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Character Sheets

Playable Characters
This special 4th anniversary art tried to cram every single character into it at that time and there are still several dozen missing from it.

The character sheets below are grouped by race, aside from the characters who join in the main story of the game and other unique distinctions.

  • Story Characters: The player character, Vyrn, Lyria and all characters obtainable through the course of the story.
  • Humans: Playable characters from the Human race.
  • Draphs: Playable characters from the Draph race.
  • Erunes: Playable characters from the Erune race.
  • Harvins: Playable characters from the Harvin race.
  • Primals: Playable Primal type characters, including Primal Beasts that have been Promoted to Playable.note 
  • Other: Playable Other note  type characters who don't fall into the five races mentioned above.
  • The Eternals: Special free characters known as the Eternals who are recruitable through Revenant Weapons.
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  • The Evokers and Arcarum Primal Beasts: Special free characters themed after Tarot Motifs, recruitable characters known as Evokers and their associated Primal Beasts.
  • The Twelve Divine Generals: Special characters themed on the Chinese Zodiac.
  • Event Characters: Playable characters in limited Crossover events and collaborations with other franchises.

Non Playable Characters

  • Primal Beasts: Primal beasts encountered in the main story, and non-antagonistic primal beasts encountered in events.
  • Allies: Allies and other notable friendly NPCs in the main story and in events.
  • Antagonists: Antagonists of the main story, anniversary story arcs, and unique antagonists appearing only in some Fate Episodes.
  • Event-only Antagonists: Antagonists of other story events and Crossover collaborations with other franchises.
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  • Others: Other plot-related characters who do not fall in any of the above categories.

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