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With so many characters, the series was bound to have many examples.

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     Ho Yay 
The interactions between the guys are a gold mine for this.
  • In the "Between Frost and Flame" event, Percy seems to have a bit of Ship Tease with the player character. This changes in no way when the player character is selected as male.
  • The Dragon Knights are rife with this. Vane is devoted to Lancelot, following him everywhere and supporting him against all odds, in addition to plenty of homosexual coding. Even other characters lampshade on it. In addition, Lancelot's rather passionate about his mentor Siegfried.
    • In Vane's SSR episode, he and Lancelot went hiking in the mountains, also spending time alone in a campfire. Here, the narration makes it clear that they are very close to each other.
      Lancelot: No, Vane. You got it all wrong. The only reason I didn't cry was because I had you with me.
    • In October 2018, Lancelot and Vane got a combined Fire SSR unit in the gacha. Their first Fate episode solidifies their Heterosexual Life-Partners status, including scenes like Lancelot finding a lunchbox Vane made for him, the two spending an evening together, and them calling each other "pot" and "kettle".
    • They later got another combined unit in the form of a Summer version, which means more of these interactions. But this time, the boys are on their swimwear having fun on the beach.
  • In the "L.E.T.S. H.A.N.G." event, two of the Lowain bros trio has shades of this when they mention some of their male crewmates.
    Elsam: Yeah, like Lancey... He's got the looks and that White Dragon thing going on, right? Even my heart skips a beat when he's around.
    Lowain: Haha, nice one Vaseraga! I could kiss him!
  • Feather and Randall, who are known to be frenemies since childhood as the announcer of "A Thousand Reasons" puts it, are revealed to go way back ever since they were younger. In their Fate Episodes, their individual motivation for training and striving to become stronger stems from the idea that they want to meet each other again and spar in the near future.
  • Barawa and Chat Noir have this in spades. Despite Barawa's incompetence, Chat considers him his great rival and will go out of his way to help him when he's in trouble, as seen in Barawa R's Fate Episode. Barawa also defends Chat's honor in his Cross Fate Episode with Catherine, who immediately picks up what's going on.
    Catherine: You believe in him, don't you? In Chat Noir. In the strange bond you share.
    • They have to team up in the "Unfortunate Fortune" event, where they discover they share a passion for beetles. And in the Bonus story from the event, Barawa even thinks of kissing Chat because he left him an extremely rare beetle.
  • Lucifer and Sandalphon's relationship, ooh boy. While there had been speculation of their relationship dynamic is meant to be since Sandalphon’s introduction and Lucifer’s official appearance in “What Makes The Sky Blue”, with some debates between fans on whether it was meant to be seen as platonic or romantic, in the more recent years they have developed the most blatant and abundant Ho Yay of any same sex paired characters in and out of the gamenote  pushing them more and more into the direction of appearing to be Star-Crossed Lovers. At this point, it’s all but stated by Word of God themselves that they are in love with each other.
    • Subverted. Word of God has confirmed writing them with romantic intentions.
    • Things are somewhat unresolved since the fallout of the death of Lucifer's creator and Sandalphon finding out what purpose he is created as and Lucifer's offer to stop Sandalphon to calm him down was absorb him to be part of Lucifer and worded as "He is inside of me now". Their encounter was heavily laden with Unresolved Sexual Tension up until 000. It helps a bit that both their voice actors, Takahiro Sakurai and Kenichi Suzumura had performed together before. This is taken even further with the events of " What Makes The Sky Blue: Part II " and Sandalphon's fate episodes with this event/fate episode going more into detail with their relationship. Following Lucifer's death Sandalphon even gives off the impression of mourning a lost lover. It's at this point not hard to think that they were more than just "comrades". Sandalphon’s character song “Ain Sophr Aur” is about all the things he can’t say to Lucifer after he dies in Paradise Lost. Lucifer effectively becomes a The Lost Lenore for Sandalphon following the formers death.
