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    Main Story & Side Quests 
  • The special free quest "High Soaring Cypher Rangers" in Port Breeze is a hilarious tribute to Sentai, partially due the rangers in question: Walder (a very sentai-ish forest ranger), Zooey (Keeper of Balance), Vyrn (Flying Li-dragon), Cagliostro (just because she'd be the cute heroine), and Sierokarte (everyone's favorite merchant), complete with special portraits and cut ins.
  • The Granblue Exhibition free quest "A Granblue Whodunit" in Almathea Island has Percival team up with Barawa. As Sarya is sick, Percival ends up being the one to do all the deduction for Barawa, all while wondering how a so-called detective is so incompetent.
  • Grimnir has a chance of screwing up his Invocation in his summon cutscene and starts panicking over this, asking for a do-over even as he performs his attack.
  • The Glorybringer quest has Charlotta, Baotorda, and Aletheia teach the captain the ways of the sword. Vyrn, who observes them butts in their conversations and drops in some of the following:
    Charlotta: Do you observe a path?
    Vyrn: Huh? Observe a path? You mean like keepin' your eyes on the road?
    Baotorda: No, nothing like that. She's referring to focusing on an ambition or goal.
    Vyrn: Ah, like all that "forever purified, forever sanitized" stuff you guys go on about?
    Charlotta: Agh! It's Forever pure... Forever righteous! Do you think of us as simple house cleaners? The nerve!
  • In Chapter 116, you can call Pommern as "Major Mustache", the same nickname Io gives him after he recalls Orchis feeling safer with your crew than the empire. When you do select the dialogue option, he retorts by calling you back a cheeky monkey.

    Fate Episodes & Character Cutscenes 
  • Almost everyone will mistake Vyrn for a lizard upon meeting him for the first time in their respective Fate Episodes... Except for Ayer, who easily calls him a dragon. Vyrn, who always replies with "I ain't no lizard!" to everyone else is even taken aback from this unique incident.
    Vyrn: I ain't no dragon! Wait... Maybe I am?
  • In Katalina's episode, Vyrn suggests that it's better to eat ingredients as-is rather than allow Katalina to cook them. When she did cook a lunch for them, a monster suddenly sneaks in and eats the food... only to collapse a few moments later.
    Vyrn: "Wha? The monster just collapsed? Katalina's cooking is even more devastating than her sword!"
  • Charlotta's Running Gag, she doesn't want to be treated like a kid, or a short person. Yet, some scenes in the game deliberately make fun of her, and her reactions can be quite amusing:
    • In her Cross-Fate Episode with Baotorda, the first time she appears on-screen, only the top of her head is visible.
    • In her 5★ Uncap, there are some children who naturally mistook her as a fellow child:
      Child 1: We are NOT shrimps! I'm biggerer than she is! (referring to Charlotta)
      Charlotta: Wha?! I-I may look this way, but I assure you I'm an adult!
      Child 2: C'mon, lady! You ain't bigger than my little sis! And she just started talking last week!
      Charlotta: Grrr!
  • In Lowain's Fate Episode, he gets in the middle of the conversation between Katalina and an Imperial soldier questioning her... And claims himself as Katalina's boyfriend and forces the soldier into a fight. After the battle, it appears that the soldier has greater things to worry about:
    Imperial Soldier 1: You little...! These guys fight like idiots and one of them is Lieutenant Katalina's boyfriend?!
    Imperial Soldier 2: This can't be... What will I even write on my report? There's too much that's wrong with this!
    Katalina: Wait! He's not my boyfriend! Don't write that in your report!
  • Katalina's cooking. Even Vira admits that she might pass away eating chocolate made by her beloved senior in one of Vira's Valentine skit.
    • In Naoise's Summer episode, he gets to taste-test a lunch made by Katalina. Given how he is perfectly fine after eating a sample (due to his unusual sense of taste), Vira and Lowain thought Katalina was able to make edible food for once, and they decide to chow down simultaneously. They still pass out as a result, with their in-game artworks being monochromatic to show how pale they've become.
  • In Bakura's Fate Episode, Lyria and Vyrn try to think of ways on how to make Bakura remove his hat (so that they can see his face). There plans end up comically in failures - Bakura finishes large meals in a blink of an eye, and he even takes a bath by diving into a spring without taking his clothes off. Bakura then washes his entire body "like laundry".
  • When Walfried asks Dante why the latter has left the enforcers, Dante mentions that he met the cat Lord Rivera and learned the value of freedom. At first, he stays silent, but Walfrid unknowingly triggers Dante's Berserk Button by suggesting that he should adopt a dog instead.
    Dante: I'll never forgive that Blue Knight! Laughing at freedom is one thing, but to compare Lord Rivera to a dog is blasphemy.
  • The Uncap Art of Percival's Summer version has Lancelot and Vane playing beach volleyball, the latter having his head struck with the ball, while the former can simply strike a Hand Behind Head pose. Percy, on the other hand is just... relaxing, ignoring the two.
  • Similarly, Charlotta's Uncap art in her Summer version shows her almost tripping from the deck of the small boat, complete with a Human Hummingbird behavior. What makes it funnier is simply Charlotta's (literally cracked) Imagine Spot attempting to look badass standing on the boat's edge.
  • Vira's introductory Fate Episode for her SR version has her just casually tag along with the party leaving Albion and nobody commenting on it until she declares that Katalina's clothes need cleaning.
  • Feather's Valentine message. All of it. He's Comically Missing the Point over the whole ordeal of Valentine's Day and begs the protagonist to punch him since he doesn't get the meaning of it. By the end of his second Valentine's message, the protagonist gave up and he screams for the protagonist's help (or, Djeeta's help, since it's only available if you play as Djeeta). In a Large Ham manner. It has to be seen to be believed.
  • Randall's Valentine's message isn't any different from Feather's either, as he missed the point of Valentine's and has the protagonist walk out on him as well.
  • Randall's second Fate Episode has him enter a fighting contest to try and find Feather. The reason he fails? The contest was cancelled when Ghandagoza passed by and decided to punch a whirlwind as a warmup, blowing everyone away.
