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Wham Episode / Robb Returns

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  • Chapter 3. Ned Stark finds out what happened to Robb and is warned that the Others are coming.
  • Chapter 15. Magic is officially back.
  • Chapter 18. The Old Gods kill Ramsay Snow.
  • Chapter 21. Greatjon brings the Hearthstone back to Winterfell and Ned discovers the Night's King is awake.
  • Chapter 23. The Call is sent. The Others come. The Stark calls for aid. You are needed.
  • Chapter 25. The Mountain Clans move to the North to help fight the White Walkers.
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  • Chapter 28. Weirwoods are growing in the Storm's End godswood for the first time in centuries, and Robert, Renly, Edric Storm and others discover not only House Durrandon's lost tombs, but also Stormbreaker, the Durrandons' legendary sword.
  • Chapter 29. Gerion Lannister is alive, lives with his large family in the Summer Islands and found Brightroar.
  • Chapter 35. Littlefinger is arrested for his embezzlement of the Crown's money and for his attempt to kidnap Robert Arryn.
  • Chapter 40. The Seven are also getting involved in the war for humanity's survival, warning about the incoming threat from beyond the Wall and the Five Forts.
  • Chapter 41. The story of how Lann the Clever took Casterly Rock is revealed, and Tywin receives a warning: should he not help the North, then doom will follow.
  • Chapter 44. Eddard becomes temporarily possessed by one of his ancestors and the direwolves return to Winterfell as a consequence.
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  • Chapter 45. Littlefinger dies.
  • Chapter 48. Edric Dayne becomes the Sword of the Morning, and his father tells him to go to Winterfell to join the fight against the Others before dying.
  • Chapter 54: The Old Gods talk directly to Melisandre, revealing that they, the Red God and the Seven are real, and telling her to go to the Five Forts, since her presence in Westeros will only make things worse.
  • Chapter 56: Robert meets with Gendry for the first time.
  • Chapter 59: A dying Child of the Forest tells Mance he must go to the Nightfort, so that Coldhands can fix one of the Wall's enchantments.
  • Chapter 61. Coldhands is an ancestor of the Starks from before Aegon's Conquest.
  • Chapter 62. Brynden Tully and Brienne of Tarth are being pulled toward the Isle of Faces, religious war is brewing in the Riverlands between the Faith and the followers of the Old Gods, Eddard publicly takes the Fist as his weapon while Robb takes Ice, Jon is legitimised, the statues of the Seven are pointing to Hopemourne and Jon Arryn is stabbed almost to death by Lysa Arryn.
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  • Chapter 63. The direwolf whelps seven pups and Shireen reveals she is having dreams similar to Robert's.
  • Chapter 65. The Green Men still live in the Isle of Faces.
  • Chapter 68. Not only are there still followers of the Old Gods in the Iron Islands, they have been hiding in plain sight for centuries and are now preparing for the war against the Others.
  • Chapter 70. Oh, my god, Chapter 70. Viserys completely snaps and attempts to awaken his dragon and Daenerys' by first killing one of Illyrio Mopatis' servants and then Daenerys. Illyrio Mopatis stops him, revealing the dragon egg was a fake, and both end up dying in a massive fire while Daenerys accidentally gets herself trapped.
  • Chapter 71. Dragons. Are. BACK.
  • Chapter 74. Bronn captures Lysa Arryn, who is starting to die because of Jon's cut in her arm.
  • Chapter 76. Brynden Tully (in the previous chapter) and Brienne of Tarth are told the truth. And it is implied SER DUNCAN THE TALL is both Brienne's great-grandfather and the leader of the Green Men!
  • Chapter 77. At Foxhold, Bronn finds a letter from Littlefinger to Lysa discussing the Great Matter and decides to bring it to King's Landing; at Dragonstone, Gendry, Shireen, and Maester Cressen find a hidden Godswood. Upon touching a Heart Tree, Shireen is possessed by the Old Gods, gives information to both men, and has her grayscale scars burned off before fainting.
  • Chapter 78. Willas has pretty much taken over the administration of the Reach and the sky-metal spear Otherbane makes its return after nearly three centuries.
  • Chapter 80. Rodrik Harlaw and Asha Greyjoy find out that the Drowned God was an Old God that went mad during the war against the Others, and his obsession with death translated into his followers, becoming the Old Ways. And Asha decides to definitely cast her lot with Harlaw.
  • Chapter 81. Jon Arryn finally awakens from his coma to find that Robert has already left for Winterfell and the Green Men (led by Ser Duncan, Brynden, and Brienne) help Rober Glovett's men fight off the Faith Militant and prevent them from attacking the Isle of Faces.
  • Chapter 82. Hodor never went through what turned him into Hodor, so now he's Walder and he spars with Jory Cassel.
  • Chapter 85. Willas Tyrell faces his father over the former taking over the administration of the Reach and Otherbane burns Mace's hand when he tries to grab it.
