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After the death of Dan Sava in 1999, Vacanța Mare got a Monty Python like show on the Romanian tv channel PRO Tv. The show was originally aired in prime time and lasted an hour. After the rival TV Channel, Antena 1 tried to compete with PRO Tv trough the Divertis show, the show was moved to air every Sunday at 8PM. The show went under different formats and featured various segments. Such as:

  • Râdeți cu Oameni ca noi (Laugh with people like us): which itself was separated into 3 segments:
    • "Urletul Muzicii" (The Scream/Yell/Howl of Music): Hosted by Mugur Mihăescu which featured 2-3 Song Parodies and a guest played by Radu Pietreanu who will comment on the parody,
    • "Talk Show" which is well a Talk show hosted by Radu Pietreanu who will have various guests played by the VM and Pro Tv crew
    • "Riști să fi Bogat" (You Risk to be Rich): a game show parody hosted by Emil Mitrache.
  • Sepctacol Vacanța Mare (Vacanța Mare Show): which was similar to their shows on stage.
  • Vacanța Mare Laiv (Vacanța Mare live)
  • Stăpânii Manelelor (The Lords of Manele): A parody of LittleBritain.
And many others.

The second half of the show would be reserved to Leana&Costel. A sitcom adapted from the characters played on stage. The show will also feature other characters from the stage such as Garcea the cop, Crapu the Gypsy thief (with another partner called Zorro (played by Radu Pietreanu) and sometimes a gypsy named Pardalian (played by Florin Petrescu)).

In 1999 the show originally had a segment called "Pastila Timpului"( the time pill) as the second half. This was a sitcom about a scientist named Professor Hărăbor(played by Mugur Mihăescu) who invented a pill which allows him to travel trough time. Along side him was also his wife (played by Mirela Stoian), Their son Sorinel (played by Florin Petrescu), His Father (played by Radu Pietreanu) and his Assistant (played by Emil Rădinoiu) and another one called "Boier Moflea&Vodă". Another sitcom, this one was of course about a Boyar (Eastern European nobility) named Moflea and a ruler simply known as "Vodă" (title given to rulers of Wallachia and Moldavia). The 2 will always be at odds with one another with Moflea often pranking Vodă or conspiring to overthrow him and take his throne.

Other characters that appeared in the show are Gheorghe (a peasant who often comes to ask Vodă for various things) and Vodă's wife.The Pro Tv show lasted from 1999 to 2007 and from then on, they left PRO Tv and moved to Kanal D (the Romanian version of the Turkish channel with the same name) where they made various other shows. Almost always whom were exclusively about Leana and Costel (except Vacanța Mare Realoded which was a talk show hosted by Mirela Stoian who also featured various sketches).

Vacanța Mare contains examples of:

