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Video Game / Hollow Knight: Silksong

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A familiar princess explores a new kingdom of silk and song

Hollow Knight: Silksong is the upcoming sequel to the hand-drawn 2D action Metroidvania Hollow Knight, created by Australian developer Team Cherry. The game will be released for PC via Steam, Humble Bundle and GOG, as well as Nintendo Switch.

Following the events of the first game, Hornet, now princess-protector of Hallownest, finds herself alone in a vast, unfamiliar haunted kingdom of Pharloom. She must battle foes, seek out allies, and solve mysteries as she ascends on a deadly pilgrimage to the kingdom’s peak. Bound by her lineage and guided by echoes of her past, Hornet will adventure through mossy grottos, coral forests and shining citadels to unravel a deadly thread that threatens this strange new land.

The game features Hornet as the new protagonist, the new kingdom of Pharloom to explore, 150 new enemy types, new bosses, new gameplay mechanics with Hornet's needle and thread and arsenal of tools, and an all new score by the first game's composer, Christopher Larkin.


Previews: Reveal Trailer, E3 Nintendo Treehouse, Steam Page

Hollow Knight: Silksong contains examples of:

  • Cutting Off the Branches: Considering that Hornet is the protagonist, it can be taken that the Sealed Siblings ending in which she became a Sealed Good in a Can is non-canon.
  • Green Hill Zone: The Moss Grotto is lush, green, and full of life. It's where Hornet begins her adventure.
  • Hailfire Peaks: The Deep Docks combines Lethal Lava Land with Eternal Engine.
  • Player Death Is Dramatic: When Hornet is defeated, she hovers in pain as her silk fades away from her and is engulfed in darkness.
  • Promoted to Playable: Hornet, who served as a Recurring Boss and later ally in the first game, is now the playable character, as shown by the trailers and artwork.
  • Sidequest: While there were some sidequests in Hollow Knight, they were often easily missed or subtle. In Silksong, these have expanded into a full quest log system, which is shown in the debut trailer. True to convention, these are broken into different categories, including Hunting and resource Gathering quests.
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  • Shear Menace: One of the enemies seen in the debut trailer fights with a pair of plain, normal scissors...that are about twice the length of their body.
  • Spikes of Doom: The reveal trailer shows spikes attached to the undersides of platforms. Two of the bosses seen in the trailer were also able to summon spikes out of the ground to damage Hornet.
  • Sword Lines: Trailers show that like in the original, many of the melee attacks are punctuated with clean white lines to clarify their range and how to dodge them.


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