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The Characters of Tales of Xillia.

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    Milla Maxwell 

Voiced by: Miyuki Sawashiro (JP), Minae Noji (EN)

"What's necessary to make a decision is not time or circumstance. It is your will."

A mysterious young woman who claims to be Maxwell, the lord of the spirits. She is dedicated to her mission of protecting the world, and approaches her responsibilities with a headstrong and mature manner. She lacks first-hand knowledge of human society and is fascinated to learn about how humans live, even if she is prone to misinterpretation.

Her special ability is Spirit Shift, which allows her to instantaneously change her elemental spells into elemental combat artes. Her Support Skill Bind lets her freeze an enemy in place for her Link ally to attack.

  • Action Girl: Quite awesomely so, and well handled as well. Her Action Girl status is challenged in the beginning when she is Brought Down to Normal, until she is re-taught how to fight and begins to formally learn all the skills that she previously relied on the spirits for. The result is one of the most genuinely badass characters in Tales history.
  • Adorkable: Her innocent lack of understanding towards normal human social graces, and her enthusiastic joy at experiencing feelings we take for granted (such as hunger) is very endearing. She's particularly excited to experience a runny nose for the first time.
  • Alliterative Name: Milla Maxwell.
  • All Love Is Unrequited: Subverted. It's left ambiguous whether her feelings towards Jude are platonic or romantic, but if it's the latter, circumstances prevent their relationship from going anywhere.
  • Artificial Human: While still very much human, she was created by the real Maxwell as a decoy and to defend Rieze Maxia from Elympios' Spyrix machines.
  • A Taste of Power:: At the beginning of the game, until her Brought Down to Normal moment. Though Milla starts at Lv.1, her connection to the Greater Spirits gives her massive boosts to all of her stats and some of the most powerful attacks in the game.
  • Ascend to a Higher Plane of Existence: She becomes the true Maxwell in the game's ending.
  • Back from the Dead: She is killed by Exodus when she stops their doomsday machine, but subsequently resurrected.
  • Badass in Distress: After she gets captured by Rashugal forces, she, Elize, and Driselle, sister of the Sharilton governor, were forced to wear explosive leg braces that would go off if the wearer leaves the prison area. Jude manages to get the braces off of the others during the rescue attempt, but Milla had dashed ahead to attack the king of Rashugal, knowing full well what would happen to her. She survived, but ended up in a temporary coma and paralyzed below the waist. However, when she wakes up she convinces Jude to help her continue her journey anyway. The next story arc is spent with her confined to a wheelchair.
  • Bag of Spilling: All of her skills, including her ability to swim and even swing her sword correctly, are borrowed from the other Summon Spirits, leaving her more than a little nonplussed when she loses access to them. This renders Milla briefly unable to so much as string basic combos together between her loss of the Spirits and Alvin's re-teaching her how to fight. So much even Jude notices early on the complete lack of skill in the way she swings her sword.
  • Bare Your Midriff: Wears a strapless crop top that only covers her breasts and leaves the entire rest of her abdomen exposed.
  • The Bait: In reality, she's not the real Maxwell, but a decoy created by him in order to draw Exodus out of hiding.
  • Boobs of Steel: Full-Contact Magic version, yes, but she still counts.
  • Brought Down to Badass: In the beginning of the game, she uses her spirits to do just about everything, and is far stronger than any enemy she encounters at that time. When she loses her connection to the spirits, her abilities significantly drop, but she's able to regain her footing quite easily with a little practice, still proving to be a competent warrior without them.
  • But I Read a Book About It: Just about everything she knows about humans is from books.
  • Cain and Abel: Muzét claims to be Milla's sister and they come to blows, but the sisterly relationship really isn't there until after they reconcile. She is the Abel because she never tries to kill her sister.
  • Captain Ersatz: See "Messianic Archetype". She's pretty much Jesus: The Gender Flip Anime Version.
  • Catchphrase: "I read it in a book."
  • Chronic Hero Syndrome: Milla does this so many times, it could be seen as a deconstruction of the type. It gets so bad that at one point, after getting her legs damaged badly and then fixed, she still wants to help people and do her mission. The others point out that she'd probably kill herself by accident from the pain if she kept it up forcing them to Take a Third Option.
    • By the middle of the game, her motivation for doing so changes. At first she simply doesn't care about her own well-being, but eventually she just wants to live up to Jude's idealized image of her.
  • Cool Sword: Case in point.
  • Dangerously Short Skirt: It's even acknowledged in-universe. A victory skit implies that she chose it because it allows her to move more freely during battle.
    • It's later revealed that Ivar chose her outfits which certainly explains a lot, especially since he's a 16 year old boy... Except not. Turns out Milla did choose it herself. Ivar just managed to keep it from getting too obscene.
  • Declaration of Protection: Towards Jude because she feels responsible for involving him in her mission.
  • Defrosting Ice Queen: Part of her character development - she at first equates humans to irresponsible children and can be rather ruthless in her attempts to complete her mission, though as time goes on she begins to see the beauty in the world and respect humans as equals, rather than as nuisances she must babysit.
  • Determinator: If she has a mission, she will complete it.
  • Elemental Powers: Milla has access to every element of magic, although she specializes in Fire, Wind, Light, and Lightning (which is fire and wind combined). Her Mystic Arte is a combination of all 4 basic elements.
  • Expy: of Dhaos, though she's a little more heroic. Her mission to destroy the Lance of Kresnik is identical to Dhaos's mission to destroy the Mana Cannon. Also, the fabulous flowing tresses. How appropriate that his outfit is one of her DLC costumes.
  • Full-Contact Magic: Her "Spirit Shift" special ability works by modifying spirit arts into martial arts; no casting time.
  • Gainaxing: Yep, though her white crop-top can make this a bit hard to notice.
  • Game-Breaking Injury: After being captured by Rashugal forces and forced to wear hex shackles that will explode if she leaves the prison area. She dashes off to confront the king of Rashugal before Jude has a chance to remove the shackle, and gets her legs blown up; as a result, she spends the next story arc paraplegic. She gets better, though.
  • God Is Good: Reconstructed, as Milla's character development really explores how a deity can be an active force for good and, by the ending how they can continue to watch over their world even though they don't have a "physical" presence in it.
  • God in Human Form: Milla states that her current human body can be killed, and although she would not die she would have to reincarnate and start over as a baby again, which she states to be an inconvenience. Of course, this is proven to be untrue after The Reveal that Milla is not really Maxwell. On top of that, when Milla dies towards the end of the game, she comes back as an adult.
  • Heroic Sacrifice: She dies after starting the Lance of Kresnik on Gilland's ship in order to drain the mana that was crushing everyone.
  • Hidden Depths: To the surprise of others, Milla is a lot more human than she lets on or would like to admit - to give an example, she can be surprisingly egotistical and somewhat envious, which she only manages to veil thinly.
  • Honor Before Reason: Despite her stated devotion to her mission, her tendency to bluntly speak her mind when subtlety or compromise would help her more often gets the party in trouble.
  • Humans Are Special: Milla zigzags all over the place between this trope, Humans Are Flawed and Humans Are the Real Monsters. On one hand, she believes many humans like Alvin and Gaius are flawed beings. On another hand, she believes a larger amount of people like Gilland, Nachtigal, and Agria, are horrible people. She then believes on a much smaller scale that some humans are special like Jude, Rowen, Leia, etc. She never truly changes her perspective on humans even by the end, but she does slightly settle on Humans Are Special.
  • The Hero: If the player chooses her to be the main character then the story follows her quest to investigate the death of the spirits and Jude is a kid she bumped into along the way.
  • Idiot Hair: Ahem, it's a Charm Point!!!
  • Informed Attribute: Rowen describes her as a (quote): "busty, athletic young maiden". But the animated cutscenes and her in-game character model depict her as being tall and lanky, with hardly any bust to speak of.
  • Instant Expert: As long as she's connected to the four Great Spirits, she can do anything they can. Even after being separated from the Great Spirits, she still picks things up extremely fast. She becomes proficient in swordplay after just a few lessons from Alvin, and later reveals to Rowen that she learns all her Spirit Artes through instinct.
  • Jack-of-All-Trades: She has the most well-rounded stats of the party, making her great as a melee fighter, spellcaster, or supporting link partner. The only thing stopping her from being a One Woman Party is her lack of healing skills.
  • Lady of War: Although her social skills are lacking, she happens to have a fair bit of grace in her combat style.
  • Made of Iron: She has to be. She had the leg brace (The one that killed another girl) blow up on her three times. The first two times she SHRUGS OFF. The third time? She just becomes a paraplegic. This is followed by her forcing herself up after having her legs recover (With a certified doctor saying it takes at LEAST two months to have this work without knocking out a patient due to the intense pain) so she can kick a worm's ass that was trying to kill her friends. She does all this without help from the Four Great Spirits, so it can't be Super Toughness.
  • Magic Knight: Milla is one of the few Magic Knights in the series to not lean on one side, and instead is right in the middle.
  • Messianic Archetype: Let's see here: a God in Human Form who inspires the loyalty of a small group of human followers (one of whom is a traitor), pulls a Heroic Sacrifice and comes Back from the Dead — returning from a spiritual realm — to save the world before ascending to a higher plane of existence as God. Yeeep.
  • More Than Mind Control: Milla honestly believes that she is the genuine Maxwell because she was raised from birth to believe so. Perpetuating the lie is the fact that the four Great Spirits serve only her (and are in on it, on the real Maxwell's orders) and that she was raised in a village that worshiped her as the Maxwell.
  • Multicolored Hair: As Maxwell, it makes sense for her to represent different elements at once.
  • Mundane Utility: Milla never had to eat before the events of the game because The Four provided her with ambient water and nourishment. Oh, and she used Sylph to style her hair.
  • Nerves of Steel: Milla faces damn near everything stoically, up to and including her own death.
  • No Social Skills: All of her knowledge of humans comes from books, and it shows. It's Played for Laughs, especially in most of the early skits, where she and Jude hold conversations with entirely different interpretations of what the other means. There are other moments when this causes problems. Such as when the party need to get wyverns, Milla flat out tells the owners they are going to take them, with a deliberate intention of just walking away with them.
  • Not So Stoic: While normally straight-laced and practical, she can get extremely heated and angry when the situation calls for it. While infrequent, it manages to terrify the others whenever it happens.
  • Panty Shot: Thanks to her Dangerously Short Skirt, this happens frequently.
  • Pet the Dog: Even if Ivar does show himself out to be fairly incompetent compared to Jude, she does still show a bit of a soft spot for him, such as when she entrusts him with the Key to the Lance of Kresnik.
  • Phrase Catcher: Some variation of "what kind of books do you read?" as a result of her But I Read a Book About It tendency tends to be invoked from other characters, mostly Jude.
  • Power Dyes Your Hair: In her spirit form, her hair turns green.
  • Purple Eyes: Suitable for the Lord of All Spririts... more suitable in the final as she truly becomes Maxwell.
  • Star-Crossed Lovers: Possibly with Jude, due to becoming Maxwell.
  • Statuesque Stunner: The tallest female party member, and is often complimented on her attractiveness.
  • Stripperiffic: Her clothes really don't look like they should be worn on the battlefield... Her outfit was said to be picked out by a sixteen-year-old boy who is obsessed with her, but it turns out that Milla herself is the one who picked her look, after said boy managed to keep her from dressing even skimpier. Which makes sense, considering that Milla claims that she based her appearance entirely on the fact that men make up most of the human population.
  • Summon Magic: Unlike the other mages, she actually physically summons the spirits used in her artes.
  • Team Dad: She's usually the appointed leader of the group, the and is the masculine girl to Team Mom Jude's sensitive guy, displaying more of the classic traits in line with Tales heroes compared to Jude.
  • Took a Level in Badass: Takes one throughout the game as she regains the fighting abilities that she originally needed the Spirits to use.
  • Tiny Guy, Huge Girl: With Jude, as she's at least a head taller.
  • The Unfettered: The only thing she fears is the thought of someday choosing to give up on her mission. Not only is she willing to die for it, she's even willing to sacrifice innocents like Elize and Driselle.
    • Milla eventually starts to have doubts when her feelings and mission begin to contradict themselves. This is one of the reasons she had decided to sacrifice herself, to maintain the image of being the Maxwell that Jude recognizes.
  • Unkempt Beauty: Zigzagged. If you check out the description for her default hairstyle, you'll find out that Milla hasn't ever had a haircut. Her hair looks far too healthy for that to be true, though, which you could chalk up to stylization... Until you realize that her hair has layers and short bangs, which can't possibly be achieved unless either you cut it or her haircut's been preprogrammed into her genetics and doesn't change even if you don't cut it. (Though considering the sequel reveals that Maxwell intentionally created her in the image of the Genesis Sage Milla Kresnik, who was the first human to ever summon him and he is hinted to have had romantic feelings for, Hairstyle Inertia is a strong possibility.)
  • Unskilled, but Strong: Due to the Four Great Spirits basically doing everything for her, Milla has no skills at all with a weapon or magic, but is probably way stronger then most people in the world.
  • Weak, but Skilled: After being Brought Down to Normal, Milla decides right away to learn swordplay from Alvin and being no more then a normal human at this point, learns to use a sword very well and learns Spirit Artes through instinct.
  • Unwitting Pawn: Of the real Maxwell, who created her as a decoy to lure out Exodus so he and Muzét could wipe them out and keep the Schism intact. See More Than Mind Control, above.