    • What Makes The Sky Blue: 000 pretty much solidifies their relationship into canon and most certainly deliberate Ship Tease with the the two confessing their feelings to each other in Granblue’s roundabout way, with Lucifer’s expressing his feelings for Sandalphon mirroring the way Belial confirms that his feelings for Lucilius are romantic. Their entire, what is assumed to be last for now, interaction is heavily laden with both Ho Yay and the intention of drawing tears from the players as Sandalphon literally tears himself away from Lucifer before leaving him, after hesitating and giving off the impression that he’s trying not to cry. During that conversation, Sandalphon also admits to wanting to die to join Lucifer after fulfilling his promise. Lucifer is the first to see him genuinely smile. Lucifer and Sandalphon have a heart breaking final moment as Lucifer says he’ll be waiting for Sandalphon in the afterlife. As a perhaps final tribute to their relationship, Lucifer appears in Sandalphon’s 5* uncap Paradise Lost charge attack, shouting his charge attack along with him. Funnily enough, and perhaps confirmation that Cygames wasn’t simply pulling the players legs with these interactions, Lucio, of all characters, ends up shipping Lucifer and Sandalphon together after the latters display of protectiveness over the former, even going as far as to refer to Lucifer as “Your Lucifer”note  in relation to Sandalphon, which Sandalphon doesn’t deny. It all has to be seen to be believed.
    • Sandalphon’s interaction with Lucio in God’s Reverie can be read as a subtle nod from the creators to Lucifer/Sandalphon fans, confirming that even though Lucifer is gone, Sandalphon will never stop caring about him.
    • A meta example has a chibified Sandalphon holding a Lucifer plush in the Granblue Fantasy 5th Anniversary merchandise. Along with that, Lucifer and Sandalphon have had an influx of official merch and art pairing the two together. As well, for the Tower Records Collab Sandalphon Art, they further associate Sandalphon with Lucifer. While the latter doesn’t appear in the art in full, Sandalphon is notably shown wearing a wristband with Lucifer’s belt buckle design on it.
    • More meta example include Sandalphons character song “ Ain Sophr Aur” which details the emotions he feels in Paradise Lost singing about all the things he won’t get to say to Lucifer at the time of the event after his death. Along with that, the skin for the CD’s Flavor Text doesn’t hold back on further teasing their relationship, with the Japanese text referring to Lucifer as someone Sandalphon yearns for from the bottom of his heart with the English translation being more overt and describing Lucifer as someone he “loves so dearly.”
    • The actual music video for “Ain Sophr Aur” is pretty much an official, well animated Lucifer/Sandalphon AMV. In one part of the video, Lucifer can be seen caressing Sandalphon from behind in a loving embrace, nuzzling gently against his shoulder. Along with the video, The tie-in twitter art from the art team has Lucifer listening to a vinyl version of Sandalphon’s song while looking down tenderly at the album cover.
    • The cups Sandalphon is first believed to have been seen holding in his in-game white day cutscene are now heavily associated with him and Lucifer, to the point where it appears in merch where they’re paired together and they’re seen drinking out of them in the “Ain Soph Aur” MV, further solidifying it into canon.
    • As well, the chair first seen in Sandalphon’s anniversary skin can be seen again in the Lucifer art celebrating the release of the “Ain Soph Aur” character song as Lucifer is shown listening to the album, furthering solidifying their connection even though the two are apart.
    • Pash! magazines June edition Granblue Fantasy section detailing Lucifer’s character, role and fate at the end of the “What Makes The Sky Blue” trilogy and the “Ain Soph Aur” MV confirmed that Lucifer and Sandalphon have a deeply mutual longing for each other.
    • The Maydays summer event comes back to this, as the first event where Sandalphon could relax sort of because of the sharks. He still talks about Lucifer, speaking about reuniting with him.
    • Sandalphon has an unusually sentimental expression when he reminisces about Lucifer telling him about the view of the ocean, even saying it’s irreverent of him to presume he understands how Lucifer feels about the world by viewing the same scenery but acknowledging that Lucifer probably would have allowed him that luxury.
    • During his interaction with Sariel in episode 3 of May Days, Sariel talks about wanting to go the “rainbow” because he wants to see Belial again. When he says he wants to see him, Sandalphon’s mind instantly flashes to Lucifer, to which afterwards he mentions “a promise, and a wish”, heavily implying just how much he misses Lucifer and how he wants to see him again. He even allows Sariel to journey to find the dimensional rift and potentially open it likely because he understands and sympathizes Sariel’s desire to see Belial, even if it defies his duties as the Supreme Primarch.
