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Once you see this submap, the game becomes much darker.

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Adventure Time

  • Alex has two of these:
    • Chapter 4 has, for the first time ever, Marceline is finally called out for her actions by the Candy People when her opponent, the titular antagonist, exposes her actions from "What Was Missing".
    • Chapter 10 has Marceline and Princess Bubblegum finding out that Alex has been watching their every move as well as being the Big Bad of the entire animated series all along. The biggest wham of this is that Alex is responsible for their falling out.

  • Dæmorphing: Welcome Home starts with the Yeerks figuring out the Animorphs' identities, so they have to rush to evacuate their families. They save Cassie's family for last, allowing Michelle to get lured into The Sharing and infested by a sub-visser. Then at the end, Tom becomes a Hork-Bajir nothlit.
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  • In Sporadic Phantoms's Emergency Livestream, Kyle finds out the truth about the Sharing and how it's a front for an alien invasion when Elizabeth thinks she's won him over and tries to infest him. Stevie is revealed to be The Mole in the group, Robin is revealed to have willingly joined the Yeerks, and Kyle is saved by the Animorphs and taken to safety.
  • What Tomorrow Brings:
    • At first, it seems like a standard Peggy Sue fic, but then chapter 6 reveals that Tom was sent back along with the Animorphs.
    • In chapter 32, Cassie accidentally kills Visser Three, and she realises that Loren is the reason why the Ellimist created the splinter universe.

  • To Hell and Back (Arrowverse) has quite a few examples:
    • Arc II, Chapter 14: Vartox attacks Kara, alerting the trio to the presence of aliens on Earth.
    • Arc II, Chapter 16: Slade finally reunites with the leads after escaping A.R.G.U.S..
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    • Arc II, Chapter 21: Amanda Waller sends Kara to collect Mari McCabe, and proposes the formation of the Justice League.
    • Arc II, Chapter 25: Tommy gets shot, and thanks to a blood transfusion to save him, Oliver is revealed to be the biological son of Malcolm Merlyn, instead of Robert Queen.
    • Arc II, Chapter 27: Oliver realizes that Malcolm is the rogue Al Sa-Her, the same time Barry discovers the Time Vault and learns that Dr. Wells is the Man in the Yellow Suit. Kara learns that it is her Aunt Astra who is leading the Fort Rozz forces after meeting her Uncle and Astra's husband Non again, and promptly kills Non as a warning to Astra.
    • Arc II, Chapters 34-35: The leads finally capture Dr. Wells, who reveals his true identity as Eobard Thawne. Thawne then reveals that there have been changes to the timeline that he was not responsible for, among which include Kara and Kal-El landing together on Earth instead of just the latter at first. He also reveals their superhero names from the alternate timeline, and that Barry will one day marry Iris. S.T.A.R. Labs is then attacked by the remaining Fort Rozz escapees and the metahuman criminals that Barry captured and were imprisoned by A.R.G.U.S. Cisco awakens his powers. Thawne is then sucked into a random portal that inexplicably appears in the Pipeline during his final battle with Barry.
    • Arc II, Chapters 39-40: Frank Chen reveals the Undertaking on live TV. Tommy gets shot again, and Malcolm saves his life using a vial of what is implied to be Lazarus Pit water. Afterwards, Oliver defeats him and captures him, and they use the failure of the Undertaking as the debut of the Justice League.
    • Arc III, Chapter 42: The trio rescue an alien from one of Eiling's old bases. Said alien turns out to be J'onn J'onzz, the last son of Mars, who reveals to them that those who wiped out his people were not the White Martians like in canon, but the Dominators.
    • Arc III, Chapter 43: A breach opens up in the basement in S.T.A.R. Labs, and spits out Zoom's helmet, much to the confusion of Cisco, Caitlin, and Ronnie, and the apprehension of Barry.

Avatar: The Last Airbender
  • Avatar: The Last Airbender Revised liberally features Wham Episodes, such as:
    • The Runaway: Zotu's encounter with the ex-Dai Li informant reveals that the Dai Li has brain surgeons in their forces, who tamper with the minds of political dissidents, effectively brainwashing them into obedience.
    • The Gathering Storm: During an emotional evening preceding the massive battle to protect the city of Taku from a legion of Fire Nation soldiers, Ain confesses that he abandoned the Avatar Monks because he accidentally killed his mentor, while Sai reveals that she is actually the heir to one of the greatest fortunes in the Earth Kingdom, the daughter of Lao Bei Fong, one of the EK's regional governors. Then, during the battle, Sakodi commits his first murder, against his friend Enri, who in turn reveals that Omashu has been conquered. After barely winning the battle, the group witnesses large plumes of smoke coming from the south, revealing that the Border Forest has been completely destroyed. Oh yeah, and after her first incapacitation, Jun admits to Indo that his wife is still alive.
    • The Inventor: The Fire Nation's firearms have been completely destroyed, at the expense of the life of their inventor, who was ordered to be executed by Kyasin.
    • The Battle of the Citadel, Parts I and II: Indo reunites with his wife, Xira, who reveals that the brain surgeons of the Dai Li were originally the servants of the FN Royal Family, and thus it is concluded that Aizo ordered that Zotu's memories of his mother be expelled. The Avatar seizes control of Ain and uses its immense power to demolish the Fire Nation Naval Forces, killing thousands of soldiers. However, as the waterbenders are celebrating their victory, word is received that while the battle was taking place, a legion of soldiers swept through the remains of the Border Forest and up the coast, having claimed nearly all of the Earth Kingdom, aside from Ba Sing Se.
  • Chapters 36-38 of Kyoshi Rising are a series of Wham moments: Honsou's plot to manipulate the Fire Nation Royal Family is uncovered, Miyaki becomes the first non Avatar to Bend lightning, Kyoshi kills Jian Feng, Prince Adachi dies from his injuries received in that fight, and Chin the Conqueror is name dropped as a major player in the breakdown of the Earth Kingdom.

  • Downfall has Chapter 19. Rukia dies. what makes it even more of a sucker-punch is that, up to that point, this AU's differences were were mostly characters being alive, when they ought to have been dead.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer
  • In chapter 95 of Xendra, Buffy learns that Faith was being magically controlled after fatally wounding her. Meanwhile Kennedy is called as the third active slayer.
    • The following chapter suggests there might be as many as five Slayers after Buffy flatlined from forcing Angel to feed on her and Faith flatlined twice while in the hospital. Turns out there's only three.
    • While the Wham Line from chapter 152 suggested Xander is now the Key instead of Dawn, 159 shows it's actually Xendra.

Calvin and Hobbes
  • Script Fic Calvin and Hobbes: The Series has "Thunderstorm", which brings in a competent and serious villain to a series which has had mostly easily-defeated villains. What's more, Calvin finally calls Hobbes out on his cowardice with an epic "The Reason You Suck" Speech. As a result, he actually starts making more of an effort to help.
    • "Black Rain", being the Series Finale, has one when Slenderman kills Dr. Thunderstorm and Shadow.
  • In Chapter 19 of Calvin's Quest, part of The Omniverse Event, Calvin and Hobbes have finally gathered together all six Pillars. However, as soon as they do so, they are transported to the Paradox Dimension, where they encounter Nivlac, an evil duplicate of Calvin. Over the course of Chapters 19 and 20, it's revealed that the entire Quest was a trap orchestrated by Nivlac to complete the Pillar Mechanism and take Calvin's place in reality.

