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This is par for the course with any critic:

  • In particular, his reviews of Transformers, The Matrix and Temple of Doom have drawn considerable flak from their respective fanbases.
  • Oddly (or maybe not), ever since Doug started dropping the anvil in 2011 that an opinion of a movie doesn't make you a good or bad person, Critic, Bum Reviews and his own vlogs have been getting more of this venomous sort of reaction. One complaint has been people getting upset that Critic doesn't like Joel Schumacher, when that should have been obvious.
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  • Gleefully anticipated (as of writing) for the Man of Steel review, as Doug said at Alcon "I'm going to piss you all off and I'm going to love it."
  • Fans of The Hunger Games were annoyed at the 'Battle Royale rip-off' joke in Bridge to Terabithia, though it more stemmed from confusion at Doug having originally gushed on it for being so good for girls and was now going for the Never Heard That One Before joke.
  • While it wasn't panning, some have reacted badly to him saying he'd cut out quite a few scenes in The Big Lebowski.
  • An inversion with the review of The Wicker Man (2006), which got some criticism for the Critic focusing too much on its So Bad, It's Good status while ignoring its failures as an adaptation of the original novel/film (Doug's commentary implies that he hasn't seen it), and that it deserved the kind of analysis The Haunting (1999) got.
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  • Discussed in “The Ice King's Glasses Issue”, where Doug gets all pleady for people to not like him for all the actual reasons to not like a person, not because he has different opinions on a movie or TV show.
  • With the hate he had for them in the Disneycember review, the Sequel Hook at the end of Small Soldiers, and the total joy about bashing them in posts and the "Long Live The Earth Queen" vlog, girls with fond memories of The Princess Diaries movies and a worry about his track record with female nostalgia (not to mention Hyper Fangirl) got extremely nervous before the episode even came out.
  • Their, specifically Rob's, V-log review of the Grand Finale of The Legend of Korra revealing Korrasami being canon didn't exactly win them any fans as it comes off as a Straw Critic incarnate of the ignorant part of the fandom with all the Cultural Posturing that Japan's been doing the same thing for years,note  and every "point" he made was already and eloquently refuted by Word of God three days after it aired.
    • Rob gets the same frustrated feelings from the Steven Universe fandom, as while Doug mostly gets the importance of rep and keeps quiet, Rob can go on long rants about casual episodes like "Mystery Girl" aren't worth fussing over, ignoring that the fuss are people happy with it.
  • The backlash to his Big Hero 6 vlog was so big (where he called it token and So Okay, It's Average) he referenced it in the first five minutes of the The Matrix review.
    • The Disneycember and Dreamworks-uary reviews in general had a lot of these. In particular, Doug also got flack for disliking Monsters, Inc., and Monsters University, the first Shrek, The Emperor's New Groove and Hercules. And while he didn't pan it, some felt that his criticisms of Aladdin (claiming that it was too "modern") were unfair. This is actually inverted as well, as many were shocked by his liking The Wild and Bee Movie.
  • After Doug's giant rant on Jurassic World, he says he feels like Profion “feed me your rage” and Rob tells him he'll be on a FBI Most Wanted List before mocking most of his criticisms, which makes this an example essentially in-universe, too.
  • According to Rob (who also called people insane just for thinking it was good, so take with pinch of salt), the “Vocal Minority” who enjoyed Jupiter Ascending crucified Doug for not liking it.
  • In Real Thoughts On Garfield, Doug insults The Phantom of the Opera (2004) fans (including telling people who like Gerard Butler's singing that they need therapy), Wicked fans, The Simpsons fans and Garfield fans, and Rob says generally to stop asking him on his Facebook why Doug doesn't like whatever thing.
  • In the real review for Last Action Hero they talk about Rob getting all the heat for the real thoughts on Mortal Kombat. In terms of the former movie, Doug capslocked “FEED ME YOUR HATE” while putting on it on Facebook and started the video off with “I make no apologies”.
  • While not in the slightest panning (and they had built sets like the movie because they loved it so much, plus Walkers had squeeed in the Sibling Rivalry of it, along with Doug praising the representation and mocking MRAs like he'd do in the review), there's a lot of comments out there that assume he bashed Mad Max: Fury Road. At 'worst', he had some Hype Backlash and didn't think it was the best one, before Curiosa refutes his arguments and makes him change his mind.
