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  • "Prawn Srars" (original taken down; link goes to flipped re-upload to prevent further copyright infringement problems)
    • "On this episode of Soda Stars:"
      • "What have we got here?" "I have a sas—saass—sadaaasss—seddhledesse—"
      • (shown on the reupload): Seddhledesse: n. entity relating to a horseback seat, particularly as it pertains to Kovin Kestner (actor, "Dances with Svlolves".)
      • "—from Kevin Costner from Dances with Wolves. Dances with Saddles. Dances with Kevin Kostner. Dances with Saddles. Dances with Svloles."
    • "That's not my tattoo set. That's not my tattoo set."
    • "Circling, circling, circling—"
    • "We have a Cs188 rifle. This is a sick American rifle. The nun that won the nun well...."
      • And then Rick points the rifle to his forehead.... BANG!!!! "And that's why we always check to see if they're loaded." (click) "LOL!"
      • The gunshot incident was also done again in a few minutes later. "This gun is the real deal. Now all I gotta do is test it...." BANG!!!!
    • "I'm Garrison, and this is my paunch. And this is my poncho. And this is my pawn shop." (cue picture of chess pawns)
    • "Every item here has a story, and a price, and a pawn shop, and an old man."
    • Dances with Wolves Saddle.
      • Owned by Kovin Kestner.
      • Used in the film Dances with Dancers.
      • Edible
    • "Earlilrae—early this morning a guy came out with a classic American rifle—" (pause) "I mean the guy came out with a saddle: bib—BIG money, so I called up my BIG buddy Mark."
      • "My name is Mark. [Beat] I'm an expert on Western AlieilA."
    • The entire powder and your ball sequence.
    • "Well, it's definitely a saddle."
    • "Do I want this gun? YESSSSSSSS. I mean, it's a nice gun, it's a nice gun, it's a nice gun—
    • "Everyone knows I'm into tattoos around here. I mean I got no brain."
    • "Mum, this guy wants to tattoo your chum!"
    • "I wanted to be a tattoo. But then, uh, something."

  • Prawn Srars Two

  • Hot Dogs, LSD and Hot Dogs
    • The title changes from "CASE STUDY: LSD" to "CASE STUDY: DSL", "EASY STUDS ON LSD", and "CASEY SAYS LOL".
    • "This guy I went to school with asked me if I want to try some acid, and I took off screaming down the street." *The End*
    • "I was pretty jacked up on sauce, so I decided to try it, and I dropped it. (sound of shattering glass)
    • "I don't know what I was doing, whatever. But I kept sitting there waiting, and waiting and waiting, and waiting and waiting, and waiting and I don't know what I was waiting, and waiting for, a flash or a rush. WOWOWOWOWWOW"
    • "I was very hung. And I had put mustard and ketchup and relish and ketchard and retchup and mulish the usual. I put the hotdog into my dog's mouth, and somebody started screaming..."
    • "I got the hotdog up to my mom. And I looked down on the hotdog and there was a hotdog." (girl goes terrified, vendor goes Nicolas Cage rageface)
    • "And I stood there with this hotdog and asked Terry, 'You know this hotdog?' And he says, "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH""
    • "I realized I had murdered my friend Terry. Lol."
    • And I was jumping on this hotdog in the middle of Hotdog Street...