    Jude Mathis 

Voiced by: Tsubasa Yonaga (JP), Sam Riegel (EN)

"You might say I'm nosy or naive, but I just can't leave you alone."

A fifteen-year-old medical student studying in Fennmont, the capital of Rashugal. Despite his young age, Jude is level-headed, analytical and highly intelligent.

His special ability Snap Pivot allows him to Flash Step to an enemy's rear if he dodges an attack, while his Support Skill Restore picks up his Link partner when they are knocked down and restores some of their health.

  • Adorkable: He has his moments. Like his awkwardness at liking Milla, him gushing over various "cool facts", and just by being so genuinely nice and honest.
  • All of the Other Reindeer: Milla's side reveals that he used to be bullied as a child.
    • Angst? What Angst?: He always came home with a smile despite being covered in bruises, though.
  • Amazon Chaser: He is hopelessly in love with an Action Girl who could beat all kinds of crap out of him.
  • Ambiguously Bi: One of his alternate selves in Xillia 2 has a tethering relationship with a birdlike male spirit named Aska. Tethering is consistently used as an analogy for sex within the series, suggesting Jude might be into both men and women.
  • Awesomeness by Analysis: There's even a sound effect when he's using his hyper-awareness to figure something out.
  • Badass Bookworm: He may be bookish, but he has learned martial arts from Leia's mother and utilizes both fast and powerful attacks. Generally becomes badass over the course of the story with Gaius and Wingull seeing him as a threat. Special mention goes to punching the real Maxwell.
  • Badass Unintentional: He's just a med student who encountered Milla Maxwell and couldn't just leave her alone, joining her on her journey to complete her mission and ultimately being instrumental in saving the world.
  • Beware the Nice Ones: Jude takes nice to a new level. That won't stop him from kicking your ass if you piss him off enough.
  • Bishōnen: No wonder he ends up becoming a Chick Magnet as the game goes on.
  • Big Brother Instinct: To Elize.
  • Chick Magnet: All three of the female party members have or eventually develop romantic feelings for him.
    • According to this, he's also popular with older ladies.
  • Chronic Hero Syndrome: This tendency often gets Jude into trouble, and is in fact what led to him getting involved with the plot in the first place. Occasionally lampshaded by other characters who refer to him as a habitual "do-gooder".
  • Combat Medic: He's a medical student who punches his enemies in the face. He also has a few abilities that heal himself and his allies that are next to him, or remove bad status effects.
  • Combat Pragmatist: Jude has a habit of noting areas and items that can be used to assist in a fight such as shooting loose rocks, or plants that cause a gas. Unlike most examples, this isn't from his personality as it's more based on his intelligence.
  • Counter Attack: His Snap Pivot ability, as described above. As attacking a foe from behind gives you a better Critical Hit chance (critical hits give you bonus AC, extending your combos) and lets you stagger blocking enemies more easily, it's fairly trivial for Jude to own any foe with obviously telegraphed attacks.
  • Covert Pervert: An early skit has him move slowly towards Milla, giving her a once over before he backs away. He admits that Presa looked cute. He brings attention to Milla's short skirt in one post battle scene.
  • Cute Bruiser: He doesn't look like he packs a punch, but as Maxwell finds out the hard way, he really does.
  • Darkest Hour: Milla's death becomes the lowest point for him to where he doesn't even bother to defend himself when Alvin tries to kill him.
  • Despair Event Horizon: Comes very close to crossing it after Milla's Heroic Sacrifice, to the point that he's perfectly willing to let Alvin blow his brains out.
  • Determinator: Even Gaius is impressed by how much Jude absolutely refuses to back down from his ideals.
  • Did You Just Punch Out Cthulhu?: Did you just punch through the real Maxwell's barrier and knock him across the stage?
  • Goal in Life: Jude doesn't have one, which is the source of his character development. Early on Jude simply follows what Milla does because he doesn't know what to do. Milla encourages him to find one but he never truly does until her Heroic Sacrifice. This causes Jude to realize he needs to find one. He eventually does: solve Elympios' mana problems by perfecting spyrite technology.
  • Gratuitous English: "TEACH ME BARIBOOOO!!!" in the Japanese version.
  • Ground Punch: Jude's Shattering Demon Fist (Shouha Majinken) arte utilizes one to generate a small shock-wave around himself that sends enemies flying.
  • Henpecked Husband: It's well-known in the party that Milla has him whipped, even if they're not married. Though this is mostly before his Character Development regarding making choices for himself, in addition to his obvious affection.
    Leia: When Milla toots the horn, Jude jumps right on board...
  • The Hero: If the player chooses him to be the main character than he will better fit this role and Milla the Mysterious Waif that the hero encounters at the start of the journey.
  • Heroic BSoD: After Milla pulls a Heroic Sacrifice, he falls into one that's so bad it takes Alvin trying to kill him (and nearly doing so to Leia) to snap him (and the mercenary) out of it.
  • House Husband: He's a Supreme Chef and is implied to be quite domestic based on skit and side materials.
  • Hyper-Awareness: Occasionally, he'll use his environment to help him win a fight. There's even a sound effect when he does it.
  • Idiot Hero: Subverted. He's very book smart, despite being a bit impulsive, but he's a little slow when it comes to real-world events.
    • His affection for Milla causes him to act rashly without much thought at times.
  • It Gets Easier: Jude struggles with having to fight to survive early on and discusses this trope with both Alvin and Rowen. By the end, he's so adjusted to it that Alvin points out he could easily be a Mercenary like him if he wanted to, which Jude declines.
  • Likes Older Women: Admits so himself. Luckily for the fans who shipped him with Milla, even before the game's release.
  • Lightning Bruiser: He is not only easily the fastest character in the game but also the sturdiest (Leia has more Vitality stat but Jude has more HP and armor defense). He is also capable of throwing out some of the highest damage and once he learns "Shattering Demon Fist," he is widely considered a straight-up gamebreaker.
  • Lineage Comes from the Father: Averted. Heck, if anything his father being an Elympion may very well be a detriment to someone in a spirit channeling world.
  • Martial Pacifist: Some dialogue in game, in some of his victory quotes, and even in skits makes it clear he rather not fight. That won't stop him from fighting if he must.
  • Masculine Girl, Feminine Boy: He's House Husband material.
    • The Feminine Boy to Leia's Masculine Girl. They're a mild example of the trope, but the game brings it up once when Jude comments on Leia's untidy handwriting. She retorts by insulting his neat handwriting, likening it to that of a little girl. A flustered Jude then defends himself ("There's nothing wrong with a guy having neat handwriting!") and accuses Leia of being sexist.
    • He also seems to have this dynamic with Milla since he's so domestic while she's serious and driven (and has no real skill in household skills).
  • Nerves of Steel: Though at first he's more freaked out at things (understandably) at times, in the heat of the moment he's always calm. Even when someone with a crossbow is targeting him, he doesn't lose his cool. As someone who has almost completed his medical doctorate this makes sense. However, he's (according to Leia) always been like this (Millia thinks it is because of Leia and her "sparing time!"
  • Nice Guy: Some (such as Alvin and Leia) would argue that he's too nice.
    • Best summed up and Lampshaded in the "Footprints" skit after the party realizes that Agria had been stomping on his head while he was unconscious:
    Leia: What is wrong with her?! Why would she do that?
    Jude: Maybe she was trying to apologize? Saying we got off on the wrong... foot?
    Rowen: Oh dear. I'm going to chalk this one up to a concussion.
    Leia: You don't know how close you came to getting another boot in your face.
  • Oblivious to Love: Is unaware of Leia and Elize's crushes on him.
  • Older Than They Look: He's fifteen. He doesn't look it at all. On the other hand, he sounds a lot younger than he looks, and he's also shorter than some expected in comparison to his looks. He's about 5'4", which, while not abnormal for a boy his age, is shorter than the baby-faced 15-year-old hero of Tales of Innocence, Ruca.
  • Power Fist: Some of his fist weapons look like this.
  • Putting On My Thinking Cap/Thinking Tic: Whenever he's thinking he has a habit of tapping one side of his forehead, usually accompanied with a head tilt.
  • Sensitive Guy and Manly Man: The sensitive guy to Alvin's manly man.
  • Shorter Means Smarter: Anybody who's so much as contemplating studying medicine will tell you that it requires a lot of brains. Jude is a complete shrimp when compared to any of the other Tales leads, even those who are the same age as him.
  • Shotoclone: Demon Fist (Majinken) being his Hadoken and either Dragon Shot (Garyoukuuha) or Cyclonic Surge (Reppuuken) being his Shoryuken.
    • And Swallow Dance, especially if used multiple times in a row, can function as a Hurricane Kick!
  • Skilled, but Naïve: His main thing; he's a Teen Genius and has good martial arts skills, but he doesn't have much worldly experience and his idealistic nature can get the better of him at times.
  • Star-Crossed Lovers: With Milla. First she dies, but even when she comes back, she takes on the title of Lord of Spirits, disappearing from the world.
  • Smart Ball: His ability to use his knowledge can get uncanny at certain points in the story.
  • Stealth Hi/Bye: His "Evasion Ability" is essentially this.
  • Supreme Chef: His cooking skill is often complimented.
  • Team Mom: He's the one that does most of the cooking according to skits, and is the feminine guy to Milla's masculine girl, displaying more empathy and sensitivity throughout the game.
  • Teen Genius: He's 15 and in residency as a doctor (close to finishing his medical school graduation thesis) at the start of the game.
  • Unfazed Everyman: He's surrounded by Maxwell herself, an incredibly shifty mercenary, his Hot-Blooded Childhood Friend, a little girl with incredibly powerful spirit artes and a weird talking doll, and Ilbert the Conductor himself. And he's taking everything amazingly well - takes some pretty shocking things for Jude to freak out and he recovers fast even so.
  • Vocal Evolution: When the game was first unveiled, Jude didn't sound like he was anywhere near puberty. Since then, Tsubasa Yonaga's voice seems to have changed somewhat. Just compare his line in the first trailer to his ones in the fourth, for example.
  • Wide-Eyed Idealist: Jude thinks the best of people no matter what. Even Alvin. This can bite him in the ass, but Character Development has him temper it with his experiences; still thinks good of the world and people, but is more aware of the darker side.
  • Worthy Opponent: Is eventually considered one by Gaius.

     Alvin (Alfred Vint Svent) 

Voiced by: Tomokazu Sugita (JP), Matthew Mercer (EN)

"I won't betray you anymore, I promise... If I do betray you again, then you're welcome to strike me down by your own sword. That's why, please let me come with you."

