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Personal Appearance and Equipment

Like the House of Defense, this house is perhaps less official than the others - many deities are affiliated with it, but very few stay here exclusively. Not a lot of Gods enjoy thinking that they're here solely because of a mustache. The common opinion of visitors is that this is a House for the vainest of the vain, where Gods spend all of their time preening and fussing over their features. In truth - well, some do exactly that. Others barely notice or care what they look like, and barely visit at all.


The most striking thing about this house is the mirrors. Several rooms have mirrored walls, ceilings, and floors, which can be disorienting. Visitors often have to be rescued after wandering around in a daze. Other rooms have spas, parlors, dressing rooms, and the like. This House is connected to both Houses of Love and Theatre and Spectacle. Additionally, this House is also connected to the House of Profession, for those Gods about having a profession and looking attractive at it.

As Snow White is a Princesses of Heart, security here is tight, so any attempts to capture her or use her to recreate the χ-blade will result in a temporary ban from the House.

Due to the large amount of deities, this house has been split into the following divisions:

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The Apathetic Guardians of Figure

    Professor X/Charles Xavier 
Charles Francis Xavier, God of Bald Psychics (Professor X, Prisoner M-13, Onslaught, Charley, Chuck, Charlie, The Good Shepherd, Bald Phoenix, "Telepathic Mahatma Gandhi of the Mutant Cause", Dr. X, Proud Task-master, Task-master, X)

