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Timeblazers is an American/Canadian television series. In Canada, it premiered on YTV and Discovery Kids on 2003. It features Sam and Jen, who illustrate the origin of present-day customs and technologies as well as discuss notable people through some method of time travel. Sam and Jen generally do this after a preteen asks a question regarding the origins of something. They travel into the past to explain the happenings and wonders of the old times.


Originally, Shakira, who is played by Jasmine Richards was the pre-teen who generally originated the questions; however, in later episodes Alex replaced her. Alex is played by Stephen Joffe.

There are 40 episodes, with the first one created in 2003. The Hub aired reruns of Timeblazers on October 16, 2010 until June 24, 2011. In 2012, Qubo picked up American rights for the series and debuted it on February 18th.


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