  • The Skill Up episode of Marquiares is surprisingly lighthearted for an old man who is known to have strong magical powers.
    • He has to attend the Supreme Supernal Council through a "supernal projection". He channels magical aura that even scares Vyrn, then a Mood Whiplash happens as he goes to... sleep, which annoys Vyrn afterwards.
    • He whimpers about it again like a child, while the party is on a quest
      Vyrn... Lyriaaa... Can I go to the Suparnal Council again? Pleeaase?
    • The Holy Sky Empire thugs keep on mentioning their faction and creed when introducing themselves like a Broken Record.
  • Nene's Fate Episode has her immediately assume that the protagonist is her baby daddy. Even if you're playing as a girl character. Her justification? "You're just the kind of man who'd pretend to be a woman to get away from his family!"
  • Azazel acting like a Jerkass when greeting you a happy birthday. He doesn't understand the concept as to why people should be happy to be born in this world, which can be full of suffering, despair, jealousy, anger, and depravity. Nevertheless, he still tries to greet you though, with the following line:
    "Oh, even so, you still wish to be blessed? I can arrange that. By the demon powers vested in me, I bless you with unhappiness.
    Happy Birthday, (Captain). Welcome to a hellish world that defies hell itself!"
  • While Santa outfits are a common theme among the Christmas versions of some characters, none can get funnier than Walder's, he literally cosplays a Christmas Tree!
  • In his final 5★ episode, Soriz fights Erste soldiers who are trying to take a peek at Katalina and the other girls taking a bath in a hot spring. And during its epilogue, he gets up undressed... or specifically, wears only his fundoshi in front of Katalina, while asking the lieutenant if she wants to touch his muscles. Of course, Katalina is crept out from this bold act.
    Soriz: Hot Springs are for ladies to wash away their troubles – and for them to wash away mine.
  • In the cut-scene just before you fight The Inchoate World, an unknown hooded figure (who is implied to be the Oracle bound to The World primal beast) halts the group while spouting some The End Is Nigh / "New World Order" stuff. Vyrn, being a comic relief as he is, just dismisses the hooded one as a drunkard.
  • Pholia's Valentine message has her ask the Captain on methods of making chocolate non-lethal to dogs, with Bai Ze musing in the background that her concern is nice, but he's a Primal Beast, not just some dog and won't just drop dead after eating some chocolate.
  • After beating the Nine-Realm Harp in Niyon's 5★ episode, she makes another serious fighting stance against the harp, just because it unknowingly triggered her Berserk Button.
    Nine-Realm Harp: Allow me to share an anecdote from history. There was once a great musician who lost the use of his ears. He fell into despair, and yet—
    Niyon: You talk too much.
    Nine-Realm Harp: T-this is the most important part!
    • After Niyon beats Fif in her gauntlet match against the other Eternals, Fif asked if she can hold the Nine-Realm Harp. Niyon obliges and the harp's complaints are ignored.
      The revenant harp's pleas fall on deaf ears, and Fif quickly begins a legendary jam session.
      Fif: Bwang! Bwa-bwaaang! Hahahaha! This instrument stuff is fun!
      Nine-Realm Harp: Gwaah! Stop this at once! Don't pluck me all willy-nilly! I'll go out of tune! Oh, my aching strings...
  • Fif's inclusion in Narmaya's 5★ Fate Episodes adds a brighter side to the generally serious and heartwarming chapter.
    • She almost mentions to Eahta that Narmaya beat her in a one-on-one fight, only to backpedal afterwards. Hilariously, Eahta sees through it and realizes that Fif was a little ashamed of having lost a battle:
      Fif: "Shes suuuper strong! She even beat m-- I mean... she's just as strong as I am!
    • When Eahta challenges Narmaya into a duel, the latter understood that they could "communicate their feelings" better in this method. Fif, who realizes that this is a bad thing, rushes towards the Grandcypher, only to be interrupted by Vyrn.
      Vyrn: Butterfly Girl was mumbling something about talking with swords and not needing words...
  • In Olivia's Summer Fate Episode, a Society Trainee interrupts his report to Ilsa with a terrified scream only to run towards other side of the beach. When Olivia thought that another monster was spotted, the trainee lets out a sigh of relief after knowing that the box of popsicles was unharmed.
  • In Lowain's Fate Episode, the Imperial Soldier whom they defeated from before casually orders food from the Erune trio. Of course, they recognize him easily and silently panic despite serving him food anyway. The soldier only recognized them in return after he was done eating.
    • While a major portion of Lowain's summer episodes are funny enough, the ending scene is the most memorable. In order to prevent their staged mock-battle from being blown, The bros hide the "Imp" soldier in seaweed just as Sierokarte passes by. When she talks to them casually, the trio all shout "Safe!" multiple times, making her confused. That is, until Siero leaves and Lowain brings up the scripted fight again... until Siero shouts "I didn't see anything" (she was aware of their first conversation the entire time), and the bros let out a shocked "Not Safe!"
  • The intro of Skull's episode has him bragging around Eustace regarding his pride and pursuit for freedom. When Vyrn asks him to describe the word freedom, Skull only gives a Verbal Backspace.
    Of course it is, you glassy-eyed gecko! I of all people know what freedom is! Freedom is... Actually, I have no idea.
  • The daily cutscenes and individual Fate Episodes of the Halloween 2018 season have these gems from the game's comic relief characters.
    • Feather spouts Double Entendre in almost every Halloween greeting he speaks. Although, in his head, he wants to invite them to sparring matches, but saying lines like "I will rock her so hard that she'll stay to the very end!" will make even one laugh from his nonchalant manners and over-the-top shouting voice. He did spar enough with Beatrix, who is wearing a very revealing Hot Witch outfit, and the previous quote refers to her after she leaves.
    • So the townsfolk told Amira to have a disguise (a costume) in order for her to participate in Trick or Treats. It turns out, Amira's disguise is merely her Half-God, Half-Demon form!
  • In his Cross-Fate Episode with Suframare, Tsubasa managed to cast ice magic for the first time, but he accidentally froze his bangs in the process.