  • In Slightly Damned: Wind of Redemption and Rebirth, chapter 8 shows just how serious the situation is, and what happens in this fic when The Bad Guy Wins, topping it off by showing that Anyone Can Die, by killing major character: Shun Hayami
  • Ace Combat: The Equestrian War has chapter 7. Up until this point, no pony or griffon died in the war, even though many soldiers were wounded. In this chapter, Black Star reveals himself to the Mirage squadron, much to Firefly's dismay, and she confesses he is responsible for the death of her parents. As the battle drags on, the ponies end up at a disadvantage and are about to be defeated. Cue Mobius performing a Big Damn Hero moment, defeating three griffins all by himself and saving the pegasi. Since then, the whole story becomes Darker and Edgier, though there are still tender moments of respite.
    • But then comes chapter 15...
    • The ending of chapter 19 is also a bit whammy. Gilda returns and strikes Firefly down, seeking a final confrontation with Rainbow Dash to determine which of them is number one.
  • Apprentice in chapter 9 when the original Dr. Robotnik is resurrected.
  • Becoming Ponies has Becoming Fluttershy, chapter twenty, in which Erishy is almost killed by anti-pony terrorists and gains the Element of Kindness.
  • The Touhou Project/The Familiar of Zero crossover Border of the Void had a rather suspicious absence of Reimu from the Touhou side. Chapter 32 finally reveals why, as well as why the previous chapter revealed Flandre to be the Blood Devil of the Scarlet Devil Mansion. Not only is it set 100 years after the Touhou games, but a vampire hunter had managed to kill both Reimu Hakurei and Remilia Scarlet.
  • The Bridge:
    • In Chapter 20: the mysterious Big Bad leading the villainous kaiju is revealed to be Bagan, while it's also revealed that the Tree of Harmony is sentient, and is also the Big Good manipulating events to try and help the heroes.
    • In Chapter 29: Bagan attacks Harmony in her lair, causing enough damage that she won't be able to interfere in the mortal world for some time. Meanwhile, Monster X and Aria manage to to defeat Enjin only for his core to absorb her in order to reconstitute him in his full kaiju form; before she's fully absorbed, however, she manages to transfer her power to X in order to give him a fighting chance.
    • Chapter 31: Not only does Xenilla have Godzilla Senior's memories, he also has the Mothra family line's memories, and he attacked Senior all those years ago due to misinterpreting them. Godzilla Junior finally learns Xenilla truly loved him and sacrificed everything to make him strong enough to survive. Finally, we learn Grogar taught several of the previous MLP villains like Sombra, Tirek, Chrysalis, and Discord magic, and he's a being on par with Bagan and Harmony.
    • Chapter 34: King Sombra is brought back to life again and begins conspiring with Chrysalis to release Grogar. Sunset Shimmer is possessed by Enjin and infiltrates Equestria.
    • Chapter 39: Grand King Ghidorah kicks off his plan. First he goads Monster X into fighting him, and after a short fight, breaks down Kaizer Ghidorah's cage, with the other hunters Forced to Watch. Then Starlight Glimmer attacks Junior in Canterlot, not long after she took her sister's Cutie Mark. After luring him back to her village (with Rarity and Night Glider, a member of Starlight’s village who wasn’t in town when GKG kidnapped everyone else), Starlight shows that she’s taken Chibi Moon hostage. Oh, and then freakin Nightmare takes over Junior during a moment of weakness. The result? Nightmare a.k.a Shin Godzilla.
  • "Dynamics of a Point", the first episode of the three-part finale for Children of Time. Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson break their friendship, Holmes shows an unprecedented dark side to his character, a canonical case goes terribly wrong, and the Hidden Villain reveals himself at the end.
  • Clash of the Elements: Chapter 22 of Part 2. To shortly sum things up... Alpha and Mario have gone to the Realm of Darkness, Alpha is implied to have gone there before in the past, Cackletta may be working with The Heartless (As in the literal trope namers), and the area the two heroes arrive at? The spaceship from Deep Space, where footage found there revealed that everyone aboard the ship were slaughtered by the Heartless a long time ago...
    • From the same Part, Chapter 25 where Cackletta reveals that the Kingdom Hearts universe was in fact consumed by the Realm of Darkness long ago, a process that occurred after Xemnas killed Sora and Riku and absorbed their hearts into his own body.
    • Then there is Chapter 26, where Cackletta talks about how everything up until this point in time was all part of her plan to acquire the Elemental Overlords powers for herself or create a new Dark King
  • Code Geass: Paladins of Voltron
  • The Cries of Haruhi Suzumiya: Chapter 3, "Keiichi"note . Keiichi appears and almost beats Kyon to death. Then Haruhi shows up, and proceeds to blow Keiichi's head off. The chapter ends with Haruhi sinking to her knees, laughing maniacally.
  • The Death Note/My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic Fusion Fic Death Note Equestria has chapter 12, which is fittingly styled as a season finale: Following Ray Painter's death, Rarity suffers severe Sanity Slippage until she finally snaps when she deduces that Twilight Sparkle is Kira. She then takes Pinkie Pie hostage and threatens to kill her if Twilight doesn't confess on a live broadcast directed towards L's investigation team. Things spiral out of control, and Rarity ends up actually killing Pinkie while attempting to kill Twilight; when she realizes what she's done, she kills herself. And then we find out that Twilight engineered this entire sequence of events with the power of the Note in order to create a scenario wherein she could earn enough sympathy to be allowed on the team. Byuk is as stunned as the readers.
    • How about chapter 14's reveal that the Second Kira is Fluttershy, of all ponies, who kills Sweetie Belle to make an example of her.
    • Chapter 23's ending strongly implies that Applejack is the Third Kira.
    • Then Chapter 25 has L deduce that Third Kira is actually all three apple siblings, and they've been coerced into the role by Granny Smith's murder.
    • Chapter 26 confirms this... and then implies that there's a Fourth Kira out there.
    • Chapter 29 has the L Team/Coalition of Justice, with help from Princess Luna, set up a sting to expose the Tri-Kira, in the process ending up having to detain Straw Bolt when he unknowingly interferes; Rainbow Dash becomes convinced that Twilight is Kira and breaks off from the team; Applejack takes on the Eyes of the Shinigami, but is captured and nearly beaten to death (by Derpy, of all ponies); Mer uses her Death Note to reveal herself to the team, and the cliffhanger suggests that she's restored Twilight's memories and exposed her to the team.
    • Chapters 30-31 see the resolution of both Twilight's Memory Gambit and the Gambit Pileup between her, L, and Mer, resulting in the deaths of Applejack, Big Mac, L, Bon Bon (who turns out to have been a changeling) and Mer. Oh, and it turns out there never really was a Fourth Kira, those deaths being set up in advance as part of the Gambit Roulette. Though then one of the Death Notes ends up in Rainbow Dash's possession...
  • Empathy
    • Chapter 7: We get hints of a secret conspiracy in Bill Andersen's company working with Krei Tech, but the big whammer is when something stows away in Bill's car, and the three kids discover that it's Oh the Boov.
    • Chapter 13: Features the death of Tadashi, and hints at a greater Villain Team-Up in the story, the other half of which is implied to be a Boov.
    • Chapter 25: The implication about the Villain Team-Up is confirmed Callahan's partner being Captain Smek. Furthermore, unlike in their various canons, Abagail didn't end up in hyperspace, but instead encountered the Boov, the Boov are apparently working for the Gorg, and the Gorg egg container fell through the portal back to Earth.
  • Fallout: Equestria's 39th chapter. There is so much in this chapter that just hits the reader, it will not be a surprise if they are left a blubbering emotional mess by the end. In a list of things that happen, Twilight Sparkle returns, if only for a moment, and just long enough for Little Pip to give her Pinkie Pie's final message. Steelhooves, who had been established as damn near invincible, is swiftly killed in a brutal manner. Velvet Remedy becomes an emotional wreck after all that she has seen and done in the Equestrian Wasteland, and the discovery of Fluttershy's greatest secret is what finally breaks her. The Canterlot Ruins is destroyed, killing all of the ghouls living there, including Twilight Sparkle's mother. Friendship city is blown apart. To wrap it all up, Ditzy "Derpy Hooves" Doo sacrifices herself by nearly performing a sonic rainboom and attracting missiles to protect her hometown of New Appleloosa, and more importantly, her adoptive daughter Silver Belle. Wham episode indeed...
    • The last part's not as depressingly whammy when it's shown that Ditzy's alive and the rainboom cleared enough clouds to bring down the Enclave warships.
  • Chapter 33 of Fallout: Equestria - Project Horizons is titled 'Black' for a good reason. After being blinded, badly wounded, and dangerously irriadiated during the destruction of the HMS Celestia, Blackjack and her allies are making their way by sea to a refuge when their boat is attacked by pirates. Everypony is taken prisoner, and Blackjack has her horn shattered, her legs nailed to the deck, is stabbed in the side, and is tortured and gang-raped for hours. Her friends eventually drive off the pirates, but the damage to her legs necessitates their amputation. She dies later that night of a combination of blood loss, radiation poisoning, and internal bleeding.
  • In Harry Potter and the Ice Princess, Chapter 29 of Book Two reveals that Anna has regained her memories of Elsa’s magic and also has magic herself, with the result that she will attend Hogwarts next year; prior to this Elsa didn't know if Anna would show any sign of magic and didn't want to think about it for fear of getting her hopes up.
  • Chapter 3-9 in I Against I, Me Against You. Twilight is revealed to have been an M.I. created by Sunset and the Director, Simmons dies in a Heroic Sacrifice, and Washington is revealed to have been working as a mole for Project Freelancer and turns Twilight over to them.
  • The 24th Wing of In Flight. It revealed most of the skeletons hiding in Shirou's closets to his rather idealistic flock, and boy that is a large closet.
    • He'd managed to keep magic out the explanation, though... until the next chapter when a Fraga magus attacks the Izumo Inn, seriously injures Miya and forces Shirou to reveal his magic. And now we can say that they've seen his skeletons.
  • Jaune Arc, Lord of Hunger:
    • "Chapter 9: Hunger" significantly raises the stakes with the reveal that Jaune is slowly transforming into a Force Wound and has begun to experience the same Horror Hunger that drove Nihilus insane.
    • "Chapter 12: Breach" sees Jaune almost single-handedly drive back the horde of Grimm attacking Vale, but at the cost of falling to the Dark Side. Both Ozpin and Cinder also witness the full extent of Jaune's power for the first time.
    • "Chapter 16: Destiny" ends with Jaune entering the Despair Event Horizon after using his powers to hurt Pyrrha in a fit of rage and finally putting on Nihilus's mask, allowing the Sith Lord to take over his body.
    • "Chapter 20: Death" is perhaps the biggest Wham Episode so far. Emerald and Mercury are killed by Darth Nihilus, while Cinder kills herself to prevent Nihilus from enslaving her mind. Qrow dies after being hit by a crashing airship and impaled by a large piece of shrapnel, but not before asking Ironwood to pass on his weapon Harbinger to Ruby. Finally, Pyrrha successfully merges her soul with Amber's and receives all of the Fall Maiden's powers following Cinder's death.
  • Kyon: Big Damn Hero's chapter 19, Gearing Up Arc I. Kyon is shot.
  • Last Child of Krypton:
    • In chapter 13 Shinji fails on saving Touji from Bardiel, his Secret Identity is revealed, Hikari hates him for not saving her boyfriend, and when Shinji confronts Gendo, his father reveals he has a piece of kryptonite.
    • And in the next chapter Shinji fights Zeruel. Kaji extracts Misato and Asuka from Nerv and takes them to his own batcave. Shinji realized twelve nukes were coming his and the Angel's way so he grabbed Zeruel's and rocketed upwards. The nukes struck them and everyone believed he died.
  • My Little Avengers has two back-to-back. First, chapter 13 introduces the Dark Avengers, who effortlessly defeat their Avengers counterparts. Then chapter 14 has Loki reveal that the entire plot up to that point was a Gambit Roulette, which ends with him forcing Big Mac to surrender Thor's power. This is the story's Darkest Hour, and things definitely worse before they get better.
  • Superwomen of Eva 2: Lone Heir of Krypton:
  • Super Sentai vs. Power Rangers: The Liveblog has several.
    • Chapter 6 sees Rika getting kidnapped by Radiguet, turning what's otherwise a MST into an arc to save her.
    • Mission 23: Radiguet saves Sean from Akire's final attack, only to turn around, defeat the Ranger actor, and kidnap him for his plans.
    • Task 30: After capturing all the Scouts, Radiguet reveals his plan: using them to fight against the All-Stars by having them become his monsters' new hosts and trapping their souls.
    • GP 32: The Scouts managed to break free from the spell thanks to the All-Stars, but Radiguet reveals that they're dead, sacrificing themselves to stop the monsters from performing the final transformation.
    • Act 33: The Scouts are actually Only Mostly Dead, having been sent to Limbo, and the Phantom Ranger and the Sentinel Knight revive them with stronger powers. Aka Red gives Sean a choice to either become the Ultimate Red Legendary Ranger or die. He takes a third option by making new rules, requesting mid-level fire and psychic attacks instead of powerful ones, and telling the spirit to give the other deceased Red Rangers an apology. With the other Tokusatsu Spirits' help, he ascends as the Ultimate Red Legendary Ranger. As for Rika, having fallen into despair, she becomes an Eldritch.
  • Turnabout Storm has several wham "chapters" all over its long episodes, as it would be expected from a work with murder mystery as a central plot point. For example, Part 2 ends with a desperate Shoot the Dog move by Phoenix that causes, among other things, him and Twilight going separate ways. Part 3 - Phoenix ends with Phoenix backed into a corner as one of the most important pieces of evidence he collected becomes a double-edged sword for him. And Part 3 - Twilight has the reveal that Trixie's involvement as a prosecutor in the trial might not have a motive as straight-forward as first believed.
  • When There Was a Tomorrow: Chapters 10 and 11 are back to back Wham Episodes, revealing that Balak, the Blood Pack, and the Reapers have thrown their lot in with The Covenant.
    • Chapter 14 sees: the possible deaths of Tali and Colonel Ackerson.
  • The Wizard in the Shadows and it's sequel have several.
    • Chapter 4 reveals that Sirius is alive. In Isengard.
    • Chapter 9, aptly titled 'Revelations', reveals that Harry falling into and being trapped in Middle Earth is part of a Batman Gambit by the Valar and that Ginny, Ron and Hermione are going to help him.
    • In chapter 20 Theodred lives, thanks to Harry.
    • In chapter 22 Harry nearly has a Start of Darkness and kills everyone.
    • In chapter 27 Ginny is nearly skewered by the Witch King and is saved by Denethor wielding the Sword of Gryffindor.
    • In chapter 31 Emrys is revealed to be the grandson of Merlin and Nimue. And is part Maia. He unlocks his heritage and begins to kick ass on an epic scale.
    • In chapter 32 Harry dies and Ginny wields the Sword of Gryffindor in battle.
    • In chapter 34, the Chekhov's Gun of the weeping elf and Harry's slightly more than human reflexes are fired. Harry is actually Only Mostly Dead. And is descended directly from Maedhros Feanorion. And Ginny and Ron are directly descended from Maglor, who has been freed of his punishment.
    • In chapter 36 Saruman prophesies a dire warning and Eirian punishes Wormtongue by making him unable to die until he achieves redemption, no matter how many mortal wounds he sustains, along with three marks of Cain
    • In Chapters 1 and 2 of From Out of the Shadows it is revealed that Morgoth is the latest Big Bad, Earendil has been knocked from the skies and his Silmaril taken and Merlin and Nimue are still alive and keeping an eye on events.
  • YuYuGiDigiMoon has a lot of these.
    • Invasion of the Rajita (Season 2)
      • Chapter 11: Kaiser Ghidorah kills Sailor Moon. OUR BELOVED SUPERHERO MURDERED.
      • Chapter 18: Joey Wheeler is brainwashed by Kuiiza to be his dark soldier. Not even Marik can pull it off.
      • Chapter 25: Kaiser Ghidorah kills Kuwabara and Cammy Hino, triggering Yami Houou's awakening.
      • Chapter 27: Just as Rei overcomes Yami Houou's control, Suzaku possessing Takato kills her.
    • Dawn of Chaos (Season 3)
      • Chapter 11: Kaiba Manor is blown up.
      • Chapter 36: The last Mao King, Necromon, reveals himself. Kotori becomes Necromon's undead warrior.
      • Chapter 44: At the end, Dimitri attacks Sedna! By brainwashed no less.
      • Chapter 48: The revelation of Sailor Chaos.
      • Chapter 51: The Prophet and Jeremiah Grand are one in the same. Sailor Charon reveals herself as the murder of Cain's wife.
      • Chapter 52: The awakening of Inumon and Phillipe's dark sides as DexInumon and the Black Panther.
      • Chapter 53: At the end, Kotori Ayami is alive!
      • Chapter 54: Valmarmon is revived!
      • Chapter 55: Might be one of the most important chapters- Enma is killed by Arago and takes over Spirit World, thus ending the reign of the three old rulers. Ancientmon and his forces warn the Digi-destined of someone pulling the strings behind Paradais and Ryo knows who it is. Sailor Senshi and Spirit Detectives have the resolves needed for the final battle. Valmarmon powering up his troops. Gamera's plan to terraform Earth. Finally, the Duelists arrive at Nasca Lines past to challenge Professor Frank for a final duel. It all goes down there.
      • Chapter 57: At the end- Janyu Wong uses the Juggernaut on Sailor Charon and Prophet, that the blast results all three disappear.
  • In the 13th chapter of Origin Story, appropriately entitled "Ragnarok!", the protagonist, who had up until then thought that a male-to-female gender-swapped Xander Harris is revealed to be a magically created copy of Kara Zor-El who merely thought she was Xander Harris. The stress of this revelation was one of the spurs behind her Roaring Rampage of Revenge against the Thunderbolts.
  • Chapter 86 of Game of Touhou, Mugetsu's entourage finds Yuugenmagan by chance and kills him, Nazrin, capturing Jaime and thwarting any communication between Queen Byakuren and the House Okazaki, effectively dooming her reign.
  • Necessary to Win:
    • Chapter 9. Mako’s grandmother is hospitalized and Hana is disowned for doing tankery.
    • Chapter 18. Pravda is defeated, and Miho is threatened with disinheritance
    • Chapter 20. Miho learns that her school's existence is on the line.
    • Chapter 23: Teru reveals that she blames Saki for a death in the past.
    • Interlude 9. The full details of the tragedy that caused Saki and Teru's family to break apart are revealed, and Teru begins to doubt herself.
  • Chapter 38 of The Ninth Sekirei Pillar reveals the reason for the Sekirei Plan and even the existence of the Sekirei themselves. Orochimaru created them and the Sekirei Plan to use the Jinki (which are the former Bijuu) to ascend to godhood and remake the world. The Sekirei Plan was so that Naruto would bond to a few, the first causing Kurama to slowly be turned into a Jinki and each following one massively accelerating the process. Furthermore, almost everything Naruto's done, including collecting the Jinki from Orochimaru have been a part of Orochimaru's plan. All he needed was knowledge of how Naruto reversed Causality years prior, which he just gained. From Bad to Worse doesn't even begin to cover it.
  • The Infinite Loops: "The Crash", which was caused by a failed fused loop between the Mega Man (Archie Comics) universe and an unknown universe. As the name indicates, it crashed nearly every single running loop at the time — the end result was that several new universes were knocked into looping and several new Loopers were Awakened. It was also responsible for creating the FusionFall fused loop for the Cartoon Network universes.
    • The RWBY Loops: The Tale of Two Sisters, a four-chapter update chronicling Cinder Fall's attempt to Ascend. An army of evil duplicates is unleashed, a set of side characters who had been dying slowly decide to go out fighting (and die permanently without any chance of being restored by loop reset), and Remnant just barely avoids being destroyed. On the positive side, Ruby manages to talk Cinder down and start healing her insanity, Blake takes the opportunity to finally propose to Yang, and four new loopers are activated...
    • The Crisis Across The Infinite Loops. Because of one bumbling admin, every loop is set to activate someone, but no one can tell who it is. This forces all the loopers to either kill anyone they don't want to see looping, or risk a very dangerous looper.
  • A Shadow of the Titans:
    • Chapter 9 ends with Jade Taking the Bullet for Jinx, which results in her being left comatose. Susano then throws her body into the Shadow Realm, where Tarakudo intends to use her as a means to escape his prison.
    • Chapter 10 has Tarakudo making a deal with the Queen (as Jade's light side is MIA), with the Queen regaining physical form (albeit without hair) and breaking Tarakudo's mask to free him and the Oni Generals, who proceed to take over the HIVE and create a dome of shadow over Jump City, with a second wave of shadow that repels any beings that aren't normal humans (even Superman), with the intent of covering the entire Earth in shadow so they can drag it into the Shadow Realm.
    • In Chapter 14, Jade rats out Joker to Batman in order to get out from under him, but after he's inadvertently freed from police custody by the mutated Kitten, he tracks Jade down and proceeds to torture her by carving up her face. The pain causes her to undergo an Emergency Transformation into a Higher Shadowkhan, turning her into a bird-like creature. She then almost kills Joker before Batman intervenes and sends her fleeing.
  • In A Darker Direction, the storyline for the first season of The Vampire Diaries seems to be completely in tact before Chapter 14 features a huge curveball when Ben snaps Faith's neck after being fed Damon's blood the night before.
  • The Secret Life of Dolls' "Paradise Lost". Edward Tallen makes good on his claims that he's dangerous, and kills Ellowyne Two.
  • Tangled Adventures in Arendelle has quite a few.
    • "Magical Deja Vu" and "The Aftermath" are more in-universe examples, but still count. An ordinary coronation has several oddities happen for the tangled crew, with Rapunzel reacting to something cold when Elsa walked by her, to Elsa's odd habit of rubbing her gloved hands, to Elsa's sudden snappy demeanor when they request creating trade relations between their kingdoms. However, everything changed for them when Elsa revealed her ice powers. Suddenly, they're made aware of a backstory they could never have guessed about, and what began as an ordinary honeymoon is now as much about the sisters as it is about them.
    • "Gothel's Gift": The Duke of Wesselton tries to kill Rapunzel, ending on a cliffhanger as she's left out to freeze.
    • "Bonds Tested": Eugene and Rapunzel's secrets are revealed, testing the fledgling bonds they'd formed with the sisters (particularly elsa), and essentially throwing the plot sideways from all the drama it creates.
    • "Broken": Kristoff gave Eugene a bad sled when he still hated him, resulting in a broken arm.
    • "Unwound": Where do we begin? There are no secrets between Kristoff and the others, but it costs him his respect, his relationship with Anna, and eventually he leaves the town in penance for what he did. Elsa meanwhile is showing cracks in her control, putting her kingdom at odds with her yet again after trying to make up with them all. Furthermore, this chapter lead to a temporary breaking of relations between the humans of the 2 casts, angry at the events that unfolded.
    • "Promising Princesses Part 2": After an ordinary day trying to make up with each other, Sven bursts in and reports that Kristoff is missing.
    • "The Clock Strikes Eleven": We get an expanded origin about Rapunzel's magic flower, hints that her powers are still returning further, and even an idea that Anna really did die on the fjord, restored to life by Elsa's love. Also, Rapunzel and Anna finally bury the hatchet, hopefully for good, and we find out that Rapunzel is actually the youngest of the females despite being the first to get married.
  • The Next Frontier: Kerbin's first FTL spacecraft has been quietly hanging around on the outer edge of a solar system they know to contain intelligent life, recording stray satellite TV broadcasts to learn a bit about their new neighbours, and are doing some ice mining on a small asteroid to top off their reaction mass. Jeb's on EVA setting up the drilling rig, trading idle banter over the radio... and then Bob uses a real swearword and everyone goes into panic mode because a local ship just entered detection range. And then the point of view shifts, and the readers finally find out just what this story is a crossover with...
  • The Reactsverse:
  • The Mass Effect/Sword of the Stars crossover Shepherd Of The Stars has a few, with the two largest actually lampshaded by removing the notations that say if a chapter is a Codex or Story entry. All have had serious effects on the chapters that followed, with the second even kicking off its own arc.
    • The first is when the Ghost Ship arrives at Thessia under Benezia's insane control and bombards it with antimatter missiles.
    • The second comes when the Peacekeeper Enforcer enters Turian space and immediately begins tear its way through their fleets.
  • Thousand Shinji: Chapter 14, where several flashbacks reveal Shinji's plans going badly wrong. In few words: Asuka and Rei broke their friendship off after a brutal fight, Touji got crippled, Hikari got killed, Kaji got assassinated, Rei died several times, Asuka was in a coma after being mind-raped and Misato was under arrest after killing Ritsuko. Some reviewers claimed that he was screwed over even worse than in canon.
  • Out of the Corner of the Eye:
    • Chapter 5 has Shendu first reach out to Jackie to try and form an alliance against the Outer Gods. More importantly, in the final scenes, Paco reveals he's cut a deal with Hsi Wu for revenge on Guerra; upon its completion, Paco and Hsi Wu are fused together into a new being.
    • Chapter 12 reveals that Uncle's brother Jie (Jade's grandfather) was involved in the Whateley Project, and also that Bai Tza has allied with the Deep Ones.
    • Chapter 13 hints that Uncle's Dark Secret has something to do with his brothers. The Chan Clan are forced to witness Barnabas Marsh and Bai Tza's wedding (officiated by Dagon and Hydra), giving them a taste of just what they're up against. And in the final scene, Nyarlathotep reveals that Jade is actually a human/Thousand Young hybrid.
  • Pictured is Luigi's World in Brutal Mario, which signals the change from a lighthearted Mega Crossover to a dark storyline.
  • Guardians, Wizards, and Kung-Fu Fighters:
    • Chapter 11 is a smaller scale one, mostly being a setup chapter for the Rebellion's attack on Torus Filney. But near the end, there are two major twists — Drake, one of the Rebellion's more levelheaded leaders, is actually Cyrus Ludmoore in disguise. Which is revealed as he seemingly kills Tynar by feeding him to Sandpit, long before he can make his canon Mook–Face Turn.
    • Chapter 19 starts off looking like a Breather Episode dealing with everyone recovering from the climax of the Dark Hand arc, but then there are several twists in its final scenes: Cornelia's father Harold is an immortal, who helped found the Dark Hand (which secretly runs Section 13) as part of a gambit to get Earth's governments to start using magic, to protect the world from other worlds. Oh, and Harold's original identity centuries ago? King Arthur.
    • Chapter 22 sees Tarakudo force Oni masks on Jackie and Viper, corrupting them into fighting the other heroes as a distraction while he steals the Hana Fuda cards. And as a result of this fight, Matt and Alchemy learn about the Guardians' and Jade's powers. Meanwhile, Nerissa tries to eliminate Wong, but while this ends in a stalemate, it allows her to steal his potion for making Shapeshifters. It's also implied that the Master of the Cavalcade of Horrors somehow knows about the Merged Reality.
    • Chapter 24 sees Wong finally makes his move against Phobos. In the end, he's betrayed by Cedric, Miranda and Roberta and left mortally wounded, forced to flee. Taking advantage of his desperation, Ludmoore is able to trick him into accepting a deal to save his life, but which results in Ludmoore stealing all of Wong's magic, Talismans included. With no other options, Wong returns to Earth and allies with a Jiangshi, becoming its student and a vampire himself.
    • Chapter 29: Drago's plan to escape from Cavigor causes the fortress to collapse; blaming the Guardians for this, and the subsequent deaths of her men, Sidriss swears revenge. Meanwhile, the collapse also allows the Guardians to take Cedric prisoner after he's knocked out by debris.
    • Chapter 31: The Battle of the Meridian Plains results in the nobility's army being crushed and their leaders made to surrender, while at the Castle Jackie convinces Tristan to abandon his hatred and switch sides. However, these Hope Spots are then crushed as Phobos manages to steal Elyon's power for himself, becoming a Physical God.
    • Chapter 32: Phobos transforms the Whisperers into new Mooks and unleashes them on the Guards, leading to an Enemy Mine between them and the Rebellion. Drake/Cyrus shapeshifts into his Beast form to join the fight. Nerissa intervenes to take Roberta out of the fight. Caleb overuses the Sword of Thanatos for the fight, and is fully corrupted by it. And the chapter ends with Phobos killing Uncle.
  • Citadel of the Heart: It's a common practice by the author to have a Knight of Cerebus debut at around Chapter 12-14 who changes everything known prior in the fic, as to emulate the very first Wham Episode in the continuity.
    • The above refers to Truth and Ideals Chapters 12-14 which is the debut of a Lucario named Regulus. At first sounds normal, except a few things. 1; the only Non-Unova Pokémon to appear thus far is a Pichu, which is a given considering the lead protagonist is Ash. 2; Lucario is nicknamed, something that one of Ash's Pokémon would never have. 3; he carries with him a Key Stone and Lucarionite, meaning he has long since been capable of Mega Evolution. 4; not only can he telepathically communicate with Ash, but he's shown very quickly to be very much prone to extreme hostility and knocking Ash unconscious for a few days straight, and actually unnerves N when the two meet. Lastly, 5; because of the fact Ash has his Aura Vision inherited from his unknown father, and the fact Regulus was a former Pokémon of his, Ash ultimately resolves the arc by catching Regulus and taking him along with him for the journey, which then proceeds to make every future gym battle Ash has to face next using a very beefed-up team from the teams they had in the games.
    • Chapter 13 of Sword Art Online: Special Edition, we finally get to see who Chronicler's real dad is, and it isn't exactly pleasant for anyone. Imagine a guy with the general appearance and clothing of Eddy's Brother, now imagine him as be virtually indestructible, incredibly strong and capable of extremely fast line-of-sight teleportation coupled with supernaturally keen vision. Next take into consideration Chronicler is a demigod, meaning one of his parents is a full-fledged god; Grandis both outright states, as well as by all means shows in the next few chapters, that he's indeed a full-on Physical God. What results is just about everyone in the cast freaking out because of the sheer Outside-Context Problem Grandis poses which ultimately results in Grandis heavily brutalizing Chronicler, traumatizing Nobuyuki, making Ken even more paranoid, and having every other person in the cast completely clueless as to how to process the fact the guy exists.
    • Considering Digimon Re: Tamers has two of such characters appearing in a short span of time from each other, Chapter 8 is when this character properly appears. Devimon and Taomon find themselves face to face with an Ultimorian Deity named Darigus, who much like Grandis above, presents an Outside-Context Problem that causes Taomon to try and find Guilmon and Terriermon first to use Trinity Burst against it, and everything slowly but quickly converting into a Fire and Brimstone Hell because of various bodily material from Darigus being shed with each attack against him, and while the Digimon characters are just fine, the human characters are half-way transformed into stone and unable to do anything. While Darigus is ultimately defeated with some additional assistance from Grandis, Chapter 9 reveals the aftermath of Darigus' appearance damaging Ruki's sanity because Darigus just barely was stopped from flat out murdering Ruki, Monodramon Warp Digivolving into Millenniummon to deal with an adversary which easily curb-stomps him before he can successfully trap it, and Ruki and Ryo both deciding that the Bastard Boyfriend of Ruki's mother finally needs to be gone with the implication that they would rather outright kill him than try and jail him.
  • Lelouch of the Wings of Rebellion:
    • Chapter 33, "Blooming Villain": Shirley sees Lelouch and the Knights leaving the Metaverse, with Milly throwing an errant line that reveals them as the Black Knights. This, combined with seeing Lelouch falling for Kallen, causes her to form her own Palace over Ashford in the Metaverse, and given how much repressed jealousy she has, it's likely she will NOT accept her shadow.
    • Followed by "Tanabata", that ends in with a series of startling revelations: Shirley has a Palace, she represents the Deadly Sin of Lust, the Black Mask works for someone that sounds and acts as V.V., they know who the Black Knights are and where to find them, and the only reason they haven't killed or captured Lelouch yet is because Emperor Charles decided that Lelouch will serve their objectives better if he's left alone to grow into a stronger Persona user.
    • Chapter 41, aptly named "Revelations". Hoo boy, where do we even start... Mao survives Shirley's Palace and comes back to kidnap Nunnally. Lelouch is forced to come clean to Sayoko about the Metaverse in order to recruit her help. Lelouch loses the rematch fight against Mao, but two members of the Irregulars save his life. The two Persona Users turn out to be Nunnally's suspicious friend Alice and Nunnally herself, who not only has been visiting the Metaverse in secret just like her brother, but is also able to see and walk in there. Then Lelouch decides to straight-up murder the knocked out Mao, but Nunnally strongly opposes him. Alice, however, completely agrees with Lelouch that there's really no other choice and puts a bullet in Mao's heart and head before the siblings can stop arguing. And then the Black Mask arrives, thanks them for killing Mao for him, and reveals he's a government-sanctioned Professional Killer who triggers mental shutdown on Britannia's orders. He also says the only reason he hasn't killed the Black Knights and the Irregulars is because he's yet to receive an official order to do so, but warns them that he will eliminate them if they cross paths with him in the Metaverse again. As a parting gift, the Black Mask also reveals he's not the same "Black Mask" Clovis was talking about before the prince got Killed Mid-Sentence, meaning there's another Serial Killer using the Metaverse to commit murder with impunity.
  • J-WITCH Season 1:
    • "Return of the Queen": Jade becomes the Queen of the Shadowkhan again, and when Will cures her by combining the Heart with the tattoo-removal potion, a sixth Auremere, apparently keyed to Jade, is created.
    • The following chapter, "Ghosts and Shadows", confirms that Jade gained Guardian powers, with shadow as her "element", as a result of the Heart being used to cure her.
    • In "The Battle for Meridian Plains", besides Hay Lin's visions of Shendu threatening Elyon, over two hundred rebels die during the castle assault before Elyon intervenes, and Captain Black is also captured.
    • In "Stolen Heart and Mask", the first part of the season 1 three-part finale, Jeek manages to steal the Heart and the final Oni Mask, Matt learns about the Guardians, Blunk shows off kung-fu skills he's learned from watching the others train, and the Enforcers and the heroes learn about Wong and Shendu's alliance.
  • Equestria Girls: A Fairly Odd Friendship:
    • "The Honeymoon is Over": Timmy is kidnapped by Doombringer. While he escapes, this results in Adagio learning about Timmy's magic.
    • "Camp Learn-A-Torium's Safety Seminar": Crocker's scheme leads to him getting harshly suspended, and earns him the enmity of Canterlot High. Timmy gives in to his rage and destroys Gary and Betty's truck with a meteor, horrifying Sunset. And the Dazzlings learn about the extent of Timmy's magic and seek to take it for themselves.
    • "Past Demons": Timmy, Cosmo, and Wanda travel back in time, and witness Sunset's old horrible ways and how she brutally humiliated Moondancer. And then the Dazzlings show Timmy footage of Sunset's demon transformation, which convinces him that Sunset is an evil villain who never cared about him.
    • "Breaking Point (Part 2)": Timmy, under the Dazzlings' spell, comes close to feeding the Rainbooms to a bird after turning them into worms. Sunset is able to snap him out of it through an act of mercy. The Dazzlings reveal themselves, helping the Rainbooms learn that they've been manipulating Timmy. The Dazzlings are able to defeat the Rainbooms and trap them in concrete with Crocker's technology, but not before revealing Cosmo and Wanda's presence to them. They finally steal Cosmo and Wanda away from them, leaving Timmy crying on the ground.
  • There Was Once an Avenger from Krypton:
    • The Girl Who Could Knock Out the Hulk:
      • Chapter 23 has Doctor Doom make his first appearance and not only easily dismantle the Avengers right after their recent victory against OsCorp and Centipede, but he even stabs Kara with an all too familiar emerald green dagger.
      • Chapter 27 not only has Doctor Strange reveal the existence of The Multiverse to the Avengers, but the fact that Doctor Doom is from another reality, and the chapter ends just as Thor returns to Earth.
      • Chapter 32 has Kara, Thor, Bruce, Nico, Ellie, and Strange searching the Labyrinth for Doom, and encountering his allies: Hercules and Hekate.
      • Chapter 34 is full of reveals that change everything: Doom is working with an alternate Reed Richards from the one the Avengers are aware of. And they're not technically from another reality, as Strange believed — they're from the canon MCU, which they've been altering by merging in elements from other universes in order to make Earth strong enough to stop Thanos from getting the Infinity Stones.
    • To Rule Alone, to Build Together: Chapter 19 features the heroes' first fight directly against Hawk Moth, in the aftermath of which Chloe learns that Marinette and Adrien are Ladybug and Cat Noir.