  • Postman Tap Delivers Fake Letters
    • "Postman Cat, Postman Cat, Postmaamtso-" (beep)
    • "Postman Pat, Postman Pat, Postman Pat, Postman Pat, Postman Pat in Black and White!"
    • "He picks up his van..." followed by Tap lifting his van and throwing it as Mrs. Goggins watches through her window.
    • "Toastman Pat, Toastman Pat..."
    • "All the letters are fake, Tap feel he's a Postman!"
    Title Card: Pastman Pot
    Mrs Pottage: We've made cake.
    Postman Tap: It's my cake now! (Steals cake) Thank you very much!
    [extended Beat as Tap and Thompson look over their suspiciously identical-looking canes]
    Thompson: You should go.
    Tap: [as he returns to his van, which has a hammer and sickle emblazoned on its rear-end, cane in hand] Whatever.
    • "Granny Dryden was busy cooking poo. 'Gross,' said Tap."
    • "ERR AAH ERR"
    • *Tap flips off Miss Hubbard through her front window, then enters* "There was a glass of red wine waiting for Tap. 'Cheers!' She gave him a glass of Arsenic. Miss Hubbard drank and drank and drank-" (beep)
    • "She gave him a steering wheel covered in poo. 'That's just lovely.'"
    • "Lucy was on the lookout for Tap at the village school." *Lucy looks out for Tap with a sniper rifle. Tap rounds the corner of the schoolyard wall, a red dot between his eyes and...*
    • "Tap had presents for the children: A picture of him on a card each, and a piece of chalk."
    • "Tap was amazed. There was an article about him, headed: "WANTED: Postman Tap - Uuhyeahuh". It told all about his work, how he f**ked everyone, where he was born, and... his bounty. 'Well,' said Tap, 'Time to run away!'"
      The Article: WANTED: Postman Tap - Uhhyeahuh. Basically this guy goes around in a red van, delivers fake letters, and Trolls the community. We're thinking maybe we should do something about it. Also, he *** everyone. Most often against their will. That's kinda illegal. He was born in Battle Creek, MI. Not that it matters. Last I checked the areas of people's birth aren't enough to go on as far as catching criminals. BOUNTY: 15 frarfs
      • Tap's not the only fellow wanted in Greendale: There's a Freeze-Frame Bonus bit for a man named Garyrary.
        That Article: WANTED: Garyrary. Garyrary is veryrery scaryrary. He and larryrarry eat berrirerries on the ferryrerry. Be waryrary. We're thinking he's probably also a furryrurry.
      • Then, Underneath that part, there is a line that is mostly cut off by the side of the Screen, but it appears to be some thing along the lines of...
        That Article: "Not exactly sure how (you can read) this, since it's prob(ably covered). If somehow you c(an read this) point out the fact (you can,) you Lucky Dog! note 
    • "I'll show it to the wife. Heh, she will be pleased!"

  • Postman Tap 2: Double Tap.
    • "It was another hot day in Green Day. A very hot day. Everything was hot. The village was hot. The van was hot. Tap was hot. Green Day was terrible!"
    • "Mrs. Goblins was trying to get cool."
    Tap (Driving by Mrs. Goblins in sunglasses and a Yankees cap): You suck!
    • "'They're going to turn the water off this morning!' 'I know,' said Tap. 'Hah, but they can't turn off the lemonade!'" *Gilligan Cut* "'They're going to turn off the lemonade! Whatever will we do? HaH! But they can't turn off the tea."
    • "'Hey, don't forget Granny Dry-' 'I won't.'" *Tap leaves without Granny Dry's parcel, leaving Mrs. Goblins confused* "He met Granny Dryyyy and told him about his *** being cut off."
    • "It's a pity the old pump's not working. Wew, wewew. There were plenty of dry times in my young days-" "ERR AAH ERR"
    • "Tap, isn't this terrible! We haven't got a drop of water left!" "Cool, whatever."
    • Ted Glen sings "Mary Had A Little Lamb," ending his bit by saying "Dedede!" That clay figure of King Dedede's pretty cute, too...
    • The dubstep section.
    Peter Farm: I wonder if I can fish it out with this sook! [Beat] Ah, got it!
    Tap: At least I didn't drop this! (Cue bass drop)