  • Adolf Hitlarious: One episode of Pastila Timpului takes place in Nazi Germany where Radu Pietreanu plays one of this.
  • Addictive Foreign Soap Opera: Much like on stage, Leana is really hooked on Spanish/Latin American soap operas, especially Esmeralda. However unlike his on stage self Costel seems to be really uninterested in them except in "Mitică the Dead" were he was willing to watch the Telenovela with Leana and the rest of the cast.
    • Leana and Costel's Godmother, Matilda is also a fan of Latin American Soap Operas.
  • Agent Mulder: Parodied in a sketch with a peasant called Focstantin Maldăr. He talks about random events he claims are supernatural such as his wall bracket light getting filled with liquid, His Cattle getting attacked by a Giant Red Eyed Monster, his wife disappearing from home and returns speaking an Alien language (she was actually speaking Turkish) and the fact that his wife became pregnant despite them not having sex in a long time.
    • He also claims that the airport disappeared, but it turns out that the airport wasn't built in the first place
  • Agent Scully: Parodied in the same sketch with Dan A. Sculii. Unlike the classical Agent Scully who simply doesn't belive in supernatural, this guy is behind almost every "Supernatural Fennomenon" described by Maldăr.He peed in his wall bracket light because he taught it's the toilet, the "Red eyed Monster" was actually his truck and he accidentaly ran over Maldăr's cattle while trying to park it and he is the one who impregnated his wife.
  • The Alcoholic: Both Leana and Costel are the Drunkards of the Village. Leana being the worse offender here as she drinks way more than her husband.
    • Other villagers of Sadova are also prone to this, but not to the extent of Leana and Costel
      • Various other minor characters are shown to be this
  • Alliterative Name: Garcea's name is Gabriel Garcea.
  • Alien Episode: Leana and Costel have an episode called "The Aliens" where Aliens kidnap villagers and conduct experiments on them which makes them Robot level smart.
  • Anachronism Stew: Boier Moflea&Vodă is said to be set in the Middle Ages. However Moflea often makes references to stuff like phones, internet, playboy etc. Gheorghe once mentioned the "Adevărul" newspaper. Vodă will sometimes mention the "Tsar of Russia". And in the Episode "La Austro-Ungari" Boier Moflea and Vodă go to Austria-Hungary in order to convince them to form an alliance against the Ottoman Empire. What's more anachronistic is the fact that Vodă refers to his country as "Wallachia".
    • Lampshaded in "the Siege" with a Miner who tries to dig a tunnel under Miron Cozma's cell. When he asks if he reached it Vodă asks who is Miron Cozma? since he is in the middle ages.
      • In another episode, Mikhail Kalashnikov appears at the end. Justified as Moflea lampshaded that everything is possible on Tv.
  • Animorphism: In the Leana and Costel episode "the Metamorphosis" the titular characters got so drunk that they forgot that Axinte and Lila are their children so they decided to send them to a laboratory where the scientists will study them to see who's children are they. Axinte and Lila however steal from the Lab a substance that can transform people into animals (it turned a cop into a dog, a singer into a chicken and a stripper into a cat). They later sell it to Romică as "alcohol essences" and Romică made drinks out of them and gave them away as free samples. The subtances end up turning him into a Bull, The Pirest into a Horse, Leana into a sheep, Costal into a Pig, Mitică into a mouse and Frankfurt into a Cat.
  • Animal Stereotypes: The villagers act like this after being turned into animals in the aforementioned episode.
  • Arab Beoble Talk: Once again, every Arab character does it.
    • Costel did it too in the Leana and Costel episode "Bin Laden" where he disguised as the eponymous character. Justified as he was a non-Arab pretending to be one.
      • A Tajik Runagate also does it in a Garcea episode.
  • Artistic License – History: See Anachronism Stew.
    • The 16th and 17th century are wrongly called "Middle Ages" on several occasions.
  • Audience? What Audience?: In "The Switches" Leana was talking to the cameraman.
    Leana: Film me like that. Walk with me please. Walk with me so my Gazelle walk....(camera drifts away). WHERE ARE YOU GOING! COME BACK ON MY FACE! On my face! On my face so my Gazelle walk can be seen.
    Romică: What are you doing Leana? Are you talking to yourself?
    Lila: Romică, she is crazy, darling! Ever since i gave birth to her i realized.
  • Awful Wedded Life: Leana and Costel really hate their marriage.
    • In an episode were Mitică is getting married Costel has this to say when he got the big news:
    Leana: Aren't you affected by the fact that Mitică is getting married?
    Costel: What? The marriage?
    Leana: Yeah!
    Costel: It affected me! 20 years ago! Now let it affect others! It has turned me from Craiova's Lion into Sadova's Pig! It has turned me from the fearless Tiger with sharp claws into a steer with a beret.
  • Bad Cop/Incompetent Cop: Garcea. Although the other cops are equally dumb and/or incompetent.
  • Bestiality Is Depraved: In the Leana&Costel episode "the wife" when asked who he wants to marry, Axinte replies that he wants to marry "Vicky". Costel immediately assumes that "Vicky" is an animal.
    • Costel even suspects that Axinte's wife will be an animal when Leana proposes to get him married.
    • In "Noră Pentru Leana" when the news spread that Axinte got married Romică asked if he married "Vasile's cow or the Priest's goat"
    • In an episode of "Inimă de Oltean" Dănutz comes by the Pîrțag house in order to take Leana in order to have sex with her. However Costel thinks he came for his dog Laika and when Dănutz asks Costel if he is kinky while having sex with her Costel did mention that he accidentally did it one time when he came home drunk.
    • Also from "Inimă de Oltean". Mitică has had sexual relations with Dogs, Goats and even Cows.
    • An episode of pastila timpului which takes place in the 16th/17th century era France has a scene were Mirela Stoian's character asks her maiden Constance to prepare her horse riding costume. And Constance assumes this trope.
    • In the 2000 new year special, a Shepherd is interviewed by Mugur Mihăescu. At one point the shepherd mentions that he has prepared a new year party at his Sheep Fold, which includes striptease and he also mentions that the strippers are sheep.When Mihăescu tells him that Women need to be strippers and not Sheep the Shepherd disagrees saying that a sheep is covered in wool and that women barely have a little hair on their body so there is nothing arousing about them.
    • In a "Leana and Costel" Episode called "The Satellite" Mitică brings up that time when Costel got drunk at the fair and kissed the dancing bear.
    • In a "Pastila Timpului" episode that takes place in Victorian England, Sherlock Holmes and Watson have this exchange.
      Sherlock: Watson! You're exactly like your Horoscope defines you.
      Watson: Smart? Intelligent?
      Sherlock: Ram, Watson. You're really a ram (Romanian insult meaning dumb)
      Watson: But why are you saying that? Have you seen me sleep with a sheep?
      Sherlock: No.
      Watson: Well you can't since i have a place were nobody can see me!

    • One episode has Garcea mistake a Zookeeper for a zoophile.
    • An episode of "Vacanța Mare Reloaded" has a scene were Gheorghe and Pisty are taking the auto exam.And at one point Pisty says this
      Pisty: I don't understand how you wanted to give license to this stinky and dumb shepherd who can't even park a sheep?!
      Gheorghe: What do you mean by this?
      Pisty: I saw you last night how you tried to park the sheep in the back of the shed and you smacked her head 200 times on the wall and how the sheep moaned, Jaj, it broke my heart
      Gheorghe: You should be ashamed of yourself!Have i watched you make love with your wife?

  • Beach Episode: Leana and Costel have an episode where they go to the beach.
  • Be Careful What You Wish For: One Episode of Leana&Costel has an episode were Leana, Costel, Axinte, Lila, Mitică, Romică and Frankfurt all go to heaven after inhaling helium. There they meet God who offers to grant a wish to each one of them. So each one wished for something. Leana wished to be the richest woman in the Village, Costal wishes to be the toughest in the village, Lila wishes for normal parents, Frankfurt wishes that nobody in the village will steal, Mitică wishes to be the coolest in the village and Romică wishes that all women in the village will fall in love with him. However all this wishes (except for Frankfurt's) backfire. Leana and Costel started becoming way to civilized to the point were the show started losing audience, Romică gets overwhelmed by the Women in the village, Because Mitică is cool a gypsy comes to beat him up, When Costel tries to save him he found out that instead of a great fighter he literally became tough as in the Gypsy kept on punching him and he won't go down but this isn't necessarily a good thing since it still hurt him and when Leana tries to save Costel by bribing the gypsy with her money but the gypsy then wanted to beat her up. In the end Axinte who was still in heaven wishes for the wishes to be cancelled and the Villagers even lament about how stupid their wishes were and how they could have wished for greater things like World Peace, People to live up to 500 years or all the Disease on earth to disappear.
    • In the same episode they also mentioned stupid wishes made by other villagers. Leana mentions a woman named "Marița a lu Staicu" who had 3 turkeys and one of them got sick so she prayed to God and wished for her turkey to live.And the Turkey lived on but the other 2 died and then when she wanted to cook the surviving one nothing could kill her.
      • Romică then mentions his mother in law. One day he got mad at her and wanted to beat her up so she prayed to God and wished for all the wood from her house to be made out of rag. However since the house itself contained wooden structures it fell on top of them.
      • And finally Mitică mentioned his father who was really ill so he prayed to God and wished that at least his son not to have a thing. This wish however made Mitică poor.
  • The Bet: The whole point of the Boier Moflea and Vodă episode with the same name. Where the titular characters make a bet where they have to stay calm and if they get mad they need to give up 1000 gold coins.
    • Leana and Costel also had an episode called "the Cow" were Costel made a bet with Fane that if Leana can resist a whole week without cheating on Costel they would get a cow but if she doesn't they would loose both the cow and the house.
  • Big Bad: The Ottomans in "Boier Moflea&Vodă".
    • Inferno in "Agent Garcea"
  • Big Eater: Axinte. He loves to eat quite a lot but he has his limits as seen in "The Lover" where Leana was told by her "Secret Admirer" that he wants her to cook, do the laundry and not cheat on him and told her to exercise them until he comes to pick her up. After the 6th meal he could barely move.
    • Lila can be one as well but not as big as her brother
      • Leana and Costel were also shown to be big eaters as well as the rest of the village. None have the appetites of Axinte and Lila.
  • Bilingual Dialogue: In "Garcea at the Embassy" Garcea is in charge of guarding the door of the Embassy. There an Italian, A French, A Brit and a Russian all want to speak to the ambassador. And while Garcea couldn't understand each other.
    • Played Straight in "Inimă de Oltean"'s 2009 new year special. which features a sketch where Leana speaks French, Costel speaks Italian, Axinte speaks English, Lila speaks German and Mitică speaks Spanish and they all understand each other
  • Bitingthe Hand Humor: They often make jokes were they Mock PRO Tv
  • Borrowed Catchphrase: In "The Butchery" when Costel gets the idea
    Costel: (to Leana) What was that "T Word" you always say?"
    Leana: Tâmpitule (You idiot)
    Costel: The other one!
    Leana: Tring.
    Costel: Tring! I'm gonna be rich!

