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The Funtastic characters from the wacky town of Jellystone!.

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Jellystone Hospital

    Yogi Bear
Voiced by: Jeff Bergman
The smarter-than-average bear has found himself a doctor at Jellystone Hospital.
  • Adaptational Dumbass: The original Yogi usually isn't as smart as he makes himself out to be, but there's more than enough instances proving he's capable of coming up with clever ways to obtain food or accomplish whatever goals he may have. Not so much here, as apart from being not that competent of a doctor, he often doesn't think very rationally at all, such as believing being 98% cat means he can't be a doctor despite Cindy telling him repeatedly that he can be both.
  • Adaptational Jerkass: In this version, Yogi is far more beholden to his stomach and whatever random whims grip him than he can to his moral compass than his original counterpart, though he's still overall a great guy to his friends.
  • Apologetic Attacker: In "Yogi's Tummy Trouble," he's just as horrified as everyone else when he realizes that his new nuclear stomach is increasing his appetite and making him eat everything and everyone around him, apologizing profusely to everyone as he chases them down.
  • Attention Deficit... Ooh, Shiny!: Yogi is very easily distracted and will usually bolt off from his job the second something else grabs his interest.
  • Big Eater: It's Yogi Bear. What did you expect? The show plays it a bit more realistically though in that it's shown that Yogi does have limits on how much he can eat at once and those limits are a bit more mundane than is usually depicted. It's also borderline deconstructed in that Yogi's horrible impulse control means that he can prompted to start eating even in cases where he knows he should avoid it.
  • Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass: The best way to describe his ability as a doctor. Yogi's poor attention span and inability to stay focused mean he's not that great at his job. But the times he can stay focused show he's actually pretty good at being a doctor. He doesn't qualify as a Bunny-Ears Lawyer or Brilliant, but Lazy because he is genuinely bad at medical work when he isn't focused and his competence at other times doesn't counter that.
  • Heterosexual Life-Partners: With Boo Boo, just like the original cartoons.
  • Narcissist: He has a habit of bragging about himself.
  • Not a Morning Person: "Boo Boots" shows that Yogi will go absolutely feral if he is woken up in the morning, forcing Boo Boo to wear padded clothing and a helmet to protect himself from the ensuing assault. Fortunately, Yogi does snap to normal once he has gotten everything out of his system.
  • Super Mode: He can briefly become "Buff Yogi," which involves a Growing Muscles Sequence. If Boo Boo's reaction is any indication, he's done it before.
  • Wouldn't Hurt a Child: Zigzagged. For the most part, Yogi isn't fond of harming children in any given way. Especially given his title as a doctor. However, he is willing to find ways around this principle as shown in the Pro Wrestling Episode.
    Yakky: A doctor would never hurt a kid.
    Yogi: I'M off-duty. (proceeds to body slam the duckling)

    Boo Boo
Voiced by: C.H. Greenblatt
Yogi's best friend who is a nurse at Jellystone Hospital.
  • Adaptation Personality Change: Boo Boo is usually the Only Sane Man who has a cynical view of Yogi's schemes succeeding. Here, he's a cheerful Nice Guy who's a Hero-Worshipper to Yogi.
  • Butt-Monkey: A bit less than others who fill the role, but Boo Boo tends to have trouble fall on his head for no real reason.
  • Dude, Where's My Respect?: At the beginning of "Boo Boots," Boo Boo begins to notice that many of the tasks he does around his and Yogi's house go unnoticed, and that everyone else seems to ignore him. When Boo Boo tries to ask Yogi if he notices this too, Yogi drives to work without him.
    Boo Boo: Huh. I think I'm sad.
  • Height Angst: Often feels neglected or ignored because of his small stature.
  • Hero-Worshipper: To Yogi. He thinks his best friend is amazing and the greatest. In one episode he gleefully hopes to discover that Yogi is his father through a DNA test.
  • Heterosexual Life-Partners: With Yogi.
  • Pseudo-Romantic Friendship: With Benny in "Boo-Boo and Benny: Little Buddy Trouble". They have a Meet Cute when they grab on the same box of cereal. After discovering they have a lot in common, Boo-Boo gets down on one knee to propose friendship to Benny, who joyfully accepts. They later start doing everything together, such as riding a tandem bike. Yogi and Top Cat act like jealous boyfriends, to the point where they try to break up Benny and Boo-Boo's relationship.

    Cindy Bear
Voiced by: Grace Helbig
A fellow bear doctor at Jellystone Hospital.
  • Adaptation Relationship Overhaul: Cindy isn't Yogi's Satellite Love Interest this time and it's unclear if she has any romantic feelings for him. "Lady Danjjer: Is It Wrong to Long for Kabong?" reveals that they've kissed in college however.
  • Ambiguous Situation: It's unclear if she still has romantic feelings for Yogi or not. Not even Word of God could confirm that one. "Lady Danjjer: Is It Wrong to Long for Kabong?" seems to heavily imply she kissed him and Boo Boo in college, but has come to regret that.
  • The Ace: She's definitely the smartest and most capable doctor at the hospital.
  • Can't Take Criticism: Heavily implied. In "Yogi's Tummy Trouble" she gets called a "crazy voodoo witch" when Yogi finds out what she did to him and knocks him out with a frying pan. When he wakes up again she's still holding it as a warning against doing it again. Her Never My Fault tendencies would definitely support this.
  • Ditzy Genius: Cindy is smarter than the average bear (more so than Yogi), but not above wacky shenanigans that Yogi and Boo Boo commit. Plus, some of her best solutions are not always the most well-thought-out.
  • Go-Getter Girl: In "Must Be Jelly", Cindy tries to be this archetype by taking on endless tasks and completing them, but even she has her limits.
  • Hidden Depths: She states that going to her book club and cage fighting are the only ways she can relax.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Cindy is a definite Mad Scientist who doesn't deal with accountability very well but her heart is usually in the right place and she'll step in when she needs to.
  • Lonely Among People: The conflict in "Bleep" stems from Cindy not having anyone to hang out with. Luckily, she strikes up a genuine friendship with the titular Bleep.
  • Mad Scientist: No sane doctor would even consider half of the things Cindy comes up with. Her innovations do work the way they're intended to but the purposes she creates them for aren't exactly conventional or necessarily ethical. She complains in "Squish or Miss" about the ethics board prohibiting one of her experiments.
  • Never My Fault: If Cindy causes problems, don't expect her to come clean about being the cause.
  • Nice Job Breaking It, Hero: This is her schtick all over.
  • Not So Above It All: We did mention she's a Mad Scientist right? Cindy typically dodges the shenanigans that grip most of the town but she can also cause plenty of her own.
  • Only Sane Woman: She has plenty of moments where she's Not So Above It All but is generally the most sensible of the bears, usually able to come up with solutions when everyone is running around without a clue.
  • Women Are Wiser: Zig-Zagged. She's the most competent and sensible of the doctors but she also tends to use her brilliance to pull off questionable experiments.

    Ranger Smith
Voiced by: Jeff Bergman
A former park ranger who is now the head honcho of Jellystone Hospital.
  • The Cameo: Has only appeared once in the hospital to show he's still a thing in this continuity. After that he's made some random cameos in crowd scenes and the like.
  • Da Chief: The main authority in Jellystone Hospital and Yogi, Boo-Boo and Cindy's superior.
  • Non-Indicative Name: He's still called Ranger Smith, even though he's no longer a Park Ranger. (That said, he still has the ranger hat.)

    Winsome Witch
Voiced by: Lesley Nicol
A whimsical witch who works in the hospital's cafeteria and other food centered job sites.