Danny Phantom
DC Comics
  • The Olympics arc of JLA Watchtower. What started as a relatively light-hearted Titans adventure turned very ugly VERY quickly when Hades declared the Pankration match between Antaeus and Nightwing to be to the death - and Nightwing lost. None of the players/writers save the person running the plot, the Nightwing-mun, and the Hades-mun knew it was going to play out that way. Cue a VERY active 20+ person chat room going to dead silence for five minutes as it sunk in.
    • Ditto with Ra's al Ghul's Plague. You know shit's hit the fan when you have the rookie member of the Arrow family giving CPR to Superman.
    • There was also "Cry for Vengeance" where Dr. Light had the entire JLA on the ropes, had cut off Green Arrow's right arm, and almost turned Ralph Dibny in a pile of melted plastic. Cue Sue Dibny, armed with a Green Lantern ring and beating the shit out of Light.

Demon King Daimao
  • Chapter 2 of Keena & the Defendants of Constan Magic Academy has returning villain Mr X. looking like he might turn he tables after knocking down Keena, Lily and Michie, and attempting to kill Michie, then rape Lily. What happens next? Keena, usually a Genki Girl gets really serious and straight-up fists him through his stomach to kill him, but her friends understand her as it was Justified.
    • The end of chapter 7 implies that Eiko is supposedly ruler of a parallel world.
    • Chapter 8 has Lily's backstory being revealed. Cue Tearjerker.
    • The Loups=Garous arc (starting in chapter 9) seemed to just be an ordinary Crossover arc. Cue fans of the movie of shock on how in chapter 10, Yuko Yabe never got murdered and was alive after all.
    • Chapter 15 reveals that Keena is to be The Chosen One to defeat the Demon King, Sai Akuto due to breaking the cycle by not giving the Law of Identity (basically, giving God's powers to someone to defeat him) in which usually male heroes have defeated him, and as a result, should she defeat him, no one else would turn into the Demon King ever again. However, due to taking the challenge without needing the Law of Identity, Keena and friends have about a year to defeat him, otherwise, the Earth will blow up. Phew...

  • The author of the Tamers Forever Series seems to love this trope.
    • First we have Omni-Tamer chapter 8 with the introduction of ChaosGallantmon.
    • Then there's Forget The Y2K This Is Madness!! chapter 4 with the fight between Takato and Rika, and the moment when Takato just snaps.
      • Then you have Chapter 5 where Takato coldly tears apart the Nightmare and Chapter 7, where it's revealed that Takato's powers are slowly killing him from the inside out.
    • Then there's Theory Of Chaos chapters 2, 6, 7 and 8, which showcase Takato's slowly deteriorating health.
    • Then there's Silent Sorrow, which is just one massive Gut Punch after another.
  • Digimon Adventure 02: The Story We Never Told:
    • Chapter 49, aka the moment where a member of Digidestined, Ken, dies — for good.
    • Chapter 64 completely upends everything we think we know as Oikawa reveals that not only is he responsible for the changes to the Digital World, he's also the one who created the Digi Armor eggs and D3s, and has been using them to siphon data out of the Digital World, which is now decaying. And on top of that, the Armors are revealed to be capable of brainwashing their wearers, which he uses to abduct Flamedramon, Shurimon, and Digmon.
    • Immediately after this in Chapter 65, the kids get their partners back thanks to Ken's D3 overloading and purging their codes, but right afterwards, Oikawa kills Blackwargreymon with a wave of his hand and takes his data for an yet unrevealed plan.
    • And then Chapter 66 has Oikawa reveal his master plan to merge the real and digital worlds, killing all other humans and resetting all the Digimon, and then ruling over what results from the fusion. And then he distracts the children by creating MaloMyotismon from a copy of himself mixed with Blackwargreymon's and Myotismon's data. Meanwhile, Arukenimon is moving ahead on her plans to betray him.

Doki Doki Literature Club!
  • The Bike:
    • In "Monika checks on Sayori," Monika witnesses the infamous scene of Sayori hanging. Worse, Monika chooses to not save her. On the contrary, she is strangely invested in it. Disturbingly so.
    • "Lewd Yuri thing" sees Yuri accidentally mortally wounding MC with her knife, and the video ends with her begging him to not leave her.
    • Yuri revealing that she murdered MC's family during his sleep in "MC eats breakfast with his 'mother'" turns an already unnerving video on its head.
  • Autistic Communist: In "Natsuki becomes a cannibal," Natsuki kills and eats MC after her father prohibited her from eating for three days.

Fairly Oddparents
  • In Never Had a Friend Like Me, it is revealed in Chapter 29 and 30 that Bob the boil is an Eldritch Abomination and has just been unleashed upon the world.
    • And then in Chapter 31, after it has been previously established that this would be fatal to a genie who is still bound to their lamp or bottle, Norm's lava lamp breaks.

