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Ozzy Man Reviews is a YouTube channel run by Ethan "Ozzy Man" Marrell. The channel was started in 2014. Ozzy Man's specializes in funny commentary to various videos, delivered with his irresistible broad Australian Accent. With swear words. Here's the link to the channel.

His scope is very large and anything potentially hilarious is fair game. He has commentaries on wildlife, domestic animals, people and animals being dodgy, fail videos (of these, Destination F(ucked) compilations are a staple; if they were cartoon, these would be Amusing Injuries), sport (fails or genuinely impressive moments), Male Gaze Fanservice, badassery, events of note (like Olympic games, a royal wedding, or a Game of Thrones trailer release), and general weirdness (i.g. creepy clown sightings, marble races, Japanese game shows; another staple of the channel is WTF Happened in [X] series).


He has extensively reviewed Game of Thrones and he's covered most episodes of the series. Each review consists of a recap done in The Abridged Series style, while the second part is an analysis of themes and more serious review of the show. He's also done several Gag Dubs and Fan Vids, for example Eddie Stark, Australian Dad or The Boss Fights of Thrones: Season 4.

Ethan "Ozzy Man" Marrell has also voiced adverts and he has done some voice acting. He has hosted interviews with actors on his channel.



  • The Abridged Series: Ozzy Man Reviews: Game of Thrones. Each episode gets a funny recap and a slightly more serious analysis of themes or story development. The recap is shortened for comedic effect and it's commented on with great enthusiasm, usually with sympathy or snark for the heroes or disdain for the villains. The events in the story are sometimes likened to modern-day equivalents. For example when messages delivered by ravens are called e-mails.
  • The Alcoholic: Eddie Stark the Australian Dad has a drinking problem. Most characters keep telling him he drinks too much. Eddie is in denial and says that a man needs a drink and that he has two beers, tops. It affects his work and he gets fired from his coaching job.
  • Alcoholic Parent: Eddie Stark from Eddie Stark, Australian Dad has a drinking problem. For example, he's drunk when he's training his son Bran in archery. Eddie is in denial and says that a man needs a drink and that he has two beers, tops. Bran insists that he's lying, and Eddie threatens to beat Bran up.
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  • Black Comedy: Painful injuries brought to Ozzy Man's audience with comedic commentary. These compilations are often called Destination F (F is for Fucked).
  • Catchphrase:
    • "Here's me face" Whenever he shows his face and does the Talking Heads thing.
    • "Fuck me dead" to express surprise, amazement or frustration.
  • Cats Are Mean: "Cats being dodgy" is a video with footage of cats behaving like nature's biggest arseholes. For example there is a cat who attacks a toddler, a cat with demonic hiss, a cat who will not share food with other cats, a cat knocking stuff down for the lolz, or a cat bullying a much larger dog.
  • Drives Like Crazy: "Same Day Delivery" is told from the perspective of an Amazon truck driver having to rush to make the titular delivery window by plowing through traffic, ramping off intersections while doing what amounts to one-man catch tricks with his trailer, and eventually welding his trailer to the front of his truck to ramp peoples' cars up and over the truck cab so he never has to stop.
    "I don't care how the news reports it, people are getting their fucking packages!'
  • Epic Fail: Screw-ups of giant proportions appear often. For example there is a ship that runs right into a crane, the crane falls down, then a building catches on fire and the fire spreads. The ship is a sneaky bastard and pulls back with: "See ya, wouldn't wanna be ya!"
  • Exactly What It Says on the Tin: His videos sometimes have very indicative titles and it's another goldmine of humour.
    • "Teenagers Slipping on Ice" is a video of school kids falling one by one on icy pavement.
    • "People Fucked Up by Bulls" is about people being chased and/or injured by bulls.
    • "Cats Being Dodgy" is about dodgy bastard cats.
  • Gag Dub:
    • Eddie Stark, Australian Dad. Two-episode ripper of a Gag Dub series where Ozzy Man voices every character. Eddie Stark is an archery coach who drinks too much, swears too much, and his relationships crumble.
    • Game of Thrones recaps and reviews. In the recap part, he narrates the story with clips from the show.
  • Groin Attack: "Cricket Nut Shots" and "Nutcracker Compilation" are videos with guys getting hit in the balls or injuries of that very sensitive area. It looks extremely painful, but it's also absolutely hilarious. Sometimes it's accidental, but at times the guys brought it on themselves.
