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PhantomStrider is a YouTube channel created by Josh Strider. His videos are Top Ten lists reviewing various media, mostly animation. His channel was created Nov. 13, 2007, and currently has over 400,000 subscribers.

He also has a second channel, LiveStrider, where he posts more casual videos.

PhantomStrider contains examples of

  • Actually Pretty Funny: What Strider thinks of two Teen Titans Go! episodes (Think About Your Future and the crossover with The Powerpuff Girls (2016)).
  • Actually Quite Catchy: His review for Cartoon All-Stars to the Rescue is pretty negative, but he does dance to "Wonderful Ways to Say No".
  • Artistic License:
    • In his "Top 10 Worst Adult Cartoon Episodes" video, he gets many of the events of "Two Weeks Notice" from Brickleberry wrong. For instance, he states Steve was going to die from an STD in the next 24 hours. However, the episode states it was actually going to kill him in the next two weeks. Also, it's revealed he actually wasn't dying; Dr. Kuzniak, who diagnosed him, accidentally mixed up his blood sample with another patient's.
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    • In his 5 Worst/Best Lego Games list when he discuses Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes, he stated that Mark Hamill and Clancy Brown reprise their roles as the Joker and Lex Luthor respectively. While he was correct about Lex Luthor, he wasn't about the Joker as Christopher Corey Smith voices the character in the game instead of Mark Hamill.
    • In "Top 10 Worst Sitcoms of All Time" he put The Brady Bunch as #3, which would be fine for his argument that the show was too bland, overly tame, and annoyingly cutesy. However, he didn't use clips from the 70s series he was deriding, but instead used footage from the film A Very Brady Sequel, which is known as one of the edgier things to come from the normally family-friendly franchise and contained elements like incest, drug use, and attempted murder — none of which were in the original series.
  • Ash Face: Josh gets this repeatedly during his "Top 6 Worst Religious Cartoons" (and when he talks about religious cartoons in other videos), Courtesy of God.
  • Attention Deficit... Ooh, Shiny!: As someone with ADD and Asperger's, this happens quite a lot, particularly in his LP's.
    Phantom Strider: "OK, we need to make sure not to get distracted... ooh, a chicken!"
  • Berserk Button:
    • Ugly animation, horrible voice acting, The Simpsons episode, "Lisa Goes Gaga", and the Family Guy'' episode, "Brian's a Bad Father".
    • He also seems to have little tolerance for works that are excessively mean-spirited just for the sake of it or towards undeserving characters; this is a big reason behind his despising of Chicken Little and modern Family Guy, for instance.
    • He also despises unoriginal cash grabs, The Emoji Movie in particular.
    • Strider dislikes cartoons that use excessive amounts of gross-out humor or over-the-top violence simply to shock/disgust their audience, something many of the shows on his Top 10 Worst Cartoons series are guilty of.
    • Cheaply-produced girls' cartoons that consist entirely of one-note characters doing stereotypically girly things like painting their nails or talking about boys, as he believes that cartoons aimed towards girls should be held to the same standards as other cartoons. In other words, he believes they should be more than just glorified toy commercials and should have fleshed-out characters, quality animation, coherent plots, etc.
  • Bolt of Divine Retribution: Done as a Running Gag in his Top 6 Worst Religious Cartoons video, and whenever he talks about religious cartoons in other videos.
    Phantom Strider: (To God) Are you going to do this every time I review one of these?
  • Broke the Rating Scale: In his worst video games list, the sixth worst game (Zelda: Wand of Gamelon) is a 0/10. The other entries are in the negative numbers. Similarly, in his "Worst Cartoon Network Specials", he gives The Annoying Orange Christmas Special a -1030/10, primarily for how it uses "Weird Al" Yankovic.
  • Butt-Monkey: If the Bolt of Divine Retribution Running Gag and Looney Tunes-style Self-Deprecation are any indication, this is definitely a trope that applies to Strider himself.
    • One particular video, which focused on the worst African cartoons, had all the transitions including Josh receiving a lot of pain from Mother Nature via animals, weather, natural disasters, and the moon being crushed onto him. All while tries his best to list the number for each segment.
    • As stated above, Josh has also been struck by God's lightning in a few of his videos, whenever Josh tries to discuss the usage of religion (usually Christianity) in a show.
  • Cartoon Juggling: He began to pick up the cascade style at the end of each video.
  • Catchphrase: "Jeebus!" or some other variant.
    • "And if you like these shows, that's fine. It's just my silly personal opinion."
    • In his later videos, he usually opens up with "Howdy, this is Phantom Strider."
  • Content Warnings: Some videos include brief warnings if the following clip has violent/Squicky content, for example, his "Top Ten Worst Family Guy Episodes".
  • Crossover: He has done a crossover with Robyn from Anime America about the worst anime as well as anime he hates that everyone else likes. The Nostalgia Critic has also made an appearance in "Top Ten Worst Movies of All Time" and joined him for "Top Ten Creepiest Animated Movies". Blameitonjorge joined him for "Top Ten Creepiest Kids' Show Characters" and "Top Ten Darkest Episodes of Kids Shows". The Mysterious Mr. Enter joined him for "Top Ten Best SpongeBob SquarePants Episodes". Simpsons expert TheRealJims co-hosted "Top Five Best/Worst Simpsons Games" and "Top Five Worst and Best Modern Simpsons Episodes".
  • Damned by Faint Praise: In his video on the Top 6 Worst Mario games, he gives Mario's Game Gallery credit for providing perfectly functional versions of games that no Mario fan had ever asked for.
  • Dude, Not Funny!: His reaction to the wrist slitting joke in "Top Ten Worst Family Guy Episodes".
  • Gosh Dang It to Heck!: No matter how bad something is when he's reviewing it, Strider pretty much watches his language and remarkably avoids swearing harsher than "crap". This was averted once in his Top 10 Simpsons Episodes video.
  • Head Desk: Bangs his head against his desk after introducing Ren Seeks Help as both the worst cartoon of all time and having the worst cartoon character of all time (Ren).
    • He also does this at the end of his Mulan II segment of his Top Ten Worst Disney Films, where he literally bangs his head hard against the desk while he puts up with the end of an annoying musical number from said film. And his last head bang is in time with the song ending.
    • He does it once again in his Top Ten Worst Theme Songs video in reaction to the theme from Scaredy Squirrel.
  • Hell Is That Noise: In-Universe. When Strider goes back to his Top 10 Worst Cartoons of All Time list or if some other animated work replaces the cartoon it was originally placed on, appropriately "Yours Truly, Satan" from Sonic CD plays in the background.
  • Insult to Rocks: In his list of the top 10 worst PBS Kids show episodes, Strider mentions he finds Teletubbies so incohesive that he thinks calling it a drug trip "would be an insult to drug trips".
  • Land Down Under: Strider is from Australia, after all.
  • Limited Wardrobe: In almost every video in his live-action channel, he always wears a maroon (now orange) button-up shirt and is rarely seen wearing anything else.
  • Made in Country X: Is a firm believer in the "Terrible Art/Products are Produced in Country X" when it comes to Canadian cartoons, outright declaring all Canadian animation to be horrible in his Worst Canadian Cartoons list.
  • No Such Thing as Bad Publicity: He tried to avert this by refusing to ever review Where the Dead Go to Die.invoked
  • Obligatory Swearing: Notable by its absence, Strider is one of the few internet reviewers who rarely swears for humor value, if at all.
  • The Scrappy: invokedDoes a few lists involving these types of characters ("Worst Cartoon Characters" , "Worst Disney Characters", and "Worst Characters from Good Cartoons").
  • So Bad, It's Horrible: In-Universe, he considers "Ren Seeks Help" the worst cartoon he's ever seennote , Shoujo Tsubaki the worst anime (and by extension worst piece of animation) he's ever seen, and Freddy Got Fingered the worst movie he's ever seen. He would later declare the South Park episode HumanCentiPad to be worse than Ren Seeks Help.
  • Superpowered Evil Side: Dark Strider. Basically, a more edgier version of Josh's internet persona, who wears a dark blue shirt, and sporting dark shadowy make-up on his face to resemble Batman or any edgy superhero. He turns into this whenever he gets REALLY pissed from watching particular bad content for some of his lists.
  • The Thing That Would Not Leave: Strider's Pet-Peeve Trope, as discussed in some videos such as "Top 6 Worst Bugs Bunny Cartoons" and "5 Best/Worst Bob's Burgers Episodes".
    Strider: There's this... odd trope in some cartoons where a friend – or enemy – will stay over at the main character's house, intrude upon their privacy, wreck their house and make them miserable, but the main character is always "too polite" to say anything, so they can tolerate this from days to months on end, and I personally think it's among the stupidest tropes in all of cartoons.
  • Think of the Children!: Strider always gives a heads up to his viewers if some graphic violence is going to be shown. He's even censored more graphic scenes for the viewers. He's taken this trope Up to Eleven after watching Where the Dead Go to Die and turned it off after watching ten minutes, saying that it's the worst piece of animation he's ever seen in his life, and he'll never forgive himself if a child looked that up because he mentioned it. Scroll down The Mysterious Mr. Enter's video on the comments to see his sentiments on the film.
    • He even removed an earlier video that focused on controversial anime, due to the video showing lots of gory scenes and otherwise. He also didn't want young viewers to search up those anime that were listed in the now-deleted video "Top Ten Worst Anime".
  • Uncanny Valley: invoked He discusses the trope during the Top Ten Creepiest Animated Films.
  • Worst. Whatever. Ever!: He throws this accusation around a lot. It's a rare case of being justified, as the shows and movies Strider discusses often really are bad enough to warrant this title.


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