  • Chapter 86. Joffrey attempts to grab Stormbreaker while Robert is busy, and when he touches it the sword burns his hand and blows him against the wall while a shout rings which implies his actual ancestry.
  • Chapter 89. A group of Ironborn unsuccessfully tries to attack Harlaw on Damphair's orders, marking the start of the Ironborn Civil War. And Rhaegar's motives for kidnapping Lyanna (and, thus, starting Robert's Rebellion) are revealed.
  • Chapter 90. The internal religious strife among the followers of the Seven leads to the murder of the High Septon, and Bronn arrives right on time to stop the fanatics from attacking Jon Arryn before informing his Lord about Baelish's letter to Lysa.
  • Chapter 91. Sarella and Gerion encounter each other near the Wall, and a group of Night's Watchmen find several caches of dragonglass, including the possible Horn of Winter, before seeing a group of Others and wights at night.
  • Chapter 92. The threat of the High Sparrow comes to an end when the Old Gods blind him, two thirds of the Iron Fleet break off to return to their islands and cracks begin to form between the Greyjoy brothers.
  • Chapter 93. Robert Baratheon appears to be ready to bury the hatchet with Daenerys Targaryen and the Old Gods restore Aemon Targaryen's sight.
  • Chapter 95. Arya manages to warg with her direwolf Nymeria.
  • Chapter 96. The Night's Watch expedition discovers what Craster does to his sons and comes face to face with a White Walker - which Edd kills with his dragonglass dagger.
  • Chapter 98. Horas Redwyne finds a dragon skeleton and a clutch of dragon eggs in a cave near Hardhome.
  • Chapter 99. Maester Aemon gifts Jon two things: Dark Sister and a dragon egg. Bran manages to warg with Summer.
  • Chapter 101. Tyrion finally meets his uncle Gerion after nearly a decade thinking he was dead.
  • Chapter 104. Tyrion gains possession of the Casterly's ancient sky metal weapons, Rocktooth and The Warnings, and the expedition to the Nightfort finds the Throne of Winter that was once property of the Starks.
  • Chapter 106. Coldhands arrives to the Black Gate, and the expedition to the Nightfort fights off a large number of wights first, and then four Others, with each Gerion (with Brightroar), Jon (with Dark Sister), Robb (with Ice) and Tyrion (with Rocktooth) killing one of them. Coldhands fixes the Wall's enchantments and dies.
  • Chapter 107: The bones Horas Redwyne found in Hardhome are actually that of an ice drake.
  • Chapter 112: Willem Bootle dies after swearing a false oath on the Fist of Winter. Edric Dayne is revealed to be Eddard Stark's son with Ashara Dayne.
  • Chapter 116: Jaime and Cersei Lannister are caught in the middle of having sex and arrested.
  • Chapter 117: King Robert (and incidentally Tyrion) learns of the twins' affair and confirms the parentage of Joffrey, Gendry, Myrcella, Mya, Tommen and Edric with Stormbreaker.
  • Chapter 118: Jaime tells Robb (and accidentally tells Tyrion and Barristan as well) why he killed Aerys - and Tyrion explains that if the wildfire was made properly, it would still be good nearly two decades later, except that it would be even more volatile than it was to begin with. So King's Landing is sitting on an enormous bomb that could explode at any point.
  • Chapter 120: Jaime agrees to confess to his incestuous relationship with Cersei and agrees to admit Joffrey, Myrcella and Tommen are his children - on the condition that he be allowed to face a trial by combat for his killing of Aerys the Mad. Robert fights him, and Jaime becomes humiliated as Stormbreaker breaks all the swords he bears and his armor and shield.
  • Chapter 123: The entity behind the Hightower Gate tries to break through due to the idiocy of a Septon, but is forced back by Willas Tyrell and Otherbane.
  • Chapter 126: Tywin Lannister learns of his children's incestuous relationship and Joffrey attempts to murder Robb.
  • Chapter 130: The Old Gods speak to both Jaime Lannister and Robert Baratheon through Ned as the former takes the Black, and in his dreams, Robert finally catches Lyanna.
  • Chapter 131: Robert, having finally caught Lyanna in his dream, is able at long last to talk to her. She tells him to look West before revealing that she gave birth to a son, her revenge against Rhaegar, and Robert swears to protect her child. He then stands up to an Other that sought to kill her, calling upon the power of Stormbreaker to banish the Other
  • Chapter 132: Willas Tyrell, now Lord of Highgarden, reveals that he believes the entity behind the Hightower Gate to be THE DROWNED GOD of the Ironborn.
  • Chapter 138: The Green Man reveals some details about the ancient battle between the Others, the First Men and the Children of the Forest - like how the Others could wight humans where they couldn't wight the Children, or how the Night King is capable of turning human baby boys into new Others.

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