City Hall

    Huckleberry Hound
Voiced by: Jim Conroy
America's first television cartoon dog is the mayor of Jellystone.
  • Ambiguously Christian: First of all, he has a North Carolinian accent, and NC is in the Bible Belt. Also, he says things like "Have a blessed day" and a sign above his bed that says "Bless this mess".
  • Ambiguously Gay: Although to a lesser extent than Snagglepuss, there were jokes made about Huck being gay in the past (see The Simpsons episode "Behind the Laughter"). In the series, it seems that he could actually be gay as he seems to be drawn to Mr. Jinks a lot. In the Halloween Episode, they wore matching angel/devil costumes. In "Business", they hold hands as Augie corporatizes the town.
  • Berserk Button: Never mess with his grass.
  • The Comically Serious: Huckleberry Hound's tone of voice never goes above a relaxed drawl, even when he flat-out says he feels sad or angry.
  • Dark Is Not Evil: In "A Town Video: Welcome to Jellystone" he is cast as a generic anime villain complete with purple clothes and powers, but seeing as he is facing Yogi (who by then had gone on a complete power trip) he comes across as very heroic.
  • Did Not Think This Through: The main reason Huck isn't an Only Sane Man. He means well with his ideas but he tends to overlook simpler methods or forget certain details that would show the faults in his plans.
  • Easily Impressed: In "Face of the Town", he is impressed by everyone's talents, even the lame ones.
  • Fanboy: "Jelly Wrestle Rumble" reveals that Huckleberry Hound has been a wrestling fan since he was a kid, with his favorite wrestler being The Funky Phantom. He has his own private museum of vintage wrestling memorabilia underneath his office.
  • Good Is Not Soft: In "Gotta Kiss Them All", it's implied that Huck is willing to send Yakky, a child, to jail.
  • Hot as Hell: He, of all people, invokes this trope with his devil costume in the Halloween Episode.
  • Man of the City: Huck loves Jellystone fiercely and often innovates plots for the good of the town.
  • Mellow Fellow: It's Huckleberry Hound, what do you expect?
  • Mr. Fanservice: Surprisingly, the artists put a lot of emphasis on his butt. We get a closeup of it during his magical girl transformation in "Face of the Town", we get another closeup of it towards the end of "A Town Video: Welcome to Jellystone", and in "Spell Book", he shakes his rear while dressed up as a devil...while Jinks (dressed as an angel) sings "Acting nice and looking naughty".
  • Nerves of Steel: It takes quite a bit to make Huck falter in the least.
  • Nice Guy: Just wants what's best for the town and is darn friendly with all of his constituents.
  • No Celebrities Were Harmed: His soft-spoken voice and mannerisms are based off of Fred Rogers.
  • O.O.C. Is Serious Business: Huck is fairly unflappable to much of the madness in town. So if you actually hear him emote anything other than serious calm then it's a good indicator that things have really gone off the rails.
  • Only Sane Man: Subverted: You might think that the mayor of the town who is the Man of the City might be the best choice for keeping the madness in check, but his tendency to not think his plans through works against him.
  • Rage-Breaking Point: He is visibly furious when he finds out that Yogi blew the town's budget and the funding for the grass was cut.
  • Reasonable Authority Figure: A fair-minded mayor who is willing to let a lot slide.
  • Serial Spouse: "The Sea Monster of Jellystone Cove" reveals that he's been married at least three times.
  • Tranquil Fury: He almost never raises his voice, even when he is having a meltdown (which is just him lying on the floor).

    Mr. Jinks
Voiced by: Jeff Bergman
The cat who hates "meeces to pieces" is the deputy mayor to Huckleberry Hound.
  • Adaptational Nice Guy: He is not shown to have the Cats Are Mean qualities of his original counterpart as of now. It is even unclear if he still hates "meeces to pieces", since he doesn't chase Pixie and Dixie anymore.
  • Adaptation Relationship Overhaul: He no longer tries to chase Pixie and Dixie.
  • Ambiguously Gay: He's in a mostly-female book club where he reads romance novels, and he is extremely loyal to Huck. In "Business", he flat out says he loves him.
  • Butt-Monkey: A lot of bad stuff happens to him.
  • Half the Man He Used to Be: In "Must Be Jelly", when Mr. Jinks gets turned into gelatin, he is leaning over the edge of a couch and he splits in half at the waist. He is still in this state when he is restored to normal, but he just shrugs it off.
  • Number Two: Is Huckleberry's right-hand man.
  • Undying Loyalty: His character bio describes him to be always there for Huckleberry, and believes in his boss to run the town.

Voiced by: Dana Snyder
This flamboyant theatre mountain lion is the local news anchor, as well as the host of a few shows, even.
  • Adaptational Jerkass: While previous itterations always had a bit of a snarky bent, this one is noted for selfish and immoral tendencies. Notable examples include his Dirty Coward moment below and joining an Apocalypse Cult in the second episode.
  • Camp Gay: Canonically this time, as per Word of God.
  • Commitment Issues: In the Beach Episode he offhandedly mentions that he has commitment issues.
  • Dirty Coward: In "Face of the Town!" he escapes a rocket ship that several of the citizens are trapped on with the only parachute, leaving them doomed.
  • Gay Best Friend: Appears to be this to Squiddly Diddly. They often hang out and even go to the spa together in "Bleep".
  • Kent Brockman News: Did you seriously think Jellystone was a place where the news cycle did its job without shenanigans?
  • Narcissist: He is occupied with his personal appearance. In "Jellystone Moon Platoon", he says to tell his reflection he loves him if he does not return.
  • Only Sane Man: He can wind up wrapped in madness like the rest of the town but he's also pretty quick to see the writing on the wall and go straight for Cutting the Knot when a solution is necessary.

Magilla's Clothing Store

    Magilla Gorilla
Voiced by: Paul F. Tompkins
The simian who runs the bow-tie shop.
  • Accessory-Wearing Cartoon Animal: Not himself, but as half the town play to this trope, having a store that exclusively sells neckwear isn't as niche as it would be in real life.
  • Adaptation Personality Change: One of the biggest examples. Take a scatterbrained but kind gorilla and turn him smarter and now a flamboyant fashion designer.
  • Awesome Anachronistic Apparel: Most of his products as well as his normal attire (hat, suspenders, bowtie) indicate a finer appreciation of vintage dress codes.
  • Benevolent Boss: He clearly cares for his employees, even taking the time to explain to Jabberjaw why he's not promoting her to assistant manager, and not getting mad when she subsequently starts bawling.
    Magilla: Now come on, Jabber. You have to cry in the bathroom like everyone else.
  • Catchphrase: "Oh, sweetie."
  • The Dandy: He runs a shop that supplies the best in clothing for the residents of Jellystone.
  • Everyone Has Standards: When pitted against Yakky Doodle during the Pro Wrestling Episode, he expresses discomfort with fighting a child and immediately forfeits.
  • Gentle Gorilla: Is the same friendly gorilla, but now the Benevolent Boss of the clothing store.
  • Half-Dressed Cartoon Animal: Wears pants but not a shirt.
  • Nerd Glasses: One thing that makes him stand out compared to his previous incarnations is the fact he wears square-framed glasses.
  • Nice Guy: He's generally a pleasant, affable fellow
  • We Used to Be Friends: It’s implied he had some sort of falling out with Mr Peebles as his memories show him leaving Peebles’ Pet Shop in tears.

Voiced by: Niccole Thurman
A shark who don't get no respect.
  • Accent On The Wrong Syllable: Pronounces Magilla's name as "Ma-Jill-A".
  • Casanova Wannabe: A female version. She thinks she's the hottest thing this side of fire and will flirt with any available man but her charm only exists in her mind.
  • The Fashionista: She has a thing for fashion and accessorizing others.
  • First Kiss: "Lady Danjjer" reveals she's never kissed anyone before, which is why she's so intent on making it a worthwhile experience with her choice of smoocher being "El Kabong" due to his gallantry.
  • Friend to All Children: She's very kind to young ones, especially if she deems them adorable.
  • Gender Flip: She's female in this iteration. Her original counterpart is male. Don’t expect her to talk like Curly.
  • Genki Girl: Extremely high energy.
  • Harem Seeker: If her dream is anything to go by, she's open to having multiple boyfriends for "every day of the year".
  • Heterosexual Life-Partners: With Loopy. Both spend whatever free time they have outside Magilla's fooling around with nary a moment apart from each other.
  • Interspecies Romance: She's a shark who fantasizes over having one of these with El Kabong the horse.
  • Loves My Alter Ego: Despite her overt romantic approaches toward El Kabong, it takes disguising herself as "Lady Danjjer", stealing everybody's milk, introducing herself as a supervillain and dance seductively with him to get him interested.
  • Nice Girl: She comes off as a rather sweet-natured shark.
  • Prone to Tears: Jabberjaw's reputation for weeping is so known, her boss Magilla reminds her to keep it for her bathroom breaks.
  • Odd Friendship: She's an insanely high energy Genki Girl who is good friends with the very restrained Loopy.
  • Red Oni, Blue Oni: The emotional Red to Loopy's unflappable Blue.
  • Sassy Black Woman: Not in appearance (she's a blue shark), but she is voiced by a black woman with a voice and accent matching the stereotype.
  • Temporarily a Villain: She briefly becomes 'Lady Danjer' [sic] to get El Kabong's attention.