  • Boxing Episode: Leana and Costel have an episode where Mitică, Romică, Frankfurt and Costel enter a Boxing match against some American boxers.
  • Boot Camp Episode: Garcea has "Garcea at the shooting range" were his boss is training him and his colleagues military style.
    • Leana and Costel has "Axinte in the Army" where Axinte is drafted in the Army alongside Frankfurt.
  • Burn the Witch!: In an episode Garcea wanted to burn a magician because he taught he was a witch.
    • Lean and Costel has an episode called "The Witch" were Leana is accused of being a witch after some events that seem like witchcraft so the villagers attempted to burn her at the stake
    • "Noră Pentru Leana" has an episode were Leana attempts to jump with the parachute. However she took off her parachute while falling and she hurt herself really badly. When Costel and Mitică returned from Lepădușu?, they see Leana lying on the ground and think that she forgot her clothes home. When she starts speaking, Mitică tries to burn her believing that there is some witchcraft which causes the clothes to talk.
  • Breakingthe Fourth Wall: Garcea sometimes starts his sketches by greeting the audience.
    • In "Garcea and the Peasants". After making the titular peasants fight each other after tricking him. The peasants then find out that it was staged by him so they decide to beat him up instead. Afterwards Garcea complains to the Pro Tv executives because he always won at the end of the episode.
    • Done way more in Leana and Costel where they would often talk about the script,the show, the episode etc.
    • Boier Moflea and Vodă also tend to do it quite a lot. But not to the extent of Leana and Costel.
  • Brother–Sister Incest: A Leana and Costel episode is about Axinte and Lila playing Romeo and Juliet in a play. And at one point this happens:
    Axinte (as Romeo): I want you to be my wife. Even tough our parents are against it
    Leana: Costel, this kid is mad! He wants to marry his sister
    Costel: Shut up! That's the script.
    Leana: What Script? He so dumb that he might do it for real.
    Costel: So what?
    Leana: Don't you know that out of Brother and Sister you get handicapped children?
    Costel: Then that means you're my sister.

    • In "The Switches" Leana and Costel exchange roles with Axinte and Lila, which makes Axinte and Lila the parents and Leana and Costel the children. At one point, Mitică exchanges roles with the priest and when Costel hears how succesful Mitică is as a priest he decided to switch roles. Now Leana had Mitică close to her and decided to have sex with him but Mitică stops her
    Mitică: Aren't you ashamed Leana, to hit on your brother?
    Leana: This is just a role. Now take off your clothes before Costel shows up!

    • Afterwards Leana decides to call Axinte and Lila in order to call off the whole thing. Then when they show up Axinte Asks her why did she "disturbed them from their conjugal privacy", "When they were making love like a married couple". Leana is horrified beliving that Axinte and Lila were having sex. Turns out they were actually fighting each other
    • In an episode of "Noră pentru Leana" a Policeman really Costel in disguise arrests Leana and Urinela. When he made Leana to write down her personal data at one point she was supposed to write about her parents who she mentions were Brother and Sister.
  • Calling Me a Logarithm: In Leana and Costel's "final episode"
    Romică: And how would you like the drink? In an Erlenmeyer flask or a Berzelius beaker?

