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Alvin's Bird

Alvin uses a special bird that tracks people by detecting the individual signature of their mana lobe. But how can the bird track Alvin to deliver messages when he doesn't have a mana lobe?
  • Possibly because his differences from a typical person on Reize Maxia are large enough to count as a way of guiding it to him.
  • Alvin says that but as we find out from Balan late in the game its not quite accurate Elympians DO have mana lobes just very underdeveloped ones providing a possible explanation.

Lance of Kresnik Mana Absorption

The Lance of Kresnik drains mana from nearby people and completely absorbs spirits. Why was
Alvin shown being affected and drained when he has no mana lobes to give mana?
  • Because the Lance of Kresnik is implied to steal not just mana, but also the person's life force and converts it into mana. Alvin may not be able to make mana, but he clearly has a life force.
  • See above spoiler about Balan's research add that the Lance forces a reaction.
  • And as shown by Elympios itself, mana is still necessary to sustain life. Alvin may not be able to produce it, but he still needs it.


Alvin's life in Elympios

Alive was around 5 to 7 when he and his mother was stranded on Reize Maxia. So how does he have such a vivid memory of his life back on Elympios to know that gambling was a big deal or remembered that Balan wasn't always so cynical (or even know what cynical means)?
  • During big changes like that, it's quite common for people's minds to latch onto elements of their previous life (especially since Alvin knows that life is still out there; getting back as soon as possible is just even more incentive that he never forget)).


The Milla Route Ending

During the cutscenes of Milla's ending, everyone is sending letters and Jude is sending out a bird, with his letter tied to it. The views switches to Milla in the spirit realm and you catch a glimpse of the bird flying through the sky. Are we honestly supposed to believe that a regular bird can easily switch between two different realms of existence like it's no big thing? Not even the Great Spirits can do that themselves, Muzét is the only one mentioned to be capable of doing that, without requiring mana.
  • Perhaps it tagged along with Muzet (with/without her knowledge), or Milla might have made a small slip in the dimensional space with that knife, so that it can come-and-go that time and/or freely. On it's own, it definitely can't traverse that distance - if we accept that it truly did cross; it may not have, if it was just symbolic - but under those conditions, it might.

How did Millia fail to recognize Muzet?

They're sisters, for crying out loud. Muzet knew who Milla was right away. Yet, when Milla finds her with Jude, she had no idea who Muzet was and had to ask.
  • It's because most likely Milla was never told about Muzet's existence since her birth. Although both Milla and Muzet were created the same year, there was no reason for them to interact since Milla was created to serve as bait to lure out Exodus while Muzet worked to keep the Schism intact. Muzet only revealed herself to Milla once it was clear Exodus was getting dangerously close to dispelling the Schism.

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