    Loopy De Loop
Voiced by: Ulka Simone Mohanty
This wolf takes trash from no one.
  • Adaptational Jerkass: Well, "jerk" is a bit much, but she is pretty snarky to people with or without cause. In contrast to her original counterpart, who is more of a Noble Wolf.
  • All Girls Want Bad Boys: She reveals that this is the reason she once dated Muttley.
  • Artsy Beret: Wears one and in addition to working at the local haberdashery, she prides herself in having a better fashion sense than her boss.
  • Brilliant, but Lazy: She's quite clearly one of the smarter citizens in town but won't even move if it doesn't interest her and is perfectly happy just standing around enjoying the show when things go wrong.
  • Deadpan Snarker: Good luck hearing anything from her that doesn't sound the least bit sarcastic.
  • Dreary Half-Lidded Eyes: Loopy's half-closed eyelids highlight a blasé nonchalance toward life with her tone of voice ranging from boredom to calm fury to Flat Joy.
  • French Jerk: Zigzagged. On one hand Loopy can be rude and snarky and is willing to do some morally-questionable actions (i.e. her willingness to burn down the store and suggesting she and Jabberjaw steal from the cash register), but at the same time she seems to have legitimate friendships with Jabberjaw and other citizens like Yogi, Boo Boo, and Captain Caveman.
  • Gender Flip: She's female in this iteration. Her original counterpart is male.
  • Heterosexual Life-Partners: With Jabberjaw. The two work in the same store, spend most time outside work hanging out and are practically inseparable.
  • Not So Above It All:
    • Though her encouraging the idea that they burn the store down seems like her usual snark, shortly after Jabberjaw briefly takes the assistant manager position she pulls out a flamethrower and immediately gets to using it.
    • She partakes (and even basks) in Jabberjaw's crazy ideas: besides the assistant manager plan, Loopy makes it her mission to help her get her first kiss even if it involves crime in "Lady Danjjer" and joins her in scaring everyone out of Moby Dick beach to hoard it themselves in "The Sea Monster of Jellystone Cove".
  • Not So Stoic: Loopy shows a wider range of emotions slipping through her unflappable mask in season 2. She's surprised when a thief steals Jabberjaw's ice-cream in "Lady Danjjer", happily riding with Jabberjaw and then exasperated by the abundance of Bleeps in "Bleep" and scared by a thief in "Uh Oh, It's A Burglar!".
  • Odd Friendship: She's a Deadpan Snarker French Jerk who is somehow close friends with the high energy Jabberjaw.
  • Red Oni, Blue Oni: The unflappable Blue to Jabberjaw's emotional Red.
  • Related in the Adaptation: Is apparently Mildew's cousin in this itteration.
  • The Stoic: Usually doesn't show any emotion. The second series makes her a little more expressive.

The Alley Cats

    Top Cat
Voiced by: Thomas Lennon
A scam-happy yellow cat who lives with the rest of his gang in the city's alley.
  • A Father to His Men: Say what else you want about Top Cat, but he cares for his crew.
  • Everyone Has Standards: He might be a Schemer with little concern for how me makes a quick buck but some things he draws the line at.
    • In "DNA, A-OK!" he instantly shoots down Yogi's suggestions of cat behavior as stereotypes and clearly doesn't approve of them. He also prefers to avoid typical commerce, usually preferring his scamming to get what he wants.
    • In "Cats Do Dance" when he's changing drawings to fit his gang's preferences, he refuses to let Fancy just copy Benny's idea, telling him he has to come up with one on his own. He's also reluctant to draw Spooky with a laser gun, feeling it isn't their style. And when he does agree he makes it clear that it's for holding, not for shooting.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: He's still the same unrepentant Schemer we know and love, who cares little for whatever harm his scams may bring, but like with previous HB media, he's a caring and considerate leader for his gang and is always looking out for them.
  • Laser-Guided Karma: His constant scamming typically results in him getting his comeuppance one way or the other.
  • Manipulative Bastard: Big time in "Boo-Boo and Benny: Little Buddy Trouble". In order to break up Benny and Boo-Boo, TC tricks Yogi into feeling sorry for himself and suckers him out of $10 to break them up. He also acts as though Benny was in on the scheme as a mere Honey Trap, upsetting Boo-Boo.
  • The Scrooge: Is incredibly hesitant to part with his hard-scammed money.
  • Squashed Flat: Suffers this in "A Fish Sticky Situation", when the fish-headed citizens of Jellystone swarm into the alley.

Voiced by: C.H. Greenblatt
A short blue cat in Top Cat's gang.
  • Adaptational Dumbass: Downplayed. In the original cartoon, Benny was fairly naive and innocent, but often served as the voice of reason for the gang. Here, his childlike naivety is ramped up, and while he does have his Only Sane Man moments, it's rare for him to question the gang's illogical decisions.
  • The Baby of the Bunch: He's the most childish of the alley cats, and the others treat him as if he were an actual kid, even measuring his height. His actual age is unstated, though since the rest of the gang are adults, he likely is too.
  • Best Friend: Top Cat considers him to be his best friend.
  • Commonality Connection: In "Boo-Boo and Benny: Little Buddy Trouble", he and Boo-Boo find that they have a lot in common and quickly become close friends.
  • The Cutie: He is short and lovable. As such, he is often disguised as a kid as part of TC's schemes.
  • Ping Pong Naïveté: Benny is childlike at times, but there are instances where he is sensible. For example, he goes to the store to buy healthy cereal for TC instead of the unhealthy one.
  • Pseudo-Romantic Friendship: With Boo-Boo. They have a Meet Cute when they grab on the same box of cereal. After discovering they have a lot in common, Boo-Boo gets down on one knee to propose friendship to Benny, who joyfully accepts. They later start doing everything together, such as riding a tandem bike. Yogi and Top Cat act like jealous boyfriends, to the point where they try to break up Benny and Boo-Boo's relationship.
  • Straight Man: At times, he serves this role to Top Cat.

Voiced by: Andrew Frankel
A brown cat in Top Cat's gang.
  • Butt-Monkey: The rest of the gang likes to make fun of him for his attitude, though he's not The Friend Nobody Likes.
  • Divergent Character Evolution: While in prior incarnations they were almost a Palette Swap from each other with a different neck accessory, Fancy-Fancy and Spook — now the female Spooky — have become very distinct from each other: Spooky is the biggest cat of the gang with a near permanent blank stare, meanwhile Fancy-Fancy is at least as short as Brain and tends to be more emotional and childish.
  • Manchild: He sometimes acts immature in similar ways to Benny (during scheme drawing session, he asks to be drawn wearing a cowboy hat like Benny was), but isn't as cute about it as Benny is.

Voiced by: Jenny Lorenzo
A large green cat in Top Cat's gang.
  • Adaptation Name Change: Known as Spook in the original Top Cat shorts and Spooky in Jellystone!.
  • Beware the Quiet Ones: Spooky's quiet, stoic, and for the most part doesn't call much attention to herself... but on occasion it's hinted that she's got a bit of a violent streak, such as when she wants TC to draw her with a laser gun in "Cats Do Dance," or when she produces a boxing glove with iron spikes in "Jailcation."
    Benny: We're white collar criminals! We're not built for prison!
    *Spooky gets out a boxing glove with spikes, stuffs a hoseshoe into it, puts the glove on and begins punching the air menacingly*
    Benny: ...eeeh, yeah, maybe Spooky'll be okay.
  • The Big Girl: Easily the strongest of Top Cat's gang.
  • Divergent Character Evolution: While in prior incarnations they were almost a Palette Swap from each other with a different neck accesory, Fancy-Fancy and Spook -now the female Spooky- have become very distinct from each other: Spooky is the biggest cat of the gang with a near permanent blank stare, meanwhile Fancy-Fancy is at least as short as Brain and tends to be more emotional and childish.
  • Gender Flip: As with Brain and Choo Choo, Spook(y) was a male in Top Cat, and is female in Jellystone!.
  • Hypnotic Eyes: Spooky can apparently hypnotize people, and when she does, her eyes fill with static.
  • Meaningful Name: Is "Spooky" rather than "Spook" and definitely comes off as the creepy member of Top Cat's gang.
  • The Quiet One: Rarely ever speaks, and when she does it's usually a grunt or noises rather than words.
  • Team Chef: She typically cooks meals for the gang. She is especially good at cooking sizzling fajitas.
  • Thousand-Yard Stare: Her only facial expression seems to be "I just witnessed a murder". Sometimes she has Fish Eyes.

Voiced by: Georgie Kidder
An orange cat in Top Cat's gang.
  • Adaptational Intelligence: In the original cartoon, Brain was a ditzy simpleton. This interpretation of Brain has her be of relatively average intelligence, and is the most likely one to be the voice of reason.
  • Adaptational Personality Change: Goes from being an absentminded simpleton in the original cartoon, to a sassy, stoic voice of reason for the alley cats.
  • Deadpan Snarker: She has the most inexpressive voice of the alley cats, and tends to jab at the others when she can, such as suggesting that Top Cat draw Fancy-Fancy riding an embarrassing kids' tricycle.
  • Dreary Half-Lidded Eyes: Her default facial expression. It shows her sarcastic demeanor and her purple eyeshadow.
  • Gender Flip: Is male in Top Cat, but female here.
  • Only Sane Man: The voice of reason for the alley cats, though she still participates in their antics.
  • Speech Impediment: In the Spanish dub, she has a stutter much like her original counterpart did. This is not present in the English dub.
  • The Stoic: Is rarely seen without a half-eyed frown.

    Choo Choo
Voiced by: Jenny Lorenzo
A pink cat in Top Cat's gang.

Jellystone School

    El Kabong/Quick Draw McGraw
Voiced by: Bernardo de Paula
The town's beloved superhero and a teacher at the local Elementary school.
  • 10-Minute Retirement: In "Heroes and Capes", after everyone becomes a super, he temporarily stops being a hero and takes up plumbing.
  • Adaptational Badass: Quick Draw McGraw is far more competent as "El Kabong" in this series.
  • Adaptational Nationality: Based on his accent, he goes from a Texan bronco to a Hispanic stallion.
  • Apathetic Teacher: Zig-Zagged. His heart is in the right place and his students do respect him. However, his teaching of the actual educational curriculum leaves a lot to be desired. Especially since he as a habit of abandoning his students in the middle of class to tend to his hero duties.
  • Ambiguously Bi: He is attracted to his guitar Susan, who he treats as female, and also falls for Lady Danjjer. However, he gleefully kisses The Banana Splits and Wally in "Lady Danjjer: Is It Wrong to Long For Kabong?".
  • Ambiguous Situation: It is unknown if he has his Quick Draw identity in this continuity.
  • Badass Adorable: He's a goofy, cartoony horse who's much more capable of kicking ass than his old counterpart.
  • Comic-Book Movies Don't Use Codenames: Perhaps the first inverse example, he's only ever referred to as El Kabong and is never called "Quick Draw". He never even takes off his costume.
  • Crippling Overspecialization: His one and only crimefighting technique is to hit criminals in the head with his guitar, Susan. When Susan is destroyed in "El Kabong Loses His Kabong", he tries to use other musical instruments as substitutes, to varying degrees of failure.
  • Companion Cube: He treats his guitar, Susan, as a person and acts like he's in love with her.
  • Dating Catwoman: He ends up falling for Lady Danjer, Jabberjaw's villain disguise.
  • Humble Hero: He gently refuses cash rewards for his heroism, and shows time and time again that he is a hero because he really does care for the citizens, unlike Blue Falcon.
  • I Call It "Vera": His guitar is named Susan. Likewise, after Susan was Killed Off for Real, his first replacement was a flute named Barbara.
  • Informed Attractiveness: One of Jellystone's most attractive bachelors, especially according to Jabberjaw; but he looks like a goofy anthropomorphic cartoon horse just like his original counterpart.
  • Super Senses: He has impeccable hearing which allows him to know when criminal activity is occurring.

    Augie Doggie
Voiced by: Georgie Kidder
The adoring daughter of Doggie Daddy.
  • Adaptational Dumbass: She is more naïve than dumb, but her original counterpart is a proud Child Prodigy specializing in science, having to help his father out of certain situations. It's at least explained with her father's excessive coddling affecting her common sense compared to his original counterpart's disciplinary approaches straightening his son out.
  • All Girls Like Ponies: Augie loves ponies and has a unicorn toy.
  • Ambiguous Gender Identity: This version of Augie has had a Gender Flip and is identified as a girl, but Doggie Daddy has referred to her as his "girl-son" and Word of God has it that all characters who got a Gender Flip to female could be read as transgender. While Augie was planned to be female early in production, it's unclear where she falls.
  • Characterization Marches On: Downplayed as she remains a Genki Girl, but in episodes following "The Brave Little Daddy", Augie seems to be gaining more of her father's panicky tendencies and shows she's just as capable of getting as angry, frustrated, or snarky as her friends/father. Whether it's getting upset and yelling after being told the "moral" in "Balloon Kids", coddling Yakky to even more dangerous levels than her father did in "Augie's Baby", or making a sarcastic and annoyed quip at multiple of the stories in "Sweet Dreams", while being the first character to break the fourth wall directly purely out of frustration of the most ridiculous stories, and expressing apathy at the story of "A Grown Man Crying".
  • Children Are Innocent: Invoked. Due to Doggie Daddy's overprotective nature, Augie doesn't have a solid grasp on what the real world is truly like. She even claims that her dad never taught her the concept of death.
  • Conditioned to Accept Horror: It's implied that Augie is so used to her father being a helicopter parent that she honestly can't register anything unusual about his parenting even when she's directly questioned about it by him.
  • Cute, but Cacophonic: Augie's song in the first episode is so awful that it sends a bedridden patient into cardiac arrest, as well as making Yogi lose his appetite. The latter ends up saving the day.
  • Daddy's Girl: Oh, heavens, yes. She loves her father dearly.
  • Extremely Protective Child: She's just as protective of her father as he is to her, as Grape Ape proves, don't physically hurt Doggie Daddy in front of her.
  • Genki Girl: Is very excitable and high-spirited.
  • Hero-Worshipper: Augie starts heavily idolizing Bobbie Looey after learning she's a businesswoman. To the point where she openly states that she lives for her approval and collects pieces of her hair.
  • Hidden Depths: Her dad taught her about defensive jutsu and chakras and is exceptionally skilled at using such knowledge.
  • Kiddie Kid: She is eleven years old, yet she's totally okay riding around in a stroller and her Establishing Character Moment has her scream-singing a song about kittens to cheer up a lady in the hospital. Possibly justified due to Doggie Daddy's comedic overprotectiveness, but still.
  • Missing Mom: Just like with her original counterpart, her father is single. Given her father apparently got her through a deal with a sea hag, she may never have a mother to begin with (though it is possible that he was simply exaggerating).
  • Precocious Crush: She has a bit of a crush on Shazzan. She remarks him as a "handsome genie" and also calls him "gorgeous".
  • Trademark Favorite Food: Cheese and crackers; also, fruit salad.
  • Wacky Parent, Serious Child: Downplayed. She can be as much of a Nervous Wreck as her father if they get separated but is typically far less anxious at the idea of going her own way.

    Yakky Doodle
Voiced by: Katie Grober
A precious but overly paranoid duckling who is a close friend of Augie.
  • Adaptation Relationship Overhaul: In the original cartoon, Yakky and Chopper were best friends. In this show, they're now daughter and mother.
  • Adorably Precocious Child: She's very articulated for her age and is often the voice of reason among her friends.
  • Butt-Monkey: You'd be surprised at how much slapstick this little duckling endures in a given episode.
  • Creepy Child: Yakky Doodle's reaction to an ultraviolent, gory movie? An excited, "It's like my dreams, but I'm awake!"
  • Disappeared Dad: Justified. As far as we can tell, she is the adopted daughter of a female dog who is single, so she might not have had a father at all.
  • Et Tu, Brute?: Joins in on laughing at Shag when The Cattanooga Cats baby shames him, despite being his friend.
  • Interspecies Adoption: Given her mother is a dog, she's almost certainly adopted.
  • Jerkass Ball: Holds one in "Cattanooga Cheese Explosion" when she laughs at Shag, one of her best friends, for being publicly baby shamed.
  • Lovable Coward: For all of her anxiety, she's still a precious and lovable little ducky.
  • Nervous Wreck: Yakky Doodle, as revealed in "Squish or Miss." When Cindy decides to remove Yakky's fear juice to make her brave, the amount of fear juice extracted easily fills at least five of Cindy's "fear suckers," all of which are as big as Cindy herself.
  • Please, Don't Leave Me: Even though she strongly fears horror movies and other questionable outings, she admits that she only goes to them so she won't be abandoned by her friends in future outings.
  • Wouldn't Hurt a Child: During the Pro Wrestling Episode, she invoked this trope to get her adult opponents to forfeit. It fails when she uses it against Yogi, leading to her getting Squashed Flat.

    Shag Rugg
Voiced by: Ron Funches
A young country bear whose family owns a local restaurant. He's often seen hanging out with Augie and Yakky, or out on his own trying to look cool.
  • Ambiguously Bi: When he slips into his KidAnova tendencies, he uses Gender-Neutral Writing ("hot people" and the like). He even tried to flirt with Wally Gator.
  • Black Sheep: He's the only member of the Rugg family who is dissatisfied with the country aesthetic of the restaurant and longs for a cooler, more modern lifestyle.
  • Car Fu: With Yogi's help, he's able to destroy the Cattanooga Cats' mecha form by ramping the prize car into them.
  • Dirty Kid: He can be pretty shameless when flirting, something that his own mother describes him as "garbage" for.
    Maw Rugg: Not me, my kid turned out like garbage.
    Shag: (literally sitting on garbage bags) Yep, I'm bad to the bone! (Wally passes by) And single~.
  • Dub Name Change: In the Japanese dub of The Hillbilly Bears, he went by his English name (rendered as シャグラグ, or 'Shagu Ragu.') However, in the Japanese dub of Jellystone! he gets renamed to チビスケ (Chibisuke).
  • Expy: Shag Rugg is a wild country boy who shares a lot of characteristics with Cricket Green.
  • I Want My Mommy!: Whenever Shag gets scared he screams about wanting his mama.
  • Hidden Depths: "Balloon Kids" reveals that he's skilled at Zen meditation.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: He's an abrasive, self-obsessed kid at the best of times, but he does care about his friends and other Jellystone townsfolk, even managing to see some good in the Banana Splits.
  • KidAnova: He's only in fifth grade, but he often talks about attracting the "honeys" (in "Cattanooga Cheese Explosion") and letting "hot people" look at him (in "VIP Baby You Know Me"). In "The Brave Little Daddy", he boasted about how he was single and checked out Wally Gator.
  • No Sympathy: When Yakky confesses that she only goes to outings she doesn't like with her friends out of fear of being excluded from future ones, he outright confirms that she's right to think so.
  • Pretty Fly for a White Guy: Shag's attempts at a rapper persona (and lifestyle) despite being otherwise just as hillbilly as the rest of his family.
  • Small Name, Big Ego: He puts on a bombastic persona and thinks highly of himself, despite just being a kid from a low-profile hillbilly family.

