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This covers Primal Beast characters who are recruitable through the gacha or special events. For non-recruitable Primal Beasts, see Primal Beasts.


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     Shared Tropes 
  • Adaptational Species Change: For the characters that originated from Rage of Bahamut, their species has changed from what they were originally labeled as to “Primal”.
  • Ambiguously Bi: A number of primals on this page have Ship Tease with the protagonist regardless of their gender and/or another primal (or non-primal character) of the same sex. This is seemingly touched upon in Primal Resonance as Medusa notes that primals don’t perceive things in the same way that humans do, likely meaning that they also don’t factor gender into their attraction.
  • Animation Bump: For a lot of the newer released Primals from 2018 onwards, they receive special charge attacks that resemble chibified versions of their summon or raid boss animations.
  • Early Installment Weirdness: The first playable primals which initially weren’t called “Primals” and instead were labeled “Other” are this compared to the later ones. The biggest examples of this are
    • Noa. Despite being a main story character, he initially appeared in the gacha as an SR and for a while was the only playable primal to appear in the gacha as that rarity rather than an SSR as every primal that followed him had been. This was rectified in December 2019 where he was finally promoted to SSR status as a Grand character.
    • Lucio and Zooey, both whom were stated to appear to be very similar to summons according to Word of God which lead to the assumption that they may not actually be the Promoted to Playable versions of their summon forms. This only ended up being the case with Lucio. Zooey is in fact a Promoted to Playable Grand Order, while Lucio is a different entity than the summon Lucifer entirely. He isn’t even a primal as revealed by What Makes The Sky Blue: 000. Cygames eventually retconned his race into Other again, completely divorcing his character from Lucifer and the primal race entirely.
    • Cerberus is perhaps the biggest example of this, with her fate episodes speaking for themselves.
  • Expy: Though a running theme of Granblue Fantasy overall, it’s notable that a majority of the playable primals revealed so far originated from Rage of Bahamut with the exception of characters like Lucio a.k.a. Helel ben Sahar, Noa, Vira, Baal, Halluel and Malluel and Sandalphon. Though in a different universe, their characters have been repurposed to fit the new setting and their backstories and titles remaining at least somewhat faithful to their original lore. According to “What Makes The Sky Blue: Part III 000”, this is in-universe lore not just limited to Primal Beasts, but to any ported over Rage of Bahamut character in general.
  • Fish out of Water: Most of them are very unfamiliar with celebrating holidays, such as Valentine's Day and White Day, and are new at partaking in other human—er, mortal customs.
  • God in Human Form: As Primal Beasts, they are all naturally this with varying degrees of "human".
    • Averted when the first playable non-humanoid primal, Colossus, was implemented as he’s a walking suit of armor.
  • Hot God: Well, thanks to the overall Fanservice designs, the humanoid primal beasts are depicted as attractive individuals.
  • Intrigued by Humanity: Several of them express an interest in mortal culture and their various foibles in comparison to the long-lived nature of Primal existence.
  • Olympus Mons: Taken a step further than most Primals, since they can now be active party members instead of being limited to summons. Some of them are explicitly limited as Grand characters with equally powerful recruitment weapons to boot.
  • Promoted to Playable: In general. With the exception of Noa, Azazel and Lucio, most of them were summons and/or Raid bosses before they became playable.
  • Really 700 Years Old: Goes with the territory. They were all created by the Astrals for their war of conquest centuries ago and have been left to their own devices since. By default, their ages are often listed as unknown on their profiles though some have their ages implied in the stories.


Voiced by: Aya Hirano

Companions, as I have been entrusted by Master Uriel, I hereby swear to safeguard you through all manner of trial and tribulation.
Divine Protector of the Godly Realm
Summer Version  
Rarity: SSR
Element: Earth
Style: Defense, Special (Summer)
Weapon Specialty: Sabre+Katana
Charge Attack: Mirror-Blade Helix

Defender of the God-realm and servant of the Primarch Uriel. Originally debuted in Rage of Bahamut.

  • Action Fashionista: Despite her serious stoic vibe, Alexiel is fashion-conscious enough to even rummage a lot of shops just to find a swimwear she really likes.
  • BFS: Like her raid boss version, that weapon she wields is a large sword, even though it has a long lance-like handle.
  • The Comically Serious: Boy, is she ever. Even in a swimsuit, she still comes off as kinda stiff.
  • Contralto of Danger: Yes, that is still Aya Hirano voicing her.
  • Cool Shades: Wears red-tinted heart-shaped sunglasses in her summer version.
  • Defeat Means Friendship: She became Uriel's apprentice after she learned about Primarchs, only to then promptly try to beat Uriel's ass. She got dunked but he was impressed with her and so took her under his wing.
  • Dub Name Change: From Brodia to Alexiel; one of the many carry-overs from Rage of Bahamut.
  • Fish out of Water: A notable example even by the standards of her fellow Primals. Her first Christmas greeting has her turning her sword on Gran/Djeeta... when he/she was just challenging Alexiel to a snowball fight.
    "What? You understand what Master Uriel meant when he said what he did?
    Singularity. You must tell me the meaning of this."
  • Good Is Not Soft: Perhaps one of the epitomes of it in this game. At the end of her second Fate Episode, Alexiel prepares to bring her sword down upon some arms dealers that attempted to kill the Captain. If not for the Captain stopping her, she would have put an end to them right then and there.
  • Incorruptible Pure Pureness: Her listed dislikes are "immorality in all its forms."
  • Line-of-Sight Name: One that is given to her in Grand Blues! Comic #1027. When Lyria mentions "Egg Rice" when thinking about food, Rosine misnames Alexiel as "Aleggxiel".
  • The Magnificent: Unlike her fellow Disciples/Genesis Series summons, Alexiel has a title preceding her name in her summon stone and raid boss battle - Godsworn Alexiel.
  • Mundane Utility: In her summer version's intro fate, when seeing and being intrigued by a sand castle, she uses her ability to manipulate earth to make a sturdier sand castle with the crew.
  • Promoted to Playable: After about a year of being available as a summon, she was made a recruitable character for the Flash Gala of April 2018.
  • Rapunzel Hair: Goes past her waist.
  • The Stoic: Uriel describes Alexiel as "a little stiff" in her Fate Episode. She proves him right not even two lines later, with the above quote.
    Vyrn: Pfft! Ahahaha!
    Lyria: Vyrn?
    Alexiel: Red dragon. Why do you laugh?
    Vyrn: Sorry! Just that he really wasn't kidding about you being all stiff!
  • Strength Equals Worthiness: She fights the protagonist in "Fortress Sonata" to see if they are worthy of Uriel's attention and is pleased when they pass the test.
  • Tomboy and Girly Girl: In a similar vein that the Primarch Michael is this to Gabriel, she is the tomboy to Europa’s girly girl.
  • Work Hard, Play Hard: Uriel sees that she is working hard all the time, so he suggests Alexiel to play hard on the beach too. Cue her Summer version!
  • Zettai Ryouiki: Grade B.


Voiced by: Ayako Kawasumi

I believe in the power of the shield—the aegis. I wish to avoid bloodshed whenever possible.
Goddess of Defense
Rarity: SSR
Element: Fire
Style: Defense
Weapon Specialty: Spear
Charge Attack: Minerva Thrust

The Primal Beast of the Aegis, and the patron knight of peace. She embarks on a journey in pursuit of Medusa, hoping to stop her from wrecking chaos and turning skydwellers into stone. As with other characters, she originally debuted in Rage of Bahamut.

  • Blessed with Suck: She's actually incapable of stopping from fighting once she starts and is actually suffering because of it. Fortunately, Lyria absorbs some of her power to make her stop.
  • Boobs-and-Butt Pose: In her initial artwork.
  • The Determinator: Has been following Medusa for 79 years, according to the latter, since their first encounter. However, see Blessed with Suck above.
  • I Just Want to Have Friends: It turns out she's mainly desperate to connect with someone who understands Athena's plight of long life but has awful communication skills about this kind of stuff.
  • Martial Pacifist: She dislikes violence and will always attempt to talk it out first. If that fails, however, she'll incinerate anyone unfortunate enough to cross her.
  • No Social Skills: She's so focused on combat and military prowess that she finds it very difficult to initially make small talk about other subjects.
  • Promoted to Playable: Athena started as a raid boss and a summon, she later became playable on December 31, 2018.
  • Sexy Backless Outfit: Her armor doesn't cover her back.
  • When She Smiles: Got one in the Love Live! collab, and it's gorgeous.


Voiced by: Masakazu Morita

I am Azazel. My fellow brethren who have fallen into slavery by humans, I fight for the demon's freedom. ...Now, you too take up a sword! Lend me your power!
Jet-Black Rebellion

Rarity: SSR
Element: Dark
Style: Attack
Weapon Specialty: Dagger+Melee
Charge Attack: Scapegoat

A Primal Beast once sealed in Pandemonium. After his escape, he was disoriented at how much the world has changed and eventually joins the hero after they try to calm Azazel down when he caused a ruckus in the streets. He originates from Rage of Bahamut and debuted in Granblue on October 17, 2017, nearly two weeks after the last episode of Virgin Soul aired.

  • Adaptation Species Change: He is a demon in Rage of Bahamut. Here, he is one of the Primal Beasts sealed in Pandemonium labeled as a Fallen Angel, similarly to Olivia. This might be slightly subverted, as Azazel from Rage Of Bahamut is also called a Fallen Angel, though the fallen angels in Granblue Fantasy aren’t exactly as one would think they’d be due to how this universe works.
  • Amnesiac Hero:
    • Calling him a hero would be a stretch, but his fate episode shows that he has little to no memories prior to his sealing and only remembers the war that he took part in along with other Primal Beasts that were sealed in Pandemonium.
    • His skill fate episode reveals the hero part as he remembers he was tricked into rebelling/falling and not only is still loyal to Lucifer, he's hell bent on revenge towards the person who tricked him. What Makes The Sky Blue 000 reveals that the one who deceived him was none other than Belial.
  • Animal Motifs: Snakes as taken from Rage of Bahamut. He even summons them in his Charge Attack.
  • Battle Aura: If the player selects him when preparing a skill, Azazel will be surrounded with a black mist.
  • Bishounen: Tall and slim, with a pale complexion and white hair. Nina Drango's Blush Value mechanic ranks him at 3 hearts, the highest value she rates for handsome men.
  • Butt-Monkey: Look... it's Az. Anyone familiar with Rage of Bahamut: Genesis will tell you that he's by far the least effectual of the demons/fallen angels, and isn't even aware of this. Needless to say, this bears out constantly in his Fate Episode and other content he features in. His "weak state" or "critical health" animation is even his memetic face plant from the RoB anime.
  • Early-Bird Cameo: He appears briefly in Nina Drango's Fate Episodes, which were released a month before his debut.
  • Fallen Angel: He’s a primal beast, but labeled as a fallen angel specifically. Like Olivia, he is a fallen Primarch.
  • The Faceless: His upper body was covered in shadows for his aforementioned cameo in Nina's Fate Episodes.
  • Fish out of Water: Due to his long imprisonment, he's unfamiliar with a lot of the basics of the Sky World.
  • Meaningful Name: His Charge Attack "Scapegoat" draws inspiration from the association of the term Azazel (and this trope applies to his namesake as well) with the scapegoat rites in The Bible.
  • Mythology Gag:
    • In his Fate Episode, Azazel suspects a Fantastic Racism happening between a human employer and a Draph worker, easily mistaking the latter to be a demon just because he had horns. This is a reference to the general backstory in Rage of Bahamut where there is a racial conflict between gods, man and demons. He beats up the human as a result, thinking that demon slavery is in effect, which actually happens in the Virgin Soul anime.
    • His right arm is covered in bandages, just as he becomes fully covered in these while taking the "Rag Demon" persona in the Rage of Bahamut: Virgin Soul anime.
    • Of all things, why would his "critical health animation" depict him in a prone (face plant) position? In the Rage of Bahamut: Genesis anime, there was an incident of him getting run over by Bacchus' carriage which sends Azazel lying with his face on the ground.
    • His Signature Move in the two anime series of Rage of Bahamut involves spreading out his wings and using his snakes like whips that lash and pierce the enemy in front of him. This becomes the exact animation used for his Charge Attack, Scapegoat.
    • His loyalty to Lucifer seems like a trait that’s been carried over from his original character in Rage of Bahamut: Genesisnote , though Granblue Fantasy has yet to go into depth on the extent of their relationship.
  • Snakes Are Sinister: He uses them in his Charge Attack animations as a flurry of lashes towards the enemy.
  • Undying Loyalty: As with every incarnation of Azazel that has appeared in Cygames, he is a loyal follower of Lucifer.


Voiced by: Kensho Ono

I'm Baal. Resonance reverberating between you guys isn't all that bad.

Rarity: SSR
Element: Earth
Style: Balanced
Weapon Specialty: Harp+Axe
Charge Attack: Amplified Resonance

One of the "primal pals" circle of friends alongside Medusa, Nezha and Satyr. Among them, Baal knows the youngest gorgon for the longest time, and like Medusa, he also wishes to find his long-lost sister.

  • Ambiguously Bi: It's implied he may have reluctant feelings for Medusa, a female primal. But it's outright stated that he has feelings for Aoidos, a male human.
  • Belligerent Sexual Tension: With Medusa, which has evolved into Unresolved Sexual Tension after the end of "Primal Resonance".
  • Bishōnen: He's quite the handsome man.
  • Early-Bird Cameo: A Scripted Battle in "Primal Resonance" reveals a playable unit for Baal, despite him not being featured in the gacha the moment the event was released.
  • Gratuitous English: He occassionally slips English terms in the Japanese dialogue, and they are italicized to give emphasis.
  • Journey to the Center of the Mind: Baal can enter the consciousness of others in a void-like space where he can roam around, as he demonstrates to Geo.
  • Loyal Animal Companion: Always carries a cat named Hannibal. However, Hannibal is less of a pet and more of an extension of Baal's being.
  • Magic Music: He has a magical guitar that allows him to summon thunder.
  • Peek-a-Bangs: With rather long bangs to cover almost a half of his face.
  • Promoted to Playable: Finally becomes playable in May 18, 2019, shortly after his event had ended earlier in the same month.
  • Ship Tease: With Medusa in "Primal Resonance" courtesy of Satyr pointing out their relationship Like an Old Married Couple. Also with Aoidos, in his fate episodes.
  • Tall, Dark, and Handsome: How Satyr initially describes him, but switches out "handsome" for "mysterious" instead.
    Satyr: Oh, that's just what the mortals call "being cool". Doesn't it make him like the tall, dark and mysterious type?
  • Tsundere: Is a bit like this toward Medusa in Primal Resonance. He also has his moments with Aoidos.
  • Mayfly–December Romance: Why he doesn't want to get too deeply involved with Aoidos; He dislikes the idea of falling in love with a mortal and then living out immortality without them.


