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It Has Only Just Begun

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Romanov: Is it done, Yuri?
Yuri: No, Comrade Premier... it has only begun.

"It's over!"

"No... it's only just begun!"

Exactly What It Says on the Tin. This is stock phrase and possibly the most obvious comeback to someone telling you that your plans/goals/dreams are over. Over? No, they're not. They've only just begun.

Sometimes used by villains before revealing the next stage of their Evil Plan, sometimes used by heroes before standing back up and dealing a righteous ass-whooping, sometimes used by other people for... ...stuff.


Compare The War Has Just Begun, My Death Is Just the Beginning.


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    Anime and Manga 
  • Sailor Moon (Cloverway American dub) episode "The Purity Chalice"
    Mimet: You've brought great disgrace to the honorable Bad Behavior Bureau. You must turn in your skull keychain and Fire Buster immediately.
    Eugeal: Not a chance! The fight has only just begun, you back-stabbing weasel!
  • Yubisaki Milk Tea: Touko and Yuki are playing basketball:
    Touko: Basket number 8! You have zero! That was a "Drive fake"! Should we better stop?
    Yuki: No, not yet! I first begin now!
  • From Neon Genesis Evangelion as Gendo and Fuyutsuki watches the berserk Eva Unit-01 howling against celling of the Geofront.
    Fuyutsuki: It's begun, hasn't it?
    Gendo: Yes. It all starts now.

    Comic Books 
  • Supergirl:
    • Several Silver Age Supergirl's enemies uttered this sentence or some variant after being defeated for first time.
    • In Adventure Comics #397 Kara gives 'Nasty' Luthor and her bullying squad a lesson, after which she warns that she will get tougher the next time she catches them hurting someone. 'Nasty' mutters Supergirl can count on there being a next time.
    • After Supergirl captures Starfire (no relation to the female Teen Titan), and her gang, the villainess assures "This is only the beginning". Ironically, Starfire would never be seen again.
    • Supergirl and the Legion of Super-Heroes #24:
      Jeyra Entinn: You won this round, Legionnaries... But this is only the beginning...!
      Cosmic Boy: Wow. Is there some super-villain book of quotes they all work off of?

    Fan Works 
  • Once More with Feeling: After Shinji has destroyed Sachiel, Misato reassures him that it is over. Meanwhile Shinji thinks this is only the beginning.
    “Its okay” Misato assured him over the comlink. “We’ll have you out of there in a couple of minutes…Shinji, Shinji you did great out there, its all over”.
    No Misato Shinji thought as he leaned back to rest in his command chair, closing his eyes as he listened to the soothing hum of the entry plugs life support systems.
    This has just begun.
    It probably would have worried him to know his Father was thinking much the same of the Captain’s statement as he gave the main screen a smirk, before turning and walking out of the command center.

    Films — Animated 
  • Zira says this to Simba in The Lion King II: Simba's Pride.
    Simba: Take him and get out. We're finished here.
    Zira: Oh no, Simba. We have barely begun. (evil chuckle)
  • In Anastasia, when Sophie refers to Anya and Dimitri's elopement as 'the perfect ending', the Empress corrects her, saying 'No, it's a perfect beginning.'

    Films — Live-Action 
  • Die Hard 2:
    Trudeau: McClane, is this their final response?
    John McClane: No. This is only the beginning.
  • The evil hotel room 1408 mocks Enslin through the radio by playing The Carpenters' "We've Only Just Begun" repeatedly.
  • Last lines of Star Wars II: Attack of the Clones:
    Obi-Wan: I have to admit that without the clones, it would have not been a victory.
    Yoda: Victory? Victory you say? Master Obi-Wan, not victory. The shroud of the dark side has fallen. Begun the Clone War has.
  • Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome. Max refuses to give Blaster the Coup de Grâce after discovering the Giant Mook is actually a drooling idiot. Master is furious when he realises Max has been hired by Aunty Entity to kill Blaster, thus removing his muscle.
    Master: No more methane! This place, finished!
    Ironbar: No little man. We've only just begun. (shoots Blaster)

  • A Song of Ice and Fire:
    • Double-subverted. Ironically, said in a flashback:
      Arthur Dayne: And now it begins. (draws his sword)
      Eddard Stark: (regretfully) No. Now it ends.
    • Also Catelyn Tully-Stark to little Robert Arryn.
  • Nyx says some variation of this in almost every book in The House of Night series.