  • In the Cross-Fate Episode of Deliford and Albert, Deliford is in pain and Rackam suggests electrotheraphy. Albert was just at the right time and helps channeling lightning to his body. But when Vyrn triggers Albert's Berserk Button of being called "old man", he accidentally increases the voltage, twice until Deliford totally collapses.

    Side Stories and Events 
  • As revealed in "Fall of the Dragon", even Vyrn's closest friends can trigger his Berserk Button without realizing.
    Vania: Heeheehee! I think it's because he and Malinda are so alike!
    Vyrn: I am?
    Vyrn: Oy, Lyria...
    Lyria: Oops! Sorry, it just slipped out.
  • The bonus chapter of "A Piece of the Pie" is a rollercoaster of Mood Whiplash - A scout can't muster the courage to confess his crush to Allie? Ginta makes him embarrased by saying it out loud. It turns out, Allie and Erin don't understand the romantic conotation of the word "crush" and the scout lets out a sigh of relief. Gile quickly explains to the girls that "crush" means the desire of having a pair-bond with someone. The scout? He panicks the second time and almost faints!
  • "Balmy Breeze and Foamy Deep" has your party fighting one of the most hardcore fish in video gaming, set to the tune of this. Aces High charge attack of the main boss Bonito (read: huge pissoff tuna) involves dive-bombing your party with massive Fantastic Nuke explosion.
    • Sierokarte managed to rope Elmott into a cooking job. On that note, Kaz being utterly chill about working the kitchen with him.
    • Lowain actually can compete with Vira this time! To the annoyance of the latter when they both try to cook for Katalina.
  • Imperial Soldiers in "Blade of the Young Champion" must have forgot to put down their Large Ham when they "calmly and respectfully" move citizens out of the way of hunting your party.
    • The troopers' hapless cries when they learn that Juri is missing from mid-day roll call and therefore, is a traitor to the empire.
    • Why the Imperials are there in the first place: to capture primal beast Poseidon to be used as water purifier.
  • Thanks to her Sanity Slippage between "Defender's Oath" and "Four Knights of a Fallen Land," Isabella's various insults towards the party are hilarious.
    After Percival sees through her and Gareth's trap: What are you doing here, Perci-smell, you damp firelighter?
    After Siegfried ruins her plans, again: Ahhhrrgh! Hatehatehatehatehatehatehatehatehatehate! Aaagarblearblearhh!
  • In "A Tale of Intersecting Fates", two Imperial Soldiers are admiring and ogling a cat as they observe its movements, even while it sleeps. From their reactions, one can say that both are cat lovers at heart. But when your party speaks to them, they drop the cutesy act and speak to you with intimidating tones.
    Look, look! It's sitting up! Oh my gosh, it's crossing its legs!
  • Likewise from "A Tale of Intersecting Fates", there's this dialogue between two thugs when Milia Maxwell enters a tavern.
    Tavern Regular 1: I'm tellin ta, I saw it with my own two eyes! A big black whirpool of darkness!
    Tavern Regular 2: Ah, this story again! You forgot you told me this 100 times already? Next comes the part about the prime beast or whatever.
  • Formerly a limited-time event, "L.E.T.S. H.A.N.G." features Lowain and his gang fantasizing about romance with their dream ladies while waiting for you in a cafe. Needless to say, things gets whacky real fast.
    • Tomoi quiz the gang about the qualities expected from a man based on a female skyfarer article.
      Elsam: "Mentally... stable?"
      Tomoi: "Seriously, dude? That's your answer?"
    • The sprite Cygames used for 'Macho' enemy is an effing Titan primal summon.
    • Elsam and Tomoi's imagination is a bit... wild. Tomoe sleep-talks having an involved romance with Freezie. Meanwhile Elsam thinks Yggdrasil is cute.
  • In the "Granblue Shodown" event story quests, after every battle Kuroko appears to declare the winner and then disappears. Lyria and Vyrn wonder who he is, but nobody else seems to notice him. By the end of the story, they give up and pretend to see nothing.
    • Also in the same event are trophies referencing engrish statements from the series (like VICTOLY! or Die, You Crazy Funster) and goes so far as to replace all mentions of "showdown" in context of the event to "shodown"
  • The "Eye of the Storm" event pokes fun at Yurius's transformed appearance and tentacle weapons a lot and one of the trophies you can obtain is "Wacky Wiggly Octopus Man" which pokes fun at his appearance as a raid boss even further.
  • The "Poacher's Day" event is also full of antics as it features the Odajumoki gang as the main group of antagonists, and a very lively and upbeat spotlight character with Carren being the event's star:
    • Their reaction upon realizing that Arma had the help of some skyfarers?
      Goon 1: Hey, dudes! Did you hear they hired some thigh hairs!
      Goon 2: No, you fart-face! It's skyfarers they hired.
    • Some of their dialogues are also notable for mimicking the pirate way of talking.
      Gyaaah! What's up with this frosty box? She just froze my pal!
      Aaargh! Ye entitled sons of biscuit eaters quaking in yer boots yet?
    • The Odajumoki's Secret Weapon for sinking ships? The Ultra Dog-On-Wheel Battleship Jenkins – A ship running on Hamster-Wheel Power mechanism. But instead of a hamster, it is being run by a dog.
    • The sixth chapter requires some of the gang to dive underwater and find Queen Sea Urkin. When Carren gets intimidated by the massive size of the monster, you are given two options to loosen her up. One of which is to blow a kiss toward her. She nearly chokes from this bold gesture and hits your back as a response.
  • The April Fools 2017 and 2018 event - "Big Bad Shadow", which has the Grand Blues! version of Vyrn break into the game's universe and try to take it over, ultimately hulking out. From the Vyrn's verison of the Proto Bahamut theme (later got an official title of "Black Vyrn Wings"), to quest lines like "Those with a death wish, please form a line". And the raid battle has more HP than even Proto Bahamut (Impossible) and DBZ Shout-Out attacks that are quite powerful.
    • The Grand Blues! version of Jin tries to strengthen the resolve of his in-game counterpart in fighting "Vyrn?". In-game Jin then imagines the voices of the female cast and Ladiva cheering on him. But hearing Ladiva's voice even drove his Grand Blues! counterpart speechless.
  • One skit in Titanic Yeager when you click the banner in a new day is about Gran/Djeeta complimenting Armin to be cute and he's not amused.
  • For a very serious event, "Right Behind You" ended in a hilarious but heartwarming manner. When Vaseraga tells Ilsa and Zeta that the one to give him his new weapon in this event is a woman, they were awed and ask how it goes, but when Vaseraga says he went home after talking to her, Zeta and Ilsa are not amused and scolded him, all while Vaseraga is confused to what they mean. It's a Continuity Nod to both Zeta's Dark SSR fate episode, where Vaseraga was thought to be meeting a woman, and to the character Almeida in general, as she idolizes Vaseraga, and it’s heavily implied that she’s attracted to him. Just a reminder that Almeida is Io’s best friend from Valtz.
  • In the "A Thousand Reasons" event, Soriz's second match is against Claudia... and it quickly becomes clear to Claudia, the MC, and everyone else in the audience that Soriz is a Dirty Old Man. Claudia takes advantage of this and lifts her skirt, distracting Soriz and giving her the opportunity to knock him out of the ring with one blow. Aliza is especially unimpressed with how he lost. Claudia then proceeds to explain that she entered with the exact same intentions as him.
    • Seox is ordered to investigate the tournament. His choice of disguise is his normal outfit, except with a black cloak, under the alias "Pitch-Black Punisher."
      Seox: N-no... I'm not an Eternal. That's preposterous...
    • Meanwhile the Captain participates wearing their infamous Luchador outfit as "the Masked Cypher" in order to investigate Sierokarte's disappearance. Nearly everyone manages to figure out who they are...except poor Aliza who only figures out at the end of the event and is left grumbling that she noticed something when it's revealed that even Feather figured out who "the Masked Cypher" was.
    • Midway throughout the event, the commentator sometimes forgets Seox's mouthful of an alias, and misnames him twice, before the commentator notices his own mistakes and backpedals.
      The Peanut Butterer—no, that's not it—anyway, he's discarded his cloak!
  • The "Handsome Gorilla" event is filled to the brim with funny moments - from the prologue alone, Lunalu's reaction's to her fellow Harvin's role-plays, their gorilla-induced antics, and even the explanation as to how did Gorillas became the event's bosses in the first place.
    • The weird supplement Sierokarte gives Lunalu's doujin-drawing team to boost productivity curiously has no effect on Melissabelle. It does however cause her magic hair to go Super-Saiyan and stays there throughout the event.
      • The effect the supplement has on Mahira, on the other hand, cause her to start acting like a Gorilla. It's cute yet also funny to imagine the usually quiet Mahira like that.
    • While almost all of the game's SSR summons are either Primal Beasts or mythical entities, this event marks the first time where a mere "Gorilla" appears as an SSR summon. It is even permanently available in the gacha.
    • When the female Harvins portray an "All-Out-Attack", all sport a serious facial expression... except for Sierokarte who is stuck with her usual smile. This scene clearly highlights the line between those who have updated artworks from one who has never been aesthetically changed since the game's launch.
    • After completing the event's chapters, players can fill in the Speech Bubbles of two characters of a BL manga using text from pre-determined word sets. Depending on the players' imagination, the story can turn out be outright hilarious. Lastly, the "manga" can be posted to Twitter for a daily AP/EP refill.
  • In the "Persona 5: Thievery in Blue" event, Ryuji of the Phantom Thieves tries to introduce himself in pure English, word-by-word! What makes it funnier is the way he changes his accent as he pronounces them:
    "Ahem. Aimu, Fromu, Ja-paaan!"
  • "Bzzt! Amped Up Summer", yet another Beach Episode, offers quite a few laughter. You accompany Lowain and his gang to Auguste as they work part-time for an eal stand.
    Lowain: "Broiled eals are, like, the stuff of legends, I'm tellin' ya. I could eat that stuff all day."
    Tomoi: "Bro, just gimme the sauce and I'm good to go!"
    Elsam: "Nah, brofams. Just gimme a sniff and I'll be on cloud ninety-nine."
    Lowain & Tomoi: "Word-"
    Tomoi: "Wait, cloud ninety-nine? Seriously? I'd need more than a sniff to get there."
    • The event banner usually features the cast appearing in the event... But when the banner shows Lowain and his pals? They were electrified.
    • In a seeming Continuity Nod to "Handsome Gorilla", Chapter 3 of the event features a Gorilla while the crew is on a tour.
    • The Shock-a-lot spear you can obtain from the event.
      And then one day it decided to become a weapon, because it was worthy of being a... No. In truth, it was simply too powerful to exist as a living creature. (Excerpt from "The Life of History's Strongest Knifefish.")
    • In true Seofon fashion, no other Eternal wants to come along to the beach with him. Again. (save Tweyen who's been on a beach vacation before and Threo who is just there for food) He had to rope Feower and Tien in by mouthing off to children under their care for both Eternals to join him.
      • And then the guy shows up late himself, just as Feower and Tien finish their celebratory feast after the event.
  • Yoshiko acting out her fallen angel fantasy in the "Love Live! Sunshine!! Aqours Sky-High!" event. Other Love Live characters tell her to knock it off. You and your party members however almost buy it, due to living in fantasy world themselves.
  • "The Other Side of the Sky" introduces Tsubasa and his gearcycle... which has not one, not two, not three, but six trumpets attached to it, with one tuba-like instrument attached like an exhaust pipe. (It is pedaled like a normal bicycle, which makes it even funnier.)
    • It also marks one of the rare cases when a new character doesn't outright call Vyrn a "lizard". What makes it interesting is that he compares Vyrn to an animal that he hasn't seen yet.
      Killa Taiga: The hell he is! I don't care what you say – that thing's a tanuki if I ever seen one.
    • Gearcycle Vyrn is the event's reward summon, and his summon animation shows him pedaling his gearcycle furiously, which looks much more hilarious in-game than it sounds.
    • After Percival stops two delinquents from fighting, he gives them a lecture on the path they should walk in life. His words have such effect on them that Love Bubbles start appearing around them and they beg him to let them follow him.
