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Web originals with their own pages

  • Myla Stouffer’s videos praising her adopted son Huxley and Instagram posts saying she “wouldn’t trade him for anything”, after she was revealed to have given him back up when he was 4 because of his special needs.
  • The subreddit r/AgedLikeMilk is dedicated to collecting such moments that aged poorly.
  •, a Canadian-Based web program, aired the Top 10 Infamous Mass Shootings in the U.S. on December 5, 2012 on YouTube, a week prior to the Sandy Hook Shooting in Newtown, CT. The company have recognized this and left a noticed explaining about the video and reminded viewers how unpredictable such actions can be. WatchMojo's top 10 stories of 2012 video was released on December 13, 2012.
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  • Yaoi-tastic crossover fan-flash Anime Munters at one point shows Hetalia's Japan waist deep in water. Cue the "not funny" comments thanks to the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake.
  • More 9/11 premonitions on the Dark Roasted Blend website.
  • One mailbag segment on Giant Bomb featured someone gifting them, alongside some expensive toys and some Star Wars merchandise, two airsoft guns (which looked like a handgun and a modern military rifle) and an ammo vest. It included a letter taking the use of the guns very seriously. At the time they treated it like one of the pest packages they had ever gotten, having fun using them, until the guy who sent them was caught shooting and killing his girlfriend. Everything had to be packaged back up and sent to the detectives handling the case.
  • Eddsworld has a joke in WTFuture that is a lot less humorous following Edd Gould’s passing in 2012. It’s even worse considering that Tom left after Legacy ended due to depression, fan pressure, and feeling like he didn’t do Edd and his work justice, leaving Matt as the last member of Eddsworld to have been there since the start.
    Matt: Why are we running away from this guy if he only wants to kill Edd?
    Tom: Well, without him, it would just be me and you, and well...that would suck.
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  • Lindsay Ellis received a lot of flak for The Nostalgia Chick's Schedule Slip in 2010. Then it got revealed she had an abortion in December 2009 and was spending most of her time doing a documentary about it for her final year in school.
  • Spoony's Twitter poems and declarations of love to his girlfriend Scarlett became harder to look at after they broke up in March 2011.
    • Spoony featured Randy Savage at the end of a video, promptly blew him up supposedly killing him. Randy Savage died from car accident a day later.
    • The first part of the 2012 Channel Awesome Anniversary To Boldly Flee so far made jokes about The Nostalgia Critic only calling the other reviewers to fire them, featured the line "The Spoony One must not return", and has an entire plotline about Spoony being possessed and initially mistaken for insane by the others. A few months after filming was done, Noah Antwiler was let go from the site over recent bad behavior, and shortly afterwards he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. He seems to take it with humor, though, and he is making peace with his friends once more.
      • Creepily accidentally foreshadowed in the first episode of "The Black Hole of Board Games", where the Gatekeeper from the game Nightmare replies to him saying that everyone seems to love his stuff with "They won't soon", and generally lays into him. This ended up being utilized in future plots with other villains playing on his fears of being hated and alone.
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  • Chase Melendez, a Youtube humorist (known primarily for his criticism of Confused Matthew , which included a nine part video response to CM's 2001 review), posted a video blog titled "Rumors of Chase's Death Greatly Exaggerated". Then he dies a few days later of (what is rumored to be, though his obituary doesn't state what his exact cause of death was) an accidental drug overdose. Yikes...
  • Several examples in this article by Cracked.
    • And speaking of Cracked- the fact that the last After Hours, although no-one knew it would be the last at the time, ends on the implication that they're in hell. Forever.
  • The website Damn You Autocorrect celebrated the release of The Dark Knight Rises by putting up a collection of movie-related autocorrect fails which were set up on July 19th,2012, but didn't hit the site until the next day. The headline was something about "Lighten Your Day After a Dark Night" and the intro text had a reference to the movie "making a killing at the box office". Naturally, it had to be quickly pulled after the Aurora,CO shootings.
  • The Pokémon fan trailer for a Darker and Edgier rendition of the franchise, Pokémon Apocalypse, became this as well as a standard "Funny Aneurysm" Moment when PETA released the Flash game "Pokémon Black and Blue" in protest of Pokémon Black 2 and White 2. The game features Pokémon battling abusive trainers, and has been met with largely negative reception from both fans and video game journalists.