A smooth-talking mercenary who has travelled over the entire world. Though powerful and charismatic, Alvin is ridiculously untrustworthy and hides a cool and calculating personality beneath his joshing smile.

His special ability Charge allows him to combine his gun and sword, increasing the power of his artes and even changing them. His Support Skill Breaker is used to break the guard of a defending enemy.

  • Affably Evil: He'll stab you in the back so many times you could swap his character model for Revolver Ocelot's and nobody would notice the difference but, at the same time, he's a surprisingly nice guy who means well.
  • Anti-Hero: Mostly an Pragmatic Anti-Hero, but puts a foot into Nominal Hero territory once or twice when he's at his worst. Eventually develops into more of a traditional Pragmatic Hero.
  • The Atoner: After finally being done back-stabbing the group for good, Alvin decides to make up for what he's done with whatever he can do.
  • Badass Longcoat: Not particularly long, but long enough to count.
  • Badass Normal: For the same reasons as Jude. It is later revealed that as a citizen of Elympios, Alvin does not have a functional mana lobe and cannot create mana, essentially making him unable to use Spirit Artes at all.
  • Being Evil Sucks: It's established ridiculously early on that Alvin is not to be trusted and he soon proves to have a serious case of Chronic Backstabbing Disorder. Yet it causes him a fair deal of angst because, since he was raised as a child spy, he doesn't know any other way to live. To add to this, Alvin does not want to betray people. He only betrays people because Exodus has the medicine his mom needs to live. He doesn't want to work for them but he can't go without it.
    • To make it worse: Alvin's mother dies anyway because Isla was secretly poisoning her. All of Alvin's reasons for being evil were for naught.
    "Rowen was right. I can't keep living like this."
  • Big Brother Instinct: Develops one towards Elize.
  • Big Brother Mentor: Played with, because it's implied by the latest story trailer that he sees himself as this to Jude, but The Hero views him more as just being a bit weird. It eventually gets flipped around when you realise that Alvin is much less adjusted to reality than Jude due to his lack of being able to form real attachments.
    • By the end though, he becomes one to Elize in an anti-role model kind of way.
  • The Big Guy: He's the most battle-hardened and Blood Knighty of the party.
  • Blood Knight: He seems to rather rather enjoy kicking Mooks about.
  • Blue Blood: A subversion. It's revealed late in the game that the Svent family is this but Alvin doesn't consider himself a noble due to all he had been through by that point.
  • Bluffing the Murderer: Does this to Isla when he suspects her of poisoning his mother to death. He claims that his mother wrote about the poison in her letters, but Isla immediately refutes that claim while accidentally admitting to the deed.
  • Child Soldiers: Was raised as a child spy, thus explaining his Chronic Backstabbing Disorder.
  • Chronic Backstabbing Disorder: It's so bad that at one point he has to plead with the party to let him continue traveling with them, and promises to let them kill him if he betrays them again. And he still betrays them one last time!
  • Combat Pragmatist: Won't hesitate to attack you when your back is turn, try to shoot you when your running, or at his worst attack someone who won't defend themselves.
  • Consummate Liar: At first, but it gradually deteriorates as people become wise to his tricks.
  • Dating Catwoman: Somewhat, as there's a bit of thing going on between him and Presa. He used to date her, which is why there's so much UST between them.
  • Deadpan Snarker: Being the only party member for a while (until Rowen joins) that's actually worldly, Alvin pulls this off when dealing with Jude and Milla after joining up with them early in the game.
  • Double Reverse Quadruple Agent: It's generally safe to assume he's working for at least three sides at any given time.
  • Duel Boss: He acts as one for Jude in his story. After Milla dies, Alvin, going through a Heroic BSoD himself, accidentally shoots Leia. This makes Jude snap out of it and attack Alvin, whereas Alvin blames Jude for making him shoot her.
  • Easily Forgiven: Averted. Nobody in the group once lets him off the hook for the moments he betrays them, and constantly point out how they have every right to not forgive him but want to believe he truly is a good person.
  • Even Bad Men Love Their Mamas: All he really wants is to cure his sick mother and take her back home to Elympios, and his actions are ultimately motivated by whatever he thinks is most likely to make that happen.
  • Expy: Of Lockon Stratos. His role, however, has more in line with that of Kratos and Zelos. How appropriate, then, for one of his costumes to be just that.
  • The Friend Nobody Likes: Come the final chapter and he's definitely this; between all the backstabbing he did, shooting Leia who was previously one of his supporters, and spending a lot of time as a Jerkass they mostly just keep him around because Jude is that nice and insists on giving him yet another chance. Of course, by this point he realizes it and is working to make up for things.
  • Gangsta Style: Does he ever hold his gun upright? Not doing so seems to be a family trait.
  • Get a Hold of Yourself, Man!: Subverted. He tries this on Jude, but as he's in the middle of a Heroic BSoD and slight Sanity Slippage himself, he goes completely overboard and shoots Leia.
  • Harmful to Minors: Supplementary materials reveal that when Alvin was 12, he walked in on Gilland and his mother.
  • Heel–Face Revolving Door: He spends a good portion of the game seemingly playing every side of the conflict, nonchalantly betraying and returning to the party so frequently that "Liar" becomes a de facto nickname for him with Elize and Jude. If there is a virtuous side to his behavior, it's that he's usually sincere about his loyalties and why he switches sides.
  • Hired Guns: Unusual for the series in that he isn't using that as a cover, he legitimately is a Hired Sword.
  • Hypocritical Humour: Alvin denies that his love for cats has anything to do with certain perversions... and then you notice the sheer gallons of UST he has with Presa.
  • Jerkass: Nicely put, Alvin's constant betrayals and the way he worms his way back into the team after each one marks him out as a complete and utter C.Nut.
  • Kindhearted Cat Lover: Subverted.
  • The Lancer: He provides a cynical, not to mention very treacherous, Foil to Jude and Milla's goodness and loyalty.
  • Magnificent Bastard: An in-universe Deconstruction that shows what happens when someone who doesn't have the stomach for it tries to be one. Alvin is suave, charismatic, calculating and is out to do the best for his mother. However, as time goes on and he keeps betraying people, he continually loses their trust, earns the nickname "Liar" and eventually finds out that he's been played for a fool all along, causing the start of a Villainous Breakdown that culminates with Alvin shooting and nearly killing one of his friends. He finally realizes then just how much of a douche he's been, to the point where he wants to rebuild his relationships but is worried that he's burnt his bridges.
  • Meaningful Name:
    • His Mystic Arte is one of the few in the series that relates to a character trait: "Expendable Pride".
    • The English dub changes it to Terminus Pride instead. Terminus means a finishing goal or point. This references the fact he's willing to give up any pride he has to get his goal.
  • Mighty Glacier: Has the highest attack power in the game but is the slowest power member.
  • The Mole: The game doesn't try to hide the fact this guy is a traitor. He will constantly sell the party out to others to push his agenda further but will always get bailed out by Jude, who stubbornly believes there is good in him. Unlike other traitors in past games, he is sick with himself about his traitorous acts until all he has worked on for years pulling the same tactics yields nothing for his personal plans to go back to his home world, which drives him insane briefly.
  • My God, What Have I Done?: He goes way too far in trying to snap Jude out of his slump by attacking him and eventually, accidentally, shooting Leia while she was trying to defend him.
  • Never My Fault: After he shoots Leia while trying to snap Jude out of his Heroic BSoD, he screams that it's all Jude's fault. Of course, he's in the middle of a full-on breakdown, just like Jude is in the middle of, so there's at least a 'good' reason.
  • Odd Friendship: With Elize later in the game. Quite ironic when you consider that their relationship began with him teasing her and her distrusting him for betraying the group several times.
  • One Head Taller: Than all of the other party members sans Rowen.
  • Playing with Fire: How he uses his gun, as it apparently channels fire artes through it to shoot projectiles. Being from Elympios, he can't use artes at all - those are actual bullets he's firing, and merely mistaken for fire artes.
  • Scarf Of Asskicking: That is one impressive piece of neckwear. He says it's necessary for a classy mercenary's ensemble.
  • Sanity Slippage: Becomes a very dangerous madman trying to kill Jude after Milla sacrifices herself over nothing, keeping the schism up and thus locking Alvin out from ever reaching Elympios again. This after his mother had died and Milla offered to let him stay with them, being the first person to offer after knowing how he was, which left him broken. Muzet strikes a deal with him to return him to Elympios if he kills the party, and while he gives it a try, he ultimately fails to go through with it and hits an emotional rock bottom in the process.
    • He comes back to his senses later on, and the events become the turning point for him as he starts truly earn the trust and friendship of the party.
  • Sensitive Guy and Manly Man: The manly man to Jude's sensitive guy. Ironically enough the roles get slightly reversed to a extent later on.
  • Stupid Neutral: While YMMV will of course vary about alignments, Alvin's actions over the course of the game deconstruct the selfish, backstabbing, borderline-insane kind of neutral character in-universe by showing just how empty and meaningless such an existence is. Alvin is loyal to nobody and will quite happily backstab the people he's been working with for years for entirely arbitrary reasons. The game ultimately shows that he doesn't have much in his life beyond being a backstabbing everyone around him and by the point he decides that he has to change he realizes that it may be too late for him.
  • Sword and Gun: His weapons of choice. A rare case where the gun is the primary weapon, seeing as it's used with his dominant hand and is the main weapon he uses during Cutscene Power to the Max sequences.
  • The Southpaw: He trained himself to be ambidextrous, but Milla expresses her admiration for his training to wield a sword with his other hand (his right one, specifically).
  • The Final Temptation: Gets two! Muzet offers him a way to go home if he kills Jude, and although he tries, he doesn't go through with it. The second is at the Nia Khera Hallowmont where he has to decide if he wants to stay with Presa and essentially join Gaius, or go back to Jude and the others. He chooses the main party.
  • The Tease: He's got a bit of an affinity for the ladies, and he definitely has the charm to pull it off.
  • Troll: One of Alvin's favorite past-times seems to twist words and events to wind Jude up.
    • Then there's that time he convinced Elize that wyverns liked to eat the souls of small sleeping children.
  • Unwitting Pawn: Gilland raised him as a spy and kept him in the dark about the Lance of Kresnik's true purpose, and realizing just how much he was being used marks the start of his Sanity Slippage.
  • Used to Be a Sweet Kid: Dialogue from his mother and cousin reveal that when he lived in Elympios he was very shy and sensitive. Then he got stranded in Rieze Maxia.
  • Warrior Prince: Technically, though Alvin doesn't really think of himself as a noble anymore after all he's been through.
  • Welcome Back, Traitor: An aversion. While is allowed back into the group every time, it's not exactly a "welcome" return. The rest of the party gets increasingly passive-aggressive towards him until eventually they're only begrudgingly putting up with him because Milla and Rowen think it'd be best to keep him where they can see him. Even the villains point this out a few times.

     Leia Rolando 

Voiced by: Saori Hayami (JP), Lauren Landa (EN)

"There's nothing wrong with trying your hardest to reach something!"

A perky apprentice nurse from Jude's hometown. Leia is Jude's childhood friend and training partner. She is a massive fan of sports, although she favours effort over victory.

Her special ability is Elongating Staff, which increases the reach of her weapon if she dodges an attack. Her Support ability Item Steal gives her a chance to steal rare items from a downed enemy.

