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Greetings, visitor! I'm so happy you're reading my page right now.

Alright, let me introduce myself: I am Emanuil-Andrei Bondoc, but people call me Andrei. I am from Romania. I describe myself as just a humble, regular, normal human person.

"How did you get here?", you will ask. Well, it all started in 2018, when I stumbled across this site. I was intrigued by its format, sense of humor and its community. In January 4, 2019, I decided, after some thought, to become... a Troper. And then I discovered many other things about this site, such as there are people like me, my country is mentioned in quite a few pages, and the sense of humor infused in this site.

When it comes to media, I like anything that holds a good quality. No matter what: shows, films, specials, shorts, cartoons, video games or anything. Any genre included.

I have created here the following pages:

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Favorite stuffnote 

    Films — Animation 
    Films — Live-Action 
    Live-Action TV 
    Tabletop Games 
    Video Games 
    Web Animation 
    Web Original 

    Web Video 
    Western Animation 

What tropes do I contain?

Come on, come all, for the vandalism season here! Anything can be written! Yes, you've heard it right, anything you want! Before you start, respect two rules: consistency in writing and checking your writing. Go!