  • Infamous YouTube reviewer Trey "Mr. Anime" Sesler posted a video called "Mr. Anime is planning something" and then he murdered his families and pets... Also, to make things worse in an even further back video he quoted:
    "Hey, I'm Mr. Anime, you can call me Trey, or you can call me the guy who does all the video game reviews, or you can call me the guy who does all the gun stuff now."
    • Watching many of his reviews, they are filled with violent imagery and lines that are unquestionably awkward in hindsight:
    "Come on! Why do I not load my guns with more bullets?!"
  • An awkward one for YouTube Poop maker cs188; a Poop of the song "Gangnam Style" by PSY titled "OPPA GODDAMN STYLE", uploaded in October 2012, had the Word Salad Lyrics "We are not unarmed/Korea got a bomb/US could become a target!". Nearly six months after, big tensions occured between the US, South Korea and North Korea, with the latter slinging threats of "thermo-nuclear war" haphazardly.
  • Any time MoBrosStudios acted angry or burnt-out in his SpongeBob SquarePants reviews becomes this after it turned out he was suffering a Creator Breakdown and regretting the decision to make the videos due to people seeing him as a rant channel.
  • Every attempt to honor JewWario and defend him after his death became this, as not long after the release of the Google document that included an anonymous account of someone grooming young girls for sexual purposes and sexual assault that it was figured out that that it was, in fact, Carmichal who did those things. Kaylyn Saucedo, who originally composed the document and only learned about the accounts when doing so, even regrets making Farewell, FamiKamen Rider in light of what's come out about Carmichal; Lewis Lovhaug similarly regrets moving up a review of Gameboy #3 in honor of Carmichal; Lovhaug and Bennett White removed the JewWario hats they had in memoriam; and many others are pulling the Un-person treatment on him, removing reviews with him in it or reediting them to remove him.
  • Channel Awesome: Many crossovers and anniversary specials are starting to leave a bitter aftertaste when watched nowadays. All of them try to create an atmosphere of a bunch of friends/colleagues having fun, while in the passing years many reviewers at this point have left the site, with April 2018 as the biggest walk-out of former Channel Awesome members. In most of the cases behind-the-scenes squabbling and complaints about payments have been the major issue, with Obscurus Lupa, Phelous and JesuOtaku in particular being the most vocal about how badly the site is run. Jesu even went so far to say: "(...) If it's any consolation, I think 'nice' is not an inaccurate positive descriptor for Doug. He's not some horrible asshole. He's nice, as in that Into the Woods line, 'You're not good, you're not bad, you're just nice.' I'm sure many people would find his actions throughout the history of CA to not be malicious or cruel in any way. He is just immature, self-absorbed, terrible at managing or communicating with people...he's just a giant Manchild, and those kinds of people aren't all fun and games, they do serious damage when they refuse to act like adults." Even Lindsay Ellis, who left the site too in early 2015 (albeit on good terms) acknowledged just like JesuOtaku did that Doug is a nice person in general "but he is most definitely in his own world, and he seems to have a hard time understanding that not everyone can work with the same relentless pace he does (I never could.) He does have something of a talent for turning a blind eye." This makes Doug's portrayal of himself as an egotistical Bad Boss who mistreats his co-workers and ignores their pleas and remarks in many of his crossover videos far less amusing.
  • The Cinema Snob: Brad Jones' videos with Jerrid and Jake can no longer be watched in the same way seeing that he had a serious fall-out with both friends. Jerrid was kicked off the site in 2013 over too many offensive remarks about Brad's friends, particularly his then-wife Jillian. (Brad and Jerrid reconciled, but their friendship has become on-again, off-again.) In 2015, Jake was forced to go after having an affair with Brad's then-girlfriend Rayn. Ironically, the one personal relationship that hasn't become harsher in hindsight is stuff with Jillian, even though they got a divorce. They're still friends and still work together, including on the animated series Lloyd based around Brad's (formerly theirs) cat, the Ensemble Dark Horse of the series. Yes, an animated anthropomorphic animal spin-off of a show that reviews no-budget horror and porn.