  • Action Girl: Sure, her weapon is a staff. But look at her in combat. Her attitude and combat prowess completely destroy stereotypes associated with the helpless, meek little healer girl trope.
  • A-Cup Angst: Minor because Leia's not flat, but she feels jealous that Milla's bounce.
  • All Love Is Unrequited: Has a fairly obvious one-sided crush on Jude.
  • Berserk Button: Insult Jude or hurt him and she will not hesitate to fight you. Alvin found this out the hard way.
  • Call-Back: A couple of her victory poses serve as call backs to Vesperia's, such as her elaborate 'sign of victory' pose with Alvin, or the reinvention of the 'beauty corps' with Milla and Elize.
  • Combat Medic: In the same manner as Natalia and Sophie. She specializes in powerful single-target healing spells and physical combat.
  • Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass: Leia is a lot more emotionally-mature and stable than she lets on. She essentially acts as The Ditz as a way to play Cool Big Sis, supporting people through her sunny and optimistic disposition.
  • Cute Bruiser: Definitely, being the youngest of the physical fighters on the team.
  • Expy: Her personality is similar to Farah. Appropriately, she gets her outfit as a cameo DLC costume. In terms of appearance, if you were to dye her hair blonde, change the color of her flower, and fit her in regal clothes, no one would be able to tell the difference between her and Natalia Luzu Kimlasca Lanvaldear outside their mannerisms...and even then, given their personalities, it still might take a while.
  • Gainaxing: Subverted in this victory quote:
    Milla: Don't they get in the way when they bounce?
    Leia: They're not big enough for that!
    Milla: I was talking about your head dress.
  • Genki Girl: Complete with big, bright cheery expression.
    • An inter-dimensional portal possibly leading to a death match with no return to the former world? To quote Leia, with a cheery voice and smile, "I call dibs on going first!"
    • She also gets to snap the hero out of his BSOD.
    • Possibly justified. She was a Ill Girl when she was younger, meaning that she's likely happy to not be sick and thus wanting to make up for the time she lost.
  • Get a Hold of Yourself, Man!: Pulls this on Jude and is able to knock him out of his Heroic BSoD.
  • Hidden Depths: For a Genki Girl, she sure has a lot of understand of people as well as emotional maturity. In fact, she's the one to pull The Hero from his Heroic BSoD.
    • Even before the above event, she had knowledge of spyrixes even before Milla brought them up and revealed she had a huge amount of issues in her childhood steaming from her Ill Girl status.
  • Hot-Blooded: She's eager to get into a scrap and fight. Which results in a history of her yelling "sparring time" and ambushing Jude when they were younger...
  • Ill Girl: She was one when she was younger and it was caused by a spyrite blowing up in her face. She got better, and it seems to have resulted in her being chipper all the time, making the most of the time she has.
  • It's All My Fault: Leia never once stops telling herself that Agria's death was her fault. It gets to the point where Rowen has to speak to her in private, a stark contrast to her usual attitude, for her to actually tell people this.
    • She's also pretty convinced for a long time that she's holding the party back, and they'd be better off without her.
  • I Want My Beloved to Be Happy: Though the nature of her relationship with Jude isn't addressed for the majority of the game, Leia admits to Rowen near the end that she does indeed have feelings for Jude and she originally wanted to be a nurse to assist him when he was a doctor. However, she recognizes that the feeling is not reciprocated and refuses to tell him, instead deciding she wants to see their journey through so Jude can smile again.
  • The Klutz: Mostly in victory poses, where she manages to hit either herself or Milla with her staff. Occasionally in skits too.
  • Lethal Chef: If this 4koma is anything to go by...
  • Loving Bully: Apparently when she was younger she would randomly yell "sparring time" and essentially sucker-punch Jude (which is why he learned martial arts in the first place, to avoid said sucker-punching). Milla thought she was just being a bully, and Jude disagreed...until he took a second to think about it.
  • Magic Knight: With more of a focus on the Knight part but she is capable of casting spells.
  • Magikarp Power: Leia starts off with rather average stats and her support skill, while a bit helpful in gathering materials for Shop Expansion, doesn't get too many good ones from enemies. However, she soon gets a ton of link artes with Jude and a good amount with the other characters, then starts learning powerful healing and buff spells pretty quickly. Once bosses start using items, and more monsters drop better items, her support skill becomes a lot more beneficial. By the end, Leia has a beast of a crowd-clearer move (Soulstoke Spin), and she and Jude have some of the strongest link artes in the game.
  • Masculine Girl, Feminine Boy: The Masculine Girl to Jude's Feminine Boy. They're a mild example of the trope, but the game brings it up once when Jude comments on Leia's untidy handwriting. She retorts by insulting his neat handwriting, likening it to that of a little girl. A flustered Jude then defends himself ("There's nothing wrong with a guy having neat handwriting!") and accuses Leia of being sexist.
  • Modesty Shorts: With any of her DLC outfits that feature skirts, to prevent any panty shots.
  • Simple Staff: Though they also extend. And what she does with it in her Mystic Arte is anything but simple, causing massive cracks in the earth with it.
  • Stepford Smiler: Mostly outgrown it but it's clear she was one in her childhood. She had trouble dealing with being a Ill Girl for most of her life and felt she would never recover and almost gave up. Only Jude managed to convince her otherwise.
  • The Load: She feels she is one to the party despite the fact she is a Combat Medic who is an Action Girl. Justified when you see her backstory and realize she essentially was one in her childhood.
  • Tomboy and Girly Girl: The tomboy to Elize's girly girl because of her hot-bloodness and generally more masculine behavior.
  • Undying Loyalty: She will not leave Jude behind. EVER.

     Elize Lutus (Elise Lutus) & Teepo (Tipo) 

Voiced by: Yuki Horinaka (JP, Elize) and Haruna Ikezawa (JP, Teepo), Karen Strassman (EN, Elize) and Erin Fitzgerald (EN, Teepo)

"I'm going... with my friends. I don't want to be alone anymore!"

A young and timid girl who is ostracised from her village. Her only friend is Teepo, a chatty plush doll who is somehow sentient. Though Elize is incredibly shy, she is a powerful user of Spirit Artes.

Her special ability Teepo Switching gives her two stances: during "Teepo ON" the power of her magical spells is increased, while during "Teepo OFF" she can use Teepo to attack in melee and defend her while casting spells. Her Support ability Teepo Drain drains health from enemies and grants it to both Elize and her Link partner.

  • A-Cup Angst: Justified in that she isn't even a teenager yet but it's pretty obvious she envies Milla for this.
  • Action Girl: Learns some deadly offensive magic as she levels up, and takes down two Aquadragons by herself.
  • All of the Other Reindeer: The people in Hamil treated her like crap; Jude actually has to step in and stop them from throwing rocks at her.
  • Amplifier Artifact: Teepo, who is both a Booster and an early prototype of Spyrite technology, thus explaining how Elize is able to use powerful Spirit Artes at such a young age.
  • Badass Adorable: Awww, look at the sweet little 12-year-old girl with a doll- wait... Did she just defeat two Aquadragons?
  • Break the Cutie: When Teepo is reset and reveals that whenever he talks it's just Elize's innermost thoughts, she does not take it well.
  • Casting a Shadow: Rather unusually for a primary healer, this is her primary element. It's also the one used in her Mystic Arte.
  • The Cutie: A shy little girl in a dress that carries a stuffed animal. One of her victories involves her petting it. D'aww...
  • Cast from Lifespan: Storywise, as Boosters drain the life from their users.
  • Chekhov's Gun: Teepo, who is an early prototype for spyrite technology.
  • Covert Pervert: When Teepo "hugs" Milla, he does so by vigorously motorboating her. Then you find out that Teepo's personality is composed of Elize's innermost thoughts.
    • A milder instance, but Teepo is quite fond of biting Jude's face. Seeing as she has a crush on him, it might as well be Teepo's interpretation of a kiss.
  • Curtains Match the Window: Light green hair and eyes.
  • Dark and Troubled Past: She was one of many children being experimented on Spyrite technology by Isla, who latter regretted the atrocities she had done to Elize and wishes to amend things.
  • Dark Is Not Evil: A healer who uses Shadow magic instead of light.
  • Death In All Directions: Her Dread Wings (Flatters Dim) spell has magical swords surround the enemy.
  • Did I Just Say That Out Loud?: Teepo frequently blabs some of Elize's most embarrassing secrets and opinions, much to her distress. That's because Teepo is voicing her innermost thoughts.
  • Elegant Gothic Lolita: She wears an almost doll-like dress of a dark purple shade.
  • Girly Run: Outside of battle, at least.
  • Glomp: Teepo loves doing this to Jude.
  • Gratuitous English: Teepo, in the Japanese version. "Oh, no...!"
  • Happily Adopted: Is happily living with Driselle in Sharilton at the end of the game.
  • Housewife: Her aspiration is to become a wife. Specifically, Jude's.
  • Heroic Self-Deprecation: Belittles herself often, thanks to having no confidence in herself.
  • I Just Want to Have Friends: Elize's main character development. Due to living alone and being shunned by the people of Hamil, Elize has no real friends at all. As a result, she becomes quickly defensive of Milla and Jude when they refer to her as a friend and hates being left alone by them. By the end, she's managed to attain that wish and make friends.
  • Intergenerational Friendship: With Alvin.
  • Large Ham: Teepo rather enjoys Chewing the Scenery... and people's faces.
  • Little Miss Snarker: It's hard to see at first, but then you realise that she and Jude are the ones who refer to Alvin as "Liar"...
    • Then there's one of her post-battle quotes with Alvin, which says a lot that it didn't come from Teepo:
    Alvin: "Aw man, got my hair all messed up."
    Elize: "It's your morals that are messed up."
  • Luminescent Blush: Often when Jude comforts or praises her. It's a wonder her whole face doesn't turn red when she blushes.
  • The Medic: More so than Leia, since Elize happens to have accesses to area-of-effect healing spell.
  • My God, What Have I Done?: After Teepo is reset, Leia tries to cheer her up but Elize and Teepo rather harshly give a "Reason You Suck" Speech before running off. When Rowen points out that this hurt Leia's feelings, Elize apologizes.
  • Non-Human Sidekick: Teepo, the talking doll. Which she uses as a weapon.
  • Not Good with People: Limited contact with friendly people made her very timid of them. At first, she only really speaks to Jude, but soon opens up to the others.
  • Now Which One Was That Voice?: Elise's English VA is a complete mystery to this day. The sequel doesn't say who it is either.
  • Offscreen Moment of Awesome: If you're playing Jude's side. She apparently knocked out the two Aquadragons by herself, although you have to finish them off.
  • Odd Friendship: With Alvin later in the game. Quite ironic when you consider that their relationship began with him teasing her and her distrusting him for betraying the group several times.
  • Parental Abandonment: Jiao explains her parents were killed by a bandit when she was a child. Then he reveals he lied, HE killed her parents though the tone of his voice indicates it was likely an accident.
  • Parental Substitute: Jiao was hers before his death, as is Driselle.
  • Shrinking Violet: To the point where she'll sometimes hide behind one of the other party members when meeting strangers.
  • Simple Staff: Uses a wand in battle along with Teepo.
  • Tagalong Kid: Very, very briefly upon joining up with Jude. Then she shows that she's Badass Adorable.
  • Token Mini-Moe: More so than other child characters in the series, especially because she behaves more like a kid than they did (which is to say, that unlike them, she doesn't display more maturity than her age would imply).
  • Tomboyand Girly Girl: The girly girl to Leia's Tomboy.
  • Team Pet: Teepo. It may be a doll, but it counts.
  • Verbal Tic: Teepo's "Wah-hey!"

     Rowen J. Ilbert 

Voiced by: Mugihito (JP), Todd Haberkorn (EN)

"Your words ring true. Caving to worry and doubt would only waste my time, and this old man is not growing any younger."

A dedicated butler to the Sharil noble family in Rashugal. He was once known as "Ilbert the Conductor", a famous Rashugal soldier and tactician, and knows Nachtigal on a personal level.

His special ability, Arte Tuning, allows him to control spells after they have been cast, such as increasing their power or moving the target area. His Support skill Auto Magic Guard automatically activates a shield that reduces magical damage.

