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Not based in America, ironically enough...

Cartoon Saloon is an Irish animation film and television studio based in Kilkenny. The studio began as an informal partnership between a group of animators brought together by Paul Young, Nora Twomey and Tomm Moore in 1999. The studio provides animation, illustration and design services for clients ranging from the BBC to Walker books and advertising agencies as well as creating their own cartoons, shorts and animated films.

They are most known for their "Irish Folklore Trilogy", consisting of 2009's The Secret of Kells, 2014's Song of the Sea, and 2020's Wolfwalkers. So far, they're three for three on Best Animated Film nominations at the Oscars, although they have yet to win.


Cartoon Saloon's filmography:

Films in development:

  • My Father's Dragon (TBA)

Short films:

  • From Darkness (2002)
  • Backwards Boy (2004)
  • Old Fangs (2009)
  • Somewhere Down the Line (2014)
  • The Ledge End of Phil: From Accounting (2014)
  • Late Afternoon (2017)

Television series:


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