  • In Trouble, chapter 20, Butch had up and left Rivet City and has been gone for nearly two months. Paradise Falls is destroyed, and it appeared Butch may have died in a fire there. From that point on, Harkness' mentality is never quite the same.
    • Chapter 38: Harkness had just blown himself up via a pile of pulse grenades, when already standing on his last legs. The entire chapter is written in binary.

Final Fantasy
  • The Grazton arc of The Tainted Grimoire ended with Cid getting heavily injured and thus unable to take part in active clan duty and Duelhorn entering the story.

Fire Emblem
  • A Brighter Dark: In Chapter 19, "Chilled Fury", the Ice Tribe rebellion ends in a bloody massacre with Felicia killing Chief Kilma (her and Flora's father), Corrin being set on fire, and Flora bleeding out after being shot by Niles. With her last words, Flora delivers a lengthy "The Reason You Suck" Speech that reveals a lifetime's worth of pent-up resentment and anger at Corrin for destroying her tribe in the name of saving the kingdom. For the first time in the story, Corrin's tough-girl façade shatters after being forced to come to terms with her character flaws.
  • A Chance for a New Dawn:
    • Aside from Monica von Ochs showing up at the beginning of the school year rather than in the middle of it (and not being a native of Fódlan), Bernadetta's sudden trip back to the past appears to proceed almost as it did in her original timeline. Any illusion of things being the same from that point on gets shattered with the battle of Magdred Way, where she learns that Lonato, not Miklan, is the bearer of (a replica of) the Lance of Ruin, and has to be killed in the same manner.
    • On her field trip to her home county's mansion, Bernie learns quite a few Dark Secrets about her family's history: her abusive father killed her uncle, and her mother was part of a secret Agarthan project to revive their counterpart to Sothis, making Bernadetta half-Agarthan.
  • An Eagle Among Lions is no stranger to shocking plot twists:
    • Chapter 6: Edelgard wakes up in her own world for the first time after traveling to the past timeline.
    • Chapters 7 and 9: Edelgard receives a pair of notes from someone who knows the exact date of her wedding to Byleth, meaning that she isn't the only time traveler.
    • Chapter 14: Ashe dies during the battle of Remire Village by falling into an Agarthan time gate that sends him 400 years into the past, and he grows up to assume the identity of Pan, the legendary Faehrgus tactician.
    • Chapter 26: Seteth and Flayn, who had last been seen in Arianrhod preparing to hide from the Hurricane King (Dimitri as the past timeline's Flame Emperor equivalent), suddenly arrive at the gates of the monastery, heavily injured.
    • Chapters 29 and 30: Seteth is actually an Agarthan replicant named Vual, who had fallen into the time portal with Ashe in Remire. Surprisingly, he didn't Kill and Replace Seteth, and actually protects Edelgard from a murder plot by another Agarthan replicant, forcing Edelgard to pretend to be her own assassin.
    • Chapter 37: The Hurricane King's army invades the Holy Tomb, which is destroyed in the ensuing battle by a collision of three different wielders of the Crest of Flames (Byleth, Dimitri, and one of the fake Hurricane Kings). When the dust settles, Edelgard finds herself alone and in the presence of Rhea, who plans to continue to use Edelgard as Sothis' next vessel after Byleth sides with Dimitri.
    • Chapter 40: Thanks to Rhea's ritual, Edelgard now has a Major Crest of Seiros, and the resulting human-Nabatean hybridization slowly transforms her into a weredragon.
    • Chapter 41: The fake Hurricane King with the Crest of Flames identifies himself as Desdinova, whom Hilda quickly realizes is Future Claude, who comes from a timeline where he was experimented on by Thales.
    • Chapters 48 and 49: Edelgard finally spills the beans to Dimitri and Ingrid about her origins. Neither of them takes it well.
    • Chapter 59: Ingrid learns that her father conspired to kill King Lambert in the Tragedy of Duscur, prompting her to cut ties with her family and try to mend her strained relationship with Edelgard.
  • Lucina Reacts: The aptly-titled chapter "Lucina Reacts to Wham Episodes" is one, revealing that the Original Character Fiora is Emmeryn's daughter, by Gangrel of all people.

  • Forward has a huge one in the Charity episode. What seems like a pro-bono mission for the crew of Serenity to protect some innocent villagers from marauding mercenaries turns out to be them running headlong into an insane, mind-controlling psychic who is controlling the villagers, and the mercenaries are sent by the Academy to kill said psychic. Said psychic is also a little girl, who ends up taking control of River, and Mal is put into a coma by one of the enraged, mind-controlled villagers.
    • Later, there's the Wrath episode, which piles on the whams in rapid-fire. River has been recaptured by the Academy at the hands of a terrifying new "Merlin" psychic supersoldier. Then in a flashback it is revealed that River's brain has been "upgraded" by self-constructing nanotech to boost her psychic abilities, as well as implanting a receiver that will eventually allow the Academy to remotely take over her mind. And then there's the reveal that River being captured in the first place was a trap - by her - to get her in the same room as the official interrogating her.

  • What About Witch Queen? has two chapters all made of wham:
    • In Dead man walking Kai finds out just what plan general Berg has and pretends to side with him. Berg realizes than Kai is lying and sends an assassin against him. Kai and Kristoff manage to fight the assassin, only for the avalanche to strike and bury them under meters of snow.
    • In Fighting the waves Westerguard keep opens fire on Northern Wind, causing Anna and Ferdinand to fall out of the ship and they spend most of the chapter trying to survive. They're stranded on functionally enemy island, Ferdinand loses his hand and Hans starts to hunt him and Anna.

Fullmetal Alchemist
  • In The Game of Three Generals, the final installment of the Elemental Chess Trilogy, the Wham Episodes seem like they just don't stop. First, Fuhrer Grumman's office at Central Command is blown up...with him inside it. Then Roy Mustang (whom the readers know is innocent) is arrested for the crime. A trial ensues, which is gradually revealed to be a full-on sham complete with corrupt judge. At the end, Mustang is found guilty and sentenced to death by firing squad.

Game of Thrones / A Song of Ice and Fire

Gears of War

  • Phalanx does this in a big way in chapter 8. It undergoes drastic Cerebus Syndrome.

Girls und Panzer
  • In Boys und Sensha-do!:
    • In Chapter 6, Miho is struck in the chest with a tank round and is hospitalized.
    • In Chapter 7, Shiho shows up in Miho's hospital room and tells her that she has been disowned.

  • Chapter 4 of The Hellhound of Billion. After having been built as a badass necrolyzer who can effortlessly take out hellhounds with a stomp or a bite to the head in the previous chapters, Brandon is pounded to the ground by the vengeful necrolyzer Charles. Hand and skull broken, legs at the risk of being nonfunctional forever due to anti-necrolyze bullets, Brandon is pushed to Despair Event Horizon, just like what Charles wants. At the same time, it's revealed that Charles is the creator of the hellhounds. Then, Charles' mother is a kind old lady Brandon saved from the hellhound's jaws in the very first chapter...

Harry Potter
  • The specific chapter of the Harry Potter fanfic I Saw My Lady Weep that received the most reviews was Chapter 27 (entitled "In the Ashes and the Dust"), in which Ginny Weasley is suddenly cast into a Muggle emergency room, being a hair's breadth from death. Readers don't find out until the next chapter that she was involved in a car accident.
  • Chapter 27 from Harry Potter and the Nightmares of Futures Past has Harry waking from a coma to discover that despite his previous efforts, Ginny has found Tom Riddle's diary and has been taken into the Chamber of Secrets. Things only get more intense as Harry and Co. storm the chamber, defeating the basilisk and destroying the horcrux, after which Harry finally reveals that he is from the future. And it doesn't stop there. When they enter Dumbledore's office, Harry figures out that Draco Malfoy was responsible for his coma, and that he and Snape conspired to break into his dorm (with Malfoy nicking the Invisibility Cloak). The Reveal not only gets Malfoy kicked out of Hogwarts, but as the next chapter reveals, also forces Snape to transfer schools. Oh and Harry finally gets some kind of confirmation that Ginny likes him.
  • Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality, chapter 89. Hermione Granger dies, and Harry Potter is revealed to be destined to destroy the Universe.
  • It's difficult to pick out specific Wham Episodes of Harry Potter and the Prince of Slytherin given the author's love of startling cliffhangers, but surely one is Chapter 27 of Year One in which the Hydra Throne and the Prince's Lair are fully revealed to the reader, the true nature of the position of Prince is revealed to the leaders of Slytherin House, and Harry essentially seizes control of Slytherin House while simultaneously neutralizing Draco as a threat almost completely. The chapter also contains the Wham Line "And then, Harry Potter HISSED!"

Hetalia: Axis Powers
  • HetaOni, a Hetalia Axis Powers fangame, has episode 16, which ends with Italy dead (or in a coma), where it's all dark , and he hears someone. He wakes up in a garden, and sees that HOLY ROME is the one he heard. Cue shocked silence of Gerita fans everywhere.

High School D×D
  • Chapter 15 of Issei: The Gaming Gear: The Purifiers in Kuou kidnap not only Asia, but also Murayama, Katase, Aika Kiryuu, Abe Kiyome, and an unknown boy, forcing Issei to infiltrate their last hidey-hole to save them. Even worse, the method they used to do so heavily implies that they're trading with the orange Tartarus Gaming Gear holder.

  • Chapter 9 of the Homestuck Fanfic Not What We Planned On. John still has some vestige of his flying abilities; Sollux's eyes grow back; Mom, Bro, and Grandpa reveal that they remember playing Sburb as well, and so did John's grandmother when she was alive; all the adults who knew the guardians don't have a clue who they are; a shopping trip to the mall reveals that something is severely messed up with the people in this world; finally, Dave reveals the reason for the previous event: every person they've come in contact with, at least in the mall, has been a consort pretending to be human.

How to Train Your Dragon
  • The Home We Built Together:
    • Chapter 18 is when Astrid finds out about Hiccup and Toothless.
    • Chapter 28 is when Toothless brings Hiccup and Astrid to the Nest.
    • Chapter 29 is where Hiccup and Astrid have Their First Time.
    • Chapter 33 is when the rest of the trainees discover Hiccup and Astrid have a Night Fury and want to be trained too.

Inside Out
  • From Intercom:
    • Riley: Recognized. Riley arrives at Headquarters, getting a tour of the place and messing around with her emotions, but after she touches the emotion console, it starts to glow white, illuminating Headquarters and creating not only memories of her stay in her mind world traced with silver light, but a white core memory showing how she was impersonating her emotions just earlier. Fear is certain this is their first true instance of consciousness tampering, but reluctantly lets Riley place it with the other core memories, where it creates a new island of personality that Riley calls Possibility Island. After Riley nods back to regular sleep afterwards, Joy and Sadness converse and agree to each other that they’ll need to talk with Riley about what happened when she ran away last year eventually, setting up an eventual plot point for the fic.
    • Memory Lanes. An ordinary visit to Long Term Memory takes a dramatic turn when the Forgetters drop information about a "crisis" in Riley's mind, forcing the emotions to finally start talking about what happened on those 4 miserable days when Riley first moved to San Francisco.
    • The Story of a Girl. The story of the move is told to Riley, and several dramatic moments happen in the process. But, at the end of it, Riley refuses to hate her emotions for doing this, and seems to partially bury the hatchet. However, it's on this night where Riley begins plotting "to be free" using information from the mind manuals and finding a way to deal with her "outside" problems. Which she doesn't want the emotions to find out about.

Jackie Chan Adventures
  • Jackie Chan Adventures: Olympian Journey:
    • Chapter 11. Not only is Hak Foo revealed to have joined Eris (and gained a magically enhanced form in the process), but Hestia's desperate attempt to commune with the spirits of the deceased gods goes wrong and leads to Tohru being fully possessed by Zeus (with the next chapter revealing that Hera is possessing Finn, Hephaestus Chow, and Athena Ratso), and Ares completely reincarnating.
    • Chapter 13 has Eris absorb Ares' essence at his behest after his host is fatally injured, with Prometheus sacrificing a finger to seal it for six months at most.
    • Chapter 17 ends with Hestia inadvertently revealing that she has much more control over the Section 13 facilities than she lets on, having managed to charge thread with Athena's essence to protect the heroes from Aphrodite (she, Hestia, and Artemis were the only beings Aphrodite could never charm) without anyone noticing her enter the Vault. Not only that, but Eris reveals that she has a specific plan in mind revolving generating chaos, and the heroes decide to seek out the Eight Immortals to repair their Armor.
  • Queen of All Oni:
  • Shadows Awakening has Chapter 13: The heroes manage to defeat Kyosuke and Wong, and retrieve the Ring of Kur-Asan and use it take back Wong's stolen Talismans. However, before they can use the Ring to restore Jade, the Queen's corruption completes, resulting in the Tiger Talisman splitting Jade and the Queen apart. She strips Wong of his Shadowkhan powers, at which point Kyosuke reveals that they cut a deal in secret, and that the Queen has now earned his loyalty, setting her up as the new sole Big Bad.

Kingdom Hearts
  • Binary, a detective AU. Chapter 13. Kairi is still in the car outside when it explodes, and the others get caught by the Organization.
  • The Road To Light has several Whams. Some of the more dramatic ones are these:
    • Chapter 1: Aqua wakes up injured and amnesic in the middle of nowhere with only her Archenemy for company. Said enemy quickly claims that the two of them are on the same side, and it was one of Aqua’s True Companions who attacked her.
    • Chapter 39: Vanitas, fearing that Aqua will eventually regain her memories and leave him, decides to abandon her first
    • Chapter 65: Vanitas's Dramatic Unmask
    • Chapter 69: Master Eraqus reveals to Master Xehanort that Vanitas has been secretly hanging out with Aqua
    • Chapter 86: Terra attempts to kill Vanitas, but Aqua ends up taking the blow. Vanitas flees with her, and runs right into Xehanort
  • Both The Shrouded Path and its sequel Those Who Fight Monsters have these.

Kung Fu Panda
  • A Different Lesson has a couple...
    • Chapter 30: Zhuang goes to check on Chang and his family, who haven't been heard from in some time (or seen by the reader since Vachir under Demonic Possession kidnapped Zeng and was about to kill the elephants' child), only to discover Chang suffering from Eye Scream while he and his wife are suspended from grappling hooks in their basement, allowed to slowly bleed to death and suffer while staring at the body of their son, all for Chao to feed on their spiritual pain. Chang warns Zhuang to tell the Furious Five and the others to stay away from Vachir. Meanwhile, of course, they're all facing the rhino at Chorh-Gom and discover Chao can raise the dead, in this case the Anvil of Heaven. This is immediately followed by Mantis discovering that Monkey was also possessed, followed by what appears to be Monkey killing him; this plot point isn't resolved until Chapter 42. And then the final battle with Vachir results in him and Monkey being freed of dark chi...but then the pinnacle collapses and Tigress and Tai Lung fall into the abyss.
    • Chapter 34: After all the build-up of just whom the Wu Sisters would kill (and it looking very much like it'd be Ping), with Jia prevailing on Chun to break free of Xiu's Blackmail and cruelty until it looks like she's gotten through to her, someone does end up dying—Zhuang. Thanks to the corruption of the Sacred Pool by Chao in the previous chapter, Xiulan is made to see Tai Lung doing the deed. Ping ends up kidnapped instead, with Po given the ultimatum of sitting out the upcoming fights if he wants to see his father alive again. And at the very last, after receiving a very unsettling premonition, Shifu is brought the news that Tai Lung has been arrested for Zhuang's murder...something which, after the events of the previous chapter, the reader knows is not going to lead to a fair trial. And indeed, things only get worse from here.

