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This covers "Other"-typenote  characters who are recruitable through the gacha or special events; the Other type is a catch-all term for beings that don't fit neatly into one of the other five racial classifications.


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     Shared Tropes 
  • Early Installment Weirdness: "Primal"-type characters used to be sorted into this category before they were given their own designation. Lucio in particular was sorted into "Primal" after this happened, but was eventually recategorized as "Other" after the reveal that he is not a creation of the Astrals, and thusly not technically a Primal, despite functionally being one.
  • Expy: Filene, Grea, Amira, Erin, Veight, Vania, Orchid and Nina all originated from different Cygames franchises before being ported over into Granblue Fantasy. Lucio originally qualified, though this was subverted by the time of 000’s release.
  • Half-Human Hybrid: Most half-human, half-something else characters tend to fall into the "Other" category, such as Nina, Filene and Grea who are the children of a human and a dragon.


Voiced by: Risa Shimizu

(Captain) said... They'd take me to Helheim... They promised... I believe (Captain)... (Captain) would never lie!
Descended Girl
Half-God, Half-Demon Form 
SR Version 
Summer Version 
Rarity: SR, SSR
Element: Light, Dark (Summer ver.)
Style: Special, Attack (SR ver.), Balanced (Summer ver.)
Weapon Specialty: Melee
Charge Attack: Avantesia, Inhuman Rampage (When transformed), Valley of the Damned (Summer ver.)

A half-human, half-demon hybrid who originates from Rage of Bahamut.

  • Bare Your Midriff: In her transformed state, Amira's midriff is exposed.
  • Big Eater: Still carries this characteristic from the anime in this game, and is the focus of some of her Fate Episodes and appearances in the Grand Blues! comics.
  • Boobs-and-Butt Pose: In her SSR version's uncap artwork showing Amira's Half-God, Half-Demon Form.
  • Cooldown Manipulation: Post-5★ uncap, Amira's Inhuman Rampage Charge Attack will also reduce all of her skills' cooldowns by 1.
  • Counter-Attack: Her "Hidden Key" passive got a Balance Buff on May 2018 which makes her counter once every turn when she takes damage.
  • Developers' Foresight: Amira's Half-God Half Demon mode has a 10-cooldown/10-uptime or is almost available provided that you have a full Charge bar to reactivate it immediately. If you manage to reduce the cooldown further by spamming her 5★ Charge Attack, you can activate the skill even if Amira is already transformed. Doing so will provide no effects but the skill's cooldown will be set to 1, allowing her to transform on the next turn instead when it properly expires.
  • Does Not Like Shoes: She becomes barefoot in her Half-God, Half-Demon form, though they become demonic feet anyway, which she also uses for kicking.
  • Excuse Me While I Multitask: In her SR version's second uncap art, she is surrounded with all sorts of food. Her 5★ has her making a kick while carrying a bag with food and with a bread on her mouth!
  • Girlish Pigtails: One of her NPC artworks and her SR version feature this in part of her casual outfit from the anime.
  • Good Old Fisticuffs: She won't kick her enemies in her normal mode.
  • Half-Human Hybrid: She's half demon, half angel.
  • Horned Humanoid: She gains horns post-transformation.
  • Kick Chick: Her transformed state would incorporate kicks into her attacks, as a reference to the anime.
  • Kung-Fu Sonic Boom: The kinetic blows Amira deals using her Inhuman Rampage Charge Attack are accompanied by shockwaves.
  • Mana Drain: Her "Power Within" ability allows her to drain the charge attack bars of both the enemy and her team. It is actually beneficial gameplay-wise since she has passive and active skills that allow her to rapidly fill up her charge attack bar in a few turns, which is also a requirement for her Super Mode.
  • Missing Mom: The crux of her character arc is that she's been searching for her mom for a very long time.
  • Mythology Gag:
    • In the Rage of Bahamut: Genesis anime, she is first seen as a naked woman who fell from the sky, where she beats up three goons who tried to kidnap her and promptly steals one of the men's clothes. She later wears a feminine casual outfit as a gift from Favaro. In this game, the Grancypher crew is the first group to meet her as she fell in the ship's deck and later receives her feminine casual outfit shortly afterwards. But she fell from the sky again after attempting to catch a bird while aboard the ship and lands near three of Granblue's generic thieves. After beating up two of the thieves for damaging her clothes, the third one surrenders his clothes out of fear.
    • Her initial artwork in Granblue is based on her pose from the opening sequence of Rage of Bahamut: Genesis.
    • The animation of Amira's Inhuman Rampage 4-hit combo is an exact duplicate of how she defeats the summoned demon from the anime, as seen here.
  • Our Demons Are Different: Being a half-demon, she has a human form and a demon form. Also one who can harness the powers of light.
  • Shout-Out: Her normal charge attack's name is the name of a heavy metal band.
  • Stripperiffic: Her demon form's wearing the bare minimum to cover herself.
  • Super Mode: At Level 90, Half-God Half-Demon mode is enhanced with the "Hidden Key" passive which grants her plenty of attack bonuses, guaranteed Counter-Attack when damaged, increased multi-attack rates, increased Defense against Light, and an immunity against debuffs. All of these at the cost of a full Charge Attack gauge.
  • Vacuum Mouth: Much like Lyria, Amira's Big Eater and "quick-eater" tendencies get exaggerated in the Grand Blues! comics that turn her into a human vacuum when it comes to food.
  • Who Wears Short Shorts?: Her casual attire barely covers her legs.
  • Winged Humanoid: In her transformed state, she sprouts demonic wings.
  • Yin-Yang Bomb: Transforming into her demon form has her deal extra Dark damage to enemies.
  • You Gotta Have Blue Hair: Naturally, she has pink hair, which turns into light-blue/cyan in her Half-God, Half-Demon form.
  • Younger Than They Look: She's actually 5 years old.


Voiced by: Masaya Matsukaze
"Kappa Summer Chronicle" Summer Version 
Rarity: SR
Element: Dark, Fire
Style: Balanced
Weapon Specialty: Melee+Spear
Charge Attack: Lunar Ruler Invasion

An agent of the Moon sent to a "fossilized" world to retrieve the enigma memory of Pyet-A, unfortunately said mission goes awry the moment he crashes on Moon Silver and finds himself swept in the machinations of the Society.

He is part of the characters revolving around "The Society" arc, being introduced in "Second Advent", as well as appearing alongside Beatrix and Zeta in the 2019 Summer event "Kappa Summer Chronicle".

  • Accidental Pun: In "Kappa Summer Chronicle", Cassius makes a sentence with Kyuta's name and the word "quota", to which Beatrix jokingly reacts to, and Cassius simply replies that the pun was unintentional.
  • A Day in the Limelight: Cassius is the event character for "Second Advent". He also is the leading star of "Spaghetti Syndrome".
  • Bishounen: His pale skin, long hair and blue eyes make him more handsome than eerie.
  • Breakout Character: While not as big as some cases in this game, he is specifically stated by Word of God to have gained popularity since his introduction, even being well liked among the game's production staff.
  • Fish out of Water: A huge focus of his character after "Second Advent", since he's a moondweller who landed on the sky realm.
  • Gender Flip: "Spaghetti Syndrome" makes it clear that his story arc is in fact an allusion to Princess Kaguya, as he came to Earth and learned how to be more human by enjoying life with the Captain, Beatrix and company, and the Sky World. Only to be forcibly sent home, crying all the way as he laments all the people and fun he has to leave behind and forcibly made emotionless by his fellow moondwellersnote .
  • Humans by Any Other Name: As a moondweller, Cassius calls the skydwellers as "fossildwellers".
  • Literal-Minded: Misinterprets a rice ball party as a "celebration for the manufacture of rice balls" when its actually just "eating rice balls with your friends". Cassius even tries to define the words one-by-one and combine all meanings until Beatrix and Zeta had to correct him.
  • Long-Haired Pretty Boy: Has a very long silver hair that goes past his waist, he also ties it to a ponytail while wearing yukata.
  • No Shirt, Long Jacket: Cassius always reveals his bare, shirtless chest no matter if he's wearing a long coat or a yukata.
  • Kimono Fanservice: Wears a white yukata in the festival of "Kappa Summer Chronicle".
  • Not So Different: Cassius himself asked to go on vacation for curiosity's sake, while accompanied by Beatrix and Zeta under Society's surveillance.
  • Occult Blue Eyes: To emphasize his alien nature, which stands out against his incredibly pale skin.
  • People Jars: With his brain removed when he returned to the moon, Cassius's body has been preserved in a tank.
  • The Spock: Thoroughly a person of logic who attempts to measure all benefits of taking an action and finds the more emotionally and instinctually driven Society members fascinating for their sheer disregard for rationality.
  • Trapped in Another World: Pretty much stuck in the Sky World due to the inability to acquire adequate craft to leave the atmosphere and return to the Moon. Which ultimately is a minor footnote compared to his failure of retrieving Pyet-A, completely losing all data in Yek, and helping the skydwellers enhance themselves. He decides to make the best of it and satisfy his innate curiosity for as long as he can.


Voiced by: Rie Takahashi

From my perspective... it's you people who do things strangely.
Crystal Maiden

Rarity: SR
Element: Water
Style: Heal
Weapon Specialty: Staff
Charge Attack: Neige Glacier

The head of the Crystalia and Lily's friend, she joins the player after the events of "A Peace of the Pie" to sate her curiosity of the outside world. She is one of the many imported characters from Rage of Bahamut.



Voiced by: Sora Amamiya
Whitefrost Dragon Maiden

Rarity: SSR
Element: Water
Style: Special
Weapon Specialty: Spear
Charge Attack: Stille Weiss

She originates from Shadowverse.

     Goblin Mage 

Voiced by: Kotori Koiwai
Rarity: SR
Element: Wind
Style: Special
Weapon Specialty: Staff
Charge Attack: Sparkling Staff

A small goblin girl who was taken in and looked after by an adventurer named Feena, but has since become separated from her. Goblin Mage joins the Grancypher crew in the hopes of being reunited with Feena, as the protagonist and company have worked with her in the past.

  • Attention Deficit... Ooh, Shiny!: Very literally, she just loves shiny objects, bright lights, especially gemstones. It seems to be a common trait for goblins. This trait of hers serves as a clue when she gets lost in the crowd during Feena's Christmas Fate Episode.
  • Big Sister Worship: Absolutely idolizes Feena.
  • Bizarre Sexual Dimorphism: Male goblins are the typical Always Chaotic Evil, green-skinned, gangling humanoids seen in most Western fantasy. If Goblin Mage is anything to go by, female goblins are near indistinguishable from Harvins.
  • Cute Monster Girl: For a goblin, she's pretty adorable.
  • Desperation Attack: Her third skill inflicts a randomized debuff. The lower her health is, the more likely it is to be something powerful like Fear or Paralyze.
  • A Dog Named "Dog": Or "A Goblin Named Goblin Mage". Goblins are not a creative bunch, it seems.
  • Dub Name Change: From Mini-Gob to Goblin Mage, in keeping with the same thing happening to her card appearance in Rage of Bahamut.
  • Gorgeous Gorgon: Many townfolk react to her with fear or disgust, afraid of the "horrible goblin" that's wandered into town. It gets particularly confusing in her introductory Fate Episode, when a supposed veteran goblin hunter mistakes her for a human child.
  • In the Hood: She wears a green hoodie.
  • Laser-Guided Amnesia: As demonstrated in Feena's episode, Goblin Mage has the ability to wipe memories, including the identity of the victim.
  • Verbal Tic: Ends all her sentences with -gobu.


Voiced by: Ayaka Fukuhara
SR Version 
Summer Version 
Rarity: SR, SSR
Element: Fire, Water (Summer ver.)
Style: Attack
Weapon Specialty: Melee
Charge Attack: Dragon's Detonation (SR ver.), Cleaving Madness (Fire SSR ver. and Summer ver.)

A half-dragon girl, adrift and alone in the world, attending the Mysteria School of Magic as no other place will take her in. She seeks purpose, she seeks meaning to her life... and most of all, she so desperately seeks friends and a place to belong.

Originally from Rage of Bahamut, Grea debuted in her own event, "Lonesome Dragoness", in September of 2017, with her SR version being free and her SSR entering the standard gacha pool. She later got a swimsuit summer version during August 2018's Flash Gala.

