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Warning: Spoilers Off applies to these pages. Proceed at your own risk.

  • Chapter 1 shows a very bemused Ned trying to make sense of his heir Robb's strange behaviour, which started when he came for breakfast and almost cried when he saw his parents before glomping his younger siblings. From Ned's point-of-view, Robb kinda lost his marbles; from Robb's point-of-view, his family is safe and sound again.
  • Catelyn slowly thawing to Jon after she learns about his true parentage.
    • Robb refuses to call Jon anything else than his brother. Even after learning Jon is actually his cousin, he fully considers him as another of Ned Stark's sons.
    • Maester Aemon learning that Jon is his great-great grandnephew, and pointing out that being a Targaryen does not have to be a bad thing.
  • Willas gets his leg straigtened back after many years.
  • After telling Theon what happened in the first timeline, Robb sadly acknowledges they cannot have the same relationship anymore. Theon concedes the point but still wants to be friends with him. Robb's answer to this?
    "Good. I missed you."
  • The fact that the direwolf mother is not killed in the wild, but welcomed into Winterfell by a Stark ancestor renewing the pact between his family and the species.
  • Theon receiving a direwolf pup of his own, making him the one thing he had wanted to be for so long: a Stark.
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  • Robert apologizing for being a poor brother to Stannis and Renly, naming Stannis his new Hand, and asking the three of them to stay united.
  • Since they are composed of Northern highborns, the Company of the Rose hear the Call and immediately decides to cross the Narrow Sea back. Because their families need them.
    • Chapter 82 relates their arrival in White Harbour. The Manderlys' reaction will melt your heart.
      Wylis Manderly: Well-met indeed. This is a day of unexpected joy. Welcome home, cousin. Welcome back to your family too. Welcome back to you all! Welcome back to the North. Your exile is over!
    • Also in Chapter 82 the reveal that since Robb went back in time and thus prevented Bran from falling (and thus may also have delayed or stopped him from having to go to the Three Eyed Raven) Bran never went back to the past... and thus Hodor is still Walder, a large stable hand who never became a simpleton.
    • In Chapter 109, they arrive at Winterfell, wherupon they immediately knelt before Bran and Catelyn and pledged their service to Ned and the North. Catelyn welcomes them back from their exile and thanks them for answering the Call.
      Edric Stark: Lady Stark, Lord Brandon, I am Edric Stark, leader of what was once the Company of the Rose. I know that Lord Stark is at Castle Black, but we are here to pledge our swords to Winterfell and the North, because we heard The Call. Long years have we been in exile, but the Call has brought us back across the Narrow Sea. We have heard it, we are here.
      Catelyn Stark: Lord Edric, the word of your coming came some days ago. You will have to wait a while to talk to Lord Stark in order to have word on what he will ask of you, but I can say this now – welcome back from the long exile that your families have been on for so many years. Thank you for answering the Call to Winterfell. There is much to do.
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  • A moment that is both Heartwarming and a Tear Jerker: Patchface commits suicide after telling Maester Cresson to tell Shireen to search for the Godswood on Dragonstone, then thanking him for saving his life when everyone else said to just let him die. He mentions "a life for a life", then jumps to his death. Flash-forward to Shireen finding the godswood, and the Old Gods specifically mention that they are healing her grayscale because a deal was made, and Patchface gave his life for hers.
  • In Chapter 77, Shireen welcomes Gendry as her cousin, regardless of what Lady Selyse might think, and thanks to him finding the godswood on Dragonstone, her grayscale is healed completely. She is not the first or last to welcome him into the Baratheon family, either. Robert learns who Gendry is, and does what he can to help him, gifting him with a warhammer of his and offering to train him. Even Stannis offers to help train his newfound nephew, and Selyse is slowly thawing to him as well.
  • GreatJon Umber offering his sympathy to Tyrion after hearing what his father did to the last woman he tried to properly court.
  • The Northern lords are extremely protective of Dacey Surestone, as all of them liked her late father. As such, all of them are pissed off when they find out she had her inheritance stolen. GreatJon Umber also makes it clear to Tyrion that if he ever hurts her, he'll have to answer to all of them. Including Roose Bolton.