    Guan Yu 
Guan Yu (style name: Changsheng/Yunchangnote ), God of Beards (Lord Guan, Emperor Guan, Duke Guan, Holy Emperor Lord Guan, Marquis Zhuangmou, Duke Zhonghui, Prince Zhuangmou Yiyong Wu'an Yingji, Prince of Xianling Yiyong Wu'an Yingji, Holy Ruler Deity Guan, Immortal of Chongning, Sangharama Bodhisattva Lord of the Magnificent Beard, Saint Of War, Guan Cena)
Guan Yu  as depicted in the Battlefield of the Gods.
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: The Azure Dragon Weir Moon Blade stuck on the ground.
  • Theme: Seki Feather
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Honor Before Reason, Fabulous Beard, Spear, One-Man Army, Historical Hero Upgrade, Immune to Arrows
  • Domains: War, Heroes, Beards
  • Followers: Kan'u, Aisha, Eric Young, Commander Will Riker
  • Allies: Liu Bei and Zhang Fei, Zhao Yun, Guan Yinping, Sokka (as Wang Fire), Doctor Wong Fei-Hung: Tenth Tiger of Canton, Mami Tomoe, Daniel Bryan, Houyi, Tryndamere, Amaterasu
  • Enemies: Lu Bu, Diaochan, Sima Yi, Arthas Menethil.
  • Rival: Xiahou Dun
  • Worthy Opponent: Tyr
  • His beard is so fabulous that the sight of it can convert many a visitor into a follower.
  • He has claimed that if not for Kratos, he would be the God of War. After a sound defeat at Kratos's blades, Guan Yu went into hiding, allowing his 'incarnations' Kan'u and Aisha to look for a good substitute position. Well, one could do worse than being the God of Beards. That being said, eventually he admitted that him being 'God of War' was an overbloated view, a more accurate version would be 'God of Brotherhood'.
  • At one point, one of said incarnations, Kan'u, asked if this part of her dream is true: That he beheads his opponents and then drinks their blood from the neck. Even Guan Yu was rolling his eyes on the blood-drinking part (he admits of having a tendency to behead/bisect his enemies, however), "Did I really do that?"
    • However, Guan Yu states that he did remember famously beheading Hua Xiong in the novel once... even if Sun Jian was the one who historically took him down. As he says: "Blame the novel's events on Lord Yuan Shu, if you will. Even IF he did it just to make sure Lord Sun Wentai was loyal to their cause."
  • Why did he grow a beard? Also to mention, how is his skin so damn red like a matured da'te as they say? For the former, it's just a regulation thing, so he doesn't mind; at least it was consistent to every one of his other selves that he often mysteriously sees on altars in Chinese shops to this day. Guan Yu tries his best to hide his face because of this whenever he goes out somewhere to eat.
  • Recently, he has put aside wondering why he grew a beard and, in a move that delighted Naoki Kashima and his followers, lent a portion of his power to demon summoners to aid them in battle.
  • Also as of recent, he's seen being accompanied with no less than four children. All his, all badass on their own. Guan Yu seriously cares for his kids and the necks of anyone endangering them will have an appointment with his Azure Dragon.
    • His youngest and only daughter has ascended much to his delight. Now he shall patiently wait for his sons to ascend.
  • Allegedly taught Tomoe Mami the secret to keeping those impossible fabulous twin-corkscrew tails nice-and-curled even in combat. Mami has not remarked on said matter, but nonetheless states she is fond of Lord Guan as a scholar and a gentleman.
  • He has also seen fighting side-by-side or having brawls with various deities like Hercules, Thor, Zeus. Guan Yu considered fighting with or against them a great honor, but it turns out that he didn't quite understand the concept about 'joke'. Upon further investigation, it was concluded that this was because according to his views, War Is Hell and to joke about it is to insult those who died in it.
    • He also accidentally triggered a change in Aphrodite, when he was protected with her Undying Love, and he in turn shares his Conviction to her, it removed an element of the Pandora's Box plaguing her. It didn't change much about her personality, but it let open to the Pantheon that she's a Broken Bird with insecurity issues. At the very least, Guan Yu is glad that such devilish element cannot threaten the Pantheon again, especially seeing how last time it ruined the Greek Pantheon until Kratos demolished everything.
    • That said, to differentiate from Kratos, Guan Yunchang may call himself the "Army God" instead of the "God of War", which is the literal translation of his moniker in many Asian accounts.
  • There was a lot of things that he did that was overhyped by one of the greatest novels in his land, which included the aforementioned beheading of Hua Xiong, passing through five gates, and a lot of overrated things. Guan Yu has made it clear that people should think twice before overhyping him, he's no perfect and virtuous man, he may be loyal and honorable, but he's also arrogant as claimed possibly in his historical self's records and even with his novel portrayal. His afterlife version has apparently learned his lessons.