    • His Summer unit fate episode is rift with hints toward his relationship with Lucifer until it’s confirmed at the very end. Particularly, the scene where Lyria and Sandalphon are picking out chairs for the summer food stall and Lyria suggests that they pick out benches because friends or lovers might want to sit side by side. After thinking it over, Sandalphon decides to buy benches. At the end of the fate episode, Sandalphon is detailed having a cup of coffee while sitting one of the benches outside of the food stall, with another filled cup set beside him meant for Lucifer.
    • Across Sandalphons summer fate episodes, his relationship with Lucifer is displayed across various instances such as a man and a woman who are in a romantic relationship and having communication issues, and an old woman who was a widower to a husband that previously owned a coffee shop.
    • Across various instances of canon, the word “love” has been used to describe their relationship, though it was always vague on the type of love their love is supposed to represent. It’s very rarely presented platonically (so far the only instance where it’s given the option to be interpreted as platonic is Summer Sandalphons fate episode where Lyria says “friends or lovers” to describe usage of the bench Sandalphon considers buying), though the interpretation that it’s familial is an option (if you ignore most things) as well as it potentially being romantic love (more likely considering recent developments).
    • The live 3D performance of “Ain Soph Aur” at Granblue Fest 2019 continues this trend, with Sandalphon making longing gestures and vividly expressing his feelings for Lucifer through his singing and dancing as his performance also makes unsubtle call backs to Lucifers motifs, such as his scarf that appears in the latter half of Sandalphon’s act. The song ends with a single feather landing at the front of the stage as Sandalphon walks away. He briefly looks back at it, implying a sense of nostalgia or longing before turning and continuing his exit, concluding the performance.
    • The 2020 live performance of "Ain Soph Aur" has them create a model of Lucifer that just existed to hug Sandalphon to start his transition to his white Supreme Primarch wings, mirroring Lucifer hugging Sandalphon in the original animated "Ain Soph Aur" MV. Naturally, the fandom exploded.
    • If it wasn't obvious from "What Makes The Sky Blue" alone, (Grand) Sandalphon, which depicts Sandalphon from before and during that event, confirms that Sandalphon was indeed Yandere for Lucifer past his Start of Darkness, with desire for revenge and wanting to destroy the Sky Realm being due in part to his bitter belief that Lucifer cared about the Sky Realm more than him. Upon escaping Pandemonium, he begrudges the beautiful blue sky as if he were scorned by it in some way.
    Is this the sky's hue you profess to love? Even without me, the world you envision is a thing of cruel beauty. This is all the proof I need that you never wanted anything to do with me. I never had a place in your world. (...) So, Lucifer... If I were to stain this sky a different color, would you come to see me?
    • Sandalphon's (Grand) weapon charge attack named is "Vernus", which is also the flower the animation for it blooms into. "Vernus", also known as the crocus, is a type of flower that symbolizes regretting love or regretting having loved someone, being based on the various Greek myths involving the bearer of the name that involve love and end in tragedy. As Sandalphon's hatred of Lucifer is born out of his misguided feelings of betrayal and neglect he felt from him along with the implication he still holds Lucifer in high regard but is conflicted over these feelings, it's a flower that perfectly symbolizes their relationship at the time of "What Makes The Sky Blue". As well, one variation of the characters involved in the Myth, being Hermes (A God) and Crocus (A mortal man) also seem to mirror Sandalphon and Lucifer's positions, as Lucifer is the Supreme Primarch (essentially a God), and Sandalphon was a primarch without a role (no better than a mortal in that regard).
    • According to Summer Lucio’s fate episode, Sandalphon is still writing poetry about Lucifer, something he was made fun of for in Paradise Lost by Vyrn.
    • Sandalphon has been cemented as a Clingy Jealous Girl for Lucifer on various occasions, being pissed off at the idea that others find Lucifer (or guys that look like him such as Lucio) attractive, or when he finds that Lucifer is paying attention to someone else (Q-pot collab drama track).
    • The Q-pot collab layers on the pandering for the ship with their flirty interactions, Sandalphon becoming jealous when Lucifer talks to the customer directly and the overall healthier atmosphere of their relationship.