  • Adaptation Deviation: Compared to her other appearances in Cygames titles, there's a few elements of her backstory that are different. The biggest is probably her origin - or, specifically, how her origins are a bit unclear and she herself seems unsure of them (and how this feeds her ennui when the crew first meets her). In many of her other appearances, Grea is a "princess of the Dragons", which can mean a few different things in various settings, but in Granblue, because the nature of True Dragons is fairly different, Grea isn't royalty of any kind and how she came to be is a lot more obscure.
  • A Day in the Limelight: Grea is the playable SR character in the "Lonesome Dragoness" event which marks her debut in the game. Her SSR version was also released into the gacha at the same time!
  • Adventure Duo: Her second skill in her Summer version makes this a gameplay mechanic. She creates a link with another party member, boosting both their stats and allowing her partner to also gain the benefits of her Dragonheart skill. (Three guesses as who this is intended to go to - never mind who gets a dedicated callout for this being a "combination move!" - and if you need all three guesses, you might be thicker than Grea's tail.)
  • Afraid of Their Own Strength: Considering that she can destroy pretty much anything and she could (and has) gone berserk if the power overwhelms her, she has very good reason to be afraid. Much of the "Lonesome Dragoness" event revolves around realizing that while her power is dangerous, it's also something that can be used for good, and her SSR fate episodes are more or less dedicated to overcoming her fear well enough to properly fight at full strength.
  • All the Other Reindeer: Her half-dragon nature made her feel alienated from everyone else and she's been called a monster to her face more than once. Anne has been, prior to Grea meeting the crew, the only person willing to be Grea's unequivocal friend.
    • After the Lonesome Dragoness event, it gets Played for Laughs. She's saddened to notice that despite all of her efforts in saving the school a lot of people are still giving her the stinkeye. It then cuts to said people... who are indeed not scared of her anymore, but are still staring because now they've noticed she's smoking hot.
  • Ambiguously Gay: Depending on how you interpret her relationship with Anne, she could be this or Single-Target Sexuality. However, like with similarly heavily implied Ambiguously Gay characters, nothing has been confirmed as by Word of God as of yet.
  • Anti-Magic: Her dragon power can cancel and absorb magic, which combined with her already immense power makes her a Person of Mass Destruction. In a case of Gameplay and Story Integration, her standard SSR version can dispel buffs, and her event summon removes a buff from both enemies and allies.
  • Artistic License – Biology: Her tail is a bit famous for this, due to its thickness. While sticking tails on humanoids has been an artistic concept for ages (humans do have vestigial tailbones), Grea's is consistently depicted as so thick at the base that it would cause problems with the rest of a normal human's anatomy. As such, either the tail begins internally much further up her spine and would lead to a different sacral curve, coccyx and overall hip structure (yet she has a completely normal human gait), or it takes up enough of her posterior to, erm, partially obstruct what would be the anus of a normal human. Worse, her various portraits are a bit inconsistent about its precise positioning on her body. This was a bit easier to ignore in her earlier appearances... but then she got her swimsuit version and it became almost impossible to un-see.
  • Bandage Babe: In her Summer version's art, Grea covers her draconic arm with bandages.
  • Because You Were Nice to Me: She's incredibly loyal to Anne and willing to risk her life for her friend because Anne was the first person at Mysteria to show her unconditional kindness and acceptance.
  • Boobs-and-Butt Pose: In her Summer version's initial artwork, but the tail covers her butt.
  • Boobs of Steel: She's one of the stronger characters in the setting (her event and SSR Fate imply she could, with practice and control, be on the level of someone like Scathacha, which is to say she'd be on par with incarnated primals in lore) and she has to be at least comparable with some smaller draph women.
  • Commonality Connection: Lyria bonds with her over them both having an incredible power that makes them feared by others. It's through this that Grea begins to realize that her power can be used to protect rather than just destroy - and Lyria summoning Bahamut (that is, a dragon) at the climax of her event is what really helps.
  • Damage-Increasing Debuff: All of her versions can inflict the Dracoforce debuff on an enemy, and she deals increased auto-attack, skill, and Charge Attack damage to those who are affected by the debuff.
  • Desperately Seeking A Purpose In Life: It's not extremely prominent, but it's there in the earlier parts of her plot. She's at Mysteria because she has nowhere else to go, and aside from somewhat vague musical pursuits she just doesn't know what to do with herself because she feels like nobody can accept her.
  • Draconic Humanoid: She's a half-human who has visible dragon parts appearing as a pair of wings, horns, tail, and her right hand.
  • Elegant Classical Musician: She has a talent for playing the piano.
  • Friendless Background: Before she enrolled herself to Mysteria academy.
  • Gameplay and Story Integration: To what is sure to be the shock of many, Summer Grea and Water Anne work extremely well together and seem designed to complement each other. Grea's key feature is being able to "link" with a party member to help provide them a number of buffs. Anne basically benefits from all of these: it heals her a bit (which helps sustain her tanking), it provides 15% charge bar per turn, and it grants 50% CA damage and increases the CA damage cap by 30%. Anne already has a gimmick wherein she gains a stacking CA damage buff when she takes a hit, and Linkage stacks with that, so not only does she want to CA a lot (which Linkage and shared Dragonheart help with) but Grea allows her to hit an astounding 125% CA damage up at max stacks. Anne, in turn, provides a lot of the tanking the otherwise rather squishy Grea needs to stay alive and do her thing. Put them together, and you end up with a duo that easily CAs every three to four turns and breaks the damage cap in half doing it, even with a non-endgame grid.
  • Half-Human Hybrid: A half-dragon.
  • Horned Humanoid: Grea has dragon horns.
  • Interspecies Friendship: With Anne; it's one of the things that keeps Grea going. Her second one with Lyria is what inspires her to try to use her abilities to be a real hero. (And of course, depending on how you want to slice it, her thing with Anne might count as Interspecies Romance, too.)
  • Joshikousei: A fancy version is her SR look. Her SSR look has her losing the jacket for some of her classic RoB poses.
  • Lonely Piano Piece: She tends to play these herself. Everyone who hears her piano agrees that her skill is excellent, but everything she plays feels sad and lonely.
  • Mythology Gag: All of her SSR portraits, and even a CG from the "Lonesome Dragoness" event, are lifted from her Rage of Bahamut cards, though entirely redrawn to match the Granblue style. (Specifically: her first SSR pose is her original card, her second pose is her Legend card, and the CG during the event is the "Anne & Grea" SSR card.) Summer 2018 saw a variant of her old stage 1 Summer Grea outfit become a limited Water SSR, while Maid Grea and "Do-or-Die" Grea remain the two remaining odd cards out (and Do-or-Die is likely being saved for a later version of Grea down the road). Even Summer Grea's new skill icon gets in on the act, as the pose of the figures in it matches the pose the two strike in the Princess Diva Anne card perfectly.
  • Playing with Fire: Again, dragon. The flames she invokes tend to be blue in her SSR and Water versions, though.
  • Pointy Ears: They aren't super prominent (most people notice the tail & wings) but she does have them. They're small enough that sometimes her hair hides them, though.
  • Power Creep: Although they're in different elements, Summer Grea is pretty much comprehensively better than SSR Fire Grea. Water is a pretty good element for her kit to start with (there's lots of ways for her to get tons of multi-attack outside of Dragonheart), but while Fire Grea's nuke+dispel move was neat, Blazing Duo's Linkage effect is better in every way: it gives her 50% more CA damage (and huge CAs are her specialty to start with), she gains 15% CA gauge every turn with it up, and she shares these effects with another party member and can also give them Dragonheart (which remains 100% triples and got improved to 60% crit). Did we also mention that Dragonheart can now stack with other crit buffs? Oh, and her CA got a 20% gauge refund strapped to it, so she can Dragonheart right after using her CA if she feels like it. She's very close to being Water's premier attacker now (with Silva keeping herself relevant via her 5* uncap) whereas Fire Grea has a lot more competition and lacks some of the things that make Summer Grea so compelling. Then again she IS a limited character only available in a short span of time, in contrast to her regular version, which is easily ticketable and available at all time.
  • Red Right Hand: Literally. Her right hand is draconic, can emit flames and acts as her primary weapon in battle.
  • Scenery Censor: A panel in Grand Blues! Comic #1118 is drawn in such a way that Grea's wings cover Anne's bare chest when the latter's bra got washed away by the sea.
  • Ship Tease:
    • As ever and always, she and Anne get a ton of it between "Lonesome Dragoness" and their Fate Episodes. They've had this ever since Rage of Bahamut, and if you thought it was stopping here, you might not have noticed the wings and tail, too.
      • Her Summer version turns it Up to Eleven, given that Anne is extremely eager to get Grea into as revealing a swimsuit as possible and really loves seeing Grea in it. And then there's Summer Grea's limit break art, wherein... she's reclining on the lap of a swimsuited (and deliriously happy) Anne by the seaside, reaching up to gently stroke Anne's face, her expression delighted and her eyes sparkling with love... oh, and did we mention the blooming lily in the foreground?
    • She also gets a bit with the Captain, though this is more by proxy of being the person who helps her come out of her shell, especially in her Fate Episodes.
      • Most notably, her first Valentine's message since her debut has her giving chocolates to the Captain... and the emphasis is on having made them with Anne.
    • It's also possible to read her interest in Lyria as a bit more than entirely platonic, especially when she's awed at Lyria summoning Bahamut and being a bit bashful about talking to her afterward.
  • Status-Buff Dispel: Her Cleansing Burst skill removes one status buff from the enemy.
  • Technicolor Fire: While she primarily channels orange-red flames, Grea can also produce blue flames, as seen in her Mana Agni ability from her "Lonesome Dragoness" event summon.
  • Unstoppable Rage: Her dragon blood gives her incredible power, but also a chance of running completely berserk if used too much, or if she becomes emotionally unbalanced. Simply getting angry causes shockwaves of Battle Aura that tear her surroundings apart. An incident where she ended up killing multiple soldiers during a training exercise gone wrong is most of the reason she was shunned and called a monster.
  • Unusually Uninteresting Sight: Played with - you might think that, on top of the tail and wings, people would also comment on her horns and pointy ears (both were of note in Bahamut). Except... in Granblue, there's an entire race of horned people who are fully integrated into skydom life, and there's two races with pointy ears of the sort she has! As such, the Captain only has dialogue options for the tail and wings.
  • Wardrobe Malfunction: Her outfit has become a bit memetic with fans for a problem it has... with her tail. Her school has a fairly standard, if somewhat fancy, Joshikousei outfit for the girls. Except that Grea's skirt hasn't, uh, been modified for her tail. As a result, her SR portrait in particular looks rather like it's mooning everyone all the time. (This was less of a problem in RoB because her tail wasn't as thick, but in Granblue it's gigantic.)
  • Winged Humanoid: She has red draconic wings.

    Helel ben Shalem 

Voiced by: Mariya Ise
Inquisitor of Dusk
Rarity: SSR
Element: Dark
Style: Special
Weapon Specialty: Spear+Staff
Charge Attack: Chaos Legion

A divine servant not seen since antiquity reawakens in a world which to her is the future. She journeys across the skies, determined to fill in the blank spaces that dot her memories.