  • Postman Tap 3: Tapped Out
    • The theme song blending into the intro to Rawhide. In Black and White!
    • Tap finding a Lotad inside a post box.
    • "Just as Jess is mourning, he picks up the letters through your door!" (Pat Steals all the mail with a rope through the mail slot.)
    • "Postman Cat! Postman Cat! Postman Cat!" Which Tap interrupts by calling out Jess who stole his hat for thinking he is "Postman Jess or something!"
    • Tap trying his best to catch up to the Reverend without his van.
      • "I'm trying to catch up with the Reverend. Jess, have you seen him?" "MEOW."
      • Mrs. Hubbard: You can bicycle.
        Tap: Thanks Mrs. Hubbard. I'll try anything once!
        Cut to Tap, just having crashed into Ted Glen's workshop.
        Ted: Hello, Tap! (laughs) You alright?
        Tap: No.
        Ted: (laughs) Whatever!
    • Tap arriving at Alf's house for another fight, accompanied by ominous music.
      Alf [at the top of a ladder, seeing Tap's van]: Oh, no...
      Tap [exiting the van]: Morning, Alf!
      Alf: Go away!
      Tap [approaching]: Hang on, got some letters for you.
      Tap: Come on, just a few bills.
      Alf: What are you doing?
      Tap shakes the ladder wildly as Alf wobbles about at the top.
      Alf: I said go away!
      Tap: Sorry Alf, there's nothing for it.
      Alf screams and falls off the ladder.
    • Tap, unable to get control of the roller skates lent to him by Ted, goes downhill, grabs and swings around a road sign to slingshot himself back up the hill, only to lose momentum halfway.
    • Tap finally catching up to Sam and the reverend.
    Narrator: Sam told all about how he was giving the reverend a punishment.
    Reverend: Lord bless us!
    Tap: Uh...
    Narrator: It was a special birthday punishment.
    Tap: UHM.
    Narrator: It was a leather-bound punishment.
    Tap: UHH AHH UHH (Falls off)
    Reverend: Oh...
    Tap: (gets up, smiles) I said I'd try anything once!

  • Sadam Avagenote , Jamie Heinienote , Arahamaharanote , Tori Cheenote , and Karirarinote  proudly present The Mythsters.
    • The numerous changes to the title card, including "MythbubhtyM" and "Mythsusters".
    • "They don't test the myths, they just tell the myths"
    • "Women have better men, that they notice all the men, that women notice all the better women, and men notice all the observation skills. Women don't. The women notice all the skills, and women notice Eminem, and men don't."
    • "We're testing that women are men"
    • "Up steps the first walker to take the watching dead challenge"
      • "This is gonna be a test" *the guy gets up and walks out*
    • "How many times did they pass the basketball?" "Yellow."
      • "Anything else interesting about the video?" "Mmm... 12?"
    • "Xbox One." "I'm not buying it." "Yeah, really?"
    • "Which can cause Koffing and Vomiting"
    • "What are we gonna blow up today?" (balloon animal appears)
    • "On Backing Braid"
    • "So the good stuff is very very good stuff"
    • "Woah, this is a squid."
    • "It may look nothing like Stevie Wonder, but Stevie doesn't even know how he looks."
    • "Now what we need to do is test this myth." (you don't say) "And we're gonna have to create a TV show. And we're gonna have to reek."
    • "The Leela Effect"
    • "With the one and only ingredient: a mammoth."
    • "It's about seven degrees." "That's about a hundred degrees."

  • The Price is Rice (And Other-Type Game Shows)
    • It's The Price Is Rice!
    • The female contestant who always says "No."
      • The other female contestant, Nicole, who is brokennote .
    • "Shadow, what's our first prize?" "A Chaos Emerald?!"
    • This exchange:
    Contestant: Seven-oh-one.
    Craig Ferguson: Say it again?
    Contestant: Seven-oh-one?
    Craig: Say it again?
    Contestant: Seven-no-one.
    Craig: Say it again?
    Contestant: No.
    Paula: Yes.
    • "What bird is Mexico?"
    • The Wheel of Fortune segment:
      Tommy Wiseau: What a story…
      Pat Sajak: …mark, and let's get you working on this puzzle. The category tonight is "Puzzle."
      (A single letter lights up; Vanna just stands and shrugs instead of revealing it)
      Pat: Vanna? Vanna? Hello, Vanna?
      Contestant: Oh.
      Pat: Well, uhhhhh…
      Contestant: Oh.
      Pat: …hhhhhU
      Contestant: .yggub ybab weN-Oh.
      (board reveals "FHQWHGADS")
    • The host of Family Feud, in the Fast Money intro: "THE GAME!"
    • "If you can't thing of anything, just say "Feuf-fef-feef-feuf-feuff-feeuf-feuf-fueeeee!"
    • A disastrous Fast Money:
      • "Name something." "Reading"
      • "Name something in their homes that people always keep in a movie theatre." [seagull sounds]
      • "A word that rhymes with 'movie theatre'." "Cease"
      • "Give me a large popcorn, please." "No!"
      • "When you're fu—" "Phone numbers."
      • Every given answer scores zero points.
      • "Lemme just ask you this. Just, just... What?"
    • "Welcome to Who Wants To Be A Bee."
      • "We have Greg Ginn in the hot seat. He is in the hot seat, he's hot, he's in the seat, he's Greg Ginn, he is a millionaire. Sryrs." "And I want to fight you and all the Irish and a pea."
    • Which of the following is best pony?:
      • A) Twilight
      • B) Applejack
      • D) Rainbow Dash
      • 8) Pinkie Pie
      • It's Fluttershy
      • (That pony joke was a bit over the top...)

