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Late Afternoon is a 2017 short film from Ireland, directed by Louise Bagnall, produced by Cartoon Saloon studio.

An elderly woman named Emily (Fionnula Flanagan) sits quietly in a sofa chair in her home. It eventually becomes clear that she is suffering from some form of dementia, and she is being taken away. As a younger woman named Kate putters about packing up Emily's things, the sight of her biscuit falling into her cup of tea leads Emily into a parade of memories about her life.

Late Afternoon provides examples of:

  • Age Cut: Multiple cuts from younger Emily to old Emily and back.
  • Anachronic Order: There's the present story with old Emily in her chair sipping tea, and the flashbacks of younger Emily, and those flashbacks are scrambled around—after we see a brief glimpse of Emily with her pregnant belly in a tub, we next see a flashback of Emily as a girl at the beach again.
  • Call-Back: The first flashback shows Emily as a little girl, writing her name in the sand of the beach as her father looks on. A later flashback shows Emily's daughter Kate writing her name in the sand of the beach. Remembering this is what causes Emily to remember who the person packing up her house is.
  • Creator Cameo: Louise Bagnall voices teenaged Emily.
  • Foreshadowing: A couple of pictures of a man in a hat can be seen on the wall. It's later revealed that the man in the hat was Emily's husband. One shot of a crying Emily holding the hat indicates that the husband has already died.
  • Meet Cute: A flashback shows that Emily met her husband when she was dashing to get on a train that was already underway, and he reached out and yanked her onboard.
  • No Antagonist: The film lacks an antagonist of any sort- the story focuses solely on Emily and her memories.
  • Orbital Shot: Orbiting around Emily and Kate as Emily, who has finally remembered who her daughter is, leaps out of her chair and embraces her.
  • The Reveal: Although it's easy to guess. Kate, the younger woman packing up Emily's stuff, is her daughter, whom Emily now fails to recognize.
  • Scatterbrained Senior: Of the tragic sort, as Emily is pretty far gone, locked in a world of randomly swirling memories and unable to recognize her own daughter.
  • Staggered Zoom: On to Emily's face during the flashback at the beach, as she gets scared about Kate getting too close to the water. This is the moment where Emily in the present remembers who Kate is.