    • Upon seeing this, Lyria gets a brief Imagine Spot of Percival as a Japanese Delinquent. A Challenge Quest expands on this, featuring Percival as "Lit Percy" and Lyria herself as "Barefoot L". All their skill names, descriptions, and Charge Attack names are renamed to match their new delinquency, such as Percival's Tzaraisen becoming Tzar Risin' and its description now "Send a foe to the hospital." (Sadly, Percival's "Boss of my Heart" skin, which is acquired by beating said Challenge Quest, does not actually rename skills or descriptions, just his Charge Attack name.)
  • Just when you think GBF can't get any weirder, "Welcome to Bristo Feendrache" event has the Four Dragon Knights engaging in running a restaurant.
    • Savarin's reaction to the Bristo foods you helped making. It's so over the top that it reminds one of Shokugeki no Soma.
  • A Black Comedy example. "Reflections for a White Clover" is a very serious event... but the SSR weapon featured in the event is a butcher knife, of all things. Its name? "Chop-Chop".
  • In "Dinner at Turned Table" cross-over with Princess Connect Re:Dive, the guest characters wind up having to find their lost lord who suddenly went missing in the middle of their mission. The group leader Pricorine, is such a Big Eater that in the middle of her own heartwarming revelation (Chapter 3), she still relates it to food...
    Pricorine: "Hehe... Meals taste best when shared with the people you care about!"
    • Vyrn flat out calling Pricorine 'Miss Peckish'.
    • After the team breaks into the monster's prison;
      Pricorine: "I'd never let anyone else have you, Karyl! Don't you worry! If you were made into terrine, I'd lap up every morsel myself!"
  • "The Many Lives of Cats" builds up to an incredibly epic final showdown between Torajiro and the Young Cat with tense, fist-pumping music and impassioned yelling, cue battle transition... and it's just two tiny cat sprites, neither of which have any fancy magic or weapons, just their claws to bat at each other turn by turn.
  • For all it's drama, "What Makes the Sky Blue II: Paradise Lost" does slip a few funny bits in. After Lucifer locked him away in time-altered space as a punishment, he has been doing nothing but plant and drink coffee (a habit he got from his time with Lucifer) for million of years.
  • In "What Makes The Sky Blue: 000", the finale of the trilogy saga that ran throughout the game's 3rd to 5th anniversaries:
    • The player has the option of throwing "Your fingers are delicate" back at Sandalphon a few times to rub what he did in his face to increasing exasperation. This can also call as a Fandom Nod because of how players couldn't forget what Sandalphon did in the first "What Makes The Sky Blue" event.
    • Sandalphon gets airsick on the way with the other characters all surprised at the fact that the Supreme Primarch would be unused to such high altitudes, even though all the Archangels are no stranger to flying.
    • After Sandalphon nearly meet his end after saving Lyria from getting trapped in another dimension, he asks the Captain why they return to save him after all that happened. One of the options the Captain can reply is that they are in dire need of his coffee. The other is ANOTHER chance to go "Your fingers are delicate"; he's amused by neither with him going "you have a serious caffine problem" to the coffee remark.
    • During the ending, Vyrn and Lyria invent a fight song for Sandalphon as he decides to open a café on the Grandcypher... which he proceeds to critique and sing back his improved version of.
    • In the end of God's Reverie , Sandalphon finally meets Lucio. He reacted as expected, that is, in complete outrage at someone who shares the same face as Lucifer.
      • There is also the reason why it didn't happen; Sandalphon was holed up in his room for a year.
    • Lucio is doing the laundry when they catch Sandalphon meeting him and confusingly explains that it's his assigned turn to do it today. Sandalphon is absolutely flabbergasted that the man who looks like the deceased Supreme Primarch is doing such a mundane task.
      • The constant ways he downplays how he looks like Lucifer and other things while talking to Sandalphon suggest he's doing it just to mess with him. Not even he's above it all.
  • As expected from yet another Lowain trio event, "A Walk on The Wild Side" features many of these
    • The brothers explicitly mentioning the word "cr*p", but come off with a Sound-Effect Bleep.
    • Tyre having a long Delinquent Hair when he imagines himself as a delinquent.
    • Razia and Therese are imagined as delinquent students, with Ejaeli as their leader. Ejaeli still wears her mask and mumbles. The two would then interpret what she is saying... but in keeping with her predicament prior to recruitment, their interpretations are the complete opposite of what she's actually saying.
    • Even in a delusion as a toughened delinquent, Razia still gets kidnapped as the person to raise the stakes.
    • Instead of driving the gearcycle, Elsam and Tomoi push it from behind and make fake "vroom vroom" noises. Tsubasa then mocks them, stating that they could have been faster if they just ran.
    • The revered Jeanne d'Arc decides to wear pajamas and slack for a day.
      To embody the peace that the world currently enjoys, I've decided to take it easy for the day. I swear to slack with all my might.
    • Tyre having Imagine Spot moments on how to talk to Vira - one gets him smacked for telling a terrible pick-up line, the second gets him smacked for slacking in a battlefield, and the third is a massive Mood Whiplash as he calls Vira a "dudette".
    • After a rather heartwarming moment where Vira acknowledges the Lowain trio like newfound friends, the four happily walk, until Lowain realizes that Tyre was left behind, still dumbfounded that he finally talked to Vira at last.
  • "Primal Resonance" has some few interesting dialogue that break away from the generally serious and dark tone of the event:
    • When Freyr appears in front of Medusa after having fought a now-injured Baal, it sends her into a fit of rage causing this line to come up.
      Medusa: All I know is you hurt Baal, and that's reason enough to tear you apart! You, Geo, and your dumb hair!
      Geo: Oh my, such strong words...
    • Vyrn thinks that the Elemental Rock–Paper–Scissors game mechanic is in play when Medusa realizes that Geo has her "weakness" (Medusa is an Earth-elemental whose in-game weakness is Wind). What Geo actually meant was that Medusa's remaining sister is with him.
      Medusa: Enough lies! I can't believe I let you take advantage of my weakness!
      Vyrn: Weakness? Oh no, he's got wind powers!