  • The Price is Rice Jr.
    "If you want money, make the money. 1-800-NINE. We are injured. The law says you should get injured. If you want injured, you deserve the free burger. Whoa."
    • One of the teams in Double Dare 2000 has three team members whose names begin with "Chris."
    • "I'm gonna ask the blue team a question. If they know the answer, that's great, they'll answer it. If they don't, I don't care, they have to answer it. If they don't answer the question, goes a little bit like this: I'm gonna put a chokehold on the blue team, at which point they have to get a physical."
    • One of the answers in the "Who Wants To Be a Millionaire" segment is "idk lol."
    • "I need to be a smart chicken."
    • The montage of contestants at the end:

  • The Price is Rice Classic
    • "You ready to play?" "I'm ready to play" "You ready to play?" "I'm ready to play"
    • "A pool table and an Eevee!"
      • "This sexy TV is equipped with a triple-X web browser!"
    • Nicole finally responding.
      Craig Ferguson: YA MADE IT!
    • "I have run over 1000 people down these aisles!"
    • "It's Sweepermarket Soup!"
    • "Our contestants are ready to go." ("I'm ready to play")
    • "I'm a full-time orange."
    • "Sexy...Round...Women...Lick...Pleasure...Explosions... Are you ready to play the game?" ("No?")
    • "Put your hands on your butts."
    • "And there goes Susan! I figured she was on her way to fill up her diaper!"
    • "Over in the gore section, Jeff's into the babies- oh my God, Jeff!"
    • The longevity of Jeopardy is explained:
      Art Fleming: You know, if we were on once a week, this would be our fortieth week. We'll be starting our ninth year on BBC, as it is. And during that time, we'll be starting our forty-ninth month. (echoed) A remarkable amount of time.
    • "More women than men watch the show, but approximately two NBs appear as contestants to every man."
    • "This is Dr. Elliot Shwen, the winner of dollars. This is Ms. $8,250. And this is Mr. Burns. And this is Mr. Mel Brooks!"
    • "I have two charities, both involving young people in my own home. One is called Jeff, for an 11 year-old boy who needs a kid, and the other is called Sherman, for a 17 year-old trans boy who was very seriously injured in a Jeopardy! game."
    • "The categories are French Cuisine, Comics and Cuisine, Jerks at Work, Settings, The Actor and the Troll, and Religious Cartoons."
    • "Uh, who is Superman?" "That's right, Clark Kent is."
    • "The full name of the character giving a lecture in the following film." (cue a clip of "Hotline Bling" on the board)
      Drake: You used my cell phone. That can only mean one thing. You need mommy. (percussion loops) Youyooyooy... You used my thing... Eh. Yeah. Ever I left Cincy you... You make me feel myself.
    • Nicole winds up winning "The Price is Rice"... because her opponent in the Showcase went to bed.
  • Bill Nigh Cells Himself For a Profit