    • In an inversion, his liking of Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome got him a ton of "you're trolling/it doesn't count as a Mad Max movie" people, even when he explained and tried to point out that he just finds the characters interesting.
  • Pokémon fans don't like him, but at their defense he has a very condescending attitude towards Pokémon, especially in "Conquest of the Commercials" when he proudly declared his hatred for the franchise, rooted for a bus driver to kill all of them, and got annoyed when they survived. It should be noted that the Canada rape statistic Running Gag happened again later on, and people were still more offended at his dislike of the franchise. Also this reaction was mocked by Critic in his review of Spy Kids 3D, where he gets booed by Pokemon fans for one bashing comment about the franchise and gets off on it.
  • Noted by Doug in the million views post for Osmosis Jones, as he says he was ridiculously sick while filming and had a difficult time, and it depends on whether you like the review or not that you think it's either tragic irony or poetic justice.
  • He got bashed a lot for not liking The Jungle Book (2016), especially when the review opened with him not getting why the movie had such a high rating.
  • Much like Jurassic World, Rob complains over Doug's complaints about The Force Awakens (although he really liked the film, all the It's Been Done annoyed him), and hopes/tells him he'll be slaughtered by fanboys.
  • Star Wars prequel fans can get pretty irked with Doug's repeated assertions that they're naïve for enjoying them, or that they don't actually like them and will realize that later.
  • In the real review of Cats & Dogs, Rob likes Mystery Men and slaps Doug lightly in the face for not enjoying it.
  • In an inversion, their Sibling Rivalry complaining but also saying positive things about the 2016 Ghostbusters has a lot of comments bashing them for being "too SJW". The Awesome Comics review Doug did with Beth, Aiyanna and Heather (that went into more detail about the positives), got even more abuse. Even the Critic review, where he said you should be allowed to think what you want (but don't be sexist and let little girls enjoy it), got accusations of Doug being "whipped" and responding to the Evilina scene with "kids are naïve".
  • He's had people mad at him for saying Gene Wilder and The Rock can't sing, even though he also said they carry their respective songs with charm and he's the one with musical training, which even Rob admits.
  • His reviews of various Stephen King products get varying levels of backlash, though it often depends on the film in question. The one that, at least Doug states, got the most backlash was It (1990), which a lot of people do have admitted nostalgia for. Doug notes that in spite of this that particular review is one of his most viewed.
    • Ironically or otherwise, the Sibling Rivalry So Okay, It's Average review of It (2017) got arguably the most backlash, particularly with their constant insistence that Bill Skarsgård's Pennywise was hilarious, even though many more did find him scary.
      • The actual Nostalgia Critic review of the film was better received, as it goes into greater detail, and mostly represents the opinion of Doug, who enjoyed the movie more than Robb, who did the most talking in the Sibling Rivalry review.
  • With the sole exception of Pete's Dragon (of all things), Doug has made it clear his disdain for all the Disney live-action remakes, despite them being decently popular amongst audiences, even doing an editorial review claiming most hate them. This has caused some to accuse him of Opinion Myopia, and of not even giving the movies a chance.
    • More specifically, Doug is super passionate about the original Mary Poppins, partly because he admits it was one of the few English films he had as a Military Brat in Italy and got super attached, and while most people enjoyed the review and Fanscriptions of Mary Poppins Returns, some dismiss them because of the above bias. He said himself, it's not the worst movie but did get him super pissed.
  • The reaction to his review on The Wall is fairly negative. While some defend the review, many, especially fans of the original album, do not. On the video as well as the subreddits, many find the review cringey and totally missing the point of the album as well as insulting to the Roger Waters' autobiographical aspects. Not made better by the fact that many don't see what is being reviewed until the very end. The outrage from fans of the movie/album, combined with confusion from non-fans, resulted in a staggering amount of dislikes (at least equal to the like bar as of this writing) on the video, negative for even his most divisive reviewsnote , sparking a lot more discussion from his critics about the problems with the Nostalgia Critic format.


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