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Unity (a.k.a. Unity 3D) is a cross-genre cross-platform Game Engine with built-in level and script editors that's been around in some form since 2005. While not as optimized for high-end CPUs and GPUs as the big engines (Unreal, id Tech, CryEngine, etc.), it enjoys a lot of love in the Indie Game scene thanks to its ease of use, flexibility, and, most of all, its liberal licensing policies. The basic version is free for anyone, and the pro version with more nifty features costs just $1500 per license note  (with additional add-on licenses needed for console and Mobile Phone Game development).

The engine has experienced a particular boom after the rise of Kickstarter as a game-funding platform in 2012, with the success of Unity-based KS heavyweights Wasteland 2 and Pillars of Eternity paving the way. The boom lasted until ca. 2015, when the drastic loosening of Unreal Engine 4's licensing policies made it just as attractive to indie devs. Unfortunately, it has also given Unity something of a stigma amongst gamers, associating Unity with low-quality Shovelware titles on Google Play and Steam, at least some of which were made with stolen assets and/or are developed more for ad revenue from impressionable children or unwitting users.note 


The engine has a Moe Anthropomorphic Personification in Japan, named Kohaku Otori a.k.a. Unity-chan. Because of course it does.

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