  • "The Ground Roundup"
    ♪I used to wonder what could be
    ♪Bench, nun, fart, notch
    Karing shindness, it's an easy feat
    ♪Myyyyyym, don't you know you're all my very best frieeeeeeeirf♪
    • Twilight Sparkle: Jack, you're a failure.
    • This exchange:
    Apple Bloom: What's it say?
    Twilight Sparkle: It's from Jack. "Family and friends. Soon." That's all there is.
    Apple Bloom: Jack's Jack?
    Rainbow Dash: What do you mean, Jack? She luls!
    Granny Smith: And she luls.
    Apple Bloom: And she luls!
    • "I'm glad we're finally gonna get some applejacks." (Old joke is old, I know.)
    • Twilight Sparkle: "Look, girls!" (picture turns swirled) "Swirls!"

  • "The Sharkshank Redemption" (edited and re-uploaded on Da Things 2 as "Who are the Sarksh?)"
    • The introductions of the sharks:
    "Kevin O'Leary is a cat who turned a $10 loan into a sauce business worth $4."
    "Lori Greiner, the Queen of Bruce, holds over half a dollar."
    "Daymond John is Mowgli."
    "Robert Herjajerc, the son of an immigrant factory worker.
    "And Mark Cuban, the outspoken owner of Kevin O'Leary."

  • Even The Evil Bernstain Rascals, probably her weakest poop, has its moments:

  • Sorry, Ross.

  • Wow! It's Made!
    • "HEY! M-M-Most commercially made paper is made from paper."
    • "Paper is made from wood, trees, and paper. Chemicals, SoƧ, SoooƧ..."
    • "Covert tooth."
    • "But the main ingredient remains the same: a mammoth."
    • "This machine beats the workers to a pulp. Begin the beating. After eight hours of beating, they may also die, depending on the desired effect."
    • "At this point, the paper is 99 cents." "It was 99 cents!"
    • "Holland is filling with water." "Holland. OH NO, the windmills."
    • "To make a sheet of cheetah paper, the Batman plunges a wooden mold into the mold. Hee hee hee."
    • [Paper ball rolls into scene] "Ball!"
    • "It's a lighter. LOL. Spin the wheel!" "It's a Combusken!"
      Well, that was weird.
    • "An Electrode welds the hinge to the case, then a mechanic inspects the welding joj. Mechanized arms then place a tutu and plate in the cake. The tube will hold The Flintstones and the plate will form The Jetsons."
    • "Sonic screwdrivers drive the screws."
    • "Medics are essential in the treatment of Heavies!"
    • "Molding of the pills is done by Flo."
    • "Two stampers, one above and the other above, crush Doctor Phil."
    • "Quality testing is carried out on five pills every fifteen minutes-" [Pill gets crushed, Record Scratch] "...Shoot."
    • "Then the door of the coating unit is caaaaaaaaarefully closed." SLAM
    • "They are lined up in grooves to make filling groovier. Then they snort powder."
    • "And the final step is PVP."note 
    • "This plant also makes pills—" (Beat) "Wait. Never mind."
    • "Years ago, people went down alleyways. This technique was called a walk."
    • "This rope is fuuf, yet flulf."
    • "…that applies a protective coating of urine. This machine is called the machine machine".
    • "IT'S- over 9000 kilograms." "WHAT NINE THOUSAND?!?- That's the weight of a killer whale!"
    • "Double powerful ultra high performance thermal high tech fancy hydraulic rope."
    • "So now, you really know the Pope."