  • Catchphrase: Garcea has "M'nă Seara!"(G'd Evening!) or "Seara!"(Evening!)
    • He also has "Băi Șmechere!" (Yo Toughguy!)
    • Leana has "Tring!" whenever she gets an idea and "LUMEEEEE!!!!!"(World/people) whenever she is over-dramatic.
    • She also has "Iezâstă o Iesplicație" (Thier iz an Esplanation) whenever she has to find an excuse and "Merge?" (Does it work?) when she gave the explanation
    • Costel has "Zâi!" (Say!) whenever Leana offers to give her explanation and "Fă firi-a dracu" (Roughly translated as "fuck you") whenever Leana does something he doesn't like
    • Axinte has "Fă mamă mi-e foame!" (Yo mom i'm hungry) or "Mă Foame bă!" (i'm hungry yo!)
    • He also has "Fă mămică!" (Yo mommy) when addressing Leana and "Bă tătică"(Yo daddy!) when addressing Costel.
    • Frankfurt has "Vă/Te sparg,să moară mama!" (I'll break you, may my mother die) or just "Să moară mama!" (May my mother die)
    • Pisty has "Draghe Europule" (a corruption of "Dragă Europa" (Dear Europe)) Whenever he considers something offesnive.
  • Catsare Mean: Frankfurt after being turned into a cat.
  • Camp Gay: An episode of Talk Show had a guest called "Armand Penetrescu" who was a camp gay fashion designer.
  • Captain Colorbeard: Axinte plays a pirate called "Long Belly" in an movie created by Costel.
  • Celeb Crush: Leana has one on José Armando from Esmeralda.
  • Circus Episode: Leana&Costel had an episode named "Circul" were the Circus arrived in the Village of Sadova and then the Pîrțag family made their own circus.
    • Garcea also had an episode were one of his wheels breaks and he goes to a circus because he misread "Circ" (Circus) as "Cric"(Jack)
  • Cold Turkeysare Everywhere: Boier Moflea and Vodă invoke this tropes on each other in "The Bet".
  • Courtroom Episode: Garcea has an episode were he is the only witness of a car accident and comes to the courtroom.
    • Leana and Costel have "The Divorce" where as the title implies they wanna get a divorce.
  • The Cuckoolander Was Right: In "The Aliens" Costel claims that aliens are real thanks to a movie he saw. Leana however thinks that he is crazy only for him (and later Leana and Lila) to be kidnapped by Aliens.
  • The Ditz: Garcea, Leana, Axinte and Lila.
  • Does Not Like Spam: Leana and Costel hate every drink that does not contain alcohol.
    • Garcea claims not to like cheese in an episode even tough he buys cheese in another episode.In that same episode he also claims not to like wine despite him drinking wine in another episode. Although the latter was probably Playedfor Laughs since he claims not to like Wine but that he likes spritz which contains wine.
  • Don't Try This at Home: At the beginning of their episode there would usually be a warning displayed which says "This is a parody! Laugh at them but don't be like them!"
    • Leana even said "Don't try this at home" in an episode where he tried to kill Axinte (because she taught he was Costel) by setting him ablaze with lots of gas and fire while on the toiler
  • Dysfunctional Family: The Pîrțag family and the Hărăbor family before them.
  • The Dentist Episode: Garcea has an episode were he goes at the dentist.
    • Leana and Costel also has an episode were Mitică brings them some beans. However Axinte accidentally hits him and causes him to spill some on the ground. He picks up some of them but he also picks up rocks. So when Leana and Costel eat the bean they break their teeth and are forced to go to the dentist.
    • An episode from "Vacanța Mare Reloaded" has a sketch were Pisty goes to the dentist.
  • El Spanish "-o": The Mexicans talk like that in the 2003 New year special.
  • The Empire: The Ottomans,A ustria-Hungary and The Russian empire from "Boier Moflea&Vodă"
  • Expository Theme Tune: The "Pastila Timpului" theme song.
    Look out it started!/The Great show/Take your remote/And stomp on it/The Mutant Family/Is on screen again/A life model father who's a scientist/And a son that i can hardly call a being/And a beautiful mother/A month or two a year/The Family's big/Beautiful and smart/They keep pushing each other/When you least expect/What will happen/We'll let you see/They keep pushing each other/When you least expect/Look at this smart people face/They keep pushing each other/When you least, but least expect.
  • Expy: The Pîrțag family are expies of The Bundys.
  • Full-Boar Action: While not technically a boar. Mitică's pig, Gâfu was a ferocious 300KG monster pig who easeally murder 5 hounds send by Mitică to kill him and then wrote "Don't fuck with me stupid people!" with their bones, has skin so thick that when the army tried to kill him bullets bounced of him and not even the special forces could defeat him. Hell, the Coalition of the Willing tried to kill him and they said that they'd rather attack Iraq than try to kill him.
  • The Funin Funeral: In the Leana&Costel episode "the Funeral/Army" the Pîrțag family is looking for a funeral so they could get free food. In the end, they find one and they pretend to be friends with the dead.
    • In another episode called "The Funeral" the villagers attend Romică's father's fake funeral.
      • One sketch was about some professional mourners who can mourn the dead on various types of music
      • In one episode of "Vacanța Mare Reloaded" there's a sketch where Garcea goes to look for a guy named Trifan Gheorghe because he is a witness. However it turns out he's dead and Garcea crashes the funeral.
  • Fun with Acronyms: One episode has Garcea ask a Gypsy "Does it say "Dumb" on me?". To which the gypsy reveals that Garcea indeed had a piece of paper which said "Prost"(Romanian for dumb) on his back. However it turns out that it was an acronym for "Poliția Română Ocrotește Siguranța Ta" (The Romanian Police is Assuring Your Safety)
  • Gratuitous French: Done by Costel's "brother".
  • Gratuitous Italian: The Mafia usually does it.
  • Gratuitous Spanish: Leana will sometimes do it in episodes that involve soap operas.
  • Generation Xerox: In the 2001 new year special, Garcea talks about his ancestor, Captain Garcea witch was a captain in the medieval Moldavian army who acted exactly like him and was just as dumb as him.
  • The Great Flood: In the Boyer Moflea&Vodă episode "The Flood", the whole principality is flooded.
    • Leana&Costel also has an episode called "the Flood" in which heavy rains cause the village to get flooded.
    • In "Inimă de Oltean"'s treasure hunt episode Leana tricks Axinte and his gypsies to dig into the dam so that the village will be flooded and the president will visit.
  • Groin Attack: Garcea does it to the Tajik after he finds out that he has a sexual relationship with his wife.
    • The Tajik later does it to Garcea.
      • Leana does it to Costel in an episode.
      • The Cure for the villagers in "Life like in the Movies" is this.
      • Leana also does it to Romică in Noră Pentru Leana
  • Her Code Name Was "Mary Sue": In an episode of Boier Moflea and Vodă they disguise as beggars to see what the peasants think about them. At one point when they encounter peasants Moflea starts talking about how throughout his region they say stories about "Boier Moflea the Good, the Great, The Righteous, the Intelligent and the Brave" who meet face to face with the Tatar Khan and decapitated him. And then the 2000 strong Tatar army was shouting "Don't kill us,B oier Moflea!"
  • Hitler Ate Sugar: In a sketch called "The Box Office" Radu Pietreanu's character believes Mugur Mihăescu's character is dangerous. Mihăescu however assures him that he is peaceful
    Pietreanu: Hitler was also peaceful. Ceaușescu was peaceful. Rîmaru was playing with the boat in the pond, HE KILLED HUNDREDS OF PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Hurricaneof Puns: A lot of the jokes revolve around puns.
  • Hollywood Voodoo: One of the reasons Leana was accused of witchcraft was because she was apparently practicing this kind of rituals.
  • Hypocritical Humour: This lines from "the switches".
    Costel: We have to call of the Game. They are drinking from this age and it's not good for them
    Leana: Yeah! Were have they learned that parents have to drink, i don't know! (both start chugging drink from their bottles).
  • I Am X Sonof Y: In one episode Frankfurt introduces himself as "Frankfurt, Son of Berlin and Hanovra and Grandson of Luxembourg and Viena"
  • I Call It "Vera": Garcea calls his nightstick "Cristinel" in "Inimă de Oltean".
  • Identical Grandson: Captain Garcea looks identical to his descendant.
  • I'm a Humanitarian: In the 2002 new year special there's a scene were Cătălin Radu Tănase (played by Dragoș Moștenescu) visits the Bora Bora Islands. The Bora Bora natives are portrayed as cannibals, they have a contest were the jury must judge who is the tastiest contestant and they even sing a song about cooking their parents in law
    • Chinese people are also portrayed as this.
    • In Leana&Costel 2003 new year special they talk about traveling the world and one of the destinations they mention is Africa where they also mention encountering Cannibals.
    • When they arrived in Africa they find Lila boiling in a pot and when Lila tells them how she got there (A man took her and put her there) Costel tells her that was a Cannibal but Axinte tells him that Cannibals no longer exist since he ate them all.
    • When they encounter African people they started singing a song where they talk about eating the Pîrțag Family but deciding not to for various reasons (e.g They could choke on Axinte's hat, Leana could sweat in the pot, they could take Costel's stupidity etc.)
    • In a "Crapu&Pardalian" sketch they try to rob a restaurant. However when they get caught that present that it's their restaurant and when asked what they served among the foods listed its "Child on a plate"
    • Near the end of the Boyer Moflea and Vodă episode "the Poverty". The 2 characters become really hungry so they tried eating everything they find. At one point Vodă tries to eat Moflea. But Moflea offers to go get food instead. At the end of the episode when they were faced with an Ottoman invasion Moflea was hungrily looking at the approaching Turkish army, banging his fork and knife together while shouting "That one's Kebab! That one's Shawarma!" over and over again.
  • Insistent Terminology: In "The Duel" episode "Adrian Păunescu vs Adrian Minune" Mădălin Voicu insists on being called "Sir Mădălin".
  • Insultto Rocks: In the aforementioned episode of Boier Moflea&Vodă they encounter Gheorghe talking to another peasant about how he beat up a Turk for insulting Vodă. Then the peasant asks Gheorghe if the Turk said anything about Boier Moflea.
    Gheorghe: Yes, he asked me "How's that dog, Moflea doing?". I slapped him so hard!
    Moflea: We need to take this guy to the palace for defending me, your highness.
    Gheorghe: You know what i told the Turk? "How dare you compare that loyal and smart dog with a pig like Moflea?!".