  • All-Powerful Bystander: Seems to have followed Helel ben Sahar's current policy regarding the Speakers' involvement to the skies after she properly reunited with Sahar in the "Chaos returns" free quests. The Speakers simply let the Singularity's crew and the new Supreme Primach battle the returned Beelzebub, but when something beyond their capability happened like a falling Pandemonium, the Speakers intervened and destroyed Pandemonium with a Combination Attack.
  • All Just a Dream: Her way of coping as someone woke up in what is essentially the future world for her. This mentality also leads to hilarious situations like Shalem drinking someone else's juice regardless of courtesy because she convinced herself she's in a dream world so anything goes. By the end of her fate episode, Shalem discards this mentality and accepts the current world as reality.
  • Ambiguously Evil: Downplayed. Though she's a bit snarky and comes off as rude to the protagonist at times, she has yet to be actively malicious toward anyone, or at least malicious to the extent her clone has been. That said, there must have been a reason why Sahar has decided to treat her with caution.
  • Ambiguous Gender: Like Helel ben Sahar, her gender is labeled as "Unknown". Despite this, she presents as female and is referred to with female pronouns. She’s even referred to as a "young girl" in the summary of her first fate episode. She notably complains for Valentine's Day that mortals being focused on women giving gifts to men is weird.
  • Braids of Action: Her long hair is mostly braided.
  • Cloudcuckoolander: Despite accepting the reality of her situation, she's still prone to some really weird ideas. She somehow gets it into her head that Valentine's Day is about the ritualistic sacrifice of anyone named Coco.
  • Dark-Skinned Blonde: Has bronzed skin and golden hair. It's a hint that she's connected to the hooded man.
  • Deal with the Devil: Played for laughs. Shalem tempts the Captain if they want power in exchange for carrying her on their back to walk up the stairs.
  • Distaff Counterpart: To the Dawn Speaker, Helel ben Sahar.
  • Does Not Like Shoes: She is always barefoot.
  • Evil Me Scares Me: It's implied she's not exactly pleased when she saw what her clone had become and the damage he did to the Sky Realm.
    Helel ben Sahar: A little more, and disaster would have been upon us. Your clone has proved as mischievous as mine.
    Helel ben Shalem: Do you blame me for his crimes?
    Helel ben Sahar: (Regarding Beelzebub's chaos powers.) Chaos is truly a terrible force.
    Helel ben Shalem: No being should be able to wield such power, my clone or no. And you saw how it made him bulk out...
  • Femme Fatalons: Her toenails are long and appear to be extremely sharp. She also has a villainous aura to her, though downplayed as she has yet to be shown to be evil.
  • Fish out of Temporal Water: She was from a time far older than the present, but was sealed into an Ark and later woke up in what is essentially the future for her.
  • Gender-Blender Name: Her name translates to "Son of Peace". Given that she's named after the twin brother God of Shahar, the God of Dusk Shalim, it's probably intentional.
  • Gendered Outfit: As Beelzebub is her clone, her outfit is essentially this. Though unlike most examples of this trope, her outfit isn’t that much more fanservice-laden than his own.
  • God Was My Copilot: Altair, during The Art of Mercy event, found some stone tablets detailing the creation myth and the name of the Dusk Speaker, Helel ben Shalem. Naturally, he had a hard time believing an ancient Speaker back in the time of antiquity could be some random girl the Captain picked up to join the crew recently.
  • Historical Gender Flip: Downplayed. While she shares a name with the male mythological figure Shalim, outside of them both being connected to a figure named Shahar/Sahar, and them having an association with dusk, she otherwise has very little else to do with him, similarly to the other characters who’s names are borrowed from historical and mythological figures for one reason or another.
  • Instant Runes: Conjures her personal sigil for her charge attack Chaos Legion. It's also a similar sigil that appears in Beelzebub's attacks, a sign of their connection.
  • Internal Reveal: While the players had known that Helel ben Sahar was Lucio since the end of "What Makes The Sky Blue: 000", she didn't and was only implied to have a feeling that Lucio was Sahar in her fate episodes. They seemingly get reacquainted off-screen, which the player doesn't get to witness despite it being established that she was pissed at Sahar for abandoning her.
  • Judge, Jury, and Executioner: Her role as the Dusk Speaker. While Helel ben Sahar as the Dawn Speaker was tasked with guiding mortal life according to the Omnipotent's words, Shalem's job was to expunge the heretics trying to interfere with their job. Her first meeting with the Adventurer also involved her trying to judge whether they were a heretic and would had removed them if they were.
  • Laser-Guided Amnesia: Appears to suffer from this and spends a good portion of her fate episodes trying to remember who she is. This is also one of the reasons why she ends up joining the crew.
  • Little Miss Snarker: Shalem is quite sassy for someone who just woke up from ages long slumber.
  • Ms. Fanservice: In her uncap art, she combines She's Got Legs with a rather lewd pose and is fairly unabashed about talking about sex to the main character. Taken even further in her similarly suggestive Valentine’s Day skin art.
  • Meaningful Name: Shalim is the twin brother of the God, Shahar. Similarly to this notion in mythology, she is associated with Helel Ben Sahar, who appears in her fate episodes. As well, and notably, the "Helel ben" part was added to solidify her connection to Sahar, and is not actually a part of Shalim's name. Though technically, the applies to Shahar as well.
  • Nice Job Breaking It, Hero!: She and Sahar destroy Pandemonium to prevent it from causing further destruction. It revealed in the Tower of Babyl recurring even that this only made the situation worse, as it gave Beelzebub the ability to create the Tower of Babyl, where he spawned more monsters and broke anything within its winds equilibrium with the power of chaos. After realizing their mistake, they decide that their help would only further worsen the situation and leave dealing with the tower and Beelzebub to the crew.
  • Older Is Better: Despite being in a moderately comfortable present time, Shalem noted that life of mortals back in the time of antiquity was relatively easier and more convenient. Since Shalem repeatedly questions why the mortals rose up in rebellion against the Omnipotent in the creation myth, something must have happened to mortals that lead to their current life.
  • Opposite-Sex Clone: Not her but it is heavily implied that hers is Beelzebub.
  • Oral Fixation: For some reason she has an object resembling a pacifier in her mouth. Even she's confused as to why she has it and can't take it out. In flashback sequences, it’s shown that she didn’t always have a pacifier in her mouth.
  • Physical God: As a Speaker of the Omnipotent and counterpart to Helel ben Sahar, Shalem stands pretty high on the divinity spectrum, a lot higher than the average Primal Beast. As an example of her power, her charge attack causes what is essentially a Fantastic Nuke.
  • Power Floats: Like Lucio a.k.a Helel ben Sahar, Shalem stays afloat in battle. She still walks outside of battle though, and in her fate episode, she gets tired from walking and asks the Captain to carry her on their back.
  • Rapunzel Hair: Her hair goes at least a couple feet past her feet.
  • Remember the New Guy?: Though her fate episodes would imply that Lucio, also known as her comrade Helel Ben Sahar, knew of her existence all along and previously interacted with her, she had never been alluded to previously, not even during Sahar’s Info Dump of the world's creation in "What Makes The Sky Blue III: 000". Sahar also never implied or had shown through the murals there was more than one Speaker, making it come off as if he was the only direct servant of omnipotent until she was added a few months later.
  • Sealed Evil in a Can: Despite being a relatively friendly person, Lucio treats Shalem's emergence from her slumber in the Ark with caution. As she's only awake because of the destruction of Etemenanki which made the providence in the hearts of mortals grow weak, combined with Otherworld beings' desire to take her powers, Lucio has a good reason to be cautious.
  • Shout-Out: Her skill names are named after songs by the band Genesis, keeping in line with both the rock band song naming trend and the biblical motifs.
  • Sibling Yin-Yang: With Lucio/Sahar. While he is polite and attempts to be considerate of the feelings of others despite not fully grasping them, Shalem is more blunt and to the point, coming off as a bit of a Jerkass at times because of this.
  • Signature Move: Her charge attack Chaos Legion. A Fantastic Nuke composed of raw energy. When released, it sucks everything outside into it like a vacuum then explodes into a Sphere of Destruction, completely obliterates everything in the vicinity. When combined with Lucio's Paradise Lost, it becomes powerful enough to completely destroy the falling Pandemonium.
  • The Tease: Though likely unintentionally on her part, she’s this toward the captain due to her bluntness and lack of social awareness.
  • Telepathy: She's capable of this, but only uses it when she's annoyed from having to talk a lot while her speech is hindered by her pacifier.
  • Time Abyss: Same as Helel ben Sahar, Shalem existed in a time far older than recorded history, even older than the Astrals and Primarchs.
  • Wham Episode: Her intro really piles on the mysteries and her Fate Episode piles on even more like that she's Beelzebub's originator, she's Sahar's opposite, and she apparently met a previous incarnation of the player character.
  • You Remind Me of X: Shalem initially mistaken the Captain as someone else dubbed the Adventurer instead. It's very likely said Adventurer was also a Singularity in her time, as she thinks their soul is the same as the Captain's.


Voiced by: Yasuyuki Kase

Rarity: SR
Element: Wind
Style: Special
Weapon Specialty: Melee+Gun
Charge Attack: Ring In the New

An absolutely precocious mini Joya that Mahira creates on a whim when she finds the blueprints for the original Joya.

  • 108: The motif of his skillset. He has 108 HP, his charge attack purges 108 debuffs from himself, and his third skill removes 108 debuffs from all allies.
  • Achilles' Heel: Any form of plain damage will spell his doom, as he only has 108 HP.
  • Cute Machines: Joy is adorable as his cute blue eyes go a long way to help sell his cuteness. His personality being an excited kid who wants to learn things just helps seal the deal.
  • Super Toughness: He only ever has 108 HP no matter how much HP you build, but makes up for it by only taking 1 damage regardless of element (barring plain damage of course).

     Lady Katapillar and Vira 

Voiced by: Miyuki Sawashiro and Asami Imai

Vira: Heehee... Heeheehee... Finding this ruin was so fortuitous. To be able to turn someone into a weapon you can control... it's... perfect! She moves where I want and says what I want to hear! The perfect Katalina, my Katapillar, has been born!

Rarity: SSR
Element: Water
Style: Special
Weapon Specialty: Melee+Gun
Charge Attack: Rocket Punch

Katalina who was transformed into a robot by Vira. She also serves as an unwitting pawn and final boss of the event, L.E.T.S. H.A.N.G.

  • All Just a Dream: Along with almost everything else in the event.
  • Defeat Equals Explosion: In her "L.E.T.S. H.A.N.G." boss battle, Katapillar explodes when she is defeated.
  • Defictionalization: In-universe example. She's a summon as well as an alternate costume for Vira.
  • Machine Monotone: Katapillar speaks in a monotonous manner.
  • Macross Missile Massacre: Her weapon of choice.
  • Making a Splash: Her playable version's element, reflecting Katalina's original element.
  • Playing with Fire: Her raid boss and summon's element. Her summon can also inflict the Burn Status Ailment.
  • The Power of Love: How Katalina manages to break through Vira's control in the story. It doesn't work in the playable version's Fate Episode.
  • Promoted to Playable: Lady Katapillar was originally a boss in the "L.E.T.S. H.A.N.G." event. Their playable version, named "Lady Katapillar and Vira" were made recruitable via premium gacha on April 2017. For all intents and purposes, since Vira is controlling her, the duo are considered an alternate version of Vira.
  • This Is a Work of Fiction: Parodied. The Lady Katapillar and Vira form has a description talking about how Katalina was transformed into "an ancient and magnificent tool of destruction", and is now a "slave to Vira's will" sent on a path to kill everyone she meets. Under this is a notice:
    *This is a work of fiction. All names, characters, and referenced incidents are products of the collective imaginations of Lowain and Bros. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.
  • Unwilling Roboticisation: Via a powerful ancient crystal, courtesy of Vira.
  • Villain Override: How Vira got Katapillar to obey her.


Voiced by: Yuka Iguchi

Take me with you! Please! Pretty please with a cherry on top! I looked everywhere for someone that can give me spring...and that's you!
A Girl in Search of Spring
Event Version 
Christmas Version 

Rarity: SR, SSR
Element: Water, Light (Christmas Version)
Style: Heal
Weapon Specialty: Staff
Charge Attack: Frozen Crystal (Event ver.), Frozen Vision, Frozen Bloom (5★ Upgrade), Frozen Twinkle (Christmas Version)

A young girl of a race called Crystalia who met the player while she was journeying through the Skydom. She is tasked to find the spring which is promised to save her people from extinction and it just so happens that the player is "carrying" it, hence joining them. Eventually she receives a message to return home.

Lily received a 5★ upgrade along with the rerun of her event on April 2019.

  • A Day in the Limelight: Has a dedicated story event focused on her task, "A Peace of the Pie".
  • An Ice Person: As a Crystalia, she literally radiates cold.
  • Art Evolution: For having an 5★ uncap art released on 2019, Lily is one of those who received a significant art evolution, with more shading and vibrant colors and a background image behind her.
  • Badass Adorable: Lily is a very sweet, cheerful, and adorable girl, and also happens to be one of the most powerful Water units in the game.
  • Big Eater: Crystalia are vegetarians, but Lily is such a big eater that she actually doesn't mind eating meat. This trope is even lampshaded by Vyrn as a trait that Lily shares with Lyria.
  • Cheerful Child: Has a rather cheerful personality despite the cold place where she came from.
  • Continuity Nod: Lily's 5★ Fate Episode is a continuation of "A Piece of the Pie", with her event outfit being used as her story artwork. Even the "A Peace of the Heart" bonus story of the event is referenced, as Linus is finally able to talk to Allie.
  • Distress Call: Lily shot a frost projectile in the sky which sends a distress signal to the other Souval and Human allies to come help in fixing the slowly-crumbling Ice Crystal Palace.
  • Does Not Like Shoes: Wears toeless and heelless-style thigh-highs which bare most of her feet.
  • Gameplay and Story Integration: Despite being a Light unit in her Holiday alt, she still has ice based skills.
  • Heroic RRoD: She briefly passed out after her first attempt at Weather Manipulation.
  • Innocent Blue Eyes: Has blue eyes, and is a Nice Girl at heart.
  • In the Hood: She dons a cloak for her event version to hide her pointy ears from the townspeople who are afraid of Crystalia.
  • Legacy Character: While there are many imported characters from Rage of Bahamut in Granblue Fantasy, there are very few who actually consistently make appearances through out Cygames’ original content like she has making her, like Lucifer and Bahamut, this.
  • Third-Person Person: She refers to herself as this.
  • Nice Girl: Lily is a sweet, kind girl that wants to help others.
  • Pimped-Out Dress: She wears a white-blue gown with edges resembling feathers.
  • Pointy Ears: The sole indication of her being a Crystalia, since unlike Draph and Harvins, they're like regular human ears but pointed.
  • Verbal Tic: Her speech ends with "-nano".
  • Weather Manipulation: She helped ease a village suffering from drought by summoning rain clouds from the cold air.
  • White Mage: Her Silverfrost Barrier skill grants a damage reduction against Fire attacks while White Heal restores HP and removes 1 status ailment. Her Level 90 upgrades makes it so that casting Silverfrost Barrier also grants a unique buff that automatically activates White Heal when the enemy uses a special attack.


Helel ben Sahar

Voiced by: Takahiro Sakurai

My master told me to be the guiding light which brings about peace and prosperity to this world. Therefore I implore you, please don't fight over me!
Arbiter Of Dawn
As Helel Ben Sahar 
"The Maydays” Summer Version 

Rarity: SSR
Element: Light, Water (Summer ver.)
Style: Balanced
Weapon Specialty: Katana+Sabre
Charge Attack: Paradise Lost

Claiming to be a former actor, his concern about an imminent crisis threatening the entire world leads him to come to the Grandcypher crew to inform them about the mysterious Crimson Horizon. His true name and identity is Helel ben Sahar, created by the Omnipotent as his Speaker to spread his words. When the Astral god split from the sky god, it created Lucilius in Helel's image. Lucilius was subconsciously aware that he was an incomplete clone of Helel, and created the primal beast Lucifer in Helel's image to complete himself.

For tropes concerning Lucifer see this page. For tropes concerning Helel ben Sahar see here.