    • Hilariously enough, Xiahou Dun, one of his rivals, can also relate to him since he too, is overhyped by a certain someone named Akihiro Suzuki...Guan Yu despite noticing Yuanrang's animosity towards him can easily relate and shrug at the whole matter.
    • After a bit of research on that, Naoki theorized that this whole historical version of Guan Yu might be spotted at the Midnight Channel... as Guan Yu's Shadow. After confirming this, there's one thing that ran to his mind:
    • As it turned out, he received reports that there was a misinformed realm that believed the reverse of that novel and almost changed the face of perception (that his historical self is horrible without any redeeming qualities). Guan Yu wanted to make sure that the misinformation end as quick as possible, but has taken his historical misdeeds into account such as stealing from Sun Quan's crops to feed his own new recruits at Fan Castle while also bad-mouthing his ambassador for Guan Yinping's hand in marriage to one of Sun Quan's other sons (having someone else touch his daughter is still a big no-no).
      • He also wishes most of his children can decide their own destinies and not to blindly follow in his own spotlight as with his aforementioned flaws.
      • "I'm not going to be trusted with Jing Province anymore, that much I'll say."
  • One of his mortal friends is none other than Wei's Zhang Liao. However, Guan Yu prefers that no one mentions about how he's gay for him and calls him "Prince Wenyuan" lovingly. They are not like that, even if they have high respects to each other. He's a bit upset that he dropped his iconic gouliandao ("hook sickle blade") for a pair of axes, and wishes one day for him to pick it up again.
    • Also wonders if the same awkward thing may apply to his other friend Xu Huang (style name: Gongming)....he himself states that he wonders how the two of them are friends in the first place since Xu Huang was said to historically be a bit of an introverted workaholic...Zhang Liao had something to do with it perhaps? But it also helps in that Xu Huang's motif for the White Tiger is a foil to Guan Yu and Zhang Liao's Azure Dragon motif.
  • Guan Yu apparently keeps a copy of the famous Chunqiu Zuoshi AKA Zuo Chuan (Zuo Propagate), and they say it's his favorite book to read and study, though Guan Yu himself has said his historical self disagrees since part of his ambiguous historical records have stated he's not one to enjoy scholars. Lu Meng, another rival of his, has offered to be his study partner when the time comes since he compared to Xiahou Dun has had less personal beef towards Guan Yu.
  • He has once shared his knowledge with Tryndamere, enough to share with him an 'extra cloth'. Of course, he then learned that the information about the clothes were leaked to Arthas Menethil and the latter ended up making an 'outfit' for his own based on that. Guan Yu is not amused, his image is one that is used to protect the innocents, not spread evil! His historical-self was already a horrible enough person as is!
  • Another notable aspect of Guan Yu? The Chinese people like giving him very big and intimidating titles. In 1614, the Wanli Emperor bestowed on Guan Yu the title "Holy Emperor Guan, the Great God Who Subdues Demons in the Three Worlds and Whose Awe Spreads Far and Moves Heaven". During the Qing dynasty, the Shunzhi Emperor gave Guan Yu the title of "Guan, the Loyal and Righteous God of War, the Holy Great Deity" in 1644. This title was expanded to "Guan the Holy Great Deity; God of War Manifesting Benevolence, Bravery and Prestige; Protector of the Country and Defender of the People; Prow and Honest Supporter of Peace and Reconciliation; Promoter of Morality, Loyalty and Righteousness", a total of 24 Chinese characters, by the mid-19th century. Guan Yu himself wishes he could just stick to one or just a few small titles...
    • He also wishes his title of "Duke Guan" didn't sound like saying "Old Guan" in Chinese, which is possibly a joke at implying his age.
  • Unlike a certain show that was more 'fantasy-based' portraying his era, Guan Yu is fine with frogs.
  • His Instant Awesome: Just Add Dragons! motif is noted to be taken up a notch with his aforementioned Chinese title of Emperor Guan, with his weapons literally being named after the Azure Dragon, Yellow Dragon and God Dragon. However, Guan Yu despite his fame of wielding a weir moon blade (AKA guandao) in the first place, he clearly remembers his historical self wielding a halberd instead; Guan Yunchang merely scratches his head over the whole matter.
    • "Don't try to lift that kind of weapon on your's weight is beyond most....try a gouliandao instead if you must."

