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  • In The Wiz, Todd and Critic's agreement that there'll be no praise of Joel Schumacher while the latter is still alive. This was just two weeks before the Scooby-Doo review that was intended to end the show, leading into To Boldly Flee which (originally) killed off the Critic for good.
  • A combination of this and Hilarious in Hindsight: The Richie Rich review has Doug mocking the scientist character creating a robot bee, sarcastically saying that he's sure there'll be many uses for it. Later, the global bee population has dropped to such drastic levels that scientists actually have turned to developing robot bees to help sustain the ecosystem.
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  • Critic firing Rachel in "Master of Disguise" can be awkward after real Rachel leaves in Face/Off, with Doug admitting in The Wicker Man (2006) commentary that she was going to leave after Catwoman (2004) but moving plans fell through.
  • In the Ghost Dad review, he calls Bill Cosby a good role model. Later that year, Cosby was caught up in a sexual assault scandal. There would later be a joke in The Adventures of Pluto Nash review about Eddie Murphy attempting to defend him "when everybody knew he was guilty."
  • While short hindsight, as it happened on the same day as the review was filmed, Critic's upset speech about nerds becoming bullies in Ghostbusters becomes more necessary when Leslie Jones got a ton of racist abuse on twitter.
  • The Jurassic Park III review has the Critic receive a call telling him his mother passed in her sleep, deeply upsetting him. Two years later, Doug really would lose his mother this way.
  • In his review of The Room, Doug compares Johnny hitting his fiancée to a football player hitting his wife. Already in bad taste in 2010, but a few years later, the NFL was faced with the Ray Rice debacle and the subsequent outcry it caused over the league's handling of domestic violence cases.
    • It also got harder to enjoy watching Doug tear into the movie when it was revealed later down the line by numerous ex Channel Awesome employees that the production of the later anniversary movies became almost as much of a nightmare as The Room had been described by Greg Sestero in The Disaster Artist, and in a bizarre coincidence, both Tommy and Channel Awesome were guilty of the exact same offense of not providing water for their actors on a hot day and ridiculing them for requesting it.
  • In the 2010 Christmas Special You're a Rotten Dirty Bastard, the Critic discovers how all the other reviewers would have had much better lives without him. Then came the 2018 #ChangeTheChannel mass-exodus, citing poor treatment and gross mismanagement. The only people in the video who are still left on the site are his brother Rob and The Cinema Snob.
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  • While he talked about it before, Critic's '"Eureka!" Moment' in Catwoman of realizing he should be grateful for hot women harassing him, gets more awkward when Doug discussed that the bad parts of Hyper aren't fictional and he's been creeped on a lot.
  • In-universe, there was his review of Ponyo, where the main character's hometown in Japan is flooded by a massive tsunami. A Running Gag throughout the entire review was him trying not to make the connection the 2011 tsunami in Japan.
  • Threefold for Doug being in the Entrepreneur magazine during the Jack Frost review: CA's business practices are pretty terrible, Doug isn't even involved in the business side, and even Doug said years later he had to apologize to Michaud for getting the attention.
  • In his review of Bridge to Terabithia, the Critic explains that if one of the kids from To Kill a Mockingbird died, for example, that would have been more effective because they were children with realistic personalities, compared to the cardboard cutouts in Bridge to Terabithia. This becomes much sadder once we learn that Jem died before the events of Go Set a Watchman.
  • One of the fuck-ups videos featured a gag where Critic beat the crap out of Mike Ellis. A while after that, Ellis was fired for behavior that was so bad that the rest of the higher up staff escorted their then PR lady Holly to a safehouse with baseball bats and a sword.
    • Not only that, but given Channel Awesome’s infamous “we regret you felt that way” response, the line the Critic says before his beatdown does not sit well:
    Critic:There's no problem too big that can't be solved by a humble apology.