  • The Ace: Rowen back in his prime was easily one of the most capable characters in the game and a excellent strategist as well as fighter.
  • Battle Butler: After retiring from a military life, he became a butler to a noble family who also has the skills to keep them safe. He gives that up once he joins the party.
  • Broken Ace: He never truly forgave himself for all the fighting he was in, never truly forgave himself for his fiances death, and he believes Nachtigal's Evil Overlord status was his fault.
  • Cool Old Guy: He's an old man and also very generous to his friends, sharply intelligent, and one of the best battlefield generals in history.
  • Elemental Powers: He can use all but darkness, but specializes in Water, Earth, and Ice (Water and Earth combined).
  • Expy: There's a reason his middle name is Jade. Both are highly respected military men, though Rowen is retired, both are (or, at least, was) very close to the leaders of their country, both are the squishy wizard of the group, and both are the oldest members of the party. Really, the only major differences are in the elements they specialize in (Jade specializes in the all evenly but as a result doesn't get the mighty moves Rowen does for Earth and Water) and their core personalities. Hell, they even both have a dark past they like to keep under wraps.
  • Gameplay and Story Integration: He's got the highest Intelligence stat in the party by far.
  • Gentleman Snarker: He's quite snarky for an old guy. A lot of his jokes are about his age.
  • Genius Bruiser: In addition to being very competent in battle, Rowen is also very smart and crafty.
  • Humble Hero: A accomplished military man, war hero, and one of the most skilled fighters in the world, and all he wants is to serve as a butler.
  • An Ice Person: By combining Water and Earth, he makes ice. Also used in his Mystic Arte.
  • Intergenerational Friendship: With the rest of the party, since he's old enough to be a grandfather to a few of them.
  • Making a Splash: His primary element is water and it is also used in his Mystic Arte.
  • Magic Knight: Although he leans more towards the magical side of things than the melee ones, he can still use them effectively.
  • Memetic Badass: An In-Universe example. He's considered THE best tactican in the world, known famously through out most of the world, and Jude considers it a honor to fight alongside him more then fighting alongside Milla Maxwell.
  • Musical Assassin: His Personal Skill accompanies his spells with music when the right command is done. He was also known as "The Conductor" for the way he orchestrates the flow of war.
  • My Greatest Failure:
    • He believes leaving the military instead of staying and possibly stopping Nachtigal was the biggest mistake he ever made. The sequel proves it; Rowen doesn't take it well.
    • He also thinks failing to notify his fiance's squad of the tsunami more or less caused her death.
  • Mysterious Middle Initial: The side materials have revealed that it stands for Jade. Probably as a Mythology Gag.
  • No Good Deed Goes Unpunished: Rowen might as well be the Trope Codifier for the Tales series. Anything he ever did in his past to reduce the chances of soldiers being killed are used to harm people he cares for in the future, his strategies are often employed against him, and the people he helped in his past usually tend to become evil or wind up dead because of something good he did.
  • Old Shame: In-Universe, he wrote a poetry book called "Mad Screams of Love," which he is embarrassed by. Better/worse yet, Driselle is a fan of this book.
  • Old Master: At the age of sixty-four, he's still more than capable of keeping up with the rest of the party. He's even fully aware of it; one of his after-battle quotes is "How's THAT for an old man?!" He's easily the smartest party-member, as well as the wisest by virtue of being older.
  • The Red Baron: "Ilbert the Conductor"
  • Retired Badass: He used to be a famous war hero for Rashugal. He gets pulled back into it during The War Sequence.
  • Royal Rapier: His Weapon of Choice is befitting for a refined old man.
  • Shipper on Deck: He seems interested in Jude's feelings for Milla, and even teases him about them.
  • Squishy Wizard: The strongest caster in the game, bar none. This is justified by the fact that he's in his sixties so his physical skills naturally are less then they used to be while he has plenty of experience in magic.
  • Stroke the Beard: Should be no surprise that he has this quirk, and it's lampshaded in a skit.
  • Supreme Chef: Double subverted; the others think he is and Rowen goes into great detail about what he uses for cooking and trying to make the perfect dish... only to reveal he's never finished a dish because he couldn't meet his own high standards. Then, in a later skit, he brews tea for them and they remark it is both tasty and invigorating.
  • Time Stands Still: His Opportune Moment skill, acquired in the late game, freezes the entire battlefield for a few seconds whenever Rowen or his linked partner successfully dodges an attack.
  • We Used to Be Friends: He and Nachtigal used to be friends when they were younger and Rowen was even going to marry his sister before she died.
  • What the Hell, Hero?: Gets called out by Wingul on his decision to leave behind Nachtigal due to the fact it caused Nachtigal's power-hungry nature.


     Nachtigal I. Fan 

Voiced by: Hochu Otsuka (JP)

The king of Rashugal. Described as "a king who reigns like a tyrant", Nachtigal seeks to use the forbidden power of Spyrix and the Lance of Kresnik to conquer Auj Oule and the world.

  • 0% Approval Rating: By the time you face him, most of the people he once had allied with flat out refuse to work for him. The ones who do are only sticking around because they have no choice.
  • Authority Equals Asskicking: He was able to block Milla's sword attack with his bare hands and knocks her across the room.
  • Advertised Extra: For a guy built up in the trailers as the game's Big Bad, he ends up being a Disc-One Final Boss with hardly any real major impact. His Dragon manages to outlive him and be a bigger bad then he even was.
  • Disc-One Final Boss: He's set up as the main threat for the party to stop at first. While he is a legitamite threat and does have to be stopped, he's actually a small cog in a much larger machine.
  • Even Evil Has Loved Ones: He may be a total Jerkass but Rowen points out that Nachtigal loved his sister dearly and was crushed by her death.
  • Evil Old Folks: At 52, he's considerably older than most of the playable cast. And looks a lot older than several other Tales series antagonists as well, on account of not being a Really 700 Years Old Bishounen.
  • Evil Overlord: Looks like one so far due to the fact that he's the king of Rashugal and is described as "a king who rules as a dictator, playing around with the lives of his citizens." Not to mention that Nachtigal is experimenting on his own people to improve the process of the Lance of Kresnik sucking out the life energy of everyone around it for power.
  • Heel–Face Door-Slam: After his defeat, he listens to Rowen and genuinely seems to be interested in joining his friend together to lead the country. Then he's Killed Off for Real.
  • Gratuitous German: His given name means "nightingale" in German.
  • Jerkass: He's shown to be a complete and total jerk who is willing to sacrifice his people for power and one of the few villains in the series who has really no excuse for why he does his actions. Though his sister's death and the civil war with his own brothers may have been a cause.
  • Orcus on His Throne: Unlike Gaius who takes to the front lines, Nachtigal seems content waiting for the party to show up and fight him.
  • Start of Darkness: Possibly averted. Rowen makes it seem like the death of his sister was one and that him having to fight his brothers for the throne caused him to become the man he is today... until you realize there is a rumor among the people of his country that he killed his own father.
  • Sympathy for the Devil: Jude feels bad for him when he finds out the reasons Nachtigal became a Evil Overlord.
  • Unwitting Pawn: To Gilland.
  • X Marks The Villain
  • The Unfettered: He will gain power no matter what it takes, even if it means draining all the civilians of his country.
  • We Used to Be Friends: He and Rowen were best friends when they were younger, comrades, and almost became brothers. Then his sister died and Nachtigal became power-hungry.
  • Worf Had the Flu: He's about as old as Rowen, meaning he was well-aged and not in prime condition anymore. While he still gave the party a hard fight, it's clear his age has caught up with him.
  • You Have Outlived Your Usefulness: After his defeat, Gilland orders Celsius to finish the job.

     Agria (Nadia L Travis) 

Voiced by: Maaya Sakamoto (JP), Kate Higgins (EN)

A genius technician who works alongside Nachtigal in developing the Lance of Kresnik. Though a gifted user of Spirit Artes, she is vindictive, impulsive and quite crazy.

She's soon enough revealed to be one of the Chimeriad, representing the "sting" and having been acting as a spy for Gaius the whole time.

  • Ax-Crazy: She's quite clearly not all there in the head. The way she twitches and her head flails when she walks make this even more obvious.
  • Broken Bird: She is the illegitimate daughter of the head of the Travis house, and her step-siblings and step-mother constantly abused her - intensifying when her own mother commits suicide. She ran away, and heard rumors her mother was assasinated by the family and went insane, murdering nobles until Presa found her and she began working for Gaius. Her madness grew to the point where she burned down the Travis home herself, murdering her family.
  • Child Prodigy: Keep in mind she's only fifteen years old, but she is a skilled Magic Knight who is very smart despite being Ax-Crazy. As one of the Chimeriad, she's about as strong as the other three, two of which are well past her age.
  • Cool Sword: With three blades.
  • The Dark Chick: A rather good example. She's an emotional centre for the villains and the one who contrasts the most with them, as they're usually rather calm and reserved for one reason or another. She, on the other hand...
  • Evil Counterpart: Surprisingly averted. She and Leia argue with each other whenever they meet, yet both are so radically different that there's mutually no connection between them.
  • Evil Genius: Hey, she may be Axe-Crazy, but take just one look at the Lance of Kresnik.
  • Expy: She's a female Zagi!
  • Flipping the Bird: She seems really fond of hand gestures in general. She gives people the pointer finger probably the most, or her sword if she's holding it, and she even gives the group a double thumbs down just before she walks out of a room with the rest of Chimeriad at one point. Also does this to Leia as she falls to her death, but only in the JP version of the game.
  • The Friend Nobody Likes: She's arguably the only person nobody truly had any respect for. As one of the Chimeriad, she seems to not be well liked by the other three.
  • Hard Work Hardly Works:
    • Seems to be a big believer in this when she counters Leia's statement about getting stronger. The reason for this is because her mother tried her hardest to protect and comfort Agria from the stepfamily's bullying, but in the end she couldn't take it herself and took her own life.
    • In supplementary materials, she turns her back on this mindset when it concerns doing Chimeriad work under Gaius's orders. Since he encourages her and shows his appreciation toward what she does, she finds hard work worth it.
  • The Hyena: She laughs at just about anything. Really, she seems to laugh at things that not even other insane people would laugh at. Overlaps with Evil Laugh and Put the "Laughter" in "Slaughter".
  • Limp and Livid: Due to this, you may think she has a bit of a Silly Walk, or it may be just be creepy. Or both. Even when she's sitting she's doing this. You almost never see her standing or walking normally aside from the opening.
  • Late-Arrival Spoiler: If her being a part of the Chimeriad is supposed to be a twist... then stay the hell away from the Tales Facebook page!
  • Nightmare Face: If she's not cycling between a Psychotic Smirk, Slasher Smile, or Nightmare Face, one of her few other expressions is a bored look on her face while she lets her jaw hang open. Yet, it's her legitimately excited and happy face that causes the most chills. Such as when she sees Jude and Milla for the second time.
  • Obviously Evil: You mean to say the insane-sounding girl with the creepy murderface is a villain? Who'dathunkit.
  • Ojou: According to Rowen, she's of the Travis family and her real name is Nadia. She claims otherwise. It also seems like Serious Business, as it's about the only thing anyone ever says to Agria that causes her to stand normally, get a serious expression, and respond without laughs or insults... for about 3 seconds.
  • Panty Shot: Her Mystic Arte even starts with one.
  • Pet the Dog: She treats her only surviving servant really well and checks up on her often as well as enjoys the birds she uses.
  • Playing with Fire: Strange, but fitting with her backstory.
  • Rapid-Fire Typing: She seemed to be typing normally when we first meet her, but when she gets mad at Jude and Milla, she does this while firing up the Spear of Kresnik.
  • This Is Unforgivable!: Her reaction to Jude and Milla beating her on their first encounter.
  • Sword Drag: When she pulls out her sword, she essentially just lets it hang on for the ride, so this is a natural effect of a Limp and Livid person running.
  • Token Mini-Moe: She's the youngest member of the Chimeriad and the youngest female antagonist in the franchise at fifteen.Explanation 
  • Used to Be a Sweet Kid: She was apparently a kind and really sweet girl whens she was really young but the bullying by her stepfamily that drove her mother to suicide destroyed that girl.


Auj Oule

     Gaius (Erston Outway) 

Voiced by: Ryotaro Okiayu (JP), Travis Willingham (EN)

The ruler of Auj Oule, known as a hero who unified the warring clans of Auj Oule under his command. He believes that the strong should protect the weak and only wishes for the prosperity of his people.

