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Haruna Ikezawa (池澤 春菜), born December 15, 1975, is a Japanese voice actress, born in Athens, Greece. She is of literature royalty, being the daughter of writer and poet Natsuki Ikezawa, and the granddaughter of the late writer Takehiko Fukunaga and the late poet Atsuko Harajo.

Her roles seem to be mostly mysterious or the light-hearted, with the occasional Yandere (see Momoka in Sgt. Frog) thrown in. Along with fellow Keroro seiyuu Mamiko Noto, Ryō Hirohashi, and Chiwa Saitō, she was a member of the seiyuu group More Peach Summer. She's also known for packing a really good Hot-Blooded scream in Japan, if her role as Aoi Hidaka in Dancougar Nova shows anything.

In addition to Japanese, she is fluent in Greek and is also known to speak English, Spanish and French.

Notable Roles by Haruna Ikezawa: