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  • In "Top 6 Worst Games Ever Made":
    • He theorizes that the soundtrack of Club Drive was made with armpit farts. He demonstrates that by showing a clip of Johnny Bravo doing armpit farts. note 
    • When discussing Daikatana, he's completely dumbfounded when the weird creature on-screen is supposed to represent a human.
    • He ends the video by thanking everyone who watched it. Then he awkwardly says "Hi, Mom..."
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  • His review of Steven Universe is made from sincere praise for the show, but it does have one funny line: "Focusing on... the good in humanity?! What a unique concept!"
  • In "Top 10 Worst Nickelodeon Shows":
    • When discussing how the teenage characters in Talia in the Kitchen act, he questions if the writers have never been teenagers before.
    • He also complains about how "agonizingly happy" it is, saying that his teenage self would rather want to watch the world burn.
    • Strider suggests that Dan Schneider was replaced by "Malaysian orangutans" when producing Henry Danger.
    • He misspells Pig Goat Banana Cricket as "Pig Boat Banana Cricket". He also mishears "Blargh" when Banana's name is said, stating that it summarizes his opinion on the show.
    • When discussing Awesomeness TV, he notices a very bad cut from Lauren trying to say something before being cut to "You're watching Awesomeness TV". Strider thinks that she was trying to say that "My career is going down the toilet!"
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    • Further he's annoyed at how the show portrays teenage girls arguing about who's boyfriend is the best, he states that maybe a "buck-toothed lady, living in a trailer down the road, named Bertha" would talk like this.
    • Lauren spilling some chocolate on her face. To Strider's bewilderment, the sound team decided to play 5 Laugh Tracks. Strider parodies that by showing himself spilling some water and the Laugh Track losing it.
    • He then begins to make fun of how over the top the audience’s cheers are in between each skit, saying that it sounds like the audience is being lit on fire.
    • In "Nick Studio 10", Strider informs Jeanette McCurdy that the "stuff on the amusement park on the floor" is called vomit. He also salutes her for delivering the best line in the show.
  • In "Worst Disney Channel Shows":
    • A scene from So Random! shows a teacher with a weird accent saying "forty" as "farty", and the students laughing at him. The teacher then says "farty" multiple times, Strider responds with a Head Desk each time. He then gives the teacher a Rapid-Fire "Shut Up!".
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    • When he gets to Fish Hooks, he shows the similarly titled black-and-white film "Fish Hooky" instead. He shows a clip of one kid doing a dopey laugh and decides to imitate it. Another kid doing a creepy laugh has him jumping back in fear.
    • He thinks that the Jessie theme song is catchy. Cue him dancing until noticing that the camera is still on, he simply waves at it sheepishly.
    • Another thing he praises is that everything looks gorgeous. "Even the lizard looks like he's ready for a spot on Oprah!"
    • One thing that annoys him about Austin & Ally is Austin's haircut. He lists that one twice.
    • Another thing that annoys him is how unrealistic it is that Trish is getting a new job every episode. He sketches a more realistic approach: "Guess who was unemployed! Guess who sold everything on eBay! Guess who got kicked out of the YMCA!"
    • He's utterly horrified with Ant Farm portraying an older woman in sexy clothing and completely loses it when a young actor tries pretend to be a teenage girl. The actor's voice makes Roger Rabbit cringe.
    • He theorizes that the two main actresses of Shake it Up secretly try to kill each other. When the mom was first introduced, he also couldn't figure out if she was playing a cop or a dominatrix.
    • The entire rant against Hannah Montana.
  • "Worst Disney Movies":
  • His "Worst Animated Movies" list has Strider wondering if the creator's of Ratatoing didn't know how to pronounce "Ratatouille", so they simply gave up and added a fart noise at the end.
  • His "Worst Cartoon Remakes" list has Strider describing the Duck triples from Quack Pack as playing a game of "Who's got the ugliest haircut?"
  • His complaint that Garfield never shuts up in The Garfield Show. He shows footage of Garfield talking non-stop, until a giant foot squashes him, Monty Python-style.
  • In his "Best Disney Movies" list, he announces proudly that he likes Frozen, only to get pelted with tomatoes note 
  • In his "Worst Animated Rip-Offs" video, he describes the background music of The Little Panda Fighter as "someone smashing a piano with a sledgehammer".
    • The shot of him impatiently waiting for What's Up? to go on.
    • He lists two voice actors from What's Up, one lady, who had two entries on IMDB, one of them being "What's Up", the movie we're currently watching. He also thought he heard 4Kids Eggman in there, thinking that he just did permanent damage to his career just for mentioning that. note 
    • Kiara the Brave has some gems:
      • Him pointing out that the people in Kiara's kingdom are all modernly clothed.
      • "And the Wizard has a laptop, because... don't all wizards have laptops?"
      • Him saying that the movie ripping off Jesus may allow them more "brand recognition".
    • He describes "Leo Lion: King of the Jungle" as the creators doing something resembling a cartoon and calling it a day.
    • He is terrified of the Mowgli from Jetlag's Jungle Book, saying that he looks possessed by some kind of alien parasite. He also compliments the name "Jetlag", saying that it reminds him of the thought of flying away from movies like this.
    • The Frog Prince has him complaining that the movie takes place in two rooms and stating that the voice actors consist of "one Lady" and once again 4Kids Eggman (sorry, man...).
    • For Little Princess School, he lets the movie have it when, during a Christmas singalong scene, the lyrics "O'er the fields we go" are shown onscreen as "Ore the fields we go". He also calls the movie out for its sexism.
    • He says that his favorite thing about these movies is the bizarre names of the studios producing them.
    • An Ant's Life has him reacting shocked at a Gross-Up Close-Up from one of the ants, named Josephine.
    • The Honorable Mentions give us: "Braver, they took Brave and they added an 'R'! Brilliant! Give that man a million dollars!" and him getting to Frozen Land and immediately saying that they couldn't get away with that... until saying that they didn't get away with that, as he shows an article about Disney suing the company who made the film.
  • In "Worst Animated Sequels", there is him imitating the narrator of The Land Before Time 13: The Wisdom of Friends, regretting ever taking the job since the kids watching the movie are more likely to fiddle with their iPads instead of paying attention.
    • There is also the complaint that Littlefoot sounds nothing like his original actor, thinking that the new voice actor is just "some 10 year-old kid they paid with bubble gum".
    • Shrek 4-D has this: "And Donkey never shuts up!" It's the delivery of the line that really sells it.
      • The Swan Princess Christmas has him calling out Rothbart for deciding to use his magic to make the "Christmas Spirit" disappear, instead of doing something legitimately threatening.
    • Then there is also him calling out that Derek is brought back to life by Odette's singing: "F-- Movie! See me after class!"
    • Happily N'ever After 2, literally everything he says about the Queen: note .
      • Him jumping back when the movie does a close-up on the Queen's face, saying that "If my mom ever gave me that look, I would've put myself to bed without dinner!"
      • Him comparing the Queen's waving to some sort of mutated tentacle.
      • When one of the servants describes the Queen as "big-time beautiful", he stops the movie, saying that this is not beautiful. "I've seen more attractive things in the contents of my handkerchief!" He also briefly wonders what "big-time beautiful" means, asking if he's out of touch with "The Youths" again.


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