  • 100% Adoration Rating: The people of Auj Oule utterly worship him. They have some good reasons for it, as a series of subevents called "The History of Auj Oule" reveals the previous rulers were corrupt. A subevent connected to the previous ones slightly deconstructs this as it turns out they rely on him too much. It then is reconstructed as once they are called out on it they set to fixing things.
  • The Ace: He's smart, he's strong, and he's incredibly determined to see his vision through.
  • Anti-Villain: Type III. He's got a vision for the world, and believes that the strong must do everything they can to protect the weak. Thus he opposes the party a few times because they are a threat to his beliefs, but Gaius himself is not evil at all and fights for those who cannot.
  • The Atoner: His sister believes his goals and philosophies stem from his guilt over killing her fiancé.
  • Asskicking Equals Authority: He became king of Auj Oule by kicking ass left, right, and center. He even kicks Maxwell's ass.
  • Authority Equals Asskicking: What he also invokes since it's been ten years since he kicked his way to the throne.
  • Badass Baritone: In the dub, courtesy of Travis Willingham.
  • Badass Normal: Gaius's sister Karla reveals that Gaius won the tournament without a Lilium Orb, and he did it WHEN HE WAS TWELVE. Outside of spoilers, he's simply a powerful swordsman with no spirit artes at all and yet is still a One-Man Army.
  • BFS: His katana is almost as tall as he is.
  • Black and White Insanity: He has a very narrow moral spectrum, all things considered. The second half of the game shows just how far he's willing to go in pursuit of what he believes is the higher moral path. He comes dangerously close to becoming what he hates. As in Final Boss close.
  • Bowdlerise: A notable example in that it also doubles with a case of (slight) Adaptational Heroism. In the English translation, Gaius only attempts to destroy all of Elympios' spyrix technology regardless of who suffers from its absence instead of trying to destroy Elympios entirely.
  • Elemental Powers: He has Light 'em Up and Playing with Fire
  • Fatal Flaw: Gaius' major flaw is that, for all his of ambition and badassery, he failed to account for the reality that he will die, thus meaning his beliefs and motivations will not automatically survive past him. Gaius is still a mortal man, and will one day pass on, and nothing he can do will change the fact that whoever succeeds him will not one hundred percent follow his teachings or beliefs. When Milla points this out, she even asks if Gaius thinks the next guy in line will have the same ideals that he does. The question actually makes Gaius falter for a brief moment, and seems to form several of his motivations during the end game.
  • Hopeless Boss Fight: The first fight against him is meant to be a failure. You can win with some effort but all that will happen is he reveals that He Is Not Left Handed, and then he beats the party in the following cutscene.
  • Karma Houdini: Whatever his reasons, he was trying to wipe out an entire world. Not only does he get away scot-free, but he even gets to become the king of the united world of Rieze Maxia in the ending, with Rowen as his prime minister. Out of all the characters in the game, it seems like Gaius got the best deal. It's made considerably less extreme in the English translation where Gaius only tried to destroy all of Elympios' spyrix technology instead of the entire world.
  • Katanas Are Just Better: And apparently Giant Katanas are even better.
  • Kid with the Leash: He's the only person Agria will listen to. Late in the game, he gets a hold of Muzét's leash.
  • Mundane Made Awesome: He seems to put a lot of energy into his Mystic Arte for a move that just involves a couple of fireballs and a slash. Also, on a visual level, he somehow manages to make the basic Demon Fang (Majinken) and Sonic Thrust (Shunjinken) attacks look epic... and that's not even getting into his Swallow Fury (Hien Shunrenzan). Basically, Gaius takes the basic Tales move set and infuses an unnecessarily large amount of energy into it.
  • Necessary Evil: For his goal to work, Gaius has to act very much a villain. This changes by the end.
  • Not So Different: No matter how you look at it, his goal is gaining power. He might have a noble end to his means but it's still a power trip. Without his morals to hold him back, Gaius could very well have turned out to be another Nachtigal.
    • Also is one to Milla. Both are very dedicated to their mission/goal and refuse to stop what they are doing to achieve it. Both also aim to become Maxwell in the end but for different reasons. Gaius wants it to protect his people while Milla wants to restore both worlds. To add to it, Milla does not believe in the ends justifying the means while Gaius, who disagrees with the idea too, is more lenient on that matter. This gets Lampshaded by Rowen.
      Rowen: "The will to do what must be done, and the conviction to do it for the sake of others."
      Jude: "Sounds like they go hand in hand."
      • The English version adds an additional layer. His plan to eliminate Spirix entirely and force Elympios to learn how to live without them is one that Milla would have enthusiastically endorsed before she saw some of the things they were using Spirix for.
  • Obviously Evil: Subverted. His outfit just screams "boss fight", but the more you learn about him the less antagonistic he seems. After all, despite being one of the Final Bosses, he was only trying to replace Maxwell so he could have the power to protect others in his stead.
  • Older Than He Looks: He's thirty-two during the events of the game. Supplementary material reveals that him being twenty at the Battle of Fezebel Marsh was a translation error. He was twelve years old, and fought not long after his coliseum victory.
  • One-Man Army: He's said to be stronger then all four of the Chimeriad put together. Then he shows you he deserves all the praise he gets by beating the living crap out of you. To add to it, when you do fight him, he's standing in a field of defeated soldiers, all from the Rashugal army.
    • To really showcase how strong he is, Muzét fights Jude, Rowen, Elize, and Leia; and is defeated. Gaius managed to beat her, or at least, hold her off, BY HIMSELF.
    • When Wingul and Rowen play a chess-like reenactment of the Battle of Fezebel Marsh twenty years ago, Gaius is even a single unit spot and still manages to take down most of Rowen's troops. When he was simply twelve.
  • One-Winged Angel: Downplayed in a similar manner to Van, his 'final form' is little more than a costume change, and all the more badass for it.
  • Only Known by Their Nickname: As revealed in a side-quest, Gaius is not his real name, only something he calls himself. He doesn't want his true identity to be revealed (for example, he is the older brother of historian Karla Outway) as he doesn't want his family to be dragged into issues involving himself. The subevent that reveals that confirms his real name is Erston Outway.
  • Purple Eyes: Befitting this royal badass who is as powerful as such a colour suggests.
  • Reasonable Authority Figure: He may be a Well-Intentioned Extremist, but Gaius cares for his people more then anything.
  • Royals Who Actually Do Something: There's none of that Orcus on His Throne stuff with him; he's an extremely powerful fighter who can always be found where the action is.
  • Samurai: Has the look of one, and the attitude of being an honorable warrior helps complete the image.
  • The Stoic: He doesn't express his emotions well. At first...
  • Silly Rabbit, Idealism Is for Kids!: Anytime someone tries to point out hypocritical points against him, Gaius seems to have a few words to shut them up and think about what he's doing.
    Gaius: "Yes, to try and live a satisfying life. How do you think one can achieve that? Do you even know?"
    Jude: "Well..."
  • Sword Beam: Incineration Wave returns!
  • The Unfettered: Gaius will not stop his goal of protecting his people, not even if it means a deadly and maybe long and drawn out war. When he decides to become Maxwell, he's Up to Eleven.
  • Team Dad: To all of Auj Oule.
  • Villain Forgot to Level Grind: Averted. The first time you fight Gaius, you're likely going to get your ass kicked. The second time he's still dangerous, but you're also much stronger. His response? Have Muzét give him a Infinity +1 Sword and power him up enough to where he is almost a god.
  • Well-Intentioned Extremist: He believes that the strong must protect the weak. And will do anything to adhere to that philosophy. After teaming up with Muzét he starts a campaign to completely eradicate Spyrixes from the world because it poses a threat to Rieze Maxia. The problem is that Elympios is reliant upon Spyrixes to survive.
  • World's Strongest Man: He is without a doubt the most powerful human on Rieze Maxia and possibly the strongest character in the game.
  • Worthy Opponent: Jude's intro for the game shows them fighting on a fairly equal footing and the ending indicates his respect for the boy's abilities. Just before the Final Boss battle, Gaius outright says that Jude is worthy of Gaius' full attention.

     The Chimeriad 
A group of four soldiers who serve under Gaius, the Chimeriad note  is Gaius's elite and the most powerful of warriors. Each one comes from different walks of life but work with Gaius out of loyalty.

     Wingul (Lin Long Dau) 

Voiced by: Hidenobu Kiuchi (JP), Kaiji Tang (EN)

The leader of the Chimeriad, and his name signifies the "wing". Wingul is Gaius' right-hand man and strategical expert. He is a powerful swordsman in his own right, though in combat he switches to a violent and bloodthirsty persona.

  • A Child Shall Lead Them: Supplementary material reveals he was eleven when his father was killed in battle by Gaius, and he inherited the clan responsibilities from him. Two years later, he chose to serve Gaius following the events of the Battle of Mon Highlands.
  • Angrish: When using his Booster, he only talks in an ancient tongue (except when calling his attacks) so that nobody can understand what he's saying.
  • Blood Knight: In battle, he turns into an Ax-Crazy madman who relentlessly attacks.
  • Cast From HP: Same deal as Elize.
  • Child Soldier / Teen Genius: Has been serving by Gaius' side since he was 13, according to the guide book.
  • Elemental Powers:
    • Blow You Away / Shock and Awe: During his Mystic Arte, Lightning Nova, attacking a character with chains of air and slashes imbued with lightning.
    • Playing with Fire: Some of his slashes are fire-based, but his primary element still falls towards wind.
  • Hoist by Their Own Petard: Wingul dies from over using his Booster skills after his final fight.
  • Expy: Sasuke Uchiha from Naruto due to their resemblance and their lightning powers, as well as the way they change their forms.
  • Insufferable Genius: Wingul is just as smart as Rowen but where Rowen is Humble Hero, Wingul asserts his intelligence quite often, making himself seem like a jerk.
  • The Lancer / The Dragon: It depends on whether or not he's in a scrap. Outside of a fight, he seems much more like the former version of the trope.
  • Lightning Bruiser: Of the "hard-hitting speedster" type.
  • I Am Not Left-Handed / Super Mode: He has a Booster implanted in his head. Once he uses it, he becomes far more dangerous.
  • Katanas Are Just Better: He wields one in battle.
  • Murder the Hypotenuse: More then once tries to kill Jude and the party even after Gaius has pulled a Enemy Mine with them, for no other reason then becuase he feels they are going to lead him astray.
  • Not So Above It All: Few would guess it from his usual cold disposition, but he came up with "Gaius Dumplings" and its banned theme song.
  • Organic Technology: He may be the basis for the Booster technology (the game is a little unclear on whether Wingul is the origin of the technology or merely has a Booster implanted within his head).
  • Pet the Dog: Small, but it counts. After Jiao's death, he speaks greatly of him rather then be cold as he normally is. He even sounds and acts rather upset by his loss. He also around the same time gives Elize good and even gentle sounding advice.
  • Power Dyes Your Hair: His hair always shifts from black to white before he enters a battle, due to the use of his Booster.
  • Unknown Rival: Wingul sees Gaius as a Worthy Opponent and even makes it clear he'd be willing to kill him if Gaius ever went astray, but Gaius doesn't seem to care at all about that and treats him just like the others.
  • Shout-Out: The Long Dau language he speaks in battle is almost identical to Melnics from Tales of Eternia.
  • Took a Level in Badass: In his backstory, Wingul was a decent soldier with a sharp mind. However, he was easily defeated by Jiao. In response Wingul implanted himself with a Booster, making him much stronger.
  • Undying Loyalty: To Gaius.
  • White Hair, Black Heart: Though only when he activates his Super Mode, but it counts, since he acts the worst that he can while in that form.
  • Worthy Opponent: Wingul in his backstory considered Gaius to be one both in physical skills, and mindset.

     Presa (Jill Lewin) 

Voiced by: Rina Sato (JP), Ali Hillis (EN)

One of Gaius' Chimeriad who signifies the "fang", Presa specializes in information gathering and intelligence. She has a love-hate relationship with Alvin, and is a powerful user of Spirit Artes and summoning magic.