    • Satyr had just been frozen solid and held hostage by Snow White. When Medusa breaks the ice to rescue her, she wonders why Satyr didn't break free by herself. Satyr's response? She was just taking a nap inside the ice... because she needed her beauty sleep!
  • In one of the daily skits opening up the event page for "Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion - The Blue Reckoning", C.C got sick of eating the local food and wants Pizza, but Pizza doesn't exist in the Granblue Fantasy universe, so Lelouch retorted that she can stop looking for it... only for C.C to pull her own retort that the ingredients for Pizza existed and goaded Lelouch into making one for her. In a Brick Joke and Continuity Nod, C.C introduces Lyria to Pizza in the event story.
    • C.C.'s obsession with pizza is more or less exaggerated for comedic purposes this time. When the Code Geass cast plan to enter a food competition and win the prize money because they are just that broke, pizza naturally comes to mind. Since C.C. is the one who brought up the idea, Lelouch berates her and sees it as an excuse so that she could eat more pizza. And when the others seriously ask what her actual contribution would be? To taste-test pizza of course, with a smirk on her face.
  • Everything about "THE MAYDAYS" event. The entire thing is a parody of old shark thriller films, and is pure b-flick in presentation. Standout moments include:
    • Azrael and Israfel are still grotesquely fused together and trapped in their grimy sack, however for some good wholesome summer fun, they switch it out for a cute little pink dolphin suit!
    • The two featured NPC characters, Martin the Shark Hunter and Ellen the Oceanographer are entirely a Casting Gag in that they're both voiced by VAs that had previously featured in the Japanese Dub for Sharknado.
    • Sandalphon does not know that hitting Old Bruce repeatedly near its stomach will cause the shark to excrete. While the other angels are too disgusted to mention what would the act do to Lucio, Azrael casually says it anyway. Lucio came out as a poop from Old Bruce!
      Halluel: Excrete? Oh, you mean when animals finish digesting and—-
      Malluel: Stop! That sort of language isn't okay in public. Any mortal knows that.
      Azrael: Poopie?
    • For someone who had his mental capacities artificially limited, it comes off as a surprise that Sariel knows a bit of wordplay, right when Old Bruce attacks the crew after having its "food" being excreted out of it.
      Sariel: It must be the empty stomach. I think he's hangry.
    • Martin and Ellen kissing on the beach while four of our protagonists eavesdrop and secretly watch them from behind, with this dialogue exchange. It just goes to show how Malluel is open to romance, how Lyria is just an innocent child, and how amusing Sariel can become as a Cloudcuckoolander.
      Malluel: Awww! They've overcome their differences to fall in love again.
      Lyria: Yi-yi-yikes! They're locking lips...
      Sariel: Are they eating each other?
    • Lucio continues to be a Troll around Sandalphon, showing up to the beach in swim trunks and a full body tan. When Sandalphon refuses to serve him from their cafe, Lucio instead drinks random coffee that he had with him and pretends that Sandalphon made it, saying that it tastes lovely. Sandalphon's response is to nearly blast him away with Ain Soph Aur until Lyria stops him.
      • It gets better. In the minigame The Sharkening, Lucio may appear as one of the targets between the flying sharks that Sandalphon must defeat. All while sipping a cup of coffee. It can be interpreted that Sandalphon is just so done with Lucio's trolling.
      • One final touch from Lucio; in the middle of battling Old Bruce the shark, Sandalphon is giving out orders, and Lucio straight up stops his charge over Sandalphon calling him by his name. He's so elated that he starts planning a dinner for the two of them, and right as he's asking if Sandalphon drinks alcohol, literally in the middle of his sentence, Bruce eats him.
      • Later, the group is retrieving Bruce's many meals from his stomach - which included Azrael and the skipper of the boat they'd borrowed - however Lucio is too deep in his stomach. Sandalphon opts instead to agitate the shark's stomach to force the creature to spew Lucio out its mouth, however Lucio warns - from within the stomach still - that punching in that spot would cause Bruce to excrete him out instead. This does not deter Sandalphon and that is indeed how Lucio is retrieved. For bonus points, "Poopie" is how Azrael refers to Lucio from then on. To his credit as both a heartwarming moment and a funny one, he takes that one in stride.
    • Mid-event, you defeated Old Bruce after Martin threw himself into Old Bruce's mouth while holding one final bomb (he gets better). Right then, the story appears to end, even punctuated by an epilogue and a fake The End screen. This being a parody of B-movie shark flicks though, it was immediately followed by a stinger for the second half of the event; The Maydays 2.
      • And how did The Maydays 2 began? FLYING. SHARKS.
      • But that's not all! After you finally completed the event's story (for real this time), another stinger was shown for The Maydays 3. This time featuring sentient, humanoid sharks. Which was taken care of by Sandalphon off-screen.
  • "Kappa Summer Chronicle", following "The MAYDAYS", has moments that are just as funny as most summer events:
    • In one scene, an NPC tries to hit on Gabriel and Europa who were chatting... but he was instead blinded by how beautiful they look together before he could finish that he felt he doesn't deserve to be near that divine level of beauty. Gabriel and Europa didn't notice this.
    • Just about any scene with Friday in it is a mine of comedy, given that she comes of as a Plucky Comic Relief. The best ones are her "Oh My Bahamut!" expressions spoken in Gratuitous English. Asami Imai never fails to impress...
    • The Final Boss of the event... is God Albacore, a mythical fish that is well-known to resemble the primal beast Albacore so much. And in the story, you have to fillet said fish.
      • Unlike the previous summer events, the BGM used for this boss fight is The Song Of The Three Men. Filleting a fish has never been so badass and hardcore.

    Grand Blues! 
Being a Gag Series, the Grand Blues! comic strips are bound to have these kinds of moments in almost every page. Since there would be too many to list as the series now exceeded its 1100th strip, here are the common Running Gags, general recurring themes, or exaggerated traits of some characters presented in multiple pages:
  • Vyrn being able to transform into different kinds of objects depending on the situation, such as a volleyball, a large fidget spinner, a large wallpaper, or even a sword. Well, for most of the time, things don't go into his favor. In the last example, Mordecai nonchalantly toasts Vyrn Sword in his hand after being mocked by the shape-shifting little dragon.