The Legend of Zelda
  • Zelda's Honor has quite a few littered throughout its chapters. Here are the more notable ones:
    • Chapter 4: Fall of the Kokiri - Quite early in the story, we have the near-complete eradication of the Kokiri. Their brutal raping, torture and deaths immediately impact the reader and set the stage for the type of dark fantasy fiction the readers SHOULD be expecting from here on out.
    • Chapter 27: Shutting Out the World - Not only were we recently treated to the horrific death of Saria, but we are then treated to a miraculous rebirth through her fairy, Sora and the growth of her wings. This singular event foreshadows just about every major endgame twist at the end of Act 3. The fact Link and the others bed down with the Gerudo for the next seven years as tenuous allies can be shocking to some too.
    • Chapter 31: Loss of Innocence - A very shocking chapter where a character who was long since left for dead near the middle of Act 1 makes a surprise appearance with their name only being dropped at the end of the chapter (for maximum effect!). The fact Ruto survived the events of Act 1 is a surprise alone, but that she is now the lapdog and fourth general in Naar's army, thus making her an antagonist was something nobody expected.
    • Chapter 56: A Piece of the Goddess - The epic finale of the second act has us witness the supposed death of Link, who then is resurrected by Navi who appears from nowhere at the eleventh hour to save him. What's more surprising is that as a result of this merging, he grows a pair of white wings that he has to deal with for the remainder of the story!
    • Chapter 63: Changing the Pieces - This chapter could be mixed with Chapter 70: Entrenched in the Desert and Chapter 84: It All Went Wrong; however it was this chapter which set up the biggest game changer in the story, the actual death of Talon. Sure, chapter 70 had Malon's son aborted, Koume dying through an arrow to the brain and chapter 84 where Impa dies at the hands of Argonim, but it was here in chapter 63 where the realization that no one is safe was established, so this ends up being the biggest wham chapter of the bunch.
    • Chapter 91: Becoming a God and Chapter 92: The End to All Things - These can be bunched together as the final climax of the story. Characters are killed off left and right, bittersweet endings are concluded, the world is forever scarred and changed. There are so many earth-shattering things happening in these two chapters that wrangle so much from the Zelda mythos that to list even one would spoil the ending.
  • The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker is a rather cheery but realistic novelisation of the game. However, in chapter 30, Link boards the Ghost Ship to look for the Triforce of Courage. There, illusions drive him insane until he screams so loudly that his ears ring. He pleads for help from who he thinks is just a ghost. After meeting his parents, he gets a brief animation in his head about Ganondorf sending monsters into the Earth Temple and the Wind Temple to kill the new sages before locating Zelda and raising his hand to perform the killing curse. Even the narrator seems rather overwhelmed at times.
    • Furthermore, the narrator names his chapters after quotes from that respective chapter. Most of them are just funny quotes relevant to what is going on, but when you find a chapter with a rather serious name such as "Dead Calm" and "Let Go Of The Past", you know that the chapter is going to be as serious as its name.

Lyrical Nanoha
  • The Lyrical Nanoha fanfic Game Theory has a big one in chapter four. Nanoha sides with Fate against the TSAB, and the canon has been irreparably destroyed.
    • An even bigger one in the Epilogue. After the Final Battle in the Garden of Time it's revealed the whole thing was a smokescreen meant to fake the deaths of Nanoha and the Testarossas. In fact Precia had already revived Alicia using the Jewel Seed mechanism that was thought to be a temporary life-support system.

Marvel Comics
  • The Marvel fanfic Not a typical Civil War looks at first like a standard Fix Fic : sure, there are some changes (the proregs, and especially Iron Man, acting less like douches; Maria Hill jumping the gun more often; a whole new subplot with Wolverine tracking down Nitro), but otherwise, the main events are kept, and the story unwinds the same way. So, we're heading to the same climax, with the Proregs and the Antiregs about to duke it out. Cue chapter 10... and Doctor Doom appears on a video screen, revealing that A) he actually orchestrated the Stamford Incident and, thanks to a mole in SHIELD (surprise surprise, it's Maria Hill) and another in the Proreg side (a Doombot version of Hank Pym), he manipulated the events so that a simple disagreement between heroes would turn into an all-out war between two factions; B) He also CREATED the Sentry thanks to a deal with Mephisto, and he's about to unleash him on their families and the world, before coming out and looking like a hero by stopping him (and considering how Secret Invasion ended, it would probably work); C) he released all the villains imprisoned in the Negative Zone Prison and warned them that he hid a quantum bomb and that he would only teleport those who would be alive at the end of a fight to the death against the heroes; and D) during this long reveal, he'd been pouring an undetectable knockout gas in the corridor where the heroes are gathered so that they wouldn't be able to put up a fight. And then, time for an epic ending.

Mass Effect
  • Mass Vexations 2 has chapter 32, which really shakes up the status quo. Until that point, Author Avatar Art had been keeping the fact that he was not from the same universe as the other characters a secret from most of the Normandy's crew, including Shepard. When he deals with an Evil Twin originally from the universe he emigrated to in this loyalty mission, the twin's actions finally push Art over the brink, and he launches into a rant where he decries the evil twin and spills his secret without realizing it... in front of Shepard, who is not happy at this revelation. The fallout from this incident causes the entire crew to find out over the course of chapter 33.

Mega Man
  • The Legacy of Metal's "Guiding Rainbow's Light" has one every other chapter. And it works.
  • Mega Man Reawakened has a couple.
    • Arc 2, Chapter 5, which introduces the Bonnes in the middle of chapters about Wily and the Powered Up Robot Masters.
    • Arc 3, Chapter 8, where Robert has a huge argument with Dr. Light, nearly shattering their familial bond beyond repair.
    • Arc 3, Chapter 11, which has a rematch against the Robot Masters wherein Wood Man reveals he's a Reploid, and Robert finally manages to let go of his hate. Tron then convinces Dr. Light to do likewise.
    • Arc 4, chapter 4, with Wily being released from jail and apparently reforming, an attack by Quentin Emerald, more details of Project Blues being revealed, Protoman appearing in combat for the first time, and Wily closing the chapter by mentioning Project Gamma.
    • The Arc 4 finale has Blues, in his Break Man persona, utterly curbstomping Bass, Wily being accepted onto Project Gamma, the return of the original Robot Masters, an introduction of a new character named Darian Darhk, and the reveal that Blues and Robert are brothers.
  • Mega Man: Defender of the Human Race has had quite a few over the story's run.
    • Episode 3 has one in Doc's death.
    • Almost the entirety of episode 4 is one, with Gamma being activated and defeating Mega Man.
    • Episode 7 has a huge one with the introduction of Bass and Treble.
    • Episode 9 is this, with super intense battles on both sides, the Robot Masters becoming stronger, implications that ProtoMan is doing a much better job leading than Wily, Metal Man being a mole, and the title of one chapter is "A Good Day to Die." Not only does Metal Man die... ProtoMan kills him. The epilogue also introduces the Mega Man Killers and has ProtoMan demoted from Wily's second-in-command.
    • Episode 10 has Mr. Black invading the Lights' home while Mega, Roll, and Rush are fighting the Killers, a very back and forth fight between the latter groups, and Bass interrupting the Killers when they gain the upper hand. The next chapter has Mr. Black blackmailing the Conduit, Kalinka being kidnapped to force Mega to fight the Killers, and in the climax Ballade dies. The epilogue has the confirmation that Janet is paralyzed, many events go from bad to worse, and ProtoMan is tortured by Wily.
    • Episode 11 promises major changes in the status quo; its title is "Things Change." As of chapter 6, Mega Man saw the full video of ProtoMan's activation, Roll had a talk with Bass and at least tried to change his ways, Bass is back with Wily, and Wily knows that ProtoMan betrayed him before. Then, we have an invasion of Washington DC, Mega Man temporarily giving up, and the full reveal of Mr. Black's intentions. Then, Mr. Black establishes himself as a good guy by saving the President, it's revealed that the Mad Grinder is powered by Bassinium, and Bass is decisively defeated. And then, at the very end of chapter 11, ProtoMan turns on Wily.
    • Episode 12 reveals the Conduit's master plan, which is a threat to the entire world, including Light and Wily. In chapter 4, Mr. Black is captured by the police thanks to Mega Man, Roll, and ProtoMan. And in Chapter 5, the Conduit casually mentions that there are two Jadous Spheres. The climax of the episode has the first Jadous Sphere shattering and Bass breaking Mr. Black's neck—though he lives. The epilogue has Mr. Black letting go of his hatred and vowing to honor Tonya's memory by helping others, starting with helping Janet.
    • Episode 14 deals with an alien invasion from the Stardroids, and has been described as so big and so important that a subplot was nearly cut out because the main plotline was so critical. During the invasion, we learn the Stardroids share Bass's shields and power shards, and Bass's shards are the essence of a Stardroid named Luna.
  • Mega Man Recut has "Future Shock." It's been described as the keystone for Season 1.
    • "The Mega Man in the Moon". Duo drives off Wily and the Robot Masters, the Emergency Scanner is actually Galaxy Man, Senator King is revealed to be The Mole, we learn that the Syndicate is deliberately keeping the R.I.P out of America, and Duo and Ra Thor imply that there is a much bigger threat on the horizon...

Miraculous Ladybug
  • All the Laughs We Had in the Past serves as one for The One to Make It Stay. After witnessing Chloe bullying Aurore about being akumatized and calling her on it only to be dismissed, Marinette realizes that she has no interest in changing her ways and confronts her as Ladybug, making clear that she will never be allowed to be Queen Bee again. Chat then blames Ladybug for Chloe's akumatization into Miracle Queen, and the tension that had been building between them explodes as he attempts to blame her for everything while she calls him out in return. He then refuses to work with her, splitting off to try and handle Chloe on his own. Miracle Queen and Mayura then exploit this and successfully steal the Black Cat Miraculous, exposing his identity and getting the ring to Hawkmoth. And just in case that wasn't enough of a wham, this also means that Master Fu feels it necessary for him to leave Paris, since Adrien knows his identity as the Guardian and has just been compromised.
  • Leave for Mendeleiev has the Syren Arc, wherein Tikki enthusiastically recommends Marinette as an apprentice Guardian to Master Fu, Fu starts entrusting her with Miraculouses to pass on to temporary holders, and Adrien attempts to Blackmail Plagg into revealing Ladybug's secrets, only to catch a faceful of Syren's flippers and drop the Black Cat ring into the flood waters. Despite his hopes that Miraculous Cure will restore the ring to his finger, it instead ends up in the hands of some random, unknown passerby who finds it in the streets afterwards and sticks it in their pocket, unaware of what they've just picked up.
  • Spellbound: The first two books hint at the darkness lurking under the surface of the world, and even have brief encounters with it, such as Félix going to a fae revel and seeing the horrors that they perpetrate on kidnapped mortals. But nonetheless, most of the story is about Marinette meeting Adrien and Félix a year before canon, the three of them becoming inseparable friends, and the love square getting a relatively quick resolution, with lots of laughter and fun along the way. Then at the end of book 2, the fae discover that Marinette is Ladybug, kidnap her, and Adrien has to give up the rest of his humanity to get her back, traumatised and broken. Book 3 sets a much grimmer tone.

Mortal Kombat
  • The fanfic Past The Point Of No Return. Team S-F has saved Earthrealm, but dies in the process (Takeda and Jacqui succumb to their wounds, Kung Jin dies from Kytinn poison, and Cassie dies from a heart attack upon hearing of her teammates' deaths). They are transformed into revanants, where Liu Kang takes pleasure in detailing Cassie's new life.
  • In with the Old, Out with the New has Kano rape Cassie after the latter wins a fight for her freedom.
  • Mortal Kombat vs Marvel Universe has Raiden become a power-hungry tyrant, bent on killing off his ex-champions, kidnapping the children of two of them and destroying the alternate universe they fled to. Not only this, but he is in cahoots with a resurrected Shang Tsung and Daegon, having sold out Kano to the latter, has invaded Outworld and brainwashed several of Earthrealm's defenders a la Quan Chi.

My Hero Academia
  • Apotheosis (MHA) Chapter 14 is a massive one. Izuku Midoriya is arrested but is actually revealed to be Toga in disguise, while Izuku completes the time stone and uses all three stones to take out All Might, Kamui Woods, and Edgeshot and officially revealing himself as a villain to the whole world.
  • Mastermind: Strategist for Hire delivers two in a row:
    • Chapter 13 concludes with Izuku murdering All Might during the attack at the USJ.
    • Chapter 14 has Nedzu reveal that All Might died before finding a successor, meaning One For All died with him.
  • Viridian: The Green Guide: Chapter 4 has Izuku getting into his first official fight as a vigilante to prevent a rape, after which the would-be victim Hina Yu contacts the paper she works at, giving him the name of Viridian in the process.
  • Erased Potential: The USJ arc goes much worse here than it does in canon. By the time the dust settles, over half of Class 1-A needs medical attention, with several requiring serious treatment. Shigaraki actually succeeded at getting his hands on one of the students, partially disintergrating their face, and seriously injured himself while disintergrating Izuku's eskrima rods, which exploded in his hands — something he blames Izuku for. On top of all this, the injuries that Aizawa himself incurred are serious enough that he may have permanently lost his ability to use his Quirk.
  • Prophetic: After the Sports Festival, Izuku comes home to realize the lights he accidentally left on are still on. Looking around the apartment, Izuku notices that none of the chores his mother normally does have been done in quite some time and her entire bedroom is coated with dust. The following chapter reveals that Inko abandoned him some time ago.
  • Mean Rabbit: During the Quirk Assessment, Izuku comes in last place like canon. Unlike canon, he refuses to accept that he placed behind people he knows he outscored. Aizawa makes everyone ranked 15th and below retest then expels the other five students when Izuku outperforms them.

  • Perfection Is Overrated:
    • Chapter 6. The true nature of the SUE threat is revealed, and the Himes are forced to go back in time to prevent history from being rewritten.
    • Chapter 18. It is revealed that not only is Bachiko a SUE, but so is Meiko. Yukariko betrays the group and puts Natsuki into a Lotus-Eater Machine, when Natsuki's powers give out. Shiho reveals herself as Mai’s attacker and tries to kill her, with Mikoto searching for Mainote .
    • Chapter 21. The First District is destroyed, as is Miyu, thereby preventing Mashiro's plan from working. It is revealed that the Obsidian Lord is in league with the SUEs and is possessed by the Usurper.

