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A creator of YouTube Poop, present in the fandom since about 2008.

noisepuppet differs greatly from the norm in that he is in his fifties, a very unexpected age for the usually younger demographics expected of YTP.

When he's not doing Poops, his channel also hosts rare VHS finds, as well as vlogs shot on old camcorders. Since October 2019, he has also started Wavy News, a series of audio-only YTPS edited from VOA's hourly newscasts.


Tropes present:

  • Cool Old Guy: Not many people would expect a Pooper to be in their fifties.
  • Mark of the Beast: His user icon is a Phillips 66 logo with one more six in it, as first seen in "Say Hola to Ajaja Extra Turgid".
  • "Not Making This Up" Disclaimer: After a trippy clip of wind-up toys set to gurgling synthesizers, taken from a Malt-o-Meal ad in "Say Hola to Ajaja Extra Turgid".
  • Retraux: Most of his poops are of advertisements from The '70s and The '80s.
  • Running Gag:
    • Since "slammed one out, happy Friday", "Toot" (always accompanied by a picture of Doctor Doom doing as he pleases) has become his arc word.
    • "Stoats" comes up a lot, too.
    • His Wavy News series has a few running gags as well:
      • Turkeys causing political chaos.
      • Jim Burtel introducing himself with the phrase "Tell X I'm Y".
      • Tommy McNeil introducing himself as "Tommy McNews" or "Tommy McMommy".
      • The phrase "honk honk" tends to pop up every few episodes.
      • President Dump is often mentioned
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  • Signature Style: Usually targeting older commercials or anything else that would have aired on TV in The '70s or The '80s.
  • Something Completely Different:
    • Occasionally, he'll poop something more contemporary, such as the Steve Harvey version of Family Feud ("Heave Starvey asks obvious questions").
    • Many non-poop videos on his channel are obscure videotape finds from his generation of choice (e.g., obscure infomercials). Usually, these will end up pooped as well.


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