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Roleplay / Lords Among the Ashes

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Run by Iandude0 and Aegir on both sites, Lords Among the Ashes is a pair of quests run tandem on and its spinoff site Sufficient Velocity. The quest takes place in the interim between volumes two and three of RWBY.

Trapped in a leadership simulation Gone Horribly Wrong, Jaune and Ruby have found themselves leaders of two very different nations in Remnant, hundreds of years before the events of canon. Forced to serve and survive for ten years in their new roles, the two protagonists have to grow into their positions as figures of authority while they contend with the many dangers and problems of the world they have found themselves living in.

Yet as time drags on, they find that the world is more dangerous than they could have possibly imagined.

Jaune's story can be found on SB and Ruby's on SV. Each of them also have their own sequel quests, which have since been rebooted into: The Flickering Ember, and The Bright Spark.

This Quest provides examples of: