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Video Game / An/Other - A Game For Social Change

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An/Other - A Game For Social Change, is a Unity game where you play as a man going to work. It can be downloaded here.

This game provides examples of:

  • First-Person Ghost: When you look down, you see the floor, not legs. Although, at the end, you see yourself and have a fully rendered model.
  • Invisible Wall: There are more than one, and they keep you from exploring the city, or going onto the road.
  • Point of No Return: When you see the runner when you go to work, you can't go back across the street.
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  • Unbroken First-Person Perspective: The whole game is in first person until the very end, where it's revealed that you're a black male.
  • You Are a Credit to Your Race: Discussed. Jeff goes, "You're a credit to your... y'know...", implying the phrase.

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