    • Any cute or heartwarming moments regarding Brad and his relationship with Violet have sadly fallen into this after she dumped him, devastating Brad and the fanbase. Especially when Brad revealed on his Tumblr that they were engaged when it happened.
    • There's also Dave Gobble, who's a base-breaker with Brad's fans, and is still a good friend of his, while, ironically, Jerrid and Jake were well liked by the site's patrons.
  • Italian Spiderman going around punching women in the face doesn't seem so funny now that domestic violence, or "femicide", has been declared a serious problem in Italian households.
  • In one of the early seasons of Red vs. Blue, the cartoonish O'Malley talked Church into paying him $20 to examine Tucker, claiming that if he didn't, Tucker would die and Church would spend the rest of his life wondering if he couldn't have done something to save him. If you consider what is later revealed about Church — and O'Malley — this threat becomes much less comedic.
    • Hell, the entire first five seasons become this after Seasons 9 and 10, particularly Church and Tex.
  • RWBY:
    • In the Black Trailer, Adam and Blake hijack a train with the Schnee family logo on it to steal the Dust it's carrying. Blake is worried about the lives on the train that will be lost if Adam sets the charges like he plans, but Adam makes it clear he doesn't care about those lives. As a result, Blake abandons him, leaving him with the Dust, but escaping with the rest of the train. At the end of Volume 1, Weiss reveals how the war between her family and the White Fang has made her childhood extremely unpleasant; one of the examples she lists as an event that caused her abusive father to come home in a foul mood to make her childhood unpleasant is the train heist that occurs in the Black Trailer. Blake's past terrorist activities have accidentally directly contributed to the domestic abuse Weiss has been living with.
    • When Pyrrha, Weiss and Jaune first meet, Jaune doesn't recognise Pyrrha so Weiss rattles off a list of Pyrrha's achievements, demanding to know if he really believes he's worthy of asking Pyrrha to team up with him; he reluctantly admits he isn't. Eventually, Pyrrha tells Jaune that this is the exact problem she faces: because she is such an exceptional warrior, everyone assumes she's out of their league and won't talk to her. Jaune was the first person who had the confidence to approach Pyrrha as a friend, and Weiss tried to destroy that friendship before it could begin precisely because her only interest in Pyrrha was Pyrrha's exceptional talent.
    • In Heroes and Monsters, Roman lectures Ruby during their fight that her attempts to be a hero will be wasted because history shows that anyone who tries to play the hero will just end up getting themselves killed. An episode later, Pyrrha heroically attempts to single-handedly stop Cinder from destroying Beacon Tower, while Jaune tries to get help; Ruby heroically tries to come to Pyrrha's rescue but arrives just seconds too late; the tower falls and Cinder kills Pyrrha right in front of Ruby's horrified eyes.
    • During the tournament, Nora has a Made Myself Sad moment as she lists off all the bad things that could happen if JNPR loses the tournament. Although it's superficially Played for Laughs, it drops the bombshell that the reason Nora is panicking is because she and Ren are orphans; without Beacon, they have no home and no family. The volume ends with Beacon's destruction and her worst fears coming to past. She, Ren and Jaune join Ruby on a journey across Anima to try and find out what on earth is really going on, only for them to come face to face with the monstrous reason for why Ren's an orphan and how he and Nora have been helping each other to survive since a very young age.
  • Matthew Santoro:
    • On Valentine's Day, 2013, Matt made a vlog to his then-girlfriend, Marci, about how much he loved her, and how he looked forward to spending his life with her. About a year and a half later, they broke up.
    • On Matt's vlog channel, he made a video called "Something Really Cool Happened Today!". Several hours after the upload, Robin Williams committed suicide, so it looks awfully and horribly misleading. Matt came to acknowledge this in the next vlog, which was a full-on tribute for Williams.
  • GameChap made a video regarding Pixelmon (a Minecraft mod which adds Pokémon into the mix) which revealed some malicious programming on the part of the mod team, and how they had been subsequently silenced, causing the community to rally to Gamechap's side and condemn the mod team. Come later in 2014, there is a Reddit post about a rather major scandal involving Gamechap's supposed stealing of fan-submitted content and his subsequent silencing of any criticism directed towards him and his past history of doing so (most notably those that were trying to play devil's advocate during the whole Pixelmon debacle). The revelation was enough for many long-time fans, plus most of their moderators, to leave the fandom.