  • Robert personally standing guard outside Jon Arryn's door while he is in a coma, so that Quill can get a new set of guards to replace him and get some rest.
    • What helps Jon Arryn finally awake from his coma? Remembering that his son needs him. One specific part is him hearing Robert talking about a message from Winterfell mentioning that his son was learning to ride a horse, something he was worried would never happen because Lysa would never allow it, despite the fact that, as the future Defender of the Vale of Arryn, his son would have to be able to ride in order to lead the knights of the Vale into battle.
  • Maester Aemon has his eyesight restored to him in Chapter 93.
    • He gets to finally see the face of his great-great-grandnephew Jon, and happily comments on the traits he does share with his younger brother Aegon.
  • The relationship between Jory Cassel and his new love Annah, from meet to marriage. Of particular note is how impressed Jory is with Annah's care for her ward Robert Arryn, even against his own mother, and how attached he grows to the boy as well.
    • And later, Jory is ecstatic at learning that Annah is pregnant.
  • Tyrion getting to meet his uncle Gerion (after thinking for so long that he was dead) and his cousin Allerion.
  • The North and the Night's Watch accepting the wildlings south of the Wall, in spite of hundreds of years spent fighting each other.
    • Especially poignant is Mance Rayder shedding Manly Tears as he watches the Wildlings cross the wall, seeing his goal of leading his people to safety come true before his eyes.
  • When Arya proves to her mother that she is a warg, she is naturally a bit scared of her reaction, as Catelyn believes in the Seven and warging is considered unnatural by their followers. Catelyn gives her a hug and tells her that it does not matter if she is a warg, because she is still her daughter.
  • Shireen wants Gendry to make a new knife for her father's name-day. After watching the two of them stand up to Joffrey, Stannis steps in, chases the brat away, and gives Shireen his old broken knife for Gendry to reforge.
  • Bronn giving Ursula Stone the documents that legitimize her into Ursula Cawlish, and telling her he needs her.
  • Coldhands/Rickon Stark finally resting in peace, knowing his mission has been fulfilled and that his ashes will be taken to Winterfell's crypts.
    • And Alliser Thorne (who was at first suspicious of Coldhands for being a half-wight) delivering the Due to the Dead.
      Alliser Thorne: First Ranger, our Brother Rickon Stark has stood his watch, the longest watch of any man of the Night's Watch. He has done his duty as few could. Is he relieved?
      Benjen Stark: He stands relieved, Brother.
  • Tommen politely asks Gendry to fix his stirrup, which the boy does without any problem, while allaying the younger boy's fears about Joffrey. Tommen is left wondering why Gendry couldn't be his brother.
    • When Gendry finally presents his father with the antlered helmet he requested back when they met at Tobho Mott's shop, he apologizes because he could have done better, but Robert immediately tells him it is magnificent, making it obvious how proud he is of his son.
  • When Tyrion arrives back to Winterfell, he finds he can't get to sleep and ends up wandering around until he finds Dacey in the godswood. They have a short conversation before Tyrion ends up falling asleep in Dacey's lap.
  • While wondering when the last time he was actually in control of his fate and actions was, Jaime thinks about how it's been too long since he'd last seen Tyrion and how he can't understand why his father and Cersei blame Tyrion for their mother's death, since he knows it wasn't Tyrion's fault.
  • When Eddard reveals to Catelyn that Edric Dayne is his bastard son from Ashara Dayne - which he just found out - while Catelyn is unhappy, it is obvious she has changed for the better, blaming neither Ned nor Edric for the event. Ned reassures his wife that she is the only one in his heart.
  • Ned and Robert finally meeting. Their encounter is even more enthusiastic than it was in the original timeline. Robert then immediately notices that Catelyn is pregnant and congratulates them both, has kind words for all the Stark children, even pointing out Arya's similarity to Lyanna, and also mentions how much Robert Arryn has grown before greeting Edric Storm.
  • Jaime immediately realizes Tyrion is more than fond of Dacey Surestone and assures his brother that Tywin won't dare to do worse than glare at her. After the disaster of Jaime's last attempt to play the matchmaker, it's nice to see he still wants Tyrion to find real love.