Igor, God of Creepy Goodness (Master of the Velvet Room, The Nose)

Ambiguous Ranks

    Mitch Conner 
Mitchell "Mitch" Conner, God of Hands as Puppets (Hennifer Lopez, Jennifer Lopez, Mr. Crime-syndicate-kingpin-guy)
  • Unknown, some think he is a Quasideity while others think he is more than meets the eye
  • Symbol: Himself.
  • Alignment: True Neutral. Neutral Evil in South Park: The Fractured but Whole
  • Portfolio: Con Artist, Maybe real or Maybe a fabrication by Cartman, Consulting Mister Puppet
  • Domains: Hands, Alter Egos, Conning, Crime, Evil
  • Allies: Eric Cartman, Randy Marsh, Arnold Wesker and Scarface, Ethan Roark Sr., Frank Underwood, The Kingpin, Shub-Niggurath
  • Rivals: Slappy the Dummy
  • Enemies: The New Kid, Kyle Broflovski, Stan Marsh, Kenny McCormick, Yoshino Himekawa, Banette, The House of Felines
  • Unknown Connection: Vietnam War Veterans
  • Opposes: The House of Fathers and Mothers
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Butters Stotch (Allies with his Professor Chaos Persona)
  • It started with what initially seemed to be another of Eric Cartman's elaborated pranks turned out to be far more unexpected to the Pantheonic deities that day as he was found in the House of Music doing what can be described as a ventriloquist imitation of Jennifer Lopez but it turned out that the entity behind the whole thing was a supposed Con Artist named Mitch Conner, who happens to be Cartman's left hand but he managed to avoid capture by "taking" Cartman and a few other deities hostage. He was caught later and then he presented himself to the Court of Gods to explain who he was which somehow convinced them to make Mitch an entire separate temple for himself by holding the title of Bare-Handed Puppetry.
  • Stan and Kyle rolled their eyes once they heard about Mitch Conner's arrival to the Pantheon, as they believe that this is just yet another of Cartman's ploys but to their surprise, several other deities have spotted Mitch elsewhere without Cartman being present at all, making several wonder if he is indeed a sentient being outside of Cartman or if Cartman is that dedicated to keeping up the façade.
  • Mitch and Cartman's relationship is sometimes similar to how the Ventriloquist work with his dummy Scarface. Wesker seems to be under the belief that like Scarface, Mitch is his own entity and he stated he has never seen Cartman participate in the meetings he had with Conner. But then again, this is The Ventriloquist we are talking about.
  • Apparently fought in the Vietnam War and after that he decided to Walk the Earth. Those who have been part of said war don't recall having ever seen Mitch and specially no hand with lipstick fighting alongside them. Old Man Henderson, on the other hand, can vividly recall a gruelling, bloody battle where he and Mitch were the only members of their squad to survive. Henderson definitely wasn't in the Vietnam War due to only being 12 years old at the time, and yet Mitch has told the exact same story, beat for beat, despite having no known interaction with Henderson since his ascension.
  • Yoshino Himekawa heavily dislikes Mitch for being mean to her and Yoshinon, Mitch takes a somewhat sadistic pleasure in messing with her and telling her Yoshinon isn't real. Some of her friends hate Mitch in return and actually believe this is Cartman's way to troll Yoshino for her meek attitude but in a weird turn of events she believes Mitch is an actual person (Nevermind that she hates being told Yoshinon is not real)
  • Not many of the ascended puppet or doll deities seem to like Mitch, mostly for how much of a Wild Card he is. The only one he has some sort of "positive" relationship would be Slappy the Dummy and even him find him too unreliable for an ally.
  • By far he is the most antagonistic deity towards the New Kid, not only because Mitch was shown as his worst there but also he kidnapped the Kid's parents in order to replicate their power and even if he was unsuccesful he still forced the kid to kill one of them. Nevertheless, Mitch's plan for becoming a powerful political figure remains but he is a lot more subdued in his approach, being aware that there a deities capable of knowing what he is up to.
  • Like mentioned before, Mitch still intends to become mayor of South Park one way or another and he found two powerful allies that could allow him to reach said position. Both Ethan Roark Sr. and Frank Underwood found Mitch to be quite an unconventional ally (especially because they didn't buy Cartman's act at all) but given how persuasive he was, they agreed to help out Mitch if it meant more power to them. Mitch was also able to convince Wilson Fisk to finance his new campaign, apparently he was convincing enough considering Fisk was able to praise Mitch (or rather Cartman, he also doesn't buy his act) to fool an entire town.
  • Mitch has certainly no shortage of enemies, especially those he ended up using as pawns like Professor Chaos (Butters' villainous persona, although for certain reasons he tries to not use it if the Grand Alliances get involved). However, his connections to the South Park police department and their illegal activities, namely the abduction of black people to feed the outer goddess Shub-Niggurath, Mitch somehow managed to keep her as an ally, easily making the con man one of the most unusually dangerous deities for that reason alone. Some are not surprised by this, considering Cartman is friends with Cthulhu and Mitch, according to himself anyway, is a much better schemer than his fat puppetmaster.
  • Mitch uses cats, or rather their piss, as a drug to fool people into following him. And because he kidnaps cats a lot, he quickly became a Persona non Grata among feline deities who don't want to be harnessed for their urine. Though Mitch is glad that they tend to target Eric instead of him.
  • He too has a Freudian Excuse and just like the New Kid, he had a parent who was fucked, in his case his father. That's why he fooled the entire world by pretending he was Jennifer Lopez, defying time and space to declare Christmas every day and even killing people. He did not know the identity of the person who had fucked his father, so he decided to wipe out everyone just to make sure he got his revenge. When his estranged mother stepped forward and revealed that she was the one who fucked his father, Mitch snapped and attacked his mother, with both of them killing the other in the ensuing fight. That's why he despises the House of Family and all the parents there, as they could enable another monster like him.
  • For the record, this temple officially belongs to Eric Cartman. The Court of Gods is in no way sure if Mitch Conner is even real but they don't have any way to prove otherwise.
  • May have some minor reality warping abilities, as anyone who engages him in direct combat will find that his attacks sometimes inflict status effects while their own attacks sometimes harmlessly bounce off him, seemingly for no reason other than he decrees it to be so. It takes the mind of a powerful psychic to prevent him from using this ability.

    The Slender Man 

The Slender Man, The Unknowable Anomaly (Slenderman, and its various nicknames: , The Operator, The Administrator, the Keeper, the Black King, onedividedbyzero, Der Großmann, The Tall Man, Gorr'Rylaehotep, The Ajax Monster, The Man in the Suit, the legendary Slendaddy)


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