My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic
  • Chapter 13 of All That Shimmers has Pinkie Pie, Applejack and Rainbow Dash being taken away by humanoid demons and when the remaining girls (Rarity, Fluttershy and Sunset) leave the building it ends up looking like the hell in Sunset's nightmares.
  • Anthropology has exactly three Wham Episodes:
    • The first is in chapter 9, when Princess Celestia reveals to Lyra she was not born a pony—she is a human. And this is still the prologue, mind you.
    • The second is in chapter 24, when Discord reveals to Lyra he has followed her into the human world and is now going to wreak havoc there. Discord then turns Lyra back into a pony.
    • And finally, chapter 27: the Mane 6 arrive in New York to defeat Discord and prevent The End of the World as We Know It — at least on Earth, anyway. Discord is just as surprised as the ponies are when the Elements of Harmony fail to petrify him again.
  • Cadence in A Minor, chapter 4: Shining Armor finally admits that he was raped by Queen Chrysalis.
  • In Equestria: A History Revealed, throughout the fic, the Lemony Narrator had been pining after her friend, Crazy Larry, only to be spurred by his rejections. At the last lines of Chapter 25, she reveals that she's finally been sleeping with him. Given that she had been rejected multiple times before, and in recent chapters had been inquiring about a Love Potion, this line, though still unconfirmed, definitely qualifies as a whammer.
  • Escape From the Moon: The entirety of chapter six, which reveals the full truth of Doa’s identity and why she’s on the moon... and the source of the voice that she’s been hearing.
  • Loved and Lost: The eleventh chapter is mostly a huge Just Between You and Me moment between King Jewelius and the imprisoned heroes — Princess Celestia, Shining Armor, Spike, and the Mane Six (sans Twilight Sparkle) — whom he has disgraced by tricking everypony to blame them for the Changeling invasion. Jewelius has for years before the story began secretly hated his aunt Celestia and cousin Cadance due to their 100% Adoration Rating and wanted to overshadow their legacy. He allied with Queen Chrysalis to conquer Equestria on Cadance and Shining Armor's wedding day, but as he became a Love-Interest Traitor for Twilight, he double-crossed the Changelings at the last minute by helping Twilight herself to stop them with the shrinking spell he showed her, only to immediately afterwards scapegoat all the other heroes for the invasion. During the week the disgraced heroes spent in exile, he manipulated Twilight to lose all trust in her friends, brother and mentor for their earlier treatment of her, successfully proposed to her in hopes of getting powerful descendants, murdered all the royal guards who were injured during the invasion yet remained loyal to the princesses, and replaced them with bribed convicts.
  • The Pony POV Series has several:
    • "Black Pearl" ends with Fluttershy breaking completely and transforming into her Superpowered Evil Side, Princess Gaia/Nightmare Whisper.
    • "Prologue", and its Sequel Episode the "Generational Transitions" arc. The first reveals that Pinkie Pie is the same character from Gen 3, and is the Sole Survivor of that world, which was Retgoned by the Alicorns and Draconnequi to prevent universal collapse. The latter builds on top of this, also revealing that Celestia was G3 Star Catcher, and it ends with Twilight being given Razzaroo's Apocalyptic Log, which not only causes her to confront Celestia about Equestria's past, but reveals that the Interviewers are more than they appear.
    • "Mind Games 7": Not only is it revealed that Diamond Tiara's actions were what inadvertently finished her mother's Sanity Slippage, but also that Screwball then attempted to kill her, though now she's so lost in her insanity she can't remember it. Also, Discord drops his facade of kindness towards Diamond and makes his true intentions for her clear.
    • "Mind Games 8": Discord completely corrupts Diamond Tiara, and she releases him. Also, as per their deal, Golden Tiara is cured of her insanity, and upon remembering the above incident from when she went insane, has the expected reaction.
    • "Angry Cruel Love": The all-out battle between Discord's forces and the Dark World!Mane Six continues. Fluttercruel is revealed to be able to use the Stare (Discord ordered her to reserve it for a last resort) and Rarity's golems are revealed to be souls using her as a medium to materialize into the mortal plane through her powers. Rarity then kills Fluttercruel and takes the Element of Cruelty for herself. Meanwhile, Angry Pie and Twilight continue their fight, ending with Angry Pie tearing out her Element of Magic and leaving her for dead as she begins rapidly aging.
    • "The Real Hoof Blues": Not only is Pinkie Pie redeemed, the Nameless Passenger's true motivations for Twilight are revealed and it is all but confirmed that she was the other Big Bad the Valeyard spoke of in his Final Speech. In addition, a second voice (the Benevolent Interloper) begins talking to Twilight to prevent her from falling for the Passenger's attempts.
    • "Off Da Rails": Fluttercruel is revealed to have survived by Body Surfing into Sparkler's body. Then, Rancor literally stabs Discord In the Back, stealing Destruction's power for herself, before leaving to return to the Draconequi dimension. Discord, seemingly mortally wounded in the process, transfers his remaining power to Fluttercruel, who's suffering a Villainous Breakdown from this sudden shock and saying she'll kill everyone to protect her father and prove her love to him. Cruel proceeds to absorb the Shadows of Existence and turn into a full Draconequus, something the Passenger says isn't possible.
    • The back-to-back chapters "Ruined Pearl Necklace" and "Crushed Pearl Necklace" both count. The former for revealing Pinkie is slowly dying of Rapid Aging due to her Element of Rage being damaged and having Rainbow Dash return to the fray. The latter for revealing what happened to Cruelty — she was hit with ALL of Sparkler's memories when she possessed her, which unDiscorded her (no one, not even Discord himself, knew it but she was BORN Discorded), leading her further into insanity. On top of that, Pinkie Pie dies and Cruelty is killed once and for all (but at the cost of Sparkler's life), while Fluttershy's spirit takes Fluttercruel's soul to recondition her.
    • From the looks of things, the End of Days Arc is going to be a Wham Arc. "My Little Alicorn" has a Sea Pony deliver an ominous warning that an "Alicorn Witch" is on her way to destroy the world and that Discord actually made Celestia's prison a paradise and when she and Luna are released, they've been reduced to fillies and Celestia lost her memory. Then Shady's spirit shows up to try and get Discord to redeem himself and claims that, while she understands why Discord's considered a devil despite still loving him as her son, the Nameless Passenger is WORSE than he is! All this is in addition to the various hints being dropped about the Passenger's endgame in this and the previous chapters.
    • "Beating Up Discord" has Dark World!Discord finally die and the world revert to a more harmonic setting, but Discord is revealed to, on some level, regret his crimes and its implied that someone or something has trapped him in a "Groundhog Day" Loop. At the end, Pinkie Pie and her foals, playing a video game version of their friend's adventures, discover there's still a third disc left to play.
    • "All Things in Twilight" has Twilight, and soon after the others, finally shake off the Nameless Passenger's influence, forcing it to reveal its identity — an alternate Twilight-turned-Nightmare.
    • "Give A Reason" not only gives the Nameless Passenger a name — Nightmare Eclipse (though the heroes dub her Nightmare Paradox)—, but reveals how the "Groundhog Day" Loop started and that its been going on for what amounts to several hundred million years! On top of that, it's revealed that Paradox isn't an alternate Twilight but a potential future Twilight who wants Twilight to become her and continue the loop.
    • "All My Friends Are Here": The Final Battle with Nightmare Paradox begins and it's revealed that along the way, she's merged with versions of Fluttershy, Applejack, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, and Spike who went Nightmare, giving her a team of Psycho Rangers. The chapter ends with everyone but Twilight and Applejack disabled and Paradox and her Nightmares seemingly preparing the Finishing Move. The presence of Spike's Nightmare (Nightmare Banneret) also reveals the fact that any species can go Nightmare.
    • "Friends VS Friends" ends with the Nightmares using their corrupted Elements of Harmony and utterly obliterating the whole world, and Paradox using this to force Twilight to become her and reset the time loop once more. Though this was actually from a previous cycle.
    • "Shining Armor 13" not only delves into the mysterious break ins that happened, but ends with Cadence revealing the Wolf is still after Shining and proving it's not all in his head, because she saw it too.
    • Part 1 of Clover's Gaiden Story reveals that Minty was actually Clover, Dandy, and their son combined by the world changing spell. It also reveals that Pinkie was Clover's imaginary friend.
    • "That Which Pierces All" sees Nightmare Eclipse and her Psycho Rangers defeated once and for all (along with every alternate version of her due to her merging with every Nightmare Purgatory the moment of their birth), but after the dust settles, Twilight's absorbed the purified Eclipse and undergoing Alicornification. Discord also implies that it's possible Alicorn!Trixie's Alicornification wasn't undone.
    • "Welcome Home": Twilight completes her ascension, becoming Amicitia, the Concept of Magic, Friendship, and Happy Endings, with help from Trixie/Anasi, who really did keep her own Alicornification. Twilight/Amicitia then helps Rarity ascend as well, becoming Liberalis, Concept of the Mortal World, declaring her the new Queen of Equestria and de facto Dimension Lord of the Dark World universe. In the process, the Elements of Chaos within Rarity are purified (and possibly destroyed), while a World-Healing Wave is released that removes the last of Discord's chaos from the world.
    • Shining Armor 14: The Wolf comes after Shining again, on the ship, it's heavily implied that Minuette is an amnesiac Time Lord, and the Hooviets threaten Twilight in order to get to Shining, mailing him pictures of her sleeping.
    • "Duel to the Death at the Dawn of Time": Twilight/Amicitia's "greatest foe" turns out to be a younger Cadence, who was convinced magic was inherently evil and tried to kill Amicitia to prevent its existence. After Amicitia barely defeats her, her Light of Existence goes to live a mortal life to teach her a lesson, while her Shadow somehow clings to sentience and is recovered by Pandora, who gives it its own Light, creating Chrysalis. Meanwhile, Amicitia is revealed to be the Benevolent Interloper, creating a Stable Time Loop to insure her own existence. Oh, and it's strongly implied she's the Interviewers as well.
    • Shining Armor 15-1: The anti-Hooviet Rebellion and Mother Deer are introduced and revealed to be the ones who threatened Twilight in 14 in order to enable them to meet with Shining and a major battle with the Hooviets begins.
    • Shining Armor 16-2: After light-hearted fun in part 1 of the chapter and a good chunk of this part, serious Mood Whiplash kicks in as the group finds the downed Defiant with all hands onboard (including Bond's parents) long dead, and more importantly discover that Makarov's endgame involves using chemical weapons to kill every dragon on the planet, including Spike, which would involve gassing Ponyville as well. And then, Makarov uses his powers to literally spring a ambush from nowhere and forces Misfit Actual to surrender themselves in order to spare the rest of the fleet. And when they do, Makarov forces Shining to watch as he subjects the rest of the squad to No Holds Barred Beatdowns, including shooting Running Gag's wing off. And the chapter ends with Makarov making some ominous remarks and knocking Shining out.
    • Shining Armor 17-1 is a big one: Shining Armor discovers that the Interviewers have been interviewing him on his way to Makarov's flagship and he's capable of knowing they're there, unlike anyone else. The Interviewers reveal that the SA Arc and the series proper run on San Dimas Time because Shining Armor's condition means he's in the past catching up to the present, destroying any sense of Foregone Conclusion. Makarov begins his endgame, starting a global war with an attempted dragon genocide, threatening to sever the connection to the Heart World, and traps the battlefield under his Iron Curtain, making him near omnipotent. The chapter ends with Shining Armor, after spending the chapter being Forced to Watch Makarov kill thousands of innocents, snapping, smashing Makarov's super weapon, and attempting to kill him.
    • Shining Armor 17-5: The Final Battle with Makarov has the Wolf Ret Goning him, undoing all of the damage he caused to the timeline. And the chapter ends with Shining ambiguously fading into light as the changes take affect.
    • Shining Armor 18-1: General-Admiral Makarov has been erased from existence and Shining Armor, Cadence, and Minuette find themselves in the new, repaired timeline where the Hooviet Empire imploded on schedule. Bond's parents and everyone who died because of Makarov are still alive, Defiant never crashed, allowing it to stop several wars or greatly decreased them in scope and deaths, and the world as a whole is a far different place. Also, it's revealed that Minuette is the Master using a fob watch, but she managed to fend him off when he tried to reassert himself.
    • Shining Armor 19.2: Shining is revealed to have literally not existed before the start of his story and had to spread out both ways from that point, something even Celestia doesn't know all the details of. It's also revealed that Makarov's desmise does not seem to have gotten the Wolf off Shining's tail, and that Celestia can't protect him from it.
    • Dark World/Light World 38, "The Connection", ends the Dark World side of the Dark Word-Shining Armor mega arc, finally revealing how Dark World and the main timeline are connected, as well as revealing the true identity of the Interviewers. Amicitia, wishing to create a timeline separate from Dark World where Discord lost, without lowering to Paradox's level and overwriting Dark World's existence, takes the only action she can — she blows herself up, causing a Literal Split Personality that creates the Interviewers, and Shining Armor, who the Interviewers insert into the timeline (thus explaining the above Tomato in the Mirror situation), so that his familial friendship will give Twilight the strength to resist Discord long enough for Luna's gambit with the friendship reports to work. The chapter then ends with the Interviewers starting the first of the Reharmonized interviews, bringing the series full-circle and revealing that Dark World was essentially a Stealth Prequel to the main story.
    • Shining Armor 21.2: Sunset and Ranger are killed while participating in a joint effort to break up a mega-storm over Caruba. There's no pomp, no massive battle — it simply happens, shocking everyone in- and out- of universe.
    • Wedding Episode 6: It's revealed Chrysalis somehow obtained more knowledge of how to deceive Twilight and does so (though she still ends up making Twilight suspicious of her). Not only that, but Chrysalis is revealed to have brainwashed Moondancer, who she uses to brainwash Spike. She also brainwashes Sweetie Belle after hearing her sing her family's song.
    • Wedding Episode 7: Chrysalis manages to brainwash Applejack and Twilight, and on top of that also seems to have brainwashed the Unicorn Interviewer.
    • Wedding Episode 10: The Changeling invasion becomes an all out war, as Chrysalis uses her brainwashed pawns to neutralize Celestia and the un-brainwashed Elements, uses Shining's power to blast Luna and The Cavalry away (like what happened to her in canon), and biggest shock of all, the Unicorn Interviewer's attempt to keep Chrysalis from continuing to use her results in the Interviewers no longer being outside time. Which among other things means that the interviews are now writing themselves.
    • Wedding Episode 11 reveals just how it is that Chrysalis knows so much more than she should — in the timeline corrupted by the Shadow of Chernobull, Chrysalis fought Makarov, who was so enraged by her ability to fight him to a standstill (and point out all of the plot holes he created) that he warped reality to wipe her and the Changelings out of existence, and while she was stuck in the limbo between life and death, she remembered her true origin, granting her knowledge of the Heart World. And if that wasn't bad enough, the true extent of her planning is revealed, showing that she's taken every measure to not only keep the Royal Guard and Equestria at large ignorant of the invasion, but has also manipulated the Equestrian military and intelligence networks to fortify and cut off Equestria from its allies. However, the heroes also manage to escape the Wedding Hall with the help of the Hoofmaidens, and it's revealed Princess Luna and The Cavalry survived (though are now extremely far from Canterlot), leaving Equestria's fate uncertain.
    • "Behind Enemy Lines" reveals that Misfit Actual weren't thrown out by Shining's shield and are mounting a counterattack, meaning the heroes aren't alone.
    • "Dances With Ponies": Chrysalis reveals taking over Canterlot isn't her endgame and she has further plans, and is playing her own kind to her own ends. It's also revealed that Chrysalis used Twilight to steal the Elements of Harmony. Also, Moth reveals her true form to the group and begins giving them information to help fight back against the Changelings.
    • Wedding Episode 16 reveals, via an image of a potential Bad Future, just what Chrysalis is planning — to enact a ceremony to suck the emotions out of every living thing in Equestria, becoming a god in the process, raising the stakes considerably. On the plus side, the Earth Pony and Pegasus Interviewers recruit help from Filthy Rich's group and the Wonderbolts (respectfully), while Cadence is able to free Twilight from Chrysalis' mind control, so there's more hope than there was before.
    • Wedding Episode 17: While Twilight is freed from Chrysalis' control, a backup spell in her mind makes her think that Cadence is Chrysalis, and she tries to kill her. Fortunately, Cobweb turns out to be Trixie, who realized something was wrong after Chrysalis' attempt to break her via Twilight and came back in disguise. She and Cadence then work together to free Twilight for good.
    • Wedding Arc: Notes Get Scrambled: A more subtle one. Fluttercruel reveals her existence to the group outside the mane six.
    • Wedding Arc: Orange Butterfly: Scootaloo learns to fly and saves Sweetie Belle. The Changelings are also seemingly exposed thanks to Scootaloo's actions, but Sweetie Belle is still supporting Chrysalis...without brainwashing!
    • Wedding Arc: Sisters: Rarity talks Sweetie through her Stockholm Syndrome and the Changelings have been revealed to Canterlot. However, the biggest wham moment? Scootaloo EARNED HER CUTIE MARK! Lampshaded by Pinkie after her Pinkie Sense in reaction to Scootaloo flying, earning her Cutie Mark, or both went off:
    • "Misfit vs Kabuto": Professor Kabuto is defeated and the resulting Superpower Meltdown turns him into an Earth Pony, but more importantly, it's revealed that Weaver, Diver, and Bombardier, three guards on Misfit's side, are actually benevolent Changelings trying to live peacefully in Equestria abiding by the law. It's also revealed that an Equestrian general named Lone Ranger was a traitor who aided the Changelings in their invasion trying to wipe them out and prove the guard's heroism to the populace.
    • Wedding: Queen's Last Performance: The group storm Chrysalis' throne room and confront her as the Queen prepares for her Last Villain Stand. It's then revealed during the following confrontation that the Changelings aren't a separate species, but another tribe of ponies. Shining Armor is finally freed and restrains Chrysalis as the mane cast unleash the Elements of Harmony on her.
    • Wedding: The Chrysalis Is Broken: The Elements of Harmony, rather than defeating Chrysalis, fulfill her true goal of completing her ascension to alicornhood, transforming her into Queen Cadenza, Cadence's Evil Twin. However, as Applejack and Half-Light Dusk explain, this also forces her to develop a heart and conscience, which forces her to truly face all the horrible things she's done, triggering her final Villainous Breakdown. Furthermore, Cadence realizes she can use their connection to challenge Chrysalis/Cadenza for the position of Queen of the Changelings, engaging her in a duel.
    • Finale 2: Chaos' Revenge: Discord and his allies begin his endgame plan, turning the world into a twisted Crapsack World. This plan is so horrific, it appears the Elders themselves have mobilized to help stop it. The chapter ends with the CMC seemingly the only ones that can save the world now. Also, a group of Nightmares seem to be involved (ironically seemingly on the CMC's side) in some fashion.
  • The Powers of Harmony has four back-to-back. First, Chapter 20 reveals that Hidden Villain Big Bad Cetus has been hiding in Rarity's font the whole time. Chapters 21-23 then combine to bring in and cement the story's Darkest Hour — first, Cetus manages to defeat Celestia and steal her body, and then proceeds to transfer Nightmare Moon's essence into Rarity's body, rechristen her Eclipse, and forcibly demote her to Dragon. Between the two of them, they then manage to curbstomp the Mane Six and their allies, killing Grovi, Strauss and Elo in the process. In order to keep them alive long enough to become powerful enough to defeat Cetus, Luna is then forced to scatter them across Equestria and the rest of the world.
  • Racer and the Geek starts out looking like a rather ordinary Rainbow Dash x Original Character romance fic — until chapter 3. That's when the gun ponies are introduced and things get much more interesting in a hurry. Kalash93 has a penchant for toying with expectations.
  • Parodied in Your Best Shot: the chapter named "Wham Episode" consists of almost nothing but the word 'wham' repeated over and over (as the mane cast beat Discord up).
  • The definite wham chapter of The Conversion Bureau: The Other Side of the Spectrum is certainly For Whom The Bell Tolls. It is the single darkest chapter of the story so far, detailing how Queen Celestia corrupted the TCB!Elements, detailed description of TCB!Twilight's experiments to make the ponification serum work and the three thousand human test subjects she used to test out the Flawed Prototype versions (topped off with enough Squick, Body Horror and Nausea Fuel to fill out an entire Nightmare Fuel page), and Canon!Luna (once she sees the aforementioned) flying into an Unstoppable Rage, turning into Nightmare Moon and charging at the Solar Tyrant herself.
  • Misunderstandings
    • Raising the Stakes: The magic Peter has been absorbing has in fact been sent to Earth, which means that a way home for Peter could be possible.
    • Untethered: Peter escapes from the Astral Plane, only to discover his connection to Earth has been severed, which means the magic he has been channeling toward will build up inside of him, and unless something is done, Peter will explode in at least three weeks. Now there is a Race Against the Clock, with ponies struggling to find a solution before time runs out and the magic in Peter reaches a critical mass.
  • Integration:
    • "Ponies II": Sunset finally returns to Equestria to make peace with Celestia only to discover she ascended possibly during the Friendship Games and became an alicorn.
    • "Humans IV": Sci-Twilight is nearly kidnapped by the human Changelings, which makes everybody realize that there's other humans who know about Equestrian magic and want to use it for their own personal gain.