  • In-Series Nickname:
    • In Ozzy Man's abridged series, the Stark boys are fondly referred to as Robbo, Branno, Ricko and Jonno.
    • Stannis is Stannis the Mannis (this is just a famous memetic name in the fandom), but he also uses Stan the Man or Stanno.
    • Ser Jorah Mormont the exiled knight is called Jorah the Explorer.
    • Grey Worm's nickname is "Wormsie".
  • Male Gaze: Unashamedly in some videos. For example, "Women's Exercises" is supposedly a guide and tutorial for sheilas, analysing their possibilities in pursuing sport activities. With lots of detail on tight clothes, bare skin, cleavage shots, or shots of butts and legs.
  • Mama Bear: One cat mom in "Parenting" goes after a massive dog and tries to jump him because he came a little too close to her kitten.
  • Ms. Fanservice: Ozzy Man has a fondness for finding interesting footage of attractive women, like weather girls in skimpy outfits. Brazilian TV is often commended for having the best of the best.
  • Lost Food Grievance: In "WTF Happened in October 2019", Ozzy Man grieves for lost beer. A truck delivering beer crashed and smashed beer all over the road.
    Ozzy Man: Look at all that dying, wasted beer. It's graphic imagery. I'm so sorry. I should've given you a warning discretion warning. Oh, it's being thrown into a garbage truck. It's bleeding. The beer is bleeding.
  • Rapid-Fire Descriptors: In his Game of Thrones recap, Daenerys' relationship with Daario Naharys is called "loose hip-and-trendy you-go-girl culture toy-boy fling".
  • Real Trailer, Fake Movie: Littlefinger. The inspiring story of Petyr "Littlefinger" Baelish is now a major motion picture. Clips from Game of Thrones.
  • Road Apples: "Rebellious Dogs" has a dog taking a dump in the middle of a pet show.
    Ozzy Man: Look at Ravi! Over the first hurdle, the second, the third... Majestic as fuck. And he decides to take a shit. He gets through 90 % of the course and then says, "Enough, I have to snap one off, I had a huge breakfast." And in comes the human to clean it up. Classic human.
  • Shout-Out:
    • Some sheilas from "Women's Exercises" are preparing for the next Mortal Kombat, sound effects and screams included.
    • Arya wants to do The Karate Kid thing when she trains water-dancing with Sirio.
    • Arya is not pleased that she can't wear Mission: Impossible masks just yet in Braavos.
  • Sir Swears-a-Lot:
    • Ozzy Man's commentary is full of swear words and none of them is off limits, and it's hilarious. Some of them are used as terms of endearment, too.
    • Eddie Stark works as an archery coach, but he gets fired because he swears too much and drinks too much. In front of children. He uses "fuck" or "shit" and variations in almost every sentence.
  • Slapstick: Unlucky accidents or violence by mishap are often base for a good laugh. For example in the video "Teenagers Slipping on Ice" or "People Fucked Up by Bulls".
  • Vulgar Humor: Swear words are used casually with absolutely zero fucks given, advertisers be damned. Occasionally the bodily fluids are source of comedy, too, like a kitten that throws up and Ozzy Man claims that the kitten was drunk as fuck.
  • Wardrobe Malfunction: In "Live TV Fails", a woman attempts twerking on live television in a tight-fitting dress that zips in the back. It rips.
    Ozzy Man: Look how excited everyone is over an arse. They're all chanting 'We saw ya butt hole! We saw ya butt hole!' [...] Crikey, we are a simple species, aren't we?
  • Wildlife Commentary Spoof: Ozzy Man often commentates on wildlife videos. His top choice is a good animal fight, often with an underdog or a surprisingly cheeky bastard. Other popular videos are about animal attacks, mating behaviour or videos with heartwarming or funny footage (parenting, animals helping each other, confused penguins and so on). Concrete examples would be "Black Cat & Big Fuck Off Rat" or "Mongoose vs. Lion". Commentaries of people often have this angle as well because of the way he refers to men and women: The humans, this mammal, a sheila or that wanker.
  • Workout Fanservice: "Women's Exercises" is a video of sexy women doing various sport activities or working out. There's dancing, doing "spreadies", swinging things or playing tennis (hitting a ball is not required). Described as "Me critical analysis of women's exercises. Fascinating, compelling viewing."
  • Your Mom: In "Hare vs. Wolves", we get this gem: "The hare is like: 'Yo wolf mama is so fat she couldn't even catch a tortoise.' — The wolves point out it was in fact the hare who lost the race to the tortoise. — The hare says 'Fuck, that's actually a solid retort.'"


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