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After a character has been lost at sea, on a near-deadly airplane flight, or perhaps just on a vacation gone wrong, they'll be so happy to have solid ground beneath their feet or be back home that they'll start to kiss the ground, no matter how filthy it may be. Sometimes for added humor they'll begin to spit and wipe their mouths in disgust afterwards.

Not to be confused with Beach Kiss, though often times it's much more literal.


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    Asian Animation 

    Comic Strips 

    Fan Works 

    Films — Animation 
  • The Road to El Dorado: Miguel and Tulio both kiss the ground upon their boat arriving in South America. Poor Miguel winds up ending his kiss on a rotten skull!

    Films — Live-Action 
  • In Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, the eponymous character does this when he arrives back in England after the crusades. Then proceeds to find that his father's been executed on false charges and all his lands confiscated.
  • Parodied in Robin Hood: Men in Tights. Robin kisses the ground noisily when he lands in England, then spits sand out of his mouth.
  • In The Pacifier, Lulu, after a horrible experience with Zoe's driving, happily embraces the ground when they reach school.
  • Flash Gordon (1980). After Flash manages to crash land a plane without killing them, Dale Arden says "Hold me for a second, then drop me, I'll kiss the ground."
  • America America is An Immigrant's Tale about Stavros's long, long journey from Central Turkey to America—tricked, robbed and reduced to utter poverty, nearly killed, nearly killed again, robbed again. He eventually steals his fiancee's dowry and absconds to America, only to nearly get arrested and sent back, before he switches papers with another immigrant. After finally passing through Ellis Island by using a fake name, he gets on his hands and knees and kisses the ground of America.

  • Isaac Asimov:
    • "Escape!": Michael Donovan's first action, after returning to Earth from an interstellar trip orchestrated by a half-mad AI, is to kiss the runway of their landing.
      And then, slowly and purposefully, the one with red hair knelt down and planted upon the concrete of the runway a firm, loud kiss.
    • The Rest of the Robots: In the preamble to "Lenny", Dr Asimov describes how he hates vacations. When he returned home, he kissed the walls of his attic, where he works, to celebrate his escape from "vacation".
  • At the end of The Magic School Bus the field trip around the solar system, one of the kids is doing this when the bus returns to Earth.
  • 1066 and All That: The first action William I (1066) undertook in conquering England was lying down on the beach where he landed and swallowing two mouthfuls of sand.

    Live-Action TV 
  • Sliders, episode "Pilot": Unintentional inter-dimensional traveller Rembrandt kisses the ground when he thinks they've made it back to their home dimension from a world of ice and tornadoes. Unfortunately, of course, he is wrong.
  • The debut episode of Gilligan's Island has Gilligan first bemoaning that he and the others are stranded on an island then being grateful for being on land in the first place. He kisses the beach and spits out sand.
  • It's About Time: In "Twentieth Century Here We Come" upon landing back in the twentieth century, Hector remarks to Mac that they ought to kiss the ground, the astronauts being grateful for being back in their own time. Unfortunately, Literal-Minded cave-people Gronk, Shad, Mlor and Breer believe this is actually a ceremony one practices on the astronaut's "side of the hill." They kiss the ground.
    Shad: Strange custom.

    Video Games 
  • In Anachronox, the first thing Boots does after being adrift in space for days is kissing the floor of the hangar his team's shuttle landed in.

