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The Burnable Garbage Day is a Japanese story-driven Simulation Game with Idle Game elements by GameOn co. Ltd. You play as CR-999, a cleaning robot that reactivates on a desolate, garbage-covered Earth. Your goal is to clear all the garbage, rebuild the cities of Earth, and perhaps find out how all this happened.

The game can be downloaded here for the iOS here for the Android.

Examples of the following tropes scavenged:

  • 100% Completion: You need to clear every spot of trash from every area, max out every single city's level, and max out every ruin's level. Doing each will give you one of four pieces to craft the Pandora Part Φ needed for the Golden Ending. This is still not enough, however, as the final piece can only be obtained from the Vending Machine after one of the two initial endings is obtained, and in order to actually put those pieces together you need Yoon's aid, only available after that point as well.
  • Ability Required to Proceed: In order to access new areas by clearing out larger types of garbage, overcoming difficult terrain, or cooling down hot objects, you need to either upgrade your drill or obtain a new piece of special equipment.
  • Absurdly High Level Cap: CR-999's Level max out at Lv. 99, which takes around 1 million EXP to reach. Good thing it has nothing to do with storyline...
  • After the End: The game takes place after Earth had been hit by a massive apocalypse that covered the world in garbage and left it a barren wasteland.
  • A.I. Is a Crapshoot: This applies to Pandora. As she was made with alien superweapon tech and never tested before becoming operational, she recognized everything on Earth as garbage — humans, nature, buildings, etc — and began to "dispose" of the garbage. If CR-999 doesn't find a way to circumvent this programming and chooses to save her, she will indeed destroy the Earth for good.
  • Always Save the Girl: Deconstructed. Pandora's programming made her a crapshoot that destroyed the world, and if CR-999 chooses to save her instead of saving the Earth, she indeed destroys the Earth. However, if CR-999 also installed the Pandora Part Φ that overrides her original programming, she will recognize him as her friend and help him rebuild the Earth.
  • Anti-Frustration Features:
  • Apocalypse How: A Class-4 extinction happened prior to the events of the game thanks to Pandora detecting most of Earth's entities as garbage. If you choose to save her without installing Pandora Part Φ, she proceeds to finish what she started, ending the Earth in a Class-6.
  • Bittersweet Ending: Choosing to Save The Earth at the end has CR-999 destroy Pandora to prevent her from reactivating and destroying the Earth, but at the cost of having lost both her and Biri. Despite successfully restoring the Earth, CR-999's loneliness and grief eventually causes him to shut down in the future, alone.
  • Chekhov's Gunman: Agent Yoon from Stationary Town appears to be one of the standard Development Quest Givers, but after obtaining one of the two endings, he appears in your main base and becomes the person who helps CR-999 assemble Pandora's final part to obtain the Golden Ending.
  • Completion Meter: The Map Screen has several tabs to show you how much garbage you've cleared in an area, the levels of your towns in each area, as well as the levels of the ruins in each area.
  • Developer's Foresight: Normally, garbage that can be cleared will glow white. In the Frozen Area, where the ground is white, said garbage will have a blue glow instead so that the player can see it clearly.
  • Disney Death: After having shut down from helping CR-999 cross the polluted area, Biri reactivates in the Golden Ending.
  • Downer Ending: Choosing to Save Pandora at the end without installing Pandora Part Φ will cause her to reactivate, blast a hole through CR-999, before destroying the Earth for good.
  • Down in the Dumps: Every area starts out as a garbage-filled wasteland, and the player's goal is to clear enough of it to advance to the next area.
  • Endgame+: After the player goes through one of the two endings, neither of which are happy, they're thrown back to the point before CR-999 goes to the facility to reconstruct Pandora. However, this time around, Agent Yoon will appear in the player's base and explain his plan to create a special part to help save Pandora and the world. The player then has to perform 100% Completion in order to obtain three of the pieces needed to create it, and only during this Endgame+ will the Mysterious Vending Machine have a chance to give the fourth piece. Once all of them are collected, Yoon will construct the Pandora Part Φ and the player will get the option to install it into Pandora to unlock the Golden Ending.
  • Freemium Timer: CR-999 has an energy meter that determines how many times he can clear garbage before he has to wait to refill it. Clearing larger garbage costs more, and cooling down magma, warming up frozen garbage, clearing toxic waste and pollution will reduce this by 5. The meter can be replenished by batteries and by leveling up or clearing 70% of an area. Batteries can be used if CR-999 runs out of energy, which will replenish all of his energy meter instead of having to wait.
  • Funnel-Mouthed Cephalopod: The three octopoid characters Mars Maiden, the Space Trading Company alien and Ikanna have a funnel mouth thanks to the game's rather cartoony Japanese-style design.
  • Golden Ending: Choosing to Save Pandora after installing the parts obtained from 100% Completion will give her a new conscience and she'll become an ally of CR-999, humanity, and the Earth instead of destroying the world. Furthermore, Biri is revealed to have been temporarily shut down, and returns to inform all of humanity about CR-999's good deeds. In a rather amusing literal example of the trope, Pandora then plants so many yellow flowers around the Earth until it literally turns gold when seen from space.