  • Il Neige posted a video titled "Nintendo is Dead". Only two days later, Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata passed away at age 55. The video has since been renamed to "The Nintendo Song".
  • The Creepypasta, "Happy Appy" is scary enough with disturbing cartoons and premonitions of disaster- and more. However, it's scarier to note that a company named Happy Apples recalled its stock of candy apples after they were found to be contaminated. Seven people died. This was AFTER the story was finished.
  • Examples from TVTropes itself:
    • The page image and accompanying quote on this TV Tropes page, now that Leonard Nimoy is dead.
    • From Choke Holds, "This is why cops no longer employ 'The Sleeper Hold'. It kills." is harsher in light of the Eric Garner killing illustrating exactly why cops are no longer supposed to employ it.
  • Digressing & Sidequesting
    • Any instances of Self-Deprecation on the show are seen in a sad light due to Ronnie himself committing suicide.
    • This video, when discussing Earthbound's development, talks about Satoru Iwata's role, ending with a joke that "in 2018, he eventually became supreme ruler of the everything". It's a lot harder to stomach with Iwata's passing in 2015.
  • This happens frequently in regards to the Psychic Twins, who have a YouTube channel where they make various predictions. Whether or not you believe in it, many of their tragic predictions have corresponded to real events, such as bombings and the death of Christina Grimmie, meaning this trope is built in to their occasional "prediction roundup" moments.
  • In 2011?, the podcast Lost in the Static did an episode about the Darknets, where at one point the uncomfortable topic of child pornography is broached, and co-host Scott Murray talks about a pedophile's stated motivation, and why it doesn't make any sense to a sane, rational person. A few years later...well...
  • Shoegazer Productions' 2Beats+ is this in spades. The video series was started in 2014, but took more than a year for show creator, Randy McNeely, to get off the ground. His then best friend, Alan Zuvy, had pitched the idea of a web review series to help him with deep depression connected to him being kicked out of a band. Alan played a minor role in the series as one of Fred's henchmen. There were a few notable times Randy mentioned him as a close and dear friend, since he mentions a lot of personal stories in his reviews. In January of 2016, after a few months of living with Randy, he posted a V-Log stating that the channel was on something of a hiatus because he had just discovered his roommates had become drug addicts and he had to focus on getting the situation cleared up. He had also stated that things were missing, and he had to hide Fred (who is a parrot) in fear that he was going to be harmed as well. The video has since been removed due to it revealing too much personal information about people that had not agreed to have that information revealed. One of those people was, according to some rumors, Alan. Seeing as how Alan has not appeared in any videos since the incident, it is strongly suspected that he is one of the addicts. It is now very painful to watch Alan involved in Fred's antics, as there were multiple references to drug trade (Fred ran something of a mafia in the series). It's painful just watching a friendship of 16 years go by the wayside thanks to addiction.
    • Fast-forward to February of 2017 and apparently Randy is having battles of his own with alcohol abuse. He made an announcement in the form of a V-Log and, while much of the fanbase was in support of his attempt to clean himself up, much of the fanbase backlashed against him. One particular fan had apparently pointed out his hypocrisy on the issue, having forced people with substance problems out of his life, but not being able to handle his own problems. To be fair, he wasn't addicted, just drinking to excess, and was making an effort to fix the problem, unlike the people he talked about in the aforementioned video (at least at the time, anyways).
  • 2016 saw a large number of high profile celebrity deaths, prompting many memes like this one to be created halfway through. However just as many famous people died in the second half of the year.
  • An early YouTube gaming channel called GameLife attended E3 in 2006. During an interview, Dave, one of the hosts, said "We are definitely going to be dishing out episode after episode, and who knows where we will be one year from now?". Less than a year later, on April 17, their frontman, Andrew Rosenblum, was arrested and later sentenced for threatening to shoot up his ex-girlfriend's school the day after the Virginia Tech Massacre. Sponsors quickly withdrew any connection to the channel, and even a prospective gaming show on television was cancelled, which led to GameLife dying off quickly.