    Western Animation 
  • When Donald Duck lands on a deserted island in the short "Sea Salts", the ant he was with in the raft kisses the beach.
  • In Tiny Toon Adventures: How I Spent My Vacation, Plucky is so happy to be home from a horrible road trip that took all summer that he kisses Hamton's lawn, only to discover that there's fertilizer on it as plants start to grow on his tongue.
  • In the Winnie the Pooh (2011) short "Winnie the Pooh and Tigger Too", Tigger kisses the snow after being rescued from a tree.
  • The Tex Avery short "The Cat Who Hated People" has the cat flying to the moon to get away from people, only to be driven mad by the moon's inhabitants. After returning to Earth, he hugs the sidewalk and kisses it.
  • Bob the tomato did this in the VeggieTales episode "An Easter Carol", after he and Mr. Nezzer land on the ground from riding in a runaway cart.
  • DuckTales (1987): In "A Drain on the Economy", Scrooge kisses a sewer grate after being informed by Huey, Dewey and Louie that his missing money is in the storm sewer beneath. Scrooge quickly starts spitting when he realizes what he had done.
  • My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic:
    • The episode "The Mysterious Mare Do Well". The Mare shows Dash up by saving a cart full of ponies. One pony hops out and kisses the ground out of gratitude for having been saved.
    • It happens again in "Princess Twilight Sparkle", after Spike survives riding on Twilight's back. Twilight isn't used to her new wings, and Spike ends up smashing into a window.
    • Spike again, toward the end of "The Cutie Re-Mark – Part 2", kisses the floor of the Friendship Castle since he's so happy to see it exists again, proof they are back to the right timeline.
    • In "School Raze – Part 1", after being saved from a long fall by Gallus and Ocellus, Yona slumps down and kiss the earth, glad to be on safer ground than a cloud.
  • Ed does this once in The Completely Mental Misadventures of Ed Grimley. He then muses that it doesn't really taste as good as you think it will.
  • In Marge on the Lam, Chief Wiggum's idiotic driving sends the car he's driving over a cliff... and into a colossal mound of garbage. Homer, who was riding shotgun, kisses the garbage, thankful for the save, and is repulsed at the taste... until the last kiss tastes like pizza.
  • In an episode of Rocko's Modern Life, Heffer does this after a fishing trip with Rocko and Filbert ends with fish trying to catch them.
  • In an installment of Katie Kaboom on Animaniacs where she has a disastrous driving lesson due to her temper, her family jumps out of the car and kisses the ground when it's over.
  • Bugs Bunny kisses the ground as a sign of patriotism against Hessian Sam in "Bunker Hill Bunny."
  • In an episode of The Simpsons, Homer, due to circumstances, ends up on a police cruiser with Chief Wiggum, which ends up leaping off an enormous cliff... and straight into a literal mountain of garbage, prompting Homer to kiss the trash pile.
  • In The Real Ghostbusters episode "Apocalypse...What, Now?", the Ghostbusters arrive at an airport in Greece with a Christian monk. The monk kisses the ground of his homeland after they get off the plane. Soon, Winston kisses the ground as well, not because he's Greek, but because he has a fear of flying and is glad he survived. Once they witness part of the cheap airplane they were just flying on break off, Peter joins them both in kissing the ground.
  • Welcome to the Wayne: Saraline in "Like a Happy, Happy Bird". Snaps "quiet, I'm floor-kissing" when Ansi interrupts her.
  • Sean from Ready Jet Go! does this sometimes, whenever the gang gets back from space. For example, in One Small Step, Sean kisses the ground towards the end of the movie, then spits out sand.

    Real Life 
  • Pope John Paul II used to do this.
  • As a common joke goes, wanting to kiss the ground is a common reaction to flying (old) Alitalia on account of some of their planes having been pretty old.
  • Some immigrants to Israel do this.
  • From Roman legend, it is said that the sons of Tarquinius Superbus, the last King of Rome, asked the Oracle of Delphi who should rule Rome. She answered, "The first to kiss his mother." Accompanying them was Lucius Junius Brutus, who immediately tripped and kissed the ground, the universal Mother of humanity. Brutus would become a leader of the revolution that deposed Tarquinius and established the The Roman Republic and one of the first Consuls.
  • At the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, one post-race tradition both in Indy Car and NASCAR is "kissing the bricks", where the race winner and his pit crew line up and kiss the row of paving bricks that mark the start-finish line. It first began in 1996 when Dale Jarrett won the Brickyard 400. It was exclusively a NASCAR tradition, but it was adapted to the Indianapolis 500 around 2003.


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