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Tyrion will find House Lannister's sky-metal weapons.
In chapter 95, Tyrion reads a letter from a Lannister that was Lord Commander of the Night's Watch, which mentions there are some things in his crypt that belong to the Lannisters, and clearly implies they are supposed to be used in the coming fight against the Others. Most mentioned sky-metal weapons have already made their appearance, save for the axe Rocktooth and the twin daggers, which belonged to the Casterlys.
  • Confirmed in chapter 104: the expedition to the Nightfort finds both Rocktooth and the daggers (known as The Warnings) in a box next to Tyrek Lannister's grave.

The Resolution of the Iron Islands Civil War Sub-plot...
In chapter 92, Victarion Greyjoy has, while accepting his orders to attack Harlaw, loudly and in great detail made Balon and Aeron aware of what their foolishness has done and expressed his extreme reluctance at the orders given. In addition, Rodrik Harlaw has been fortifying his holdings and has the means to ensure early warning of invasion, while the Iron Fleet is at a third of its original strength.

The engagement at Harlaw, therefore, will be minimal - a brief trade of blows, if anything, before Victarion surrenders. He will recognise that Harlaw's position is insurmountable and send a message to his brothers that his forces were overwhelmed as they tried to carry out their orders; this would not necessarily be a lie. He will then either be kept as a "prisoner" (re: ally) on Harlaw or sent north to help fight the Others.


With the Iron Fleet either gone, or under Asha's command, the Old God Ironborn will be able to surround Pyke, cutting Balon off from what little support he has left, leading to his defeat.

  • Jossed, at least with Victarion's surrender.

Euron intends to kill his brother
In chapter 108, Euron Greyjoy makes his return to the Iron Islands and suggests to Balon that he host a parley meeting with Rodrik Harlaw, and that then Euron can come in and "accidentally" kill Harlaw and his allies. However, given what he did in canon, it is not that much of a stretch that he will kill Balon and any of his supporters there, only to then claim they had been killed by Rodrik Harlaw's men.

Ned Stark will go to the Iron Islands and defeat the Drowned God
It was revealed that the Drowned God is a God of Evil who will meet his end when the Stark in Winterfell wields his Fist against him. With the Ironborn Civil War in full swing and Balon Greyjoy calling a parley that Rodrik knows is a trap, Asha Greyjoy is travelling to Winterfell to appeal to King Robert, to send an envoy to the parley and forestall whatever it is her father is planning.

With Asha knowing of the prophecy, Ned (and possibly Theon) will go to the Iron Islands as Robert's representative, taking the Fist of Winter with him. Somehow, whatever mad plan Euron Greyjoy has up his sleeve will invoke the Drowned God and summon him into the real world in person, and Ned will strike him down with the Fist of Winter just as prophesied.


  • Possibly Jossed, as the latest chapter has Wilias stating that Ned will need to come to Oldtown to defeat the Drowned God, as that is where the gate that contains him is located.

Rhaegar had visions of the Night King and his upcoming invasion
The horror of these visions drove him to become obsessed with finding a way to protect his people from the monster. This lead him to the Prophecy of the Song of Fire and Ice. This lead him to believe that a child conceived by him nd Lyanna would be the key to defeating the Night King.

In the Original Timeline, Jon would have killed the Night King. In the New Timeline, things have changed so that while Jon will be of great assistance, the victory will be someone else's.

The Riverlands's First Men shield is located in the Foxhold.
During a discussion of First Men weapons like the Fist of Winter, Dawn and Stormbreaker, Lords Royce and Redfort mention that the Riverlands had a shield that was once carried by their kings. While Bronn is exploring the crypts of the Foxhold, he finds evidence that the Cawlishes, the previous owners of the Foxhold, were related to the Mudds by marriage (the Mudds being the old kings of the Riverlands), and his explorations has his eyes notice a dusty shield in front of one of the crypt statues.

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