  • Kissing Cousins: In one New Year special Leana cheated on Costel with Garcea. In Inimă de Oltean it's revealed that they are cousins.
  • Large Ham: Garcea, Leana and several other characters are prone to this.
  • Laugh Track: The show does have one, much to the annoyance of some viewers and fans.
  • Lethal Chef: Leana. In an episode called "Goodbye", she cooked a large feast for the whole village. The food itself was enough to give the villagers food poisoning.
    • Axinte was also shown to be one in "The Privatization" were he cooks Mămăligă (Traditional Romanian bread like porridge) out of cement and a frog instead of fish. In the same episode Leana suggests opening a restaurant with Axinte as the chef. She even makes a menu list who's items are: Crow Soup, Breaded Mole Cricket, Rats in Aspic and the chef's specialty, Tadpole Stew.
  • Lighterand Softer: Compared to the stage shows.
  • Literal Genie: In the Leana&Costel episode "the Genies", Axinte and Lila find 2 genies trapped in bottles. These Genies have the power to grant any wish and unlike Aladdin's genie they can grant an unlimited amount of wishes. However the genies are also really dumb. So much so that they take every wish literally (e.g. Axinte asks the genie to put a cigarette in his mouth and the genie puts it the other way, Axinte also asks the Genie to turn him into Jack from Titanic and he shoves him in a barrel of water, Lila asks her Genie to make her skinnier but the genie made her worse at math (because in Romanian the word "slab/slabă" can mean both skinny or weak/bad at something), Axinte asks to be turned into Tarzan and the Genie just makes his clothes disappear leaving him in his underwear)
  • Local Hangout: The "Lepădușu" pub in Leana and Costel
  • The Mafia: They appeared 4 times in Leana and Costel. First in "The Mafia" were they were making drug trafficking again in "The Hospital" were they gave Leana money do build her hospital, again in "the Drugs" were one gives Leana a bag of cocaine to deliver to his boss in America and once again in "The Dream" were in the said dream Axinte becomes one of them.
  • Misidentified Weapons: In the aforementioned Boier Moflea&Vodă episode the characters are visited by Mikhail Kalashnikov who gives them a PPSH 41 in order to defeat the Ottomans. However, the PPSH is wrongly identified as a Kalashnikov.
  • Motor Mouth: Constance the maiden from the aforementioned "Pastila Timpului" episode.
    • Leana can also fall into this
  • Napoleon Delusion: One episode has Garcea arrest the wife of a Neurologist. At one point the Dr mentions that he had to treat various patients among whom some think they are Gagarin and other think they are Napoleon.
  • New Season, New Name: Leana&Costel had a season called "Leana&Costel la Oraș" (Leana and Costel in the big city) where the Pîrțag family moves to Bucharest.
  • No Celebrities Were Harmed: Sometimes they will change the names of celebrities and politicians they parody. One example is in the 2002 new year special where they mock Antena 1 who sends a reporter called "Adelin Peștișor" (a Parody of Adelin Petrișor) around the world.
  • Or My Name Isn't...: In the Heaven Episode after mistaking God for Adrian Sîrbu and God refused to accept her offers Leana says
    Leana: I have an uncle who's an MP. And he will kick you out of this channel or my name isn't Leana!