  • Quite a few fans found Gran's relationship with Aaron, the Anime's Canon Foreigner to be this, finding that Aaron's role in Gran's life is very typical of the Love Interest in a story.
  • Zeyen notes in Chapter 94 that Rackam and Noa's bond is so strong that Rackam could've almost immediately completed his trials instead of having to rely on Tiamat to get through them.
  • In the collaboration Katsugeki/Touken Ranbu Fate Horizon event, there is some hoyay between the participating characters, but most prominently between Mikazuki Munechika, the nameless NPC Erune apprentice, and the blacksmith. One wouldn't be judged for believing the apprentice had some sort of crush on Mikazuki and same for the blacksmith to a less obvious degree.
  • Belial, hoo boy, and even moreso in the Japanese version. He explicitly asks Rackam if he wants to sodomize, and later expresses a desire to "train" Sandalphon until he's "submissive" and asks if he's a virgin. The man is a walking case of Ho Yay.
  • "The Other Side Of The Sky" introduces us to Tsubasa and his rival, Sho. Their rivalry is reminiscent of a Shounen manga rivalry.
  • After some complaints, The removal of gender restrictions on the Valentines Day and White Day events lead to both this and Les Yay, giving Gran and Djeeta the ability to gift and receive chocolate regardless of their gender and the ability for both female and male characters, should they so be inclined to, confess their feelings for the protagonist whether they’re male or female, making the characters inadvertently bisexual or just straight up Ambiguously Gay. Cue the fanbase crying “Gay Rights”.
  • In WMTSB 000, we get a glimpse at Belial and Lucillius’ relationship that was implied in WMTSB PT II, with Belial’s Undying Loyalty for his creator being put on full blast and making him come off as an Ignored Enamored Underling to Lucillius who treats him as coldly as any of his other creations. Belial spent 2000 years carrying out Lucillius’ orders, building up to the potentially world ending catastrophe that he planned and resurrected Lucillius so they could watch everything be destroyed together. It’s also shown that Lucillius seems to be the only person Belial seems to truly care about, despite the same notion not be shown in return. WMTSB 000 confirms that Belial’s feelings for Lucillius are romantic. He even goes as far as to follow Lucillius into the void where they’ll be together presumably forever.
  • Despite Baal’s blatant Ship Tease with Medusa, his skill fate episode heavily implies that he and Aoidos have mutual feelings for each other in Granblue’s notorious roundabout way. It’s all but outright stated, especially so given that Baal outright refuses to pursue a more personal relationship with Aoidos in a way that came off as an immortal not wanting to pursue a relationship with a mortal due to the May Fly December Romance issue, with even similar wording to the usual excuse. Aoidos argues that they should cherish what they have even if its in a short time as their music will help them understand each other. Baal also notably gets flustered at Aoidos, even coming off as a bit Tsundere toward him and his eccentric behavior. Regardless of whether the Ship Tease between them was intentional, they definitely have as much sexual tension between them as Baal and Medusa do, and perhaps even more chemistry.
  • While not as blatant as the other "gayngel" examples, there’s some subtle teases between Sariel and Belial due to Belial’s Pet the Dog moments toward Sariel in 000, Sariel’s Undying Loyalty toward Belial and Sariel stating that he received a black feather from an unknown sender in his valentines return gift message, presumed to be from Belial himself.
    • In the Maydays summer event, we’re treated to more Sariel and Belial content, at least on Sariel’s end, as Sariel talks about wanting to see Belial again and searching for the rainbow, which is actually the dimensional rift, for a chance to open it and free him. Sandalphon initially admonishes him and objects but due to their similar sentimentalities after him losing Lucifer, he allows Sariel to journey off to find the rift, leaving us to assume that Sariel will be the one who brings Belial back to the sky realm in a future event.
    • According to the Pash! Interview with Sariel’s voice actor, to Sariel, Belial is someone he loves even though they’re apart.
  • Lucilius and Lucifer have their own bits of Hoyay, however ambiguous it may be on Lucilius' end. In fact, Lucilius' only redeeming quality as a villain might be that he genuinely seemed to like Lucifer.