  • Affectionate Nickname: In a way, Presa acts like this to her since she does not like her real name as her parents were the first to betray her. It's why Alvin didn't use her real name, though he knows it, when he tried to save her at the end.
  • Book-Ends: She's introduced on a higher rock platform and falls off thanks to Alvin. Later she dies falling to her death at the Nia Khera Hallowmont, once again because of him.
  • Catgirl: Her 'ears' are the way her hair is styled, and her 'tail' is an arte she uses in battle. It's actually more along the lines of 'fox' ears and tail, to fit with the theme of the trinkets on her outfit.
  • Dark and Troubled Past: She's experienced a lot of betrayal throughout her life, mostly from the people dearest to her. Gaius was the first person to accept her, and earn her respect and trust without betraying it; hence the Undying Loyalty she — as well as the other Chimeriad members — shows towards him.
  • Defrosting Ice Queen: An odd example. She starts off outright dismissive and cold in her appearances, but as she appears more and her past with Alvin comes out, she shows a lot more hurt and care towards him. It all ends with her essentially giving him an emotional pep talk before she dies.
  • Dual Boss / Wolf Pack Boss: She's the only Chimeriad who is not fought alone, instead she always works with another Chimeriad.
  • The Evil Genius: Unlike the other Chimeriad, she's a little too devious to fill the heroic counterpart's criteria. That's not to say she's necessarily evil.
  • Go Out with a Smile: She smiles slightly as she falls to her death.
  • Instant Awesome: Just Add Dragons!: Her Mystic Arte, which summons two watery ones.
  • Make Up or Break Up: The story examines this trope in regards to her relationship with Alvin, but thanks to what he did to her in the past, she refuses to get back together with him. It's implied even Alvin himself realizes and that his relationship with her is ruined beyond repair.
  • Making a Splash: Her specialty is water artes.
  • Ms. Fanservice: Wears a skin-tight suit that shows much of her skin, as well as her curves. She also paws Milla during their first encounter.
  • Only Known by Their Nickname: Presa is not her real name, and is merely one of her many aliases.
  • Sexy Spectacles: Has a pair of glasses to go along with her look. They also help suggest that she has more intellect than her appearance would suggest.
  • Sexy Walk: As if dressing the part wasn't enough, she also has an exaggerated strut to go with it.
  • Skinship Grope: Why, hello there, gratuitous lesbian groping scene!
  • Spell Book: Her Weapon of Choice.
  • Squishy Wizard: The strongest spell caster of the four, but also the weakest physically, meaning she's never fought alone.
  • The Stoic: Not much seems to phase her. She's not without emotions, but she doesn't seem to have big reactions.
  • Stripperiffic: Her outfit leaves damn near nothing to the imagination.
  • That Woman Is Dead: She hates being referred to by her original name because her parents were the first of many to betray and abandon her.
  • The Vamp: Evokes it, visually. Seems to be more of The Evil Genius in terms of the story.
  • Unresolved Sexual Tension: With Alvin. They were in a relationship before Alvin sold her and her then-team out and left her to deal with the consequences. In an alternate timeline in the sequel, they hook up, but she still dies.

     Jiao (Ortega Kitarl) 

Voiced by: Ryuzaburo Otomo (JP), Patrick Seitz (EN)

One of Gaius' Chimeriad, signifying the "horn". Jiao is a calm and empathetic fellow whose bloodline contains the ability to control the mana lobes of monsters, essentially placing them under his command.

  • Big Guy Fatality Syndrome/Heroic Sacrifice: He sacrifices his life to allow Gaius and the party to escape Exodus's trap.
  • Big Fun: Something of a subversion. He's the biggest of all the Auj Oule characters and seemingly the least hostile. That doesn't mean he's necessarily jovial.
  • The Big Guy: Like Wingul, he really straddles the line between the two, just like Largo. He's also the most heavy set of the Chimeriad, and is physically the most powerful.
  • Drop the Hammer: His Weapon of Choice is a titanic hammer. Combined with his Stout Strength, the guy hits like a truck.
  • Dishing Out Dirt: H Is primary attacks use earth-elements. His Mystic Arte, Resounding Surge, also causes a tidal wave of rocks to shoot at the player from the ground.
  • Informed Ability: He's one of the Chimeriad which means he's strong, but he's the second boss you fight in the game and hardly a challenge. Yet in the backstory, he's said to be strong enough to defeat Wingul was ease, and was a strong enough fighter to be the only person to make Gaius take seriously. Downplayed however, in that after said fight, he merely says you're good and gets ready to fight again (presumably at a stronger level- only a last-minute literal smokescreen allows them to get away - and later in the game, in a cutscene, fighting at full power allowed him to mow down armies of soldiers, requiring powered shots from an airship to be taken down.
  • It Has Been an Honor: He wishes the party success before he dies, and apologizes for what he's done to Elize.
  • Nice Guy: Outside of one or two moments, he's the only decently nice person in the Chimeriad; heck, even out of the antagonists, he's a decent guy. That's not to say he's soft though, as he will fight but he seems to not enjoy it.
  • One Head Taller: At least one more taller than anybody else. He positively towers over Alvin, the tallest protagonist at about six foot-ish by more than a foot and a half. Again, at least.


A mysterious organization that appears roughly a quarter of the way into the game. They have targetted Milla since she was just a child and their true purpose is unknown but they use dangerous machines called Spyrixes that permanently kill spirits by draining their essences.

     Gilland (Gilandor Yul Svent) 

Voiced by: Hiroyuki Kinoshita (JP), Liam O'Brien (EN)

One of Nachtigal's underlings. Gilland is a scientist who helped him develop the Lance of Kresnik. He's the leader of Exodus.

  • Bad Boss: Before his boss fight, he backhands Celsius for speaking out of turn and outright declares her to be nothing but his tool.
  • Badass Normal: Like Alvin, he has no Mana Lobe so he can't use Spirit Artes. He makes up for it with a shotgun that shoots Frickin' Laser Beams and a personal Spyrite that kicks ass.
  • The Chessmaster: It turns out that he is from a world beyond Rieze Maxia called Elympios. As the leader of Exodus, an organization of people from Elympios who became stranded on Rieze Maxia after an accident, he manipulated Nachtigal into constructing the Lance of Kresnik so that his people could break through the schism dividing the two worlds. Though he deceived the majority of Exodus into believing their only goal was to return home, his true objective was to allow the army of Elympios to conquer Rieze Maxia and plunder its mana supplies.
    • Not only that, but he's been jealous of Alvin's line of the Svent family who has more influence. He came up with the idea of the Otherworld Reactor Plan, solving Elympios's energy crisis, just to win influence and gain control of the house.
  • Blue Blood: The Svent family is nobility in Elympios.
  • Jerkass Has a Point: He claims that he did what he did in order to save Elympios from the energy crisis caused by using spyrix and killing off the spirits. They were only doing all that they can to survive. When told that they got what they deserved for using such dangerous technology, he argues that they should not be punished for a decision that was made 2,000 years ago and that "it wasn't us!" Even Milla had nothing to say to that.
  • Not-So-Harmless Villain: Freaks out like a kid when he gets pushed over when you first meet him. Then later he kills Nachtigal, reveals he's from another world, and pulls out a shotgun.
  • Rape as Drama / Rape Is a Special Kind of Evil: Somehow, Gilland manages to crank these tropes Up to Eleven. According to supplementary materials, he often does this to Alvin's ILL mother. Worse yet, he purposefully revealed this to a twelve year old Alvin in order to break him.
  • Smug Snake: For the mastermind behind the Lance of Kresnik and Exodus (and thus the plot of two-thirds of the game), he comes off as more of a megalomaniac Jerkass than anything else. He doesn't even get a Mystic Arte.
  • Spell My Name with an "S": Is it "Jilland" or "Jirand"? This English release spells his name as Gilland.
  • Summon Magic: He's the master of Celsius, an artificial Greater Spirit created by his newly-developed "Spyrite" magic.
  • The Heavy: Tied with Maxwell for the trope but in a sense, most of the story is his fault. To elaborate: Because of his ship coming into Rieze Maxia and taking over it, Alvin gained his Chronic Back Stabbing Disorder, caused Milla's harsh view of spyrixes, caused Jude's father to leave and settle down (which later led to Jude's birth and later ended up causing Leia's injury as a child), and his actions caused Nachtigal's Bad Boss actions.
  • White Hair, Black Heart: With red-tips.
  • Well-Intentioned Extremist: Wants to basically take over Rieze Maxia so that he can save Elympios from being destroyed. Unusual for the trope though is not only does he take it a step too far, he basically subverts it thanks to his Jerkass attitude.


A young woman whom the group meets in Xian Du, and the fiancée of Yurgen. She turns out to be a reluctant agent of Exodus.

  • Ain't Too Proud to Beg: When confronted by the group over her past allegiance to Exodus, she gets down on her knees and tearfully begs them not to tell Yurgen.
  • Anti-Villain: Type II; she was forced into working for Exodus and regrets it, but whether or not that justifies such actions as kidnapping Elize for their booster experimentation or poisoning Alvin's mother is open to debate.
  • Beauty Mark: Below her left eye.
  • Bungled Suicide: When the group confronts her over her role in the death of Alvin's mother, she flips out and jumps off of a bridge. She survives, but is left in a brain-damaged, childlike state.
  • Dark and Troubled Past: Implied. After regressing to a childlike state, she cries for her mother to not sell her, promising that she won't complain about being hungry.
  • Deadly Doctor: She was assigned to take care of Alvin's mother, but was secretly poisoning her.
  • Skunk Stripe: Her hair is mostly black, but has one blonde highlight.

Other Characters

     The Four Great Spirits 

The living embodiments of the main elements of the world; Efreet, Undine, Slyph and Gnome. They used to appear to aid humans, like other spirits, but twenty years before the story starts, they refused to answer summons. This is because Milla reserved them for her personal use. She recruited them to aid her on her mission to destroy the spyrix devices.

  • Alchemic Elementals: Each of the spirits are based on one of these elements: fire, water, earth and wind.
  • Badass in Distress: They are immensely powerful, as seen during the Taste of Power early in the game, but they spend a good chunk of the game imprisoned inside the Lance of Kresnik.
  • Fiery Redhead: Efreet is a inversion as he's least emotional of all the Four. Milla says he values "order above all things", such as in pottery. However, his combo with Milla is the...showiest.
  • Lady of War: Between her long Hair, dress-like lower body and polite manner of speaking, Undine resembles a Proper Lady. She also carries a Blade on a Stick and fires a flawless water cannon.
  • Legacy Character: They are not the first individuals to bear the title of "Four Great Spirits". The others were killed, presumably by Muzet for knowing about the Scism.
  • Making a Splash: Undine the water spirit.
  • Physical God: Their physical forms are basically masses of solid manna.
  • Playing with Fire: Efreet the fire spirit.
  • Resurrective Immortality: If one of them were to die they would simply respawn. However, their personalities would change and so they would be different people.
  • Undying Loyalty: To Maxwell, their lord. The false Maxwell, that is Milla, not the real Maxwell. While they were formerly loyal to him, they became so attached to Milla over the twenty years they spent raising her that they fight against Maxwell.


Voiced by: Showtaro Morikubo (JP), Orion Acaba (EN)

Milla's personal handmaid, who has served at her side since she was a baby. Ivar takes enormous pride in his role, even if his enthusiasm far outstrips his intelligence. He quickly develops a rivalry with Jude, incensed that Milla has chosen to travel with Jude over himself.