    • In the 2003 New Year Special Frankfurt says
      Frankfurt: I'll deal with the bombs, fireworks and firecrackers. Which one of you has gas tanks at home? This will be heard to Craiova or my name isn't Frankfurt!

  • Prison Rape: In an episode of Vacanța Mare Laiv 2 singers are interviewed. When asked at what occasion do they perform they claim that they perform with a lot of occasions even going to prison and they even performed a song who's lyrics were "Take Farewell for 2 years and a month for you left a boy from home and you will be back a bride"
    • In an episode of "Agent Garcea" the captain is arrested because he was accused of trying to assassinate the mayor. When he came back he was so traumatized by his cellmates rapes that he didn't want men to touch him.
  • Punny Name: The guests from "Talk show" usually have this (e.g a Pyromaniac named Adrian Fitil, a Firefighter named Marian Polaie, a Gravedigger named Coropișniță Dumitru and a test Pilot named Lucian Doamneajută.)
  • Ragsto Riches: Leana and Costel have a few episodes were they actually became rich. One of the best examples is "The Enriching" where they successfully become Rich after convincing Mitică, Romică and the Mayor to give them their successful businesses.
  • Rags to Royalty: In a Boier Moflea and Vodă, the main characters are captured by the Ottomans and held prisoners. At the end of the episode Gheorghe comes and rescues them so in return Vodă gave him his throne.
  • "Rashomon"-Style: The Leana and Costel episode "The Divorce" has a scene where the titular characters go to the courtroom and each tell their side of the story. In Leana's story she was a hardworking loving wife with all qualities and Costel was a domestic abuser who was looking for (and making up) reasons to beat her up. While in Costel's story he is a Henpecked Husband while Leana is a whore who cheated on him.
  • Real After All: In the Leana and Costel episode "The Well" (see Treasure Hunt Episode bellow) Axinte reveals that the treasure of Hajduk Tinaxe was made up and that he put the message in the bottle for Costel in order to trick him into digging faster.This causes Mitică, Romică and the priest to give up and let Frankfurt dig further. However at the end of the episode Frankfurt came to the Pîrțag house with a roofless car, wearing an expensive suit and a golden necklace in order to ask for Lila's hand in marriage. He also mentions that "They will take the Helicopter to the Yacht and go to the Caribbeans". When asked where did he got all this he answers that the treasure was real and he had to dig 2 more meters.
  • Really Gets Around: Leana. She's the village whore and had sex with every man in the village.
    • In a big city episode she mentioned that she also had sex with every man from the county.
    • Lila is also following in her mom's footsteps
    • In the aforementioned pastila timpului Episode, The maiden Constance tells her mistress that she heard about a woman who has slept with the 14th and 15th regiments of the French army and now she also wants to sleep with the 17th and 18th regiments too.
      • Boier Moflea makes Vodă think this about his wife in the aforementioned episode.
  • Recycledin Space: "Leana&Costel la Oraș" is basically just Leana&Costel set in Bucharest.
    • "Agent Garcea" is just Garcea as a SRI agent.
  • Self-Deprecation: In "At the School" when the teacher asks Leana and Costel why their son doesn't study Leana replies
    Leana: Why doesn't he study?Because he comes tired at school on Monday because all Saturday he watches those idiots from Vacanța Mare.

    • In "At the Cinema", after fooling a guy that she is Mugur Mihăescu. Leana says this
    Leana: [To Costel]Well you also look like Radu Pietreanu
    Costel: Please don't insult me! I'm a serious man not clown like him

    • In "San Remo" after watching a comedy act by Lila and Frankfurt Costel says this
      Costel: This is real humor not those looser from Vacanța Mare.

    • Another one by Costel is when he makes a reservation at a restaurant on the name of Sîrbu
      Leana: Isn't Sîrbu going to be mad?
      Costel: If he has money to pay those idiots from Vacanța Mare for some cheap jokes then we deserve a decent meal.