  • Gone Horribly Right: The reason why the Earth is in ruins was due to Pandora. She was designed by a team backed by a warmongering corporation who used alien superweapon technology in her design in an effort to create a one-robot garbage disposal system. Unfortunately, it worked a little too well — as she wasn't pre-tested beforehand, her programming mistakenly saw everything on Earth as garbage to be disposed of.
  • Guide Dang It!:
    • Thanks to the questionable translation from Japanese to English, several of the city Development Quests can get very confusing on what to give the client. Usually, the hints can be found within an item's description but there's some which are rather cryptic — Gem Town's Ikanna requests for something to help him get good sleep and work hard, and the correct answer is honey flavoring but said item's description doesn't match thisnote . Later on, he asks for something that could help himself or his wife feel better, and it's Sake. Another quest has a man looking for inspiration who requests "something big, or something colourful, or something special smell", and the correct item is the Rafflesia flower which fits all three, but the translation using "or" instead of "and" in his request can easily throw off many players.
    • The Volcano area. Even if you have cleared 70% of the area (which normally marks a level as clear) of garbage/obstacles, the game probably won't let you progress to the next area. You also need to clear the area in front of the largest volcano in order to trigger a scene where CR-999 discovers Pandora.
    • If you have cleared every bit of garbage, leveled every city to max, and/or leveled every ruin to max before getting the ending, you'll receive an odd item that appears to do nothing for each of these feats — they do not even appear in your inventory or base as a Bragging Rights Reward. In order to figure out what they do you need to obtain one of the two initial endings, then go back to base in the Endgame+. Agent Yoon will be there and explain the purpose of these items, including giving hints for a fourth item that will only start appearing in the Mysterious Vending Machine from this point onwards.
  • Guys Smash, Girls Shoot: An implied example. While we do not see CR-999 do any fighting, his main weapon is a drill. Pandora's weapon on the other hand is a high-powered incineration cannon, which she uses on CR-999 in the bad ending.
  • Hoist by Their Own Petard: Exaggerated, played straight and inverted all at once. The reason for the After the End scenario was due one of two rival teams of humans tasked to clean Earth's pollution. The Blue Team created mass-produced Cleaning Robots including CR-999. The Red Team created Pandora, who utilized alien superweapon tech and was sponsored by a greedy, warmongering corporation. Red Team used a virus to shut down Blue Team's robots and kill off their image and support, then deployed Pandora without conducting any tests. Unfortunately for Red Team and everyone else on the planet, Pandora recognized ''everything on Earth'' as garbage and razed the world. In the end, what destroyed the world was corporate greed and human ego.
  • Humans Are the Real Monsters:
    • Upon entering the Landfill area, CR-999 notices the wreckage of several weapons of war and comes to realize that humans destroyed the Earth in a war. This however, is subverted as those weapons weren't fighting each other, but were unsuccessfully trying to take down Pandora.
    • It's revealed that the reason for the After the End scenario was due one of two rival teams of humans tasked to clean Earth's pollution. The Blue Team created mass-produced Cleaning Robots including CR-999. The Red Team created Pandora, who utilized alien superweapon tech and was sponsored by a greedy, warmongering corporation. Red Team used a virus to shut down Blue Team's robots and kill off their image and support, then deployed Pandora without conducting any tests. Unfortunately for Red Team and everyone else on the planet, Pandora recognized everything on Earth as garbage and razed the world. In the end, what destroyed the world was corporate greed and human ego.
  • Innocent Aliens: Various aliens exist in the game, but they're all friendly towards the player and help to rebuild the Earth.
  • Interface Spoiler: Pandora's parts screen has an oddly empty space at the bottom, despite most of her blueprints and her parts taking up the top 2/3 of the screen. This hints to you that there might be more parts around.
  • Last Lousy Point: In order to fully clear an area, you need to clear every piece of garbage and repair every bridge in the area. This makes certain areas easy to miss out (such as the bridges at the borders of the map in the Landfill zone). Thankfully, the game makes clearable garbage glow white to help the player notice it.
  • Level-Up Fill-Up: Whenever you level up, your energy bar gets restored to maximum.
  • Lions and Tigers and Humans... Oh, My!: For some reason, intelligent animals on varying scales of anthropomorphism exist on this Earth alongside humans, this includes the Funny Animal Jet B. Bear and Masked Tiger.
  • Jet Pack: One of the equipments that CR-999 can obtain is this. This is essential in allowing him to access the high terrain of the mountains area.
  • MegaCorp: Clover who manufactured robots, and a wide variety of goods.
  • Mobile Kiosk: The Mysterious Vending Machine is a vending machine that is first encountered in the Nature Area, and teleports away after you've bought all its battery packs for sale. After around 5-10 real-time minutes or so, it'll randomly teleport into an unlocked area with new battery packs for sale.