  • Actor Allusion: The skill set of his Summer version is blatantly Merlin's reworked as a Granblue character.
  • A Day in the Limelight: He becomes an important recurring character in "The Maydays" summer event that also serves as a set up for a future event involving him.
  • Adaptation Species Change: He is a demon and the leader of the fallen angels in Rage of Bahamut. Here, he is a primal and the one who rules over the primarchs... or, at least, a facsimile of that person. Maybe. "000" reveals that he is functionally similar to a Primal, but not actually a creation of the Astrals, being created by the hand of the omnipotent itself. Ultimately Averted as it is revealed by Word of God that he is not based off of Lucifer from Rage of Bahamut. Rather, the summon that shares his face is. It would appear that he, in his true form Helel ben Sahar, is a new entity entirely with Rage of Bahamut Lucifer’s appearance having been bestowed upon him by Bahamut for some currently unexplained reason. As of April 20th, 2020, Lucio’s race has been changed to Other to match his race as Helel Ben Sahar.
  • Advertised Extra: Was this when he finally appeared in "What Makes The Sky Blue: 000" as he didn't have a huge role and mainly existed to tie up some loose-ends for the fanbase, further exemplified by the fact that he revealed all of this information to Lucilius rather than to the crew themselves, where it technically would have mattered more. He gets a bigger role in The Maydays and is a recurring character in Tower of Babyl as he watches over the events with Helel ben Shalem.
  • All-Powerful Bystander: Lucio as Helel ben Sahar acted as one before joining the crew out of wanting to watch the world run it's course and out of believing that the Sky Realm was safe in the hands of the past Supreme Primarch, Lucifer. He only had begun to directly involve himself once Otherworldly beings had begun to show up, and joins the crew as a result and eventually has to use his power to seal his clone, Lucilius, in "000". He returns to this role in the Tower of Babyl story, only intervening with the assistance of Shalem when the crew faces something beyond their current capabilities.
  • Almighty Janitor: In "The Maydays", Lucio casually takes over the tourist stand while the rest of the party are out shark hunting. He does show off his almighty aura against the shark Old Bruce when it comes near the shore.
  • Ambiguous Situation:
    • Whether he was actually Lucifer or not was questioned for years especially as "Paradise Lost" had the Supreme Primarch experience a Character Death until "000" revealed Lucio's true identity.
    • While his true form as Helel ben Sahar and the reveal of Helel ben Shalem confirms that he is not indeed a clone of the original Lucifer from Rage of Bahamut, nor is he Lucifer who traveled with Bahamut from his original world, it's still a mystery on if "Lucio" is simply a dual form he was born with when Bahamut created him or a form that Bahamut had given him later on. Helel ben Shalem is not shown to have a dual form, further adding to the questions along with the fact that his clone looks like his Lucio form and not Sahar. His Summer versions fate episode confirms that he doesn't take on the Lucifer form by choice, as it was something Bahamut had given him for reasons unknown even to him, though it doesn't specify when he was given the form or if he always looked like this.
  • Angelic Beauty: Subverted, as 000 reveals that he is not an Archangel/Primarch due to not being a creation of the Astrals but he is still considered extremely beautiful.
  • Artifact Alias: Downplayed. He reveals his true name to the crew members in God’s Reverie, though they don’t remember it or the battle they had against him upon waking up, still giving him reason to continue using it afterwards.
  • Beam Spam: His charge attack, Paradise Lost, has light rain down from the heavens on all enemies.
  • Bishōnen: He is very pretty which has been commented on in pretty much all of his appearances. He even has a dedicated fanbase in-game. His prettiness is also a Running Gag in the 4koma’s he appears in as he uses the light ball he carries to make others “beautiful”, too.
  • Biblical Motifs: Keeping in line with the biblical motifs of the Primarchs and Lucilius, his character has heavy biblical symbolism with his dislikes even making references to the Forbidden Fruit and snakes.
  • Cloudcuckoolander: Comes off as this in “The Maydays” due to his ability to keep smiling after being shat out by Old Bruce.
  • Big Good: He's one for the Sky Realm, though he only helps out when it's absolutely required of him, otherwise preferring to act as an All-Powerful Bystander.
  • Butt-Monkey: In The Maydays. To summarize all he goes through.
    • He receives very little respect from Sandalphon who constantly attacks him and resents him for not respecting Lucifer’s face.
    • Lucifer’s former subordinates (Halluel and Malluel, Azrael and Israfel) don’t respect him much either, either treating him with indifference as if he were any other person despite him physically resembling their former boss or giving him a silly nickname after he’s shat out by Old Bruce.
    • While played up as a rather serious moment in an otherwise comedic event, Sariel outright says there’s something wrong with him.
    • He gets Swallowed Whole by Old Bruce and is forced to be excreted by way of Sandalphon punching Old Bruce's gut.
    • In the mini-game for the event, the player can make Sandalphon attack him as much as they want to whenever he appears on screen.
  • Commonality Connection: He forms a bond with Sevastien over them being old guys with boundless curiosity for the world.
  • Connected All Along: Though Olivia's fate episodes only vaguely hinted at it, it was finally revealed in "000" that he was in fact connected to both Lucifer and Lucilius by virtue of being the reason why they all look the same.
  • Cool Old Guy: He’s perhaps on of the oldest living things in the Sky Realm and he acknowledges this fact, but he’s fairly laid back, if not too much so, and takes everything in stride.
  • Cool Shades: Wears these in his summer attire.
  • Creepy Monotone: While originally not the case, post his appearance in "What Makes The Sky Blue: 000" which signified the start of his Divergent Character Evolution, his voice is notably softer and more monotone, with him rarely changing the inflection on anything he says. The difference can be heard between his original Grand unit which was released in December 2016 versus his 2020 summer unit, which uses his newer sounding voice.
  • Cryptically Unhelpful Answer: Just like Sandalphon, Lucio is also aware that Sariel plans to "find the rainbow" actually refers to "finding the dimensional rift where Belial and Lucilius are sealed". But unlike Sandalphon who explains the real situation back at Sariel, Lucio had to metaphorically refer to the phenomenon of the rainbow itself, without giving a straight answer to Sariel... This is because Lyria, Vyrn and the Captain are also hearing the conversation at that time..
  • Dark-Skinned Blond: He has white hair and he a deep tan in his summer attire. He’s more true to this trope in his Helel ben Sahar form.
  • Decomposite Character: Played with. Lucio covers the God worshipping aspect of Archseraph Lucifer from Rage of Bahamut though rather than worshipping the false "God" that the original Lucifer did, Lucio worships Bahamut. Beyond that, however, he very much devolves into his own original character, particularly branching off after the Helel ben Sahar reveal.
  • Divergent Character Evolution: He was originally introduced to be a Subspiciously Similar Substitute to the summon Lucifer, eventually becoming a Decomposite Character as the three Lucifaces each tackled a different aspect of Lucifer from Rage of Bahamut. In "What Makes The Sky Blue: 000", he's been almost completely divorced from the original Lucifer upon the reveal of his true form and role, with the only things keeping him attached being his "Lucio" form and his loyalty to Bahamut.
  • Does Not Like Spam: According to his profile, he does not like Apples, which appears to be a subtle reference to the biblical theme of his character.
  • Dual Wielding: Uses three katanas in battle.
  • Dub Name Change: Not his name, but his first skill name was changed in the translation. While it still retains the theme of being song titles from the Symphony X album, his first skill goes from being called "Eve of Seduction" to "Revelations". However, after a 2020 rebalance of his kit, the translators changed the name from "Revelations" to "Walls Of Babylon".
  • Even the Guys Want Him: It was shown in his (Grand) fate episodes that even men were entranced by his beauty enough to fight over him.
  • Doppelgänger Gets Same Sentiment: Notably averted. Despite physically resembling Lucifer, none of Lucifer’s former subordinates treat him with the same amount of respect as they did Lucifer and Sandalphon is outright hostile toward him. In fact, outside of Sandalphon, the angels are fairly indifferent toward him. Lucilius also notably treats him with indifference after the initial shock of his being revealed to be a clone, and is later shown mourning Lucifer’s death whilst not acknowledging Lucio as part of the equation at all.
  • Expy:
    • Was originally set up to be one of Rage of Bahamut Lucifer prior to his Divergent Character Evolution. Outside of looking like him and having the same voice actor, he embodied the aspect of Archseraph Lucifer who was loyal to his God, though he questioned it's motivations. However, unlike the original Lucifer, he showed no signs of rebelling against his master and attempted to dissuade his clone from doing so in "What Makes The Sky Blue: 000". Their personalities are also very different beyond their mutual desires to serve "God" and being winged warriors of justice. All that said, by "000" he's been established to be more of a Granblue Fantasy original character after the reveal of his true form, Helel ben Sahar, who does not exist in the Rage of Bahamut universe. The reveal of Helel ben Shalem who similarly doesn't exist in the Rage of Bahamut world, his personality changing further and his Summer versions fate episode confirming that he was not given the form of Lucifer for any particular reason, or for any reason that he's aware of, also further divorces him from the original Lucifer.
    • Of Merlin from Fate/Grand Order, especially in the recent years post his flanderization. He's an All-Powerful Bystander that doesn't quite understand the subtities of other peoples emotions and prefers to watch humanity play out it's story on it's own, only intervening when he views it as completely necessary, or more rarely for his own amusement. He also has some narcisstic tendencies, though it's played more innocently than Merlin's desire to have his ego stroked. They even share voice actors. In "What Makes The Sky Blue: 000", this is further solidified as he's become The Gadfly to Sandalphon, mirroring Merlin's dynamic with Romani Achaman. It's taken even further with summer Lucio's kit deliberately mirroring Merlin's.
  • Flanderization: While initially appearing to be somewhat eccentric and innocently oblivious to the emotions of the skydwellers in his introductory Fate episodes, this seems to be cranked up to 11 by "The Maydays" where he has become a Cloud Cuckoo Lander Almighty Janitor with a knack for provoking Sandalphon. However, judging by the moments of clarity he has in the same event, it’s likely that this is just a facade he puts on to mask his vast knowledge of the sky realm.
  • Flying Weapon: Appears to control his Katana’s telepathically in battle. He also does this with his surfboard.
  • Foreshadowing: He explains that Otherworldly beings can manifest in the sky realm by seeking out individuals who would be willing to deceive others or to bargain their own soul away in exchange for getting a wish granted. Finally, he explains that they also appear in front of those whose souls are "hollow" from despair. This foreshadows what happens in Grand Ferry's fate episode.
  • Game Face: His small wings change into six big ones when he gets into battle. And as Helel Ben Sahar, he gets huge.
  • Gameplay and Story Integration: In a way. In his summer form, he’s inexplicably a water unit despite being described as a light based entity with no pre-explained ability to ele-change. They sort of account for this by making some of his skill-set incorporate light elements.
  • Gentle Giant: Another thing he shares in common in Lucifer, due to them both being really tall but ultimately gentle characters when not forced into battle mode.
  • Given Name Reveal: "Lucio" is merely an alias he’d taken on when interacting with the crew and other humans. His true name is "Helel ben Sahar".
  • God Was My Copilot: Lucio is actually the Speaker of the Omnipotent, who's content with chilling out with your crew until it’s time to deal with a bigger threat. He even helps the crew with daily chores like laundry.
  • Good Is Not Soft: Is described as being very gentle and doesn’t enjoy fighting, but also says he won’t show his enemy any mercy, which he demonstrates in battle.
  • Gratuitous Latin: In his summer unit, his second skill name is in Latin, similarly to Halluel and Malluel's skills which also gratuitously use Latin.
  • Handsome Lech: Lucio is aware that the female tourists are fawning over his beautiful looks in "The Maydays", so he tries to seduce them even more through his words. In his summer outfit, he’s even wearing the same shirt as fellow womanizer Yngwie wears in his 5* uncap art.
  • Identical Stranger: He pretends that him and Lucifer looking alike is merely coincidental when interacting with the crew, as they’re unaware of the whole cloning business that eventually lead to the creation of Lucifer. It’s technically not a lie, however, as beyond appearance and being the inspiration for Lucifer’s power, he otherwise has nothing to do with him. He's also this to the original Lucifer from the Rage of Bahamut world, who is implied to have inspired "Lucio's" powers and appearance.
  • Identical Twin ID Tag: While he and Lucifer aren’t twins, it’s easier to tell them apart due to the tiny back wings he has. It’s likely that he was written to wear them just so this distinction could be made.
  • Improvised Weapon: In his summer unit, he uses his surfboard as a weapon rather than his usual three katanas.
  • Informed Attractiveness: Similarly to Europa, while Lucio is indeed attractive, He’s not so much more so than any other attractive male character in the game that it should result in people fighting over his looks.
  • In-Series Nickname: Azrael calls him “Poopio”/“Poopie” as of “The Maydays”. He accepts it instead of being embarrassed.
  • Keigo: One of the biggest tip offs of him not being Lucifer was the fact that he speaks like this, in contrast to Lucifer who is shown to speak more casually and forwardly.
  • Killed Off for Real: Assumed to be gone for good after the events of "What Makes The Sky Blue: Part 2". Subverted, as Lucio is well and alive as he is up in Etemenanki throughout "What Makes The Sky Blue II: Paradise Lost". It is revealed in "000" that he and Lucifer are two different entities.
  • Like a Son to Me: Despite Lucilius being cloned directly from him by the omnipotent, meaning they're more like "brothers" or "twins", Lucio states in "000" that he views Lucilius as a son. Lucilius doesn't show any familial feelings toward him.
  • Long-Haired Pretty Boy: In his true form as the Speaker.
  • Meaningful Name: The name "Lucio" translates to "Light" in English, fitting the theme of the three Lucifer-lookalikes. It’s implied that he took on this name to match the other two Lucifaces.
  • Mr. Exposition: His main role in "What Makes The Sky Blue: 000" before he "dies" and pulls a Deus ex Machina at the end of the event to seal his clone, Lucilius, away.
  • Mystical White Hair: His hair can be interpreted as white or a pale blond.
