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Stock Phrases
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"This summer, all bets are off, the heat is on, the fix is in, the dogs are out, the game is up, the chips are down, the stakes are high, the odds are low, the danger is huge, the payoff is slim, friendships will be made, rules will be broken, wrongs will be righted, and no unturned stone will be left... uh..."

Stock Phrases are a line of dialogue which get repeated very often in different fictional works, but always carrying the same meaning each and every time they are used. In many cases, they will only be uttered in a specific situation, and often with the same exact words each time. In lampshade-heavy works, may be followed with "I Always Wanted to Say That".

If the phrase is a signature line closely associated with a single character or specific work, it becomes their Catchphrase.

Closely related to the Stock Parodies. When you've heard the entire conversation before, it may have degenerated into a Cliché Storm. See also Stock Quotes, which can be attributed to a single source but get quoted over and over in the same way each time.

For "stock phrases" whose meaning is exclusive to Troper wiki culture, see the index of Predefined Messages.

See also Reviewer Standard Comparisons.

As of mid-2011, No New Stock Phrases may be created. If you find yourself coming up with one, go to Other Stock Phrases.


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Alternative Title(s): Trite Phrases, Stock Phrase