  • Sitcom Arch-Nemesis: Leana and Costel to each other.
    • Mitică can be this to Costel in some episodes
    • Costel can also be one to Romică
    • Boier Moflea and Vodă to each other
  • Silly Reasonfor War: Leana and Costel has an episode called "The War" where a war breaks out between the Village of Sadova and a clan of Gypsies because of a bar fight.
  • Sketch Comedy: Just like on stage, sketch comedy is their main brand of humor.In the first half at least
    • Vacanța Mare Reloaded is a strict sketch show tho.
    • Averted with the other Kanal D shows. Which are all sitcoms about Leana and Costel
  • Skewed Priorities: In the Feuding peasants sketch. The Moldavian set the Transylvania's house on fire while his wife and kids were still inside. However, he is more worried by the fact that he used his matches and the fact that he burned them "rudely" rather than the fact that his house and family are no more.
    • From the same sketch
      Petrescu: Aren't you going to make up?
      Transylvanian: We will make up but he needs to bring me the pitchfork i left in his sister.
      Moldavian: I brought it back yesterday.
      Transylvanian: Really? Where is it? I didn't saw it.
      Moldavian: Have you looked inside your daughter?
      Transylvanian : OMG! The one in my daughter is my fork?
      Moldavian : Yeah.
      Transylvanian: Man, has it got rusty!
  • Spotlight-Stealing Squad: Leana and Costel got a lot of more screen time as the series went on to the point were all Kanal D shows become all about Leana&Costel.
  • Stock Animal Diet: Axinte is feeding Lila corn in "Life like in the Movies" as a substitute for bananas.
    • In "The Metamorphosis" Mitică (Who has been turned into a Mouse) asks Leana for some cheese. While Frankfurt who has been turned into a cat is trying to eat him.
    • In a sketch about 2 feuding peasants one of them mentions how he was raising sheep and his rival was raising wolves and was sending them to eat his sheep, how he was raising bees to make honey and how his rival was raising bears and how he was making cheese and his rival was raising mice.
  • Speech Impediment: A Sketch has Pietreanu as a stuttering weather man.
  • Sticky Fingers: Frankfurt is the village thief in Leana&Costel
    • The other villagers don't shy away from stealing either.
    • Oltenians as a whole are portrayed like that.
    • Crapu, Pardalian, Zorro and the other Gypsies are also portrayed like this.
  • Stink Bomb: The villagers of Sadova make this kind of weapons and use them against the Gypsies in "The War".
  • Sudden Name Change: Frankfurt's surname was revealed to be "Pițigoi" in "The Wedding" but in "At the School" his surname is "Darmann"
    • Same thing happens to Mitică.In some cases his surname name is "Coșciug" while in other it's "Chirpici"
  • Suspiciously Specific Denial: In Boier Moflea and Vodă's christmas special, Moflea pretends to be Santa Claus in order to take all the presents for himself. However Vodă does get suspicious
    Vodă: Santa Claus. I don't know why ,but i think you are not Santa Claus. I think you're somebody else.
    Boier Moflea: What the hell, your highness?! How can i be Boier Moflea?! I'm Santa Claus!

    • In "the Aliens" Costel comes home after the aliens inject him with serum
      Costel: Good evening Elena.
      Leana: I'm alone Costel! I swear!

  • Take That!!: In the 2002 New Year special, they feature a channel called "Lanterna 1" (an obvious parody of Antena 1) who sends the aforementioned Adelin Peștișor around the world where something bad always happen to him. (In the Bora Bora island he gets caught by cannibals, in Russia he freezes, in Afghanistan he gets blown up by terrorists and in Italy he gets kidnapped by Mobster).
    • Also done towards celebrities and Politicians of the time. Although not as much as on stage
    • An episode from "Stăpânii Manelelor" has a sketch were Mugur Mihăescu plays a salesman at a movie store. At one point a costumer played by Emil Rădinoiu comes to buy something. Mihăescu keeps suggesting him various movies but he prefers the rivaling one (e.g. When Mihăescu suggested a Van Damme movie Rădinoiu says he won't take it because he prefers Segal) so Mihăescu hypnotizes him in order for him to like and buy the movies he recommends. At the end Mihăescu suggested Vacanța Mare but Rădinoiu says he doesn't like them and prefers Divertis. Mihăescu once again tried to hypnotize him but to no avail as Rădinoiu still prefers Divertis over Vacanța Mare.
  • Takethat Critics: "Urletul Muzicii" has a song parody about this.
    • At the end of the aforementioned Boier Moflea sketch from the Pro Tv parody, Moflea is asked to give scores to the Pro Tv staff. And last one was a 2 for Adrian Sîrbu.
    Lucian Mîndruță Why "2"?
    Boier Moflea What do you mean why 2? 2,TVR 2! That's where he's gonna work as a firefighter. If he doesn't kick out those Vacanța Mare guys, he's gonna work as a firefighter there!
    Lucian Mîndruță Why should he kick them out if everyone like them?
    Boier Moflea They annoy me, Vacanța Mare annoys me! The CNA is right, out with them! Out with Vacanța Mare!
    Lucian Mîndruță But wait a minute Boier Moflea! Everybody is watching their show. Why should they get kicked out?
    Boier Moflea Why do the people matter if the CNA doesn't like it? Who are this people that have something to say in this country?!
    • Leana&Costel's "Last Episode" is about the CNA sending a warning to Pro Tv because they belive that Vacanța Mare will use vulgar expressions, swearing and Domestic violence. So Leana and Costel need to convince the village to act polite.
    Costel: (After hearing what his kids were doing) Kids, i'd beat you up with pleasure. But the CNA has it's eye on us! We need to talk nicely, to act nice! Do you understand?! Because i don't want Sîrbu to pay the fines with my money
    Lila: Ok daddy but if we act how they want, the people won't laugh anymore, We would no longer have an audience! We need to masquerade ourselves, to do stupid things, Mom needs to separate her legs, to yell, you need to slap her, Mitică to scratch his butt. Or the people won't laugh anymore! Why do you think they watch us? To see us eating Mămăligă while listening to Mozart? Or how we insult ourselves with Lyrics from Dante?

    • Later at the end of the first act
    Leana: People! We wanted to make a nice episode! We wanted to make a smart episode! And look what happened?! Cause the whole village is full of Idiots and Dumbasses and you have nobody to work with! Because a disaster will happen every time! So with the risque of paying the fine from CNA, i have to insult them. Fuck you, whoever wrote this episode!Say it Costel!

    Costel: What? that it's full of peasants and the like?
    Leana: Yes
    Costel: She's right! That's right! They should have given us some nice texts! Like those comedians that speak fancy and nobody laughs
    Leana: Or at least like those actors that end in dumb sketches "Ba dum tss". Those guys from 40 years ago from TV!
    Costel Who?
    Leana Those guys who are no longer allowed on radio. At least this!