  • Necessary Drawback: Lucio comes with a passive called "The Morning Star," which gives him bonus 3% light attack per turn passed, capping at 30% after ten turns. Aside from that, his other unremovable passive is "Wings of Justice," which grants him lots of bonuses when it reaches six stacks. However, "The Morning Star" comes with a hefty 30% defense down for dark attacks. Wings of Justice also needs Lucio to hit with his Charge Attack, or have a triple attack for a stack to count. Without these, Lucio would be horrendously broken.
  • Nice Job Breaking It, Hero!: He and Shalem destroy Pandemonium to prevent it from causing further destruction. It revealed in the Tower of Babyl recurring even that this only made the situation worse, as it gave Beelzebub the ability to create the Tower of Babyl, where he spawned more monsters and broken anything within its equilibrium with the power of chaos. After realizing their mistake, he and Shalem decide that their help would only further worsen the situation and leave dealing with the tower and Beelzebub to the crew.
  • Nice, Mean, and In-Between: The nice to Lucilius' mean and Lucifer's in-between. Unlike his clone, He's an unambiguously benevolent entity that only wishes to be a guiding light to humanity, just as he was created to be.
  • Obfuscating Stupidity: During his conversation with Sandalphon in "God’s Reverie" where he pretends to be oblivious as to why he demands to know why he looks like Lucifer.
    • In general, it would appear that to most of the people he interacts with, he pretends to be more dim than he lets on.
    Lucio: Do I resemble someone you know? It does happen, you know. They say everyone in the skies has at least two lookalikes.
  • Perpetual Molt: His “big wings” appear to be perpetually molting feathers of light feathers that disappear before they hit the ground.
  • Playing with Fire: He displays this ability in Hot Summer Fete! Eating Bonanza! where he sets an old bottle of liquid afire using just his power.
  • Pocket Dimension: He has one of his own, which he mainly uses for private discussions and to get away from all the people that always seem to get in the way whenever he goes out.
  • Polar Opposite Twins: In terms of personality, he’s more close to the benevolent Supreme Primarch Lucifer than he is to his cold and calculating direct clone Lucilius.
  • Power Glows: He glows when he’s about to use his power in “The Maydays.”
  • Promoted to Playable: He was made a recruitable character for the new year 2017 Premium Gala. Like Cerberus and Zooey, he was originally a summon. And then averted, as confirmed by Word of God and 000, he was not the summon Lucifer, instead being an entirely different entity.
  • Reality Warper: Appears to have this ability as well as the ability to open portals into other dimensions where he traps Lucilius and Belial.
  • Red Herring: The Flavor Text of Lucio's unlocking weapon Eden reads "The morning star and bearer of light falls into the forbidden darkness. Once a child of the dawn, he is now washed in the sin of taboo. But even with tainted wings, he shall illuminate the fool's abyss." While it initially hints the possibility of Lucio being a Fallen Angel in disguise, "What Makes the Sky Blue III: 000" clarifies on this, as Lucio is the Speaker of the Omnipotent, or a loyal servant of god, which is opposite from how a Fallen Angel is usually depicted as. It seems to be more of a descriptor as the fall of Lucifer from the Bible as well as Rage of Bahamut, both having very little to do with Lucio, at least lorewise.
  • Remember the New Guy?: While his unit predates the implementation of the "What Makes The Sky Blue" storyline by 3 months, he was unceremoniously inserted into the the final chapter in the main trilogy as an Advertised Extra exposition dump character that mainly existed to tie-up long questioned loose-ends such as why he and Lucifer look similar despite being different characters, the creation of the Sky Realm and what Bahamut had to do with it, and to pull a technically unneeded Deus ex Machina at the end of the event to seal the already defeated Lucilius and Belial away. That said, he otherwise had very little to do with the events "What Makes The Sky Blue" storyline in both the past and the present, making this trope come into play when the villains all randomly seem to know of his existence as the Speaker despite there being no set-up for this. It seems that the writers were aware of how random his existence seems, which lead to the implementation of Helel ben Shalem in December of 2020, several months after "000"'s ending. Funnily enough, she also achieved "Remember The New Guy" status due to not being hinted at all when Sahar was exposition dumping about his role as the Speaker and the Sky Realms lore.
  • Same Character, but Different: The character he's reintroduced as from the end of "What Makes The Sky Blue: 000" onwards is different from his original Grand character, with the only shared quirks between them being his sworn fealty to Bahamut and that others fight each other over his looks. It's shown that by "The Maydays" he's less distraught over how others react to his appearance as he now uses his looks to attract customers. His The Gadfly tendencies only hinted at vaguely in "000" are cranked up to 11 to establish a contrasting dynamic between how Sandalphon interacts with Lucifer versus him. As well, he comes off as less like the aggressive warrior of justice that shows no mercy to his enemies he was introduced to be and is more like a laidback All-Powerful Bystander that only steps in when it's absolutely necessary for him to do so. The difference between them is displayed especially when he shows mercy to Lucilius in "000", clearly being hesitant to fight him despite the threat he poses to the world that his master created. Even his voice has changed, going from being higher and somewhat more youthful sounding compared to the other lucifaces to being more monotone and soft, with inflection rarely being put on anything he says.
  • Secret Identity: His true identity is that of Helel Ben Sahar, the former speaker of the omnipotent which he keeps hidden. Though he was shown to have taken on the form of Lucifer from Rage of Bahamut prior to joining the crew, he only adopts the name "Lucio" after joining them. His summer fate episode reveals that it was indeed Bahamut that bestowed upon him the visage of Lucifer, not a form he’d taken by choice.
  • Sir Not-Appearing-in-This-Trailer: Lucio didn’t make any appearance in the promotional art, banner or voiced trailer for "The Maydays" event despite appearing in the first chapter of the story. This was likely to surprise the fanbase with his new summer art.
  • Shipper on Deck: Appears to ship Lucifer and Sandalphon together after Sandalphon displays his protectiveness over the former after seeing that Lucio has the same face as him.
  • Ship Tease: Gets a bit of this with the Captain during the seasonal dialogue, though it’s uncertain if it’s intentional on his part due to his admitted ability to not relate to human customs.
  • Shout-Out: His Grand unit's skill names come from various song titles from the band Paradise Lost. His summer version retains the skill name "Revelation" from his Grand unit, but adds another Symphony X song "Without You" to that list. The only second skill name isn’t Symphony X related.
  • Skewed Priorities: Lucio was about to send away Old Bruce from the shore using his godly powers, but gets interrupted by Sandalphon calling his name. He then proceeds to savor the act of Sandalphon stating his name for the first time. Just before he could invite Sandalphon to celebrate this, Lucio gets swallowed by Old Bruce.
  • Suspiciously Similar Substitute: According to an interview from Word of God, he and Zooey were deliberately introduced to be this to the Lucifer and Grand Order summons respectively; not actual playable versions of them, but similar looking stand-in’s to exist as playable characters in their stead. While this ended up being averted for Zooey herself as she was revealed to actually be Grand Order, Lucio was never implied to be the playable Lucifer and the actual character tied to the summon was introduced a mere three months after his implementation.
  • The Gadfly: Is this mostly unintentionally to Sandalphon during their first interaction. The unintentional part is completely subverted in "The Maydays" summer event when it’s made very clear that he’s doing it on purpose just to annoy him. This comes back in his summer fate episode, as Lucio makes various attempts to become friends with Sandalphon and tries get him to view him as not a copy of Lucifer, which is implied to start working toward the end. That said, he goes right back to his gadfly tendencies right after, prompting Sandalphon to attack him. Lyria notes that they seem closer now in spite of their bickering.
  • The Last of These Is Not Like the Others: He was originally the first Grand character to be introduced with no main story relevance, and for years he had no relevance to any story until 2019 when he made his appearance in "What Makes The Sky Blue: 000". Though retroactively, he kicked off the trend of "What Makes The Sky Blue" related characters being added to the Flash gala pool, with Olivia following him in 2017, then Helel ben Shalem in 2019 and then Sandalphon in 2020. The disciples may also count as well, though they have yet to be truly relevant to the actual "What Makes The Sky Blue" storyline proper outside of occasionally to their respective tetra-elemental angel.
  • The Reveal: Originally thought to be a playable version of the summon Lucifer, "What Makes The Sky Blue 3: 000" reveals that Lucio is the speaker of the Omnipotent in the creation myth, and his real name is Helel ben Sahar. His true form even looks different from that of Lucifer’s, being a blonde Long-Haired Pretty Boy with gently tanned skin and a completely different outfit. As of April 20th, 2020, his race has been changed to Other to match his Helel Ben Sahar form, completely divorcing his character from that of Lucifer’s who is a primal.
  • Undying Loyalty: He's loyal to Bahamut to a fault, and continues to speak highly of him even after the being had long since stopped communicating to him. Everything he does, he claims to do it for God's will.
  • Retcon: Several alterations have been made to his character arc to fit his implementation into the "What Makes The Sky Blue" storyline following "000", almost 3 years after his initial introduction in December of 2016. Some notable ones are:
    • One major retcon was his being re-sorted back into "Other" after having been placed in the "Primal" category for years once it was made a separate classification from the originally all encompassing "Not any of the main species" "Other" section. "000" explains this by having Lucilius say that Lucio is still functionally like a Primal, despite not being a creation of the Astrals. This also explains why Lucilius was able to absorb him into Lucifer’s core.
    • Another minor retcon was made through playable Olivia. He was vaguely tied to "What Makes The Sky Blue" before "Paradise Lost" happened by having Olivia see him interacting with the crew during his fate episode from her perspective. According to her skill fate, he met the crew after Lucifer interacted with them in "What Makes The Sky Blue", even though he was released as a unit 3 months prior to the event going live. That said, he didn’t directly have anything to do with "What Makes The Sky Blue" until "000".
    • His being Remember the New Guy?-ed into "What Makes The Sky Blue: 000", as explained in that section.
  • Rule of Seven: A running theme of the "What Makes The Sky Blue" associated characters, though he was technically the first to start this trend due to being released first in 2016.
    • His skills Revelations and Awakenings initial cool downs start at 7 turns.
    • His max attack is 7700.note 
  • The Unreveal: While "000" explains why he, Lucifer and Lucilius all look alike and reveals his true identity as well as how the Granblue Fantasy world apparently came to be, there are still a lot of things left up in the air. The introduction of Helel ben Shalem seems to imply that these questions will be touched upon in the future.
  • So Beautiful, It's a Curse: People have frequently fought over his good looks. He frequently comments on this as well, even asking his creator why they made him so beautiful. By "The Maydays", it seems as though he embraced his good looks and uses them to his advantage.
  • Toilet Humor: Sandalphon forces Old Bruce to shit him out in "The Maydays", garnering him the nickname "Poopio" or "Poopie" from Azrael and Israfel.
  • Too Many Belts: His summer outfit has several things wrapped in his waist.
  • Unusually Uninteresting Sight: He himself is this, as Lucifer’s former subordinates and the crew members don’t seem to acknowledge that he looks like Lucifer, who they had met previously and who’s death had been a serious world shifting occurrence. Only Sandalphon seems to point it out and take issue with it, which for the most part Played for Laughs and to set up a contrasting dynamic to Sandalphon’s relationship with Lucifer. It’s eventually giving a dramatic undertone in Lucio’s summer Fate Episode.... before going back to being comedic at the very end. Sariel also seems to acknowledge that he’s not Lucifer, but doesn’t seem interested in him beyond that and is dismissive toward Lucio when confronted about it. It’s very likely that Lucio used his reality altering ability to instill his existence into the minds of everyone as he did in his original fate episode, though it’s not confirmed.
  • Vague Age: Goes with the territory for someone who is functionally like a Primal, however, it’s suggested that he’s one of the oldest living things in the Sky Realm (along with Shalem), having predated the very first primals, astrals and origin beasts due to being made before Bahamut created the entire thing. That said, the beings residing in the Crimson Horizon before Bahamut’s arrival apparently predate even him.
  • Vitriolic Best Buds: His friendship with Sandalphon is implied to be on it's way to become this in stark contrast to Sandalphon's strictly loving relationship with Lucifer. Lyria seemingly confirms this, as now that they've gotten their past grievances out of way and there's some sort of mutual understanding between them, they seem closer now. That doesn't stop Sandalphon from snapping at him, however.
  • Vocal Evolution: Going along with his Divergent Character Evolution, his current voice sounds far divorced from how it originally did in his 2016 Grand unit, with him sounding more monotone and soft, rarely changing his inflection on anything he says. This was likely done to help further differentiate him from Lucifer.
  • Voluntary Shapeshifter: He’s shown to be able to transform between his “Lucio” form and his true “Helel ben Sahar” form at will.
  • Walking Spoiler: A lot of the lore is hard to explain without the use of spoilers.
  • Wham Line: Drops one when he puts an end to the Ambiguous Situation pertaining his identity and Lucilius's.
    Lucio: How strange that my clone should be so resistant to my will.
    Lucilius: Clone?
  • Winged Humanoid: He has a tiny pair of wings, but in battle he has three pairs much larger pairs.
  • What Happened to the Mouse?: Was connected to the "What Makes The Sky Blue" trilogy through Olivia’s skill fate episode in 2017 before the sequel event "What Makes The Sky Blue: Paradise Lost" went live, but didn’t make an actual appearance in the event proper. He did make an appearance in the finale, "What Makes The Sky Blue: 000", but didn’t actually play as big a role as he was implied to be.
  • The Worf Effect:
    • Can be beaten fairly easily in God’s Reverie despite having transformed into his true form and it being an quest to test the player's strength. Even without doing much damage, his HP is lowered every turn and his attacks, including his charge attack, doesn’t do much damage.
    • He also gets taken down by Lucilius seemingly fairly easily despite being in his “true” form when he fights him.


