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    Let's Play: Silent Hill 
  • Phelous knows you're not supposed to insert Resident Evil references into a Silent Hill LP, but sometimes he just can't stop himself...
    Harry: *staring at a bloody wall where dogs were once chained up* "What the..? What is it?"
    Phelous: "Blood. Hope it's not Cheryl's blood."
  • And later...
    Cybil: "Have you got a gun?"
    Phelous!Harry: "I got a shotgu- oh, wait, no I don't."
  • He also spends a lot of time calling the Air Screamers names and yelling at them for coming out of nowhere and kicking him in the head and nicknames the Rompers "Humpers" due to their attack animation.
  • The Orgasmic Chainsaw was hilarious, too.
  • When Harry is trying to explain the Otherworld to Cybil, he dubs in "Must be on drugs" after every sentence.
  • When he's in the restroom (I believe that's where he was, anyway), and hears a child crying from offscreen: "SHUT UP!" His tone when he yells it is hilarious.

  • His reviews as "Halloweenie". Everything. From the fake skull "mask", to the skull on his desk wearing a baseball hat and glasses (no doubt a reference to this picture he posted on Twitter), to the hamminess, to the Special Effects Failure, to the intentionally shoddy editing, and to the horrible "jokes".
    Halloweenie: They FUNSIZED my pumpkiiin! I'm lying, it's an orange. I don't know how to carve a pump- (straight to next cut)
    Halloweenie: For years we've been sold on these mini lies with the lie fun-size. Well, do you know what's fun to me? Killing pe- More Candy!

     Bootleg Zone videos 
  • For starters the Title Cards read: "The Bootleg Zone... with the Phaylus!" A shoddy knockoff host for the show about shoddy knockoffs.
  • His reaction to the "Pure Evil" Turtle from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles-esque Turtle Fighters.
    "Let's just hope these two never meet." (They immediately turn around to face each other.) Oh fuck, what have I done?
  • After Phelous points out a red splotch near the mouth of one of the Prodigy Pets, he performs a little skit about Pikachu walking through "Pokémon Land"note  and getting attacked by a vampire.
    Vampire: Vampirism! It's super effective!
    • Performing a Prodigy Pet Poke-Rap...with just Pikachu.
  • Acting out an episode of Power Rangers with the Turbo Galaxy Rangers.
  • Bat Hero acts utterly pathetic and whiny as a crimefighter, to the point where he even mistakes other crimefighters for criminals. After he kills the Turbo Galaxy Rangers and unwittingly helps Krang steal their transporter, all of the bootleg toys that Phelous reviewed up to that point have Bat Hero lynched.
    Bat Hero: "Hmm, my bat sense is tingling."
    Blue Turbo Galaxy Ranger: "That's Spider-Man!"
  • The Ninja Turtles deciding to beat Shredder...with guns.
  • Removing Leo's kimono in Karate Turtles Warriors complete with sexy music, followed by:
    "Nakedness in a half shell! Flasher power!"
  • Part of The Stinger of the Flying Ranger Bootleg Zone video. Flying Ranger Spidey laments that he's the only Flying Ranger when Goku appears.
    Spider Ranger: Boy, it sure is lonely being the only Flying Ranger in town.
    Goku: Perhaps I could help, Spider Ranger? *chuckles*
    Spider Ranger: Goku, that would be great! But you don't have wings.
    Goku: Uh, I'm a Saiyan, I can fly without wings.
    Spider Ranger: Yeah, but you're really supposed to have wings to be a Flying Ranger.
    Goku: I got an idea!
    *gets shot with a Little Pluckies Ninja Protects, and reappears with a halo and angel wings*
    Spider Ranger: Hey, that actually worked! Now you're a Flying Ranger, too!
    Goku: Ha ha, nope, I'm dead!
    *ascends to Heaven*
    Spider Ranger: NOOOOO!
  • Krang congratulates Steffi Love, the Glitter Diva, for humiliating Bat Hero, calling her more evil than Bebop and Rocksteady. Steffi admits that it doesn't take much to act more evil than them. Bebop and Rocksteady try to counterargue by boasting that at least they haven't eaten any computer chips that day.
    • After Phelous discovers that Steffi Love has her own theme song, he makes a music video for it, which consists mostly of Steffi beating people up and hanging out with villains.
  • Titanic-Bot features Phelous desperately trying and hilariously failing to be sensitive to the tragedy, which gets more and more difficult while 'trying to see if this thing floats... d'oh I did it again!' Eventually he just decides to run with it:
    "How big of an asshole would I be if I put ICE in the water? Haha! (Beat) I'm doing a TITANIC THAT TURNS INTO A TRANSFORMER. It's too late for dignity now."
    • Bat Hero and Steffi Love try to use the Titanic-Bot to re-enact Rose "flying" in Titanic (1997), but fall face-first into the water due to it being too small for Bat Hero to stand on.
  • The whole dang Thomas Transformers review.
  • The skit at the end of the Specialman review. Specialman just sings his name and rams into criminals, until he rams into a "sinking" Titanic-Bot and ends up in the hospital. Then an exasperated Bat Hero shows up, and when Specialman points out that Bat Hero is wanted by the police, Robert Cop takes care of it after Specialman rams into Bat Hero and flatlines.
  • Phelous and Lupa referring to a red-clad Batman and a black-clad Spider-Man as "SpiderBat and ManMan", respectively.
    • Since ManMan can't hold his web-shield properly, Phelous and Lupa try to find an alternate use for it. First Phelous sticks it in the hole in ManMan's behind, and spins it around while laughing and playing circus music. Then, Lupa puts it in the hole in ManMan's head, and she and Phelous refer to it in the rest of the review as a hairpiece.
  • The Spider-Man Motorcycle review is just magical, particularly the siren. Its 'siren' is "La La Love On My Mind" by Anne Wisbourn, and instead of racing around it bobs up and down like a very slow mechanical bull.
  • Phelous decides to review a bootleg Pokémon game, referred to as Pokémon: Strange Gold. It's actually Pokémon: Lost Silver, complete with Phelous succumbing to Lavender Town Syndrome.
  • "INFINITE PLEASURE!" *Cuts to him looking at the toy sadly*
    • From the same review:
    [Dinosaur Invincibility] broke twice over the course of this video and I wasn't even rough on it. (cut to Phelous tapping it with a hammer)
  • The Filly Witchy review is especially funny to Bronies since Phelous may be secretly One of Us.
  • Baltard: The biggest loser on Planet Ferror!
  • The first impression of the Super Heroes version of Spider-Man and the black splotch on his right eye.
    Phelous!Spider-Man: (in funny voice) Eek! I'm really surprised at something! SURPRISER-MAN! Why am I winking?! (screams)
  • In the Galaxy Cop video he points out the "Not for Children 3 and under logo" and makes reference to a Stuart Ashen joke, because people complained that he didn't use it in previous videos, even though he makes a valid point:
    They did at least add the warning and some symbols on the backside including Sad Onion, not my bit but apparently I have to say that!
  • After Phelous reads the boast on the Eye Catching Cartoon Motorcycle box, "Makes Children Lively and Lovely", he decides to test if it can also make him lovely. He taps the box, then dabs his face. When he doesn't appear to change, he laments that maybe he's too old for it to have any effect.
  • The Little Princess (Disney knockoff) doll set review goes off the rails almost immediately when Lupa notices Cinderella's halter-style top exposes most of her, uh, torso. They declare "Princesses Gone Wild!" and start yanking up their skirts... to disclose that their underwear is just a basketweave pattern on the plastic... cheerfully ignoring the fact that these are supposed to be little girl variant dolls. Suffice it to say the comments are filled with people wondering what kind of watchlist they're now on.
    • Since the Little Princess "Ariel" doll (aka "Fishtits") doesn't come with a human outfit, Phelous and Lupa realize that when she loses her lacy mermaid tail, she has to run around pantless, exposing her "butt weave". Lupa calls Fishtits "decent" after they put some mismatched shoes on her feet.
  • The Princess Doll review ends with Baywatching's Mitch having hilariously nonsensical encounters with the Disneyesque dolls.
  • The review of the Big Cock (a light-up rooster baby toy) (yes, really) features all the expected wildly immature jokes... until the reams of even more ridiculous Engrish on the box upstage them completely.
  • The mere existence of "iPhone iRon Man"—literally just a (surprisingly well-made) Iron Man figure with a silver-and-black variant paint job, the Apple logo on its chest and "5GS" just above its crotch. Yes, Phelous tries, and no, it doesn't make phone calls. It does however have a blue light in the centre of the logo, so there's that.
  • Phelous tries to follow up a size comparison between a New Style Ninja Tortoise, and two official TMNT figures, by putting them in a performance of "April-Locks and the Three Turtles", but it gets cut short when his April figure pulls a Screw This, I'm Outta Here!.
  • In the Galaxy Heroes video he points out how deep the "Galaxy Hole" goes: "So with the theory that this figure (a very emaciated-looking Iguana with a messed-up face) was a third-string figure and the reason they were copying the molds is that they weren't the same company rather than they just lost their original molds, this guy is a bootleg (Chinese Galaxy Heroes) of a bootleg (second-string original Galaxy Heroes after the original molds were lost) of a bootleg (original Galaxy Heroes) of a knockoff (Galaxy Fighters) of a knockoff (Galaxy Warriors)."

