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Wham Episode / A Man of Iron

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     A Man of Iron 
  • Chapter 26. Obadiah Stane is gruesomely killed by Gregor as Iron Monger, showing how little we can trust the story will follow Marvel canon.
  • Chapter 29. Iron Man manages to save Ned from being decapitated... but Sansa dies when Joffrey tries to use her as a Human Shield only for her to slip and lethally break her head.
  • Chapter 32. Logan gains his canon powers, Daenerys not only awakens the dragons but also gains the ability to control fire, and there is a mysterious council that employs Varys for some unknown (potentially world-saving) purpose.
  • Chapter 33. Sansa comes back to life as the Night's Queen and recruits Sandor Clegane after healing his face. He is unaware he is now working for the Others.

    A Crack of Thunder 
  • Chapter 1. Thor Odinson crashes into Dragonstone, and his comments indicate that the Seven are just the Norse Gods, but mixed up. And he's never heard of the Lord of Light before.
  • Chapter 5. Ramsay is hunting his latest victim, only to find out that she's Asha Greyjoy, as he's captured by a band of men led by her lover Ivan Vanko, who then whips Ramsay to death as part of his campaign against all the lords of Westeros.
  • Chapter 13. While at first, it appears to be about Robb adapting to ruling the North in his father's stead, we learn more about the Court of the Others. And then Rickon is lured into the crypts by mysterious voices before he's pulled through a portal.
  • Chapter 26. Renly is revealed to be the one who sent the bandits after Tony in the first book and is now working with Vanko. Theon, Lord Bracken and Brienne discover this, and Bracken is killed by Asha, permanently turning Theon against his birth culture and solidifying his loyalty to the Starks (thus utterly derailing his canon plot). Brienne turns on Renly for his dishonorable tactics and helps Theon escape while also wrecking his alliance in the process.
  • Chapter 36. After Vargo Hoat decides to sell out Harrenhal to Renly in exchange for Casterly Rock, Maester Maxell reveals himself as Magneto and kills all of the Bloody Mummers by using them in a blood sacrifice that not only gifts Arya and Gendry with the powers of Shadowcat and Colossus, but also brings another dragon to life. Also, Magneto reveals that he's the last living male Blackfyre.
  • Chapter 37. Pyat Pree reveals he's stolen Daenerys' dragons and kills the rest of the Thirteen except Doom, who escapes with Daenerys; the pair prepare to storm the House of the Undying in retaliation. Meanwhile, on Dragonstone, Melisandre reveals herself to be Amora the Enchantress as she has her followers seize Jane and Shireen.
  • Chapter 38. Nikolos Fury (formerly known as Gerion Lannister) reveals himself to Jon and tries to recruit him for the Council, but instead causes a rift between Jon and Natasha as she reveals herself to also be a Council agent.
  • Chapter 39. Despite the changes from canon, the Ironborn still invade and conquer Winterfell.
  • Chapter 43. Davos Seaworth is LOKI.
  • Chapter 45. Rickon returns through a portal with his team to rescue Robb and liberate Winterfell from the Ironborn. He is now a grown-up and leading the Guardians of the Galaxy as Star-Lord.
  • Chapter 47. Loki executes Amora and comes clean. Stannis' injuries from his fight with Thor turn out to be deadly, and he charges Davos/Loki with crowning Shireen as Queen of Westeros before he is taken to Valhalla.
  • Chapter 50. Tyrion makes plans to leave Westeros and travel Essos in search of a means to restore his ruined hands. The Night's Queen deceives Tywin into believing she's the spirit of his wife Joanna, turning him into her puppet. Sansa's spirit manages to resurrect Lady and then wargs into her body to escape King's Landing.
  • Chapter 53. Rickon explains the origin of the Children of the Forest and the Others and why they snatched him. And Gamora had an important name in life: she once was Lyanna Stark.
  • Chapter 54. The Traitor of the Court of the Others is revealed to be Steve Rogers, also known as Azor Ahai.

     A Shield of Man 
  • Chapter 6. Three words: Cersei. Is. Psylocke.
  • Chapter 7. Euron is Ronan. Also, he's serving the Others and has taken Asha prisoner.
  • Chapter 9. Jon and Natasha arrive in King's Landing, Tyrion has departed for Essos without Bronn and Clynt, and Spider-Man makes his first silent appearance.
  • Chapter 11. Daenerys meets Deadpool (who appears to have taken the place of Daario), agreeing to let him serve on her Small Council in exchange for taking control of the Second Sons and Stormcrows for her.
  • Chapter 12. Adrian, who has secretly become the new Vulture King, pledges himself to Tywin. Tywin deduces Jon's Targaryen heritage during a meeting in the throne room, but thinks he's Rhaegar and Elia's son Aegon.
  • Chapter 15. We meet Petyr Parker. And Gwen Stacey. And Miles Muralus.
  • Chapter 19. Yondu arrives in Winterfell, reveals that he used to be Rickard Stark, while Drax used to be Brandon Stark, then drags Robb and Roslin along with him and the Guardians as they head North of the Wall to confront the Others.


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