two to have a child. He also isn't 29 yet.

Mr. Enter hates Pooh's Adventures.
Isn't that obvious?

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