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Learn to build your own PC without spending too much money!

PC Building Simulator is, as it's name suggests, a game that allows you to build PCs in a virtual world from Claudiu Kiss and The Irregular Corporation, which is exactly what you get in free-build mode. The career mode however is more of a PC repair simulator- you have inherited a repair shop from your uncle who had just retired, and will be tasked with repairing and building PCs for cash. How you spend the cash you earn from the repairs would be up to you, but it is advisable to stay out of the red- even if your bank is generous enough to give you an overdraw limit of $1000, dip below that and they start charging a daily loan interest. Aiding you would be several upgrades that will make your life easier. You also start the game at level 1, with experience coming in as you complete repair and build tasks. Gaining levels would allow you access to better components and better paying jobs.


Starting off as a free proof-of-concept game, the game was later sold on Steam as an early access title. The game is written using the Unity game engine. The game was released with full proof-of-access on Windows, Mac, and Linux in 2018 followed by a port to Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4, and Xbox One in August 2019.

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  • Acceptable Breaks from Reality: More fiddly aspects of PC building like cable management are dowplayed in favour of the more wide-reaching steps.
    • The game really simplifies some of the errors you may encounter while troubleshooting hardware. In real life, troubleshooting hardware isn't always that easy.
  • Bland-Name Product: DFL is probably one for DFI corp. Also, PC-Bay.
  • Brand X: Played straight with Mortoni and Shean, but otherwise averted with all the real-world hardware brands that partnered with the developer.
  • GIS Syndrome: A lot of the wallpapers found on your clients' PCs seem to be lifted off google images. A feature was later patched in where the player's own in-game PC would use their actual background image.
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  • Product Placement: The main draw of the game. The game prominently showcases products that you can buy in real life and there are posters of real magazine covers plastered all over your workshop. Likewise, almost all the game titles mentioned in the game really exist on Steamnote .
  • You Have Researched Breathing: For some reason, you don't get access to certain parts such as storage and additional workbenches until you reach a certain level, regardless of how much money you have.

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