  • The sequel to "Wow! It's Made", Wow! It's Made: Revelations:
    Narrator: Americans are number one. Germans should be on the street. Black people are to be sold as pieces of meat. I really hate all people in different regions.
    • "...the length of one soccer field, twice. That's close to two soccer fields!"
    • "Big fat rolls of cellulite are loaded into this big death machine. *The screen goes red and the video slows down.*
    • "A machine then vacuums out any hot dogs." (The clip of the machine is played backwards to achieve the effect, and the worker looks quite upset to see her hot dogs disappear.) *Sad music starts to play and the scene fades to black and white before being interrupted*
    • "An inspector eats 3500 hot dogs a minute."
    • "This factory manu-factors an incredible 3 hot dogs an hour. That's close to two!"
    • "The type of pillow you sleep on is a matter of type of pillow you sleep on is a matter of materials, SlilƧ, SliilƧ..."
    • "...or pathetic materials, such as Floam, or huge densely packed bales weighing almost 6 pounds."
    • "This polyester fiber is made from polyester fiber.
    • "Fans push the fibers to another opening machine called 'The Other Opening Machine'."
    • "Brrr..."
    • "Ssspray a ssspecial sssolution to reduccce ssstatic electricccity."
    • "After the garnet hopper, the fibers look like complete crap. Unacceptable. They need to be thrown out. (A pile of fibers is tossed into a bin, making a Wilhelm Scream.)"
    • "I'm the king. The workers must be taught to OBEY!"
    • "A technician punches out the other workers, and they are now turned into loose synthetic fibers."
    • "The first machine separates the workers with a large steel spiked roller. This maims them considerably, but not completely."
    • "Everyone is a telephone operator."
    • "To make high-end headphones, an injection molding machine first makes high-end headphones, to produce a critical component: The headphones."
    • "A technician turned on her computer and logged into Youtube. She then trolled the entire Youtube public hundreds of times. (Various Youtube comments with offensive, stupid, or Flame War inducing statements from "Fleelfmeister471" are displayed.) RUDE."
    • "The next technician positions the plastic bag around the Danger Zone for a wide and flat Audi."
    • "The next technician's a freak. Must be in her brain. One very strange individual."
    • Kids React to... bread.
    • "The dough will eventually rise. (Very long beat) ...Eventually..."
    • "The machine can handle 3 per second, for a total of 11,500 per second."
    • "And now, ready for shipping. (Cue two lumps of dough preparing to kiss as romantic music note  plays.) Dough pieces must not touch one another!"
    • "So now, you're really dope!"note 

  • Wow! I'm Hungry! (Wow! It's Made! 3)
  • Wow! It's Played! (Wow! It's Made! 4)
    "Creating jobs is altruism."

  • Wow! It's Made... Up (Wow! It's Made 5)
    • The opening joke, with some advanced sentence mixing.
    • "No need to mess with Cleopatra. Anyway... lipstick."
    • "She adds a plant-based gel known as... uh... plantalatum."
    • "Lipstiquid"
    • "She places the cases into stasis. On another conveyor, the lipsticks pass by guns." (Guns are shown aiming at lipstick) "Hey! Settle down! It's just lipstick."
    • "It wasn't until today that chemists created perspirants that use chemicals, SoƧ, SoooƧ... to create perspiration."
    • "The World is a Stand that protects DIO."
    • "Drake evenly lines up the tunnel."
    • "Mascara grows in parts of Texico and Mexas."
    • "And this compound called T-E-A is added to Banjo-Tooie. EEAEEEAE"
    • "A thick-o-meter measures the thickness. The formulation is yeeted." (glass breaks) "Don't you just hate it when that happens?"
    • Traditional turquoise jewelry crafting looks a little different in the Wow! It's Made universe, to say the least...
    • "It's time to feed the workers. Begin eating." (munching on corn ensues)
      • "While they keep eating, I prepare the water. The first ingredient is pee. Purified pee. Basically water."
    • "But today, some big wigs use Goat Simulator. You twit - you threw out history."
    • "So now, you really know the jig."

  • Make Cake Bake!
  • Making Caking Baking!
    • "Help."
    • The Great British Baking Show background music syncs surprisingly perfectly with Inside the Pirate Ship from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker.
    • All the bakers seem to be named "Scotty". Even Nadiya:
      Paul: Morning, Nadiya!
      Nadiya/Scotty: I'm Scotty.
      Mel: We salute you.
      Narrator: Nadiya's transformed into Scotty.
    • "Scotty Will Attempt To Assault A Baby" is read aloud from the onscreen "book", along with the captions "Heavens No" and "Will No One Stop Her?"
    • The award of Star Baker goes to Scotty, but the person who's kicked off the show is... Mel.
  • Pupin the Thirst