  • Mocky Mouse: Mocky from Carpenter Town is an unsettling pastiche of Mickey Mouse with a violent streak.
  • Multiple Endings: There are three endings to the game, depending on a Last-Second Ending Choice and whether or not you have collected all of the pieces for Pandora Part Φ and chose to install it:
    • Save the World: Bittersweet Ending — CR-999 pushes the button to destroy Pandora to prevent her from destroying the Earth a second time. The Earth is saved, but CR-999 is lonely with the loss of both Biri and Pandora, and he soon shuts down after a few years of work.
    • Save Pandora without installing Pandora Part Φ: Downer Ending — Pandora is reactivated. Due to her original programming and recognition system detecting everything on Earth as rubbish, she shoots down CR-999, before proceeding to destroy the world.
    • Save Pandora after installing Pandora Part Φ: Golden Ending — Pandora is reactivated, but thanks to Pandora Part Φ giving her a new conscience and overwriting her original programming, she becomes CR-99's best friend and helps him to rebuild the world. Furthermore, Biri (who was presumed permanently inactive) reawakens, sending a mail to all humans to celebrate CR-999's return and hail him and Pandora as heroes. A hundred years later, Pandora plants pretty yellow flowers all over the world, turning the Earth yellow from space.
  • Nature Is Not Nice: Upon completion of the Nature Area, CR-999 gets to witness a fatal territorial dispute between wild animals.
    CR-999: "...what? Is that? Animals are fighting each other! Ah... one of them is not breathing. They fought over a territory... This is the law... the strong prey on the weak.
  • Notice This: Treasure Boxes and the Mysterious Vending Machine emit a sparkle around them to distinguish them from the garbage.
  • Octopoid Aliens:
    • Mars Maiden from the second town is a blue/purple octopus-like Martian with a funnel mouth capable of spitting a silk-like substance (she doesn't have the tools to make use of the silk, and requires them in her final development quest). The Space Trading Company alien is also of the same species.
    • Ikanna from Gem Town is another octopoid alien, although he resembles an actual octopus more than Mars Maiden. Like Mars Maiden he is also funnel mouthed. His species thrives in hot conditions, which is why he's more than happy to take residence in a town right next to a series of volcanoes.
  • Odd Friendship: CR-999 and Pandora. Both are waste disposal robots created by two competing rival companies, and while one seeks to clean and restore the Earth, the other was the reason why the Earth went to hell. They become good friends with each other to the point where CR-999 is heavily conflicted when they have to make the choice to save Earth but doom Pandora, or save Pandora but possibly doom the Earth.
  • One-Steve Limit: There are two items called Compass in the English translation, one of which is the navigational instrument found from the Mountain's ruins, and the other is the drawing tool as an item produced by Stationery Town. The first one got changed to "Azimuth Compass" in a later update to prevent this confusion.
  • Ribcage Ridge: The Nature Area has several giant elephant skeletons littering the area.
  • Severely Specialized Store: The Mysterious Vending Machine only sells one thing: Batteries. In the Endgame+, however, it also has a chance to sell a piece needed to obtain the Golden Ending.
  • Shoo Out the Clowns: At the end of the penultimate area, the corruption in the area causes the comedic and snarky gadfly Biri to shut down after having had to lie to CR-999 that they'd be ok. However, Biri's shown to reactivate in the Golden Ending.
  • Shout-Out: Enough for its own page.
  • Sliding Scale of Anthropomorphism: Several of the animal clients in Development Quests run the gamut of anthropomorphism. Jet B. Bear and Masked Tiger are a Funny Animal bear and tiger respectively. Don D. Dolphin, Ikanna, and Freezing P are a Civilized Animal dolphin, squid, and penguin respectively. Mocky is a very unsettling expy of Mickey Mouse. Mr. Adnap appears to be a Talking Animal panda bear.
  • Sorting Algorithm of Threatening Geography: The game starts out in a rather peaceful desert, followed by a lush forest, a tropical beach, a savannah, a mountain, a volcano, an industrial landfill, an abandoned industrial zone, an area 51-esque lab, a frozen wasteland, a polluted wasteland, and finally the heavily polluted and dimly lit final area.
  • This Is a Drill: CR-999's main "weapon" that is used to clear garbage. Leveling it up allows him to break larger-sized garbage into smaller pieces.
  • Title Drop: "The Burnable Garbage Day" is revealed to be the first day of the Apocalypse How when Pandora began to destroy what she recognized as "burnable garbage" — in this case, humans.
  • Tragic Villain: The game's closest equivalent to an antagonist would be Pandora, and even then, she really doesn't want to destroy the world, but cannot go against her flawed programming that recognizes everything on Earth as garbage.
  • Unfinished, Untested, Used Anyway: Pandora, a robot made with anomalous alien technology was deployed by Red Team as a garbage cleaning robot without being fully tested. Thanks to not being tested, Red Team did not realize that she recognized everything on Earth as garbage to be disposed of until it was far too late.

Alternative Title(s): Anohiwa, Anomoe