Voiced by: Inuyama Inuko
Dreaming Of Days Past
Rarity: SR, SSR
Element: Dark (but can be turned into any element), Water (SSR)
Style: Defense/Attack/Balance, Special (SSR)
Weapon Specialty: Melee, Staff+Melee (Dual unit with Vania)
Charge Attack: Mini Dragon Breath/Full Dragon Breath, Drakenadem (Dual version with Vania)

Introduced in the "Fall of the Dragon" event, she is a young dragon under the care of Vania.

  • Affectionate Nickname: In the Japanese version, Malinda's called Beth, which Vania explains is short for Elizabeth.
  • All of the Other Reindeer: The vampires of Medvecia labeled Malinda as an accursed dragon just because she is an outsider hatched from an egg that got washed into the secluded island. Only a select few vampires (Vania, Veight and Feldrac) do not think this way, as they let her live inside a secret cave, being fed with fruits by Vania.
  • Amazing Technicolor Population: She's a pink-skinned dragon.
  • Big Eater: Can swallow large amounts of fruits in an instant, much to Vyrn's horror.
  • Character Customization: During the event, players could choose what Malinda's Style or Element should be by feeding her specific amounts of fruit.
  • Dub Name Change: From Beth in Japanese to Malinda in English. This is so the game is consistent with a localization of a game she had already appeared in.
  • From Stray to Pet: Once hatched from a stray egg that drifted to Medvecia, the vampires tried to drive it away and call her "accursed" since she is an outsider. Then Vania decided to adopt Malinda while being permitted by Feldrac.
  • Overly Long Tongue: Her tongue is very long, just look at her base artwork.
  • Pet Monstrosity: The shapeshifting dragon pet of Vania.
  • Super Mode: Upon using the Growing Pains skill, she will transform into her Adult Form.

     Morphe & Phoebe 

Voiced by: Rika Morinaga & Azusa Tadokoro
Twin Dreamwalkers note 
Oneiros (Phoebe) 
Rarity: SR
Element: Water
Style: Special
Weapon Specialty: Harp
Charge Attack: Eternal Lullaby

A pair of siblings who were requested to deal with Lyria's sleeping problems and after a lot more trouble then was expected, the two decide to join up with the Grandcypher. The duo were the event character of the scenario event, Miscolored Memories.

  • A Day in the Limelight: Both are the main characters of the "Miscolored Memories" event and one of the focus characters of the event "No Rain, No Rainbow".
  • The Atoner: Phoebe receiving forgiveness from the player and company leads to her wishing to amend fences with them and try to make up for her actions as Oneiros.
  • The Blank: As Oneiros, Phoebe has a hole in the place where there should be a face.
  • Dream Walker: Their ability as they can freely access the Gallery of Dreams whenever they feel like it. Phoebe can also let others enter the Gallery of Dreams, as she demonstrated in "No Rain, No Rainbow" by giving Ladiva a charm under her pillow. Her powers however, are limited to those who are currently sleeping, as they get ejected back into the real world once the target dreamer wakes up.
  • Dub Name Change: For the girl, from "Betor" to "Phoebe". Both in fact draw on the same source name, "Phoebetor" or "Phoebetus", which is the oneiros most associated with nightmares. "Betor", however, isn't used as a name in the Anglosphere, while Phoebe is, and as the name is meant to be part of a cover identity, the translation team went with the more typical name derived from the source.
  • Flower Motif: Poppies, a flower associated with sleep. They're strewn all over Oneiros' hair.
  • Gender-Blender Name: Funnily enough, Phoebe actually inherits one from wider culture. Phoebetor is actually very much a male deity in most Greek traditions. However, over time "Phoebe" has come to be a feminine name in many European languages, including English. And "Betor" is derived more directly from the original god's name.
  • God in Human Form: Phoebe is actually the Primal Beast of dreams, Oneiros
  • Hates Being Alone: Phoebe is terrified of being alone because of her being abandoned after the War, hence her creation of Morphe and her fear that Lyria and Vyrn would drive her to isolation again. This is what drives the main character to ask if they want to come along so she doesn't have to feel alone again.
  • Impossibly-Low Neckline: Phoebe's dress has its neckline go past her shoulders without any visible straps.
  • Lotus-Eater Machine: Oneiros has the power to create these, but she can also turn them into nightmares for her victims.
  • Meaningful Name: Morphe is named after the Greek god of dreams, Morpheus. And Phoebe is named after Phoebetus, Greek god of nightmares. "Oneiros" is the singular form of oneiroi, the group of children of Nyx which the aforementioned Morpheus and Phobetus are part of.
  • Never Be Hurt Again: Still hurt from the betrayal by her creators and fellow primal beasts, this is another reason why Oneiros wanted to induce the crew to a wakeless nightmare and sleep forever so she won't experience that again and feels any attempts of kindness from them are lies.
  • Pimped-Out Dress: Phoebe wears a purple gown with starry night patterns, fitting for her theme and powers.
  • Pinky Swear: Between Phoebe and the Captain in "No Rain, No Rainbow" as a promise not to keep any more secrets from each other.
    Phoebe: Cross my heart and hope to fly, all across the clear blue sky. Break my word? I wouldn't dare- That's what it means to pinky swear!
  • Portal Door: Phoebe/Oneiros's Gallery of Dreams is an space containing nothing else but doors to others' dreams.
  • Rapunzel Hair: Phoebe's hair goes down all the way to her waist. As Oneiros, it's a lot longer and more gigantic as the result of her actual size compared to Phoebe's.
  • Shared Life Meter: They share a single HP meter in their playable version, despite being two characters in one party member slot.
  • The Sleepless: Their passive skill lets them be immune to the sleep status effect.
  • Switch-Out Move: Their third skill "Dream Sharing" switch one out in place of the other.
  • Tomato in the Mirror: Morphe was actually one of Oneiros' puppets and those memories of his village were all conjured up by her.
  • Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds: Downplayed that she doesn't really harm the fate of the world. Oneiros was left abandoned by her allies and creators during the war, leaving her a feeling of resentment and hatred over time at the betrayal and came to fear being lonely, creating Morphe in the process. When she learnt of Lyria and Vyrn's powers, her resentment and fear sky-rocketed and wants to induce the crew to a wake less coma filled with nightmares so she won't experience that moment again while also inflicting them the pain she felt from her abandonment through those nightmares. It's telling that her response to the crew's kindness is denying it and claims them as lies to hurt her. It's only after she lost and the crew accepts her after all the trouble that she realize the crew's kindness is genuine.
  • You Gotta Have Blue Hair: Phoebe has blue hair.
  • Youkai: The animal that the two carry around is a baku, a tapir-like spirit, which has the ability to eat dreams.


Voiced by: Yoshihisa Kawahara
Rarity: SSR
Element: Wind
Style: Attack
Weapon Specialty: Bow + Katana
Charge Attack: Heavenly Piercer

A failed attempt in creating a Primal Beast, this formless blob was kept in the Sky Sanctum for experiments by the Jorha and one day met and befriended a young girl named Shinsha. When Shinsha started dying due to the countless experiments, the blob used part of himself to replace Shinsha's lost/damaged body parts so she can live. Afterward, the formless blob takes the shape of a human and is given the name "Nectar" by Shinsha. Introduced in the Story Event "A Tale of Kindled Bonds".

  • Because You Were Nice to Me: The kindness Shinsha showed Nectar, despite not knowing what he looked like, inspires Nectar to use part of his body to replace Shinsha's body parts and save her life.
  • Heroic Sacrifice: He attempts this by staying in the Sky Sanctum and detonating fragments of his body around the island to prevent other Jorha members from finding information leading to Shinsha, but this is stopped thanks to Ugusu and Shinsha.
  • Meaningful Name: Shinsha gives the name "Nectar" to the being was inspired by the healing properties that nectar can provide. Fittingly, Nectar not only saved Shinsha by healing her but his body is a thick liquid like nectar.

     Nina Drango 

Voiced by: Sumire Morohoshi
Rarity: SSR
Element: Fire
Style: Attack
Weapon Specialty: Melee
Charge Attack: Bounty Bind / Line of Fire (Dragon Form)

A half-human, half-dragon hybrid originating from Rage of Bahamut: Virgin Soul.

  • Bare Your Midriff: Her tank top bares her midriff.
  • Half-Human Hybrid: Her father was a dragon but her mother is human.
  • Luminescent Blush: Has this in her Skybound Art.
  • One-Winged Angel: If her dragon form expires, she will be weakened for 4 turns, unable to take any action and cannot be healed.
  • Super Mode: Once her dragon form takes effect, she gains increase attack, defense, multi-attack rates, and Charge Attack Damage. And it lasts for 7 turns.
  • Weredragon: Gameplay-wise, she can transform into a dragon when her Blush Level reaches its maximum.
  • Whip It Good: Her weapon of choice.
  • You Gotta Have Blue Hair: She has pink hair.


Orchid (neé Orchis)

Voiced by: Minori Chihara (Japanese), Faye Mata (English)

My name is Orchid. I wish to learn the meaning of my existence in this world.

Rarity: SSR
Element: Dark
Style: Special
Weapon Specialty: Melee+Dagger
Charge Attack: Endbringer, Verdict Bringer (5★ Upgrade), Obsidian Moonlight (Promo Dual unit with Black Knight)

A mysterious girl named Orchis first seen accompanying the Black Knight, she soon becomes a companion of the Grandcypher crew. She has the same kinds of powers as Lyria but only certain people know to the extent of what they are.

She joins the crew permanently after the Erste Empire's defeat, having been freed of her burdens and taking along with her a very special passenger in Lloyd, while also changing her name to distinguish her as a unique individual from a certain Erste royalty whom Orchid shares a resemblance with.