  • In the Analyze Phish miniseries of podcasts on the Earwolf Radio Network, comedy writer Harris Wittels and Scott Aukerman attend a 2013 Phish concert in a final effort to get Aukerman to appreciate the band. Before the show, Wittels takes Aukerman around to various drug dealers who provide purportedly psychotropic substances to help get Aukerman in the zone. Through it all, the two comedy writers joke around and make light of Wittels' familiarity with drug culture. The episode did not get released until almost a year after it was recorded due to Wittels checking himself into rehab, and he died of a drug overdose in 2015.
  • One of the questions in a Russian language exercise on translates as "Where is Ukraine?" This was probably made before Putin's invasion.
  • The We Hate Movies podcast:
    • The Running Gag in their episode for She's All That is "Do not worry about Paul Walker!"
    • Their episode on Mrs. Doubtfire, recorded before Robin Williams' death, manages to avert this for the most part, given that they do praise Williams for being talented when he does more than just riff countless impressions, and mention that the fault lies more with the bad script and director Chris Columbus for not trying to rein him in. Nonetheless, some moments are... disquieting, to say the least.
    • In the Deep Impact episode (recorded before Williams' death), they suggest that he might have been one of the elite few selected by the government to survive the asteroid in one of the underground caves for "comic relief," with one of the guys groaning "Good Lord. I'd commit suicide if I was locked in a cave with Robin Williams."
    • In the The Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day episode, the guys riff on Troy Duffy's feud with Harvey Wienstein and strongly side with Weinstein as the better person, saying that while Duffy is an arrogant hack who makes too many Gay Panic jokes, Weinstein is just a mean studio exec who makes great movies. Weinstein would, a few years later, be accused of a spree of sexual assaults and other crimes, making him even more of a pariah than Duffy.
    • While reviewing Attack of the Clones, the guys joke that Jar-Jar Binks must have been elected into office because he had a reality show and said stupid things that voters thought were hilarious. The guys are obviously alluding to Donald Trump, who was campaigning for the United States presidency at the time but not yet taken very seriously. Fast forward 11 months, and Trump was, in fact, elected to office.
  • Seasons five through seven of The Music Video Show have become this after a video has the host of the show admit that they were made out of apathy, depression, envy and, through ALL of season five, suicidal thoughts. It gets worse when she admitted, on a livestream, that if she didn't finish season five before a due date, she would commit suicide.
    • Her movie reviews get this when she states she tried to kill herself in the same room she shot them in, implying she would kill herself if she did those reviews again.
    • Her Sanity Slippage arc in season two has become this after admitting to suicidal thoughts.
  • Dice, Camera, Action!: The relationship between Diath and Strix became a lot less comfortable when fans learned that Jared Knabenbauer was having an affair with Holly Conrad. Diath's habit of hiding unpleasant things he has done and knows from his friends to manage their perceptions of him also becomes more uncomfortable in the wake of accusations that surfaced in the wake of Jared's divorce.
  • This Tweet: "Kobe is going to end up dying in a helicopter crash". It was posted in 2012. Fast forward 8 years later, the poster had to apologize.
  • In 2017, Jacksepticeye uploaded a video in which he talks about why that particular year was his toughest year on YouTube. At first, he talks about all the good things that happened throughout the year, such as moving to a new apartment, touring, and successfully completing a Christmas charity livestream, but then Jack talks about all of the mental health problems that he suffered the entire year, to the point where he actually took a break in Christmas. Nobody knew what he was dealing with around that time, until 2020 during his "Answering REALLY Personal Questions" video, when Jack revealed he briefly, but seriously considered suicide at the end of 2017.
  • Many things about Ryan Haywood of Achievement Hunter became this, such as his Comedic Sociopathy, the "Ryan is secretly creepy" shtick and his "hot dad" status. In October 2020, Ryan was found to have been very inappropriate with many female fans, some being underaged. The jokes about him and Meg having an affair, more to annoy Meg's boyfriend Gavin, were now seen as very uncomfortable in light of this. Michael lampshaded this in their first stream after the scandal, where he bitterly remarks how so much older stuff now looks terrible in hindsight.
  • A 2014 Annotated Series riff of the Donkey Kong Country episode "Baby Kong Blues" had an annotation over Erika Strobel's Script Writer credit labelled "STOP WRITING YOU HACK". In less than three years, Strobel would commit suicide.


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