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Story Booth is a YouTube channel dedicated to animating and sharing short stories from various people's lives, usually those of young children and teenagers. Themes range from serious issues like bullying and mass shootings to more lighthearted and even humorous videos about embarrassing events, mistakes, or borderline ghost stories.

Unlike many of the similar animated channels inspired by it, Story Booth gets all of its content from its own viewers through submissions, which ensures a higher quality of videos produced and less need to rely on clickbait titles and thumbnails. While Story Booth has a few outlandish stories, most of its videos are firmly grounded in reality and focus on real events. Updates occur roughly once a week.

After coming back from a short hiatus in March 2022 the creators also unveiled a new spinoff channel called Story Booth College that focuses on various stories and misadventures submitted by college kids. This series contains a bit more mature (though still often humorous) subject matter and is aimed at the older teen and young adult demographic. Tropes for it should go in the appropriate section below.

Story Booth provides examples of:

Story Booth College provides examples of:

  • Alcohol-Induced Idiocy: It's a series based around stories summited by college students so this is pretty much a given. In just the second story posted on the channel, we have a girl and her friends who end up getting completely wasted while going to various parties which results in them being featured on an Instagram page focused on wild college kid shenanigans, much to their embarrassment.
  • Darker and Edgier: Not by a whole lot but it's still there. While the overall tone and animation are similar to the main channel Story Booth College features a bit more adult content and situations and is mostly aimed at the late-teen demographic. If Story Booth is a PG movie with some occasionally questionable subject matter that can be enjoyed by the whole family Story Booth College is a PG-13 movie with more swearing and mature subjects that the parents wait to watch after all the young kids go to bed.