    Live-Action TV 
  • The advertisements for American Chopper Senior vs. Junior start with "What looked like the end...was only the beginning!"
  • In the last episode of the first season of Robin of Sherwood, the Sheriff managed to surround and kill Robin Hood ... and then the new Robin Hood showed up to rescue some of Robin's men. Dismayed, the Sheriff said, "Just as I'd begun to believe it was all over. It's not over. It'll never be over."
  • 24 season 7 has Jonas Hodges saying something along these lines as he gets arrested, because he was only one member of a much larger group of villains.
  • In The Aquabats! Super Show! episode "Cobraman!":
    MC Bat Commander: The game is over!
    Carl: Oh, but the game has only just begun! Ha ha ha, (flips some switches) TECHNOLOGY!
  • Babylon 5 episode Into the Fire:
    Morden: You just made a mistake, Londo! Even if my associates lose this war they have allies! They'll make sure Centauri Prime pays the price for what you've done here today!.
    Mollari: What I have done?! Oh, Mr. Morden, I have not even started with you yet.
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer:
    • Drusilla (as a seer) appears to foretell the coming of Angelus this way.
    Angel: This can't go on, Drusilla. It's gotta end.
    Drusilla: Oh, no, my pet. This is just the beginning.
    • Tara in a dream, and Dracula in the following episode, both tell Buffy, "You think you know who you are, what's to come. You haven't even begun", referring to what trials she'll undergo and what she'll find out about herself.
  • Person of Interest.
    German Intelligence Officer: I don't know who you are or how you know to be here, but this is just the beginning.
  • Fleming: The Man Who Would Be Bond. Commander Ian Fleming wants to investigate the German nuclear program. Naval Intelligence tells him not to bother as the war in Europe will soon be over. Fleming gives this trope in a clear reference to the upcoming Cold War with the Soviet Union, whose advancing troops are likely to seize the intelligence for themselves. Interestingly, in real life Fleming was ultimately proven wrong, at least about the Nazi nuclear program; they were decades behind the Manhattan Project and what the Soviets did manage to seize was of little value.
  • The Professionals ("Private Madness Public Danger"). When CI5 captures the Villain of the Week, Cowley tells him it's all over. The man shouts back, "All over? IT HASN'T EVEN BEGUN YET!" as he's just activated a Time Bomb.

    Web Animation 

  • Wanda says this to Parson in Erfworld, at the end of Book 1.

    Western Animation 
  • In Teen Titans, Robin and Slade have this exchange at one point.
  • Courage the Cowardly Dog: While trying to get their third brother back, one of the two Duck Brothers in "The Duck Brothers" exclaims "We have not yet begun to fight!".
  • In Silverwing, when Goth got himself electrocuted
    Marina: It's over, Shade.
    Shade: (grimly) No, it's just begun.
  • Cow and Chicken: In episode "Super Model Cow", the Red Guy made Cow a supermodel. However, her fame was short-lived and she was desperate enough to feel it again she agreed to sing at Red's "Milky Bar". After Chicken rescued her, she thought it was over but Chicken, as he watched a poster of his beak with the writing "Just Cluck It", said it was only the beginning.
  • Samurai Jack: In Jack and the Lava Monster, Jack's opponent knocks him down, and pleads with him to fight as hard as he can.
    Jack: "Do not worry. I have not yet begun to fight."

    Real Life 


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