    Ruff and Reddy
Voiced by: Oscar Reyez (Ruff) and Jakari Fraser (Reddy)
A cat and a dog who are both brothers with a friendly rivalry. Also they're robots.
  • Adaptational Species Change: They go from regular house pets to fully functioning robots.
  • Age Lift: They are now school-age kids.
  • Kids Driving Cars: Reddy is shown driving a car in "Yogi's Midlife Crisis".
  • Related in the Adaptation: In the original, they were just friends. In this show, they are brothers.
  • Robot Kid: An unusual case of this trope by virtue of being part of a World of Funny Animals.
  • Sealed Evil in a Can: Both boys have the video game "Buddy Blasters" encrypted in their software which contains the sinister A.I. Gazoo who encourages any player to partake in legitimately dangerous gameplay.
  • Sibling Rivalry: Tend to get into arguments with each other over just about anything possible. From who can swing the fastest to who loves each other more.
  • Those Two Guys: Always seen together, almost always named together.

    Lambsy Divey
Voiced by: Dana Snyder
A young skater lamb.
  • Adaptation Personality Change: In the original It's the Wolf! shorts, he was helpless and innocent. Here, he is independent and rebellious. It certainly helps that Mildew doesn't chase him anymore.
  • Adaptation Relationship Overhaul: He is no longer protected by Bristlehound, nor is he chased by Mildew Wolf.
  • Adorably Precocious Child: He may be in elementary school, but he already acts like an adult. He assimilates to the business lifestyle quite quickly in "Business", wanted an ab-crunching machine so he could be "caliente" in "The Box Thief", and he wanted to be a man at his birthday party.
  • Ambiguously Jewish: His birthday party in "Yogi's Midlife Crisis" seems reminiscent of a Bar Mitzvah, especially with how Lambsy is stated to be 'becoming a man'.
  • Catchphrase: Often says "Am I right?" in the episode "Business".
  • Kids Are Cruel: He joined in on taunting Shag when the Cattanooga Cats baby-shamed him.
  • Punny Name: His name is a pun on the 1944 novelty hit song "Mairzy Doats," which explained its meaning as "lambs eat ivy."
  • Rebellious Spirit: In "DNA, A-OK!", he jeered when Jellystone was deemed the 13th safest town in the county. Also, he wears a shirt that says "Sk8 Or Cry".


    The Banana Splits
Voiced by: Paul F. Thompkins (Fleegle), Jim Conroy (Bingo), and C.H. Greenblatt (Drooper)
The four fun-loving Splits have turned to a life of crime and often clash with El Kabong.
  • Adaptational Curves: Bingo is now a Top-Heavy Guy corresponding with him being a gorilla.
  • Adaptational Villainy: Downplayed. While they are nowhere near the villains they are in the movie, they are still the local gang that loves to cause chaos.
  • Bad Samaritan: Fleegle purposefully gave Shag Rugg a stack of cash to spend it to his heart's content with the expectation that the cub would repay him along with a 500 % interest rate.
  • Cool Shades: All of them minus Fleegle wear sunglasses, as with previous incarnations.
  • Even Evil Has Standards: They were horrified by the sight of El Kabong transforming his body into a guitar, as anyone would.
  • Evil Is Petty: Their debut episode sees them go up against Shag Rugg by… threatening to give his family's restaurant a one star review. Shag takes it very seriously.
  • Hidden Depths: Drooper admits that he never graduated from high school.
  • Jaded Washout: In Fleegle's words, they used to be the coolest, and he warns Shag that cool is fleeting. That said, Shag's deal with him causes them to have a Heel–Face Turn for the episode.
  • Lighter and Softer: Compared to their previous appearance.
  • No Mouth: Snorky is not drawn with a visible mouth, since his previous incarnations weren't designed with one.
  • Nonstandard Character Design: During their Imagine Spot, they're depicted as a more realistic drawing reminiscent of the old show.
  • Noodle Incident: Apparently Fleegle has loaned money to children multiple times and has always regretted it in the end.
  • Poke the Poodle: Their idea of a crime spree is painting fruit the wrong color and signing "wash me" on Captain Caveman's van.
  • Tragic Villain: Revealed when the Splits moan their past glory in VIP Baby You Know Me.
    Fleegle: Did you say... "cool"? "Cool". I haven't heard that word in years. Did you know we used to be cool? We used to be... the coolest.
    Shag: Oh, snap.
    Fleegle: Don't waste your time on being cool, kid. It doesn't last anyways.
  • Trauma Button: As soon as Shag mentions the word "cool", they immediately lament about how they used to be the coolest before they fell from grace.
  • Vocal Dissonance: For such a big guy, Bingo has a high-pitched voice.
  • The Voiceless: Just like with all other representations of the character, Snorky communicates entirely in honking noises. The other Splits usually don’t bother to translate what he says this time around.
  • Weight Woe: Bingo breaks down in tears when he looks at himself in a bunch of (funhouse) mirrors and believes that he's gotten fat. Ironic considering his original incarnation was rather pudgy.
  • White-Dwarf Starlet: Their coolness came and gone, leaving them no choice but to turn to a life of crime.

    The King and his Crew
Voiced by: Bernardo de Paula (King)
A campy lion who leads a talented dance crew to take over Top Cat's alley.

    The Cattanooga Cats
Voiced by: Scott Whyte (Country), Georgie Kidder (Kitty Jo)
A band of cat animatronics (and their pet dog) who host the Catanooga Cheese Explosion, and want every kid there to be happy.
  • Adaptation Species Change: The Cats and their dog Teeny Tim are animatronics instead of animals, and (according to posts from the show's staff) don't exist in any other form in the show's universe.
  • Adaptational Villainy: They go from the protagonists of a cartoon to robotic menaces that try to kill Yogi and Shag.
  • The Cameo: They are shown in the background in "Business".
  • Happiness Is Mandatory: One of the rules of the Cattanooga Cheese Explosion is that every kid must be happy. When Shag throws a temper tantrum, they viciously mock him in song form, and when both Shag and Yogi are unhappy (and not family), they decide that the best option is murder.
  • Instrument of Murder: All of the Cats' instruments double as laser blasters, even Groove's drum set and Kitty Jo's tambourine.
  • Hostile Animatronics: They initially appear to be cheap prerecorded audio-animatronics, but as their episode goes on, they're revealed to be somewhat sentient and serve as the restaurant's overzealous security system.
  • Recurring Element: They are the third dancing, musical themed animal group to be portrayed as villains in the Jellystone universe.
  • Red Eyes, Take Warning: When they enter their Killer Robot mode, their eyes turn red with yellow highlights.
  • Suck E. Cheese's: They're the hosts of the Cattanooga Cheese Explosion, an entertainment center filled with all the staples like overpriced ticket prizes and greasy pizza.
  • Super-Powered Robot Meter Maids: Despite being animatronics, they have access to laser beams and sensors. Teeny Tim, despite being just a robot waiter, can turn into a much larger mecha.
  • Transforming Mecha: Teeny Tim can morph into a mecha shaped like a dog's head, with the Cats detaching their heads to sit on top of it.
  • Would Hurt a Child: The Cats have no issues with ganging up on Shag Rugg and attempting to rip him limb from limb.
  • The Voiceless: Scoots and Groove are the only members not to have any lines.

    The Great Gazoo
Voiced by: Flula Borg
A little green man who serves as the tutorial NPC of the virtual reality game "Buddy Blasters".
  • Adaptational Nationality: He now speaks with an Austrian accent.
  • Adaptational Species Change: He was an alien in his original show but is now an artificial intelligence in the Jellystone cartoon.
  • Adaptational Villainy: Much more openly malicious than his original counterpart.
  • Bitch in Sheep's Clothing: Gazoo acts like a preppy, fun loving NPC as he encourages Auggie and Yakky to keep playing. He does this knowing fully well of the havoc and chaos they'll unleash onto the outside world.
  • Voluntary Shapeshifting: Fitting his existence as an A.I., he can manipulate his physical appearance at his will. He retains his antenna with his new appearances, however.