  • Ace Pilot: Ironically enough, the one thing he's decent at, is flying things. Especially ships from another world.
  • All Love Is Unrequited: Ivar's extreme jealousy towards Jude and Undying Loyalty towards Milla is fueled bu the fact that he's in love with Milla, something Jude catches on to. As an aversion to the trope, Ivar seems okay with the fact that Milla will probably never return his feelings. He's happy just being with her.
  • Ambiguously Brown: He's the only one with his skin complexion in Milla's village.
  • Big Damn Heroes: Subverted. He thinks he's doing this by activating the Lance of Kresnik. In reality, it's a Nice Job Breaking It, Hero!.
  • Bishounen: He's attractive in the opposite way Jude is. His personality needs work though.
  • Butt-Monkey: His suffering gets played up, and is exaggerated, for more and more comedy value as time goes by.
  • Covert Pervert: Inverted. He's the one who buys Milla's clothes and organizes them into outfits for her, according to Milla in one skit, implying that her attire was his choosing. However, a 4-Koma Manga reveals that he tried to give her more conservative clothes, and it turns out that her current outfit was the MOST he was able to convince her to wear.
  • Crazy Jealous Guy: The fact that Milla prefers Jude to him drives him up the wall.
  • Comedic Sociopathy: Whenever he appears in a scene, the odds of Slapstick happening go up and usually to him.
  • Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass: Looks like an idiot, acts like a bigger idiot, sounds like an even bigger idiot... and yet he's the only story character who isn't a villain nor part of The Team who has a Mystic Arte. There's also the fact that he climbs up a giant cannon on a moving airship in the middle of a battle with no discernible effort. Also, from the age of 2 he was able to talk with monsters, and even has a wyvern that only listens to him. He's also a decent fighter and Milla praises his skills when she fights him in the arena. Heck, even his first battle is a Wake-Up Call Boss. He'll kill you dead, and quickly, if you haven't mastered Jude's Snap Pivot ability.
  • Dishing Out Dirt: His Mystic Arte is earth based. Also, some of his other Artes, such as Terra Spin, Crushing Eagle, and Grave are as well.
  • Dual Boss: Ivar is suddenly being challenged by all members of Jude's team. Out of nowhere in a split second before the Fight Woosh, a wyvern flies up into the battle.
  • Dual Wielding: His weapons are a pair of short swords.
  • Easily Forgiven: He never really gets a comeuppance for firing the Lance of Kresnik. In fact, everyone just seems to forget about his role in activating it, even though it directly causes all the problems in the second half of the game.
  • Epic Fail: "Epic Fail" sums up just about everything he does because he's the resident butt monkey who fails for comedy.
  • The Friend Nobody Likes: Nobody in the main cast likes him. Even Milla openly considers him annoying.
  • Genre Blind: The kid acts like a silly Lancer character in a Shōnen series; acting like a general buffoon while trying to be endearing to his allies.
  • Green-Eyed Monster: He envies Jude for stealing Milla's attention away. He also happens to have green eyes.
  • Heartbroken Badass: When he fights Jude for the second time, he's distraught over Milla's death, and he's much stronger this time. He can pull off his Mystic Arte Shimmerfang Impact, has some strong artes, and has his Wyvern adding to the trouble. When it comes to fighting, Ivar is far from a joke.
  • Idiot Hero: To say that he's fanatical loyalty to Milla causes him to make increasingly questionable decisions throughout the game is an understatement.
  • If I Can't Have You...: Very narrowly averted with both this trope and Murder the Hypotenuse. Much like Chitose, his rivalry with the new person in his master's life has shades of this but it isn't carried out. He comes damn close when he fires up the Lance of Kresnik.
  • Jerkass: He's agressive and rude towards everyone except Milla, even people he just met like Alvin and Jude in Nia Khera, and he antagonizes Jude pretty quickly because he's jealous.
  • Large Ham: Expect a good dose of scenery chewing whenever Ivar appears on the scene.
  • Lawful Stupid: Mocked, as his loyalty to Milla doesn't really accomplish anything and just results in his frequent humiliation... until he snaps.
  • Loony Fan: You know how you normally meet somebody who's almost insanely loyal to a main character in an RPG? Ivar takes that basic idea and runs about eighty-thousand miles with it.
  • Made of Iron: What else do you call a guy who breaks his sword off on a rock, has the blade embed itself in his forehead and then pulls it out with minimal injury? An Iron Butt-Monkey, that's what!
  • Nightmare Face: His face is positively bat-crap insane when he goes up against Jude out of jealousy.
  • Plucky Comic Relief: Nobody takes him seriously, everything he does is accompanied by cartoonish sound effects...
  • Red Oni, Blue Oni: The red oni to both Jude (rival) and Milla (mistress) 's Blue because he is far more expressive, engergetic and implusive than either of them.
  • The Scrappy: He eventually becomes a minor in-universe example. Milla even facepalms at him the split second she sees him in one scene, and flat-out calls him annoying.
  • Undying Loyalty: His devotion to Milla defines his every thought and action.
  • Unusual Eyebrows: He has the small angular eyebrows usually seen on mystic-type character archetypes. However, unlike most characters of that type, he's far more energetic.
  • Unwitting Pawn: He believes that he's doing the right thing by firing up the Lance of Kresnik, as he thinks it will free the spirits. Instead, it just plays right into Gilland's hands.

     Muzét (Musee) 

Voiced by: Asami Sanada (JP), Jessica Strauss (EN)

A Greater Spirit that introduces herself as Milla's sister. Muzét has a whimsical personality and seeks to obey Maxwell's orders. She attaches herself to Jude.

  • Duel Boss: Milla fights her one-on-one in the spirit realm.
  • Evil Counterpart: She claims that she is Milla's non-identical, twin sister, works for the real Maxwell, and is much more ruthless.
  • Foil: In contrast to Milla's dogged independence and belief in the importance of one's own will, Muzét has severe dependency issues and becomes dangerously unstable without someone to guide her. Milla even lampshades this in one skit where she calls Muzét "my own dark shadow".
  • Gone Horribly Right: She was created to protect the Schism at all costs. When Maxwell agrees to dispel the Schism, she turns against him.
  • Karma Houdini: By the end of the game Muzet has probably slaughtered hundreds of people in the name of keeping the schism a secret, made numerous attempts on the group's lives and tried to help Gaius commit genocide (in the Japanese version at least). Despite all of this, Muzet gets off with barely a slap on the wrist and Milla accepts her into her family as her sister. She even comes back as a party member in the sequel.
  • Kick Them While They Are Down: Her reaction to finding out Milla died? Laugh and tell the group she was The Bait before attacking them.
  • Knight Templar: Her duty is protect the Schism and thereby maintain the security of the world. She kills without hesitation anyone who is a threat regardless of their reason, including her own master and creator if necessary.
  • Laughing Mad: Losing her purpose makes her go crazy at least until she meets Gaius.
  • Nice Job Fixing It, Villain!: Muzét's attempt at Mind Raping Jude backfires and instead helps knock him out of his Heroic BSoD.
  • Not So Different: Like Gaius and Milla are, Jude and Muzét are both similar. Both are extremely loyal to Maxwell, though Muzét's loyalty is to the real Maxwell. The difference is that Jude's loyalty is genuine and he still finds his own path, while Muzét is too reliant on Maxwell. This is what causes her to join with Gaius, like how Jude easily could have done.
    • Also, she is quite similar to Elize. She and Elize were both used by people for their own purposes, treated downright horribly by those persons, and never really had family or friends. The difference was that Elize made a effort to make friends and find her own way in the world, while Muzét found herself shackled to other people instead of befriending them.
  • Our Angels Are Different: Physically resembles one. Acts a hell of a lot more like a demon.
  • Pet the Dog: You can speak to an woman who was rescued by Muzét years ago on a complete whim, and who Muzét continues to stay in touch with.
  • Pointy Ears: That end in green tips. It ends up making her look more like an elf.
  • Power Floats: Since she fully embraces herself as a spirit, she hardly touches the ground.
  • Power Gives You Wings: She has six disembodied, butterfly-like wings behind her. They don't seem to serve any real purpose.
  • Psycho for Hire: She was created by the real Maxwell to kill anyone who knows about the schism... and judging by her crazed laughter and smiling as she does so, she really enjoys it.
  • Rapunzel Hair: She has very long, lady-like hair to go with her polite and aloof demeanor and effectively the daughter of Lord Maxwell.
  • Sanity Slippage: If the Schism is gone and by extension the real Maxwell, she will go insane. Try to destroy that and she won't hesitate to kill you.
    • In the end, she's more mellow and is happy to be with the spirits and Milla.
  • Satellite Character: Deliberately Invoked. Muzét feels she can only live by following other people's orders and without one she has a massive Villainous Breakdown.
  • The Sixth Ranger: Becomes this to Milla and the Great Four in the end.
  • Undying Loyalty: To the real Maxwell. The reason she kills innocent people and causes undue carnage to protect the Schism is because she believes Maxwell approves of such actions as part of her assigned mission. She's wrong, and the slow realization that her loyalty doesn't extend both ways causes her Villainous Breakdown, and her defection to Gaius's side.
  • Villainous Breakdown: After being defeated for the first time she cries out to Maxwell, asking him to strike down the party for opposing her mission. He says and does nothing. She freaks out.



The Real Maxwell

Voiced by: Chikao Ohtsuka (JP), Michael McConnohie (EN)

The real Maxwell, the Lord of the Spirits, whose existence is not revealed to the party until Muzét mentions him. He exists outside of both Rieze Maxia and Elympios and separated the two roughly two thousand years ago. He's responsible for creating Milla, Muzét, and the four great elemental spirits as well. He is revealed to have set up Milla to draw out Exodus. That plan eventually works.

  • Abusive Parent: Considering he made Milla and Muzét and flat out treats them as pawns and would willingly throw their lives away, he definitely counts.
  • Anti-Villain: Type 3. He wants to protect the so called worthy but in doing so would mean he'd kill a lot of people.
  • The Chessmaster: He created Milla and made sure she believed the right things so that he'd be able to draw out Exodus, and that plan went off without a hitch. That's pretty impressive, considering the fact that he didn't even act directly for a good twenty years.
  • Evil Sounds Deep: "Evil" is pushing it, but Michael McConnohie gives him a deep, booming voice that's quite reminiscent of Van.
  • God Is Inept: Maxwell truly does not understand the two worlds he made and fails to realize how bad sacrificing one world to save the other is. He also made A LOT of mistakes.
  • Hoist by His Own Petard: His abandonment of Muzét is what ultimately led her to turn on him in favor of Gaius.
  • Man Behind the Man: Was responsible for Milla's creation, as well as Muzét going out into Rieze Maxia.
  • My God, What Have I Done?: He realizes that his actions were not truly that good and that he failed to truly see what was wrong with the worlds instead of what he thought was wrong. He redeems himself after a much-needed beating.
  • Passing the Torch: He decides to disappear so that the Schism is gone forever and passes the job over to Milla to become the new Maxwell. Gaius tries to take it by force earlier, but he fails in the end.
  • Taking You with Me: Attempts this on Gaius and Muzét, but they manage to stop him.
  • The Heavy: Tied with Gilland, but a good chunk of the story is his fault. He created Milla and Muzét. This caused Ivar's Undying Loyalty to Milla and results in Ivar making things worse, created the schism which would cause the last half of the game; and if it wasn't for him, Gilland wouldn't even be in Rieze Maxia. Heck, if it wasn't for Maxwell, Jude and Milla would have never meet according to the Official Guide.
  • Villain Has a Point: He DID warn the people of Elympios that they were destroying their own world and therefore is correct by saying it is their fault they are dying slowly. However, considering he didn't try to warn them further means he eventually gave up.
  • Well-Intentioned Extremist: Maxwell wants to sacrifice another world and its people, just to save a smaller and less populated "worthy" world.
    • This is further explained in the guide books. Another reason he wanted to separate Rieze Maxia and Elympios is because the Kresniks were faring poorly in Origin's trial. He then made the Schism to protect his chosen few from the consequences of the trial, as well as Spyrix usage. He also hoped to bring Milla Kresnik over in order to protect her from her clan's infighting, but she stayed out of concern for Elympios. Unfortunately, his assumption that the Kresniks will fail becomes a Self-Fulfilling Prophecy because the Schism prevents them from gathering the MacGuffins for the trial.

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