  • Naruto Veangance Revelaitons invokes and lampshades this trope, with the author announcing in advance which chapters will have major twists (although the twists tend to be The Un-Twist when they are not a Ass Pull). Some Dramatic Readings point out the Fridge Logic in announcing the presence, if not the nature, of the twists in advance.
    • Chapter 29: Sakura is turned into a Cat Girl.
    • Chapter 34: Sakura is poisoned and sent into a coma by Madara.
    • Chapter 39: Sakura emerges from her coma as a Christian.
    • Chapter 44: The Omniscient Council of Vagueness is actually the Illuminati
    • Chapter 49: Sakura is killed and her resurrection is the prize for the tournament.
    • Chapter 56: The Council forces Ronan to join them to help destroy the world
    • Chapter 59: Sakura is once again pregnant... but this time Ronan and Naruto are the fathers
    • Chapter 66: Ronan destroys the world and dies, although he comes back to life in the next chapter.
    • Chapter 70: Note that the fic was originally set to end after 69 chapters. The author's stepbrother takes control of his account and writes an alternate ending in which Edfred returns the cast to normal and they kill Ronan.
  • Naruto fanfic Team 8 chapter 20. Kurenai dies, which shatters Naruto and causes the team to be officially disbanded.
  • A Father's Wrath:
    • Chapter 1: Orochimaru is Naruto's Father.
    • Chapter 6: Itachi reveals he knows that Orochimaru is Naruto's real father
    • Chapter 12: Naruto after using Kyuubi's power Breaks the Genjutsu placed on him at birth by Sarutobi and his appearance changes looking more like Orochimaru and is taken by him
    • Chapter 39: Orochimaru find out that Sarutobi told Minato to seal Kyuubi into Naruto and Naruto is wounded critically by an Akatsuki agent.
    • Chapter 50: Keiji Sosano takes over Iwagakure and vows to start a Fourth Ninja War where everyone shall worship Jashin
  • Reaching for a Dream has a big one in chapter 26. Madara kills Tsunade and Ayame to force Naruto out of hiding. Sakura, Hinata, and Tenten commit suicide to prevent Madara holding them hostage. Then Madara destroys Konoha to initiate the 4th Shinobi War due to the power vacuum.
  • Due to liberal use of the Butterfly Effect, the Original Character Self-Insert fic Vapors has several:
    • Chapter 14: In the Forest of Death Orochimaru brutally kills Sakura with little-to-no foreshadowing.
    • Chapter 28: Tsunade informs Koharu and Homura that she wants them to retire, and then hints at the truth about the Uchiha Massacre to Sasuke before revealing that they’ve recently discovered another family member his, who Itachi had missed.
    • Chapter 41: Aiko has a major fight with Kakashi, over her not wanting to learn the rasengan and him seeing her as an amalgam of Minato and Kushina. They remain in a not-talking state for two months even though Kakashi previously was her favorite person in the world and she is his apprentice.
    • Chapter 79: The Akatsuki successfully captures its first jinchuriki. It’s Killer B, and the Raikage believes Konoha is responsible.
    • Chapter 90: Aiko puts her plan against Danzo into action, and has to assault or kill several Konoha shinobi along the way, including an Anbu teammate of over a year who trusted her to help him.
  • Dreaming of Sunshine has a few:
    • Chapter 70: Shikako's near-death in front of her brother in the Gelel arc. Before this, the twins were extremely close and could rely on each other as allies. After Gelel, Shikamaru is convinced that Team Seven's missions are too dangerous and tries to sideline Shikako for her own protection. Shikako—who knows at least part of Akatsuki's plan, and has pretty much dedicated her life to stopping them—is unwilling to let him, and doesn't think Konoha is that safe anyway. The twins have been fighting off and on ever since.
    • Chapter 115: Shikamaru loses his arm, on a mission Shikako commanded.
    • Chapter 139: Shikako is captured by Jashin cultists and her mission partner Aoba is murdered. Rather than be sacrificed to summon their God of Evil into the world, she activates her black hole seal—which her captors disrupt, causing a massive explosion. The next chapter reveals that said explosion took out the entire Land of Hot Springs, including an occupying force of Kumo ninja, and Shikako herself survived only due to the intervention of her summons. And although tensions have been rising between Kumo and Konoha for at least a year (and eighty chapters), it's this event that finally causes war to break out.
  • Son of the Sannin:
    • The climax of Part I's final arc happens in Chapter 40. For starters Obito/Tobi tricks Sasuke into believing that he killed Naruto so the trauma awakens his Mangekyo Sharingan. Then goes the Internal Reveal of his true identity to Kakashi and the rest of the adult cast, who believed him long dead, and the icing on the cake, the reveal that he brought Rin Nohara back to life.
    • Later on, though, this one is topped by Chapter 122. Madara Uchiha, fully restored to his prime and stronger than ever, wreaks havoc all over the Second Division as a display of his new power, fighting and defeating the likes of Adaptational Badasses Hanabi Hyuga (who has the Tenseigan), Itachi and Sasuke Uchiha together (both with Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan), and Rin Nohara (who, aside from being resurrected with Wood Release, learned to use Sage Mode). It's only through the Heroic Sacrifice of Maito Gai, who uses the Gate of Death to fight him, that Madara is put out of comission, albeit only temporarily.

Negima! Magister Negi Magi
  • Equal & Opposite Attraction has been fluctuating between WAFF slice-of-life and mind-raping Nightmare Fuel. Chapter 25 comes and Yunno and Chrono, who have been in New York, appear to have been attacked and the Asura can't do a thing to save them.

Neon Genesis Evangelion
  • A Crown of Stars: In chapter 73 and 74 Shinji, Asuka and their comrades seized the enemy fleet... and then Jinnai declared he could set off the Mp-Eva's core that they had hijacked and he had a pile of missiles he was going to nuke them with. The MP-Eva exploded, maybe killing Kensuke. TJ blocked most of blast, but the strain menaced with killing him. Gendo revealed he had been going with them all along and got into Unit 01 to protect the city where they were standing. Asuka said Shinji outloud that she loved him, and both sortied to shoot dozens of missiles down as they flew across the Atlantic to stop the Big Bad.
  • Evangelion 303: In chapter 7 something went terribly wrong during the Unit-04 test and the plane crashed with Jessika and Asuka inside.
  • HERZ:
    • Chapter 10 starts with news of Shinji and Gendo having been kidnapped by SEELE simultaneously.
    • Chapter 11 reveals the Children’s plan: Rei mind-controls the new batch of MP-Evas. Shinji and Asuka become willing sacrifices to set off their own version of Third Impact. They destroy all original samples taken from Adam and Lilith. Rei seals herself, the Evas, the Seeds and the Spear into a new Moon. Oh, and Asuka is pregnant again.

One Piece
  • Marie D. Suesse and the Mystery New Pirate Age!
    • Chapter 5: Mar learns that Luffy was executed 20 years before she arrived in the One Piece world.
    • Chapters 21 and 22: The Disinfector turns out to be Trafalgar Law, who was in love with Madelyn as a result of her using her Devil Fruit powers. She also used said powers to arrange for Luffy's capture in an attempt to put Law in a better position to reach One Piece
    • Chapter 30: Madelyn is actually Mar's mother.
    • Chapter 32: Madelyn/Blake, Mar and Garreth have, together, the ability to wish the One Piece world back to normal... but as a result of doing so, Mar's parents will never meet and she will never have been born
  • This Bites!:
    • Chapter 22. Small wham: Lassoo joins the crew. Bigger wham: B.R.O.B. pays back Cross' Rage Against the Heavens with a Snail Transceiver, a device enabling him to connect to every other snail in the world at once. He uses it to start up a radio program. Then ending with a massive wham: Vivi joins the Straw Hats permanently...because the World Government has falsely accused her of treason.
    • Chapter 23. Notable occurrences in chronological order: in retribution for Vivi, Cobra declares Alabasta's secession from the World Government; the newly formed Dugong Pirates help the Straw Hats escape the Black Cage Corps, and then five Dugongs join the Straw Hats; and last but not least, the second infuriating cliffhanger in as many chapters as the final scene shows Cross bound and gagged and Chopper playing Mad Doctor and about to dissect him.
    • Chapter 24. Chopper officially becomes an Adaptational Badass thanks to developing a formula that essentially turns him into Mr. Hyde, and Smoker, Tashigi, and Hina enlist Cross' help as an informant for their new goal: forming a coup to take down the World Government and restore the integrity to the Marine Corps.
    • Chapter 31, Skypiea Arc wrap-up. Soundbite's Devil Fruit is revealed to enable him to hear the Voice of All Things, Conis and Su, inspired by Cross's defiance to Enel and his description of the world, decide to join the Straw Hats as their gunner, just like her mother did with the Roger Pirates, and a lot of the crew is outfitted with Dial Weaponry, including Nami getting Ohm's Eisen Whip.
    • Baron Omatsuri and the Secret Island. Witnessing Luffy get impaled by the Baron's Rain of Arrows elicits enough anguish in Sabo to restore his memory, Luffy's relation to Garp is revealed to the world, and he gains the respect of Sengoku after he kills the monsters that are Lily Carnation and Baron Omatsuri, yet allows the latter to be buried with his crew.
    • Chapter 42 has a wham worthy of Garp's Fist: Thanks to another model of the Human-Human Fruit, Merry lives.
    • More whams from Chapter 43, the post-Enies Lobby wrap-up: Cross replaces his baton with Funkfreed and, in spite of all of Cross's efforts, Ace, Whitey and Squardo still lose to Blackbeard and are captured by the Marines... thanks to Aokiji's unprecedented interference. And due to Ace not being "injured", Cross has no clue and thinks his efforts have worked.
    • Chapter 50's ending: Moria Awakens his Devil Fruit and uses a technique called "Niflheim".
    • Chapter 52 is one wham after another: Nami absorbs Cross' pain, Lola joins the Masons and turns Thriller Bark into a pirate's haven, the Florian Triangle is revealed to be alive and becomes harmonious, Su has Coo use his resources to track down a legend called the Children of Inari, and Perona ends up traveling with the Straw Hats!
    • Chapter 57 sees Vivi finally consuming the seed of the Gust-Gust Fruit, making her a Logia.
    • Chapter 81 reveals where Cross ended up after the Straw Hats were separated: the World Nobles' secret private Hellhole Prison island, where he's been left seriously wounded. Furthermore, back at Marineford, just before Luffy, Ace, and the Whitebeard pirates can escape, Blackbeard arrives and cripples Luffy with a sea prism stone gunshot.
    • Chapter 82: The Revolutionaries intervene at Marineford (with Dragon personally removing Akainu's arm to save Luffy), with the Supernovas also showing up to act as The Cavalry. X Drake intentionally exposes himself as a Marine spy only to then renounce the Marines for real. Blackbeard's crew of Impel Down escapees now includes Shiki and Byrnndi World. Whitebeard still dies, but Ace lives, and he works in tandem with Hawkins to destroy Whitebeard's body before Blackbeard can steal his Devil Fruit powers. Hearing about all this days later when Coo manages to deliver a paper to him isn't enough to stir Cross from his Heroic BSoD, so BROB intervenes directly to reveal that Cross was supposed to die numerous times over, and that saving Merry and Ace was meant to be literally impossible, but Cross did it anyway. This snaps Cross out of his funk, and he declares a Rousing Speech to the whole island about his intent to escape, inspiring hope in many of its prisoners for the first time.

Phineas and Ferb
  • Finding Dad has Chapter 6, where Phineas and Isabella reveal their feelings and get together, but not before finding Campbell Flynn.

  • Poké Wars has quite a few of these:
    • The Subsistence:
      • Chapter 8: Professor Oak dies, and Ash and Pikachu go missing right before the Fearow attack the ranch.
    • The Coalescence:
      • Chapter 3: Dawn's Ambipom, Ash's Gliscor, Tracy's Azumarill, and Misty's Azumarill are killed by the Muk, Tracy goes into a Heroic BSoD after losing the backpack containing the Pokemon from Oak's ranch along with other necessary supplies, and Sabrina dies after teleporting everyone out of the city.
      • Chapter 8: Dawn suddenly demonstrates Improbable Aiming Skills while escaping from the Cloyster, Ash is impaled by one of their attacks while trying to protect her.
    • The Incipience
      • Chapter 2: Ho-oh survived his battle with Mewtwo, took control of his body with an orb of creation, and successfully convinced Kyogre (and by association most of the Pokémon of the sea) to join his cause.
      • Chapter 4: Celebi warns Lugia that Ho-oh will go to war with him and his coalition, then tops it off by revealing she knows how the war is going to end and can't remain in the timeline because of it. Then Lugia reunites with his brother and realizes that he's still angry with him for denying him a mate of his own, and is also going to join Ho-oh's cause.
      • Chapter 7: Ho-oh, hoping to take Regigigas' orb of creation, does battle with him and the Regi Trio; the battle is massive enough that it wipes out most of the surrounding area. After the battle, Regigigas reveals to Ho-oh that he's not the original, meaning that Lugia has long since taken possession of the orb.
      • Chapter 9: Uxie, after joining Ho-oh, quickly explains to him why each of the legendaries will join their respective sides, reveals that he knows where they will likely end up, then when left to his own devices, he realizes that he has the resources to clone Ash.
    • The Exigence:
      • Chapter 4: Whitney goes into a Heroic BSoD after seeing the carnage at the ranch, and Solidad falls to her death to give Harley a chance to escape from Raikou.
      • Chapter 6: After nearly killing the Johto group out of bloodlust, Ariados sacrifices himself to save Harley. The chapter then ends with the entire group surrounded by a massive pack of Houndoom.
      • Chapter 8: Banette goes Ax-Crazy, realizes that he's doing so, but is killed by a rampaging, Nigh-Invulnerable Golem before he can do anything to make up for it.
    • The Defervescence:
      • Chapter 2: Uxie declares that the only way to prevent the planet from being further damaged by Pokemon such as the Muk is to wipe them all out, and Ho-oh only goes along with it because he doesn't want Uxie to take charge of his cause.
  • The Pokemon fan fic Speak Up has two: chapters 14 and 20. In chapter 14 Red realizes his Pikachu accidentally killed Green's Raticate and feels awful about it. In chapter 20, Red tries to save Mr. Fuji only for Team Rocket to step in and claim Red abuses his Pokemon. Red tries to tell them otherwise but can't because he's mute. In a surprising twist, Mr. Fuji actually believes Team Rocket!
  • In Chapter 16 of Darkfire1220sChallenger, Team Rocket attacks the St. Anne with the express purpose of murdering Ash and Gary. After they barely beat Proton, it's revealed he's been toying with them the entire time as Petrel revives his Pokemon and Proton unleashes a Hydreigon. Then a device Team Rocket set up goes off and forcibly evolves hundreds of Magikarp into Gyarados who swarm the ship. Ash barely escapes when he's caught in a Gyarados's horns and ends up in the hospital with severe injuries only to learn that while his friends survive, less than a tenth of the nearly six thousand people on board made it.
  • Chapter 23 of Pokémon Reset Bloodlines implies very strongly that Ash and Belladonna are half-siblings, and that most, if not all, of the other Ash lookalikes are also his half-siblings.
    • And that one falls short to Chapter 34: Sabrina kidnaps Ash to force him to challenge her gym, and reveals that she knows everything about him (up to and including his memories of the past timeline). She then proceeds to tell him all she knows about his father and birth circumstances, though she ends up leaving the most important detail out (that he's the Bloodline King). The crowner, however, is that during the fight, Ash ends up creating a Z-Crystal, and immediately uses it to defeat Sabrina's Mega Alakazam with a Z-Move.
  • Pokemon XD^3: The Waves of Truth: It becomes pretty clear early on that Chapter 21 is a Wham Episode, but you can literally feel the trajectory of the entire story change the moment the doctor tells Rich that Anabel just miscarried twins that he didn't know about.