Voiced by: Eri Kitamura

It’s the girl who always comes when called... Ta-daaa! Look who’s here! It’s Cerberus!
Watchdog of the Underworld
Hellhound Trifecta (Summon) 

Rarity: SSR
Element: Dark
Style: Special
Weapon Specialty: Melee
Charge Attack: Triple Damnation

A Primal Beast who joins up with the crew after she was accidentally summoned by the Captain. Her character originates from Rage of Bahamut.

  • Adaptational Species Change: Like many of the other Rage of Bahamut characters, her species was changed to fit the setting.
  • Fluffy the Terrible: Her other "heads" are named Coco and Mimi. They're also the weapon that come with recruiting her where their description notes both being terrible and fluffy.
  • Genki Girl: Initially, she's very happy to meet her new 'master' and serve you while you and the others figure out who was originally trying to summon her and for what purpose.
  • Legacy Character: While there are many imported characters from Rage of Bahamut in Granblue Fantasy, there are very few who actually consistently make appearances through out Cygames’ original content like she has making her, like Lucifer and Bahamut, this.
  • Living Toy: Coco and Mimi look more like a child's puppet toys than weapons.
  • The Magnificent: Her updated gacha summon gives Cerberus the title of "Hellhound Trifecta".
  • Mega Twintails: She has a rather long pair of twintails that reach down past her knees.
  • Promoted to Playable: Originally was a summon you could buy in the shop for her conquest event.
  • Rocket Punch: Her charge attack has her firing her other "heads" in this manner.
  • Rule of Three: True to her namesake, all of her skills work in threes, often referencing threes in name at the same time.
    • Absorption hits three times and heals Cerberus for up to 1333 HP.
    • Disillusion hits three times.
    • Triad Deception inflicts three debuffs on the enemy.
    • Her charge attack is named Triple Damnation.
    • Her maximum base HP is 1333, and her maximum base ATK is 7333
    • Lastly, her triple attack rate is increased by her support skill; Infernal Heaven.
  • Stripperiffic: She's barely wearing anything as both a summon and a playable character.


Voiced by: ???
The Iron Giant

Rarity: SSR
Element: Fire
Style: Attack
Weapon Specialty: Sabre+Axe
Charge Attack: Ground Shatter

A huge mechanical automaton built in secret by the Draph of Valtz after they were enslaved by the Astrals during the War. While it was never finished in time, Archduke Tzaka completes and awakens it.

  • Attack of the 50-Foot Whatever: Colossus is apparently 18.0m (59 feet tall) and he takes up a good portion of your screen when used in battle.
  • BFS: The Omega form has a gigantic sword.
  • Call-Back: In the anime, Colossus is defeated when Io casts a giant icicle to skewer it, just as it is weak to the Water element in-game.
  • Dimensional Cutter: Its trademark Dimensional Cleave. It's not a metaphor, either: it can legitimately cleave through dimensions, briefly tearing a giant hole in reality, by swinging its sword really, really hard.
  • Dual Boss: With Yggdrasil in Bestia Island.
  • Early Installment Weirdness: Just like Tiamat, Colossus' early raids have it occasionally speak some lines in speech bubbles during the fight. It's never been referenced since and is now assumed to be The Speechless like most primals.
  • Gameplay and Story Segregation: The one time Colossus actually uses Dimensional Cleave as a story event, it propels everything around it into another dimension and is so taxing on its body that it shuts down for several centuries. Contrast that to its raid boss form, that starts quite literally using it every turn past a certain threshold.
  • Gentle Giant: Of the literal variant. He’s an enormous but ultimately friendly suit of armor.
  • God in Human Form: The first playable primal to avert this, as he’s a walking, sentient suit of armor.
  • Heroic Sacrifice: After defeating Colossus at the end of Chapter 8, the cave it was fought in partially collapses. Colossus uses the last of its strength to shield Tzaka from being crushed before dying.
  • Humongous Mecha: It is a full on giant robot, complete with Robo Speak. Its Omega form is even bigger than its regular form.
  • Instant A.I.: Just Add Water!: Colossus is a strange being, which makes sense for a robot built from a Primal Crystal. Its programming is very simple: it mainly follows basic commands, and always sees the first order ever given to it ("Use your strength, to kill all Astrals") as its main directive. On the other hand, it also appears to have some sort of sentience and emotions of its own, and seemingly prefers protecting over destroying ever since witnessing the last moments of its creators. After its core is destroyed by Io, its memory gets scrambled and its prime directive changed (the original memory clip was corrupted and spliced with one of Tzaka's memories, turning it into "Use your strength, to give people smiles"); Lyria points out that the giant seems much happier following that order.
  • Irony: Overlaps with Gameplay and Story Segregation. In-game, the Colossus is weak against Water. But in the 13th episode of the anime, Lyria, Io, and Djeeta ride on the Colossus as it crosses the sea, without any harmful effects.
  • Mechanically Unusual Fighter: In his playable version, Colossus' Charge Bar caps at 200% like many Katana-specialty samurai characters. The catch is that he can only use his charge attack if the charge bar reaches 200%. To compensate for this, Colossus' Charge Attack damage multiplier is very high, with the value soft capping at 3,350,000.
  • Mundane Utility: In the anime, Lyria, Djeeta and Io use Colossus as a ride in order to cross the ocean.
  • Mythology Gag: Lyria and Io are resting on Colossus' shoulders as seen in his uncapped art. This is a reference to what happened in the Beach Episode of the anime wherein Lyria, Io and Djeeta ride on Colossus' shoulders while crossing the ocean.
  • One-Hit Kill: The Omega form's Dimensional Cleave (via 60,000ish damage). Once it hits Overdrive, it resorts to using this when it gets full charges, or when lowering its health to certain percentages. Fortunately, players can dodge it or use a 100% damage cut to negate it completely. In his Impossible raid battle, when his right arm enters Overdrive, he starts using it twice in a row, and once he hits 10% HP, he'll use Resolute Reactor, dealing over 77,000 damage to everyone, killing the party instantly unless a damage cut or Unchallenged buff was put up beforehand.
  • Playing with Fire: Has numerous fire attacks.
  • Promoted to Playable: Over year after playable Tiamat’s release, Colossus finally made his appearance as a playable unit in September 16th’s flash gala.
  • The Speechless: Like the other playable omega summons, he doesn’t have a voice.
  • Stance System: The first half of its Omega form fight has this somewhat. It can use Force Field which provides defense and recover health over time but loses out on damage output. Alternatively, it can use Resolute Reactor, which boosts attack and inflicts burn but loses out on defense.
  • Sword and Fist: In the anime, Colossus often resorts to punches aside from swinging its large sword.
  • Wingding Eyes: He sports a "^_^" expression in his uncapped art as Lyria and Io sit on his shoulders.


Voiced by: Mai Nakahara

The willingness of brave skyfarers to come together in solidarity—to help and safeguard each other where one can accomplish little alone... Therein lies the greatest beauty of all... I was told.
Fair Maiden of Mercury
"Kappa Summer Chronicle” Summer Version  

Rarity: SSR
Element: Water
Style: Heal, Balanced (Summer ver.)
Weapon Specialty: Staff
Charge Attack: Taurus Blight

Known as the Lovely Maiden of Fair Mercury and the servant of the Primarch Gabriel, Europa made her playable debut during the Flash Gala of November 2018. Like most of the Primal characters listed here, Europa originates from Rage of Bahamut.

  • Adaptational Species Change: In her origin game Rage of Bahamut, Europa’s alignment was Man (The games equivalent of “Human”) making her the only disciple to change species upon being imported into Granblue Fantasy.
  • Badass Adorable: Europa is a very cute and beautiful woman, but she also boasts incredibly powerful water magic.
  • Beware the Nice Ones: Europa is very gentle and polite, but she doesn't hesitate to unleash her strength when fighting her in her raid.
  • Birds of a Feather: Europa and the water primarch, Gabriel. Compared to the other disciple and primarch pairs introduced, they seem to get along the most likely because of this.
  • Chekhov's Lecture: Vyrn and Lyria just can't find the perfect analogy to describe to Europa how boys are "picking up girls", since she interprets it as a Literal Metaphor anyway. When they do explain that the act is a way to convince the girl to join you, Europa did understood it in her analogy of giving flowers to a beloved. The captain resorted to giving Europa some flowers to make her stay to the crew, when Gabriel initially planned to take Europa back with her.
  • Dissonant Serenity: She keeps her polite and gentle manner of speaking even as she threatens to crush your hope and make you drown in despair in her raid battle.
  • Dude Magnet: As a result of her Informed Attractiveness, men would easily fall in Love at First Sight the moment they get near Europa.
  • Early-Bird Cameo: Briefly appears in “Kappa Summer Chronicle” in her summer outfit alongside Gabriel before becoming a premium gala summer character on July 31st 2019.
  • Flower Motifs: Blue roses can be found surrounding Europa in her character artworks. None her summer artwork, she’s depicted holding lilies which symbolize “purity”.
  • Informed Attractiveness: More than most characters, the game makes a note of how beautiful she is, with the following tidbits:
    • The Quest and Trophy titles related to Europa's boss fight refering to her as "The Celestial Beauty".
    • Lyria and the MC being stunned by how beautiful she is during her fate episode.
    • In "Kappa Summer Chronicle", The sight of Europa and Gabriel in swimsuits caused a passerby skirt-chasing guy to utter this line:
      S-such beauty! Beauty beyond what any mortal could possess! Absolute beauty... lies before my very eyes! How could I even think to speak to such divinity... What a grievous sin I've committed!
  • Keigo: Her shtick, as she uses very polite, humble speech no matter who she is speaking to.
  • Lady of War: Is very feminine but isn’t against engaging in battle or testing the strength of the protagonist.
  • Literal Metaphor: Thinks that a boy "picking up girls" (in other words, flirting) means literally the boy having to lift the girl up in the air.
  • Meaningful Name: Her Informed Attractiveness and a couple of her other motifs could be traced back to her Greek mythology namesake. In Greek mythology, Europa was a beautiful woman who garnered the attention of Zeus. In an effort to seduce and kidnap her, Zeus turned himself into a white bull and abducted her by running with her into the ocean. Europa's charge attack, Taurus Blight, is based off of the constellation Zeus recreated in her honor: Taurus.
  • Mundane Utility: Used twice in her Summer episode:
    • Subverted when she suggests cleannig the beach from litter with her powers. But before she tries it, Vyrn explains that they could just pick up the trash on the way.
    • Since the beach house is so crowded, she used her powers to move the waters apart and make room for the protagonists to rest on.
  • Nice Job Breaking It, Hero!: In her summer episode, parting the waters just made some sea monsters come ashore and attack the tourists. Europa took this incident too emotionally even after it was resolved.
  • Promoted to Playable: After being introduced as an obtainable summon, she finally becomes playable in October 2018.
  • Sexy Backless Outfit: As seen on her uncap art, her robe doesn't actually cover much of her back.
  • She's Got Legs: A trait that she shares with her master Gabriel.
  • Ship Tease: With the main character in her summer fate episode. At the end to convince Europa to remain with the crew instead of leaving with Gabriel, the main character gives her the flowers she’s seen holding and asks her out on a date be it either to have tea together or to go on a walk. Her summer description even says that the protagonist has deep affection for her.
  • Tomboy and Girly Girl: In a similar vein that the Primarch Gabriel is this to Michael, she is the girly girl to Alexiel's tomboy.


Voiced by: Megumi Ogata

I am the god of war and the Mad Cyclone, GRRRRRRIMNIR!
Dancing Windstorm
Valentines Version 
Rarity: SSR
Element: Wind
Style: Balanced, Special (Valentine's ver.)
Weapon Specialty: Spear+Staff
Charge Attack: Holy Ray of Purification, Grace of the Radiant (Valentine's ver.)

The wind Primarch Raphael’s disciple, Grimnir enthusiastically joins the crew in hopes of learning more from the Singularity and their followers. Originated from Rage of Bahamut.

  • Ambiguously Bi: His Ship Tease filled Valentine’s Day fate episodes with the captain don’t change if you change the captains gender.
  • Adorkable: Despite claiming to be the God Of War, he’s very much this. Being a handsome man who occasionally delivers long monologues and unexpected squealing helps.
  • Bishounen: He’s quite attractive and pretty, dorkiness asides.
  • Chuunibyou: One of his most prominent personality traits, practicing various flowery monologues filled to the brim with vocabulary he thinks is cool and accompanying poses. However, it's ultimately downplayed since as a Primal, he isn't just pretending to have powers because he really does have them.
  • Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass: Though he generally acts like a dork most of the time, childishly whispering to himself about how awesome he was when he says something or squeeing over something that caught his attention, he is fully capable of unleashing incredibly powerful tempests against monsters as demonstrated in his Fate Episode.
  • Decomposite Character: Gameplay-wise, his two versions take different traits from his mechanics as a raid boss and summon.
    • His original version retains Holy Ray of Purification as a devastating special attack and the gimmick of swapping between AOE and single target attacks via the Tempest of Annihilation buff.
    • His Valentine version has the emphasis on multi-attacking with his permanent triple attack and multi-attack debuffs. He can deploy the field effect that grants all elements use of critical attacks regardless of enemy element. This version has permanent AOE attacks.
    • Both of them grant Shield buffs like the summon but in different ways, his original uses it in his first skill as one of many defensive buffs, while it's part of his Valentine version's Charge Attack.
  • He Cleans Up Nicely: Not that he wasn't already easy on the eyes, but it's particularly emphasized in his Valentine version's Fate Episodes that grooming his hair and donning a well-tailored suit makes him even better looking.
  • Heterochromia: His left eye is red while his right eye is blue in color. He plays it up in gameplay by having his red eye glow when his unique buff is active.
  • Large Ham: As expected of his character, with two different kinds depending on his mood. If he's calm, he's a lot more dramatic and slow-paced as he does his meticulously scripted one-liners. When he can't control his nervousness/excitement, he ramps up his speed and is Suddenly SHOUTING! at a higher pitch.
  • Motor Mouth: When he gets really flustered, he starts rambling at very fast speeds in hopes of moving the conversation away from whatever embarrassing subject related to him. In game, he also has a chance to slip up in his quotes.
  • Promoted to Playable: Originally a summon, he became officially playable on April 15, 2019.
  • Ship Tease: His Valentine fate is absolutely dripping with this between him and the Captain.
  • Suspiciously Specific Denial: Grimnir isn't interested in chocolates for Valentine's Day, is occupied with other things to do, and he definitely isn't thinking of giving some to the Captain. (Okay he was lying, but he still managed to put up a decent front in his Fate Episodes, whereas his skills immediately have him reverse his position.)
  • You Gotta Have Blue Hair: The narration frequently draws attention to his lilac hair as his most prominent trait.