  • Gendry makes friends with his half-brother Edric Storm, Bran and Robert Arryn.
  • Robert immediately decides not to push for Joffrey and Sansa to be betrothed after learning Sansa is in love with Domeric.
  • Jon tells Renly that he knows of his secret relationship with (and feelings for) Loras Tyrell, mentioning that it is not the first time he has seen it and giving him counsel on how to arrange for a potentially good marriage with another woman in spite of his sexual inclinations.
  • Even furious as he is with Jaime and Cersei's incestuous relationship and how they had fooled him into accepting their children as his, Robert still worries about what might happen to Myrcella and Tommen, noting that she is far smarter than he once believed and he is a sweet child.
    • He then makes a test to ascertain whether Joffrey, Myrcella and Tommen are his children or not, using Stormbreaker and in a way that does not embarrass nor make it obvious. The result only makes him feel disappointed.
  • When discussing the current succession line (Stannis-Shireen-Renly) Robert firmly states that Shireen is cleverer, braver and kinder than Joffrey, but he worries because she will still be looked at as weak to lead Westeros, especially in the face of the coming crisis.
  • Ser Barristan blames himself for not being more observant with Cersei and Jaime, but Robert takes the blame, reflecting that he should've given a bigger damn to the appointments to the Kingsguard instead of dumbly listening to Cersei.
  • Robert tries to do his best to tell Joffrey, in the least damaging way, that he is not his son. And when Joffrey tries to lay claim to Stormbreaker and is sent flying (again), Robert sighs and asks for a Maester to take care of him.
  • Tyrion thinks his brother's idiocy has completely screwed up his chances with Dacey Surestone, but the moment they are alone, Dacey points out that he is much better than his siblings and also that she hopes he will ask for her hand soon.
    • Later on, Robb states that Tyrion is a good man he could stand being related to, despite all the pain the Lannisters caused him in the original timeline, and Ned adds that if Tywin doesn't make Tyrion his heir, he's more of a fool than he ever thought.
  • Ned finds Robert in front of Lyanna's tomb, and after they talk about the latter's behavior as king, Robert shows Ned a present he had wanted to give to Lyanna for their wedding: a medallion of a direwolf and a stag - and an etching of a laughing weirwood. Robert then reveals that he had realized Lyanna was the Knight of the Laughing Tree from Harrenhal, and he had wished to tell her he was proud of her, because she did the right thing then and there.
  • Robert getting to speak with Lyanna like he had always hoped, making peace with her memory and finally managing to protect her like he couldn't during the Rebellion.
    • Robert later swearing in front of Lyanna's statue, with Selmy and a stunned Ned as witness, that he will protect Jon Snow, Lyanna's son, and ensure that nothing ever hurts him. And then promises to give whatever help he can to Ned to establish Jon as a new cadet branch of the Stark line.
  • Sansa staying friendly to Myrcella even after all her other "friends" abandon her, following the reveal of her being a bastard.
  • Tyrion providing all the advice he can for Jaime before he leaves for the Wall and the Night's Watch.
    • Right before Jaime leaves, Ser Barristan arrives with confirmation that Aerys's wildfire plot was real, and outright calls Jaime the best of the Kingsguard when he broke his first oath to a mad king for the noblest of reasons and fulfilled his vow as a knight, by killing the king to protect the innocent. Though he also notes that he later broke his second oath to another king for the basest of reasons, he then hands Jaime a pouch filled with the ashes of his white cloak, as a reminder of the great man he once was and could be again someday.
  • Tyrion proposing to Dacey Surestone, and her accepting.
  • Kevan Lannister reuniting with his brother Gerion whom he was sure was dead.
  • Myrcella makes only one request of Tywin when they meet: That her future husband be a man who will be kind to her. He agrees, and makes it clear to Cersei that he will honour that promise.
  • After hearing of the twins' actions and Tyrion's bravery, Tywin is forced to acknowledge that Tyrion is his true son and heir worthy of the Lannister name. It clearly hurts him to do so but still amazing for him to recognize the man he considered the shame of the family is a true and noble son.
  • Hearing about the wildfire plot does nothing for Daenerys' self-esteem, only for Varys to remind her she's not at fault for her father's madness, she wasn't even born.

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