    • Lucifer is the only character Lucilius is shown to treat fairly nicely, as they had a good bit of trust in each other and he allowed Lucifer to refer to him as "friend", unprompted. If his conversation with Beelzebub is any indication, he seems quite fond of the title as well. That said, he does betray Lucifer's trust in the end, prompting Lucifer to kill him to stop his plans. Lucilius doesn't mind this, however.
    • Lucilius was fully aware of Lucifer's own oblivious affection for Sandalphon, pointing out that the attention Lucifer paid to Sandalphon made the other primarchs jealous. He even offered to allow Lucifer to keep Sandalphon as a pet if he grew attached to him. Reminder, this is Lucilius, The Sociopath.
    • Even after Lucio delivers the reveal that Lucilius created Lucifer with the purpose of using him to "complete himself" due to his own imperfection as a copy of the Speaker, Lucilius pretty much ignores this reveal, absorbs Sahar into his core to complete himself instead (Even though he already still had access to Lucifer's power) and laments the loss of his equal when battling Sandalphon, grieving Lucifer in his own messed up way.
    • And on the note of Lucilius creating Lucifer to complete himself, it's made abundantly clear that Lucilius had no intention of Lucifer dying, even after being told the truth behind Lucifer's creation as he laments losing him. He was perfectly content with having Lucifer exist as a perfect entity separate from himself. Though it does leave the question of what he intended to do since Lucifer was clearly against his plan to end the world.
    • Lucilius apparently smiled after Lucifer killed him, with Belial knowing immediately that Lucifer had done the job because only Lucifer can make Lucilius smile like that. Perhaps he was satisfied to die by Lucifer's hand...
    • And speaking of Belial, Belial's hatred was partially fueled by the fact that Lucilius favored Lucifer over him. Belial was in love with Lucilius, who in turn only had eyes for Lucifer and treated Belial like a menial slave. Meanwhile, Lucifer, who cared for Lucilius as a friend, has eyes for Sandalphon. Sounds awfully like a love square.
    • In one of Beelzebub's pre-raid unlock stories, it was written that Lucilius easily took his eyes off of Beelzebub once Lucifer entered the room, fueling Beelzebub, who may or may not have feelings for Lucilius if it's not just an obsession to be better than him, envy toward him.
    • There's also an old Valentine's return gift image in which Astral Lucilius looks fondly upon Lucifer's feather as it falls into his open palm, contrasting the cold letter he sends to the sender in which he says he doesn't care about the gift and wants to experiment on them.
  • As per Code Geass tradition, the Ho Yay between Lelouch and Suzaku carries on into the Granblue Fantasy collab event, exemplified with this exchange between the two of them.
    Suzaku: After all, with the two of us together...
    Lelouch and Suzaku stare at each other, their eyes full of trust.
  • There's a bit from The Maydays related units between Lucio and Sandalphon.
    • During the Maydays summer event, we’re treated to Lucio returning to his The Gad Fly role and tormenting Sandalphon, which some fans had interpreted as him flirting with Sandalphon to get a rise out of him or because he has crush. Unfortunately for him, Sandalphon doesn’t take to well to it and it comes off as incredibly one-sided. Come Lucio's summer fate episodes, more clarity is added to this. While he continues on his Stalker without a Crush tendencies, invading Sandalphon's personal space despite his annoyance and discomfort, it's portrayed as him being genuinely oblivious to how he's making Sandalphon feel until Sandalphon calls him out on it. It's then revealed that he finds having the same face as Lucifer regrettable due to the negative feelings they evoke in Sandalphon, but explains that he can't change the way he looks because his master bestowed upon him this appearance for unknown reasons. He further explains that he only wants to be friends, but his lack of understanding of the human heart makes him come off the wrong way and that he doesn't want to be viewed as a copy of Lucifer. After this, Sandalphon and Lucio seem to come to an understanding, as they realize their duties as protectors of the Sky Realm.... only to return to their bickering because despite this conversation because Lucio goes right back to being a troll, reading Sandalphon's poetry about Lucifer. Lyria says that they seem closer in spite of their bickering.
    • The translation seemingly loves to play up Lucio's trolling side, adding flirty sounding dialogue where there isn't really any when he interacts with Sandalphon such as when they interact in their shared summer Premium Friday shrimp quest, only further adding to the interpretation that he has a crush on him for western audiences.