    • Opposite is Yurius (from the Eye of the Storm arc) trying to assimilate people only to find to his horror, Vyrn's doing that to him, and only barely escaping via cutting Vyrn off.
  • Rackam surviving explosions of all sorts, being put into deadly stunts, or being the comics' Butt-Monkey in general. One strip even has Threo / Sarasa lob him like a baseball towards a meteor in order to shatter it to pieces.
  • Then there's Katalina and her cooking, almost killing anyone who eats it. In the comics, her dishes are basically monsters on plates.
  • Speaking of food, how does Lyria eat in the comics? Let's say, for around 90% of the time, she sucks in all the food like a vacuum cleaner sucking dust.
  • Aside from Lyria, every time an "eating competition" is mentioned, Vyrn brings up Amira and Redluck, the other resident Big Eaters. On the other hand, if no one else directly mentions them, the two will pop-out of nowhere once the main topic is all about food.
  • Katalina showing his love for Vyrn, suddenly appearing out of nowhere just to cuddle, hug, or choke the poor dragon. In the "Handsome Gorilla" related strip, she pops out of Vyrn's thought balloon. Some other comics reveal that she's basically unstoppable like this.
  • There is a group named "Vyrn Lovers Anonymous" made up of a generic male NPC, Katalina, Hallesena, Jeanne d'Arc, and Will. While they only use transparent goggles as a way of concealing their identities, they can easily be identified by the players. And instead of referring to each other by name, they identify one another with a number, such as "Vyrn Lover Anonymous 1".
  • While we're on the topic of groups, there's another group named the "Brotherly Convention" or a meet-up of in-universe brothers such as Lucius, Ryan, and Sevilbarra. In one comic, the former two are engaged in a Paper Sumo fight with figures resembling their sisters. Lucius is eagerly cheering for her sister, while the real Teena is listening outside the room.
  • Every time Vyrn participates in combat, he either shifts into his "Macho" mode where grows stronger, larger and gains muscles, or a "Speed" mode where he is thinner but becomes more agile. He even punches Grimnir in the face while the angel is busy chanting his monologue.
  • Tyre is depicted in the comics to always have his eyes closed, gazing up. While he actually thinks of hearing Vira's voice in this moment of "trance", other characters note how he is able to perform incredible feats with his chin such as deflecting a laser beam, or blocking Eahta's katana.
  • Narmaya is always on the hunt for activities that prove her "big sister" tendencies. But once she comes across In-universe elder sisters such as Heles or Tien, she gets overpowered and knocked out unconscious.
  • Ferry, Io, Danua, and Anna had a rotating spotlight where one tells a spooky horror story to the others. While the initial build-up of their narratives really serves for a scary scene, the real climax had them encountering mundane or funny moments that are not actually scary, such as Katalina having a solo volleyball game using Vyrnball. Despite this, the rest end up scared, accompanied with a lightning on the background.
  • The comics plays with Jeanne d'Arc's transformation to and from her Dark counterpart. In one instance, the cheerful Jeanne turns into the dark, masochist Jeanne after hearing a lame pun. In another comic, some crew members try to remove the darkness from her, by using their "foreheads" as sources of light.
  • In one "Paradise Lost" related comic, it turns out even Beelzebub is annoyed of his partner Belial's sexual innuendos and can respond by sending a backhand elbow to the fallen angel's face!
  • Ferry being the constant target of tickle torture regarding her own armpits - Yuel even mentions it as a past time for the Erune, and one strip has Cagliostro somewhat enjoying it.
  • Lunalu's interest for the BL Genre goes unnoticed, and she almost always appears every time a Bishounen knight is featured in a comic. When Vane and Reinhardzart engage in a shirtless brawl, she can be seen smiling in the last panel, all while holding her pen and paper.
  • Like Lunalu, Claudia's interactions with little girls also get flanderized to the point where Vania asked her to be her "bloodkin" (which involves biting on the neck). Claudia ends up paralyzed while her thought bubbles being composed of the word "censored". In another instance, Claudia gets a Nosebleed the moment Lyria hugs her.
  • Lyria making use of her Summon Magic abilities for mundane things such as summoning Satan to keep Amira busy with a brawl or Lich (who can turn the Poison status effect into healing HP instead of subtracting it) in order to eat a poisonous mushroom. She can even summon in otherwise improbable locations, such as Bonito swallowing Elta from below the side, or Quetzalcoatl in Tyre's chin! (which Vyrn later calls "Quetzalcleftl").
  • Sturm misinterprets a lot of Drang's dialogues (and monologues) to be laced with perversion and her usual response is to stab his partner's exposed back... or subject him to other forms of torture such as burning him at stake. An averted example is when Drang asks Cagliostro for the chance to play "horsey" to which Sturm immediately thinks of the situation where the little alchemist rides Drang. She rushes towards the scene, only to find out that Drang is riding Cagliostro's pet Ouroborous instead.
  • Having lightning-based powers, Alec has a recurring gag where turns he out to be the one supplying energy to the Grancypher. A strip even has Rackam demand more output or else they won't make it to the next island. Additional chapters did the same with Albert, and now the two lightning-users are strapped side-by-side while an apparatus drains electricity from their heads. They don't mind as they get drinks and such while tied up.
    • Comic #577 has a variation where the two are being used to power up the Super Robo Gigantes.
    • They actually get a break in Comic #1111, due to the electric eals Orchid took as pets.
  • A new running gag is Spinnah trying to solve problems with just spin blades... and with a rather high success rate.

  • Some of the "critical health" animations of a few characters can be outright hilarious to watch:
    • Azazel getting his face on the floor (which doubles as a Mythology Gag to the Rage of Bahamut anime).
    • Similarly, Drang lies down on the floor acting like he has a terrible injury.
    • Nene does not even wince. Instead, she picks up a powder puff and re-touches her make-up.
  • The Summon Call Combinations have a mechanic that uses unique keywords and combines them to form results like "Awaken Chicken", "Kero-chan to the Rescue", "Lancey's Death", or "Husbando Lost". Most of them also turn out to be memetic in nature among the playerbase.