  • Adaptation Deviation: In most other Cygames works where she features (most prominently Rage of Bahamut), Orchis was built as a doll with a soul on purpose by her creator before being abandoned to her own devices, and she sets out to find said creator. In GBF, Orchid instead originates from an accident and her existence is an unintended, near-miraculous event. Furthermore, Lloyd is just another automaton left alongside her in other works; in GBF, it is the vessel for the sealed Akasha, which is why it can act on its own to a degree.
  • The Ageless: When she became the emotionless girl that she is today, she stopped aging for some mysterious reason. It's eventually revealed that it's because of Deus Ex Machina. Her doll body, meanwhile, of course doesn't "age" in a traditional, biological sense.
  • Artificial Human: She eventually gets a golem body which ironically is when she acts more human than she did as a doll in a human body.
  • The Atoner: She feels incredibly guilty about triggering several plot events like Yggdrasil getting infused with Dark Essence and the awakening of Akasha and so wants to help the crew to make up for this. She even eventually feels she has to atone for existing, because it's obviously causing Apollonia pain and is preventing the real Orchis from being restored. Good news, then, that Orchis thinks this is nonsense and is able to make it all work out with some assistance from Deus Ex Machina.
  • Casting a Shadow: Lloyd is able to disappear and materialize from darkness at Orchid's command.
  • Companion Cube: Carries around the stuffed toy that originally belonged to Queen Orchis. The queen lets Orchid keep the toy as Orchid has grown attached to it more than Orchis had. Orchid personally calls it "Kitty".
  • Deadpan Snarker: In her fate episode, Orchid shows that she can even snark to hostile individuals despite her usually calm demeanour. A bandit locked her up and is shocked when Lloyd suddenly appears out of nowhere. When asked on the explanation, Orchid says this:
    He's been with me the whole time. So... he came in through the front door, I guess.
  • Dub Name Change: For the purpose of localizing the difference between her name and the name of Queen Orchis. To elaborate: in the original Japanese, Queen Orchis' name is オルキス ("orukis"). When "the doll" finally asserts her own identity at the end of part one, she, on a suggestion from the real Orchis, names herself オーキス, or "oh-kis", cutting out the "ru" and instead substituting a long vowel. In English, though, this would look somewhat awkward ("Ohchis"?) and would drift a bit from the name's root (as Orchis is meant to be named after the flower and Orchis explicitly mentions the name as a known way of pronouncing the word, which "Ohchis" isn't), so the English team opted to just outright name her Orchid, as that was a way of varying the name that would make sense from the perspective of someone natively thinking in English and kept the theme naming clear (if a bit obvious).
  • Dump Stat: Shield buffs are useless on Orchid when her unique Puppet Strings buff is active.
  • Elegant Gothic Lolita: She's been wearing that kind of style ever since she became emotionless. She sticks to it with her new body.
  • Empty Shell: She turned into one after her parent's deaths. Though the real Orchis isn't exactly dead and she isn't exactly as emotionless as she first seems...
  • Fashionable Asymmetry: Half of Lloyd's mask has a vertical slash connecting some of its eyes.
  • Floral Theme Naming: Her Meaningful Rename changes her name to be a direct reference to the flower.
  • Foreshadowing: The Black Knight always refers to Orchid as a "doll" when calling her attention. At the conclusion of the main story's first arc, the existence inside Orchis' body is placed into an almost-identical Golem body that matches her original appearance in ''Rage of Bahamut'', where her limbs from said game were connected by ball joints and makes her look like a doll.
  • Fragile Speedster: Her Girlish Grit passive increases her dodge rate at the expense of also reducing her defense by 30%. But she has other skills to make up for this weakness as she can further dodge AoE attacks and reduce Hostility with her Extended Mastery bonuses and passives, aside from her Puppet Strings and Ancestral Aegis being her main sources of offensive and defensive stat boosts.
  • Friendship Trinket: The Black Knight gives Orchid a ring symbolizing the promise that they would meet in the future just before the former departs.
  • Girlish Pigtails: She has quite long twintails.
  • Guardian Entity: She befriends a combat automaton named Lloyd and it does all the fighting for her. Specifically, it does the fighting for her thanks to being powered by Akasha.
  • Half-Human Hybrid: Her dad was an Astral. Though technically this doesn't apply to Orchid.
  • Irony: As Orchis, she is initially presented as an emotionless human girl, which is why the Black Knight calls her "doll" (or Ningyō in Japanese). She starts opening up and expressing herself more often like a normal person would... but only fully around that time Orchid is given a doll-like golem body.
  • Kid with the Leash: She willingly takes on the responsibility of controlling the Akasha-powered Lloyd for the purpose of containing Akasha and keeping it away from people who would abuse its power and to prevent it from going wild. It comes to a head in the third arc where The True King went after the heroes to get Lloyd.
  • Leg Cling: Orchid does this in the 5★ uncap art of the Black Knight.
  • MacGuffin: Since the Automata Lloyd houses Akasha at Orchid's request. The True King made plans to retrieve Lloyd and extract Akasha's power out of it as a plot point for the main story's third arc. The protagonists are on a race against him to recover and return Lloyd and Akasha to their owner, Orchid.
  • Marionette Master: Controls a large doll named Lloyd.
  • Meaningful Rename: The real Orchis suggests she name herself a variation of Orchis, Orchid, and she does so to help assert her own identity.
  • Mega Twintails: She has very long twintails that almost go past her hips.
  • Natural Weapon: Lloyd fights using his sharp claws.
  • Nice Hat: Orchid wears a small hat, her stuffed toy wears a hat, and Lloyd wears an enormous top hat (which, if the art is anything to go by, could fit Orchid's entire head).
  • Promoted to Playable: She was originally not playable, and was just a story NPC that tagged along with the Black Knight and then later with the player party. After the conclusion of the first arc, things shook out that it was conceivable she'd be playable, and she officially hit the gacha in March of 2017 as a Grand series character (specifically, she was the star gacha draw of the beginning of the game's third anniversary). Today she's a staple of the mid-month Flash Gala, and the story generally treats her as a canon member of the crew as of the conclusion of the Dawning Sky arc.
  • Razor Floss: Her Endbringer charge attack stretches bundles of strings from multiple directions. Said strings are also visible in Orchid's fingers as seen in her Skybound art.
  • Rei Ayanami Expy:
    • Blue-haired, red-eyed, terse, monotone speaking, very mysterious and displaying little emotion to those around her. She also gets a Golem body, whose limbs are attached using ball joints, just like a doll. Lastly, she is very loyal to the Black Knight, but gradually opens up to her other friends as the story progresses. yep, that's an expy all right.
    • Similarities can also be drawn to Yin from Darker Than Black. Both being called dolls, having similar color schemes, and showing no emotion.
  • Replacement Goldfish: Apollonia treated her as one for the actual Orchis, and Orchid tried her best to do so before chapter 63 when she asks Apollonia to treat her as a different person since Orchid never really could be the real thing.
  • Reused Character Design: Like many characters, Orchis was ported over from Rage of Bahamut. However, when we first meet her, Orchis is half-human unlike the Orchis from Rage of Bahamut, who was a living doll. She does eventually get her iconic doll body at the end of the first arc, though at this point her name is changed to Orchid, to distinguish her from the individual whose body she had been inhabiting up til now.
  • Stone Wall: Ancestral Aegis gives 70% Light Damage Cut to the entire party for 2 turns.
  • Summon Magic: One of the powers she shares with Lyria. Orchid is capable of summoning and controlling Primal Beasts to some extent.
  • Super Mode: Puppet Strings greatly boosts her stats and provides her a shield that scales with her HP. However, her stats will be greatly lowered in return when the shield is destroyed. She recovers from these penalties if the shield given by Puppet Strings is restored.
  • Tailor-Made Prison: To keep Akasha from being used under the wrong hands, Orchid volunteered to seal Akasha within a golem, the Automata Lloyd who also serves to help her to fight.
  • Took a Level in Badass: Though initially helpless with little combat ability, her automaton companion gave her a lot more power.
  • Tragic Keepsake: The doll she carries around is one of Orchis' belongings which Apollonia gave to her in the hopes it would make her more emotional. Orchis suggests Orchid should keep it since the latter became much more attached to it then Orchis ever had.
  • Walking Spoiler: Several twists revolve around her in the endgame of the first arc and its final chapter. Of course, a few of these aren't helped too much by her popping up in the gacha every month like clockwork.
  • Walking the Earth: To avoid Akasha falling into the wrong hands, she goes on a journey across the world and truly explore the wonders it has to offer.
  • Weapon of Mass Destruction: The Automata Lloyd is treated as the finest attack golem ever made by the Erste craftsmen. Adam even calls it a war machine.
  • You Gotta Have Blue Hair: Orchid has silver-blue hair.



Voiced by: Keiko Han

You have been registered as this unit's new engineer, Nicholas. You may refer to this unit as Robomi.
The Resurrected Steel Warrior
SR Version 

Rarity: SR, SSR
Element: Light
Style: Special, Attack (SSR version)
Weapon Specialty: Gun
Charge Attack: Hyper Megaton Kick, Hyper Sonic Smasher (SSR version)

An ancient robot dug up by miners and researched by Nicholas. Shortly after she's reactivated, creatures called Abominations begin to attack. After all seemed lost, Nicholas sent in Robomi to fend off the creatures. To which they learn she's the only one who can harm them.

  • A Day in the Limelight: She is the main character of her eponymous event.
  • Antagonistic Offspring: Her son, Kenji, is revealed to be the the main antagonist and behind the Abomination attacks.
  • Big Damn Heroes: She's back in "Robomi Z", with the memories of the original Robomi from the first Robomi event, and saved a brainwashed Nicholas, Gran/Djeeta and human turned abomination hybrids from Tyrias's control.
  • Brain Uploading: Robomi is revealed to have once been a human named Megumi. She's the second robot created this way with her colleague having been the first.
  • Brains and Brawn: Robomi isn't stupid, but she's somewhat limited by her programming. So, Nicholas often commands her, albeit with mutual respect.
  • Cybernetics Eat Your Soul: Being turned into a robot blocked off what emotion Megumi could once feel.
  • Defeat Equals Explosion: Whenever Robomi's health is depleted, she explodes. Although she can be fully-functional once again if she is revived.
  • Human Weapon: Again, Robomi is revealed to have once been a woman named Megumi.
  • It's the Only Way: When Robomi was Megumi, she was hesitant to become a cyborg to fend off the abominations. She also had to abandon her baby.
  • Leitmotif: "Robomi", a bombastic song made as homage to Super Robot themes.
  • Living Relic: It's revealed that she's at least 70,000 years old in the fourth Robomi event as that's when Wardent started spawning the Abominations in her era to counteract unchecked human prosperity. Though, she did spend most of that time in stasis buried in Valtz, so that much time passing doesn't really register that much to her.
  • Macross Missile Massacre: Her Skyfarer art and Blaster Missile skill shows she can fire missiles from a lot of places on her body, including her fingers!
  • Magic Is a Monster Magnet:
    • It's figured out Robomi is attracting the abominations. The Abominations go as far as dropping all things to prioritize her. On top of that, they are a Hive Mind, so once one sees her they all go after her.
    • Taken even further when it's revealed at the end of the first Robomi event that Kenji made the abominations to give Robomi a purpose in life, if and when she was reactivated, out of the possibility that someone might try to use Robomi for evil due to her technology. By making it so that only Robomi could harm them, Kenji ensured that Robomi would always be a hero in the eyes of the people.
  • Mega Twintails: She's got two giant robotic pig tails that look more like squid tentacles.
  • The Only One: Robomi, initially, is the only one who can harm the Abominations, at least lore wise...
  • Pervert Revenge Mode: In Grand Blues! Comic #325, Robomi punches Nicholas in the face just as he wipes her ticklish metal chest.
  • Protagonist Title: The first Robomi-related story event is simply titled "Robomi". Its two sequels retain this theme, being "Robomi: Generations" and "Robomi Z". However, the latter two event also include Nicholas as the co-protagonist.
  • Ridiculously Human Robots: Though most of the time she's emotionless, she cries and smiles a few times. She also has a fair grasp on the concept of friendship. When Kenji comes into the story, she becomes much more emotional.
  • Robot Girl: She's a reactivated female robot. It turns out she was once a human named Megumi Yuki.
  • Robot Hair: She has two objects attached in her head that resemble twintails.
  • She's Back: Robomi returns to save the day in Robomi Z thanks to Kenji adding another circuit to the prototype model that Nicholas has been making which caused the model to have memories of the original Robomi.
  • Tricked-Out Shoes: She's got rockets in them to fly and hover.


Voiced by: Rie Kugimiya
Vampire Princess
Halloween Version 
Rarity: SSR, SR
Element: Dark, Water (Dual unit with Malinda)
Style: Special
Weapon Specialty: Staff+Dagger, Staff (SR version), Staff+Melee (Dual unit with Malinda)
Charge Attack: Purification by Blood, Bloody Absorption (5★ Uncap), Bloody Carnival (SR version), Drakenadem (Dual unit with Malinda)

A vampire and princess of Medvecia and Veight’s older sister. She originates from Rage of Bahamut. One of the key characters of the Fall of the Dragon event as she joined the crew to search for fruit to feed her dragon Malinda. After that, she stayed with them to see the world and hopefully make the captain her bloodkin.

Vania finally received a 5★ Uncap on March 2019, almost 4 years after her debut in this game.