     Halluel and Malluel 

Voiced by: Emiri Katou

Malluel: Nah, the beach is always better in the summer. You know what would be nice though? Front-row seats to the Platinum Sky Cup!
Halluel: Oh, is that the thing where they race around on speedships? Hm, dunno if this is the season for it though.
Malluel: Aww, why didn't you look it up beforehand? Or did you forget we're supposed to do recon in addition to carrying messages?
"What Makes the Sky Blue: Paradise Lost" Event Appearance 
Rarity: SSR
Element: Light
Style: Balanced
Weapon Specialty: Dagger
Charge Attack: Pain Eternal
Sibling messenger primarchs that contain great knowledge about the world, but were made absent minded to keep them from utilizing said knowledge in a meaningful capacity.
  • A Day In The Lime Light: Outside of the “What Makes The Sky Blue” trilogy, they get some spotlight alongside starring character Sandalphon in “The Maydays” summer event.
  • All Part of the Show: Their wings accidentally popped out during the three-legged race contest in the beach, but the announcer just thinks these are fake and goes on like nothing's unusual.
  • Almighty Janitor: After the events of the WMTSB trilogy, Halluel and Malluel now settle down as a delivery service for the mortals despite retaining their Primal Beast abilities.
  • Ambiguously Gay: Unclear with Malluel, but Halluel takes an interest in Lyria and actively hits on her. She’s chastised by Malluel for this. The ambiguity on Halluel’s part drops with “The Maydays”. According to their profile, Halluel likes pretty girls while Malluel likes brave men.
  • Aura Vision: Halluel can sense auras, which allows her to identify Beelzebub as a partial Primal Beast, and for Cagliostro to devise a specific plan to trap him.
  • Continuity Nod: Their summer episode references details from the "Poacher's Day", with that event's lead character Carren and some urkins being rewarded in games.
  • Cute Little Fangs: Both of them sport fangs.
  • Dark-Skinned Blonde: Halluel has dark skin and blonde hair.
  • The Ditz: Both were made to lack a certain level of intellect as it made it easier for the Astrals to control them. Both can then be easily distracted by information they have as a result.
  • Double Entendre: These twin angels do know how to cover-up some lewd thoughts, as shown in "The Maydays" event:
    • Halluel expresses her secret infatuation with Lyria by teasing her in a seductive tone. One of her innuendos goes "Or maybe I should say, it takes a little grit for an oyster to produce a pearl?"
    • After Ellen and Martin were done kissing on the beach, Malluel says "Thanks for the show! It was really educational."
  • Dub Name Change: In Japanese, their names are Harut and Marut, two angels from Islam. In English, their names were changed to Halluel and Malluel, which are throughly fictional.
  • Flying Postman: They are now working as the "Archangel Parcel Service" postwomen after retiring from their previous roles, but still use their wings to fly and quickly deliver the goods.
  • Keeper of Forbidden Knowledge: The archangels of instruction were programmed to know many of the worlds secrets, but similarly to Sariel, though presumably not as severely, they were programmed with a level of disinterest and limited intelligence to keep them from informing others.
  • Lipstick Lesbian: Halluel is infatuated with Lyria and tries to flirt with her for several occassions. When Lyria compliments Halluel's swimsuit in "The Maydays" event, she pressures Lyria to describe more of her body and attire. At first, Halluel also drips ice into Lyria to tease and bully her, until Halluel gets seductively speaking and letting out the innuendos. According to her profile, she likes pretty girls.
  • Lovely Angels: Kind of literally, since they're two powerful primarchs that work together.
  • "I Know You're in There Somewhere" Fight: Sensing the aura of Azrael and Israfel from a deformed Fallen Angel, Halluel and Malluel constantly call out on their former friends. It somehow worked on their second encounter, with Israfel being able to communicate with them with telepathy while convincing Azrael to calm down. However, they decide to take their own lives with the chaos weapon to spare their friends from the pain of fighting. This act sends Malluel on the verge of tears.
  • Moment Killer: The two angels (along with Sariel and Lyria) eavesdrop and watch Ellen and Martin kissing on the beach. When the psychologically-impaired Sariel asks what the two were doing, Halluel explains out loud the act of kissing. Because of her, the romantic moment between the couple is interrupted.
  • Musical Assassin: The Harp of the Teachers contains their power, and is one of the Seraphic Weapons the player can forge.
  • No Sense of Personal Space: When she gets excited during a conversation with someone, Malluel tends to get really close to that person.
    • She does this behind Rackam in a chapter of "What Makes the Sky Blue: Paradise Lost", which Halluel quickly interrupts.
    • Malluel does it yet again to a sleeping Gran/Djeeta in the prologue of the Light Seraphic weapon quest.
  • Promoted to Playable: Over a year after being introduced in “What Makes The Sky Blue: Paradise Lost” and becoming summons in February 2018 Grand Fest, they became a playable dual summer limited unit in June 2019 Grand Fest.
  • Punctuated Pounding: A furious Halluel gives this to Beelzebub, with the chaos blades he created.
    We! Do not! Exist to be used!
  • Rapunzel Hair: Both have very long hair.
  • Religious and Mythological Theme Naming: A running theme of the primarchs. Their Japanese names Harut and Marut are the names of twin angels from the Islam.
  • Sibling Team: They’re twin angels who work together in battle and are rarely ever seen apart.
  • The Rest Shall Pass: Hal and Mal volunteered to fight the abomination (Because they sense that Azrael and Israfel are inside that thing) so as not to delay the Grandcypher's route to Pandemonium.
  • Revenge: Halluel doesn't take the corruption of Azrael and Israfel lightly, as she wanted to see Beelzebub killed. Unfortunately, all that they can do was to trap him.
  • Rule of Seven: Running theme of the What Makes The Sky Blue saga associated characters. Their skills Perpetuo and Gemini’s have a 7 turn cool down. The exception is Eterno, which starts at 8 turns before becoming 7 turns after being leveled up.
  • The Dividual: The Twindividual. They act like this and hate being apart, it even being stated in their profile that they hate doing things alone.
  • Thinks Like a Romance Novel: "The Maydays" event shows Malluel to be one. While the others are busy doing their own thing, Malluel is more intrigued on Ellen and Martin explaining their past romantic lives to her. She interrupts the couple when they suddenly bicker out of nowhere. After the couple kissed on the beach, Malluel is the first one to squeal out of excitement.
    Malluel: Awww! They've overcome their differences to fall in love again.
  • Unusually Uninteresting Sight: Despite interacting with him multiple times in “The Maydays”, they don’t seem to point out or acknowledge the fact that Lucio looks exactly like their former boss, Lucifer and instead treat him as though he’s any other character. Due to Lucio’s power to alter memories, it could be likely that he made it so they knew him already, however this is strangely never addressed in the story itself.
  • Weaksauce Weakness: Later on in "The Maydays", Hal and Mal found out that they can't spread their wings if their backs are damaged, in this event's case, it's due to sunburn. Lampshaded after the revelation due to them pointing out that the Astrals likely hadn’t taken them vacationing into consideration with they designed them.
  • Weapon of Choice: Their unlock weapon twin daggers called “Sharp Letter”, which they are never seen without.

     Macula Marius 

Voiced by: Sakura Tange

Please forgive me, dear nature... Just a little longer. The day will come when all can coexist in harmony, I know it...
Frost Protector
Summer Appearance (Summon) 
Rarity: SSR
Element: Water
Style: Special
Weapon Specialty: Staff
Charge Attack: Jotunheim

A primal beast of ice and cold who has been punishing mortals all her life for their crimes against nature, but when the crew offers her a new alternative to life, she joins them to explore this new path.

  • An Ice Person: Her primary powers.
  • Bare Your Midriff: Notable for having a summon with a limited swimsuit version.
  • Boobs of Steel: Has one of the largest busts, rivaling those of a draph's.
  • Defrosting Ice Queen: More like someone who left the fridge open and unplugged in front of an oven. She first appears ready to kill Lyria and the captain and ends up being a Cuddle Bug the following day.
  • Gaia's Vengeance: Played with. She freezes those who would dare to harm nature, but Lyria notices that she doesn't kill them outright. It's revealed that she actually detests hurting people, especially kind ones, since she reasons that they too are part of mother nature's creations.
  • Harmless Freezing: Lyria notes that her frozen victims still has warmth in them. Her summer version summon does this as well, temporarily freezing fire enemies for a few turns but doesn't deal damage over time.
  • Power Floats: Complete with Mid-Air Bobbing, she floats in her default sprite animation.
  • Promoted to Playable: She was a raid boss and an obtainable summon first before becoming a playable character in April 2019.
  • The Tease: Her Summon's Swimsuit Version has lines that are very suggestive. For example, her line in Grand Blues! Comic #1105 is this:
    Come and plunge into my bossom if you seek to cool down.


Voiced by: Kaori Mizuhashi

I am Medusa, the proud primal beast who can turn anyone to stone with just a glance! Hee-hee... And my friend here is Medusiana, a gigantic serpent of fearsome might! Now tremble in fear, mortals!
Sorceress with a Petrifying Gaze
Promo Version 
Valentine Version 
Rarity: SSR
Element: Earth
Style: Attack (Promo ver.), Balanced (Premium Draw and Valentine ver.)
Weapon Specialty: Melee
Charge Attack: Petrifying Stare (Promo ver.), Supreme Medusiana, Magically Delicious Medusa (Valentine ver.)

A Primal Beast from the Lumacie Archipelago, she tried to terrify the crew but somehow ended up joining them instead. Like the majority of the Primal Characters, she originated from Rage of Bahamut.

  • A Day in the Limelight: She's the lead character of "Primal Resonance" and the event, alongside her long-awaited standard SSR version, helps expand on her character significantly.
  • Arson, Murder, and Jaywalking: When Freyr appears in front of Medusa after having fought a now-injured Baal, it sends her into a fit of rage causing this line to come up.
    Medusa: All I know is you hurt Baal, and that's reason enough to tear you apart! You, Geo, and your dumb hair!
    Geo: Oh my, such strong words...
  • Art Evolution: The "regular" version of Medusa introduced on 2019 shows some noticeable improvements compared to her initial, Linksmate version, most of which is on the color shading.
  • The Baby of the Bunch: The youngest of the Gorgon Sisters.
  • Belligerent Sexual Tension: With Baal.
  • Big "NO!": Lets out one in "Primal Resonance" just as Geo assimilates the cores of her sisters.
  • Big Sister Worship: She adores her sisters Stheno and Euryale.
  • Boobs-and-Butt Pose: As seen in her promo version's initial art, based on her card from Rage of Bahamut. Subverted in her regular gacha version's art, as Medusa tilts forward a bit to showcase her hips instead.
  • Bribing Your Way to Victory: To get her original version, either register a Japanese Linksmate phone data plan, which is only available to those living in Japan, or amass enough gold moons to buy a Siero ticket to unlock her. Her Valentine version isn't subject to this, being a Valentines-seasonal character. And in May of 2019, she did finally get a standard gacha SSR version.
  • Cute Little Fangs: While they are not easily noticeable due to their small size, Medusa has fangs for being a snake creature. A close-up shot of an enraged Medusa in "Primal Resonance" reveals four of them perfectly.
  • Determinator: Searched for her sisters for countless centuries just so she could see them again. And fought tooth and nail against Geo to get their cores back.
  • Deadly Gaze: Just like in Classical Mythology, she has the ability to pertify others with her gaze. In-game, this is depicted as beams of light which also come from her snake hairs.
  • Dishing Out Dirt: Her element.
  • Everything's Better with Sparkles: Her Valentine's outfit is full of these as she based it on Sugar Time: Love and Passion, an In-Universe toyline marketed towards little girls.
  • Friendship Denial: Even though she doesn't want to personally admit it, Medusa has already made friends with the Grandcypher's crew. When she denies this relationship in "Primal Resonance", the others used this as an opportunity to make fun of her Tsundere trait.
  • Gorgeous Gorgon: Like her Fanservice-fueled Rage of Bahamut incarnation, she still retains this design, but her artworks for Granblue tend to upgrade her voluptuous curves.
  • Hartman Hips: Medusa is curvaceous, as seen on the Boobs-and-Butt Pose initial arts of her Promo and Regular gacha versions.
  • Little Bit Beastly: Has fangs and some sort of a tail.
  • No Indoor Voice: She is very loud, to the point that Baal would always bring up, hate and mock this trait of hers several times in "Primal Resonance".
  • Out-of-Context Eavesdropping: When she eavesdrops on the girls chatting about Valentine's Day and hears Io's remark about how "looks [of the chocolates] are important too.", she assumes that meant everyone has to dress up in fancy clothes for the occasion.
  • Pint-Sized Powerhouse: Is very short and along with her sisters, she was said to be an incredibly formidable primal beast.
  • Pet Monstrosity: She is accompanied by her giant pet snake, Medusiana.
  • Promoted to Playable: Was originally a summon and a raid battle boss. She was made playable, albeit initially only in Japan.
  • Rapunzel Hair: Her hair is incredibly long, almost reaching to her feet. It seems to run in the family.
  • Retraux Flashback: While the "Primal Resonance" event features Medusa's updated SSR artwork from the gacha version, the sepia-filtered flashback scenes of her younger days make use of her initial promo version's artwork instead.
  • Satellite Character: Her plot relevance in the "Primal Resonance" event has something to do with her sisters' cores. In her new "regular" version's uncap artwork, Medusa's sisters even appear alongside her.
  • Sexy Backless Outfit: Subverted. Her back is exposed in some of her Rage of Bahamut artworks, but when she is imported into Granblue, her official artworks make her poses that attempt to hide this, yet her exposed back is still somehow visible. Averted in her Valentine's version as she wears a uniform.
  • Shaking the Rump: Whether she readies a skill or her charge attack, she will be doing this. Her normal playable and summon art also calls attention to it (by letting her show it off to the player's point of view alongside a "tail-swaying" motion), making it her best known trait among fans.
  • Ship Tease: With Baal in "Primal Resonance" courtesy of Satyr pointing out their relationship Like an Old Married Couple.
    Satyr: Aww, Medussy... You know you love him.
  • The Napoleon: Is short and seems to have a short temper to go along with it, but it mostly lends itself to her Tsundere nature and inability to be honest with her true feelings.
  • There Was a Door: She frequently ignores doors on the Grandcypher when making her entrance bursting through walls or ceilings, leading Vyrn to complain about how she'll eventually break the ship if she keeps this up.
  • True Companions: Her "Primal Pals" alongside Nezha, Baal, and Satyr.
  • Tsundere: Type A. Nezha deadpan calls her out as this during "Primal Resonance", and she is not amused, to say the least. Even an event trophy is explicitly named "Tsssundere" to mock Medusa's defining characteristic.
  • Uniqueness Value: Blood-related Primal Beast "siblings" are a very rare occurence, which is why Geo is so keen on having Medusa, Euryale and Stheno to himself in "Primal Resonance".
  • Vitriolic Best Buds: She can barely talk to Baal without it turning into a sniping contest.