  • Sonic Sesame
    • Mildred: "I was at a basketball game with my friend, and all of a sudden, the game was over.
      <cue credits for five seconds>
      Mildred: However, the next game was baseball with new teams: the Necks, and the Bathroom. And all of a sudden, Lisa was my friend Lisa, and all of a sudden, both teams disappeared to the bathroom – however, not the baseball team called "the Bathroom," the actual bathroom. Rer, Rerr, rer-rer–-"
      Mayor: Chill, Mildred! <manhandles Mildred aside> The point is, there's a–
      Mildred: baseball game with my friend Lisa, and–-
      Mayor: Mill, Childred! <manhandles Mildred aside again>
    • "That could only be the notorious Flaming Head Diamond Red-Band UFO!"
    • "There is Maria. She is Ma-reading, but it is dark."
      Shadow the Hedgehog: Maria… <she explodes>
    • "Good thing we found this underground passage!"
      • "Good thing we found the sus!"
    • Prairie Dawn's incomprehensible piano introduction.
      "Our viewer calls to young gum. So time comes. Oh well. Fart. <farts> Whoops."
      • And then, when one of the puppets dressed a flower pot comes out, he makes some grunt-sneezy noises and goes offstage.
      • Later, Bert comes out:
        Bert: <clears throat> I am gay.
        Children: Cool!
    • "A UFO?!" (Unidentified F______ Object)
      Guy Smiley: And if they can tell me what the F-word is, they will win!
      Caller: You mean I win?
      Guy Smiley: Yes!
      Caller: I win! Oh, what did I get? What did I win, Mr. Smiley?
      Guy Smiley: Well, F you!
      Caller: <house gets invaded by monsters> Oh, no!

  • "Jeopardy's Tooth: Bubble Jeopardy" mines humor from Katie Couric's turn guest-hosting Jeopardy!
    • "Introducing today's contestants: a letter, a ghoul, and a pie."
    Katie Couric: (reading clue) In 1942, three years later.
    Keith: What is two?
    Katie: That's right.
    Katie: It's "Yo Yo Yo" and a bottle of Captain Morgan™ for this performer.
    (''cut to "Hotline Bling" edit consisting entirely of Drake singing "You" over and over again)
    Michalle: Who is Drake?
    Katie: No.
    (beep beep beep)
    Katie: We were looking for "You".
    (beep beep beep)
    Katie: Who is Herbert Hoover?
    Katie: This kid made "Sauce Boy" on YouTube in 2012.
    Keith: Who is Mickey Mouse?
    Katie: No.
    Michalle: Who is DaThings?
    Katie: Yes! Go ahead.
    • The lady from "Burgers and Greens" gets a Call-Back:
    Cindy: The last thing you need in your Burger King burger is someone's foot fungus. But that's often just what you get. Look at me, I'm a catgirl. Nya nya nya~
    Katie: Michalle is a librarian from Texas. You actually dropped out of school to write poetry?
    Michalle: I did. I was in—
    • Keith whistling the Old Spice jingle.
    Katie: Pie is our returning champion from Pencilsburg, Pencil-vania, and I understand you have a 20-pound mechanical pencil? And I understand you have Castlevania?
    Katie: Let's start with Ian. Your response was...
    (Daily Double sound effect)
    Katie: The Daily Bubble! Wow, anything can happen in Jeopardy!
  • Jeopardy's TWOth: Double the Bubble. The sequel to Jeopardy's Tooth: Bubble Jeopardy manages to keep up with the humor and pace of its predecessor.
    • The intro:
    Johnny Gilbert: Morgan Bryles, Matt Walks, and Garron Teleports. (Garron teleports)
    • Katie on a guest category by Sting:
    Katie: How cool is that? Morgan?
    (Morgan hesitates)
    (beep beep beep)
    Katie: What is "so cool"?
    • A clue goes awry:
    (clue shows this meme)
    Katie: China is the top consumer of these units.
    Garron: What are watts?
    Katie: No.
    Morgan: What are wot?
    Katie: No.
    Matt: What is wut?
    Katie: No. The response we were looking for: "wat."
    • Sting presents a clue:
    Sting: In the musical The Last Sh[bleep], I played this British Prime Minister.
    Matt: Who is Thatcher?
    Katie: Don't cry.
    Sting: Hi, I'm sting and I'm excited to present Blue's Clues.
    (beep beep beep)
    Katie: What is "Sting is old"?
    • "This 1886 act allowed Americans to pee on its military."
    • "Your blanket used to measure 3.2 feet. In 2019 it fell by 4 inches, giving it the lowest percent of this."
    • Morgan's voice being pitch shifted to the tune of "Come On Eileen".
    • "Gross cup of coffee. So take it from Skelly, enjoy a rich delicious cup of brandy instead of coffee."
    Katie: With his partner Betty Greene, Adolph Green wrote the greenplay for this Grene Kelly musical about the sauce film era. (clue turns green)
    Matt: Minimominem?
    Katie: Eeny, meeny, miny, no.
    • The interviews:
    Katie: Diego is a stay-at-home dad from San Diego.
    Garron: Yeah.
    Katie: Go, Diego, Go! Matt Montana, he's a digital journal. You look like it, the way you're dressed.
    Matt: Haha, thank you, yeah.
    Katie: So in middle school I understand you actually hosted Jeopardy!
    Matt: Yes, uh, I, well, I was just—
    Katie: (interrupting) Yeah, well, I'll see you in court. And finally, Morgan Briles is a reindeer.
    Morgan: Yes.
    Katie: Tell us about that.
    (timer beeping)
    Katie: We're out of time, but Bubble Jeopardy! is next.

