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Eliot Kid is a Canadian/British animated children's television series composed of 104 episodes produced by Samka Productions, Safari de Ville, and BBC. The series was directed by Gilles Cazaux. Lead voices and voice direction for both seasons were conducted by animation voice director, Matthew Géczy. Canadian version and cast for both seasons were conducted by Kris Bénard.

The series features Eliot, a little kid with an overactive imagination that turns the most commonplace situations into Hollywood action-adventure blockbusters, along with his two friends, Mimi and Kaytoo. He lives with his mother Isabelle, the city's mayor, his dad Jeremy, a wacky inventor, and Suzie, his bratty but still so loving big sister.



  • Big Brother Instinct: Even with all the problems that he causes and the plenty of times that he drives her mad, Suzie doesn't hesitate in confronting anyone that dares to hurt Eliot. She also comforts Eliot when he is sad, worried or angry, in a really charming and loving manner.
  • The Bully: Max, Eliot's archnemesis. Even though he's not a giant thug, he makes fun of and intimidates new classmates. Also, he is pretty snobby and arrogant and has bad grades.
  • Catchphrase:
    Mimi: That's horrible!
  • Father, I Want to Marry My Brother: In the very first episode, we see that Eliot has a crush on his cousin Zoey, and things get so sad for him when she comes to visit because she is getting married.
  • Mr. Imagination:
    • Eliot, the main protagonist. This trope is basically the main theme of the series, and is what causes (or worsens) all the problems in the show.
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    • Mimi and Kaytoo too, because they don't have any problem in believing, and even seeing, what Eliot says.
  • Sarcasm Failure: When Kaytoo sarcastically states that his dad is the Easter Bunny after Eliot claims his dad is Santa Claus, Mimi takes Kaytoo seriously.


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