Voiced by: Marina Inoue, Sora Amamiya, Mikako Komatsu
Goddess Triumvirate
Rarity: SSR
Element: Wind
Style: Special
Weapon Specialty: Staff
Charge Attack: Triad Wings

  • Attack Reflector: They're able to grant partial damage reflection to the whole party with their Nemain skill. In their incarnation as a raid boss, this is taken Up to Eleven, as Nemain there lets them reflect 100% of any damage taken, which will kill any character that uses a damaging skill on (or even just attacks) them.
  • Blood Knight: Given their namesake, it’s not all too surprising that they enjoy bloodshed. This even extends to their allies, as their skills immediately come off cooldown if an ally gets knocked out.
  • Color-Coded Characters: The three sisters all wear different color dresses. Badb wears white, Macha wears red and Nemain wears blue.
  • Dub Name Change: In Japanese, their unit is called “Badb Catha”, based on the youngest sisters name and the war goddess. In the translation, they’re called by their collective title, “Morrigna”.
  • Glass Cannon: Their second skill, Bua, turns anyone on the team except themselves into this. Bua grants a 30% boost to their attack, a 20% boost to their damage cap, and also granting them guaranteed triple attacks, for a permanent duration to boot, with the caveat being a very hefty 70% reduction to their defenses. However, their third skill, Nemain, grants a Repel buff as well as Other Self (dodge all attacks) to the party member with Bua, letting them mitigate this slightly.
  • Lady of War: Their shtick, going along with their namesake.
  • Sibling Team: A team of 3 female primal sisters named Babd, Macha and Nemain.
  • Peek-a-Bangs: All 3 sisters have bangs that cover one of their eyes.
  • Promoted to Playable: Following the pattern of most of the playable primals, they were originally a raid boss, then a gacha summon and then promoted to playable during the May 2019 Flash gala.
  • Winged Humanoid: All three have their own set of wings.


Voiced by: Kaito Ishikawa

May your journey upon the Grandcypher be blessed.
Ferryman of the Stars' Boundaries
SR Version  
Rarity: SR, SSR (Grand ver.)
Element: Light
Style: Special
Weapon Specialty: Staff, Staff+Gun (Grand ver.)
Charge Attack: Divine Flood, Sacred Arc (5★ Upgrade), Sacred Globe (Grand ver.)

The Primal Beast of shipwrights who resides in Golonzo Island.

  • Adaptational Villainy: In the game, Noa aids the crew throughout the Golonzo island arc. In the anime, however, he is Brainwashed and Crazy and is ordered by Pommern to attack the Grancypher crew.
  • Back for the Finale: Or rather, back for the epilogue. He unexpectedly appears, fully voiced, at the end of the Nalhegrande arc despite not along for the ride with the main crew. Made even more surprising since he was mentioned in an earlier episode for Rackam's training but was passed over in favor of Tiamat instead.
  • Bishounen: Is very pretty in an ethereal sense.
  • Bishie Sparkle: Appears in his after battle model, signifying his otherworldly nature and pretty appearance.
  • Companion Cube: Like Rackam, Noa also talks to the Grandcypher like a typical family member. Being the primal beast of shipwrights, he can also feel its emotions.
  • Connected All Along: Chapter 118 reveals that he also was a member of the Captain's father's crew with Rosetta and Walfrid.
  • Does Not Like Shoes: Wears a pair of giant anklets, but is otherwise barefoot.
  • The Empath: He can feel the "emotions" of ships, such as when he claims in his 5★ episode that the Grandcypher became distressed over the numerous run-of-the-mill materials used in repairing it.
  • Foreshadowing:
    • His human appearance with normal proportions (contrasting hulking giants like Yggdrasil) can serve as one. Him being one of two primal beasts of Golonzo Island is another. As it turns out later, Rosetta is a primal beast in human form, just like Noa. She also normally resides in Lumacie Archipelago, alongside Yggdrasil and Akasha.
    • In his Fate Episode, Noa tries to warn the crew about the "truth" at the end of the journey that doesn't necessarily end in a happy ending, referencing a Wham Line in the third arc that the captain might end up fighting their father in the end. Noa also tells that Vyrn cannot be a mere bystander, implying that there is something more to the lizard. This is a reference to all the various hints scattered throughout the game's lore that implies Vyrn is (or is a part of) Bahamut.
  • Interface Spoiler: Despite Noa being played up as a minor mystery for the Golonzo Island arc, his status as a Primal Beast is made clear in his gameplay profile accessible to even new players through the characters section in the draw tab.
  • The Promise: When he first appears in the storyline, he keeps hinting at a promise with Rackam that he had made. This promise was to have them both fly on the Grandcypher soaring through the skies. In his 5★ fate episode, he makes a new one reinforced by Mithra's powers, promising that the Grandcypher will keep flying until it reaches Estalucia.
  • Religious and Mythological Theme Naming: Granblue's Noa takes references from The Bible's Noah, which is hinted several times via his in-game ability names and lore such as:
    • Noa being the primal beast of shipwrights, while the biblical Noah is known for the ark.
    • His normal and 5★ Charge Attacks being named "Divine Flood" and "Sacred Arc" respectively.
    • The similarities would make even more sense thanks to the gacha mechanic that allows you to recruit playable characters and summons into the Grandcypher - including Erunes (based on canine and feline species), Draphs (based on cows and bulls), humans with animalistic traits (Nezahualpilli being a bird-person), and actual animals acting as companions for some characters (Dante's cats, Carmelina's lion, Wulf) and summons (a Gorilla, a duck named Hamsa), etc. This makes a parallel in the biblical narrative where the Ark houses various animal species as part of God's plan.
    • Interestingly, Noah's Ark departs as soon as rainstorm clouds come in, before The Great Flood is delivered. At least in the anime of Granblue, the first task that the party does after the Grandcypher takes off for the first time is to fly through the stormy clouds created by the corrupted Tiamat.
  • Ship Tease: With Rackam, especially in the Anime adaptation.
  • Status Buff: 2/3 of his skills are team buffs. He's also reassuring, when he uses his skills, to his teammates saying, "Mada mada daijoubu" (Everything's still alright).
  • The Unfought: Noa is notable as the one of the only playable primal beasts you meet in the main story that you don't get to fight against, either in a regular fight or as a Bonus Boss.
    • Inverts this role with Mithra in the anime where he becomes Noa Malice due to the Empire's dark essence and Mithra being the unfought.


Voiced by: Maaya Sakamoto

I will do what must be done for Him... For all of my brethren...
The Fallen One
Summer Version 
Rarity: SSR, SR
Element: Dark
Style: Special, Balanced
Weapon Specialty: Sabre
Charge Attack: Dark Fallen Sword

The Primarch of Dusk who is intrigued by the Grandcypher crew's connection to the Supreme Primarch and the figure resembling him. She attempts to join them in order to investigate more of her enemies, for the sake of her fellow fallen comrades.

One of the many characters who originated from Rage of Bahamut, the fallen angel named Olivia made her debut in this game as a raid boss battle and a summon. She later became a playable character near the end of 2017, only appearing in Flash Gala promotions.

  • Adaptational Species Change: Averted. In her home game, she was labeled a Fallen Angel and she retains that title in this game as well. Though her reason for being a fallen angel and how they work in this universe is different.
  • A Day in the Limelight: She is featured as the free Summer character in the "Bzzt! Amped Up Summer" event.
  • Because You Were Nice to Me: She's trying to avoid the trope, but as shown through the progression of her first year of Christmas, Valentine's and White Day personal events, the Captain's overwhelming niceness is rubbing off on her and eroding her sense of purpose, at least a little.
  • Bitch in Sheep's Clothing: She feigns friendship and camaraderie with the crew in order to keep an eye on the protagonist, who is the singularity the world revolves around, to keep tabs on Lucifer, and free her fellows from Pandemonium. There are hints she's not entirely happy with having to deceive the protagonist, but will still do so in order to achieve her goals.
  • Casting a Shadow: Being the Fallen Archangel of Dusk, Olivia has the ability to temporarily darken an entire area by blocking out the light. This is demonstrated twice in the 2018 summer event "Bzzt! Amped Up Summer".
  • Difficult, but Awesome: What makes Olivia difficult to use is basically her nearly absurd skill cooldowns even at max level (8/8/7 for the three skills respectively). The duration of Sterling Sea's enemy debuff and Nevermore's self buffs are merely 2 turns. But what makes her awesome are because of three factors: First, her unique Twilight Terror debuff which prevents the target from gaining charge diamonds and prevents the use of special attacks (allowing you to survive deadly triggers). Second, Nevermore is a potent buff which guarantees Critical Hits and increased triple attack rates. Third, her charge attack also has synergy with her second skill and EMP passive. In simpler terms, making the best use out of Olivia requires some cooldown reduction abilities.
  • Distracted by the Sexy: An Inverted case, and discussed briefly in the "Bzzt! Amped Up Summer" event. Seruel worries that the Society rookies would be distracted if Olivia is watching their beach training, especially while the angel is in her swimsuit attire.
  • Dual Wielding: She uses two swords in battle.
  • Fallen Angel: The lore about her as a primal beast. She was formerly a primarch that rebelled against her creators and thus labelled Fallen Angel since. And quite unlike Sandalphon, she remains very loyal to her compatriots trapped within Pandaemonium.
  • Flaming Sword: In her raid boss version, her dual swords emit blue flames while in Overdrive Mode.
  • Gratuitous Latin: Her second skill "Peccatum Mortale" is Latin for "mortal sin".
  • Hidden Buxom: Her normal and summon art have her being very modestly endowed while her summer version boasts a respectable bustline.
  • The Magnificent: Dark Angel Olivia, following her original version from Rage of Bahamut. Her name as a raid boss battle also adds the title before her given name.
  • The Mole: Olivia's intent on joining the crew is to stick together with the hero, who is the singularity, to keep watch on Lucifer's actions and to help free her fellow fallen angels from Pandemonium.
  • Mundane Object Amazement: In her focus event "Bzzt! Amped Up Summer" and its tie-in Grand Blues! comics, Olivia becomes curious of several mortal culture and objects.
  • Mythology Gag: In her raid version, Olivia has two transparent snakes on her shoulders when she casts Fallen Sword, just like how her "evolved" artworks from Rage of Bahamut and Shadowverse are depicted to have them.
  • One Degree of Separation: The first part of her skill fate episode takes place at the same time as Lucio's introductory fate episode. But they never see eye to eye after that. Not only that, she is also present in the aftermath of the third anniversary event, "What Makes The Sky Blue".
  • Power Floats: She stays afloat when in combat and only lands after the battle is finished.
  • Spontaneous Weapon Creation: Inverted. Just before her Victory Pose in her Summer version, Olivia's swords just dematerialize.
  • Unwitting Pawn: Right at the prologue of What Makes The Sky Blue 000, it's revealed that she is nothing but a pawn to Lucillius's plans in the end. This may be why she's so otherwise conspicuously absent in WMTSB - after the betrayal and defeat, she wants to defeat Lucifer and free her fellows, but likely knows better than to have anything to do with Belial and Beelzebub.
  • Walking Spoiler: Uh, yup. Needless to say, she is jacked in tightly to the wider lore of the game, making many aspects of her difficult to discuss without heavy spoiler tag use.
  • What Happened to the Mouse?: One would think she'd have rather a lot to do with "Paradise Lost", given that Lucifer dies in that event. But she doesn't appear and doesn't have any personal follow-up scenes. She appears in the intro to 000, but has no further role in the story.


Voiced by: Kenichi Suzumura

To think that we once used to be enemies... Fate is a funny thing.
The Fifth Primarch
"What Makes the Sky Blue" 1 Event Appearance 
”The Maydays” Summer Appearance 

Rarity: SSR
Element: Light, Water (Summer)
Style: Balanced
Weapon Specialty: Sabre+Katana
Charge Attack: Ain Soph Aur \ Paradise Lost

An archangel created at the direction of the Astrals long ago, Sandalphon was born with but one purpose - to replace Lucifer should the latter fail in his duties as the Supreme Primarch. As Lucifer was considered an incredible success, however, Sandalphon was in turn considered completely worthless and was kept around almost solely due to Lucifer's whim and kindness. Furious, he joined Astaroth and a number of other archangels (including Azazel and Olivia) in rebelling against the Astrals, only to be imprisoned within the tower of Pandemonium. Millennia later, having stewed in his hatred and bitterness for two thousand years, a chance occurrence on the island of Zinkenstill results in the seals of Pandemonium weakening just enough for a few of the trapped angels to escape - Sandalphon among their number. After two thousand years, Sandalphon prepares to take his vengeance, but he has no idea what fate truly has in store for him and the role he will end up playing.

Debuting as the central antagonist of the event "What Makes The Sky Blue" in 2017, Sandalphon was originally intended as a simple one-off villain for an anniversary event. His popularity with the players, however, caused Cygames to turn WMTSB into a trilogy of events, with him starring in both the second and third parts, being recruitable in both.