  • Due to the way the raid bosses and playable characters are scaled in battle, there are instances where your attacks target the "private" parts of the boss, such as the following examples:
  • Some weapons are classified in a way one would not expect, sometimes applying Improbable Use of a Weapon when equipped in-game:
    • For some reason, Yaia's frying pan is classified as a sword.
    • The Kicking Enhancement Shoes are shoes treated as Melee weapons that can be equipped by the Grappler, Kung Fu Artist, Ogre and Luchador classes. But since these classes are programmed to have the character use Melee weapons like gloves, the captain can punch enemies using shoes!
    • SSR Charlotta (Light) came with Claidheamh Soluis, a sword that is classified as an axe.
    • And so is the Full Metal Recoil which is also classified as an axe. A sniper rifle so worn out it no longer fires, and the description even states using it as a melee weapon for whacking enemies up close. And the name of its Charge Attack? "Concussion Inducer".
    • New Year Kadomatsu Gun gives a new meaning to the word 'bamboo shoot'.
  • One of Mirin's victory animations has her throw her sword into the air... but fail to catch it, causing her to look embarrassed before striking a pose anyway. Her Light version has the sword hit her in the head on its way down instead, causing her to sit down and cry for a second before sheathing the sword.
  • The Superstar class on Gran. While Djeeta sports a cute and cheerful expression in her victory pose, Gran does the iconic John Travolta pose... with a completely serious and slightly pissed expression on his face.



  • In Episode 4, Rackam takes an aim at Furias. But instead of shooting him directly, he shoots the leg of the chair where Furias sits on. This sends the poor Harvin general tumbling down the hillside, causing the soldiers to chase after him.
  • Upon meeting them for the first time, Eugen mistakes the crew as Rackam's family; with Katalina as the wife, and Gran, Lyria, and Io as the children. Everyone's reaction differ, but only Lyria sees it as a compliment.
  • On Auguste Isles, we see why Katalina is implied to be a Lethal Chef in the game - here, she makes an explosion in the kitchen, accompanied by a shout as if she is in the middle of a battle.
  • Episode 8 is a comedy from start to finish.
    • Karva tries to signal to Mary that the switch on the wall is another trap. She fails. The two end up having to run away from a boulder.
    • Turns out Gran has a sense of direction almost as bad as Katalina's.
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    • Every character sequentially falls into the pit.
    • Lyria's Idiot Hair is what one half of the party uses to reunite with the other.
    • How is the clay golem defeated? Gran slam dunks Mary's bomb into its mouth. and before that, Mary nearly flubbed the plan by missing the mark.
    • At the end, removing the sword from the treasure horde causes both the treasure and the ruins to dissipate into sand. Mary has to take a few seconds to process the fact that the gold she was cheerfully playing with is gone before crying.
  • Episode 13, the Beach Episode featuring Djeeta, also has some points of this:
    • A downplayed / silent example: Io's A-Cup Angst is manifested with her enviously looking at the chests of the other mature girls while Vyrn is noticeably looking at her expression. Then Io glances at Lyria whom she is at the same age level (and chest level too) and gets close to her. While Lyria is puzzled by Io's move, Vyrn just lets out a sigh.
    • When Rosetta tries to calm down Katalina, who brought her sword to scare away the peeping boys:
      Rosetta: There is a much more dangerous enemy than monsters on this island.
      Katalina: And what might that be?
      Rosetta: Sunburn (grabs sun-blocking lotion)
    • The girls' solution in crossing that small island? Summon Colossus and ride on its shoulders. Quite an Irony since Colossus is weak to water in-game.
    • The whole scene when Djeeta and co. discovered the ice mining acts of the Erste Empire led by Pommern: When they caught sight of Djeeta all of the imperial soldiers, including Pommern are seen trembling in fear, shaking, and raising their arms as if they were trying to "surrender". And when backup came, a massive number of soldiers comically rushed out of the cave.
    • And then there's Pommern's facial expression when he tries to deny his involvement in the ice mining.


  • The game's artists posted an artwork on Twitter celebrating the game's 4th Anniversary. It shows an after-party where various characters from the game enjoy a feast. But upon looking closer, some details are funny enough to be mentioned:
    • The Black Knight drinks juice using a straw... while wearing her helmet.
    • On the upper-right corner of the image, various Primal Beasts are gathered in two tables. One of them is Bahamut holding a beer mug while looking somewhat enervated.
    • From the other table of the Primal Beasts, Tiamat's dragons can be seen sporting a surprised expression while looking at the camera.
  • The downloadable wallpaper of the 1000th comic strip of ''Grand Blues!'' also contains small details which can be hilarious if one is able to spot them in the Crowded Cast Shot:
    • Beatrix and Razia being electrocuted. It also comes to mind that Albert (a lightning-user) is just below them.
    • Vania almost choking her brother to death.
    • Sen trips over and almost scratches Dante's head.
    • Elmelaura prepares soup, while the resident Big Eaters Amira and Redluck are near her, taste-testing.
    • Will brings out a robotic Vyrn toy, and a nervous Hallesenna just looks at it.
    • Lucifer uses his light powers to bring sparks to the wallpaper's message on top. Among the other angels beside him, Olivia has a confused look.
    • Lunalu covering her canvas as Siegfried glances at her direction.
    • And then there's still the Running Gag of Sturm stabbing Drang in the back.
  • In a Pash! magazine interview featuring the Dragon Knights, they are asked to share their favorite autumn memories. Vane's? How, after he gained a fear of pumpkins as a child thanks to Lancelot terrorizing him with a jack-o-lantern, his grandmother told him she'd take care of the scary ghost... by turning it into a pumpkin cake.
  • The English localization team of Cygames never fails to impress as they put in references to memes from the Internet culture. This also includes the wacky names that can result from Summon Call combination as mentioned above, or even internet lingos, and also fan nicknames of the characters given by the Western Playerbase which also double as Ascended Memes placed in specific dialogues, such as calling Charlotta a "baked potato".
  • The inclusion of Code Geass characters made soup jokes inevitable.

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