  • Grimnir's Valentines fate Episode has a huge load of Ship Tease with the Captain. This changes in no way when you select Gran as your player character. Additionally, Grimnir's final uncap art happens to be the first example of having the captain themselves physically featured there, so you get a full view Grimnir having his head on the lap of Gran or Djeeta (Depending on who you play as).
  • Seox's heavy Ship Tease with the captain is just as prominent if the player is playing as male. It gets even heavier after Seeds of Redemption, and his event SSR version's fate. The fact that Seox is pretty much canonically considered part of the crew lore-wise, even if you haven't recruited him yet, also helps a lot.
  • Newest example is in SR Joel's fate episode, where the Captain gets basically heartbroken over possibility of Joel leaving. While this can be taken as an example of strong friendship, animation makes it more difficult to do so. This changes in no way if you play as Gran.
  • Even Beelzebub doesn't escape from this, though it's downplayed compared to everyone else's bouts of Ho Yay in the "What Makes The Sky Blue" storyline. Part of his hatred and obsession toward Lucifer stemmed from his being awed by not only Lucifer's power, but also his beauty. He also seems to want to be, or at one point wanted to be acknowledged by Lucilius as an equal, though his Versus description and his character song painted it more in a "longing" light.
    • Belial also gets some one-sided Hoyay with him, as he doesn't hesitate to make passes at him and even claims that Beelzebub is "cuter" and "more fun" than Lucifer. It's one-sided because Beelzebub makes it clear that he can't stand Belial and is only using him as a pawn to further his own plans, though he doesn't realize until too late that he was also being pawned by Belial in the end.
  • On his valentine message, Juri is implied to have a crush on the player. Although this is probably directly only to Djeeta, his message fits Gran just as much.
    • On the valentine's message of the Juri & Farrah duo unit, Farrah taunts him over this crush.

     Les Yay
By the way, this is an official artwork for one character

The interactions between the girls are also notable.

  • Vira towards Katalina, to the point it isn't subtext at all. Farrah and Lyria are both charmed by her, too. The conclusion of Grand Vira's fifth uncap episode has Katalina tell herself that she wants to protect Vira's smile, implying that she is starting to reciprocate Vira's feelings.
    • Vira shows a bit of interest to the protagonist, but mostly with Djeeta. Her skill fate episode has her say that for a moment, the image of Katalina and Djeeta merge as Djeeta saved her and sees her as a little sister. Even her birthday quote has her hint that she may see Djeeta in the same light as she did with Katalina. Not helped by the fact that Vira's second birthday line has her basically say "I love you" to the protagonist regardless of gender.
  • Claudia towards Lyria, not subtext either. In fact, Claudia loves young girls in general (though this doesn't include Djeeta), becoming instantly smitten with Salria in Violet Violence.
  • And Claudia's fellow co-worker Dorothy towards the protagonist regardless of the gender. But especially so with Djeeta.
  • Anyone who has played Rage of Bahamut and/or Shadowverse before might have been aware of the Anne-Grea yuri shipping. Their spotlight event Lonesome Dragoness even serves as a Mythology Gag from the original game focusing on how they became friends. Even the Grand Blues! comic strips acknowledge this in some panels, such as when Owen was left with tears of joy upon seeing that Anne and Grea get along well even in the dream world. Comic #1112 in particular, involves a Ship Tease of the two from another Granblue character.
    Jin: Anne, Please imagine yourself as the Ice Cream that Grea is enjoying... If you were to melt off the cone, where would you prefer to drip?
    Anne: I'd fall... On Grea's Treasure Chest!
    Jin: Correct!
  • Ange and Cordelia are extremely popular with the ladies. The latter even uses it to her advantage.
  • Cordelia and Bridgette, thanks to the quite ambiguous narration in the former's Fate Episodes, where Bridgette has long-time romantic feelings for her and Cordelia reciprocates them to some degree.
  • In a free quest in the Mist Isle, an NPC will squee at how strong the player is. But this is more seen if the player is selected as female.
  • Anthuria's interest in the protagonist is not limited by their gender.
  • Zeta and Bea, the two Vitriolic Best Buds of the Society, given that they appear in tandem for most of their events. In some cases, one gets relegated to an extra while the other takes the event's spotlight. Players have known them to be always together... in fanarts, promotional material and real-life merchandise.
