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    Pooping The Charts 

Pooping the Charts is a compilation video series of music videos that have been heavily edited (and manipulated) by cs188. Each video link goes to a video uploaded by a certain user as shown on the link, while certain parts on that user's video may have minor edits for no apparent reason.

    Musical YouTube Poops 


     Commercial YouTube Poops 

     Political YouTube Poops 

     Misc. Main and Alt. Channel YTP 

     Self-YTP (cs188creations) 

  • 24 Hour Stream - Part 1
    • While advertising the event, cs188 brings up that there will be an asshair reveal. Come the start of the stream, and CS follows up on his promise; we're treated to an image of his face on a donkey, and an arrow pointing to its butt, stating it is his ass hair.


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