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Western Animation / Ellie the Ace

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Our heroine and her band of friends.note 

Ellie the Ace is an upcoming animated series created by Louise Bagnall (whose references include Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja and The Secret of Kells) that consists of 52 11-minute episodes. It's being animated at Cartoon Saloon (the studio behind the aforementioned "Secret of Kells" movie and Song of the Sea).

If you're going to get anywhere in the floating land of Lockhart, it helps to know a thing or two about aerodynamics, be it by plane, zepplin-bus, hang-glider, anything that flies, really.

Enter our heroine, a 10-year-old Fiery Redhead, Plucky Girl and all-around daredevil pilot named Ellie. While she lives with her grandparents, she's spending the summer most of the time looking for an excuse to take her red plane, "The Wren", out for a spin whenever possible. For friends, she's got her hyper little brother, Bobby, who's the usual test subject for the daughter of an engineer/resident Wrench Wench and another friend of Ellie's, Davis, and her Black Best Friend and navigator, Spencer. They all hang out at a hangar Ellie modified to become their clubhouse "The Nest". For bad guys and other ne'er do wells in Ellie's life, there's the Bandit brothers, Buster and Bruiser, the ambitious businesswoman wannabe and Foil to Ellie, Rose, who lives in an elevated segment of Lockhart that's reserved for the rich, and The Rival, Danny, who has his own plane called "The Stinger". And at the top of it all, there's Control Freak and The Warden (who are most certainly not the people you're probably thinking they are), who watches over Lockhart in his control tower at, well, the top of Lockhart and is constantly aggravated by Ellie's stunts and shenanigans.


There's no word on any channels for this show, but it's caught the eye of RTÉ and Disney, so who knows? See the trailer right here.

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