    • Their inclusion in the "Brigade of the Sky" expansion pack of Shadowverse is also notable for having the pair side-by-side in the official trailer. And of course in terms of gameplay, Zeta summons a copy of Beatrix into the player's hand whenever she attacks. Even in a card game, the two are inseparable.
    • Their Back-to-Back Badasses moment at the end of Home Sweet Moon sees them making some innuendo, but Bea also gets a bit of Les Yay with newcomer Gwynne, when she sits on her lap and holds her hand to help her pilot the automagod Arienensa.
  • An R character, Nene mistakes the protagonist for her missing skyfarer husband in her fate episode... even if the one you're playing as is Djeeta.
  • Silva and Tweyen/Song gained steam as a Les Yay pairing since the release of Tweyen/Song's 5★ Upgrade along with Silva's shortly after. As both their 5★ Upgrade arcs are related to each other. Updates on October 2018 seem to nod to this, with the release of Silva's Light version (which means, both of them can be in the same elemental party), as well as their conversations in "Make Up and Go!" where Silva asks Tweyen for help. After they reconcile both of them essentially act like a married couple in their events or fate episodes. It's gotten to the point where a lot of their recent stories revolve around each other and their relationship.
    • In the event "A Sweltering Eternal Getaway", Silva and Tweyen are together almost all the time (only separating while fighting the monsters attracted by Victor's men), even appearing to hold hands or lock arms at a point due to how their story sprites are positioned.
  • The Cardcaptor Sakura collaboration event already has shades of this due to Sakura and Tomoyo's relationship and interactions within the event story.
  • The 5★ Fate Episodes of Ejaeli reveals a female NPC who admits falling in love to Ejaeli's talent even before the latter wore the mask. Though the dialogue tends to play this by having Ejaeli very much embarrassed upon hearing these words, it still opens up a possibility for this kind of pairing.
  • Yuel and Societte are Childhood Friends whose relationship borders on Pseudo-Romantic Friendship.
    • Like Grea's case above, Yuel received a Summer version on 2019 with a swimsuit-clad Societte making a cameo in her Fate Episode. The episode itself revolves around the two Erunes planning to spend time with each other. And oh boy, Summer Yuel's uncap art has Societte gently caressing her hair.
    • In the ending chapter of the event "Forgiveness and Gratitude", Yuel says she'd die of a heartbreak if she lost Societte. She also gets jealous, after Kou leaves them, when Societte says she'll miss him.
  • Ilsa and the protagonist have a little bit of this in her Summer version's fate episode. Playing as Djeeta, the protagonist can choose to scare off a skirt chaser bothering Ilsa by claiming that she's her girlfriend. Ilsa plays eagerly plays into the ruse, calling the protagonist their lover and asking the skirt chaser to see if they can try to sell her on the appeal of a man.
  • Gabriel and Europa, stemming from their teacher-student relationship as a Primarch and a disciple respectively. Europa seems to think highly of Gabriel, even noted as one of her hobbies being tea time with Gabriel.
  • Milleore and Sahli Lao get mistaken by Lyria as romantic partners in their Cross-Fate Episode under the misconception that Sahli Lao is a man, but she really is a woman, and she grew tired of correcting people about this. Still, it doesn't stop Lyria to insist minutes later that the relationship of the two Harvins may be something more than just friends.
  • Halluel, a female Primarch, isn’t above flirting with female characters to the point where Malluel calls her out on it. She comes onto Lyria multiple times during their interactions, especially during the “The Maydays” summer event. This usually leads to Malluel getting jealous.
  • The Morrigna sisters could be added to this, due to their very un-sibling like uncap pose. At first glance,one would think they’re a trio of lesbians and not sisters.
  • At the end of Summer Europa’s fate episode, the MC “picks her up” as in asks her on a date in order to convince her to stay with the crew with options of either taking a walk or having tea together, as well as gives her the flowers she’s seen holding in her default summer art. The option doesn’t disappear or change in the slightest even if you’re playing as the female protagonist.
