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  • Approval of God: Alan Denton, the story editor on Sonic Boom, tweeted his appreciation for having the show on Strider's Bad Cartoons That Got Good list. He also received praise from Chris Savino, the creator of The Loud House.
  • Beam Me Up, Scotty!: Some people claim that he hates Ed, Edd n Eddy because it's too mean-spirited. While he has expressed displeasure in the show's mean-spirited tone, he actually said that he hates the show due to its "dull stories" and "gross-out visuals".
  • Cowboy BeBop at His Computer: There have been many times when Strider fell into this trope.
    • The biggest example is his Top 10 Worst Cartoon Remakes/Rebootsnote  video in which he called shows like Quack Pack, Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehognote , Tom & Jerry Kids, Loonatics Unleashed, Yo Yogi!, Extreme Ghostbusters and every Scooby-Doo show/movie that came out after Where Are You? reboots, when they're really spinoffs or, in the case of Extreme Ghostbusters, sequels.
    • A minor case, but his synopsis of Barnyard's plot in his "Top 6 Worst Nickelodeon Movies" list mistakes Ben for the main character instead of his son, Otis. In fact, one of the main conflicts is that Ben pulls a Mufasa and gets murdered a good ways into the film.
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    • When discussing "Lesson Zero" in his "Top 10 Darkest Girls Cartoon Episodes", he stated that Twilight Sparkle made the entire town fight over a Smarty Pants doll because she was bored. In reality, it was her Super OCD and assumption that she had to have a friendship lesson every week that drove her to more desperate measures, which was made quite apparent in the episode proper. In fact, one of the morals was that Twilight shouldn't let her paranoia overcome her decision-making.
    • Another example comes from Top 3 Animated Chinese Rip-offs, He thought that "Dinosaur King" originated in China, when it reality it premiered in Japan.
  • Creator's Favorite Episode: Strider has said that his favorite episode is "Top 10 Modern Cartoons" in that episode's commentary.
    • In general, he loves doing dark, SpongeBob or Peppa Pig lists.
  • Dueling Works: He released his "Top Ten Worst Cartoon Mockbusters" shortly after I Hate Everything released his "NOT Disney Collection" - Strider even mentions the other video and how he considered abandoning the video.
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  • Fan Community Nicknames: "FantomStriders".
  • What Could Have Been: He originally planned "Future Vision" as Number 10 of his first "Best Steven Universe episodes" video, but he was reminded how great the song "Strong in the Real Way" was by a commenter, so he decided to replace it with the episode "Coach Steven".
  • The Wiki Rule: The PhantomStrider Wiki, founded by Strider.

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