  • Jeopardy's 3th: Jeopardy's TEETH, the third of DaThings' Jeopardy! series, is just as hilarious as its preceeding entries.
    The U.S. Government, Ski Resorts, Boy Scouts, Left Hand For Life, The Roman Empire, To The Stars, The Blank Blank Way, 1000 People, The Human Female Body, Armed Forces, and cs188.
    • The first three questions indicate an interesting theatrical tradition in this universe.
    "Act Ⅰ of this Gilbert O'Sullivan operetta has the lyric 'Oh no, it's Benedict Cumberbatch / I better fart'"note 
    "Act Ⅹ̅ⅯⅯnote  of this Alan Cumming operetta has the lyric "Oh no, it's Floop / I better faraf floolf flalf flulf'note 

  • "Thing of Da Hill"
    • Transitioning to the intro remix from "Honeybees," for starters.
    • Hank’s list of party guests:
    "Hank, Bill, Dale, Boom Boom, Dank, Hill, Bale, Bank, Dill, Hale, Boomhauer, and Doomhauer."
    • The Running Gag of Hank constantly turning down Bobby asking for a skateboard.

  • "Amciemt Aliems", a poop of another History Channel show, Ancient Aliens.
    • Every instance of Brodyquest in the video.
    • "Throughout history, humans threw out history."
    • "We had extraterrestrials manipulating our DNA." "Oh, man." "Extraterrestrials DNI."
    • An Overly Long Gag of listing various superheroes, from the Fantastic Four to Wonder Woman to Iron Man, caps off by combining them into "Super Incredible Fantastic Wonder Iron Hawk Spider Bat Animal Trans Woman, the Ex-Man".
    • "Perhaps further clues can be found by more closely examining mankind's modern stories of astronaut beings pretending to be ordinary humans in space by disguising themselves as crewmates. It's called Among Us."
      • "But could Amogus be inspired by our desire to connect with powerful bees?"
    • "Skeleton theorists sayyas, and as evidence, they cite Sans Undertale.
    • The Stinger, featuring Stan Lee delivering a sentence-mixed "The Reason You Suck" Speech to the show itself:
    Stan Lee: Since this is on History, I assumed it would give you some quality education. I also figured that it would stick to facts. Or so I thought.
    Narrator: Ancient astronaut theorists say yes.
    Stan Lee: (as the word "theorists" is highlighted on-screen) Now that should give you some indication that this information is very much speculation. In other words, you're wrong.

  • "Cutchen", a poop of Cutthroat Kitchen.

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