  • Both Meg and Mari from the event My Beloved Auguste are this, though in different ways. With Meg, she's lesbian coded in how she was written from the first chapter, despite her dreams of a Prince Charming. She later does have a meeting with a man (Albert) that meets the very exact qualifications of her Prince Charming...and she not only has no interest, but is confused by it. Who she does express interest in is Mari, who she's willing to put her life at risk for, though it's never stated whether it's love or just incredibly strong platonic feelings and Meg is asexual. Mari, however, develops a massive crush on Meg after the latter saves her, to the point where she has a harem of men following her because she rejected them all, despite having shown interest in them before. Instead, she's utterly infatuated with Meg, acts like she was stood up for a date when Meg shows up on Auguste (and is upset she missed her a month earlier), and her journal entry outright states that she wants the two to live a happy family life together.
    • Meg and Mari are set to return for the "Auguste of the Dead" event, and Cygames released some art featuring the two that is Yuel and Societte-tier levels of suggestive of their relationship.
    • The official profile for Mari's Auguste of the Dead version explicitly states that she is in love with Meg.
    • By the time of A 37-Year-Old's Sauna Horizons event, she wants Meg to marry her and gets hostile at Deliford for going to the spa with Meg.
      • After accidentaly overhearing a conversation between Deliford and Sandalphon without the entire context (Deliford, Geisenborger, Altair and Garma enter the bath wearing only towels, unaware that it was a mixed bath day, and Geisenborger asks to borrow Sandalphon's swimsuit, and Deliford is now explaining what was going on), she incorrectly assumes Deliford is gay. For better or for worse, this improves her opinion of him. Later, since Deliford didn't know what she was talking about, he unknowingly "confirms" to her that he's gay.
      • Meg herself reveals she took interest in saunas because Mari was helping on the Cerulean Spa, and was excited to see Mari when they visit it during A 37-Year-Old's Sauna Horizons.
    • Mari is Promoted to Playable in a dual unit with Meg and the weapon that unlocks them is the Marriage Ring. During their fate episode, Meg intends to purchase a "Stone of Happiness" from a conman until the crew show up to put a stop to it. By the end of the fate, Meg has gotten her hands on the stone, which is attached to a ring, and explains she wanted to give it to Mari to ensure her happiness. Mari being Mari, she considers this an engagement ring.
  • Catura is into the protagonist regardless of their sex, and essentially says it doesn't matter if her dream Prince is male or female.
  • Medusa gets a ton of subtext with Satyr and Athena.
  • The event Marionette Stars introduces the NPC Cupitan, who becomes playable shortly after. She is travelling the skies in order to save her childhood friend Tristette. It becomes incredibly heartbreaking when it's revealed that Tristette genuinely hates her and joined Navis willingly.
    • In her low health line, she calls for Tristette's help, while in her victory line, she wonders if Tristette would praise her.
    • As of A 37-Year-Old's Sauna Horizons, she has become much closer to Tikoh (who she first met in Marionette Stars), wanting to go to the sauna with her and assuming Tikoh wants to avoid her when she rejects Deliford's invitation to the Sauna. She has also befriended Tabina and Meg at some point.
    • At the start of Unbound Asterism, she wakes up on Tikoh's lap and comments on its softness. However, her gayest moment is the climax of the event in which she and Tristette kiss after laying their feelings out through battle and sorting through them.
  • Only You in the Entire World focuses on Drusilla and introduces Nerine, who she befriends over time and who indirectly helps her befriend other crew members. When they find out the truth about Nerine (she's an avatar of Erbsu and can only be seen and remembered by those who are lonesome themselves), they both become distraught, vowing to remember each other no matter what.
    • In the fakeout ending, it is revealed that Drusilla made a deal with Erbsu where, if Drusilla was able to remember Nerine despite those conditions, Drusilla would help Erbsu mend her relationship with the villagers of Omelas, while Erbsu would help her find a way of keeping both Erbsu and Nerine alive.
    • After reuniting in the ending, Nerine hugs and lifts her while Sylph, Andira and Lily praise Drusilla as the "evangelist of love" (though Lily still misspronounces it as "oven checklist of love".
      • Nerine ultimately decides to stay behind in Omelas before travelling with Drusilla and the crew, asking if that makes her selfish. When Drusilla says she'll wait for Nerine, Nerine says she has Drusilla wrapped around her finger, while Drusilla calls her a little devil.