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He anticipates this reaction with every video about subjects he hates by saying "And if you like these shows, that's fine. It's just my silly personal opinion.''

  • He got a lot of flak for naming every entry in the Scooby-Doo franchise as the worst cartoon remake, regardless of individual quality. The backlash cooled down to some extent when he explained his thoughts better in his first Top 5 Cartoons I Hate That Everyone Likes list, saying that he found the franchise getting too formulaic with every installment and that while he found Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated had introduced some great new ideas, there still aren't too many being used.
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  • He got flak when he panned Winx Club. The main criticisms were that his complaints were all about how skinny the characters are and that he only seemed to be talking about season 5 onward when the series was widely considered to have gone through significant Seasonal Rot. Strider himself admitted in a comment that he should have gone into more detail.
  • Naturally, his two lists showing the cartoons that he hates but everyone else likes garnered a lot of flak, though in the first one's case it was mostly due to him making bad comparisons, coming off rather contradictory, and missing the point of certain aspects of each show, as another Youtube user who responded to it in this video pointed out.
  • He got flak from fans of TUGS for putting it in the #4 spot of his "Top 5 Worst British Cartoons" video, claiming it to be dull, ugly, and filled with bickering. As many fans of TUGS pointed out, the footage used in the video was only the first three minutes of the first episode, and that the series had strong elements of stories, voice acting, music, and model sets, particularly in episodes like "Munitions" and "High Tide".
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  • Oggy and the Cockroaches being in the #2 spot of his "Top 5 Worst French Cartoons" video did not go down well. Reasons include the fact that he ranked it worse than a cartoon that, in his words "looks like it was slapped together in Microsoft Paint over the process of six minutes" and the fact he only included season 4 episodes in the video, implying that he didn't even watch any of the better received older episodes.
  • While putting Barbie: A Fairy Secret on his "Worst Cartoons for Girls" list went without much fanfare since the movie is generally seen as when the Barbie movies started to decline in quality, him claiming that "everyone knows" how Barbie movies are of "abysmal quality" caused this reaction since the films have a huge fanbase and most of the earlier movies are viewed as being surprisingly good for being made just to sell toys.
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  • Not a panning example, but one that ruffled feathers regardless — he put Animaniacs, Tiny Toon Adventures, and Daria on his "Top 5 Forgotten Cartoons" list, even though the first two are among the most popular cartoons of all time (to the point of receiving reboots years later) and the third having a huge cult following. A lot of the comments on the video call him out for this.

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