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Drinking Game / The Mysterious Mr. Enter

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"Time to get drunk! More drunk..."
Mr. Enter

Take a shot when:

  • Mr. Enter loops a clip from a show.
  • Mr. Enter calls something mean spirited.
  • Mr. Enter complains about education whenever something relating to school is brought up.
  • Mr. Enter says "What I'm doing is wrong, I know it's wrong, but I'm gonna do it anyway" or "Pointing out your problems doesn't make them go away."
  • Mr. Enter says "Because, potatoes."
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  • Mr. Enter talks about the "one thing he liked" from an animation.
  • Mr. Enter says "This can only end so well."
  • Mr. Enter calls something a rip-off of something else.
  • Mr. Enter references "One Coarse Meal".
  • Mr. Enter talks about the "worst character in the movie/show".
  • Mr. Enter says using old slang and pop culture references makes something dated quickly.
  • If you have a deathwish, drink when Enter snarks.
  • Mr. Enter refers to fecal matter in his Doggy Poo Animated Atrocity Video.
  • When he says "Feel sorry for her!" in his Snowdrop review.
  • When he says "Hurdy hurdy hurr, that's our father. He's an idiot." in his "Save the Tooth" review.
  • Mr. Enter references My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic because a character from a show said "pony".
  • Mr. Enter mentions censoring or not showing the audience something from his Drawn Together movie review.
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  • Mr. Enter angrily emphasizes a certain word.
  • Mr. Enter makes a typo (More applicable in his journal entries, though it occasionally pops up in his videos).
  • Mr. Enter says "Get it?" on his Drawn Together movie review.
  • Mr. Enter accidentally calls the Family Guy episode "Screams of Silence" "Screams in Silence" instead.
  • Mr. Enter uses the word "catharsis."
  • Mr. Enter refers to something from an Atrocity he reviewed earlier just to say it's still not as bad as what he's reviewing now.
  • Mr. Enter refers to a main character by something other than their given name, such as "token X".
  • Mr. Enter says "Post-Modern" in his "Hired" review.
  • A clip of Mr. Enter banging his head against a wall plays in his Shark Tale review.
  • Take two drinks every time he drops an F-bomb.
  • Mr. Enter says "can opener" in the second part of his "Totally Busted" review.
  • Mr. Enter goes off on a tangent.
  • Mr. Enter says his idiosyncratic pronunciation of "reboot". Do not do this during either part of his "Top 11 Worst Cliches in Animation" review, or you will die of alcohol poisoning.
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  • Mr. Enter expresses disappointment that a character did not die.
  • Mr. Enter says "Stop calling them The Canadians" in his King of the Hill review.
  • Mr. Enter trash-talks Buck in his Chicken Little review. Two sips if the insult he uses is "dick", "asshole", or "cock".

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