    The Funky Phantom
Voiced by: Paul F. Tompkins
A colonial-era ghost and former pro wrestler.
  • Adaptational Badass: The Funky Phantom is a former pro-wrestler.
  • Adaptational Villainy: Once again, he is put in an antagonistic role, though not to the extent as in Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated.
  • Broken Pedestal: A once-famous wrestler that Huck idolizes, eventually revealed to have been disgraced when he resorted to a dangerous method of cheating. However, Huck still has respect for him in the end.
  • Demonic Possession: In the past, he was disqualified from his championship match when he possessed Mighty Mightor to break his limbs. In the present, he possesses Yogi in a fit of rage and uses his body to harass the crowd.
  • Divergent Character Evolution: Snagglepuss and The Funky Phantom usually have very similar personalities (to the point of sharing some of their catchphrases), but Jellystone! reinterprets Mudsy as a hammy former pro-wrestler who shares very little in common with Snagglepuss (who largely retains his usual personality).
  • Face–Heel Turn: The real reason he retired from wrestling. He was so ashamed of himself for turning Heel that he couldn't face his former fans from his actions.
  • Fallen-on-Hard-Times Job: After retiring from wrestling and fading from the spotlight, he became a spokesperson for edible avocado arrangements.
  • Formerly Fit: His championship belt era of wrestling shows as him toned and muscular. In the current time, he has grown much fatter, with his belly sticking out over his wrestling uniform.
  • Go-Karting with Bowser: Despite his villainous nature being exposed to the town, he's shown performing in an orchestra in "A Town Video: Welcome to Jellystone" as The Cameo.
  • My Greatest Failure: He retired from wrestling after losing a match for the championship belt. It's only after Huck recalls the match again that he remembers that it was a disqualification loss that was entirely Funky's doing.
  • Only Known by Their Nickname: His full name in his cartoon, Jonathan Wellington "Mudsy" Muddlemore, goes unmentioned in this show, as everyone refers to him by his ringname.
  • Sore Loser: When faced with defeat at the hands of Yogi, Funky promptly possesses him. It takes the combined efforts of every other wrestler, plus Huck as "Avocadog", to take him down.

Unaffiliated Citizens

    Doggie Daddy
Voiced by: C.H. Greenblatt
The incredibly caring father of Augie Doggie.
  • Character Exaggeration: His original counterpart is more of a strict Open-Minded Parent who takes pride in his son being more competent than him. Here, he takes helicopter parenting to a whole new level but spoils his daughter to the point of never disciplining her for anything.
  • Deal with the Devil: In "The Big Stink", he reveals that he gave up his sense of smell to a sea hag in exchange for a daughter.
  • Doting Parent: Maes Hughes wishes he could be as adoring as this guy to his daughter.
  • Everyone Calls Him "Barkeep": He's called Daddy by everyone and his college nickname is "Ten Pin Daddy". Lampshaded by Captain Caveman saying calling him daddy feels right.
  • Foil:
    • To Captain Caveman. Both are dads. Doggie Daddy has years of experience with parenting, while Captain Caveman is new to parenting. Doggie Daddy smothers his daughter and can't apart from her. Captain Caveman is hands-off, as he lets Cavey Jr do his own stuff knowing he can take care of himself. Captain Caveman also thinks Doggie Daddy is annoying.
    • To Chopper. Both are canine single parents. Chopper encourages Yakky to take risks, while Doggie Daddy tries to protect Augie from anything he deems Harmful to Minors. As a result, Yakky is quite intelligent for her age while Augie behaves like a Kiddie Kid. Chopper also seems to have adopted Yakky while Doggie Daddy got his daughter through a Deal with the Devil.
  • Grew a Spine: In "The Brave Little Daddy", he eventually stands up to Grape Ape. He harshly disciplines him.
  • Helicopter Parents: Doggie Daddy admits more than once that almost his entire existence is based around taking care of his daughter, Augie. In "My Doggie Dave," he was mentally incapable of processing the idea of leaving Augie at home with a babysitter. He has shown a willingness to let Augie go to places he deems safe, such as school and the playground, but panics at the idea of her being even a few feet away from him otherwise in public.
  • Hidden Depths: Showed enough mechanical skill to repair Ruff and Reddy to full functionality in "Gotta Kiss Them All".
  • Ignored Epiphany: Questions Augie in "Squish or Miss" if his parenting methods are emotionally acceptable. Augie's Non-Answer reassures him he has no problems.
  • Pushover Parents: In contrast to his original counterpart, Doggie Daddy has never disciplined Augie for anything, and he tries the same methods with Grape Ape in "The Brave Little Daddy", which predictably wind up failing. It's justified for this Augie as she's very well behaved and never does anything that merits Doggie Daddy being sterner, which he points out.
  • Truly Single Parent: As noted above, he made a Deal with the Devil to have Augie, which means that Augie really doesn't have a mother.

    Captain Caveman
Voiced by: Jim Conroy
A caveman superhero and the resident party animal.
  • All Drummers Are Animals: The resident party animal is also the drummer of Yogi's band. When drumming, he taps into anger until Squiddly teaches him to tap into positive emotions.
  • Bumbling Dad: He wants to be a good father to his son, but he can barely take care of himself as it stands. Thankfully, Caveman Jr. is capable of being out on his own and doesn't mind it.
  • Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass: He still has superpowers in this show, and while he rarely uses them productively, he's able to fight when danger comes along.
  • Foil: To Doggie Daddy. Both are dads. Doggie Daddy has years of experience with parenting, while Captain Caveman is new to parenting. Doggie Daddy smothers his daughter and can't apart from her. Captain Caveman is hands-off, as he lets Cavey Jr do his own stuff knowing he can take care of himself. Captain Caveman also thinks Doggie Daddy is annoying.
  • Flight: He can fly whenever an emergency arises.
  • Hidden Depths: Despite being a caveman living in a trailer, he's also some kind of scientist, capable of doing DNA tests (or at least scamming people that he does).
  • Life of the Party: Whenever the Jellystonians have a get-together, Cavey likes doing the most outlandish stunts to show off.
  • Open-Minded Parent: For what it's worth, he immediately tries to step up and be a good dad when he finds out that Caveman Jr. is his son. Once it becomes clear that Junior is already self-reliant, Cap is totally fine with it, letting Junior go off to play in the woods and being content that he'll see him around sometimes.
  • Really 700 Years Old: He is implied to be 2 million years old, having witnessed (and gotten traumatized by) the last ice age. Being frozen during that time and thawing out in the modern world may be the most likely explanation.
  • Trashy Trailer Home: Captain Caveman lives in a messy trailer parked in a vacant lot, emphasizing his disheveled lifestyle.
  • You No Take Candle: He talks in slightly broken English, fitting with how he's both a cave-person and not very bright.

    Caveman Jr.
Voiced by: Dana Snyder
Captain Caveman's son.

    Touché Turtle and the Musketeers
Voiced by: Dana Snyder (Touché Turtle), C. H. Greenblatt (Yippee), Grace Helbig (Yappee), Jim Conroy (Yahooey)
A peacekeeping turtle and a trio of musketeer stooges who serves the police force of Jellystone.
  • Adaptational Dumbass: Touche is far less competent than he used to be. He seriously thinks that designing a truck is a good use of the police budget.
  • Adaptation Dye-Job: Yappee's hair was previously black, but in this series it appears to be brown.
  • Beware the Silly Ones: Touche can be useless at times, but he WILL harshly punish you for your crimes, no matter how minor.
  • Celebrity Endorsement: Parodied. Touche is the sponsor for Turtle Sweat Juice.
  • Eyes Out of Sight: True to her original counterpart, Yappee's eyes are obscured by fringes of hair.
  • Gender Flip: Yappee is now a girl.
  • Police Are Useless: Their episode debut involved them brainstorming a bunch of ineffective ideas on how to wake up Grape Ape and not trying any of them.
  • Reasonable Authority Figure: In "The Box Thief", Touche is willing to let Yakky off the hook when he finds out that she only took the boxes for her unboxing videos.
  • Suspiciously Similar Substitute: The Goofy Guards seem to be replacements for Dum-Dum, another dumb dog who assisted Touche Turtle, and is absent from the series.
  • Those Two Guys: Or rather, those three guys (and girl). The Goofy Guards are always seen together.
  • Two Guys and a Girl: Thanks to Yappee's gender flip, the Goofy Guards now form this dynamic.