  • 11th-Hour Superpower: The white plume carried by Lyria note  in Etemenanki shines bright as Sandalphon finally desires to save the world from his own free will, not for atonement for his sins, and not for fulfilling the role given to him. This gives him the strength and 12 wings to match Lucilius.
  • A Day in the Limelight: The later "What Makes the Sky Blue" events are more or less centered around him; the second half explores his relationship with Lucifer in detail and depicts how he himself becomes Supreme Primarch, while the third deals with his newfound responsibilities.
    • The Maydays summer event has him as a leading character again, as a sort of continuation of “What Makes The Sky Blue” trilogy that sets up for future events such as the return of Lucilius and Belial, the potential revival of Lucifer and the promises given by Word of God for the event detailing just who and what Beelzebub is.
  • Affably Evil:
    • During WTMSB1, he had been courteous to who he was talking to but drops it when Lyria reveals bits of what she sees from his memories. And when he pushed the protagonist off the islands for that matter.
    • Inverted to a degree when he joins the party, where he's on the side of good... and doesn't hesitate to say insulting remarks.
  • All Your Powers Combined: His original plan in WTMSB1 is to invoke this by taking the wings of the four Primarchs for himself. It is integrated into the original event's Extreme+ difficulty raid by having him randomly deal elemental damage each turn, from the four elements of Wind, Earth, Water, and Fire and having no weakness. He was the first boss to be of the "Null" element which has these traits.
  • Ambiguously Gay: If his relationship with Lucifer and his lack of romantic interest in any of the other characters including with the Captain is any indication, he may either be this or Single-Target Sexuality with only Lucifer as the target.
  • Attack of the 50-Foot Whatever: In "What Makes The Sky Blue" after taking the wings of the other Primarchs, he grows in size to the point where he’s even bigger than the Grandcypher.
  • The Atoner: He believes that accepting Sierokarte's tourist requests is a way for him to apologize for what he did to her in the past. During the “The Maydays” summer event, he says to the crew that until he is reunited with Lucifer again, he will have to make amends where amends need to be made and by the end of "The Maydays", Sandalphon acknowledged that his attacks have caused incalculable damage on the island from the past years (referencing his rampage on "What Makes The Sky Blue"). The district chief easily forgives his past mistakes after he saved the island against the Shark Frenzy. However, when asked if the district chief could add his name to the historical records to people further down the line can know who saved the island, he tells him to list his title as the “Supreme Primarch” rather than his name despite knowing fully that no one will ever know he as an individual contributed. This is likely due to knowing that Lucifer when he was in charge of protecting the sky realm never received recognition for the things he’d done, as revealed in 000.
  • Animal Motifs: While not overt outside of the 4koma’s his default wings are far more realistic to a bird’s than the other Primarch’s, being brown with a pattern that resembles that of a house sparrow.
  • Battle Aura: The ground he is standing on glows blue when his Charge Bar is full.
  • Beam Spam: Being the new Supreme Primarch, he can also cast Paradise Lost. His original charge attack “Ain Soph Aur” is also this.
  • Berserk Button: Pretty much anyone he doesn’t like talking about Lucifer, or “sullying his name” as he would say. and if you’re Lucio, looking like Lucifer is his berserk button as well.
  • Bishounen: Well, he is quite pretty.
  • Bookends: In WMTSB1 it was he who threw the Captain off a cliff plummeting through the skies and the crew having to save him. At the end of WMTSB3, Sandalphon reappears hurtling through the sky with Gran/Djeeta and company managing to save him at the last minute.
  • Bond One-Liner:
    • Just before throwing the captain off the cliffs, Sandalphon shouts "Have a safe trip!".
    • Says "Checkmate" to Lucilius, fitting for the trilogy's Chess Motifs.
  • Breakout Character: As of 2019, he is more or less tied with Vira for the title of biggest Breakout Character in the history of Granblue, with a real argument to be made that he's exceeded even her. He was originally meant to be a total one-off villain for the third anniversary event and someone to play off of Lyria's naïvete; bitter and calculating where she's completely guileless, etc. However, his utterly tragic characterization greatly endeared him to the playerbase (and, granted, his incredibly pretty looks didn't hurt, either), and thus in "What Makes the Sky Blue II", Cygames decided to make him the game's first non-crossover SSR event character, and an extremely competent one at that. This, along with the engaging story of WMTSB2, made him even more popular, and by the 2018 Granblue Festival in December of that year, he'd grown popular enough to win the male side of a popularity poll to determine who would get a special anniversary celebration skin for the fifth anniversary. He also got a musical single — almost universally reserved for popular characters — along with an animated music video for it and a fifth star uncap during "What Makes the Sky Blue III". All of this, every bit of it, was fueled by fan demand for more content around Sandalphon and characters adjacent to him. Because of his popularity, he becomes the starring character in The Maydays summer event, which also serves as a set up for a future event involving him.
  • Boobs-and-Butt Pose: His cafe skins SD sprite does this, imitating the pose seen in the Granblue Fest 2020 art.
  • Brutal Honesty: In "The Maydays" event, Sandalphon explictly says that he is against Sariel's personal goal of finding Belial since it would mean releasing Sandalphon's two greatest enemies. And if it comes to worst, Sandalphon will have to stop Sariel himself.
  • Bungled Suicide: Sandalphon planned to die to fulfill his promise with the intention of joining Lucifer in the afterlife, with these thoughts carrying over toward the end of 000. Its implied with him attempting to send the others away in their final fight with Lucilius that he intended to die right there, but the crew stays with him and help him finish Lucilius off instead, making this trope come into play.
  • Butt-Monkey: Frequently the butt of the crews jokes and joking harassment and even Lucio is in on it, much to his irritation.
  • Call-Back: In the first "What Makes The Sky Blue" event, Sandalphon stole the wings of the four primarchs, effectively having the powers of the tetra-elements for himself and making Sandalphon a formidable foe. In the sequel, he later inherits the Supreme Primarch's wings and powers in order to take down Avatar for good. When Belial enhanced himself with Avatar's powers in WMTSB3, Michael allows Sandalphon to possess the wings of the four primarchs once again along with the Supreme Primarch's so that he can match Belial's newfound strength.
  • Catch a Falling Star: Or "Catch a Falling Angel" in Sandalphon's situation. The Grandcypher managed to catch him just in time in its deck as he falls down the skies after using Paradise Lost.
  • Catchphrase: "Nonsense". Surprisingly, it's preserved in English and actually works in English, too.
  • Character Development: The biggest one outside some of the main characters, perhaps even moreso than the main characters. He goes from angsty teenager with a temper tantrum, to someone beloved by all who is willing to make a Heroic Sacrifice and it took two real life years to get there.By 000, he gets to finally swallow his pride and willingly reconcile with Lucifer, conquering all the lingering regrets toward him that developed during Paradise Lost and finally moving on so he can live for himself with the promise of returning to Lucifer one day.
  • Character Select Forcing: Surprisingly averted, considering other characters get this treatment in Story Mode and Events.Note  If you've played the "Paradise Lost" event and acquired him as a playable character, you can have him in your party when you play through the first "Why Makes The Sky Blue" event under Side Stories despite him being the event's primary antagonist. This makes for a hilarious case of Stop Hitting Yourself when you face him as a boss, and it's even better when you consider that after getting three of the primarchs' wings and becoming almost as powerful as Lucifer, he says that the only one who can hurt him is himself.
  • Cloning Blues: Backup blues, rather.
  • Combat Stilettos: It's not easily noticeable, but in his playable version's base artwork, a closer inspection on his foot reveals that he wears heeled shoes. His skins and official art reveal that he always wears heels, regardless of the outfit. Even in his summer outfit, as revealed in The Maydays.
  • Continuity Nod:
    • One of the dialogue choices that you can mention to Sandalphon in WMTSB3 is "Your fingers are delicate", allowing you to guilt-trip him by throwing back his own words when he once threw the captain off the cliff.
    • In "The Maydays", Sandalphon remembers that he attacked Sierokarte in WMTSB1, so now he thinks of her tourist favors to him as debts to be paid.
  • *Cough* Snark *Cough*: When he gives his suggestion to the marine committee in "The Maydays" by slipping a letter and having the captain to read it in his stead.
    Cough, cough! Read! Cough! The solution! Cough!
  • Desperately Looking for a Purpose in Life: All he ever wanted was to know what purpose he was created for so that he could help Lucifer. When he learned that his purpose is that he's Lucifer's backup, and at the time of hearing was considered hopelessly redundant to the point of being recommended for termination, he snapped. Of course, the bigger kicker comes from finding out he's not nearly so redundant after all, but now he's adrift, unsure how to fulfill his new duties, and with Lucifer no longer there to guide him.
    • By the end of "WMTSB3", he does find a purpose: to protect the Sky World, not because of any obligation or duty, but because he wants to.
  • Don't You Dare Pity Me!: His reaction to Lucifer's initial apology in WMTSB1. Because for him, it's far too late for Lucifer to apologize. Later on, of course, he bitterly regrets having said this, as he lost his chance to take it back.
  • Easily Forgiven: Ends up being a bit zig-zagged; various characters, including most of the crew, in "What Makes The Sky Blue: Paradise Lost" make it clear that he's not going to be forgiven that easily. Lyria and Vyrn, though, true to form, warm up to him quite fast and are willing to let bygones be bygones. (Lyria, at least, is assisted by having a much deeper understanding of his pain than most others, both due to having some access to his feelings and memories thanks to her powers, and simply because she feels she understands where he's coming from due to her also not really understanding what her purpose is.) By the time of "WMTSB3: 000", it's gotten to the point where Vyrn is willing to casually sit on his head and Lyria will poke through his things.
  • Fingerless Gloves: Wears a pair of these in his default (WMTSB1) and playable (WMTSB2 and WMTSB3) outfits.
  • Flying Weapon: He uses floating swords (which are as tall as him) during combat. In his playable version, he has two of them which strike the enemy, following his single sword slash upon dealing a double or triple attack. Ain Soph Aur manifests all four of them to fire the attack.
  • Foil:
    • To Belial. Both primals are loyal to their respective creators/superiors (Lucifer/Lucilius), but while Sandalphon eventually redeems himself and makes amends with all the people he’s hurt, Belial remains evil for the entire duration of the event, after deciding that Good Is Boring. They also share the same fighting style of utilizing up to four floating swords, with the difference that Sandalphon's are blue-purple while Belial's are crimson-red. Both even have a signature Beam Spam ability - Ain Soph Aur for Sandalphon and Anagenesis for Belial.
    • Sandalphon and Sariel both have a question and a wish that they want to be answered by their mentors who also have opposing goals (Lucifer and Belial). While Sandalphon found his resolve by the end of the WMTSB trilogy, Sariel is still searching for his own. As well, because he sympathizes with Sariel’s desire to see Belial again as he wishes to be reunited with Lucifer, this ends up being the reason he allows Sariel to seek out the dimensional rift even if it means Sariel bringing Belial and by proxy Lucilius back to become potential threats to the Sky Realm.
    • He’s this to Lucilius in 000. They both devise plans to destroy the sky realm in order to spite a higher power (Lucifer in Sandalphon’s case, Bahamut in Lucilius ‘) with it also being in an effort to be noticed by them. They both have complicated feelings for Lucifer, were both created to be “replacements” for their more powerful predecessors, and are both are different ends of the good and evil spectrum. However, unlike Sandalphon who does a Heel–Face Turn and ends up aiding the Sky Realm in Lucifer’s stead, Lucilius remains bitter and is sealed away.
  • Forgiven, but Not Forgotten: In chapter 2 and in the ending of "What Makes the Sky Blue III: 000", you can potentially guilt trip him by echoing what he said to Gran/Djeeta before he pushed them off the cliffs. While Gran/Djeeta meant it in an almost playful way, Sandalphon's reaction shows that he does feel guilty for it. Vyrn continues to tease him about this in “The Maydays.”
  • Gameplay and Story Integration: A Scripted Battle in "What Makes The Sky Blue: Paradise Lost" has Sandalphon going one-on-one with Avatar. This is the only instance where Sandalphon has the six wings of the Supreme Primarch visible in his in-game sprite and NPC artwork. He also has a unique Charge Attack where he unleashes Paradise Lost for 10 million damage, instantly killing the boss. After he uses this ability, the six wings disintegrate and all other subsequent battles using Sandalphon will have him revert to his original brown wings and his Ain Soph Aur.
  • Gameplay and Story Segregation: Despite gaining the 4 elemental Primarch wings in his 5* uncap, Sandalphon is a light element SSR and can only deal light based attacks, a difference from his raid boss from the first event which was null element and could deal damage in any element. Justified in that a playable character being null element and being able to attack with any element outside of the MC or Lyria would be too overpowered.
    • Playable Sandalphon isn’t nearly as powerful as he should be lore-wise after inheriting the power of the supreme primarch. While he is demonstrated to be very powerful in the initial scripted battle between him vs Avatar, the free unit the player obtains at the end of the event is unsatisfactory, even after becoming a 5 star unit following 000. This is further emphasized when he obtains 12 wings after 000, where he was able to take on Lucilius, who was stated to be the most powerful being in all of creation. It’s somewhat justified in that if he was playable with the power he’s described to have, he would be too broken a unit to be reasonably implemented into the game. However, both his free Paradise Lost and summer units are simply “okay” and can easily be switched out with other units in the same elements, such as Lucio and Halluel and Malluel for light, the latter of whom should be less powerful than him due to being lower ranking angels.note  When compared to units like Andira at 5 stars, Shiva and the long-reigning grand unit Zooey (Summer), units that are reasonably broken by the games standards and required in most set ups, his playable versions are severely underwhelming.
      • The above can be further justified for his summer unit if it’s taken into account that Sandalphon doesn’t use his full power when he’s used by the player. In his summer unit, he is only shown using his brown wings and standard “Ain Soph Aur” attack rather than his 12 wings.
  • Ghost Memory: Sandalphon also inherited Lucifer's memories when the Supreme Primarch's wings were passed onto him. However, he can only see them when he sleeps and view the flashbacks like an observer.
  • Gratuitous Foreign Language: His Charge Attack "Ain Soph Aur" which he even shouts while casting. It is derived from the Hebrew "Ohr Ein Sof" which means "infinite light".
  • Heel–Face Turn: Was once the major antagonist of the first "What Makes The Sky Blue" event. His previous mistakes forgiven by the main cast, Sandalphon managed to have a change in perspective, allowing him to fulfill the role he was supposed to do.
  • Hellish Pupils: Hard to see in his normal sprites, but most evidently in his CD skin.
  • Heroic Sacrifice: Was willing to go as far as to die fulfilling his promise to Lucifer so he could join him in the afterlife, but after they reconcile he decides to stay with the crew.