  • The Ageless: Due to her vampiric nature, Vania doesn't age. Her official profile even labels her age as "???".
  • Badass Adorable: She's a cute, but deadly vampire in battle.
  • Balance Buff: Unlike most final uncaps and many character rebalances, Vania's 5★ Uncap is unique in a sense that most of her "buffs" come from the inclusion of her "Vampyr Drop" mechanic - something that is imported from Vania's existing Halloween SR version, which her vanilla SSR version initially lacked.
  • Balcony Speech: Near the end of "Fall of the Dragon", she delivers a message about breaking rules and customs for the good of the community while at the highest room of Medvecia Castle, above a crowd of rioting vampires who fight over their rule-abiding pride.
    Vania: Do you really think the old ways are worth throwing away your lives for? If that's what you think, then hurry up and destroy each other! I've had enough! But you know what? I'd hate it if you weren't here! I don't want you to die! If you all left me, it'd be too painful to go on!
  • Calling Your Attacks: Shouts the "Bloody Absorbption" ability in her 5★ episode against Lambert's anti-vampire machine.
  • Charm Person: Her Charm Throb skill can charm enemies and boost her stats. In addition, she can deal additional damage to those inflicted with Charm.
  • Cliffhanger: Vania's 5★ uncap episode at level 80 ends like this as Veight is stabbed with silver as he tries to stay behind, fighting the pursuing robots and allow Vania and Malinda to escape.
  • Cordon Bleugh Chef: Her soup, while it looked nice, tastes quite bad. Valentine Teena's Fate Episode reveals that she had no idea sugar is used to make chocolate, indicating that she's pretty clueless about what ingredients to actually use in cooking.
  • Dub Name Change: Vampy -> Vania to match Rage of Bahamut’s localization.
  • Elegant Gothic Lolita: All the female vampires shown wear this style and Vania is no exception.
  • Familiar: She keeps pestering the protagonist to turn them into her bloodkin, a familiar bound to her who would obey her forever. Rackam, Lyria, and Vyrn keep having to put their foot down on this.
  • Foolish Sibling, Responsible Sibling: Veight is the more cool-headed and rule-abiding brother while Vania is the impulsive and energetic sister.
  • Gameplay and Story Integration: Being siblings, fellow vampires and all, the SSR skill sets of Vania and Veight actually complement each other, especially when placed into the same team composition.
    • Both are Dark Elemental, and have Dagger weapon specialty.
    • Vania's Scarlet Gift requires that the enemy has a Charge Diamond before she can boost her allies' charge bars. While it is initially useless on the first turn, abilities that forcefully increase enemy diamonds make it viable from the start, such as Veight's Scarlet Slayer. Both abilities are also thematically named, and provide boosts to allies' Charge Attack mechanics.
    • Veight's main gimmick (Noble Blood) relies on not getting hit lest he suffers from stat penalties. Vania's main gimmick (Charm Throb) relies on charming the opponent to prevent them from attacking.
  • Head Wings: Has two tiny bat wings on her head.
  • Healing Factor: Vampires heal faster than mortals.
  • In the Hood: Vania and Veight wear hooded cloaks to hide their Head Wings when travelling in towns outside of Medvecia.
  • Jack-of-All-Trades: While her base form already packs a lot, Her 5★ Uncap almost makes Vania a complete package - She can Charm and Delay foes, which makes her good for stalling. She can soften the boss by decreasing their elemental defense and removing a buff, can grant Charge Bar boosts to the team. Vania is also sufficiently strong as she can buff her attack, defense and multiattack rates with Charm Throb and its Blood Queen buff, which are also amplified by her Selfish Royal (critical hit rate) passive and Vampyr Drop (overall offensive specs) mechanics. Said Charm Throb ability also gets overloaded post 5★ as it gives her Life Drain and passive nukes for 3 turns.
  • Lady and Knight: In their Cross-Fate episode, Vania and Thelonim roleplay these respectively. And after a series of dialogues, Vania agrees to have Thelonim become her body guard, under the condition that Thelonim must become stronger than her.
  • Our Vampires Are Different: Much like Remilia Scarlet, the effects of sunlight on vampires are merely psychological.
  • Pinky Swear: Thelonim and Vania perform this after their Lady and Knight roleplay.
  • Pointy Ears: One of the physical traits for being a vampire.
  • Post-Victory Collapse: Vania and Veight both fell asleep after defeating Lambert's machine in Vania's 5★ episode.
  • Power Creep: Being one of the game's earliest SSR characters, she was once a good candidate in a Dark team for most of the early-game content, thanks to the utility that she can give - a damaging spell, self-attack buffs, Charm, Delay, and a conditional Charge bar increase for the whole team. However, as the meta shifts to favor damage-dealing characters over buffers, Vania slowly dropped in the Character Tier Lists. The "Vania is Core!" statement originates from this, as she was beneficial for bringing Dispel against Luminiera Omega, but her kit was seen as outdated for years.
    • She gets bits of upgrades with her 5★ uncap later in 2019, which focuses on a mechanic taken from her Halloween version, now subverting this trope.
  • Rebellious Princess: She ignores the rules often much to Veight's exasperation, but the siblings' custodian, Feldrac, is mostly okay with her behavior.
  • Royal Blood: The princess of Medvecia. However, Feldrac is the acting ruler because Vania is still too young for the role.
  • Royals Who Actually Do Something: As the vampires of the island are slowly dying out because of their rules, she strives to do something about it, rules be damned.
  • Screw the Rules, I'm Doing What's Right!: The vampires of Medvecia are bound to follow the laws of their kind to the letter. She chooses to ignore the laws of the vampires to help her friend/dragon Malinda and deal with the primal beast Veselago.
  • Sleepyhead: Much of her Fate Episodes show the cast wondering how Vania sleeps so easily. It is due to the effects of sunlight to vampires, and Vania likes going out under the sun.
  • Tailor-Made Prison: Just before she could rescue Veight in her 5★ episode, the aristocrat Lambert dropped a silver cage on Vania, but Malinda easily destroys it with her teeth.
  • Talking in Your Sleep: Due to the psychological effects of sunlight to Vania, she will occasionally sleep while in the midst of doing something in broad daylight... and mumble about it while sleeping.
  • The Tease: At numerous points, she'll try to convice the captain to be her Familiar, something that involves being bitten by her.
    So when you become my bloodkin, you'll belong to me! ...Heehee, don't be afraid! It's just a little sting!


Voiced by: Yuki Kaji
Noble Blood
Rarity: SSR
Element: Dark
Style: Attack
Weapon Specialty: Dagger
Charge Attack: Bleeding Edge

A vampire and adopted brother of Vania. Like many of the vampires, he follows traditions and rules to the letter. He joins the crew to observe non-vampires of all kinds as a bridge between them and his fellow vampires.

  • Badass Cape: He wears a black-and-red tattered cape, fitting for a vampire.
  • Badass in Distress: In Vania's 5★ episode, Veight held the line to allow Vania and Malinda escape, at the cost of being captured by the aristocrat Lambert. Vania's final episode focused on his rescue.
  • Big Little Brother: Although he is younger than Vania, he is officially taller (153 cm) than her (149 cm).
  • Blood from the Mouth: As a result of getting stabbed with silver in Vania's 5★ uncap episode.
  • Clear Their Name: In "Fall of the Dragon", Veight wants to serve as the witness who proves the innocence of the protagonists and Malinda as the vampire community accused them of bringing panic in the island. It doesn't stick for him actually, as Vania was the one who calmed everyone down in the end.
  • Dangerous Forbidden Technique: His second skill, Noble Blood, vastly increases his attack potential and dodge rate, but it also increases his hostility and getting hit twice will sharply reduce his stats for 1 turn.
  • Foolish Sibling, Responsible Sibling: Veight is the more cool-headed and rule-abiding brother while Vania is the impulsive and energetic sister.
  • Gameplay and Story Integration: Being siblings, fellow vampires and all, the SSR skill sets of Vania and Veight actually complement each other, especially when placed into the same team composition.
    • Both are Dark Elemental, and have Dagger weapon specialty.
    • Vania's Scarlet Gift requires that the enemy has a Charge Diamond before she can boost her allies' charge bars. While it is initially useless on the first turn, abilities that forcefully increase enemy diamonds make it viable from the start, such as Veight's Scarlet Slayer. Both abilities are also thematically named, and provide boosts to allies' Charge Attack mechanics.
    • Veight's main gimmick (Noble Blood) relies on not getting hit lest he suffers from stat penalties. Vania's main gimmick (Charm Throb) relies on charming the opponent to prevent them from attacking.
  • Head Wings: Has these as a common trait for the vampires of the Skydom.
  • Healing Factor: Vampires heal faster than mortals.
  • High Collar of Doom: Much like how vampires are typically portrayed in other media.
  • In the Hood: Vania and Veight wear hooded cloaks to hide their Head Wings when travelling in towns outside of Medvecia.
  • Knife Nut: Fights with a dagger.
  • Mythology Gag: When SR La Coiffe was released on September 30, 2019, her Fate Episode teased Veight crossdressing in his sister Vania's clothes. The idea actually existed way back in Rage of Bahamut as seen in this image.
  • Our Vampires Are Different: Much like Remilia Scarlet, the effects of sunlight on vampires are merely psychological. His New Year's line has him note that Vania is the only one who eagerly jumps around in sunlight unlike him and everyone else who prefer to stay away from light.
  • Post-Victory Collapse: Vania and Veight both fell asleep after defeating Lambert's machine in Vania's 5★ episode.
  • Promoted to Playable: Initially just an NPC who was only seen in the Fall of the Dragon event, he became a playable character later on.
  • Punny Name:
    • From the spelling of his name alone, "Veight" sounds a lot like V8, a brand of vegetable juices, tomato in particular. And what does tomato juice look like?
    • The actual pronunciation of his name is similar to the word "bite", which is what vampires usually do.
  • Red Eyes, Take Warning: His eyes glow red when enraged.
  • Reverse Grip: He holds a dagger in this manner as seen on his initial artwork.
  • Screw the Rules, I'm Doing What's Right!: Outsiders aren't allowed inside the Medvecia Castle. However, he and Feldrac let the Grandcypher cast sneak in to eliminate a mysterious occurence caused by a primal beast dwelling within the castle.
  • Strength Equals Worthiness: Intentionally lures the Grandcypher crew near a den of monsters just so that they can prove to be self-sufficient in combat.
  • Suspiciously Specific Denial: No, he did not join the crew because he kind of liked the protagonist, he just finds it more convenient to join the crew.
  • Vigilante Man: The crew finds out that after he left his home, he became a vigilante, killing criminals he considered unworthy of living.
  • You Shall Not Pass!: In Vania's 5★ uncap episode, Veight buys time for Vania and Malinda to escape into safety. But he gets stabbed with silver from behind.

     Wulf and Renie 

Voiced by: Tomoaki Maeno (Wulf), Akane Fujita (Renie)
The Werewolf and Little Girl
Halloween Version 
Rarity: SSR, SR (Halloween)
Element: Dark
Style: Attack
Weapon Specialty: Melee+Gun
Charge Attack: Hollow Blast, Hallowed Night Blast (SR)

A werewolf and young girl hiding from society which seeks to slaughter the former, they join the crew on the suggestion that they would be much less likely to stand out amongst such a gathering of eccentric and quirky people.

  • Beast and Beauty: They are a little girl and a humanoid wolf, so yeah.
  • Beast Man: Wulf is a humanoid wolf wearing a sophisticated and elegant attire.
  • Bratty Half-Pint: Renie, a little, toward anyone that isn’t Wulf until she begins to open up a bit more.
  • Clingy Jealous Girl: Renie comes off a bit as this when it comes to Wulf, though it’s more platonic due to Wulf being a Parental Substitute for her. She even shows signs of jealousy when Wulf is becoming friendlier towards the three protagonists.
  • Does Not Like Shoes: Obviously, Wulf doesn't wear any shoes.
  • Dual Wielding: Wulf uses a pair of impressive axe-rifles.
  • Fairy Tale Motifs: Visually, of Little Red Riding Hood.
  • Gratuitous German: Most of their skill names are German, as a reference to their origin from the Brothers Grimm Fairy Tales.
  • Huge Guy, Tiny Girl: Unsurprisingly Wulf is huge when compared to Renie.
  • In the Hood: Renie, courtesy of having Fairy Tale Motifs to Little Red Riding Hood.
  • Last of His Kind: Wulf is implied to be due to the other werewolves being hunted down and killed.
  • Little Red Fighting Hood: Downplayed. While Renie is still present in the battle field if you place them in your party, it is Wulf who does the fighting, and the little girl rides on top of him.
  • My Parents Are Dead: Wulf was once hesitant in taking Renie with him, until Renie points out that her parents are dead and that her village won't be bothered to look after her.
  • Odd Friendship: Between a werewolf and a human child. It began when Wulf rescued Renie from falling off a cliff, and when Renie returned the favor by treating Wulf's injuries by herself.
  • Our Werewolves Are Different: Wulf wears regal clothing, can talk, and can wield two axe-rifles.
  • Parental Substitute: Wulf serves as this to Renie, if their fate episodes are any indication.
  • Protectorate: Renie serves as this for Wulf.
  • Run or Die: The little boy Wulf rescued was so terrified of him that he told the other villagers of Wulf and Renie's hideout. When they were about to run ahead on their own, Lyria suggested them to join the Grandcypher instead for their safety.
  • Stepford Smiler: Renie until she met Wulf.
  • Vague Age: Wulf's age is officially labeled as "Unknown".

     Young Cat 

Voiced by: Daiki Yamashita
When Cats Fly
Rarity: R
Element: Same as the player's current element
Style: Special
Weapon Specialty: Melee
Charge Attack: Haymaker Cat Punch

A cat from Miceno Island who tastes freedom when Dante's cohorts barrel through and joins the crew to pursue it.

  • Day in the Life: His fate episode is titled "A Day in the Life of a Cat".
  • Deathbringer the Adorable: Invoked. Some of the names that you can give to this ordinary cat are Beast and Verminator.
  • Distracted by the Shiny: His idle animation has him far more interested in a random butterfly floating around, which results in his charge attack happening because he's just trying to catch the butterfly and the ensuing damage is just incidental to his real aim.
  • Formally Named Pet: Dante prefixes his name with "Lord" just as he does with the other cats.
  • Gameplay and Story Integration:
    • The "The Many Lives of Cats" event shows that the cats are Suddenly Voiced if they are talking to each other but to anyone else, they just sound like a cat's meow. If you have him in the party, that's all that you can hear if you use his skills.
    • Because of the many names you can pick to name it, the Young Cat is simply referred to as the cat during voice-overs. In "No Rain, No Rainbow", as Syr mentions about playing with him a lot, the name you choose was covered with the voice-over of cat.
  • I Have Many Names: You can only name him once, but the many choices that you can get to name him include Leo, Sky, Smokey, Tom, Freedom, Svoboda, Azadi, Lyrio, Vyrn Jr., Radikitty, Apple, Dusty, Beast, Catman, Oliver, Fluffy, Fido, Tiger, Verminator, and Rocky.
  • Talking Animal: He and the other cats speak human language when they converse with another. Though given that Sen, who speaks that language, can't understand them when they do, it's ultimately just so the player can understand the conversations.

Alternative Title(s): Granblue Fantasy Unknown


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