    Wally Gator
Voiced by: Jeff Bergman
An alligator who's missing a few screws.
  • Accidental Theft: In "Uh Oh! It's a Burglar!", Wally accidentally shoplifted a bowtie. He dressed like a burglar to sneak it back in the store at night.
  • Butt-Monkey: Seems to be a magnet for bad luck whenever he shows up.
  • Cute Little Fangs: He now has two small sharp teeth sticking out of his mouth (from the upper jaw like a real alligator).
  • The Ditherer: The conflict in "Uh Oh! It's a Burglar!" is kickstarted by Wally being unsure on what bowtie to wear, which really annoys Loopy.
  • The Ditz: He doesn't seem to be all there. In "DNA A-OK", he asks a stop sign if it's his father.
  • Everyone Has Standards: He is visibly uncomfortable when the underage Shag tries to hit on him in "The Brave Little Daddy".
  • Gratuitous French: In "A Town Video: Welcome to Jellystone", he starts speaking French after a misstep on a brain operation.
  • Green Gators: Wally is a bright green alligator, just like he was in his cartoons.
  • Hidden Depths: He's a great artist and can bake snickerdoodles.
  • The Klutz: He is most frequently seen in or around the hospital after having had some sort of accident (in one episode he is seen in a full-body cast) or coming down with some other strange malady (in another he is seeing Yogi about a growth on his neck that looks like Wally's own face).
  • Lonely Among People: Wally is pretty lonely in the populous town of Jellystone. In "Spell Book", no one visits his house to bake snickerdoodles and he's really sad because of that.
  • Sewer Gator: "DNA A-OK" suggests he lives in the town's sewers. However, he's shown living in a run-down shack in the Halloween Episode. In "The Box Thief", he chooses to guard the sewers when looking for the thief and says he likes it, despite complaining about the smell.

    Peter Potamus
Voiced by: C.H. Greenblatt
A hippo with a great affinity for Japanese media.
  • Companion Cube: He treats his dakimakura, Ayako, like she's a real person.
  • Flying Postman: As revealed in Season 2, he is Jellystone's resident mailman. He goes around in his magic flying balloon/air ship making deliveries, even for small packages
  • The Friend Nobody Likes: Frequently portrayed as the most pathetic citizen of Jellystone, who keeps getting shunned and excluded (though Huckleberry Hound does find his welcome mat reviews engaging).
  • Frozen Dinner of Loneliness: In "Grocery Store", he's shown buying a "Lonely-Man" microwave dinner for one.
  • Hidden Depths: He does show some legitimate martial arts skill, likely owing to his Otaku interests.
  • Huggy, Huggy Hippos: He is a good natured if obnoxious hippo, though nobody wants to actually hug him.
  • I Just Want to Have Friends: He just wants to hang out and be social, but nobody wants to give him the time of day.
  • Otaku: He is into anime and he even has a cat-girl body pillow.
  • Simpleton Voice: He's pretty dopey and has an equally dopey voice.
  • Super Drowning Skills: He cannot swim, just like real hippos.
  • Unflattering ID Photo: His official pilot license shows him with an anime eye filter.

Voiced by: Fajer Al-Kaisi
A jolly and all powerful genie who handles a variety of jobs around Jellystone.
  • Abusive Parents: When he hears Captain Caveman call him "stupid" out loud (it was actually Cavey Jr saying the word repeatedly), Shazzan walks away irritated, asking if he's his mom.
  • All-Powerful Bystander: If he's still as powerful as he was in his home series, he could probably resolve the plot at any time he wanted. Luckily, he prefers to stand by and watch what happens.
  • Does Not Like Shoes: Just like his original counterpart, Shazzan prefers to be barefooted.
  • Even the Guys Want Him: One of his admirers is his guy coworker Mildew Wolf.
  • Everyone Has Standards: In "Mr. Flabby Dabby Wabby Jabby", he refuses to sell Augie, Yakky, and Shag tickets to Super Ultra Death Woman 4: The Deathening knowing that the movie would scar the children. With that said, he's at least reasonable enough to let them see the movie with adult supervision.
  • Incompatible Orientation: Mildew Wolf certainly wants him but he is not interested to the point of annoyance. Jabberjaw also wants him, but as shown in "It's A Mad Mad Mad Rat Race", he is disgusted by her. Augie has a crush on him, which he thankfully doesn't reciprocate for obvious reasons. What he likes is currently up in the air.
  • Mr. Fanservice: One of the most attractive members of the cast.
  • New Job as the Plot Demands: Shazzan is seen working somewhere different almost every time he appears: handing out free samples at a grocery store, managing tickets at the movie theater, running a falafel stand, and so on.
  • Sizeshifter: Implied. Compared to the original show where he could touch the heavens itself, this version is shown to be the size of an average human.
  • Suspiciously Similar Substitute: He replaced Babu, who was not allowed to be in the show due to legal issues with Sony Pictures Television. When Shazzan does magic, he says 'yibble dibble', which sounds similar to Babu's 'yapple dapple'.

    Jonny Quest and Hadji
Voiced by: Fajer Al-Kaisi (Hadji), Andrew Frankel (Jonny)
The sons (or adoptive son in Hadji's case) of famous scientist Dr. Benton Quest, Jonny and Hadji are frequently seen doing various jobs around Jellystone, including owning and operating the Quest Lanes bowling alley.
  • Adaptation Relationship Overhaul: They're adoptive brothers in the original show. Here, they're a gay couple.
  • Adaptational Sexuality: Jonny and Hadji are both gay in this iteration, as they were confirmed by Word of God to be married.
  • Age Lift: They're both adults in this series as opposed to kids in their original counterparts.
  • The Cameo: They most frequently appear in the background.
  • Crazy Jealous Guy: Jonny in the Beach Episode. He seemed pretty ticked that his husband was giving more attention to serving the sea monsters.
  • It's All About Me: Jonny always wants Hadji to pay attention to him. Hadji calls him out on this, saying that not everything is about him.
  • The Men in Black: In "Jellystone Moon Platoon", they show up in suits and shades to recruit Yogi, Augie, and Snagglepuss for the space mission.
  • Mr. Fanservice: They spend all of "The Sea Monsters of Jellystone Cove" in swimwear and get an ass focus as Yogi and Boo-Boo give them water balloon wedgies.
  • Pretty Boy: They are slender and attractive. Jonny also has an effeminate voice.
  • Shirtless Scene: They spend all of "The Sea Monsters of Jellystone Cove" shirtless.
  • Spell My Name with an S: Jonny's name is spelled 'Johnny' in the closed captions and episode credits.
  • Suddenly Speaking: Hadji finally speaks in "A Town Video", while Jonny finally speaks in "The Sea Monsters of Jellystone Cove".
  • Those Two Guys: They are always seen together.
  • Token Human: In a cast consisting mostly of Funny Animals and a few fantastic beings like genies, witches and ghosts, the two of them are regular-looking humans. Downplayed in that other regular-looking humans have been seen.

    Grape Ape
Voiced by: C.H. Greenblatt
A 40-foot tall purple primate who usually sticks to the outskirts of town, as he often causes destruction whenever he goes near it.
  • Gentle Giant: For as many accidents as he's caused, he's still a jolly ape and has helped the other Jellystonians with his strength when necessary.
  • Kaiju: He's occasionally portrayed in a kaiju-like fashion, particularly in "Gorilla in Our Midst", which is a kid-friendly spoof of giant monster disaster movies, complete with Grape Ape departing into the sea.
  • Lack of Empathy: In "The Brave Little Daddy", Augie calls him out for having zero empathy. Grape Ape just takes food, wrecking the town in the process, without even thinking about other people's feelings.
  • Manchild: He is stated to have the brain of a toddler. It really shows, especially with how he still sucks his thumb.
  • Phrase Catcher: Averted. This time, no one tends to shout "YEOW! A GORIL-IL-IL-IL-ILLA!" and run away if they see him.
  • Unwitting Instigator of Doom:
    • His food coma from a giant meatball in "Gorilla in Our Midst" led to him collapsing in the town square, causing heavy destruction and mass panic until the hospital staff cured him.
    • In "Squish or Miss", Grape Ape gets set up as a skatepark obstacle by a now-fearless Yakky Doodle, stomping around while listening to music. Augie and Shag don't manage to stop her before all three of them get squished.
  • The Voiceless: The original Grape Ape was already a fairly simple speaker, but this incarnation hasn't said any words in Season 1. Subverted in Season 2.

    Lippy the Lion and Hardy Har-Har
Voiced by: Jeff Bergman (Lippy), Jenny Lorenzo (Hardy)
An elderly lion and hyena who can be seen wandering around Jellystone.

    Squiddly Diddly
Voiced by: Niccole Thurman
An upbeat octopus who runs the town's music store.
  • A Dog Named "Cat": She's an octopus, not a squid.
  • Appropriate Animal Attire: In "Pants", Squiddly invents four-legged pants, which are perfect for her considering she has four feet. However, it is really only appropriate for her specifically.
  • The Fashionista: Squiddly likes to start fashion trends, such as four-legged pants and comically large hats.
  • Gender Flip: Male in the original, female here.
  • Hidden Depths:
    • In "Face of the Town!", one of Huckleberry's attempts to chose the new face of Jellystone is a quiz. Squiddly scores over 6000 points.
    • Much like her original counterpart, she is also quite musically-inclined.
  • Non-Mammalian Hair: She's an octopus with magenta hair.
  • Odd Friendship: With Bobbie Looey, a hardworking business donkey.
  • Spider-Sense: She has the psychic ability to sense when someone is "hurting music".
  • Tertiary Sexual Characteristics: Squiddly's new female design incorporates accessories, pink hair and jewelry on occasions.
  • Valley Girl: Her main archetype.