  • I Choose to Stay: Planned to perform a Heroic Sacrifice to fulfil his promise to Lucifer and join him in the afterlife, but chooses to stay with the crew in the end. Despite this, he still talks about reuniting with Lucifer eventually.
  • Iconic Item: His purple and gold coffee cups. Initially shown in his White Day CG, they’re now heavily associated with his character and Lucifer by extension due to it being revealed through the “Ain Soph Aur” MV and various Lucifer and Sandalphon merchandise that came after show that those are the cups he and Lucifer used when they had coffee together in the Garden, adding sentimental value to them.
  • I Know You Know I Know: Invoked as he says "And now you know that I know that you knew what I knew. What nonesense."
  • Image Song: "Ain Soph Aur". A song detailing his feelings during "What Makes The Sky Blue II: Paradise Lost", of all the things he can’t say to Lucifer.
  • Inadequate Inheritor: How Michael initially views the recently-made Supreme Primarch Sandalphon, due to his Leeroy Jenkins tendencies and attitude of having to fight alone without the need of allies. She later changes this perception quickly later in the finale event of the trilogy when Sandalphon drops his Leeroy Jenkins mentality.
  • Instant Runes: A magic circle / rune appears behind him as he uses Ain Soph Aur.
  • In the Hood: In his first appearance in "What Makes the Sky Blue", Sandalphon kept his face hidden underneath a hood.
  • Irony:
    • His entire character arc is filled with this. In his first appearance during the first "What Makes the Sky Blue", his Evil Plan was to steal the wings of the four Primarchs, which would cause a great calamity, so that he could challenge Lucifer and prove that he's more than just a redundant spare to him. Over the next two parts, he ends up not only fulfilling his not-so-redundant role after Lucifer is killed, but he also ends up being given all four Primarch's wings on top of the Supreme Primarch's powers in order to stop an even greater calamity.
    • Being an angel, and the Supreme Primarch at that, one would think that Sandalphon is used to flying a lot, no matter the speed. But during the events of WMTSB3, he gets airsick and pukes when he landed at the Grandcypher. The other crew members tend to invoke this trope as well, because they didn't expect that he of all people would get airsick while the other ordinary skyfarers did not.
  • It's All About Me: His initial mindset in “What Makes The Sky Blue” though he eventually regrets having this mindset in 000 after finding out how Lucifer felt during rebellion.
  • Jerkass: In a game with largely redeemable and ultimately misguided villains, Sandalphon in "WTMSB1" stands out as a petty, childish antagonist who wreaked havoc in the world solely because he was created without an immediate purpose, and rather than trying to find one of his own, threw a Suicidal Cosmic Temper Tantrum and seems almost irredeemable. Even when defeated by the crew, he immediately takes advantage of the protagonist's trusting nature by feigning honor and attempts to murder him/her in cold blood, laughing triumphantly about how he wants to see this world which doesn't need him burn. However...
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: At his core, though, Sandalphon actually still really cares what Lucifer thinks of him and holds their time together dear, and he's still very capable of caring for others; it's to the point that Lyria can see it, as noted below. The problem is that the crew has to cut through two millennia of bitterness and lack of self-worth to even begin to see the gold underneath, and even in his Fate Episodes on joining the crew, there's still a way to go. By the time of "000", though, it seems the worst of the grime is finally starting to come off.
  • Karma Houdini: He threw the protagonist plummeting downwards in the skies in the first run of "What Makes the Sky Blue". Near the end of "Paradise Lost", casting the eponymous ability disintegrates his wings, and he falls down. But he doesn't receive the full amount of karma from what he did to Gran/Djeeta, as the Grandcypher catches him just in time. He falls yet again in the skies, with the captain saving him once more, at this point, he verbally invokes karma and the captain's chance of revenge
    Is this the time for jokes? For a moment I thought you were finally going to get your revenge!
  • Keigo: He uses more polite speech when speaking to or in reference to Lucifer, showing how much he respects him.
  • Last Chance Hit Point: His second passive, The Promise allows him to survive a fatal turn and leaves him with 1 HP afterwards.
  • Leeroy Jenkins: Michael calls out on Sandalphon's attempt at recklessness from planning to take on the wall of Pandemonium alone, just because Sandalphon wrongfully believes he already mastered the Supreme Primarch's powers and that he doesn't have to involve anyone else. He later snaps out of it though.
  • Like Brother and Sister: By the time of WMTSB III he developed this relationship with Lyria, who calls him "big brother" as a way to tease him.
  • Meaningful Echo: He says a variant of Lyria's "Now it's my turn... I will save you" before he rescues a falling Lyria near the end of the trilogy, drawing a parallel to the events of the first "What Makes The Sky Blue".
  • Must Have Caffeine: He appears to be quite fond of coffee after trying some, to the point of offering it to the party. In fact, when the party sees him inside the cocoon, Sandalphon states that he'd been brewing coffee for as long as he can remember. His fate episodes reveal that it was Lucifer who made him come to like coffee. At the end of "000", he decides to open a cafe in the Grancypher at Lyria and Vyrn's urging. His coffee shop is on its way to being opened after some training from Siero in “The Maydays”.
    Sandalphon: I care for my coffee trees. I harvest the fruit they bear, extract the beans, roast them, brew coffee... and drink it. I've been repeating that simple cycle for years... decades... perhaps forever.
  • My Name Is ???: Even the teaser event guide for "What Makes The Sky Blue" replaces his name and his voice actor's with question marks.
  • Next Tier Power-Up: Sandalphon gains more power the more wings he has accumulated throughout the story arc. He initially just starts off with his 2 brown wings, temporarily obtains the 4 wings of each of the tetra-elemental primarchs, and then inherits the Supreme Primarch's wings in "Paradise Lost". He unlocks his potential near the end of "000" (which is also reflected in-game via his 5★ uncap), being able to combine all of the aforementioned powers for a total of 12 multi-colored wings. As of the "Maydays", he is now able to use the 12 wings immediately with ease.
  • No Name Given: Invoked at the ending chapter of "The Maydays" event. Sandalphon requests that he would just be recorded as the "Supreme Primarch" in the district chief's annals instead of using his real name.
  • Not So Different: At least Lyria thinks so when she talks to Sandalphon again in "Paradise Lost", as they both are Desperately Looking for a Purpose in Life. The difference is that while Lyria had the crew to help her, Sandalphon had no one to help him as he let his resentment and anger consume him.
  • Not So Stoic:
    • He tries to put on an air of unflappability in WTMSB1, but once Lyria reveals that she saw his memories and tries to reason with him, he completely loses his composure.
    • Lucifer’s death in “What Makes The Sky Blue: Paradise Lost” also breaks his air of unflappability, causing him to have a catatonic breakdown in which he couldn’t function until Halluel slaps the sense back into him.
    • Once you unlock his level 70 he has a rather...interesting expression on his face.
    • He seems to snap on Lucio a lot, though given how Lucio is to him, it’s not unwarranted.
  • Omnicidal Maniac: The flashback scene in the prologue chapter of WMTSB3 (as well as the entire trilogy) has Sandalphon even damning all of creation in a fit of rage. Subverted now that he went a Heel–Face Turn.
    "Astrals... Skydwellers... The entire world... I'll wreck all of creation! Everything you hold dear will be smashed to dust by my hand!"
  • Only Friend: Lucifer was implied to be this to him until he joined the crew. It’s also implied by Lucifer’s memories that this was mutual.
  • Perpetual Molt: While his own wings and the wings he gets from the tetra-element Primarchs don’t do this, the Supreme Primarch wings have a habit of doing this, molting light feathers that disappear before they touch the ground.
  • Personalized Afterlife: The afterlife looks like the research lab garden of which he spent a long time in. Lucifer speculates that it must have formed from his memories.
  • Power Echoes: Like Lucifer, his voice has notable reverb when he is in his Supreme Primarch form.
  • Promoted to Playable: Is the starring event character for the 4th anniversary event, "What Makes The Sky Blue II: Paradise Lost".
  • Proper Tights with a Skirt: In his original outfit, though he wore more of a butt-cape than a skirt.
  • Rage Against the Heavens: Or rage against the creators, rather. All his actions are driven by the fact that he was created as a spare in case Lucifer fails to fulfill his duties. He refuses to accept that his purpose is just a backup to Lucifer — a redundant backup to Lucifer. This ends up becoming bitterly ironic.
  • The Rest Shall Pass: Subverted. He tries holding off Lucilius on his own in Etemenanki while requesting the rest of the crew to escape. They don't buy this and stayed with him until the end of the fight.
  • Retraux Flashback: Despite "The Maydays" 2019 event taking place right after the "What Makes The Sky Blue" events, the flashback scene of Sandalphon meeting Sariel shows the former in his initial WMTSB1 armor from 2017. This implies that Sariel and Sandalphon met prior to the fallen angel rebellion over 2000 years ago, which is ultimately confirmed by Sandalphon’s dialogue.
  • Roaring Rampage of Revenge: He goes on one of these following the death of Lucifer with this being the primary reason why he sides with the crew in Paradise Lost.
  • Rule of Seven:
    • All of his skills have a 7-turn cooldown.
    • His base attack at max level is 7700.
    • His event summon (which can be obtained from "What Makes The Sky Blue II: Paradise Lost") grants 70% boost to light attack when uncapped at 3★.
    • In his summer version, all his initial cool downs for his skills start at 7. After being leveled up, 2 of them lower down to 6 turns.
  • Rummage Sale Reject: Lampshaded by Lucilius's comment on Sandalphon's six pairs of colorful wings.
    Lucilius: What a mismatched collection of borrowed plumage. Befitting a spare primarch.
  • Sadistic Choice: Pulls one at the end of the first "What Makes The Sky Blue" event by pushing the Protagonist off the island. The protagonist is falling too fast for the Primarchs to catch, and the only option is for Lyria and Vyrn to unleash the power of Bahamut. However, doing so means that the seal on Pandemonium could potentially break, unleashing the dangerous Origin Beasts sealed within and dooming the world. The heroes decide that the chance to save the Protagonist is worth the risk, and thankfully the seal holds thanks to Lucifer reinforcing it.
  • Serious Business: Brewing coffee. Sandalphon wants his crewmembers to experience pure bliss when they drink his coffee. Vyrn is weirded out of his intricate dedication to his hobby. In "The Maydays", Sandalphon is also disappointed when their customers were always ordering juice instead.
  • She's Not My Girlfriend: Averted. When Lucio insinuates that Sandalphon is in a relationship with Lucifer, he doesn’t exactly deny it, so much as he sputters his catchphrase while the Lyria and Vyrn laugh at him.
    Sandalphon: That person is the only one who matters to me! note 
    Lucio: Hahaha... You truly care for him, don’t you? Your Lucifer is a lucky man.
    Sandalphon: Why, you... This is nonsense! Pure nonsense!
  • She's Got Legs: Since his introduction, Sandalphon has been portrayed as having slender, delicate legs.
  • Ship Tease: With Lucifer, to the point where it appears they confess to each other near the end of “What Makes The Sky Blue: 000” in Granblue’s roundabout way. Lucio even ends up shipping the two after Sandalphon declares that Lucifer is his one and only. Taken even further with the Flavor Text for his “Primarch Of Promises” skin in both original text and the English translation with the Japanese text referring to Lucifer as someone he “yearns for from the bottom of his heart” and the English text being more overt with it saying he “ascends to breathtaking heights to follow the one he loves so dearly” in reference to Lucifer. See For more of their Hoyay moments in detail.
  • Star-Crossed Lovers: While they aren’t officially confirmed to be lovers likely due to their circumstances, he and Lucifer appear to have this sort of dynamic, as their relationship since the original “What Makes The Sky Blue” is painted rather tragically, even more so after “Paradise Lost” which amps up the angst factor by killing off Lucifer, dooming them to be separated and longing for one another.
  • Single-Target Sexuality: Straight up declares that Lucifer is the only one he cares about, or his “one and only” as he said in the original Japanese. He shows no romantic interest in anyone else, not even Gran/Djeeta in seasonal lines where it’s consistently shown he regards them as merely a comrade.
  • Sir Not-Appearing-in-This-Trailer: Sandalphon's case in the event teaser for "What Makes The Sky Blue" averts this trope, from the tradition of Granblue not showing the event's major antagonist in its teasers. While he does appear, neither his name nor his voice actor's is revealed, only replaced with "???".
  • Straight Gay: Seems to be a running theme for the Primarchs particularly, though it’s most obvious with him as his emotional fixation on Lucifer bordering on Single-Target Sexuality would show.
  • Straight Man: Is this in The Maydays summer event during all of the chaos.
  • Surprisingly Good English: The first time he speaks the word "Nonsense" without shouting nor projecting a mean demeanor, he says so in English. Granted, that by the end of "Paradise Lost", he becomes more open to the crew while fulfilling Lucifer's wish, and so he drops his previously rude mannerisms.
  • Technicolor Blade: His floating weapons are entirely purple.
  • Took a Level in Cheerfulness: It's subtle, but you can see how he is happier by the third part of the What Makes the Sky Blue event, with him lampshading it in the event's voiced preview.
    Sandalphon: Heh, days as lively as these are new to me.
  • Took a Level in Kindness: By the time of WMTSB III, he is way more open to the crew and openly admits the need to atone for his sins.
  • Tsundere: He has his moments.
  • Unusually Uninteresting Sight: Averted, as he’s the only Primarch as well as crew member so far that takes notice to the fact that Lucio looks exactly like Lucifer.
  • Used to Be a Sweet Kid: A formerly loyal and kind, albeit insecure, angel under Lucifer's command. He snapped when he found out what he was actually created for. And even as he mellowed by the end of "Paradise Lost", he's still bitter about the circumstances of his creation.
  • Villainous Breakdown: He freaks and panics when he sees the protagonist well and alive in chapter 8 of the event.
  • Walking Spoiler: He is deeply tied with the Story Arc of "What Makes The Sky Blue" and its sequels.
  • Wave-Motion Gun: Played with, as his floating swords invoke this as they simultaneously fire laser beams from their tips in his Ain Soph Aur Charge
  • When He Smiles: Genuinely smiles at the end of WMTSB 000.
  • Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds: Finding out that he is but a backup destroyed any good will he had. What Lyria sees in his memories shows that deep down, he wished for acceptance, but he's so bitter about the fact that he was created as a backup that at one point of the story, he decided to kill Lyria instead of what he originally promised when Lyria reveals what bits she saw of his memories and one of his event page quotes has him say he'd rather see the world that rejected him burn. He even rejected the chance of atonement that Lyria had asked for on his behalf and pushes the protagonist off the island and down to the bottom of the skies just to unleash Lyria and Vyrn's rage so he could see a destroyed world in the process.
  • You Are Better Than You Think You Are: In "Paradise Lost", he thinks that being trapped in a closed dimension is a necessary punishment for what he did in the event's prequel. But Lyria snaps him out of it so that Sandalphon will find his resolve in fulfilling the role he was given.
  • You Are in Command Now: Lucifer makes him Supreme Primarch before he passes on - although since Lucifer was planning on winding down his "overseer of evolution" role and with Canaan in ruins, exactly what the role will entail for Sandalphon remains unclear. The beginning of "000" has him interpreting at least part of this as putting a final end to the threat contained within Pandemonium, and doing something about Beelzebub and Belial, since they seem to have the ability to outright kill Primarchs (which should be virtually impossible).


