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  • On April 3, 2014, he became the first ever YouTube Poop maker to reach 100,000 subscribers, which further cements his position as the most subscribed YouTube Poop maker of all time.
    • Seven months later, on November 21, 2014, he reached 125,000 subscribers.
    • He reached 150,000 subscribers on July 28, 2015.
    • As of June 2017, he has more than 211,000 subscribers.
  • He pooped Charmx, a reaction channel who is a fan of CS' poops.
  • cs188's livestreams often have these, made all the better by these usually being due to his skill in games or other such things.
    • From September 2nd-September 3rd of 2017, cs188 pulled off a successful 24 hour livestream of games on his Mixer.
    • cs188 also pulled off a successful Charity stream for Extra Life in November 2017. With a goal of 1000 dollars, he managed to raise exactly 1001 dollars.
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    • cs188 plays Cuphead by Keyboard, generally considered the worse option over the controller. He still plays incredibly well, being able to beat The Devil on expert in few tries.
    • cs188 and his teammate ReYZR winning the first half of the official Cuphead Run & Gun 3 tournament aired on the official MicrosoftStore Mixer, and by only 2 points at that. (The tally was since reviewed to be lower for the first half; however, it was still not remotely a score to sneeze at, being only being 4 points behind, and still having won the game faster.) The entire saga was intense, and there's several contained sub-examples.
      • Not only did cs188's team win, but being single-handedly the most anticipated player of the show, with over 50% of the chat rooting for his team, Team Red.
      • This was also in spite of the other competitors. While Team Yellow was struggling and Team Black was generally on the coat-tails of the other teams, Team Blue was a Battle Couple of two married players whom were practically in sync the whole game. The only thing keeping them from winning before cs188's team was a Game-Breaking Bug that suddenly shut the game down in the middle of a run of King Dice's stage.
      • It even gets more amazing when you realize cs188 has only ever played Cuphead via keyboard, and he had to use the Controller for the tournament. He was out of his element, yet still pulled ahead of everyone else.
  • On October 19, 2018, he announced on Twitter and on his Mixer live stream that he has been nominated for the Golden Joystick Awards' Best New Streamer category.
    • There were around 10 people (9, to be exact) who nominated him, even though they started nominating for him less than 12 hours left before the nomination closed (which was on October 14, 2018).
    • He is the only Mixer live streamer to be ever nominated on this occasion, while the other three nominees are from Twitch.
  • Out of four nominees, cs188 managed to get the Third Place for Golden Joystick Awards' Best New Streamer category. (Bryan Dechart & Amelia Rose Blaire won the Golden Joystick for that category).
  • On May 17, 2019, cs188's community saved a Mixer viewer’s life (when the viewer’s about to end his own life) by giving him a Gift Subscription to cs188’s live streams & messages of positivity and resilience. When the viewer found out that the person he’s watching is THE cs188 from YouTube, he was amazed.

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