    Bobbie Looey
Voiced by: Jenny Lorenzo
This competent sidekick is now a successful boss lady.
  • Adaptational Nationality: Downplayed. She has an Americanized accent, yet according to Jenny Lorenzo, Bobbie is Cuban-American like her VA, making her Latina still.
  • Adaptation Relationship Overhaul: She's not involved with Quick Draw's exploits, not even as El Kabong's sidekick. Season 2 implies they're at least friends, maybe.
  • Adaptational Modesty: Her original version is mostly naked with a bandana and a hat, while she is more dressed in here.
  • Ambiguously Evil: At the end of "Business", she reveals her plot to take over Jellystone. This could possibly just be a throwaway gag, but you never know.
  • Bespectacled Cutie: Soft-spoken, courteous, well-dressed and nimble-witted with the frames only accentuating her cuteness.
  • Gender Flip: Male in the original cartoon, female in Jellystone!.
  • The Mentor: She becomes a business mentor to Augie in "Business".
  • Odd Friendship: With Squiddly Diddly, an air headed valley girl.
  • Smart People Wear Glasses: She wears a pair and is a successful small-business owner with the drive and vocabulary to back it up.
  • Take Over the World: She plans to take over Jellystone and then the world.
  • Third Eye: She has one underneath her Tuft of Head Fur as revealed in "Business".
  • Work Hard, Play Hard: Her commitment to efficiency has never diluted any taste for hanging out with the gang at the bowling lanes.

    Mildew Wolf
Voiced by: Bernardo de Paula

A wolf who works at various jobs around town.

  • Abusive Parents: He has mommy issues as proven in the initial draft for "Jelly Wrestle Rumble". When Augie Doggie and Doggie Daddy hug the possessed Yogi so tight that the Funky Phantom exits his body, Mildew laments that he wishes his mother hugged him like that, making fans realize that his mom didn't show him enough love as a kid. However, this did not appear in the final cut of the episode.
  • Adaptational Heroism: He no longer tries to chase after Lambsy and gets along with the rest of the town.
  • Adaptation Relationship Overhaul: He no longer has any business with Lambsy.
  • Adaptational Sexuality: He's gay in the series, as he has a crush on Shazzan.
  • Bewitched Amphibians: In "Spell Book", Winnie turns him into a frog.
  • Born Unlucky: In "The Big Stink", he confesses that he's always been unlucky.
  • Butt-Monkey: A lot of bad stuff happens to him. In the theme song, he's one of the Couch Gags that causes the destruction of the town. Later on, he gets squashed by a bounce house, was neglected by his mother, ignored by his crush, swallowed by Yogi, turned into jelly, bloated with pickles, turned into a frog, and smushed by Peter's hot-air balloon. This is all in the first season.
  • Casanova Wannabe: A gay variant. He tries to be a 'manizer' and use his pick-up lines on Shazzan, to no avail. He even purposely broke his leg to try and score with him.
  • Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass: Despite being perceived as an unlucky loser, Mildew can be quite courageous when the town is in danger. In "The Big Stink", he risked his life trying to end the stink that he caused.
  • Friendless Background: All of his past friends have abandoned him.
  • George Jetson Job Security: He could give the trope namer a run for his money.
  • Hopeless Suitor: To Shazzan, who couldn't care less about him.
  • Interspecies Romance: A wolf who is in love with a genie.
  • New Job as the Plot Demands: He has a new job every time he appears.
  • No-Sell: In the war, he got punched in the nose and lost his sense of smell. As a result, he is unaffected by bad smells.
  • Older Than They Look: He looks relatively young, but "The Big Stink" reveals that he once fought in war.
  • Squashed Flat: In the online short "Wait-Tea", Mildew is squashed flat by Peter Potamus' hot-air balloon.
  • Staring Contest: In "Face of the Town!", he has a staring contest with Winsome Witch.

    The Young Adult Angels
Voiced by: Niccole Thurman (Dee Dee Skyes), Grace Helbig (Taffy Dare), Georgie Kidder (Brenda Chance)

Originally known as the Teen Angels, these lovely ladies can be often be found doing various jobs around town.

  • Adaptational Hairstyle Change: In the original, Dee Dee wore her hair in an afro. Here, she wears it in a puff.
  • Adaptational Modesty: In the original, Taffy wore a short dress. While she still wears the dress, she now wears dark tights.
  • Adaptation Relationship Overhaul: They no longer hang out with Captain Caveman.
  • Age Lift: They are adults here. Lampshaded when Dee Dee and Taffy call themselves the Young Adult Angels in the Beach Episode.
  • The Cameo: You'll mainly just find them in the background, though they do speak every now and then.
  • Character Tics: The few times we see Brenda, she's always shown folding her hands on top of one another.
  • Hidden Depths: Episode 20 showcases Dee Dee leading a group of Jellystone citizens as an orchestra conductor.
  • New Job as the Plot Demands: They each have had many different jobs, from receptionist, to conductor, to camerawoman.
  • Odd Friendship: "Bleep" shows that Brenda is friends with Big H, even though Big H is part of a criminal gang.
  • Spell My Name with an S: It's hard to tell what the proper way to spell Dee Dee's last name is due to her current lack of role to episode plots. The staff has called her "Dee Dee Sykes" which is what the Other Wiki had her name as for a while until SCOOB! came out and her incarnation in that film used "Skyes".

Voiced by: Angelique Perrin

Yakky's adoptive mother, who also runs the Catanooga Cheese Explosion pizzeria.

  • Adaptation Personality Change: The original Chopper was extremely protective of Yakky, unwilling to let anything harm his "little buddy". This version actively encourages Yakky to take some risks, believing it'll help build her character.
  • Foil: To Doggie Daddy. Both are canine single parents. Chopper encourages Yakky to take risks, while Doggie Daddy tries to protect Augie from anything he deems Harmful to Minors. As a result, Yakky is quite intelligent for her age while Augie behaves like a Kiddie Kid.
  • Gender Flip: Male in the original cartoon, female in Jellystone!.
  • Open-Minded Parent: In "Squish or Miss", she encourages Yakky to take risks, telling her that getting hurt along the way builds character.
  • Related in the Adaptation: The original Chopper was a big brother figure to Yakky. Here, she is Yakky's adoptive mother.

    Snooper and Blabber
Voiced by: Georgie Kidder (Super Snooper), Bernardo de Paula (Blabber Mouse)

A gung-ho cat-and-mouse detective duo.

  • A Day in the Limelight: Subverted. At first, "The Box Thief" seems to be focused on them before the focus shifts to Augie, Yakky, and Shag.
  • Black-and-White Morality: To them, you're either pure good or pure evil. There's no in-between.
  • Brooklyn Rage: They still speak with New York accents and are extremely passionate in their detective work.
  • The Cameo: They made one in the Halloween Episode during the Insert Song. This was also their first appearance on the show.
  • Felony Misdemeanor: If you do something relatively mild like stealing, they'll treat you like you're a serial killer. Just look at their episode "The Box Thief", where Blabber states that whoever stole the packages is pure evil.
  • Gender Flip: Snooper is now a girl.
  • Hot-Blooded: Their commitment to detective work plus their Black-and-White Morality makes them fiercely passionate.
  • Older Than They Look: Snooper at least may be older than she seems. The duo have been detectives for 34 years, but Snooper doesn't exactly look it. Blabber, on the other hand, has facial hair.
  • Perma-Stubble: Blabber now has stubble on his chin.
  • Tiny Guy, Huge Girl: Since Snooper went through a Gender Flip, Snooper is the huge girl and Blabber is the tiny guy.

Voiced by: George Takei
Peter Potamus's faithful monkey sidekick is still along for the adventure.
  • Adaptational Badass: Implied, "Balloon Kids" reveals he can magically vanish into a puff of smoke, an ability that no other version of the character has used.
  • Only Friend: So-So appears to be Peter's only legitimate friend. He is not annoyed by his otaku tendencies, even dressing up as Happy to go with Peter's Natsu costume in "Spell Book". He also helps him train for the wrestling match in "Jelly Wrestle Rumble".
  • Out of Focus: Although Peter is a recurring character, So-So has only seen outside of cameos a handful of times.
  • The Quiet One: Has only spoken in "Balloon Kids" so far.
  • Suddenly Speaking: When he speaks, it shocks everyone.
  • Trickster Mentor: Takes this position to Augie, Shag, and Yakky, leaving them to overcome the obstacles they face rather than help them himself.
  • Vocal Dissonance: When he finally does speak, it's the deepest voice of any of the show's characters.