Power Rangers
Ragnarok Online
Real-Person Fic
  • In With Strings Attached there are several major Wham Episodes:
    • Chapter 8, when John is mutated into a Winged Humanoid, completely changing the way the others deal with him from then on.
    • Chapter 15, when Ringo suddenly crops up with telekinetic and clairvoyant abilities, and John flies in front of the others (who had convinced themselves that he couldn't actually fly), setting off the Fans' efforts to bring the others up to speed.
    • Chapter 25, when Jeft reveals that he was the moving force behind the Vasyn quest and that everything Shag and Varx had believed about the quest was a lie.
    • Chapters 31-32, when Grunnel betrays the four and they are kidnapped or depowered.
    • Finally, the end of chapter 32, when Shag and Varx inform George and Ringo that everything they all (even Jeft) believed about the ultimate purpose of the Vasyn was a complete lie, and that rather than remove the curse on Ketafa, its real significance was to remove the Dalns gods and bring in the Pyar gods.
  • There are a bunch of Wham Episodes in The Keys Stand Alone: The Soft World as well:
    • Chapter 14, when Ringo throws John over a cliff, backwards, while still wearing his cloak. While John manages to get his cloak off and save himself, he is forever after uncomfortable around Ringo, because it's finally occurred to him just how dangerous Ringo can be; and the really sad thing is that Ringo has no idea how to reassure John that he's safe because, well, he's not. And this terrifies him so much that his dream of bringing his magic back to Earth with him becomes more of a nightmare.
    • Chapter 22, when the Circle betray the four.
    • Chapter 24, when the boat that three of them are in falls apart in rough water—and George's ring chooses that moment to stick, and he drowns.
    • Chapter 25, when the four wake up wearing headsets and can't figure out if they've been dreaming, because the world under the headsets is completely real to them; and later, when they remove the curse from Durothé, and she reveals that they've been in a giant computerized telepathic MMORPG designed by none other than Jeft Indle. Cue the entirely new set of problems they will face in Keys: The Hard World.

Red vs. Blue
  • The Red vs Blue: Reconstruction series does this in a big way with chapters 16 and 19.

Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Episode 65 of Sonic X: Dark Chaos. On the eve of the Demon New Year celebration, Jesus launches an Angel invasion of the galaxy and restarts the Eternal War, killing trillions of innocent people.
    • While not a Wham Episode in the traditional sense, Episode 67 is easily the darkest and most horrific episode of the story, and it marks the story's Genre Shift from gritty Space Opera to grim dark horror.
    • Episode 73 - Sonic and pretty much all his friends are severely injured/crippled by Tsali as he rampages through the Blue Typhoon to find Cosmo. Catching up to them, he seemingly murders Tails, only for Tails to suddenly revive... as a Shroud-infected monster. He defeats Tsali and damages the ship tremendously before Knuckles stops him and reverts him back by nearly burning him to death with a fuel cell. The Blue Typhoon is heavily damaged and basically everyone crosses the Despair Event Horizon in the aftermath.
    • Episode 74, fittingly titled "The Mystery Revealed". Sonic and friends - and a crippled Tsali - land on Cosmo's devastated home planet Seedrius. They soon discover a vault of stolen Demon data files hidden in underground tunnels beneath the same research facility where Tsali was made. These files reveal that Maledict was literally manipulating everything in the backstory, from the destruction of the Seedrians to the entire Metarex war, and it was all part of a gigantic Gambit Roulette to end the Eternal War and conquer the universe. Tsali is so enraged by this discovery that he decides to ally with Sonic and try to go kill Maledict. The Metarex leaders and Dr. Eggman are also captured by Demon special forces.

Spyro the Dragon
  • Chapter 5 of The Legend of Dwayne and Lisa sees Bianca tell Dwayne that he and his sister Lisa were never human to begin with. The same chapter ends with the red dragon who the Sorceress is holding prisoner revealing that he's actually Dwayne and Lisa's father, Blaze.

Star Trek
  • The Star Trek: Enterprise fanfic series Endeavour by Rigil Kent: it isn't 'til you're several books into the series that it's revealed that Malcolm survived Elysium.
    • And the Star Trek: Enterprise fanfic Divergent Paths by the same author: thanks to time-travel being well-established in Star Trek canon the Xindi attack Earth with the finished superweapon.
    • And chapter three of the Star Wars fanfic The Unseen War II: Shattered Dreams by the same author: Winter, Tycho, Han, Jacen, and Jaina all appear to have been killed when the Millennium Falcon was ambushed.

Steven Universe
  • The human Alternate Universe fanfic Eyes on Me has Chapter 8 where Sapphire receives a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown from her father when he finds out about her being pregnant from Ruby, and it lands her in the hospital. Oh yeah, and then her mother reveals that they've been thrown out of their house.

Teen Titans
Touhou Project
  • Luminosity diverges from the original Twilight plotline fairly early on, and diverges from it radically some time later, but there aren't really many wham points, just Bella's decisions building. Then Edward dies.
    • Then there's the sequel, where we find out he isn't dead, and it manages to be another Wham, due to what's left of him.
    • Just about whenever the Volturi show up, really.

Urusei Yatsura

  • Urusei Yatsura - The Senior Year during the "Tiger Saga" stories Sakura's Class Reunion, Arrive Reiko-chan, Tag Race Mark Three, The Return of Koosei Ryooki and especially Spirit-War Tomobiki. It was during this run of the stories that many of the changes which changed everything for the characters (both the canon and the fanfic-introduced characters), turning the series away from a standard fanfic into something quite different. It was in these stories that Ataru Moroboshi - in the wake of his being tortured by an enemy race of Lum's people - began to pull himself away from what he had come to see were potentially evil influences on his life. The last story listed here also revealed why he had always been made to act like a lecherous idiot.

  • In Recoil, Taylor Hebert has travelled back twenty-two years in time to save the world. On December 13, 1992, she has her friends sit down and she turns on the TV to watch the first emergence of Behemoth.
    “So that's it,” I told them. “Now you know why I came back.”

Young Justice
  • Young Justice: Darkness Falls:
    • Wading. The Light was more in control of the situation with the Team than previously thought. Luthor gives Superboy a list of Light plans with the intent of showing him how to stop them and clean things up. Also, Starfire knows about Darkseid and we get our first appearance of evil Supergirl.
    • The Catalyst part 5: After a relaxing holiday season, Vandal Savage uses War World and Parademons to attack and DESTROY part of the Watchtower, with 18 members present.
    • Loss part 5: The UN orders the disbanding of the justice league as an independent entity, and all the genomorphs were enslaved or killed off by Doomsday.
    • Whereabouts part 5: Superboy is captured, and Vandal Savage demands that Superman come with him.
    • Present and Future: Bart Allen was sent 5 years into the future on accident. Upon his return, he comes back 2 months after he disappeared to a world at war with Darkseid. Doomsday seemingly kills superman and gets away, savage is killed by Darkseid, Wally returns to the present.
    • Strike Back: The League and team get their first major victory against Darkseid's forces, exposing Godfrey as an Apokalips pawn, fighting off their attack and regaining their freedom from the UN. Meanwhile, the League aspires to rebuild the Watchtower in preparation for Darkseid's return.
  • Young Justice Titans
    • 524. A patrol night to search for clues leads to the death of Vibe, and the first on screen appearance of the leader of the church of blood: Brother Blood.
    • Rouge Mission. After a quiet return in triumph from Blackfire's defeat, things REALLY get going and a lot of big things happen. Lex Luthor begins his predicted campaign for president, Kaldur dies fighting the bloods, Lilith is kidnapped again, and Carter's inevitable kidnapping for Lex Luthor happened at the hands of Ravager and Scandal. Then, during a mission for information, the titans find out that Terra was a mole on accident for the two kidnappers, also connecting The Light to The Bloods. Beast Boy also unleashes his "The Beast" side for the first time, while we also see Psymon return after a season long absence, stronger than ever, hinted at having upgrades just like Queen Bee, possibly from the bloods. In the end though, Psymon and Metallo (who tried to kill Conner) are defeated, Ravager and Scandal are knocked out, Queen Bee was Hoist by Her Own Petard by electrocuting herself, and surprisingly, Carter is rescued. Terra manages to hold onto some of her memories, but doesn't think she loves beast boy anymore, and in retribution for the night, Conner and M'gann break one of Lex's legs, and traps him in bad memories. However, in his coma, Lex triggers a chip, where we find out where Mercy has been all season: She's the host mother for project Nightstar, and she's about to give birth.
    • As a direct consequence of the above, Blue to Red also shatters the status quo HARD. M'gann and Conner are suspended from duty due to their actions the previous night, and after a week of reevaluation, the team, league and titans rosters are shuffled to accommodate the new vacuum in leadership. However, it's also during this time that Batman insensitively drops the bombshell of Raven's connection to Trigon. Things proceed quietly for a month, but in this time, Batman and Blue Devil are captured by a resurrected Kid Devil. Finally ready to complete their mission, Brother Blood sacrifices Lilith, and we find out that the bloods can control all their former victims. With preparations almost ready, Blood takes on Trigon's essence, and raises hell in Jump City. Blue Beetle finds out there are ways to turn the others back to normal after blasting the magic off of Scarecrow, but Blood is traveling the field, shiving anyone he can get his hands on. The Titans bravely try to fight back, but Blood absorbs all their damage, and Raven's attempts to destroy the control dagger leads to Blood's end, but also grants the release of Trigon onto the world. Raven is wounded right before this, so the titans retreat, gathering a spell that allows for her to survive her "sacrifice". However, with Trigon on the loose and much of their backup defeated, the teen titans now have to flee the area, especially with both M'gann and Conner killed by his hands.
  • Life Ore Death has several.
    • Episode 4 Learning Experience has Ferris almost hospitalize Black Canary after a mistake in a training session. The event psychologically triggers her into a breakdown, and she copes by suppressing her Identity to such an extent that she no longer cares about keeping her secrets, meaning she tells Kaldur about killing her own eldest brother. It's the first big hint most readers have as to exactly how dark her history is.
    • Episode 17 The Walls first has Ferris borrow the Lasso of Truth to make Ultra-Humanite reveal the existence of the Light. Then the Team splits in two groups for two separate missions. Ferris, Robin, Artemis, and Miss Martian end up in Tangiers, chasing after Jackal. Jackal has kidnapped Joseph Wilson in an attempt to buy back his life from the Light for his failure. Joseph gets his throat cut, and Miss Martian saves Joseph the same way she saved Garfield, suggesting that this may be the birth of Jericho.
    • Episode 25 Childhood's Hour is the Season 1 Finale, so it's expected to be big. When Klarion splits the world, Ferris puts on the Helmet of Fate. She and Nabu decipher the spell craft, get the Team and the League moving to save everyone, then go off to battle and kill Klarion. Ferris suffers his death curse, though, and collapses as the Helmet falls off of her. Just as the Team rushes over to help her, Wotan, Felix Faust, and Blackbriar Thorn prepare to attack, so Zatanna lunges for the Helmet.
  • With This Ring
    • At first, the Renegade timeline was just a What If? that the author decided to write for a couple of chapters. However, the ill-fated training simulation, in "Contingency" and "Reordered", cements the divergence between the Paragon and Renegade timelines, setting them on quite different paths. The Paragon bonds with the Ophidian and gains orange enlightenment, while the Renegade instead encounters the Forever Children, steals a Father Box from the Apokoliptian scientist Desaad, and uses it to craft a soul for himself, becoming New God of Conquest and permanently taking on the identity of Grayven, son of Darkseid. From that point onward, the events of each timeline increasingly don't match up with the other, until eventually they're doing completely different things.

  • Yu-Gi-Oh! Forever: The end of Chapter 295, extending into the next chapter. Gozaburo is the Big Bad.
  • Glass has a few that get more pronounced the more the story goes on.
    • Chapters 32 and 33 have the closest Pegasus comes so far to just giving up and having everyone killed, with Mokuba unknowingly saving the day.
    • Chapters 40 and 41 have Seto finally being let out of the glass room and placed with Mokuba.
    • Chapter 53 ends with the biggest one yet. Seto is sent back down, rendering all of his progress before null and void.

  • In A New Dawn, it's established throughout the story that Dawn Bellwether is very stubborn in her belief that all predators are monsters. Then comes Chapter 17, which reveals that she was raped by a predator when she was 16.

  • Last Swordsman's Requiem, a side work sequel thing to Viandas. Chapter 5: Ok, so the hero has a broken as hell power. So do the villains, and they are better at using it than Thomas. Oh, and Thomas is this close to a Face–Heel Turn because of his Superpowered Evil Side
  • New Dawn: Chapter 8: The principal is Aleister Crowley, the Student Council President's not in control of his own organization, and Type V Anti-Hero Dex Anthem is loose. The next chapter ups it with the reveal of Nebiros, a magic using Serial Killer forcing a cartel to work for him in order to complete his agenda.
    • One upped by Chapters 9 and 10: Kyrio might not be dead, and Matthew has no sister. Someone's been fooling around in Matthew's head. Nebiros kills again, and Matthew is introduced to Sorata's organization, which shows him that Nebiros is working with Wayne Reverie, who is the actual mastermind of the School Board.
    • Chapter 11 and 12 are even whammier, with a huge gang war erupting which will have consequences over the course of the next three books, Shira kills a bunch of police, Matthew gains Aura Rave and fries Shira, and Shuuji is revealed to be both a clone and a spy and he never knew it. Oh, and he is dying.
    • Chapter 13 sees Matthew Realize he has a Superpowered Evil Side, which obliterates the Heavenly Blades in an utterly brutal Curb-Stomp Battle. Shuuji brings Matthew back to sanity, but dies moments later to the Artificial Angel monster the Blades had brought with them. Matthew defeats it, and it is revealed to be the Real Shuuji.
    • Chapter 14 deals with A massive prison break, Nebiros deciding to go to Sacramento and kill the remaining people on his vendetta list, and recruiting six people to be his vanguard, with whom he kills a whole SWAT team and sends a message to Matthew through the Team's blood.
    • Chapter 15: J-Antonio is revealed, and he has a Vesper Core. He then revives several of Matthew's old foes as strange cybernetic creatures that become important later, and then its revealed he can pull a Grand Theft Me, which he uses on the cartel owner's ten year old son.
  • Persona: The Sougawa Files: Chapter 79, big time. Out of nowhere, Rina comes home to find her apartment ransacked and her sister nearly murdered by the main villain, Nobuyuki Itou. He leaves her a threatening letter, too.