Voiced by: Manaka Iwami
Summer Appearance (Summon) 
Rarity: SSR
Element: Fire
Style: Defense
Weapon Specialty: Staff+Sword
Charge Attack: Pheltronan

One of the "primal pals" alongside Medusa, Nezha and Baal. Satyr is a carefree and goofy primal beasts who always likes to see the good things first in others.

  • Assist Character: In a Scripted Battle of "Primal Resonance", the fight against Snow White starts off with Satyr unleashing her Summon Call, taking out a chunk of the boss HP, and as a Revenge to the beast who froze her earlier.
  • Best Friend: She describes her bond with Medusa, Baal and Nezha as "best friends for life" even though they are verbally in-denial with this despite being real. Lyria's Flavor Text for all of them in her Journal even make use of the term "primal pals" to describe them as a collective.
  • Buxom Is Better: Even with her summon, she's noted for her sizable chest by fans.
  • The Ditz: As cute, kind-hearted and energetic as she is, Satyr went around playfully conversing with Snow White, not realizing that the latter had already been brainwashed, which led to Satyr getting frozen without fighting back. When she was released, Satyr made the lamest excuse... that she was simply taking a nap inside the ice for her beauty sleep!
  • Funny Background Event: Her summer-themed summon's art shows Athena hitting Medusa's head with a volleyball.
  • Genki Girl: Satyr is the hyperactive, cutesy and energetic among the bunch of stoic Baal and Nezha, as well as a loud-mouthed tsundere Medusa.
  • Harmless Freezing: Satyr was frozen in a block of ice by a brainwashed Snow White when the group decided to split up the search.
  • Lampshade Hanging: For the introductory chapters of the event, she describes her friends in this manner, via name-dropping characterizations and tropes. Even in one dialogue, the English localization uses the word "adorkable" which originated as an English slang from the Internet.
  • Little Bit Beastly: Her ears look like a horse's, and she can be easily mistaken for an Erune.
  • Mega Twintails: They are thick, long and go past her skirt.
  • The Nicknamer: She has affectionate nicknames for her three best friends.
  • Promoted to Playable: Became a playable character in May 2020's Premium Gala.
  • The Un-Reveal: What ever "incomprehensible characteristics" she’s implied to have are never revealed in the event, as Medusa is cut off before she can go into detail. The fandom have supposed that Satyr is a Futanari, due to the lore behind her namesake.
    Medusa: What he said. Actually, you know Satyr is-
  • No Sense of Personal Space: When Medusa arrives, Satyr's first course of action is to quickly and tightly hug her. Baal later verbally chastises her for this. And it is even subtly implied that Satyr also did this to the males (Baal and Nezha) just before Medusa came.
  • Shipper on Deck: Satyr playfully ships Medusa with their two male "primal pals" Nezha and Baal. However, she ships Baal more since he and Medusa are constantly bickering despite actually being close friends and having known each other for the longest among their group.
  • Storm of Blades: Her Summon Call lets her drop large swords at the target.
  • Taken for Granite: Was turned to stone by Geo, who is controlling Euryale's and Stheno's powers.
  • Zettai Ryouiki: Grade A


Voiced by: Show Hayami

My apocalyptic fire shall return all to nothingness.
Unchanging Protector and Punisher
Rarity: SSR
Element: Fire
Style: Attack
Weapon Specialty: Spear+Staff
Charge Attack: Awaken Inner Eye/Mahakala

Originates from Rage of Bahamut.

Disciple of the Primarch Michael and Primal of both war and salvation, he appears before the Captain on Kluger Island to test their strength. He officially joins the crew when they encounter each other again on a dreary, plague-infested island.

  • The Comically Serious: After the tension is dealt with, it's revealed that he loves to learn new things like words from mortals, using Vyrn as the primary lexicon to pick new vocabulary up from.
    Shiva: Are you feeling geezed?
  • Gods Need Prayer Badly: Shiva uses the prayers from all to power himself and grant their wishes. The Captain's power as the Singularity allows them to create a single prayer powerful enough for Shiva to completely wipe out all traces of the disease and restore everyone back to full health.
  • Mercy Kill: In his two Fate Episodes, he sees this as the only way to deal with an incurable plague ravaging an island, taking solace in the fact the people's souls will move on from wracked with indescribable pain through reincarnation.
  • Multi-Armed and Dangerous: In accordance with Hindu legend, Shiva has four arms which he uses to wield his various weapons.
  • Promoted to Playable: He became recruitable two years after his debut on December 2016 as a summon.


Voiced by: ???
Guardian of the Wind
Rarity: SSR
Element: Wind
Style: Special
Weapon Specialty: Melee+Staff
Charge Attack: Aerial Blitz, Tempest (5★ uncap)

A primal beast resembling a woman with three tails ending in dragon heads. Tiamat governs the winds of the world, and her blessing is sought to ensure safe travel across the sky.

  • Attack of the 50-Foot Whatever: It's not really apparent from her game artwork but her depiction in the anime and Omega version make it clear just how big she is. Just like Yggdrasil, however, she is shown to be able to shrink down in size, thus making her playable form a subversion.
  • Blow You Away: She has power over wind, which becomes a problem when she starts stirring up a great storm in the first arc of the game. However her omega form has a charged attack, Backdraft that also has a part inflicting fire damage as well as wind.
  • Boobs-and-Butt Pose: Disturbingly so, the Tiamat Malice accompanying Rackam's darker personality has her hips and lower body twisted to the point where her butt appears to be positioned at her right side.
  • Brainwashed and Crazy: In the anime, she went berserk because of a dark crystal. She gets better when Gran destroys it.
  • Combination Attack: "Piercing Firestorm" with Rackam.
  • Composite Character: In a sense, one of her skills and her charge attack as a playable character follows the same attack triggers that she used as the normal and hard difficulty raid boss, but her design resembles her Omega version artwork instead of her initial version. The rest of her skills and passives refer to her traits as a boss (hitting multiple times, highly resistant to status ailments)
  • Dual Boss: With Leviathan in Bestia Island.
  • Early-Bird Cameo: Received a new portrait in one of the story chapters in the Nalhegrande Arc. It was revealed months later that this would be her actual portrait for her playable version.
  • Early Installment Weirdness: Her Normal and Hard mode raids in the first chapter have her occasionally say lines in a speech bubble while fighting the crew. She was later retconned as The Speechless, but this small forgotten feature was left intact.
  • Fetal Position Rebirth: In Episode 5 of the anime, Tiamat sleeps in a fetal position when the crew arrive only to find her already corrupted.
  • Glowing Eyes of Doom: The eyes of her dragons glow purple as she becomes corrupted in the fourth episode of the anime
  • Promoted to Playable: Tiamat is released as a playable character as of the "What Makes The Sky Blue II: Paradise Lost" event, in commemoration of Granblue Fantasy's fourth anniversary.
  • The Speechless: Like Yggdrasil, she doesn't speak as a playable character and communicates solely in chimes.
  • Tainted Veins: In the anime, Tiamat has red veins near her eyes when Freesia corrupts her using the Dark Essence.
  • Warm-Up Boss: Being the first primal beast you have to fight in the story, she naturally comes as this. Her omega form also doesn't have any special triggers in her moveset compared to the other omega raids, so her fight is pretty straightforward.
  • Wakeup Call Boss: However her Omega form is prone to hitting twice for rather considerable damage, highly resistant to status ailments from non-fire characters, and has some pretty damaging charge attacks, particularly Tempest (randomly hits party members about 5 times for sizable damage per hit; easily able to flatten an early party). But a well prepared party should have little issue lasting against her. Her Impossible Omega form on the other hand, is very definitely this, aside from her dragon heads becoming separate targets with their own HP triggers, she herself packs some annoying debuffs to cripple your team while her dragon heads wail on you.


Voiced by: Asami Imai

Luminiera and I have become one in mind and spirit. It's the first time I've ever truly let anyone into my heart. It feels... better than I thought it would. We're one person, one body now.
Double-edged Austerity

Rarity: SSR
Element: Light
Style: Defense
Weapon Specialty: Axe
Charge Attack: Iliad Vision

A complete fusion between Vira and Luminiera, resulting in the first example of a character changing race. For Vira's tropes, see Granblue Fantasy Humans O To Z ; for Luminiera's, see Granblue Fantasy Primal Beasts.


Voiced by: ???
The Curious Tree
Summer Appearance (Summon) 
Rarity: SSR
Element: Earth
Style: Special
Weapon Specialty: Melee
Charge Attack: Axis Mundi

A human-like primal beast inhabiting the ancient forests of the Lumacie Archipelago. She joins the crew out of the desire to be with her friend and see the world.

  • Animation Bump: She is one of the first characters with unique Charge Attack animations. Yggdrasil floats to the skies and creates an orb of energy that enlarges at it drops to the ground. Her Charge Attack is also notable as it cannot be skipped with the "Charge Attack Animation Skip" setting.
  • Art Evolution: Her art has evolved quite a bit over the years from Rage of Bahamut to her playable era. Over time, her hair has gained volume and gotten a bit bushier, the increased volume means she's gained two additional tie-tails, the design of her dress has changed some (there's more obvious cloth in it and it's a lot more white), her ears have become a bit more conventionally "elfin" and the twigs have been moved up her head a bit to function more like decorative accessories, and most notably, her head-sprout has gotten more and more elaborate as time has gone on. It grew a bit in her RoB ascensions, but modern Granblue has made it into almost a small tree.
  • Attack of the 50-Foot Whatever: It has been mentioned that she's literally the size of a mountain for her Omega version. Even in later story events and the like where she gets to hang out with the crew following her rescue, she's still something like fifteen feet tall or more. Her playable version and her appearance in the anime subvert this as she reveals she can casually shrink to a human's size.
  • Because You Were Nice to Me: Part of the reason why Rosetta decided to jump in to protect her and cover the entire Lumacie Archipelago with thorns.
  • Brainwashed and Crazy: As Yggdrasil Malice when she was infused by Dark Essence causing her to rampage. It very nearly kills her, but the crew ultimately manages to save her using Vyrn's power, to Rosetta's immense relief and Yggy's own gratitude.
  • Breakout Character:
    • She was originally, well, just a boss, imported from Rage of Bahamut. She was the most human-looking of the six "core" primal beasts, and rather popular because of it. Once the main story reached Chapter 44 or so and beyond, however with the revelations about Rosetta and her relation to Yggy and some of the resulting events like her Malice fight and her rescue from certain death, Yggdrasil became even more popular. She began to find her way into events (like Table For Six), and players began seriously asking for the possibility of her being playable. Her final, playable version came about almost entirely because of fan desire for it.
    • To put a point on it, she blew out the 17th Fan Favorite Poll, which was the first where she was available to vote on. She unseated both the eternally popular Vira as well as Scathacha, who had previous managed to usurp the top spot and would've remained there had it not been for Yggy.
    • Yggdrasil was later featured in the cover of the game's ninth Light Novel volume.
  • Cute Mute: She isn't actually capable of speech at current, language being (as her fate episode explains) such a foreign concept to her that she doesn't even think in words, and instead communicates using chime-like sounds. Happily, once she starts hanging out with the crew, Rosetta and Lyria can interpret for her just fine, and even other members of the crew have gotten reasonably adept at figuring out what she means.
  • Defeat Means Friendship: Her recruitment occurs in-lore in the wake of rescuing her from Freesia, which involved fighting her in her "Malice" form, manifested by overloading her with Dark Essence. She joins you in large part because you saved her and she wants to travel with you like Rosetta gets to.
  • Dishing Out Dirt: Uses earth based attacks for the most part. She can also use fire in the form of magma.
  • Does Not Like Shoes: She can simply float anyway.
  • Draw Aggro: Her default support skill Grace of the Great Tree automatically makes her more likely to be attacked. It also helps fill up her charge bar more quickly when she is hit. This trait can be strengthened or weakened with EMP points.
  • Dual Boss: With Colossus in Bestia Island.
  • Early-Bird Cameo: She was first shown doing things with the Grandcypher crew in the "What Makes the Sky Blue" event... which ran some three months and change before she was playable. Her sudden appearance surprised everyone, mystified many, and introduced intense speculation over when or if she'd become playable. She would enter the gacha pool the following 30th of June.
  • Energy Ball: She creates a large sphere of energy when casting Axis Mundi.
  • Evil Costume Switch: Her Malice form spawns four plants from her dress that act like giant carnivorous plants, the green colorization of her dress turns dark-red and the clothing on her chest and arms are adjusted to reveal more of her skin.
  • Green Thumb: She demonstrates this power in the anime when she forms a bridge made of vines.
  • In-Series Nickname: Lowain and his bros call her Yggy (pronounced as Iggy).
  • Instant Runes: A magic circle appears behind Yggdrasil in her uncap art, and also in-game as she prepares Axis Mundi. It is visually similar to the Voynich Circle in her raid's Impossible version.
  • Interspecies Romance: With Elsam, one of Lowain's bros. He manages to make it work out despite the massive size difference between the two. Unfortunately, this was all a daydream. Depending on how you interpret the Ship Tease, her relationship with the Captain counts as this as well.
  • Irony: Between her bevy of buffs and her ability to passively draw attacks to herself, she works well in a team with Hallessena, who likes not getting hit and having her attack stat buffed even higher. That'd be, however, the sentient tree working together with the chainsaw maniac.
  • Late-Arrival Spoiler: Merely seeing her in the gacha is a little bit of a spoiler (as early on there's no indication that Primal Beasts can be recruited as party members, even if Yggdrasil is markedly more human than the others in the "early set" of Primal Beasts), but previewing her Fate Episode will drop some real spoilers on you: namely, that you have to fight her as Yggdrasil Malice at one point, that you rescue her from Freesia's grasp and certain death as a Malice, and that she and Rosetta are "siblings", or as near as two Primals can be to it.
  • Mundane Object Amazement: The first time she drinks an apple juice in her Fate Episode, she gets amazed to the point that she accidentally grew plants around her, drawing the attention of nearby monsters.
  • Pimped-Out Dress: Wears a very elaborate gown with a plant motif. It gets even more pimped out in her Omega form, where it nearly quadruples in size.
  • Pointy Ears:
  • Power Floats: Unlike a few of the other Primal crew members, she still relies on her power to float places when moving.
  • Promoted to Playable: She originated as one of the Raid Bosses and a Summon before becoming available as a playable character.
  • Random Effect Spell: The 4★ uncap of her Omega summon's Call Effect additionally provides a random status buff to the party.
  • Rapunzel Hair: Her hair goes down to at least her knees. For extra comedy, this is true even when she's at "normal" size, so when she's like that her hair is literally climbable by the average human.
  • Sadly Mythcharacterized: The World Tree of Norse Mythology has been adapted into a humanoid woman with Earth powers and a plant on top of her head.
  • Ship Tease: Between her birthday event and her seasonal personal events, there's a definite trend of this; her personal events tend to have a somewhat clearer romantic bent than many other characters.
  • Sibling Yin-Yang: Rosetta claims this true - Yggy is the flower, and she is the thorns, and together they are the forests of Lumacie. Even with just her chiming, it's clear that Yggy doesn't entirely agree with this assessment and thinks Rosetta is nicer than she gives herself credit for.
  • Sleep-Mode Size: Of a sort. Normally Yggdrasil is literally dozens of feet tall, but just like Rosetta she's able to manifest a kind of "sub-body" that's roughly human size and has access to a good spread of her powers, which she can use to accompany the crew while her main body and core remains on Lumacie. This initially leads to a hilarious invocation of the Clown Car trope from the Captain, since they point out that the Grancypher... isn't one, and that Yggy is going to have some trouble fitting. Cue this trope!
  • The Speechless: She doesn't talk at all, though Rosetta can understand her just fine, and at need, other members of the crew (as seen in "What Makes The Sky Blue" and "Table For Six") can usually suss out what she's "talking" about.
  • Status Buff: Two of her skills fall into this category:
    • Blathnat Norn increases the attack, defense, and charge bar speed of all allies for three turns.
    • Ziggurat increases the Critical Hit rate of all allies, while also giving all allies except Yggdrasil herself the Shield effect.
  • Statuesque Stunner: While the sprites are never completely to scale, and it's not helped by Yggy floating in battle, all of her sprites in battle and cutscenes do give the impression that even at human scale, she's still pretty darn tall. Not quite true in the anime, though, where she's taller than Io or Lyria, but still a bit shorter than Gran, Katalina or Rosetta, which pegs her at around a fairly petite 5'3".
  • Support Party Member: All of her skills involve supporting her allies, either through buffing, healing, or drawing attacks to herself.
  • The Unfought: In the anime, at least. Rather than being forced to fight due to Orchis' influence, she is summoned to help Lyria battle her fears and awaken her from her coma, after which she joins Gran's party willingly.
  • Warm-Up Boss: Downplayed. While she's still very formidable, her Impossible Omega raid battle is often considered the simplest out of the Impossible Omega I raids, as she lacks any HP percentage triggers throughout the fight. Given that Wind will mostly likely be the element that a new player will develop the most first as they enter the Impossible tier, this almost seems intentional.
  • When Trees Attack: While she looks pretty human, she is, basically, the essence of a magical tree and her skills and whatnot reflect this.