  • In his commentary for the Critic's review of A Simple Wish, Doug explains how Mara Wilson's initial misunderstanding of his content was amicably resolved (leading to her cameo in said review) and wishes for people to "just be nice" in handling such situations. Fast forward years later to the "Not So Awesome" document, which portrayed Doug as an Extreme Doormat to his bosses at best and a Manchild oblivious to other people's hardships at worst — both of which stretch the definition of "nice". Doug's crediting of Holly (their then-PR representative) as the one who resolved the matter became even harsher after Channel Awesome released two official responses to the document, both of which earned a lot of backlash for being insincere and, in the case of the second, mean-spirited and inaccurate. More than a few people noted that had Holly still been their PR representative, a better response might have been released.
  • In the Street Fighter review, he admits the only legit funny scene is when Zangief, seeing a truck on TV heading towards them shouts "CHANGE THE CHANNEL!". For several months starting in March of 2018, there had been a movement called "Change the Channel" dedicated to calling out Channel Awesome's ethics. Unsurprisingly, that video has since been used for the movement.
  • During Dawn of the Commercials, the Critic discusses a sexual harassment PSA between a female employee and her boss. In 2018, the "Not So Awesome" documents contain details of former content creators being sexually harassed and before that, in more general terms, Doug talked about getting so much sexual harassment that he created Hyper.
  • In the Suburban Knights commentary, Doug talked about his fear that nobody enjoyed crossovers with him and just were doing it to be polite, and Rob told us that he didn’t even want to go to the meeting because he feared mutiny. Come 2018 and people did mutiny, as even those who liked him were tired of his Extreme Doormat attitude towards CEO Mike Michaud.
  • A big point in the Deadpool 2 review was toxic vocal minorities in fandoms, using his own, Deadpool's and Rick and Morty's as examples. Less than a week later, Kelly Marie Tran, the actress who played Rose in The Last Jedi, was bullied off social media by assholes in the Star Wars fandom.
  • During his review of Richie Rich the Critic says that actor Mike McShane's career died because of him doing films like that one. However, once you learn about the massive amount of Executive Meddling that occurred behind the scenes of Whose Line Is It Anyway? (where he was a frequently featured player) that had a hand in stifling his career, the comment becomes much more difficult to hear.
  • During his "When Does A Joke Go Too Far?" editorial he points to Louis C.K. as someone who makes often line-crossing jokes in his comedy, but isn't doing it out of mean-spiritedness or shock value for shock value's sake. Then CK was not only accused of sexual harassment, but also attempted to make a comeback that was panned for being little more than a longwinded rant about so-called overly sensitive millennials including insulting the Parkland survivors.
  • In 2012, at a con, Doug admitted he gets stressed about directing and sometimes doesn't enjoy it. With all the stories about how self absorbed he was in the movies, you can see why, and even he's apologized for breakdowns and hoped he's got better with new casts.
  • In the The Sorcerer's Apprentice review, Some Jerk with a Camera lists a bunch of characters from Disney movies (or movies owned by Disney) that went through Disney Deaths. One of them is Iron Man, who was Killed Off for Real in Avengers: Endgame.
  • In the reviews of Dr. Seuss movie adaptations, as well as a few others, Doug had Rob and Malcolm play a few market researchers who go by, "What the chart says" as a checklist of what to put into the movies to have a lot of people go see them in theaters and market them products. Channel Awesome partly operated under this philosophy when it came to some of the smaller creators wanting to do big things, such as a tribute to Jew Wario/Justin Carmichael after he died (way before his controversy came out). Mike Michaud told them they couldn't because they didn't get the amount of traffic the larger creators did.
  • What inspired his whitewashing editorial (where he talked about other forms as well, like how trans actors should play trans characters) was Scarlett Johansson playing a Japanese woman in Ghost in the Shell. In 2018, until backlash made her back out, she was going to play a fat trans man in a movie made by the GITS director.
  • In the Demolition Man review, Spartan claims that there will be no toilet paper in the future. Cue the COVID pandemic, where many people were desperate to get toilet paper to the point the stock ran out for a couple of weeks.


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