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Good evening, child...

Rides With Strangers is an upcoming horror game by Reflect Studios, who also developed Welcome to the Game and its sequel, on the Unity engine. It was funded on Kickstarter on February 12th, 2016. The Kickstarter materials included a fully playable demo.

You play as Elora, who is on her way home to see her dying mother. Unfortunately, her car breaks down in the middle of the road and there's no one around to help her. To reach her destination, she must hitchhike with complete strangers. However, you have to be careful. You don't know what kind of person you may be with.

Rides With Strangers includes examples of:

  • Can't Move While Being Watched: In the demo, the stranger will normally not try to attack you if Elora is looking directly at them. However, looking at the stranger slowly fills the so-called "sketch meter", which represents how Elora's behavior eventually pisses them off so much they'll instantly attack once it is full.
  • Dialogue Tree: In the demo, whenever the stranger asks you a question, multiple responses flash up on the screen, and are selected with the number keys matched up to them. Some responses may immediately piss the driver off and lead to a Game Over, some don't do much, and the best response will calm them down and reduce the chances of them attacking you.
  • Freudian Excuse: In the demo, The Father will eventually tell you that he was abandoned as a baby by his young mother and raised by priests, some of whom abused him sexually. It's stated he didn't even realize child molestation was wrong until he was well into adulthood, and it's likely this is the cause of his "itch" to molest children himself.
  • Jumpscare: In the demo, if you don't answer any questions, if you answer them incorrectly, or if your sketch meter is full, the driver will do this.
  • Screw This, I'm Outta Here: In the demo, you have the option to tuck and roll out of the car if things get intense, though you'll still have to flag down another car afterwards. You can only do this twice before the game resets.
  • Visibility Meter: The demo inverts the meaning behind the trope - instead of making it easier for the player to hide, like in stealth games, it lets the player know when the passing driver notices them so that they can signal to the car and hitch a ride.