Grand Order

Voiced by: Ami Koshimizu (Japanese), Laura Post (English)

Hm, what am I... I never even thought about that little detail. But if I have to be something...then I'm an ally of the world.
Grand Arbitrator
"Auld Lanxiety" Version 
Summer Version 
Regular Version 
Rarity: SR, SSR
Element: Light, Dark (Summer), Fire (Event)
Style: Balanced (Promotional and regular version), Special (Summer and Fire version)
Weapon Specialty: Sabre (Promo and Summer), Gun (Regular), Spear (Event)
Charge Attack: Gamma Ray

The Primal Beast known as the Grand Order, observing from the cosmos above the world, takes an interest in the crew of the Grandcypher after they take down Akasha. Introducing herself as Zooey to them, she comes along on their journey to see what they're like.

She was featured as the main event character for "Auld Lanxiety" in 2018, and later had a short role in the 2019 event "Primal Resonance". She is playable in Versus.

  • A Day in the Limelight: "Auld Lanxiety" features her as the loyalty character.
  • Advertised Extra: Zooey's "Keeper on a Mission" skin is featured in the event teasers of "Primal Resonance", despite the event's spotlight focusing more on Medusa, while Zooey only arrives at the final chapter of the event.
  • Animation Bump: Her regular SSR version is one of the few characters with unique Charge Attack animations. Zooey flies to the skies as the background changes to that of the galaxy. She then fires Gamma Ray from her weapon as the screen cuts back to the battle, zapping the enemy from above.
  • Breakout Character: Holy freakin' moley. Zooey began life as a primal fight and summon to commemorate the first birthday of Granblue and remained that way for about a year. Fan demand led to Cygames trialing a playable version as a bonus for signing up for a Cygames-affiliated Visa card... and demand after that led to her getting her infamous summer version and that version later became upgraded to a Grand series character, the only seasonal limited character who would feature in monthly banners after their debut. And then further demand led to her getting two more versions in February 2018, one of them permanently available, and she starred in that month's event, influencing the narrative. All by fan demand. (Did we also mention how she utterly dominated the popularity poll once she could be voted for due to having a normal rollable version?). As of June 2018, Zooey also represents the Dragoncraft Class when the "Brigade of the Sky" expansion was released in Shadowverse. She is also part of the 1st Character DLC Pack of Granblue Fantasy Versus.
  • Clap Your Hands If You Believe: Zooey mentions that Primal Beasts are born from the people's desires or wishes, and she is the result of the skydwellers' desire for balance. During the Fate Episodes of her regular version, she has to "be one with the world" in order to prevent an oncoming threat that could end all life. Days past and Zooey never returned. Then Vyrn motivates the crew to wish and think for Zooey to come back, and she does.
  • Cooldown Manipulation: One of the gimmicks presented by her regular version's third skill "The Last Wish". It is initially locked out at the start of a player's first turn, and one has to wait up to 5 turns in order for the skill to be usable. However, every time a buff (from green or yellow border skills) successfully affects Zooey, the cooldown of the skill is reduced by 1.
  • Counter-Attack: Her regular version's Ray Strike allows her to deal up to 630,000 damage for every successful dodge against an enemy's attack for 3 turns.
  • Coy, Girlish Flirt Pose: She strikes this pose in her Summer version's initial art, while carrying one dragon in her right.
  • Cryptic Background Reference:
    • In her regular gacha version's episode, Zooey risks the possibility of losing her identity so that she could regain her original powers and stop a world-ending threat before it arrives in the skydom. As the next scenes are taken from the captain's perspective, we never get to see how Zooey fared against the threat. Only a collective wish from the Grandcypher crew brought back her identity and skyfarer form. When this scene is referenced in "Primal Resonance" no other details were included to bring up light to what happened to her.
    • Also in "Primal Resonance", Geo screams "Cosmos" before fleeing the scene. Lyria notices the oddity, as "Cosmos" isn't someone introduced so far in the game's expanding lore. Zooey monologues that she knows "Cosmos" but just can't bring it up to her skydweller friends just yet.
  • Dark-Skinned Blonde: She's got dusky skin but platinum-blonde hair.
  • Deus Exit Machina: Inverted. She arrives too late in the "Primal Resonance" event, just after the crew and the wounded "primal pals" defeated Geo. If Zooey arrived earlier, Geo wouldn't be a threat at all, since she is fairly matched as his Spear Counterpart. The narration also has a justification for this; Zooey sensed too many primal beasts in the island that she wasn't able to pinpoint the crew's exact location at first.
  • Difficult, but Awesome: An interesting case is built around her Summer version's Conjunction Skill. It reduces all party members' HP to 1, but with added invulnerability buffs that ensure the survival of your team. What makes it difficult is that one has to rely on building Enmity-focused grids and characters so that the greatly reduced HP can be exploited to the player's advantage. The grinding itself can take around months. Fortunately, Wind, Dark and Earth have farmable SSR weapons with the Enmity Skill. Once you are able to build a working Enmity grid on any team, Summer Zooey will eventually become a game-breaker regardless of element.
  • Do Not Call Me "Paul": She doesn't like to be called the Grand Order.
  • Doesn't Like Guns: Downplayed. In her regular version's Fate Episode, she mentions that for her, all weapons are easy to use. But she does not prefer using guns as they only offer a one-sided offense, as one would only "keep pulling the trigger until the threat goes away". This might have made her using a gun an example of something crossing the Godzilla Threshold for her.
  • Double Entendre: When both Zooey and the captain struggle to draw speed to their float, she requests the captain to adjust their center of gravity by holding on tighter to Zooey.
    Can you hold on to me? The tighter. The better.
  • Dragon Rider: As the Grand Order, she rides upon a dragon named the Peacemaker's Wings.
  • The Dreaded: Zooey's presence makes Geo worry during the course of "Primal Resonance". When she is about to arrive on the island, Geo panics and flees.
  • Dub Name Change: Zooey's original name is Grand Order, in which the English localization changed it from Order Grande in Japanese.
  • Foil: Of Geo. Both of them share a nearly identical appearance and accompanied by a dragon. They are both created from emotions and wishes of a race but the difference comes from how they are created. Zooey is created from the wishes of the skydwellers to protect the sky realm. Geo, meanwhile, is created from the anguish and despair of the primals that have fallen. Zooey has white hair and red eyes, while Geo has blue eyes and hair. Similarly, Zooey approach keeping balance by joining the crew. Geo, meanwhile, views the main trio of Lyria, Vyrn and Gran/Djeeta, who is the singularity, as a threat that must be eliminated for the sake of his goal of ruining the balance, as the anti-thesis to Zooey.
  • Gameplay and Story Integration: Her promotional and regular versions have the "Balanced" style because, well... she is the keeper of balance. But her other versions are listed "Special" instead, because she is not heavily tied to her usual role during these instances. In her summer version, she takes a vacation leave, and in her Fire version, Zooey temporarily takes the role of a shrine priestess.
  • Gathering Steam: Her Gun version has the "Primal Pulse" passive which boosts her critical hit and dodge rates based on the number of turns passed, with the maximum effects being 50% crit rate and 8-10% dodge rate after 10 turns.
  • HP to 1: Her most powerful attack as a boss inflicts this, as well as scrambles skill cooldowns to make it very hard to recover from. Her Summer version can also do this as one of her skills, but in this case, you probably want it so that you can exploit Enmity, and she also gives drain and a turn of invincibility, so you're not too vulnerable.
  • Leitmotif: "Higher Yet do the Astrals Dwell", which was introduced as her primary battle theme for her raid, as it plays whenever she gets serious. It has since gone on to get remixes as "Armageddon" for her Impossible level Raid and "The Peacemaker's Wings" for her battle theme in Versus.
  • Loyal Animal Companion: Two small dragons, Lyrn and Dyrn, accompany Zooey throughout her travels.
  • Miko: In order to understand more about Kleshas and the Joya, Zooey has to take apprenticeship under the four Divine Generals during the "Auld Lanxiety" event. She then gets to wear her own priestess robes and had to undergo purification rituals as a form of preparation.
  • Missed Him by That Much: When Zooey headed for the island to confront him, Geo had just left after sensing her approach towards his location.
  • Multi-Melee Master: All Cosmic weapons are just her weapon in different forms and as such her weapon's form changes between her different versions (her limited versions use a sword, her regular gacha version uses a gun, and her event version uses a spear).
  • Mundane Object Amazement: Some conversations during her Fate Episodes, and the "Auld Lanxiety" event are about her curiosity of the objects that she encounters for the first time, such as a waterfall, a rice cracker, and a juice.
  • Mundane Utility: In her swimsuit version's 2nd Fate episode, she utilizes her abilities to form an inflatable version of the Peacemaker's Wings to ride the water with. Though she does wonder if it's okay to use her abilities to do something like this.
  • Mythical Motifs: Dragons are heavily associated with her, symbolizing the incredible power she wields.
  • Promoted to Playable: Introduced to the game as a summon, then later as a raid boss, and then as a playable character.
  • Ray Gun: The weapon she wields in her regular gacha version acts like one, and fires a giant laser beam as a variation of the Gamma Ray.
  • Running Gag: Two in the Grand Blues! comics, which may sometimes overlap:
    • "Zooey learns something new everyday!" - When being a godly entity makes her interested in several mortal affairs, with the comics ending with this phrase accompanied with a smiling Zooey.
    • "Zooey's Paradox" - She has a fixation on maintaining balance no matter how absurd the subject might be, from the male-female population ratio, up to the sales charts between restaurants. All of these would mostly fail miserably with Zooey lamenting that she herself broke the balance despite being known as the Keeper of Balance.
  • Ship Tease: Is implied to have feelings for the protagonist if her seasonal lines are anything to go by. The narration even states that she blushes when sitting beside them.
  • Spear Counterpart: She is this to Geo, with an inverted version of his name, gender, appearance, origins and function.
  • Technicolor Blade: Zooey wields the Cosmos Weapon series, which are entirely blue.
  • Uniqueness Value: Her Summer version, which has a skill that gives the entire party the full benefits of an enmity grid, makes her the most sought-after character for Dark, Wind, and Fire teams. This led to her Summer version being excluded from the 4th anniversary Surprise Ticket which marketed itself by allowing players to buy holiday variants of any character except Zooey. She and her unlock weapon were "Promoted" to Grand series, meaning that while she won't count as a summer character, she'll be in every Flash Gala pool.
  • The Unpronounceable: Her actual name isn't properly pronounceable by humanoid vocal chords. However, she dislikes being called by her Primal Beast name of "Grand Order". And when meeting her for the first time, the party eventually hits on "Zooey" as a compromise for a name, being a series of sounds reasonably close to part of her proper name.
  • Updated Re-release: Her "Keeper on a Mission" skin from the "Primal Resonance" event is simply a free re-released outfit of her original "Visa Promo" playable version. She keeps the traditional sword-and-shield Weapon of Choice, but with a new in-game sprite, a much more noticeable Art Evolution and a rather cute Idle Animation where Zooey constantly plays with her dragon.
  • What Is This Thing You Call "Love"?:
    • Part of her Christmas lines have her talking to herself, wondering why her heart is beating so fast and why her cheeks feel warm when she's around the protagonist. She then quickly dismisses this newfound feeling after the protagonist calls her attention. She feels it again during her second Christmas lines, saying it feels strange but not unwelcome. Rather, she says it's a good feeling.
    • And then, for her second Valentine's: "THIS IS LOVE!" (She proceeds to describe the platonic ideal of love vis-a-vis Valentine's day... and also notes, still with confusion, that spreading her "love" to the Captain makes her feel different compared to the other gifts.)

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