     Miraculous Merchandise Zone 
  • His review of the deluxe Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1987) action figures; which doubles as a massive Take That! to the Irate the 80s subseries from The Irate Gamer, copying mannerisms, review styles, bad economic logic, and rating the figures a Nostalgic Okay.
  • In his Pepsi Convoy (Optimus Prime) review he puts cans of various kinds of Pepsi (and a Dr. Pepper) on the toy's trailer:
    Phelous: (points and gestures at the toy) And now look what you did, you've just got me blathering on about Pepsis, way to go!
    Phelous/Convoy: Little does he know, that was my plan the whole time! Heh heh heh.
    Phelous: (cans are now gone) You know what, just for that... (puts a Coke can on the trailer)
    Phelous/Convoy: (shrieks in pain) Aaaaahhhh! (wheezy inhale) Power...fading...until the day...'til all colas are Pepsi.
  • His review of the Ghostbusters II Flip 'N' Fun Joke Book. The jokes and illustrations in it are so indescribably terrible, Phelous is often left either groaning, screaming, sobbing, or cackling insanely.
    • Of particular note are the illustrations of the Ghostbusters themselves, which are all varying degrees of Off-Model, with Egon faring the worst as a sort of generic anime protagonist-looking dude, and the knock-knock jokes, which the books calls rap-rap jokes.

     Mortal Kombat: Konquest 

     MK Defenders of the Realm 

     Old Man Reads Creepypasta 
  • Old Man Reads Jeff the Killer has some laugh-worthy moments.
    • When the police abruptly show up in the prologue, stopping Jeff from stabbing a man, Old Man speculates that either Jeff is extremely slow or the neighbors are psychic.
    • Him suggesting that the "funny feeling" Jeff keeps getting is stuff like diarrhea or pregnancy.
    • Old Man eventually starts mocking the overuse of the word "ominous".

     Other Videos 
  • His video of watching the Smallville series finale:
    • Being horrified to see that Clark Kent becomes BATMAN! That's not what REALLY happens, but it does in this video and it's hi-larious!
    • Also, his constant laughter and screaming throughout the finale.
  • "Phelan and Allison Try to Survive Sesame Street" follows the couple's drive to an actual Sesame Street, only for their hopes of meeting the Muppets and their friends dashed rather hard. Among other highlights of their drive, Phelan gives a spot-on impression of a drunken Bert.


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