  • Time Travel: The whole point behind "Pastila Timpului"
    • In the Leana&Costel episode "500 years ago" Leana accidentally casts a spell which sent everyone back to the 16th century.
  • Trademark Favorite Food: More like "Trademark Favorite drink". While Leana and Costel are alcoholics who will drink every kind of Alcoholic drink. Their favorite drink of choice is Țuică (A traditional Romanian drink)
    • Despite Axinte being a Big Eater bordering Extreme Omnivore he does love Pork products the most. In "The Mafia" and "the War" he showed a love for sausages, "The War" and "Miss Cretina" showed that he loves ham and The Christmas Special showed his love for pork in General
    • He was also shown to like beans on several occasions.
    • In the aforementioned Pastila Timpului episode, the King of France love Beef.
  • Treasure Hunt Episode: Leana and Costel episode "The Well" is about the Pîrțag family needing a well in a hot summer day. Costel goes to dig first while cursing Leana for making him dig, which causes the priest to think he wants to kill her and is digging her grave Costel then sends Leana to dig and she tricks Mitică into digging for her.Then the Priest and Frankfurt (who was hired by the priest as a mourner) arrive and Mitică found a Message in a Bottle while digging. The Message was saying that the treasure of Hajduk Tinaxe is buried underneath. So the rest of the episode is Mitică, Romică (Who finds out about the treasure from Frankfurt), Frankfurt and the Priest looking for the treasure.
    • At the end of "The Circus" Costel threw a knife (who turns out to be a stick) at Leana as part of his act. While Leana thinks she is dying she tells the villagers that she hid a treasure underneath Mitică's house.The villagers start digging but find nothing so then Leana tells them she was wrong and she meant to say Romică's house. However the villagers still find nothing and when Romică asks Leana if she is sure that she hid the Money underneath his house.To with Leana replies "What the hell Romică! Do you think i don't know your house? The one with floors and painted green." However that was actually the Mayor's house.
    • In an episode of "Inimă de Oltean" Garcea mentions he hid a bunch of Piggy Banks full of money. So Axinte and his Gypsy friends spend the whole episode looking for them.
  • Try to Fit That on a Business Card: One new year special gives us Prince Michael of Suzanenbaum of Filipeștindorficalafatenshteid von Bragadieren de la Soveja und Viencent de Soja, Count of Dragomirești and Baron of Filiași,Kinght of the order of Cucuieți din Deal and Duke of Spilhossen und Ghiozdanenbourg.
  • The World Mocks Your Loss: Invoked by Leana in the Christmas special. Where their dog Laika (which was really dear to Costel) was killed by Mitică as revenge because the Pîrțag Family took almost every piece of Pork from his Pig. Then Costel also took revenge by giving Mitică dog meat and lies that its pork. Afterwards he asks Leana to stop saying "Ham" (Which is the sound a dog makes in Romanian) but Leana says it anyway. Afterwards Costel tries to watch tv to relax but he gets Hamlet so he changes to the sports channel but Leana tells him that its a HandBall (which sounds like hamball in Romanian) match, then Axinte shows up eating and when Costel asks him what he's eating he says that he eats Anchovies (called "Hamsii" in Romanian) and then he mentions that he would go to buy a Hamburger, then Lila arrives and tells Costel to change to the sports channel, Costel assumes she wants to tell her about the handball match however it turns out that it's actually a football much this relaxes Costel but then it turns out to be a West Ham United match and finally Lila tries to comfort Costel asking him if he wants another pet among which was a Hamster.
    • Also Invoked by Moflea in "the Poverty" when he keeps making Vodă hungry by talking about how he'd like some fried Mutton right now. Vodă tells him to shut up or else he will beat him up,to which Moflea replies that he'll get beat up like a schnitzel, so then Vodă tells Moflea that he'll bloat him, to which Moflea responds that he's gonna be bloated like a sausage,then Vodă tells Moflea that he's gonna break him, to which Moflea replies again that he'll be broken like an onion and finally Vodă tells Moflea that he's gonna break his head, to which Moflea replies yet again with "Don't do it, because my brain will be visible and it's really good as breaded!"
  • Who's on First?: From Garcea and the peasants
    Peasant: You ripped apart the village plans that i have from my Great Grandpa!
    Garcea: Really? What was your Great Grandpa's name?
    Peasant: Zapciu (pronounced like "Zapp Chu")
    Garcea: Gesundheit! What was your Great Grandpa's name?
    Peasant: Zapciu!
    Garcea: Gesundheit! What was your Great Grandpa's name?
    Peasant:That was his name,Zapciu!
    Garcea: You're really sick! You need to take some acetylsalicylic acid.

    • At the beginning of "The Commercials" Costel is watching a crime film with Garcea as the cop.
      Victim's wife: Then he remembered he didn't had a brother and went to see a movie.
      Garcea: What movie?
      Victim's wife:Do you like Brahms?
      Garcea: I don't know, not really, only in the morning i put some on a slice of bread.But what film did you say?
      Victim's Wife: This one, Do you like Brahms?
      Garcea: I told you i like it. The diet one to eat in the morning. BUT SAY QUICKER WHAT MOVIE WAS IT OR I WILL REUNITE THE FAMILY WITH MY NIGHTSTICK! SAY!
      Victim's wife:Why does it matter?
      Garcea:Part 1 or part 2?

  • You Can Leave Your Hat On: One of the guests from "Talk Show" was a Blonde stripper named Lolo (real name Bâzgă Urinela). She even performed a striptease on the other guest with was a gigolo.
    • Leana and Costel have an episode called "The Striptease" where they go to a strip club. Later Leana decides to make Lila a stripper and she also embraced the idea of becoming one in order to win some easy money. The luck just so happens that Romică is organizing a striptease program at Lepădușu with 2 Strippers from Craiova. When Leana finds out about it she sent Lila to sabotage Vasile's ambulance (which was supposed to get them to Sadova) so they won't come and they can take their place. At the end of the episode Frankfurt introduces the 2 as the new strippers who even thought they are not the Craiova strippers they (especially Leana) really impress the Men in the village.
    • In "The Divorce" Leana misunderstood what her lawyer says and believes that he wants her to do a striptease
    • As mentioned above, the Shepherd made a striptease program with sheep.
    • One episode is about Garcea going into strip clubs and arresting strippers for "Vulgar exposure to minors". At the end of the episode he falls in love with a stripper
    • As mentioned above,one of Garcea's guests in the 2004 special is a fashion designer. At one point, Garcea tried to convince one of her models to do a striptease for him.
    • In the Leana and Costel episode "the Sect" Mitică and Frankfurt become male strippers. Axinte tried to be one to but his body wasn't attractive enough.
    • Inimă de Oltean has an episode were Urinela becomes a stripper.